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Definitive Guide to Benjamin Armada

Crosman/Benjamin have brought a few big innovations to the PCP market over the years: the Discovery was one of the first guns to make PCP?s available to the masses, the Marauder brought it to the next level and is easily one of our top selling guns of all time, and the new Bulldog which brought the Benjamin name back into the big bore scene after the demise of the ill-fated Rouge. The Benjamin Armada adds even more diversity by adding a modular, user customizable platform to the line, and now that the Armada is available in .25 caliber, you can decide whether you just want to use this at the range, or utilize it for hunting. These rugged and accurate guns are fast becoming a favorite among all types of airgunners and because they are backed by the known reliability that is Benjamin, the Armada air rifle is a modern classic in the making.
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Detailed Review
The Benjamin Armada PCP air rifle is a great looking rifle that features many design cues taken from tactical rifles and modern sporting rifles. Benjamin provided the internals of their popular Marauder rifle as the heart of the Armada. With proven performance and reliability it was the obvious choice. Then the designers at Benjamin incorporated the Magpul M-lok rail system to create a fully modular chassis that features a 6 position stock, and AR-15 style grip frame. Whether it be bipods, flashlights, vertical grips, you name it, the Benjamin Armada is the first serious air rifle that allows the end user to utilize common, off the shelf accessories without the use of adaptors or modification.

The Basic Anatomy of the Benjamin Armada

The heart of the Armada air rifle is the proven Benjamin Marauder. And why not? Why mess with a proven gun that performs so well. The bolt is fully reversible for either right or left handed shooters and is a cock on opening design. The magazines are fully compatible with existing Marauder magazines and are extremely reliable.
The trigger is a fully adjustable 2 stage with a wide, flat metal blade. The trigger feel is great with a very smooth pull and a nice break. Again, this is the same trigger borrowed from the ever classic Marauder so you know it's going to be good.
The Benjamin Armada PCP is available in two configurations from the factory, either the standard version with M4 style stock and A2 style grip or the upgraded Magpul edition with Magpul M.O.E. stock and grip. Both guns are capable of accepting other AR-15 type stocks and grips so you can make them your own.
If you go for the package version the included scope is one of the best that we have seen from Benjamin. The 4-16x magnification scope with its big 56mm objective is very clear and the Mil-Dot reticle makes getting accurate holdovers a breeze. Of the many Centerpoint scopes we have tested over the years this has to be the best. Don't forget that with the package Armada you will also receive an adjustable 6 to 8 inch bipod, it may not be the best bipod that we have seen but it certainly does the trick and it is stable.

Shot Groupings, Velocity and Decibel readings

The Benjamin Armada is available in .177, .22 and .25 calibers to best suit your needs. We chose to test the .25 caliber. The results shown here show that the Armada makes some good power. The Armada is a great choice for small to medium game in either .22 & .25 caliber.
As far as accuracy the Armada did really well when we tested to the 50 yard mark, with groups averaging about 1.2 inches and some coming in at under an inch. Our test rifle really liked the H&N Crow Magnums and also did well with JSB Exact King Pellets. On an interesting note it did not like the JSB Exact King Heavies and there was a noticeable difficulty when loading them as well as cycling the bolt, the Armadas chamber may be just a bit too small for these large skirted JSB's. (Editor's note: JSB has since announced the smaller skirted Exact King Heavy MKII to address this issue)
With such a good scope and the great accuracy we were getting we just had to stretch our .25 caliber Benjamin Armada out to 75 yards. We got about a 3 inch group and pellets could be seen destabilizing as they traveled to the target, with some work and a bit of a power tune the Armada should make 100 yards. Remember we were shooting our Armada right out of the box. Also lower calibers may be able to get out to 100 yards a bit easier than our .25 caliber with the extra velocity they push.
The Armada air rifle barrel is fully shrouded and baffled and is a very quiet shooting gun. It registered anywhere between 65 ? 69 decibels depending on the pellet we were firing. That's the equivalent decibel reading of a conversation between two people. You should have no problem shooting this in your backyard or hunting in areas with noise restrictions.

A Contemporary Air Rifle

The Benjamin Armada stands out a lot from other PCP airguns, and for some that may be a bit of a turn off. The contemporary styling of the Armada to its counterparts is quite extreme when held in comparison. However, the benefits of having a rifle that, at least ergonomically, is very similar to a modern sporting arm are very beneficial for those looking for a way to add to their shooting skill. The Armada shares many of the same ergos as popular precision bolt rifle chassis from manufacturers such as XLR, Ashbury Precision, or MPA

