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Benjamin Discovery

Available in 0.1770.220.220.177Dual Fuel, PCP
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Get into precharged guns at an unheard-of price and also get the accuracy of an expensive European rifle! Benjamin has bridged the gap and taken the pain out of PCP guns. Not only is this as low a price as you'll ever find on a PCP rifle, but it's so easy to pump up that a wispy teenager could do it!

The Discovery has raised the bar for PCP guns because it uses only 2000 psi of air. While the European companies race toward higher and higher air pressures- Benjamin is going the opposite direction and making it easier than ever to use a hand pump. If you want to use a scuba tank or carbon fiber tank, you can do that too and get the benefit of many more fills than you would from a gun that operates with 3000 psi. The Discovery gives you a choice! The air reservoir is 135cc. The air tank has a male Foster fitting. The gun comes with a hardwood stock, Williams fiber optic front and rear sights and a built-in air pressure gauge.

When you open your box, you'll see easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand instructions that'll lead you step-by-step. If you're an experienced PCP user, you'll soon see that the Discovery is the easiest PCP you've ever used. If you're new to PCPs, you'll become a pro in just a few short steps. If you want to switch to CO2, that's easy to do, but you'll need a degasser tool to quickly exhaust all the air before filling with CO2. Attach the optional CO2 adapter, connect it to a standard paintball CO2 tank and fill 'er up! Now commence to shootin'! With high-pressure air you'll get up to 25 powerful shots.

This version of the Discovery does not include a pump- tank- yoke or fill adapter. To connect your Discovery to a scuba tank- you'll need a scuba tank adapter with hose and a female quick-disconnect with male threads. The tank must have a K valve.

To exhaust air or CO2 from the rifle- you need to purchase the degasser tool.
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Benjamin Discovery
29 Reviews
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83% Recommend this product (24 of 29 responses)
By Jason h.
Chandler, az
December 19, 2018
Good value for the cost
I got this one for Christmas a few years ago from father-in-law and it has been one of my best pesting rifles it has lots of power and accuracy this is a very fun rifle
ProsLots of power good accuracy well made
ConsNo regulator small Reservoir it is a bit loud not backyard friendly for sound
Best UsesThis is a good squirrel gun
By Darrell
Mid Michigan
September 7, 2017
Refurbished Disco
What a deal! Big $$$ off for taking a chance on a refurbished rifle. I am here to tell you, it was perfect. I can not detect a single flaw. The bluing is clean, the stock is very nice and it shoots great! I might Not have baught my Marauder if I had purchased this rifle first. No, that's not true. It's not a Marauder. But after replacing the crummy trigger with a Marauder one and a couple mods, it shoots just as nice. It's very lite even after adding a lite scope and sling. I already have a compressor, tank and hand pump. But it's so easy to hand pump, you don't really need to invest a lot of coin to have a lot of fun.
ProsIt's lite! It' inexpensive! And it shoots way better than a $200 air rifle aught to!
ConsAs any one who has owned a Disco would and do say, the trigger sucks. A $50 drop- in Marauder trigger makes this issue vanish. The company could add the good trigger. They could add sling swivels. They could .......But it wouldn't be as inexpensive for a starter PCP.
By Bruce O.
Effingham, IL
August 21, 2017
Great gun
Gun was like new except for a small scuff on the stock. Would do business again.
By Carlton
Houston, Texas
March 27, 2017
Thumbs UP
Like the Maximus the Discovery does not disappoint. Added a TKO muzzle brake which offers a couple levels to the quiet factor. Sure makes it more back yard friendly. Wood stock with the same accuracy as the Maximum. Fill to desired level with air tank or easily with hand pump. Nice looking and shooting PCP. No complaints, delivers to advertised specs. AD fast and well packaged delivery. . . .good service.
ProsAccuracy, nice wood and balance, muzzle brake adaptable, hard hitting.
ConsNot necessarily a con more of a comment. . . . .Marauder type mag would step it up a notch but the cost as well.
By Simon
March 6, 2017
Nice air rifle
Benjamin discovery .22 is a little gun with big power, it just little too loud for backyard shooting.
By Derek K.
Arcadia, Wisconsin
January 23, 2017
I love my Discovery!
I Bought my Discovery from AGD a while ago on sale, couldn't be happier with my purchase. Have a 3-9x40 scope on it, at 25 yards with Predator Polymag pellets I can punch them in the same hole every time.
ProsHigh quality like most everything AGD sells Tack driver all the way, same hole performance
Consno, notta, NONE!
