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Benjamin Bulldog Bullpup

Available in .357, Features baffle-less SoundTrap® technology
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  • Code: BPBD3S · $799.99 · .357 · 910 fps
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Bullpup airguns are the all the rage because they're compact and easily maneuvered in the field. Why carry a full-size rifle when a gun 30% shorter has all the power you need to get the job done? The Benjamin Bulldog .357 takes game at distances that smallbore airguns can only dream about harvesting. Besides reaching out further, take larger game and pests such as feral hogs, which are destroying American farmland. Your local farmers will see you as a hero for coming to their property to eliminate these pests. Because this Benjamin is shrouded, it's not going to spook all the other critters after you take your first shot. Speaking of shots, you'll get 5 in each rotary clip and up to 10 shots per fill. That gives you plenty of ammo in case your quarry runs in packs. Benjamin Bulldog Features Diagram

Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup Features
  • Precharged pneumatic
  • 5rd auto-indexing rotary clip
  • Sidelever
  • 28.00" rifled barrel
  • SoundTrap baffle-less trapezoid-shaped sound suppression
  • 26" long Picatinny optics rail
  • 5.50" long Picatinny accessory rail
  • 2-stage non-adjustable trigger (stage 1=2 lbs., stage 2=3 lbs.)
  • Manual safety
  • 36" long
  • Ambidextrous synthetic stock
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • 3000 psi max fill pressure
  • 340cc reservoir
  • 10 max shots per fill (going from 800 fps down to 670 fps and from 3000 psi down to 2000 psi by shot 10)
  • 7.70 lbs.
  • Foster male quick-disconnect
  • 800 max fps with a 145-grain Nosler bullet (900 fps max with a 95-grain bullet)
  • 200 ft-lbs. max with a 170-grain bullet
  • Includes Swab-Its, 6 Nosler eXtreme bullets and lube

When you look for optical accessories, the Bulldog's manual states this: "Use of 37mm tall (Absolute Co-Witness) rings, widely used with the AR platform, are recommended." You may also use other sighting systems suited for AR platforms.
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  • ManufacturerBenjamin
  • Caliber.357
  • Velocity910 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionSidelever
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight7.70
  • Overall Length36.00
  • Barrel Length28.00
  • Loudness4-Medium-High
  • Magazine Capacity5
  • MechanismPre-charged pneumatic
  • RailWeaver/Picatinny
  • SafetyManual
  • Front Sightsnone
  • Rear Sightsnone
  • Shots per Fill10
  • Trigger AdjustabilityTwo-stage non-adjustable
  • Trigger Action0
  • UseHunting
  • Warranty5-year limited warranty
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By JoelUSAMarch 8, 2020 Verified Purchase

This rifle is powerful! if your state allows it, you can hunt some pretty BIG game with this air rifle. It could even be used for home defense if you are a convicted felon that cannot have a firearm. It will surely blast through an intruder, no Joke! Hell it can blast through the skull of a wild boar...

The gun is very powerful, it is accurate, and has a wide variety of ammo that could be used in it. I have blasted through pressurized treated wood that is over 1.5 inches thick and it went in another 1.5 thick piece. Very dangerous without a proper backstop. The rifle is LOUD, and is NOT backyard friendly if you live in the suburbs with neighbors, even if you have a decent sized backyard. The neighbors will hear it. What I did was put a DonnyFL Emperor suppressor and it quieted the sound down alot! You can still hear the hammer slap and ping, about the sound of a nitro piston break barrel rifle. It made it backyard friendly, you could probably install a depinger, but the hammer slap is still pretty loud since your ear is closest to the rifle. I'm sure people at 15 feet or greater would barely hear it.

The only Con I could think of is the safety (It's FREAKIN' PLASTIC!), trigger, and the PING. Come on Benjamin! you guys made a superb trigger and metal safety on the Marauder, why not the bulldog??? and dont forget, the later versions of the Marauders did have a depingers factory installed.

By RobertUSAJanuary 24, 2020 Verified Purchase

What more could ya want when the Bulldog lands in your hands?I got exceptional accuracy out to a hun'ert yards. 1" ragged 5 shot holes. Love the balance, craftsmanship, smooth action, trigger and easy use accs. rails.easily solved the noise issue with a DonnyFL moderator. Can't do nothing about that Big-Wet-Smack!, when impacting on a coyote with The Nozlers,... You know it's love when ya start tricking it out with camo, complete digital, (reflex), night vision system from Sightmark, complimented with an infrared mil spec light, strobe and white light, Caldwell bi-pod and a tactical sling. we don't spend that kind of bling on a dud.


Always want More per fill,... But i'm greedy that way.

