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Beeman P17 Pellet Pistol

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  • Code: PY-614-1236 · 0.177 cal · 410 fps ·
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Formerly known as the Marksman 2004. Outstanding accuracy and velocity. German engineered and designed single-stroke pneumatic. Single-shot pistol produces up to 410 fps. Totally recoilless and no CO2 required. Add a dot sight on the 11mm dovetail.

Target-style trigger provides crisp let-off and minimum take up. Custom shaped, finger groove grip helps improve shooting comfort and aids with accuracy. Polymer frame is durable and lightweight, cast aluminum slide and rifled steel barrel provide long life and repeatable accuracy. Includes manual safety and rear sights are adjustable for windage and elevation.
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This item is not eligible for coupon discounts.
  • ManufacturerBeeman
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity410 fps
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionOverlever
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • BlowbackNo
  • Cocking Effortsingle-pump
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • Gun Weight1.7
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • MechanismSingle-stroke pneumatic
  • SafetyAutomatic
  • Front SightsFiber Optic
  • Rear SightsFiber Optic
  • Trigger AdjustabilityTwo-stage non-adjustable
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Beeman P17 Pellet Pistol
64 Reviews
59% (38)
33% (21)
6% (4)
0% (0)
2% (1)
91% Recommend this product (58 of 64 responses)
By Jeffery
Salinas, CA
Beeman P17 Pellet Pistol
October 27, 2019
The feel and hold of this pistol is remarkable. It really feels that good. I received this pistol in a blister package, opened it, then throughly cleaned it, then re-lubed it. Cocking it was easy, loading it was a breeze. The trigger was a bit stiff and long. I prefer a trigger with 3 lbs or less but for less than $30 dollars this pistol is a deal. Shoots fine for a made in China air gun. Sighted it in after 100 rounds and another cleaning and a lube. Grouped extremely well at 10 yards. Grouped okay at 20 yards. 1-1/8" with Beeman HP 7.8 gr. Mostly due to the trigger pull. It has decent power. I liked the fiber optic sights. Liked the gun over all. Had my brother try it out. I loved it so much that he was planning to get one for him self.So i gave him mine and I will just pick up another one. I can handle the $29.99 price tag ! Lol
ProsYou get a pistol that feels like it was made for your hand perfectly. Easy to cock. Easy to load. Ok on power. The cost of this pistol is the same as a large pizza. The pizza is only around for a short time but this pistol will be with you for years to come.
ConsThe trigger is hard and has a long pull. But it is by no means a deal breaker. I can live with the trigger ( for $29.99 ) it's more than a bargain.
Best UsesPlinking, shooting cans and some target practice.
By Bob
For the money, nice piece to learn with
October 23, 2019
The Beeman P17 is a nice inexpensive pistol. The grip on this is very comfortable and feels solid. I received the pistol with the sights disassembled for some reason. The gun was rattling as if thre were loose parts. When I open up the chamber, I found the sight came apart (not sure why or how since it was in a blister pack). I reassembled the sight - not knowing if it was correct. Once I was able to shoot a couple of rounds, it is accurate up to 20 - 25yards.
I was using lead pellets which were fine and then I decided to use lead free pellets. The lead free pellets seem to be weak coming out of the barrel and not as much of an impact to the target. It is still good for everyday plinking.
The reload was a little challenging at first. It was easy to open up the barrel to insert the pellet but it was hard to find where teh pellet needed to be. After using a flashlight and probing around, I found where to load it. Once I placed a pellet in the "hole", the resistence to lock the pistol takes some effort. You find ways of leveraging your thigh being careful not to pinch anything!.
Pros- Nice size - simulates a real 9mm size and weight - Nice grip - good power for the a pistol
Cons- the sight is ok (cheaply made) - loading the pistol can be a challenge
Best Uses- plinking - pest control up to 20 yards
By Glen
Plattsburgh, NY
Cheap but accurate indoor target pistol
August 25, 2019
Perfect pistol for some indoor target practice - a bit hard to cock, probably not great for a young person. However it is still excellent for the price. This pistol helps you to slow down and make accurate shots because the loading process requires more work.
ProsAccurate, good trigger.
ConsFiberoptic sights? Who thought that was a good idea on this pistol? Get the magic marker out.
Best Uses10 meter target shooting, plinking close range, indoor shooting.
By Ron
Shipping costs
July 14, 2019
The pistol is price is listed as $29.99 but the shipping cost is $60.46 International Economy. How stupid is that?
Merchant Response:We do apologize for this, but unfortunately International Shipping is extremely expensive when shipping from either of our US based warehouses.
By jimbo
Junction City Wisconsin
This thing is a deal!
July 3, 2019
Needed a replacement pistol "BB gun" for the pole barn. Over the years always used Co2 cartridge types.Like the cheap daisy and Crossman bb gun pistols. I always found my self wasting Co2 cartridges or leaving them in for months and ruining the gun. First being able to use a pellet over a round BB is bonus in the accuracy obviously. Second the break action provides consistent pressure from shot to shot. It's a tad tricky loading pellets into the back of the barrel at first. But once you get the feel for it, it's a pain but doable. The trigger is nice and smooth. With the for mentioned attributes makes this cheap little pistol very accurate. The sights are also very good for what you pay for. For $30-$35 US this thing is win all round. Has just enough power to kill small vermin up to about 15 yards. I used my friends chrony and my gun shots consistently at 430-440 fps with 7gr pellets.
ProsNo Co2 cartridges No use of inaccurate BB's Easy to oil and maintain Nice fiber optic sights Smooth two stage trigger Ability to mount red dot sight or scope if wanted 6-5/8" riffled barrel Easy to break and charge air
ConsLoading pellets is annoying at times
Best UsesPlinking and small vermin control (mice, field rats, chipmunks) within' 15 yards
