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Benjamin Bulldog Bullpup, Realtree Xtra® Combo, .357 cal

Features a Realtree Xtra® Camo Stock, Includes CenterPoint 4-16X56AO Scope, and Soft Case

Benjamin Bulldog Bullpup, Realtree Xtra® Combo, .357 cal

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The innovative Benjamin Bulldog Real Tree Camo Bullpup with the added value pack of everything you need. This pack includes one of the best scopes we have seen paired with a refile from the factory; the Centerpoint 4-16x56mm scope. This pack also includes a bi-pod, Benjamin sling, Benjamin bag to store everything and take on your hunts, and a box of 25 Nosler bullet. Benjamin Bulldog Features Diagram

Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup Real Tree Xtra Camo Features
  • 5rd auto-indexing rotary clip
  • 28" rifled barrel
  • SoundTrap baffle-less trapezoid-shaped sound suppression
  • 26" long Picatinny optics rail
  • 5.50" long Picatinny accessory rail
  • 2-stage non-adjustable trigger (stage 1=2 lbs., stage 2=3 lbs.)
  • Ambidextrous synthetic stock
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • 3000 psi max fill pressure
  • 340cc reservoir
  • 10 max shots per fill (going from 800 fps down to 670 fps and from 3000 psi down to 2000 psi by shot 10)
  • Foster male quick-disconnect
  • Includes cleaning tool and lube
  • Includes Centerpoint 4-16x56 Scope
  • Includes a Benjamin Bag & Sling
  • Includes bi-pod and box of 25 Nosler bullets
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  • ManufacturerBenjamin
  • Caliber0.357 cal
  • Velocity900 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionSidelever
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight7.7
  • Overall Length36
  • Barrel Length28
  • Loudness4-Medium-High
  • Magazine Capacity5
  • MechanismPre-charged pneumatic
  • RailWeaver/Picatinny
  • SafetyManual
  • Shots per Fill10
  • Trigger AdjustabilityTwo-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Pull3 lbs
  • UseHunting
  • Warranty1-year limited warranty
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Benjamin Bulldog Bullpup, Realtree Xtra® Combo, .357 cal
10 Reviews
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By Gator o.
Orlando fl
Great package deal
August 14, 2019
Gun does everything I was expecting.Dead on at 60 yards within 10 shots gun was sighted in. Fun gun dont waste the money on the hand pump unless you feel like working out.
ProsEasy set up
ConsHand pump is no good
By Matt
June 2, 2019
Although I did not purchase this bulldog package through AG.Depot, And ended up buying It through there sister company, I felt I needed to leave a review. This airgun Is amazing. Its extremely accurate, hits very hard, has a great trigger, Is quiet, compact, balanced, ergonomic and points well. I absolutely love The way Its designed. I love location of the fill nipple and pressure guage.(away from the muzzle where It should be!) The trigger Is a metal skelotonized two stage trigger, 1st stage Is 2 pounds, 2nd stage Is 3 pounds and breaks clean. The safety Is Plastic but Is manual. The action Is smooth, and can be de-cocked and magazines function great and accept a vast array of pellets, round balls and bullets. The mags hold 5 rounds and have a green dot when loaded and a red dot with stop plate when empty. The long, upper picatinny rail and lower picatinny rail make adding different accessories and different optics, fast and easy and make It very adaptable. The whole upper half of the gun Is metal. I shopped around before 'pulling the trigger' and I couldnt be happier. You will not find another production big bore airgun bullpup/bulldog thats as powerful, accurate, balanced and adaptable as this! I got the realtree kit. The scopes great, the sling and softcase are really nice. The bipod Is ok-not great. The 4-16x56 Centerpoint scope has a 3" eye relief, a sidewheel adjustable turret for parralax (s.w.a.t.), and a big 3"sunshade. Its fully coated and crystal clear, plenty powerful, and has a glass etched reticle with a nice, fine, mil-dot reticle. I do wish It had Illumination for low light. The zero locking/resetting turrets have postive clicks. Some people report tilted crosshairs. I firmly believe this Is a Illusion due to spherical lenses In the scope causing the outer edges of reticle to fisheye when looking from outside the scope, like way back, when mounting It. My scopes reticle Is level and straight. This gun can be a pain to fill from a handpump so I highly reccomend a scuba/scba tank or compressor. The onboard resevoir Is 340cc and I get about 10-12 high powered shots but at 30 yards I can shoot about 15-20 shots with Jsb's before It really starts dropping. At 50 yards with jsb 81gr, It will do 1" groups. The 145gr nosler's are great and the 127 grain air venturi flat nose are good as well. The 67gr roundballs are the least accurate but If I sort them, I can do 2"-3" groups at 50 yards. When using the roundballs though,be careful not to break the magazine when Inserting or removing, by only grasping the mag where its solid and doesnt rotate at the bottom. Another Important point Is If you dont pull the bolt all the way back, you can misfeed or double feed. The gun wont cock but will put a bullet In the chamber. I did this at first and had to clear the 2 bullets with a cleaning rod. Once you understand this, It wont happen again.