By Bozz
December 9, 2016
Awesome Air Rifle
This is an awesome air rifle. The fit and finish are second to none. The wood stock is beautiful. The gun is lightweight and a great brush gun. I have harvested a few squirrels this year with it. The rifle is zeroed in and was a one shot kill at just over 35 yards. If you are thinking about buying this rifle, don't hesitate. You wont be disappointed.
ProsAccurate, Lightweight and powerful.
By Greg
Phoenix, AZ
September 3, 2016
.177 or .22 a nice accurate pcp
A Discovery in .22 was my first PCP. Accurate, light weight, easy to cock, and harder hitting than most .22 springers and a big jump up from CO2. The gun is pellet picky. Groups at 20 yards can very from 1/4" to several inches depending on pellet selection. It is an easy enough gun to pump up by hand, but I added a tank within a month of getting the gun. The trigger responds well to the 2 screw addition trigger mod. It is not a repeater. But is easy enough to load. Love the wood stock.
Every Benjamin Discovery I have bought leaks. But they respond well to a couple of drops of pure silicone oil in the fill valve. A great way to get into PCP guns.
I also have 2 of these in .177. They are great rabbit and ground squirrel guns. The Crossman Brown Box 10.5 grain pellets are deadly accurate in these guns.
ProsLight weight Cost Accurate
ConsLeaks Trigger
By Wingsfan
August 11, 2016
Awsome Rifle
Would have given 5 stars but the first one I received would not hold air.
This gun is accurate very accurate, I have hit birds at 100 yards.
It does take roughly 100 pumps to fill the air tank but I am getting 25-35 shots.
ProsVery powerful Accurate and reliable
By Sintenorske
Upstate NY
July 4, 2016
Great PCP rifle.
I've had other duel fuel rifles and PCPs, but this one is a Crosman...Benjamin and is top notch. The 2000psi makes small game hunting and varmint hunting a breeze, plus being able to use both air and C02. I just take another 12 0z tank with me, and I'm good for another fast fill, 30 good shots; and the 12 oz will fill it at least 8 times. Perfect field rifle, great power and wonderful accuracy! Not that heavy and not too light, so there's not much muzzle shake when aiming.
ProsQuick filling, 30 rounds per fill. Great construction, balanced weight and a de-gassing system. Duel fuel is a huge plus to its power and accuracy. If you also hunt small and medium game, and/or varmint shoot: this is a great rifle for a low price.
ConsThe plastic or polymer trigger: I know to keep the cost down on a high end PCP rifle, some things need to be done, so I understand. Same with the barrel, could be shrouded but, is still quieter than my .22 LR, and ammo is MUCH cheaper. Still a great hunting rifle, regardless. The butt plate could be rubber, but not a big deal...has no recoil. I have no issues with it performance wise. Overall: I don't see how/why a metal trigger couldn't be installed.
By Tommy B.
Elberton, GA
June 27, 2016
I love Disco again!!
I have had the most fun I have ever had with an air rifle. I got one of the refurbished ones but cannot see what was done to it. The stock is blemish free and there are no rubs on the metal. I have only run about 50 Exact Jumbo Heavy (18.13gr) pellets through it but the accuracy seems to be excellent. I will know more by the end of the summer.
ProsThere are many mods available for this rifle from sound moderators to multi shot breach assemblies.
Cons1. The Discovery is not very neighbor friendly so if you live in the "burbs" you might consider a moderator. 2. It is only a single shot but I have gotten about 25 shots from 2000psi to 1000psi. 3. You need to have some way to fill it.
By Ali V.
Dallas Texas
June 27, 2016
Awesome gun
The gun shot good but fot one that didn't hold air. But for the little time I did get to shoot it, its was spot on accurate with jsb pellets all different calibers. 7.3 and 13gr shot the best. Loved it but just wouldn't hold air over night. I sent it back and exchanged it for the BENJAMIN MAXIMUS .177. I ALREADY OWN A .22 DISCOVERY AND ITS AAN
ProsVery accurate with all jsb pellets
ConsIt leaked air
By sam
akron, OH
June 25, 2016
Great for hunting, less desirable for plunking.
Lighter than all break barrels even with scope and TkO22 mounted on it. Shoots accurately and the trigger is acceptable. Looks good for the price...but had a few barrel screw markings.Shooting around the 850 fps claimed though air puffs into my face when shot. The pump came with mine and it works great. Around 80-85 easy pumps to fill..saw on YouTube process to boost pressure to hill with less hand pumps, might be viable option. Getting around 23 consistant shots per fill. I favor my break barrels over pcp overall now. But still glad I have it for hunting.
