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Beeman P1 Pellet Pistol

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The Beeman P1 is a unique combination of Beeman airgun experience and design with the assistance of our German partners engineering and manufacturing skills. The result is a blend of two cultures to make one of the most popular adult air pistols ever produced. A major objective of the P1 design was to give it an "American" flavor, and it seemed nothing but the famous Colt .45 Auto could come closer to being recognized around the world as one of America's finest. Although the P1 is not a replica, many of the design features between the two guns are similar as virtually all shooters hold the .45 in the highest regard.

This spring piston gun is cocked by a single stroke. The "hammer" on the back is really the catch for the cocking lever. Release the "hammer" and the top cocks over the gun until it locks into place. The pellet is loaded directly into the barrel and the unit then snaps back down, ready to fire. Accuracy is increased as the sights move with the entire cocking arm and barrel, never changing position. A scope can even be mounted on the 11mm dovetail grooves along the top of the action. At only 11 inches in length, the small size of the pistol is remarkable considering the velocity. To get the optimum power a full size compression tube must be installed, and this was accomplished by the overhead cocking design of the gun. Furthering the concept, the .177 caliber version of the piston has a dual power mode - cocking the gun to the first "lock point" will result in "low" power, around 380 fps which is still better than many other air pistols. Cocking the gun a bit further will click into the "high" power position for a full 600 fps making the P1 one of the most powerful spring piston airguns ever made! The full compression tube also results in a nicely balanced pistol as it runs the full length of the gun.

The two stage trigger is adjustable from the 28 ounce factory setting. The wide trigger blade has a serrated surface that makes the trigger pull feel extra light and gives a smooth, controlled feel to the unit. The incredible trigger is constantly one of the things that people comment on being one of the best features of the gun.

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Beeman P1 Pellet Pistol
12 Reviews
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83% Recommend this product (10 of 12 responses)
By robert g.
wichita, ks
built to last
November 23, 2016
back in 1980 i purchased this pellet gun (P-1) pistol and still shoot it to this day, i paid $94.00 c.o.d. great gun, also picked up the (R-1) for $125.00 c.o.d, also the (R-7) for $140.00, and the (C-1) carbine for $105.00 all came c.o.d. which beeman stopped doing some time in the late 80s. anyway these were top of the line quality back then. i could sit outside and shoot locusts out of the tops of the trees, my neighbors would be amazed. but now i can hardly see that far but i can still hit the tree. i don't know much about the newer beemans but if their 1/2 as good the 80s were made you can't go wrong!!
Prosjust a drop of oil ever so often
Consnone except for the skyrocketing prices.
By Denny A.
After a Year
August 25, 2016
I've had mine now for a year, When I first received it or i could not hit a side of a barn, shot a thousand rounds thru it and could not hit anything, 6 to 20 inches away from center target at 25 ft., had friends shoot it same, So i sent it back two weeks got it back and i was told nothing wrong. So i started to try assorted ammo, mines in 20 cal same as my Sheridan silver streak (convenience) I've shot nine different types of 20 cal pellets, the very worst on consistency are the Benjamin 14.3 gr. would shoot 10 to 20 inches off center at 25 ft the very best are FTS 11.2 gr. I shoot JBS EXACT mostly because i can still get them. The FTS were discontinued a couple of months after i discovered they were the best for me, and i searched the internet until i bought them all 16 tins was all i could find, sights are set for 35 ft JBS ARE REAL GOOD and i know shooting skills take time to develop, I would have to say that it is a hard gun to shoot well, I have trouble with center fire pistols too so i spose mostly it's I have over six thousand rounds thru it no issues, other than O rings at the barrel breech, went to Fastenal franchise in my town bought 100 o'rings for for 8 bucks
Prosgood trainer
Consshould be sold with matched pellets, better front sight
By Lwm
Modesto calif
Two of the first ten ever produced
July 18, 2016
I bought two of theses when beeman was still in I think Santa Rosa buy Napa some where . My son and I drove to the show room to get them and test at there little indoor range. This was back in 1990 I believe any way we still have them and over 200,000 pellets later in each shooting silhouettes have had to replace transfer block manny times until I designed and built my own . They are fantastic on small game I have bushnell 6-18 rifle scopes on them and they shoot sub minuite groups at 20 yes . Great gun guys you can't go wrong
ProsJust solid pistols once you get a good transfer block
ConsNon really
Danville, CA
Excellent feel, accuracy, quality!!
July 1, 2016
Second to none in quality and accuracy. Now I understand why others say it is an heirloom piece.
ProsQuality Accuracy Legit M1911 feel
ConsCocking grip is awkward, still figuring it out. Forces are OK, but want to avoid gripping the rear sight.
By Jim
Truly excellent pistol
June 29, 2016
Received my P1 on time and in good condition. It is amazingly well made with attention to detail. Out of the box I mounted a scope as my 70 year old eyes need a little assistance. It took a couple outings to the range to zero it in. At first I was concerned that the accuracy was not there but, I persevered. I tried several different pellet types and have settle on the RWS Meisterkugen wadcutters for target shooting at 25 yards. Once I figured out how to hold it, my accuracy improved greatly. I'm glad I purchased it and highly recommend it. It is a challenge to shoot well but once mastered is thoroughly satisfying.
ProsWell made, powerful.
ConsCan be a steep learning curve to shoot well. Somewhat expensive.
By Mike B.
Charlotte, NC
High Quality, Accurate and Hard Hitting
October 28, 2015
I just received my Beeman P1 pistol in .22 cal. (great service as usual from Airgun Depot). This pistol is the high quality we have come to expect from Beeman. I familiarized myself with the P1 and headed to my backyard to sight it in. As it turned out I didn't need to adjust anything as the P1 was already sighted in. My first five shots could be covered by a quarter. I shot a couple charcoal briquettes that exploded when hit. The P1 hits hard! I had to curtail my testing because THIS PISTOL IS LOUD. When shooting the H&N copper-plated Field Target Trophy Power pellets, it's as least as loud as my Browning Buckmark .22LR. The lead JSB Exact Jumbo Express were slightly less loud. Still, I really like this pistol, but it won't be as useful for squirrel control due to the loud report. My Hatsan model 25 in .22 is quiet by comparison.