Accessories & Options

The sky really is the limit when it comes to accessorizing your Armada air rifle. To start with we must strongly recommend skipping a hand pump and investing in a carbon fiber tank. This rifle is a joy to shoot and you won't want anything slowing you down. Think of it as a one-time investment that will enable a lifetime of shooting.
The Benjamin Armada Combo is a manufacturer combo that includes a tactical bipod with fully adjustable quick-retract folding legs, as well as the previously mentioned side focus, 4-1656 mil-dot scope in a 30mm tube. This is a well put together combo right out of the box.
On the other hand maybe you already have in mind a different scope for the Armada (like on of the formidable Hawke Sidewinders!) You can buy the .22 & .25 caliber versions of the Armada in a gun only version and outfit it yourself. Scopes, bipods, lights, lasers, slings and more. The Armada can handle all you can possibly think of throwing on it.
The limited edition combo from the manufacturer is the Benjamin Armada Magpul edition. Crosman teamed up with Magpul and this combo features an upgraded Magpul stock and pistol grip for those that are looking for premium accessories installed right from the factory. We will say in our opinion you're really paying for the Magpul name in this combo. Although the stock and grip are an upgrade over the standard combo. We don't think they're worth the difference in cost. Technically you could buy the off the shelf Magpul components and put them on a standard Armada for a lot less money. We wouldn't be surprised if this version gets phased out sooner rather than later.
Last of the Armada combo options for you to consider (and in our opinion best of them all!) Airgun Depot has an exclusive combo we call the Benjamin Armada Long Range Combo. If you like the thrill and skills needed for shooting 50 yards plus, a stock scope just won't do. This combo comes with the formidable Hawke Airmax 30 6-24x50 SF riflescope. In our opinion it's everything that's great about the well known and documented Hawke Sidewinders, but includes an illuminated AMX reticle that is perfect for long range shooting.
The AMX offers multiple aim points (useful for loopy trajectories), half mil dot spacing on the lower posts (increased aim points for longer shots) and windage bars. Slap on the included large side wheel, grab some white tape if you want to make your own distance marks, and you'll be set for hours of long range shooting. And with the included Shooters Ridge Monkey Bag Gun Rest, you won't have to use tins of pellets to prop up the stock of your gun anymore... or are we the only ones who do that?

Maintenance / Technical

Filing the 215cc reservoir on the Armada is a snap with it's built in Foster style connection and works great with either a Carbon Fiber fill tank/bottle or any of our high-pressure hand pumps.
Cleaning the Armada is just as easy, just a dry bore snake or a few patches and you're good to go. As with all airguns avoid using solvents unless absolutely necessary. Make sure the barrel is free of any solvents before firing your rifle.
If you have any other questions about the Armada, feel free to post below and we'll do our best to answer them right away.
A Modular Marauder Let's be very direct, the Armada has the guts, trigger & barrel of a Benjamin Marauder. But the Marauder for a lot of us is very plain and boring gun compared to the modern centerfire guns we see every day in the movies we watch, the games we play, & the YouTube gun reviewers we follow. The desire for a modular Marauder has even created its own cottage industry of mods and stocks. Benjamin has responded and put together a well thought out and complete modern modular air rifle. Whether you choose to get the full outfitted model with included scope and bipod or you choose to get the bare-bones model and trick it out with your own choice of accessories, the Armada is a great platform. The M-Lok forend lets the Armada accept many of the current firearms accessories on the market today. And Benjamin hasn't skimped on the picatinny rails either.
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A Perfect Benchrest Gun It came as a big surprise, but for us the Benjamin Armada provides nearly everything you want in a bench rest airgun. It has an adjustable, comfortable stock. Shooting 25 shots or 250 shots is not an issue as the gun is comfortable. You can work the trigger without the rifle shifting. The rifle is very stable with the bundled bi-pod and a simple rear bag for support, not just at 25 yards, but also 50 and even 100 yards. And then there's the optic. It's a side focus, 4-16x56 mil-dot scope with 30mm tube. It fits all the right criteria. What's most impressive is that this rifle performs out of the box. You don't need to buy anything else other than pellets to see great, consistent accuracy.
Power & Accuracy The Armada is available in .177, .22 and .25 caliber and is a great option for hunters and target shooters alike. Whether you're looking for the higher shot count of the .177 & .22, or the extra power of the .25, right out of the box the Armada is capable of incredible accuracy. Essentially you'll be receiving the same power & accuracy of a Benjamin Marauder. But if you're unaware of what they can do, know that the .25 caliber we tested was accurate up to 75 yards making it a great option for pest control and small game hunting. The .22 cal can push that accuracy to 100 yards. As for power, in our tests the .25 cal version resulted in up to 39 lb ft of energy! All in the perfect modular package.
Precision Rifle Shooter The Armada's configuration is very similar to that of many high-end bolt action centerfire rifles. This was done purposely to not only cater to the existing airgun user, but also to appeal to the traditional rifle owner that's looking for a cheaper alternative to the rising costs of ammunition. If you're a precision rifle shooter, the Armada makes a great practice tool for keeping ammo costs down. Plus because the Armada is shrouded and near whisper quiet, you don't need to travel to the range to put in trigger time.