ProsDoes what is advertised at a reasonable cost. Overall nice looking and light weight for hunting.
ConsUnless you use a fill tank or a boost for pumping, target shooting is less desirable because of the need to refill. Need the two, very loud report. Note some finish undesirables.
By William
South Beloit, IL
April 11, 2016
Great Starter to the PCP World
I bought this Disco on a whim that I never owned a air rifle that has a million mods readily available to make it perform to anyone desires.
I own a ton of air rifles and air guns already. But this is a special model that everyone should own in their lifetime.
Fill the cylinder with ease, carry it all day in the woods, hunt along the way, and come home still feeling like partying. This rifle weighs in at 5lbs.
You don't know its in your hands. But when you are ready for shooting its very accurate and powerful.
Mods are plentiful and very reasonably priced. Changing out 3 air cylinder screws makes this rifle a 2500psi rifle. That means more shots per fill.
And more power. sells a large variety of mods and services to go with them. Try one of these and you will be hooked.
ProsInexpensive, accurate, powerful and lots of mods available.
ConsNot back yard friendly. However there is a Stage V-Mod Suppressor available for $54.00 Then its whisper quiet. And only takes 5 minutes to install
By Dan
, vermont
February 19, 2016
Great rifle for money
Great entry level rifle, Ez to fill, light can be carried all day in the field, Lots and lots of mods out there
Proslight, ez to fill, lots of mods
ConsVery loud out of the box
By Greg
San Diego,CA
November 7, 2015
Refurbished Benjamin Discovery, .22 cal
very loud but take to a gun range so i dont care. get 14 fills from 1000psi to 2000psi with air ventury 90ci carbon tank filled to 4500psi.
Very accurate, no recoil.
By henry
Las Vegas Nevada
October 8, 2015
Great for the money.
Just a great pcp rifle very accurate I've hit pigeons at 87 yards. The Benjamin Discovery is loud I live in a quiet neighborhood so I bought a tko muzzle break and now my neighbors can't tell if im working on my back yard or doing pest control. The trigger could be better. I liked it so much that I just purchased another .22 Benjamin Discovery.
ProsAccurate, light weight, quiet with after market muzzle break, least expensive of all the pcp rifles, no recoil at all.
ConsTrigger could be smoother,
By Tom
Birmingham, AL
June 20, 2015
Very Nice Rifle
Well made and very accurate. For the money, you can not go wrong. Very pleased for my first "real" pellet gun in many years!
ProsAccurate and well made Good power for target and hunting Plenty of shots from a single charge
ConsYou need a separate pump - buy the combo if you don't own one already
By dresdenheep
Orange County, CA
June 4, 2015
Go for it
This gun was designed by Tom Gaylord, a guy with decades of experience., Crosman hired him to design a rifle that had all the features he'd like and still be mass produced. It's not Match stuff, but if you are a sharp shooter,, and willing to mod a little, you will beat a lot of people that own $800+ guns. For hunters, you get 20 fpe out of the box. The wooden stock is just fine, like the Benj 392/97. Own it.
By Jonathan
West coast US OF A
March 22, 2015
DISC. 22 Cal. is awsome!
Received with pump. Mounted Redfield 3 - 9 scope, set up and moved impacts towards center at 25 yrds. First 5 shot group would have shot .250" if not one flier that opened the group up to 1/2 ". Still,showing strong potential for excellent accuracy! And that was one brand and weight of pellet. When I get the shipment of diff. weights and brands of pellets I'll go for 50 and 75 yrd. groups.
ProsSeems to be durable, beautiful stock, accurate and really easy to use. Like the fact I can get ammo unlike .22 LR. ! Preppers take note....
ConsPump might bother out of shape people. Took me about a minute and a half to fill. Not bad though. Trigger could be better but it's manageable
By Jeff
Limerick, PA
February 24, 2015
Better than I expected, but still a Crosman product...
Gun arrived in good shape, no damage from shipping. I disassembled the gun to clean the barrel, and found an obstruction at the transfer port. Just a case of sloppy machine work, and easily fixed with a dremel and some patience, but would have damaged EVERY pellet I loaded if I didn't fix it. Also recrowned the barrel, as it didn't look too uniform. Lastly, the trigger...while not nearly as bad as as my Crosman springers, it was pretty heavy and rough. I did a "three-screw" mod, as well as smoothing/polishing all the contact areas, and now the trigger is as it should have been. This is par for the course with the Crosman product. All that said, Airgun Depot had this gun in stock when no one else did, and at a price I could live with. They also shipped it fast. Now that the hard stuff is done (mostly, I hope), I can just shoot it. And boy does it shoot!