By Rick S.
Canyon Lake, Texas
Perfect Pistol Training Tool
July 3, 2019
I have always been what I would call a mediocre pistol shot. I bought this pistol to get lots of practice without spending a lot of my limited funds. After carefully sighting in the Hi-Vis adjustable sights, I set-up a swinger that measures 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" at exactly 10 yards from the muzzle. At first I could barely ever hit it, but now, not even through my first 500 round tin of pellets, I'm hitting with incredible consistency! I just broke my personal best, shooting till I miss, I got 13 out of 14, %92.857.
If you want an accurate, fun to shoot pistol for practice, look no further!
ProsHi-Vis adjustable sights crisp, breaks like glass trigger Real firearm weight and feel-Think Glock! Incredibly accurate for the price Rated at 410 fps, mine gets 435 with Crossman 7.9gr hollow points If it breaks, I can just buy a replacement!
ConsA bit difficult to cock and load, but even my arthritic old hands can manage it! No other complaints so far
Best UsesTarget practice Small game pesting
By David
San Antonio, TX
An Honest Pellet Pistol with the best reputation
May 21, 2019
I almost passed this little jewel up. A friend of mine recommended it, and due to our friendship and the low cost of the acquisition, I purchased it. To my pleasant surprise it is a consistent, accurate training tool. My daughter, who is a police officer practices with it and always shoots expert when it comes to her in service qualification. Listen to your buddies, they didn't steer me wrong this time.
ProsPrice, accuracy and overall maintenance.
Consfor older folks and smaller women, (no disrespect). I too have a bit of an ugh in charging it.
Best UsesTarget practice
By Tom
Central N.Y.
Beeman P-17 / Very Good, but difficult.
April 26, 2019
You should know :
This is a new acquisition ... I have only run 50 pellets through it.
I am turning 70 & don't have the muscle strength I used to.
The Beeman P-17 is a good practice / training pistol : good Heft and Pointability, moderate Report, well Constructed, fun to shoot, Economical purchase.
It is difficult to Cock, but even my reduced strength muscles can handle it. When I start training my grandson, I Will have to prepare his shot for him.
The Safety is good.
By Michael T.
Roy, Utah
Absolutely the best value in an air gun...Period!
October 2, 2018
I have purchased 6 of these pistols so far, I am still shooting the very first one. Thousands of pellets have been shot through it, and I have only had to lube it about 3 times. I have purchased them for friends as gifts and one extra for myself just so I'd have one to loan to a friend for some friendly back yard competitions. This gun is amazing for the price, I highly recommend this gun not only to beginners, but to every single person that likes airguns and loves to plink!
ProsPRICE!!! The price cannot be beat! Accuracy! The gun is so repeatable that I put an expensive red dot sight on mine and torment my friends with the accuracy. Trigger! An amazingly light and crisp trigger, surprises everyone that shoot them.
ConsUnfortunately I have to put the only con down as well, and it is a two fold con. The con is that the gun has a little bit of a learning curve as far as loading it and cocking it. At first it is kind of tough to get down. It is a bit of a technique. I watch friends struggle getting the pellet in and then closing it. The closing it is where it compresses the air in the one pump. It is takes a bit to get a smooth technique down and you may catch you shirt in the lever a time or two. BUT...everyone that I have purchased them for as well as myself can easily do it all with our eyes closed now. Just takes getting the feel for it.
Best UsesPlinking! Plinking and of course the occasional Air Dart Challenge which I actually placed in the top 10 overall with this very pistol. And if not due to a video snafu on my end I would have tied for 1st place!
By William T.
Stockton, California
I've put 250 pellets through this gunso far!
August 17, 2018
Beeman P17 pistol! Love it, glad I bought it, I haven't shot a pellet or BB gun for over 40 years. My wife say's I'm a 71 year old kid. I can't argue with that. Last time I fired a gun was a 375 Taurus real gun. This gun is great for young and old. My daughter even likes and shoots well with this one. The pump is hard but manageable, loading the pellet takes agile fingers in a tight area. But that being said, the accurence, the power (470fps). A great beginners gun.
ProsGreat sights, easy to load, very powerful for the money.
ConsRequires small fingers to load pellets
Best UsesGreat plinking tool.
By Buzz W.
Albemarle, North Carolina
Love this airgun.
July 22, 2018
Haven't shot an air gun since I was a young boy. Bought this to help teach my grandson basic handgun shooting and safety. I really was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this gun. It is substantial in size but not too heavy, fits my very large hands perfectly. The action is tight and everything is well put together. As others have stated, it takes some muscle to cock it, but the power it generates in one cock is outstanding for an airgun.. Sights are very well designed. I can easily hit a 5 inch circle at 50ft. My grandson cannot cock it by hand, which is actually a good thing at this time, since a grownup is required to help him. I have some difficultly loading a pellet, due the my meaty fingers, but should be very easy for most. In sum, this is a very nice bargain for target practice, plinking, and teaching.
By Samuel J.
Air Pistol
May 30, 2018
It was target right out of the box have a great time with it every dsy
By Robert0
Dunbarton, NH
Great gun, great value
May 29, 2018
Solid, accurate, powerful, consistent, reliable. Great weight and balance, great sights. Sights easy to adjust. For the price, it canā€™t be beat.
By Bonita m.
Really impressive
May 12, 2018
Good power,
ProsPowerful little pellet pistol , great price
ConsReceived it today can't say if there is really anything bad about it
Best UsesShooting cans and targets
By Jim C.
Smithfield, Va
loading pellets
April 26, 2018
I made a fixture to make loading pellets easier. Trim the "finger" shown to fit into the top of the pistol housing so the hold for the pellet sits even with the barrel opening. Drill a hole about half the depth of the pellet. Inset pellet with closed end up. Turn pistol barrel upside down and press pellet into mouth of barrel. Press pellet rest of way in.

