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AirForce Talon SS

Available in 0.1770.200.220.25Spin-Loc Tank
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AirForce Talon SS, Hawke Scope Combo
Exclusive Upgrade
AirForce Talon SS, Hawke Scope Combo
Bundled with a Hawke AO 4-12x50 IR Scope & Rings ($130 savings!)

AirForce brand air rifles are considered to be some of the most advanced rifles available. Using aircraft grade aluminum alloy, space age polymers and state of the art production techniques you don't just get a typical air rifle, you get a technologically advanced piece of machinery! With outstanding power, accuracy and advanced production techniques, AirForce air rifles will not disappoint. The AirForce Talon is the original AirForce rifle that offers one of the best combination of power, weight and balance available.

The Talon SS uses a 12" barrel and a special muzzle cap that helps stop air turbulence when the pellet leaves the barrel. This makes the shot EXTREMELY quiet compared to other PCP (pre-charge pneumatic) and spring pneumatic rifles. The same German made Lothar Walther barrel is used in the Talon SS, so there is no accuracy being sacrificed at the cost of noise reduction. Some people have reported shooting 2 inch or less groups at 50 yards with this rifle. With it being quiet and such an accurate shot, it makes the Talon SS perfect for urban varmint and pest removal while not upsetting your neighbors because of sound. AirForce Talon Features Diagram

Being a PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) rifle, a pump or scuba refill clamp must be purchased or you will not be able to fire your rifle. We recommend the AirForce pump to insure you get the maximum power out of your rifle with out having to lug around a Scuba tank or take it to get charged constantly after each outing when using the Scuba Refill Clamp with Adapter. Both are excellent ways to charge your guns pneumatic system and get it ready for shooting.

The Talon has many other highlights, like the easily adjustable power reel that is located on the barrel, a two-stage adjustable trigger and automatic safety as well as the ergonomic feel and overall light weight.

don't forget to pick up a scope or standard optic sights for this rifle or other AirForce accessories because they are not included with this package. It is also recommended to pick up a gun case and .22 caliber maintenance kit of your choice to keep your rifle in excellent condition.