ProsVERY accurate, VERY powerful. Quiet, not loud at all for the power. Noise Is Like a baloon popping or clapping hands together but with more metallic clang and less Initial pop. Loads of space for optics, lights, lasers and can easily change out setups fast for different situations. Great ergonomics, balance, points so nice and Is compact, and easy to carry In the field. Not really heavy and has sling studs. The trigger Is light, crisp, breaks clean and action Is smooth. The safety Is manual not automatic so follow up shots are fast. The magazines are a great value, Inexpensive and can hold massive bullets and a vast array of different bullets, pellets and roundballs. They make air bolts that this gun can shoot but I havent tried them. Its very easy to clean, keep clean and Is durable. Ive had mine now since 2017 and LOVE IT!
ConsIf you dont pull the bolt all the way back, It can double feed or misfeed but as I stated above, this happened to me once In the beginning and that was It. I wish the gun had baffles to make It super quiet but Its not really loud though. Lastly, the bipod with the realtree kit Is not great, Its ok, and does the job, not a con though as I would buy the Kit again In a heartbeat.
Best UsesHunting, pest control
By Dale B.
one star
October 23, 2018
The gun I guess is about as good as you can get when buying an air gun. I lost my fire arms because of a 5150. A he said she said kind of deal. I get them back in about 5 months but I wanted to go coyote hunting this winter because pelts are up. I am kind of forced to use an air gun because if I could use my 22-250 then I would. That air gun is not even a water gun compared to my 22-250. The instructions on the air gun are like the instructions for a six year old baby. Both the pump and PCP are delicate. Do not get them dirty, do not get them wet, do not get them hot, do not get them wet, etc. etc. etc. etc. I have had my 22-250 in the rain, snow and from temperatures from -10 degrees to 110 degrees. You have to pump up the PCP after 5 to 8 shots ( pain in the ass ). I paid about 100.00 more for my 22-250 but it is at least 100 times the gun than that PCP will EVER be. When I get my 22-250 back then I won't even look at this thing you call a gun.
Proscould not think of one if I tried.
Conswhen unloading the gun, you have to fire the pellet that is in the chamber because it does not come out with the bolt like my 22-250. So if I go to 10 different places to go predator hunting, I will have wasted 10 pellets, a total of about $8.00. This the most stupid thing I have ever heard of in my life. You mean that when they invented the gun and spent all the money they spent that they could not come up with a better design than that. They are dumber than I thought. If anyone wants to try to outshoot me with me using my 22-250 and you using this thing they call a gun then step forward. I can put better shot groups at 200 yards than you can at a 100.
Best Useshang on the wall to look at
By Joseph L.
New York
September 14, 2018
One of the best Air Rifles I have ever bought.
By john
5 stars
July 1, 2018
great air rifle it's a lot of fun and power
By Jason M.
June 12, 2018
This big boar is something else!! Hats off to the creators and designers of this gun! Everything you could ask for and more. Nice light weight design, most accurate pellet gun I've ever shot (with the nosler bullets and jsb exact). I would highly recommend this gun to anyone!!!! Thanks air gun depot as well for fast shipment of this item and kit came with everything mentioned and more!!
ProsLightweight Accurate Nice look BAD ASS GUN
Best UsesHunting
By Ron b.
Tacoma. Washington
Bulldog power
October 27, 2016
I received the bulldog a few weeks ago and wow its a keeper alot of power
By Thomas S.