Note dovetail on top of gun is 11 mm wide.
By Dick L.
Very Pleasant Surprise
March 12, 2018
I bought this on a whim after reading several reviews and watching some videos. I was hoping to be able to use it for practicing technique for shooting my powder burner handguns. I was looking for something I could shoot on my basement range during the winter months. I figured for the price I couldn't go too far wrong. I was very pleasantly surprised when I received it in the mail and gave it a try. It's a good shooter. It pushes a 7.9 gr. pellet at around 375 fps.
ProsVery accurate, adjustable sights for both windage and elevation, decent trigger, quiet.
ConsIt's hard to cock and difficult to load, especially if you have large hands. Neither of these is a deal breaker for me, but you should know this before making a purchase. I'm hoping the cocking will get a little easier with use.
Best UsesTarget shooting, backyard plinking
By Rick P.
Salt Lake, Utah
Beeman P17 Amazing pistol for the money!
February 28, 2018
I still can't get over the fact you can buy this much gun for so little money. More amazing is the trigger. Most value range guns have the worst triggers. I wish they would put this set up on more guns. That said I still wanted to play with it and with a little polish work and stretching the trigger spring a bit it is fantastic. Everyone I let shoot it bought one. Still scratching my head how Weihrach can ask $250 for a HW40 that looks identical and shoots 100 fps slower than a P17. Cannot go wrong with this pistol.
ProsTrigger. Best in price range and better than many higher priced guns!
ConsA little hard to get the final last end of pump in.
By Mike
South Carolina
Good Quality Pellet Pistol
January 29, 2018
I was surprised with the quality of this pistol. Very well made. The sights are great and seems to be quite accurate. The cocking force is a little stiff but manageable. To make it a little more easy, you can push the slide close at the very back. When you do this you are pushing on the rear sight and be careful not to pinch your fingers. The only real issue I have with this gun is the loading. For me with normal adult fingers , it can be challenging to load the pellet inside the slide. I'm sure I will get better the more I do it.. Overall, I am happy with this gun and will use it often.
By Michel G.
Adams, MA - USA Hey, come visit
December 27, 2017
This 'cheap' version of the much higher priced one is an absolute dream for target shooting, as it uses the same Walther barrel as the more expensive version.

It baffles me that someone using this pistol can't figure to place the pellet properly. Try reading the little booklet that explains for the simple minded.

If a person using this pistol keeps getting pinched fingers or hands, STOP USING THE THING IMPROPERLY. All you have to do is use common sense caution. And STOP closing the mechanism by pressing down on the rear sights area... no need to. The pistol DOES take a bit of muscle power to properly cock it, but it is WELL WORTH the effort/

Y'all need to make a note regarding the pump seal and what MIGHT happen if you are unlucky. The air-bleed hole has a bit of roughness one a very few of the guns. Seems the air hole might have a rough inside edge, so as the piston/seal goes back & forth, it can cause premature wear. I have shot well over 3000 pellets and so far no issues, but I do KNOW that others experience this issue. It can easily be solved by taking the gun down and smoothing down any burrs on the inner edge of that air hole.

This is a VERY nice gun for the price. It takes effort to get the one shot ready to shoot, but the accuracy is amazing for, again, such a low price. And it is SUPER quiet with no recoil to mention.
ProsACCURATE! Quiet. No recoil. NO 'CO2'!!! This is a GREAT gift for friends or family. THE PRICE CAN'T BE BEAT for what the gun produces regarding shot groups at 15-20 yards.
ConsVERY hard to pump! The dovetail has sharp edges that can cause 'issues' if you don't pay attention when closing the 'pump' action. The rear sight needs to not be pressed on when closing, or it might get damaged. This gun is NOT for kids with little strength. Dad (or Mom_ GO MOMS!) needs to take charge of the initial operation of loading, then had it to the kid to shoot.
By Aldrin
Baltimore, MD
Shoots ok but sights are bad
December 16, 2017
I bought this gun with the notion that it'll be good based on the many positive reviews that it had. That was true for some time but then after just days of using it everything started to fall apart, i wasn't a fan of the design and the way the pistol is built but hey its a $30 gun so what else can you expect. be careful with this gun the pinch points are pretty much everywhere/every side of the pistol and it hurts when it "bites" down on you. and finally my only complaint with this is the trigger and sight, it may just be me with the pull but the sights fell off since when your closing it you'll have to hit and hold it near the rear sight so it falls apart with the force.
Prosone pump easy to cock
Consinconsistent shots terrible iron sights hard to return to shooting spot
By warren
only one shot
October 13, 2017
it shoots well but i went ahead and bought two more that have several shots before re-loading since this one only has one, i am sure that they could have figured out how to make this gun with more than one shot, but oh well.
Prosit seems powerful
Consonly one shot
By todd
August 28, 2017
By Theo
La., USA
Target Shooter Deluxe
August 1, 2017
After reading many reviews, decided to try the Beeman P 17. Dang, this is a FUN pistol! Balance, grip and size is amazing (over piston charging) and the trigger is out-of-the-box sweet (short travel-clean 2.5# break). Due to the pneumatic power-plant, there's No recoil or break in and I was hitting tight groupings as soon as I got the FO sights set (within first 20 shots). The pistol grip feels great and fits my large hands perfectly. With RWS Hobby 7.0g WC's shooting at 415 fps, got one grouping of .375" at my indoor workshop 10yd range, but still need plenty of practice to be more consistent. After the 1st 150 rounds, installed a low profile RR red dot reflex scope. I'm now a little more consistent getting 1\2" groups. The P17 doesn't hit as hard as some break barrels, but it's proving to be a great target plonker!

