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Beeman Under Lever

Available in .177, .22, .25
Only $249.99
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  • .177
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  • Code: AGD-519110391 · $249.99 · .177 · 1050 fps
Estimated in stock date is 06-24-24
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The Beeman Under Lever is a PCP air rifle with a unique cocking method that lets you get options that are normally reserved for a more expensive air rifle in a budget friendly package instead. It reaches speeds of up to 1050 fps in .177, 880 fps in .22, and 780 fps in .25, and has plenty of power for small game hunting, plinking, and pest control.

What makes this air rifle so special is the operation, which is an underlever you'll find in the bottom of the forearm. Simply pull it down and backward to cock the gun, then push it back up into the stock to seat the pellet and close the bolt. Along with the stock design, this means you'll find it fast and easy to cock whether you shoot left handed or right handed.

Aside from the underlever, one of the first things you'll notice is the attractive ambidextrous thumbhole stock shaped out of European wood to make the rifle sturdy. It doesn't weigh too much, because it's a bullpup design, so it's still light and short compared to other air rifles with similar levels of power and accuracy, and you won't get as tired carrying it on a long day in the forest or field.

The air rifle has a quick disconnect port and an onboard pressure gauge in the stock for easy filling, and a rubber buttpad to give you added comfort and a stable hold. The package includes a Beeman 4x32 scope and rings, and there's a Picatinny scope rail and two Picatinny accessory rails on the sides below it so you can add lasers or lights.

If you want a PCP air rifle with underlever action and a European wood stock at an affordable price, get the Beeman Under Lever at Airgun Depot now.

Beeman Under Lever Features:

  • PCP
  • Repeater
  • Underlever action
  • Max velocity: 1050 fps (.177), 880 fps (.22), 780 fps (.25)
  • European wood ambidextrous thumbhole stock
  • 3000 psi max pressure
  • Magazine capacity: 12-round (.177), 10-round (.22), 9-round (.25)
  • Shrouded barrel
  • Integrated pressure gauge
  • Rubber buttpad
  • 3 Picatinny rails for scopes and accessories
  • Includes 4x32 Beeman scope and rings
  • Male quick disconnect fill fitting
  • Weight: 7.28 lbs.
  • Overall length: 29.25"
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  • ManufacturerBeeman
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 1050 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Underlever
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 7.40
  • Overall Length 29.25
  • Barrel Length 18.90
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 12
  • Mechanism Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail Weaver/Picatinny
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights none
  • Rear Sights none
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/target practice
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By Meraud NandjuiOctober 1, 2023 Verified Purchase

Very good airgun

By James Donahue July 25, 2023 Verified Purchase

Great price point. Fast shipping. The gun is accurate beyond belief with Crosman premiere 14.3 gr.

Scope is junk compared to the the capability of the gun. A 3mm screw holding the picatinny rail was stopped from the factory that needed to be replaced. All the screws were loose.

By Kevin USAJuly 23, 2023 Verified Purchase

These are nice little rifles. Wood stock is excellent for cold weather

Accurate and super fun to shoot

Targets frequently

By JONUSAApril 6, 2023 Verified Purchase

Watch the receiver cap screw. The thread pitch diameters are bit open. I put a dot of removeable thread lock on mine to insure it doesn't back out when you are trying to tune the gun down. I don't think it's big deal but it is something to be aware of. The gun shoots great and I like mine.

Great price point and lots of power in 177. Shoots JS Diabolo Beast 16.2 perfectly. Used a better scope because I had one. Buckrail moderator made it very quiet, the Buckrail barrel band made a bipod possible. Both units are very inexpensive and really make the gun look right. I would recommend the gun, Buckrail moderator/ barrel band, and heavy pellets to a friend. A fun gun to shoot. I'm getting three full magazines of heavy pellets, at high velocity in a nice ragged hole at 20 yards.

Velocity is in excess 1000 fps and I couldn't tune it down much (adjusting the receiver cap screw). The high velocity gave me average performance with lighter pellets. Pretty loud without an additional moderator.

By CharlieFebruary 13, 2023 Verified Purchase

Gun is great very easy to load and shoot

Scope did not work Will not zero at any range always shoots very low

By Prospector Tripp June 8, 2022

The absolute best Bullpup for your money Hands Down! Get the 22 version.. you’ll have no regrets!

Fast, accurate, powerful.. it’s a STEAL!

Better quality Mags..