Other items needed for Operation:
Airforce 3-Stage Pump or Scuba Refill Clamp
Detachable Open Sights or a scope of your choice and 11mm Dovtail mounts
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This item is not eligible for coupon discounts.
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AirForce Talon SS
9 Reviews
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22% (2)
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89% Recommend this product (8 of 9 responses)
By oats
My First PCP.
December 22, 2018
I bought this rifle 15 years ago and was very impressed with the power and option of being able to switch calibers within minutes and still use the same platform. Mine started as a .177 with the 12 inch barrel which was pretty quiet ,but then i installed the 24 inch barrel in 20 caliber. Not that quiet anymore, sounds like a loud nail gun. I had to send my frame back to Airforce because the new 20 caliber would not slide in. It seems Airforce changed the inside diameter so the barrel wouldn't work.So they milled the barrel spacers to fit and sent it back. Great customer service. I prefer the older safety to the new one because if you don't take the shot it can be decocked.
ProsVery powerful , well made in the USA ,many options available tailored to the shooter, many modifications to personalize the perfect Talon.
ConsFilling the tank can be a workout if all you use is a hand pump ! 450 to 500 pumps from empty. Ley your gym membership expire it will no longer be needed. I never let mine get that empty. Extra tanks are available.
By stephen
, albuquerque nm
lots of fun
April 2, 2018
Great fun , I should have purchased sooner. I will be adding a scope
Consneeds scope
Best Usesfun
By Richard
Coventry, CT
This First Time Air Gun Owner Is Very Impressed
December 2, 2017
I was unaware of how far the air gun market had come since the days of the Daisy BB gun I had as a kid until a friend and coworker introduced me to the Talon SS about a year ago. Since that day I was hooked and decided to look into what's out there some more. After a lot of reading and watching videos I decided to go with the Talon SS so I bought the combo with the Hawke 4-12x50 Vantage IR scope and an AirForce hand pump. (The Benjamin Marauder was a close second).
So far, after about 200 shots, I must say I'm very impressed. I'm not a hunter and I don't live in an area where pests are a problem, I just like to target shoot and this gun provides an excellent platform for just that. I'm still learning about it so I'll update the review once I've had it for a while.
ProsQuality (It seems very well constructed) Amount of shots from a fill. (I filled it to about 2900 psi and with the adjustment set to 6, I put 30 shots through it and only dropped to about 2500 psi). Looks cool.......... The hand pump is a good workout. I'll have Popeye arms in no time.
ConsI did have one small issue with it. After the third pellet the trigger and safety locked up. A quick Google search and I found that the issue can be caused if it isn't fully cocked so now I just make sure to slide the cocking lever fully forward each time and it's been trouble free ever since.
By James
Loganville, GA
My favorite Airgun
January 26, 2017
Other guns may be stronger, faster, bullpups, etc. But this is the first gun I pick up to shoot out of the 10 I own. It is small and easy to handle. It does have the weird ergonomics of all Airforce guns, but it shoots true, and reliably every time. I have taken a couple of rabbits at 100 yards with it. So even though it is shooting sub 800fps as I have it configured, it hits right where I want it, which is most important. I did add a custom stock which makes it alot easier to handle.
ProsAccurate, shot count
Consergonomics of a rear bottle gun
By Mike
Chicago suburbs
If accurate is awesome then this gun is AWESOME.
November 9, 2015
Accurate out of the box, four shots to zero then bulls eye every shot. I swore I would not consider a single shot air gun but I caved and wanted to see what Air Force produced. This is the most accurate gun I have and I have more than a few. Thank God Air Force doesn't make a repeater or they would put all the other makes that I have out of business.
ProsLight, powerful, accurate. Lots of shots per fill, and did I mention, accurate. Very quiet so I can shoot in my yard without startling the neighbors. If this gun was a repeater it would be perfect.
ConsPain to load after each shot as good as it shoots I want to fire cock fire till the air runs out.
By Timothy
Lexington Pk, MD
Great concept with a few flaws
June 4, 2014
I received my Talon SS in a nicely packaged box with everything it was advertised with. The DVD is a nice addition to the package and actually contains very helpful information. Out of the box it is light and futuristic looking. It shoots like a dream though is not as quiet as it is made out to be, not so much the report but valve slap. I had some reservations about the power wheel system. Some reviews said it could go down to 400 fps, I have never achieved that low. Lowest mine went down to was around 680 and a high of 850. The bottle on this thing is huge. For anyone with a pump be prepared to work out to be able to shoot.
ProsShoots good- accurate Adjustable power
Consbalance- rear heavy Huge tank- going to need a tank or work out pumping.
By Greg F.
Seattle, Wa.
Awesome air rifle
December 22, 2013
My new Talon SS in .22 arrived and was well packaged. The only issue I had was some rough machining on the threads of the airtank that had to be smoothed out before the spinloc tank could be installed. I installed a 12X44 scope and had it sighted in very quickly. While not as quiet as my Marauder, it is not objectionable for backyard use. The shot count per fill is exceptional right out of the box and it is quite accurate given how short the barrel is. It handles very nicely and the short overall length makes it easy to transport. Greg F
ProsVery light, short package. Lots if power and a high shot count.
By looknup
Logan Utah
Accurate out of the Box, but it is still an education and an ongoing project
November 28, 2013
This is a fun gun. It takes a lot of experimenting and reading to get it set up right and keep it there. If you like engineering and tinkering, this gun is for you. It doesn't set up like any other airgun, look like any other air gun, or attract the same kind of fans as other air guns. When it is right, it is deadly accurate. I like it.
ProsEfficient and accurate. It is a full-time hobby in one gun. It is infinitely modifiable and adjustable by a skilled and educated shooter. There are more mods and accessories available for this gun than you would think possible. Made in the USA
ConsIt is a full-time hobby in one gun. It is infinitely modifiable and adjustable by a skilled and educated shooter. There are more mods and accessories available for this gun than you would think possible.
By gvdceychvjf
September 20, 2009
it is awsome i killed a bobcat
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AirForce Talon SS
  • 0.177
    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 1050 fps
  • 0.20
    Caliber 0.20 Cal
    Velocity 950 fps
  • 0.22
    Caliber 0.22 Cal
    Velocity 800 fps
  • 0.25
    Caliber 0.25 Cal
    Velocity 665 fps
    Loudness 3-Medium
    Mag Capacity 50
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