Due to the non-break barrel cocking, took me a few rounds to get comfortable with the top receiver swing \ breech loading \ final compression closure, but all that is easily 2nd nature now. Even with the scope installed, the "adult" effort to close isn't an issue for me, just use my fingers on the receiver outside rails instead of my palm on the back dovetail (watch pinch points). As I always set the safety on my break barrel pistols before cocking, I appreciate the "auto safety engagement" upon opening of the P 17 top receiver. I find the shot report indoors a little "loud" (83db), but not annoyingly so and still choose to wear hearing protection. Overall, the ergonomics of the P17 (lighter, smaller, conventional pistol style, good trigger) and the lower cost makes this Beeman pistol one sweet shooter and a great deal for air gunning Fun!!
ProsWell Made, Good Trigger, Good FO Sights, Low Weight, Comfortable Grip, NO Recoil, Very Accurate, Great Ergonomics!
ConsPinch point hazards, "Adult" effort to cock, Loud Pneumatic report!
By Rick
Hilo, Hawaii
great pistol for the price
July 28, 2017
I have had two of these pistols.. I have a red dot on both and at 40 feet ( my range distance) BOTH are very accurate. I have re-built both. Put new "O" rings in them and they shoot like new. For the "Gorilla Fingers" comment about having a hard time loading the pellet. Get a pellet pen. They work great and are cheap. We can call it a Gorilla Pen ! Internal parts I have had to modify a couple of times. Not sure if the internal parts are available or not. Fixes are easy on this pistol. My first one I replaced the barrel with a longer barrel and actually got a few more FPS out of it and it shoots about 460fps. Like I said .....can't beat the price.
ProsShoot accurate, easy to change the "O" rings to make it like new. Simple design inside. Well balanced and accepted the red dot sight and doesn't interfere with the cocking of the pistol when you get a technique down. Just a great pistol for the price.
ConsParts not available that I know of but so far all parts can be repaired. Hard to cock for ladies and small fries.
By richard y.
oceanside, calif
hard to cock
June 16, 2017
i have to cock it several times to get the receiver to stay i the cocked position, i tried adding white lithium grease to the sliding inside sleeve,that helped some but it still takes several times to stayin the cocked position, it seems like the internal plunger isn't sliding freely inside the pressure chamber. what to do, return it or hope as it breaks in it gets better.
Prosattractive design
Conshard to cock and malfunctioning plunger mechanism
By Shiro
Kingston, NY
Super sweet
June 10, 2017
This is a really sweet gun, when I got it i expected it to be small and light, it wasn't. It is rather big for a handgun and has decent weight. It's not to hard to open or put the shot in, though closing it is garish. It's a little loud, but not loud enough to scare people. It can be sighted, I put my crosman rifle scope on it, it looks and works good even though it slides, I'm gonna get a scope stop for it. Overall an amazing piece of airgun.
ProsEverything, size weight and shoots good
ConsMy scope slides on it
By Mike
raritan, NJ
February 16, 2017
My second one ...I love this pistol for the pricie!...pistol has one BEST triggers out there ! Sights are nice but will walk so mark your sights or pick ya point of aim for me about 10meters ...then use bit lock tite or small drop crazy glue ...didn't use the dovetail for dot sight have before ..but coking the gun requireminatorss a lot of force to close...mine loves the H&N terminators... metalmag predetors.....def got 400 + fpst ...check the intake hole for burrs if ya loose compresson OIL IT..Check all the screws..Have fun!!! GET 2 of um ..they are tough to cock if your not strong and have to do it a certain way to avoid putting hand on sights...
ProsACCURATE POWERFULL>>>>TRIGGER AWSOME !!! great gun to teach trigger control pistol is balanced and just accurate ! if ya keep sights LOCKED!
ConsHard to cock...takes allitle technique to overcome cocking force while not putting hand on sights to close..but just what it is ..don't bother me .
By Don
Ontario, Ca
Great Gun
February 15, 2017
This was my first air piston gun, love the weight of the gun and the trigger is fantastic. It is very accurate for a inexpensive pellet gun..
The only 2 problems I have is 1) Hard to cock, 2) loading with gorilla fingers.
ProsTrigger, and sights (fiber optics)
ConsLoading and cocking
By Lana P.
Not yet used
January 12, 2017
Not yet used.A gift to someone else.
By kenneth
cartersville ga.
sights & trigger
August 15, 2016
at first I was surprised how accurate but then I noticed that the elevation screw would not stay adjusted. I could not feel the notches that I am accustomed to. then the trigger had gotten to where it would not work. I would have to pull it several times for it to finally fire. the last time I thought it wasn't going to fire at all, but it finally fired after about 25 or 30 pulls.
Prosaccurate for a short barrel
Consneeds sight & trigger upgrade