Key West, FL
December 18, 2015
There isn't a way to put into words how complete this air riffle is but I'll try to enlighten with my experience that starts off with the best purchase I've made all year after holding off for a long time due to the new futuristic look took me a while to get used to but after watching hundreds of utube hunts for ferret hog and deer and how devestating the power was even after point of impact most of the shots passed all the way through both animals using the Nosler .357 poly tip hollow head which was designed specifically for this gun which makes this the closest to the ballistics of a real 9mm given the m.v. and fps that never drops below 800fps throughout a 10 shot string from 3000-1900psi. This is by far the best purchase I've made all year. I got the camo which I highly recommend paying the extra $100, it's worth it, this gun looks so realistic especially since I have my bolt action switched to the left side so from that view the gauge is not in sight n it looks really real n intimidating especially if it's pointed at u cuz the barrel hole is so big it'd stop any aggressor after getting a look at what's pointed at them. It's no cheap purchase since u have to also buy a hard Case so they can mail it n after getting a scuba tank and the adapter that are a couple hundred each and some boxes of ammo that brings the total to get everything going is about $2000 but it's worth every penny. I had mine scoped and sighted in at 15meters by the pros that work there so mine was ready to go out the box and when I got it I couldn't help giving it a welcome home kiss I was so impressed, it looks so tough in person, the futuristic look I fell in love with after firing my first shot that went clean through an old safe I had thinking it would be more than enough for a back stop. The kind of safe from home Depot with 2-3" walls with that compressed sand or quick-creet but the gun punched right through it with every weight bullet/pellet from 92grn-145grn Noslers and after my 10 shot string at 15meters I had purposely shot out a hole the size of a half dollar and upon pulling the safe away from the wall I then realized every shot went through the compact sand and the metal plate and the same half dollar size hole was in my cinder block wall n I went to the neighbor's side n the paint along with a big crack and a small chunk was missing. I usually put a hole in the target n place the 9 follow up shots in the same hole, litterally. I've shot out to 65yrs with inch groupings, sometimes less. I love the fact the Nosler was designed specifically for this gun, the size of the 145grn .357 slug is bigger than a real .357 w/out the jacket. The weight is your avg. .308/7.62 cal slug weight and this gun produces so much power it's hard to believe and the Nosler hollow poly tip has an avg expansion of about 4-5 times it's original size, they are designed to cause a quick bleed out so if your game takes off after being hit they won't make it more than 15yrs before bleed out. I have a few embedded into my back yard wall that expanded to the size of a Morgan Dollar! This gun delivers so much more than one could expect from an airgun, Benjamin went all out on this one and really hit a grand slam. I want to buy the black one also just to have another one. I don't think anyone will surpass this gun and it's ability and reliability n accuracy for a long time to come. Of course the Big Texan beats the ballistics of the Bull Dog but u get 3-4 shots n only 1 at a time, the Bull Dog gives you 10 highpowered shots per fill n highpowered is an understatement to say the least. This gun is so simple yet so complete it's hard to believe, go for it, buy one and if u don't fall in love after the first shot send it back but I gaurenteed u wont, I keep mine next to my bed in case of an intruder I can't wait to see what it does to a burglar. This is by far the best gun out there n I wish I could buy one for those who read this review n want to test my claims. I don't love, I'm in love with this gun my wife gets jealous. The gun is loud and unless you have really cool neighbors like I do I wouldn't suggest shooting for any amount of time because if they aren't cool n know u personally the sound will eventually prompt them to call the police if your continually shooting since the noise might bother or scare them since it sounds like a somewhat suppressed. 22 without the echo of a real gun, more like stomping on a Baloon as far as loudness but it has a bit different sound to it, we as ear plugs, after a few shots they start to ring. I could go on n on, trust me, YOU WANT THIS GUN! And I didn't even mention the top of the line 56mm obj. Included scope which I suggest paying the little extra to have them mount n zero the scope, mine is 6 months old and I haven't made a single adjustment and it's still holding it's original zero, amazing cuz it's been dropped a few times accidentally but no change, the scopes size adds to the intimidation n coolness factor n all the extra rail space for accessories is awesome. I got a handgrip that folds up or down to use it with a Lazer on one side n a flashlight w/ the red lens that folds over if night hunting with the pressure points on the handle to control them. This .357 carbine has it all, there is nothing lacking about this gun, it's too good to be true if anything!
Pros100%Accurate, unbelievable power, extremely east to use n maintain, it's a Beast
ConsU can accidentally double load the barrel n have to jam the cleaning rod down the barrel to get the bullets out, other than that nothing
By robin d.
CT - Connecticut
Benjamin Bulldog 357 package
August 20, 2015
357 Benjamin bulldog very nice air rifle scope that comes in the package piece of crap when paired with rifle and leveled crosshairs lean to the left
Pros 357 Benjamin bulldog nice rifle shoot very well
ConsScope when mounted to the rifle level crosshairs lean to the left piece of crap would recommend rifle but not the scope
By Nicholas b.
.357 Bulldog
August 3, 2015
Love the feel. Plenty of power for game. Surprisingly accurate for an air gun.
ProsPower, accuracy
ConsI live in California so some lead free ammo would be nice. As of now I can't even hunt with it.
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