If you want an, accurate, hard hitting, high-quality air pistol, the Beeman P1 is a great choice. I rated the P1 at 4 stars due to the loudness. If it were a bit quieter, I would rate the P1 at 5 stars.
ProsSee above
ConsIt is LOUD
By John S.
S.E. Indiana USA
Has held it's accuracy and quality for over 20 years!
November 30, 2013
I purchased this pistol along with the Beeman R1 rifle in the late 1980's. It still shoots very well, has held it's point of aim, tight group size and hard hitting ability for all this time. Neither gun has had any issues. Needless to say, I have been very pleased with the P1 and consider it the best value in it's price range. I only wish I could give it 10 stars.
Pros1) Very accurate, capable of aspirin tablets size groups at 10 meters if you do your part. 2) Hard hitting. 3) Very well built, highest quality. 4) I own and shoot a .45 ACP Colt 1911, the grip angle and size are identical to the 1911. I love the feel of the P1, it is very familiar to my hands. My Colt grips even fit the P1.
ConsI have found none in 25 years of ownership.
By J D.
Bellevue, NE
beeman p1
March 15, 2013
Best built pistol. Fun to play with at an indoor target range. Power for a pistol!
ProsStyle, power, and inter change barrels.
ConsI have fat fingers, loading a little hard to get used to.
By Jon
Nampa, Idaho
Great for plinking and varmints!
September 29, 2012
This was my first pellet pistol and will probably be my last due to the fact of how amazing this P1 is!

After receiving it, I took a few practice shots with it, did some minor adjustments to the sight and it is spot on. Shot after shot after shot I was plinking quarter sized groups at 10 yards out no problem. After running a hundred or so rounds through it, I can tell it's just now starting to break in a little.

A week or so after getting the P1, I dialed in completely (did some slight adjustment to the trigger). I had the opportunity to give it a run on a tree rat (squirrel). I lined up my shot and dropped the critter using RWS Meisterkugeln Pistol .177 ammo.

Usually I grab my rifle to insure a quick and clean kill but after seeing the power this P1 packs, I was really impressed. It is now my go to gun to drop these critters. It's faster to load and easier to pack.

All in all, the P1 is well worth every penny!
ProsHolds it's accuracy shot after shot. Has a nice weight to it. Fit and finish is amazing. Not CO2 powered (too cold in my area to shoot a CO2 gun outside most of the time).
ConsCan be a bit difficult to load if you have large hands (a pen loader helps a little). I have found it difficult, but not impossible, for smaller individuals to cock it.
By JoeD
Harrisburg, PA
Beeman P1 Handgun .177
January 28, 2012
This is the real thing! Quality construction, very accurate, finely calibrated adjustable sights, relatively quiet. I haven't tried a lot fo different pellets but it seems to like RWS Hobby, Meisterkugeln PISTOL, RWS R10 and JSB Exact. I've had more fun with this in my basment that I've had with any (or all) of the other numerous firearms that I own.
Prosquality, accuracy, adjustable sights, quiet.
Consnothing to dislike. Note that the item description may still say that it comes with fiber optic sights but they are plain black. They offerred to accept a return if I was disatisfied for that reason but there's no way this was leaving my possession.
By Paul R.
Beeman P1 20ca. AIR Pistol
April 4, 2009
The Beeman P1 20 cal. Air pistol is by far the best of it,s class.Smooth trigger action and excellent accuracy make this pistol a joy to own and shoot.This pistol is great in competition and in the field it's velocity of the heavy 20 cal. pellets can handle quite a range of small game.
By Harrison
Powerful but very accurate
February 2, 2009
I have this gun and love it. Tons of power, ease of use since no CO2 is required and very accurate. Very high quality feel to it and one can see the lead smoke after a high power shot. Has a great feel in your hand, a nice kick and did I mention it's quite accurate? I have many match pistols and this one holds it's own (sure there is a kick to it that the match pistols don't have). For really easy and fun shooting, this gun is hard to beat. Has enough power to do some nice pest control if you need it too.
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