By Gibson L.
Happy with purchase
July 13, 2016
Gun was what I expected. Good power and accuracy .
By Cheng
MS Gulf Coast
Tricky to load
June 27, 2016
This pistol is one of about a dozen air guns I own to use with kids in the 4-H Shooting Sports Program. Parents assist younger ones with cocking/pumping. It's one of the best values I've encountered. The breech is difficult to access and kids' smaller fingers are better for pellet loading. Regardless of finger size, tweezers are very helpful for loading this particular air pistol (along with several others) especially under range conditions with a table or shooting bench available. I also admire that what appears to be a hammer is actually the release latch for the cocking mechanism.
ProsGood value, particularly at $36 sale price.
ConsPellet loading is not as easy as other single-pump pneumatics (like "break barrel" types).
By Tofazfou
A Great Value
April 18, 2016
Talk about BANG for you BUCK! Look no further. Bought this pistol to brush up on my "REAL PISTOL" shooting and this gun has brought nothing but joy. Since its recoiless (it really is), it really helps you concentrate on sight picture and trigger control as well as your grip. The gun is well made and not all plastic like others. The grip fills really good in my hands and fits like a glove.
ProsAccurate Fully Adjustable rear sight Well Priced Not loud Trigger is decent Well balanced Ergonomics
ConsPellet Loading
By Z
Portland, OR
Best bang for the buck
March 23, 2016
I purchased the P17 (2006 Model) with the red dot sight but review only the gun. The sight is junk and I removed it the first day.
I use it a few time per week for paper target practice and after a couple hundred rounds this gun operates smoothly and predictably. The grip is comfortable for large and small hands. Cocking requires some effort and technique to close the last two inches. With a little practice however this is manageable. The optical sights are bright enough for indoor use and the rear sight is easily adjusted.
The only minor grievance I have is that the rear sight has sharp edges that dig into the palm when cocking the gun. This is easily remedied with a nail file by rounding off the offending edges.
Great gun, great fun.
ProsPrice Easily adjustable sights Consistent, smooth operation Compact
ConsPinch point between the barrel shroud and grip.
By Pablo
Tucson AZ
Decent For Price
October 9, 2015
Not bad for the price, fairly accurate within 100', nice sights except rear sight was slightly bent, I was able to bend it back most of the way, good trigger, so far over 100 rounds with no issues, would have given 5 stars if not for the bent sight.
ProsPrice Accurate Nice Trigger Nice Sights (except being bent)
ConsRear sight was crooked, was able to bend it back most of the way, still a bit off, no one else notices it, I do because I know it was originally bent, I would have returned it if it was more expensive.
By jim p.
good gun
October 9, 2015
kicks like a mule
Prosnice heavy gun
Cons o
By Joseph
Otter Lake, MI
Great little plinker
August 24, 2015
This pistol is accurate and easy to shoot and very economical to shoot also. Used to love shooting regular firearms but they have gotten pretty expensive to shoot. At 25 feet Im hitting a 2 in spinner almost every shot. Huge difference between a bb pistol and a pellet pistol with rifled barrel. Nice light trigger.
ProsAccurate,light trigger,no co2,cheap to shoot
By Thomas
Midland, MI
Very accurate
July 24, 2015
Being a senior and unable to see open sights that well anymore, I was pleasantly surprised with this pistol. The red fiber optic dot flanked on each side by the green fiber optic dots of the rear sight make it fairly easy to aim accurately. Since the pistol is also accurate, this allows people with old eyes to take advantage of it and hit what you are aiming at more often. For the price, a great pistol to plink and target shoot with.
ProsSights, trigger, accuracy.
ConsSometimes it is a little difficulty for fat fingers to get the pellet into the end of the barrel.
By Philip E.
Great buy
July 15, 2015
For the price you can't beat this air pistol. I never shot it after I got it. I found all kinds of info on the internet on replacing seals and repairing the little quirks of this pistol. After going through the pistol I have put two thousand pellets through it without a hiccup. Best fun you can have for only $35.00.
ProsPrice and easey to work on. You get used to cocking very quick. Accurate at 10 yards. It cuts holes.
By butch
great gun but quality hit-or-miss
July 6, 2015
first one i ordered shot fine for maybe 20 shots. after that trigger malfunctioned. ok the next couple shots..trigger malfunction again. ok, maybe it just needs 'breaking in'. next shot had to pull trigger 3 times before it fired. beside trying 5 different pellet types, accuracy was horrible. in my small bsmt at about 25', i could get no better than 3" groups! other reviews totally marvelled at this pistol so i returned it to give it another chance.