By DanielUSANovember 26, 2019 Verified Purchase

This PCP rifle is deadly, perforates a 2x4 like it was not there and it has also blasted even two 2x4's. It is accurate and a force to be reckoned with. I have quite a few PCP guns and this one is a solid "go to" gun for all types of circumstances. I have had this for about a year and would buy this gun again.

Easily maneuverable, powerful and accurate.

It could jam.

By MarkOctober 5, 2019

This airgun is everything you want in a big bore , I have been shooting it for 8 mths now , I put a leepers 9 power scope with illuminated reticles, a bi pod and a aluminum made on a lathe moderator , all you can hear is the hammer spring and the round hitting the target , I can take a squirrel at 100 yds if it sits still long enough , I know you arnt supposed to but I fill mine to 3,600 psi , the shots are devastating with a 145 gr. Ballistic top nozzler and ig get 15 goid shots per fill , it shoves quite a bit with that pressure getting very close to the power of a .9 mm .

By ChrisUSASeptember 20, 2019

I studied this gun a very long time and which I had gotten it sooner! I actually chose to buy the Hatsan Hercules instead in .357 cal and what a mistake that was. I purchased the Hatsan primarily because it’s quieter. That was before I knew you can buy a noise moderator for the Bulldog. After months of problems with the Hatsan I purchased a Bulldog and damn it’s worth it for millions of reasons... First the Bulldog can shoot a variety of grain sizes up to 178 grain that I know of. The largest grain I can fit in the Hatsan is 95 grain. That was something I wish I knew ahead of time. 2. The Bulldog has been problem free for me during my whole first year of using it! The Bulldog is much easier to fill with a pump, bottle or pump. I can only fill the Hatsan with my compressor. Bulldog is lighter although I enjoy the weight of the Hatsan more. But the Bulldog is more practical to carry. There are many aftermarket parts available for the Bulldog and not for Hatsan. Both guns are pretty accurate but the Bulldog has an edge. I love the Bulldog so much I’m planning on buying a second one just to set it up differently...

Accurate Reliable Relatively light Can shoot large variety of pellets of different Grain size Easy to fill Variety of after market parts available

More air capacity would be nice

By JoseUSAJuly 11, 2019 Verified Purchase

This is my first air gun and I got to say that I love it I'm hooked I want more I can't stop shooting this baby I love the power and the accuracy...all pros no cons

The power the accuracy and the look

I need a bigger clip 5 shots ain't enough and a bigger tank

By JefferyUSAApril 27, 2019 Verified Purchase

The Bulldog is my first PCP air rifle and it's a very nice rifle so far. Very good weight and nicely balanced. It's one rifle that I'll have to get used to.

Nice weight Nice length

By GaryUSAJanuary 25, 2019 Verified Purchase

Does everything you said it would do it can hold 1 inch groups all day long with 125 grain hallowpointsnuffer at 50 yds 2 inch groups at 100

Everything love this gun

Little loud

By Robert KelseyUSADecember 25, 2017

This rifle is easy to use and loading is easy . I'm waiting on better weather so I can make my own pellets .

By DominickUSANovember 14, 2017

I really researched this PCP against all comers, I had no limit on spending up to $2K but was interested in a PCP that seemed well designed and hearty [tough] to the bush I was going to take it into! I looked at hours of YouTube of an assorted compliment of PCP Big Bores and The Bulldog seem to take the cake! Since getting it I have "Tweaked" My Benj by adding on "Pitbull accessories" Mega Moderator, and Barrel Alignment segments, and single shot tray! Wow, really has done what they were advertised to do! Ive fired a few boxes of pellets/bullets and this PCP really holds CTC at 50 yards [.75"] and at 100 yrads about 1.0 inch CTC. I am sure if I was more diligent in filling the tank at the same levels it would even be better, but my biceps and legs are getting a good workout with my Benjamin hand pump! At 70 years old though its good exercise for me! I have a IProTec OPT-32rg mounted and its a compliment to the Benj profile! Easy to maintain, and Great Pricing!

Powerful, Accurate, Light enough with optics, Very Fearsome looking! Reminds of a Halo weapon!

Wished it came with two (2) mags instead of one (1). Benjamin-Crossman should consider a better moderator system, but the market does have good add on! Wish they had a bit larger Tank but then maybe in sleek design might be lost!

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Which gun is louder... the bulldog or the condor ss?

asked Steve

Definitely the bull dog!


will bulldog357 might loud but other like air force and taxen much louder

Billy from USA

what do you think of this rifle for power and accuracy and what is the best clean kill to date

asked hamish

150 lb hog at 50 yrds. Nosler went through lungs above shoulder and was bullet seen bouncing off water in lake behind hog. Hog dropped in 30 feet.

Tony from USA

will have seen video of hunting with bulldog 357 and kills are clean and fast so this make good survival gun and practices gun maybe home defends I am every impress on this air gun I would like own one but I will save one up too just that

Billy from USA
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