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Refurbished, Benjamin Discovery, .22 cal

Uses both CO2 and High Pressure Air!

Refurbished, Benjamin Discovery, .22 cal

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  • List Price $298.99
  • Code: 9-BP9M22GSLRM · 0.22 cal · 900 fps ·
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Get into pre-charged guns at an unheard-of price and also get the accuracy of an expensive European rifle! Benjamin has bridged the gap and taken the pain out of PCP guns. Not only is this as low a price as you'll ever find on a PCP rifle, but it's so easy to pump up that a wispy teenager could do it!

The Discovery has raised the bar for PCP guns because it uses only 2000 psi of air. While the European companies race toward higher and higher air pressures- Benjamin is going the opposite direction and making it easier than ever to use a hand pump. If you want to use a scuba tank or carbon fiber tank, you can do that too and get the benefit of many more fills than you would from a gun that operates with 3000 psi. The Discovery gives you a choice! The air reservoir is 135cc. The air tank has a male Foster fitting. The gun comes with a hardwood stock, Williams fiber optic front and rear sights and a built-in air pressure gauge.

When you open your box, you'll see easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand instructions that'll lead you step-by-step. If you're an experienced PCP user, you'll soon see that the Discovery is the easiest PCP you've ever used. If you're new to PCPs, you'll become a pro in just a few short steps. If you want to switch to CO2, that's easy to do, but you'll need a degasser tool to quickly exhaust all the air before filling with CO2. Attach the optional CO2 adapter, connect it to a standard paintball CO2 tank and fill 'er up! Now commence to shootin'! With high-pressure air you'll get up to 25 powerful shots.

This version of the Discovery does not include a pump- tank- yoke or fill adapter. To connect your Discovery to a scuba tank- you'll need a scuba tank adapter with hose and a female quick-disconnect with male threads. The tank must have a K valve.

To exhaust air or CO2 from the rifle- you need to purchase the degasser tool.
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  • ManufacturerBenjamin
  • Caliber0.22 cal
  • Velocity900 fps
  • ConditionRefurbished
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBolt-action
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • Gun Weight5.02 lbs
  • Overall Length39
  • Barrel Length24.25
  • LoudnessMedium
  • Magazine CapacitySingle
  • MechanismPre-charged pneumatic
  • UseSmall Game Hunting / Target Shooting
  • Warranty30 Day Limited
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Refurbished, Benjamin Discovery, .22 cal Reviews
4.5 Stars based on 7 Review(s)
Mid Michigan
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Refurbished Disco
September 7, 2017
What a deal! Big $$$ off for taking a chance on a refurbished rifle. I am here to tell you, it was perfect. I can not detect a single flaw. The bluing is clean, the stock is very nice and it shoots great! I might Not have baught my Marauder if I had purchased this rifle first. No, that's not true. It's not a Marauder. But after replacing the crummy trigger with a Marauder one and a couple mods, it shoots just as nice. It's very lite even after adding a lite scope and sling. I already have a compressor, tank and hand pump. But it's so easy to hand pump, you don't really need to invest a lot of coin to have a lot of fun.
It's lite! It' inexpensive! And it shoots way better than a $200 air rifle aught to!
As any one who has owned a Disco would and do say, the trigger sucks. A $50 drop- in Marauder trigger makes this issue vanish. The company could add the good trigger. They could add sling swivels. They could .......But it wouldn't be as inexpensive for a starter PCP.

Bruce Owen
Effingham, IL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great gun
August 21, 2017
Gun was like new except for a small scuff on the stock. Would do business again.

Tommy Barber
Elberton, GA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

I love Disco again!!
June 27, 2016
I have had the most fun I have ever had with an air rifle. I got one of the refurbished ones but cannot see what was done to it. The stock is blemish free and there are no rubs on the metal. I have only run about 50 Exact Jumbo Heavy (18.13gr) pellets through it but the accuracy seems to be excellent. I will know more by the end of the summer.
There are many mods available for this rifle from sound moderators to multi shot breach assemblies.
1. The Discovery is not very neighbor friendly so if you live in the "burbs" you might consider a moderator. 2. It is only a single shot but I have gotten about 25 shots from 2000psi to 1000psi. 3. You need to have some way to fill it.

South Beloit, IL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Starter to the PCP World
April 11, 2016
I bought this Disco on a whim that I never owned a air rifle that has a million mods readily available to make it perform to anyone desires. I own a ton of air rifles and air guns already. But this is a special model that everyone should own in their lifetime. Fill the cylinder with ease, carry it all day in the woods, hunt along the way, and come home still feeling like partying. This rifle weighs in at 5lbs. You don't know its in your hands. But when you are ready for shooting its very accurate and powerful. Mods are plentiful and very reasonably priced. Changing out 3 air cylinder screws makes this rifle a 2500psi rifle. That means more shots per fill. And more power. sells a large variety of mods and services to go with them. Try one of these and you will be hooked.
Inexpensive, accurate, powerful and lots of mods available.
Not back yard friendly. However there is a Stage V-Mod Suppressor available for $54.00 Then its whisper quiet. And only takes 5 minutes to install

San Diego,CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Refurbished Benjamin Discovery, .22 cal
November 7, 2015
very loud but take to a gun range so i dont care. get 14 fills from 1000psi to 2000psi with air ventury 90ci carbon tank filled to 4500psi. Very accurate, no recoil.

Las Vegas Nevada
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great for the money.
October 8, 2015
Just a great pcp rifle very accurate I've hit pigeons at 87 yards. The Benjamin Discovery is loud I live in a quiet neighborhood so I bought a tko muzzle break and now my neighbors can't tell if im working on my back yard or doing pest control. The trigger could be better. I liked it so much that I just purchased another .22 Benjamin Discovery.
Accurate, light weight, quiet with after market muzzle break, least expensive of all the pcp rifles, no recoil at all.
Trigger could be smoother,

Orange County, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Go for it
June 4, 2015
This gun was designed by Tom Gaylord, a guy with decades of experience., Crosman hired him to design a rifle that had all the features he'd like and still be mass produced. It's not Match stuff, but if you are a sharp shooter,, and willing to mod a little, you will beat a lot of people that own $800+ guns. For hunters, you get 20 fpe out of the box. The wooden stock is just fine, like the Benj 392/97. Own it.

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