i was glad i did, this one's a keeper. so far, after maybe 200 shots thru it, trigger has worked every time and accuracy is VERY good,,,this gun loves gamo match diabolo (somewhat tight fit in chamber) again. i'm glad i gave this gun a second chance, this tells me QC is a bit shoddy. if you get a bad one, return it and you might get lucky like me and get a good one!
Prosexcellent balance and grip-shape. trigger also excellent with a smal amount of take-up then a short, predictable let-off. all cosidered, especially for the money, this little gun is well-balanced, easy-pointing, has excellent trigger, good power and accuracy to boot! i own much more expensive guns that dont live up to these qualities!
Consdifficult to cock at first..seems to get easier after several rounds. i have medium-large fingers and pellet is dificult to drop into the chamber, especially if it's slightly oversized. i dont care for fiber-optic sights but many like them..this is a personal thing.
By Mike F.
The Villages, FL
Accurate, great trigger, hard to cock
May 18, 2015
Hard to fault a $25 pistol that is this accurate. Light trigger and fiber-optic sights make it easy to aim and shoot. Surprising amount of metal in the overall constriction. Almost felt guilty paying so little for so much, until I went to load it. Hard to place pellet in barrel, wadcutters require careful placement. I am switching to domed RWS pellets. The major issue is closing the top to complete the clicking process. It takes strength due to the lack if leverage. Back sight restricts hand placement toward hinge, making it more difficult. I have adopted a rested cocking approach. Barrel sits on my aiming rest, butt on table platform. This eases the load on the non-cocking (right) hand. I added some foam tape along the top rail to protect my left hand. And now all is good. The barrel was loose upon receipt, some blue lock-tite on the strap screws resolved the issue.
ProsAccurate Low Cost Metal Construction High quality sights
ConsCocking effort Easy to move back sight when cocking Pellet loading
By Marcus
The Woodlands, Texas
Sharp shooter!
May 14, 2015
This is a pretty unique design. It is a 'flip-top' design. Thumb the hammer back, and the top half along with the barrel opens from the rear, and is hinged in the front. It is hard to cock at first (it compresses the spring piston when you close the top of the gun), but gets easier with use. It seems to be fairly accurate, and I look forward to using it more, because I think it will help me improve my shooting skills. The trigger is light in weight, and has a long pull. There is no second step, so the gun goes off when you have pulled the trigger far enough. Since you can't be real sure when it is going to fire, I think that if one gets good at hitting his target with it, he should be a pretty good marksman. It is hard to believe that they can build something this big and heavy (like a real gun) and this well built for only 36 bucks. This gun is solid, nothing flimsy about it. It is a single shot, and shoots a .177 pellet much harder than a CO2 gun will.
ProsSee above.
ConsDifficult learning how to put a pellet in the breech due to surrounding hardware. I'm getting better at it. You have to develop a feel for the end of the barrel. Pinch the pellet, head down, skirt up, place the head of the pellet in the breech (the hardest part), then role the pellet up with your finger and it will find its way in.
By Ben
May 3, 2015
I have the P3 and I really can't see the difference besides price, its lighter weight and a little less power even tho they both say 410fps on box
ProsCost alone makes it a must have if u collect!
Cons1 pump Single action
By Mike
Fort Worth, Texas
Best Money spent for fun
January 17, 2015
I bought this fine pistol on a whim and the reviews, Thank You! This pistol goes on every shooting trip and everyone ends up shooting it and being amazed at my $37 dollar target gun. Well the cocking is a work out and after a while you do not notice it so guess it works. The other thing is the loading being difficult. Since it was not $200 I did some thinking and dug out my cordless drill, measured my .177 pellet pen and then the back of the "slide" above the wire and drilled a hole - GASP! - Yup and with a little work on the rubber piece ( sanded a flat to ease it past the wire )on the Pellet Pen and a little clean up after the drilling I can now use my Pellet Pen to load and it is faster and way more fun to shoot. When you have the time and want to void your warranty and make life easier, check it out, just stay above the wire. When done locked and loaded you only see a small arch above the Hammer/lock. If you mess it up buy another one or two.
ProsA grip that feels good to my large 2X glove hands, pretty cool looking and a fine trigger.
ConsThe pellet loading, but fixed that for free, so add it in more fun - so no Cons!
By Eric
Chandler, AZ
Awesome Accurate Performance
January 5, 2015
I have the older Marksman 4004 model, the only apparent difference is that mine has a solid front sight post, and the newer models have fiber optic sights. I bought this on sale a few years ago, and was immediately impressed with accuracy and ease to shoot.