ProsPowerful, accurate, lightweight, easy to handle. This gun has enough power to sling 16-ish grain pellets with enough force to have a fairly flat trajectory (for a .22!), very much UNLIKE even my most powerful springer in .22 caliber.
ConsTypical Crosman build quality, which is to say: "somewhere South of great." Also, this gun is L-O-U-D! I wouldn't say .22lr loud, but pretty darned close. Just be prepared to take a little time fixing minor issues and be patient. Once done, this gun is truly a great hunting platform.
By Timothy d.
oklahoma city, okla
November 23, 2014
benjamin disco
took a few days to get mine and difficulty in shipping issues. finally got a chance to zero scope and shoots very well, will need. to get scuba tank eventually because that pump is rather slow. takes about a hundred pumps to get to 2000 psi, then i have to wait to shoot. got consistent .5 inch groups asset 25 meters but only got about 40 shots per fill
Prosshoots straight, light, easy to load, easy mount scope, straight forward description in advertising
Conspump hose is rather short and have to set on the ground to pump, takes about 100 pumps to fill. shipping issues held order.
By James
demotte, IN
January 13, 2012
Great Little PCP Rifle
First off, ordering online was a breeze, later that night, got a call from AD letting me know the scope I ordered was on back order. he offered me another, which I took. I thought that was pretty good business (I would of been pretty disappointed if I got my order without the scope) When I took the Discovery out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised at the light weight. The craftsmanship is very nice. The color and finish on the wood and metal is nice as well. I opted to go scuba so, I saved the money and went with the rifle only in .22 cal.. The Discovery is one sweet rifle! This one I got is very accurate to about 40 yds. with the JSB Jumbo Express. With some pellet trials, I'm sure It'll be a good 50 yrd. rifle. The snow storm started so, I went in the garage to shoot, I didn't think it would be much fun but,what a blast, I made a target and placed dots with a sharpie on the paper, it will take out the tiny dots every single shot with Crosman hollow points. If you're thinking about getting a Discovery, place the order, you won't be disappointed. I chose this over the Marauder because of all the mods available. I'm one of those guys who can't leave well enough alone. There are so many mods on the net that make this gun a very fine rifle. If Crosman already did them all, the price of the Discovery would be doubled. For $14 from you can make the trigger perfect and don't forget the muzzle brake too (all you hear is the pellet hitting the target). I'm a tall guy so, I ordered the Katana stock for it too. Bottom line, if you want to get into PCP rifles and want to have fun tinkering, Get a Benjamin Discovery !
ProsCraftsmanship, Accuracy, and Price
By Chuck
columbia south carolina
December 16, 2011
My First PCP
This is a nice air rifle, good metal and wood construction, true solid construction. The Discovery is very accurate right out of the box. The barrel was quite
dirty and took a bit to clean. The trigger is not bad but their is room for improvement, their are plenty of after market mods for the triggers at resonable prices
I found the rear sight to be a little small to get a good focal point on, but I scoped the rifle because the Discovery can handle the long range shots. I like the 2000 psi
fills, you get alot of fills out of a scuba tank. Great value for the money. Oh and its loud, like 22 LR loud. You get about 40 good shots from a filll..
ProsWell built, accurate, powerful, and tons of after market mods
Consplasic trigger
January 8, 2011
I've had my Discovery for a few weeks now, and have had a blast shooting it. It is the most accurate and powerful .22 cal gun I own. It's light compared to my wood stocked .22 springers, totally precision once you have carefully sighted it in. I've been able to drive pellet after pellet in the same hole melding the pellets together with just the power of the gun. It gets even better with a good scope. I haven't used it with compressed air yet. This brings me to another complement on this gun. I haven't ever seen another gun that can use either co2 or air. Very nicely engineered there. I looked around online and discovered to my delight it's also very modifyable with custom stocks, compensators, pellet loaders.... anything you want on it, it's out there and able to be put on by anyone that has a clue on how to use a screwdriver. It's has replaced all my other guns now as my go to gun for just about any game I hunt except for deer. I still haven't seen the legendary 900 fps yet. Perhaps that is with PBA and compressed air. But with olympic accuracy and my stealth and camoflage, I think the groundhog that has been eluding me for the last few years will finally be put underground for good. I might even eat the thing. I hear they are delicious.