By William CApril 27, 2022

I have modified my mags to load the ammo to line up better after trying different ones so the rod can load them without deforming the head or skirt of pellets ! Accuracy has increased to less than a dime at 25-yds which is great for hunting ! The ammo should go into the breech gently for more accuracy for sure--I was not grouping as well until i fixed this problem my groups were 3/4" mostly now much better with all ammo ! I believe this problem exist with all air rifles and must be check if you want good shot groups period ! Happy shooting folks ! hope this helps you or ask your tech at airgun depot for help ! This sure solved my shooting for this solid made air gun ---thats all for now !

beeman bullpup .22 cal under-lever rifle I have a very important review I want to share about this gun ? This is a follow up on one I wrote this morning and applies to this particular rifle about the magazine and the ammo used here ?

The mag is ,? plastic--so it has a little plastic post that stops the ammo rotation, when cycles to next round , if you fell tension or you have to push the pellet into the breech, end of the barrel with some difficulty , then the rod that pushes the ammo in is out of alignment with the mag and will deform the pellet? This causes pellet to lose some accuracy if this happens try your single shot tray and see if they load smoothly into breech?

By William CApril 27, 2022

This gun is a great hunting gun plenty of power , I have used the 21.75 g Gamo ts-22 ammo shoots 745 fps 1st shot and through the chrony at 25-yds it is 702 fps that= 23.8 fpe at 25-yds and is almost as accurate as the other pellets .also shot # 10 was 654 fps= 20.66 fpe not bad for hunting down range !

This bullpup .22 cal is solid , I use mine alot purchased in late feb--my ammo is firstly 15.89 JSB 1st -mag and 2nd mag is the crosman 14.4 copper same group as -JSB . I fill the gun with a tank to 2,900-PSI-drops to 1,800 and thats it ! I shoot through a chrony from 25-yds and the 14.4g ammo goes 2nd mag is 714 709 705 695 688 684 685 676 672 663 --avg is 689fps = 15.18 fpe avg The 15.89 jsb is higher fpe and used for the 1st mag--also this gun shoots very tight groups no more than dime size or less off a sand bag table ! I upgraded to a 4x16x 50mm sniper scope AOL 0n both ends and shoot on maximum turns on the hammer spring and back it off 1/2 turn thats it , because the air usage is not much different after 20-shots anyway to fill it up again --with say 5-turns on hammer , so happy shooting folks all my grand kids and the whole family love the under-lever is just easy to do !

The plastic mag is plastic ! But until it breaks it works ! The gun is a little loud for my back-yard so we put a suppressor buck-rail on it and its quiet now -perfect and the barrel is threaded 1/2 " all I did was cut the barrel plastic down a little that it and thread it on snug with the tank fitting cover , I ground it down to snap back on just a little snug to keep the barrel from oscillating or more solid on end against the suppressor .

By MARTINApril 26, 2022

Buy one and have a blast!

Love the hidden under-lever and the size of the rifle. It's surprising accurate right out of the box.( mine was) It took me a full week to quit playing with it! I think that it is a Real bargain for $250. I have 40 different rifles of all types, but this one is the first one I grab for some air therapy.


By KirkUSAFebruary 6, 2022

Your getting ripped off at this price.

Small compact, plenty of power

The MSRP on this airgun is $204.99 so markup is a real issue

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tank size

asked tim from USA

Come with a scope

asked Jeffery from USA

Yes, unmounted.

Adam from USA

Wicked air pump should I get for this Beeman riffle

asked Benito from USA

In what position should the regulation be so that the projectile comes out with more pressure?

asked yuniel from USA

Do you ship to area code 62221

asked Jim from USA

An airgun with a velocity of 701fps, which is a greater caliber size than .180; would have to go to an FFL. Excludes .177 caliber (any velocity can ship)

Adam from USA

Is this rifle configured for using a Donny Fl suppressor or is there an adapter needed and available?

asked Roy from USA

Contact . They make an adaptor for a moderator .

Stanley from USA

How do you feel this with air

asked Mickey from USA

A PCP hand air pump or compressor .

Stanley from USA

Where is this Beeman Air Gun Made? I suspect this is Chinese. Please confirm.

asked Michael from USA

its made in china , same and all QB based rifles , its also a mod of the chief II if you look close

James from USA

This air rifle is it any good with slugs/bullets ammo in 0.177 because i have never try them in any air rifle before so if anyone has any information about this i would be very grateful for your advice and help please

asked George from United Kingdom

it might be depending on the weight of the pellet and its conical shap,make sure air is at max and take care to make a clean kill

James from USA

How many shots per fill or is it just one pump one shot?

asked Joe from USA

Depending on pellets used and the hammer spring adjustment . At least 30 shots per fill . Easy to refill with a hand pump .

Stanley from USA

How many mags / clips are included Thanks

asked Charles from USA

Two with a single shot tray.

Stanley from USA
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