The trigger is better than expected, and lends greatly to the outstanding accuracy I get.

Cocking is a little stiff, but it gives you a better idea of the power you can expect when you pull the trigger.

I have a small steel pellet trap and use the 10 meter targets with it. I also installed a red dot sight, and can routinely get under 1/2 inch groups with it. A younger and more dedicated shooter should be able to get single hole groups with it.

I tried several different pellets, and the 7.0 gr. RWS Diabolo Basic are the most accurate, with the 7.71 gr. Gamo Match Diabolo running a close second.
ProsGreat trigger, and more than adequate sights. Capable of impressive accuracy. A good buy if you're a centerfire pistol shooter and unable to get out to the range as often as you want. The great trigger and accuracy are encouraging for a shooter to practice sighting and trigger control in order to keep their maximum level of hand competency. For the casual to more discerning shooter - you can pay more, but you won't get any significantly better performance with this type of single pump, spring piston pistol
ConsA little hard to cock, especially after firing dozens of rounds, however it's just the 'nature of the beast'. Singe pellet loading takes a little effort due to the position of the barrel within the 'slide'. Especially for those of us with 'clumsy fingers'.
Wilmington, DE
Impressive for the Money
October 30, 2014
The gun is as described. No disappointments. Heavy duty plastic and no criticism about the fit and finish. Feels like a quality product that should last. Fits a large hand comfortably. I have shot more than 40 rounds through it and shoots consistently and accurately. Windage and elevation adjustments work fine. Trigger is sensitive enough to stay on target. Overall, a very nice pellet pistol for the money. Perfect for plinking and practicing body and eye control. I was also very pleased with AirgunDepot's service.
ProsExcellent quality for the price.
By Jon
Pasadena, MD
This pistol is excellent
October 30, 2014
I've had it about a month now, fired about 1000 rounds out of it. It's just about as accurate as i can make it. Excellent beginner pistol for those who don't want the hassle of a CO2 gun.
ProsSights: Front&rear fiber optics good visibility; rear sight fully adjustable Trigger: As insubstantial as a politician's promise. (which is excellent for triggers) Accuracy: I haven't actually printed it on a target, but it's perfect for plinking. Price: 17 bucks cheaper than a crosman multi pump (though the crosman has a longer sight base)
ConsA lot of plastic (though internals are metal) Can be hard to close (you may get your shirt caught)
By Bill K.
Bucyrus, Ohio
Great Value
October 23, 2014
This is my second air pistol purchase. My first was an IZH 46m, an amazing pistol that I gave a 5 star review. The IZH 46m recently increased $100 to $599. My Beeman P17 was less than $40 and shoots the same scores as my IZH 46m. I'm not a competitive shooter. But do shoot 10m at the CMP range at Camp Perry, OH. for fun. And in my basement at 5m.
Had I purchased the Beeman first I would not have bought the IZH 46m and saved a lot of $$.
ProsBest pellet gun value. Trigger pull is long but very smooth.
ConsMade in China.
By Timothy
Lexington Pk, MD
Great little plinker
September 27, 2014
Shhots great out of the box. Mine shot 3 inches and high 1 inch to the right. Made an adjust to windage and elevation and next shot in the bullseye. Trigger is fantastic for such a cheap pistol. Mine had flashing on the backstrap of the pistol grip so I took a jeweler file and some find sandpaper to it. It feels much better now. Pratical limit is about 10 yards with this pistol. Shoot sgreat!
ProsLightweight Accurate
ConsFlashing on the back of pistol grip- eaily taken care of
By Al
Umatilla FL
Good trigger
August 6, 2014
It is hard to cock but does not require CO2 cartridge.
ProsVery good trigger. Adjustable sights.
ConsMade in China. Hard to cock.
By David H.
Lugoff, SC
How sweet it is!!!
July 29, 2014
Like some of the others, I bought this gun knowing what I was getting into. To me, fit, finish, polish, and wearable parts are easily taken care of. The selling point on this gun is the impeccable European ENGINEERING. A modestly experienced tinkerer can follow the YouTube videos (of which there are many) and do a decent tune-up. When all is said and done, you have finely engineered, precision target piece. You will have to do a little testing to find its favorite flavor of ammo (oh, the drudgery of ALL that shooting), but when you are done, I am confident you will be able to ream out the bull's-eye at 10 to 15 meters. About cocking and loading: I am a full-grown adult at 6'0",with HUGE hands. Yes, loading was a problem at first, but after 50 or so rounds it was 2nd nature. I didn't have to think about it. As for cocking, it IS an effort and you really have to be aware of pinch points. I've lost track of how many times my shirt wound up caught up in the gun. All in all, this is the best 40 bucks I EVER spent. I got way more value than I paid for. Would I recommend this gun to a friend? In a heartbeat and I have and to strangers shopping for air-guns in Walmart. One thing I am not sure about; the advertisement claims a metal "slide". Mine is plastic. Maybe the newer production has gone back to the metal slide?
ProsNice heft and balance, silky smooth trigger pull, short take-up, crisp let-off. This gun is well constructed. The plastic was clean and I had no need to trim flash. As I did my tune I inspected the trigger group for fit and function. While it was obvious the parts were stamped rather than milled, there were no burrs and everything functioned flawlessly. Just as an aside, I may further disassemble it and polish the trigger mechanism to see if I can lighten it a little, but it is perfectly acceptable as it is
ConsWhile the sights are acceptable, to me they are the worst part about this gun. They are pretty flimsy and easily knocked askew while cocking
By Timmy
opglabbeek, Limburg
May 24, 2014
my 1st pistol...LOVE IT!
By Matt
, Tampa, Florida
Great handgun!!
March 8, 2014
Wow!! You get so much for so little! It's accurate and has decent power. You can dry fire it. It looks cool too! It has a really smooth trigger too. The only complaint I have is that it's a little hard to cock.
Prosaccuracy look and feel trigger
Conshard to cock
By Kreon
February 13, 2014
this gun is more than I expected
ProsValue, accuracy
Conshard to cock
By Bill
Nice Pistol
January 7, 2014
The P17 has a nice weight and feel. I like that the safety automatically engages when you open the pistol to load it. I am a lefty shooter so I keep my trigger finger over the safety when opening, loading and cocking the pistol. When ready to shoot I can slide the safety off and then put my finger on the trigger. The trigger feel is good. It is even and has a nice pull. The pistol has good power and is accurate at 25 ft. in my garage. It is not excessively loud. I've been happy using Crosman Super Match pellets with it.
ProsValue, accuracy and trigger pull.