By John
January 4, 2011
excellent rifle
I matched this against two other rifles I own, a Mossberg 100Atr and some generic .22 rimfire I got at a yard sale. This is the lightest weight .22 cal anything I now own, including some of the biggest name springers I own. As far as power it maches my .22 rimfire in speed and power, out matches it with gamo raptors and platinums. It's as accurate as my Mossberg without the weight. The trigger pull is overall nice and light compared with a great many other springers and all my conventional firepower. There's no real recoil on this so no need for a cushioned butt pad, but it would be nice to have one. It appears an aftermarhet one can be easilly put on though.

The only grumble I have about the bolt action is first it's a tight fit to set a pellet in the chamber, second, sometimes the bolt doesn't want to slide home so I have to pull it back again and kind of force the issue. But it fires with precision. Perhaps this gun will finally take out that raggedy old groundhog I've been chasing for the last 3 years.
By chester
November 9, 2010
benjamin discovery
this is a very accurate, reliable, sturdy and simply designed rifle, with sub 1 inch groups at 50 yards, it is simply amazing. and if you have a problem with the sound, either dont get a pcp rifle, or simply spend 50 bucks at and buy a silencer for this rifle. with the 6.5 inch silencer, it makes this gun sound like a pump up bb gun. this gun is every bit as good of a rifle as the marauder, and if you want it as quiet, get the silencer, and you still save money. about the only benefit of the marauder over the discovery is that it is a repeater, which this gun is accurate enough, you shouldnt need more than one shot anyway ;)
By Derek
October 7, 2009
to loud
This rifle is nice but it is to loud. Other than that pretty good buy for your money. What i would do if i was you save up and buy the, "Marauder".
By Wayne B.
March 26, 2008
Discovery .22 cal.
I am testing air rifles to see which ones to buy a lot of for the "Ashland Air Rifle Range and Rentals" business I will be opening this summer. The discovery is very high on the list at this time, after about 3,000 shots. We are now testing 3 of the discoverys. The first one we bought at pyramyd, and it had a stripped bolt that held the stock to the barrel, so we sent it back. It also blew out the "o" ring that seals the breech after 2,000 shots.
I like the light weight and 30 high power shots with out refilling. We did not want to wait for the pump combo when they first came out, so I got 2 scuba tanks at the local dive shop for $150 each and the filling kit with the gun. This is where the discovery shines, you can still shoot accurate shots even when you get down to 1,200 pounds, and you can fill it to 2,100 with out worry. I have not gone over that, no need to, plenty of shots and lots of power, why risk hurting the gun. If the scuba shop fills the tanks slowly, they hold more and they can fill them to 3,500. The rifle still shoots well at 1,800 so you can get about 3,000 full power shots and 4,000 to 5,000 if you keep filling when the tank is down to 1,800. Best of all only $5 to refill the scuba tank and it is dry clean air, unlike what you would be pumping and it only takes 30 seconds to fill the gun.
Now about quality, very nice real walnut stock, could have one more coat of finish, but we can do that. The barrel is very flimsy you can move it with one finger, it seem to me that it should have two of the clamps that hold it to the air tank, one more at the end of the barrel. It shoot accurate, but I worry that it could get bent if it fell or I bumped into something while hunting, just be careful, I guess. Or maybe buy and xtra one if they will sell it. I like not haveing a auto safety but it is dangerous, because, while shooting and talking business last night with my brother-in-law, he used the trigger as leverage to close the breech and it fired into the ceiling, just after his daughter was standing there, scary, be careful.
If you put a scope on it, get high two piece mounts, so you have room to load pellets. I find that the pointed pellets are far more easy to load than the flat nose, which tend to end up backwards and have to be taken out and tried again. It seems to like the rws super point best and they also are easy to load.
I don't know why but the first one I sent back was shooting tighter groups than the last two. All are able to put 20 shots on a 3/4" dot at 60', but the first one almost never had a "flyer" (off 1" of so) like we get every 20 shots or so with the last two guns, maybe it is the pellets, but they are the same brand, just a new tin.
Power, after 25 shots on a dot the back of the 2x6 we shoot at is pushing out pellets, using the pointed rws. and the board has is breaking, a lot more power than the 1,000 fps springers we are testing.

Last of all I am now buying most of the test guns from "Air gun depot instead of "pyramyd". Much better service, they answer the phone faster and the prices are about the same or lower.
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