ConsA bit difficult to cock and that you are pushing down on the rear sight when cocking it.
By Chevota
Outstanding for the $
July 21, 2013
I LOVE this gun! I thought what you're probably thinking; how good can a $40 gun be, right? Like the $65 Ruger is horrible, and $40 is cheap short-lived airsoft territory right? Well, I have no idea how they can make a gun of this quality for this cheap, and I plan on buying two more which should say something too. I know there are some bad reviews out there which seem to center around it leaking, so I took mine apart first thing to fix that problem (a seam in the compression tube scratches the O-ring) but it seems the factory fixed it, my tube was perfect. I took the gun completely apart to inspect and tune it, but the only real mod I did was shorten and lighten the trigger pull. The quality of the parts is amazing for the $. The tough plastic body is steel reinforced. The comp tube/piston/valve assy is high quality and all metal. The solid steel barrel is much higher quality than I expected. Looking at the pix of the P3 and HW40 mine is identical except for the chrome and name. I imagine the trigger guts are less quality, but they work fine and are built to last. The velocity is accurate too, not some alloy exaggeration, so 410 with standard 7.9gr lead, and more with lighter lead. The weight and balance are good, it's not too heavy or nose heavy like most air pistols. Look at this 2006 report which gives it good marks as well;
It is also pretty quiet and recoilless. Well it has a teeny recoil, but nothing compared to a spring gun, and it is not hold sensitive.
ConsLose the chrome, who does that? I blued the chrome on mine and it looks sooo much better. Make the glow insert on the rear sight better, the glow part is exposed and breaks because you need to press directly on it to pump it. That's it, extremely minor complaints. My only other complaint is I didn't buy it sooner.
By Michael
Burlington , IA
No Co2 required
April 8, 2013
This gun is perfect for my basement shooting range. I did deburr the little hole in the compression cylinder right off the bat and keep it well lubed.
ProsPrice No co2 cartridges to buy Consistent power and accuracy
By Dillan
It's a great pellet gun especially with as low of a price as it is.
October 16, 2012
It's very accurate I never miss with it. The trigger has a really nice pull. It's a little hard to load when you first get it but you get used to it. I'd say the stock sights are actually very accurate.
ProsGreat accuracy, the gun has a good appearance, great trigger, well of course it being German engineered, it kicks butt.
ConsJust a little hard to load until you get used to the pressure.
By Leonard
Flagstaff, Arizona
Fun and powerful
June 26, 2012
This gun packs a punch. The single pump is all it needs to be loud, proud, and hit your mark. That is, if you can use the sights effectively. A gun with this much apparent power would be more accurate with better sights. This gun also seems to be overpriced for the overall experience gained from it. If you want an intimidating force with some target practice, then this gun might do the trick. But the price seems to outweigh the overall benefit of the gun.
By Lead P.
Cool Pistol
May 8, 2012
Love it. We wanted something inexpensive, non CO2, and accurate. That is exactly what the P17 delivers. This is a great little pistol plinker.
Hard to cock for kids
Hard to load for adults with large hands
ProsPrice Cheap to shoot all day - NO CO2 needed accurate
Consa bit hard to load a pellet especially if you have large hands. hard for a smaller person to cock the single stroke is awkward to get the proper leverage.
By Matt
Painesville, Ohio
Great Pistol . . . Needs Tuned bfore you rate.
January 12, 2012
This is a licensed Chinese Copy of the Weihrauch HW 40 or Beeman P3. Where the P3 is German Manufactured, this is made in China. I have not held or shot either of the German namesakes, but I expect the overall attention to detail to be a little better. It is well known that the O-rings in the P17s need replaced right out of the box. Also, the air intake hole needs de-burred. Check all of the allen screws and consider locktite. All in all a half hour job with minimal experience and equipment. The trade off is you get a real nice shooter for $40 instead of $220. Is the P3 or Weihrauch HW 40 worth it? Maybe to some but not to me. I would compare this pistol to the Crosman 1377. I have several 1377s and love them but they require a lot of work to get to the level of a nice shooter as well. I think the p17 is closer to ready out of the box than the 1377. And, I think the 1377 has broader range of application once brought up to par. I think the 1377 is more user friendly to younger shooters due to its ease of loading and ease of pumping. You can't go wrong with either as long as you are willing to tune them up and care for them.
ProsGreat Trigger Nice Adjustable Back Sight Accurate. . . Nickel to Quarter sized groups @10yds off rest Great Value for the money after a little work!
ConsDifficult cocking Many Pinch Points during cocking. Does Not Teach Good Muzzle Control Techniques while cocking Difficult to Load Pellets Needs a Little work .. High Viz Sight, New O-rings, Tightening set screws
By brad
Illinois valley
Beeman P17 everyone should have one.
November 30, 2011
First of all this gun is a solid gun. Even though its made of composite plastics it has the feel and weight of a 9mm. I decided to chronograph it right out of the box and 50 shots later it still shoots around 450 fps consistently using crossman destroyer ex pellets. Accuracy is great with this gun. Groupings were in the 1 to 1 1/2 inch range at 10 and 15 yards. I was pinking off pop cans at 20 yards no problem. Cocking requires some effort but not bad for an adult. Kids might need some help depending on age and size. Noise level is low to medium. Able to shot in residential neighborhood with no problems and best of all there is no kick with this gun which makes it ideal for training a first time shooter and for great accuracy. As stated above everyone most have one espeacially at $35.99
ProsPrice, Construction of gun and accuracy.
Consloading pellets could be tricky for stubby fingered people.
By Hellhound
Great value
November 14, 2011
This gun has become my favorite air pistol. It has good velocity for a single pump pistol and is accurate. Pointed pellets are easier to load especially if you have big fingers. It's just right for my basement shooting range and has the look and feel of a .40 caliber pistol.
By Kirby
Palmer, AK
Best air pistol for the money.
November 12, 2011
If you are looking for a decent shooter for just a few bucks, this one works great. The pump action takes a little energy, but the powerful piston powerplant is worth the effort.
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By jack from fl on April 18, 2012
i cannot figure out how to load these pellets!
By Staff on April 20, 2012

I believe this gun only shoots steel bb's. Not pellets

By Ryon from McCall Idaho on January 29, 2012
can one use bb in this gun?

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