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Benjamin Regal II NP

Available in 0.1770.220.177Nitro Piston®, Includes CenterPoint 4x32mm Scope and Rings
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A capable hunter at an affordable price point! This redesigned Benjamin Regal II gives the shooter more reasons to enjoy their Regal than ever before. This pellet predator will have no trouble decimating targets and taking down small game with ease. One cock of the barrel provides 1200 fps in .177 and 950 fps in .22. As a nitro gas piston, you can expect smooth cocking and shoot in colder climates without the loss of performance of a spring-piston. Adding to that, this rifles long, moderated barrel keeps your shots 70% quieter than a spring piston. As an added bonus, the Regal II includes a 4x32 scope to bring targets in close. The 2-stage trigger allows shooters to select their preferred pull.

Benjamin Regal II Features:
  • Gas piston
  • Breakbarrel
  • Ambidextrous wood stock
  • Textured pistol grip & forearm
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger
  • 11mm dovetails
  • Rubber buttpad
  • Bull barrel
  • 7.2lbs with scope attached
  • Includes CenterPoint 4x32 scope
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Benjamin Regal II NP
24 Reviews
71% (17)
25% (6)
4% (1)
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96% Recommend this product (23 of 24 responses)
By Drew
September 2, 2016
Good pellet rifle
Almost exactly as advertised. Nice wood stock and finish. It's well made and shoots good. I wasn't getting any good consistent accuracy with my shots until trying the 10.5 grain round nose pellets. Then it all came together. Nice 3 shot group, quarter size, at 45 yds, using sand bags. The rifle is 44 1/2" total length, shorter than advertised, but I liked this better. It is a little heavy. All in all a very nice looking and good pellet rifle that I would recommend. Thanks to Benjamin and everyone who wrote reviews.
ProsGood looks and finish on the stock and whole rifle. Quality made rifle.
ConsA little heavy.
By mike
Dallas Texas.
June 1, 2015
nice quality
This is a very well made rifle, the clear coat in the stock is very nice. The break in per the book says 100 pellets which is about right, I finally started to get decent groups at 30 yards even with the low budget scope. I dropped a squirrel at 30 yards, the 22 cal. Packs a wallop. Awesome rifle for the price, same upper st the Trail Xt.
ProsAccurate. Good quality. Good price.
ConsNone yet.
By Bruce K.
United States
February 9, 2015
sight problem
If only this rifle had open sights , It would be a great one! However , without them it's pretty limited to it's ability to the job an Air Rifle was meant to do . This scope thing limits any ability to use this gun in the fashion it was supposed to be used for . Whole Problem I have is No Open Sights . Takes 1/2 the guns ability away. Might come up with some add on open sights Would enhance its abilities! And definately get it better ratings ..
By bruce m.
west plains mo.
January 20, 2015
Second airgun from airgun depot.....This a grat gun ...accurate,powerful !!!! Get a different scope.
Prosaccurate powerful
By BIlly D.
East Hartford, CT
January 14, 2015
An attractive rifle that shoots as good as lt looks!
Prosglossy wood finish,nitro piston smoothness much quieter than a springer. Feels and sounds solid when trigger is pulled
ConsScope is adequate at best; no AO
By Jeremy
New Zealand
December 29, 2014
Great Rifle
I purchased this as a refurbished item and was very pleased however the stock started to crack just behind the back end of the compression tube, I realized that the bolts at the front end of the rifle were a bit loose allowing the rifle to jar back onto the woodwork after each shot, a quick tighten fixed this problem but the crack remains.... Otherwise I am very pleased with the rifle, shooting regular hunting pellets it is very quiet and is ok to use in the back yard, putting the non lead alloy target pellets through it makes a loud crack as the pellets break the sound barrier !!, I love the sound it makes but only fire one occasionally as I don't want to scare the neighbors !! , A great gun that has bagged me 4 opossums !
ProsGreat package ! highly recommended
ConsBuying refurbished saved some money, next time I will check the screws are tight before using
By Chevota
December 3, 2014
Good looking, quiet, and a good deal.
This is effectively the same as a Trail, minus the sling mounts, picatinny rail, and the stock and scope are different. I prefer the dovetail scope rail, and this is my favorite stock so it works out perfectly. The stock is very nice, classic good looks, checkering, and a very tough clear coat. It's the only Crosman/Benj I know of that has a clear coat. The power, noise, and everything will be the same a Trail. The weight listed is wrong, it's closer to 6.7lbs, which like most guns does not include the scope wt. The scope is ~14oz.
The five stars are based on the price, so for the money I think it's great, and for me it's better than the Trial, and certainly better than a Venom, Titan etc.
ProsBest looking Crosman, stock finish will hold up better, quiet like a Trail.
ConsLike all Crosman and similar guns it needs some trigger work, and like virtually all beak-barrel guns under $4-500 it needs some other work to get the best performance. Nothing out of the ordinary, so compared to similar priced gun there are no drawbacks imo.
By David
Wainfleet, ON
March 29, 2014
Excellent Gun
This is my favorite air rifle great for shooting pests
By Josh
March 7, 2014
Good gun
This is a grate air rifel
ProsGood fire
ConsNot having iron sights
By john
Washington state
March 5, 2014
can killer
I purchased this rifle at Big Five before I found Air Gun Depot. I paid more than the price you are looking at. This is a beautiful rifle it has checkering in four places and is covered in an automotive clear coat. I prefer that to the oily wood look. the white plate at the butt is nice to. When I first got it it shot very tight groups and I killed a lot of cans. after a year and about three thousand pellets it started to throw a lot of flyers. I tried tightening screws cleaning the barrel swapping scopes but nothing seamed to work. It went in the cabinet and sat there for months. One day wile looking at air gun stuff on the net I saw a diagram of this gun It showed the barrel shroud unscrewing at the end. I took it off I could see the image of the threads inside the barrel. I cut the threaded portion off and dropped the shroud in the trash. the barrel is nicely blued . it seems like they call this a bull barrel because when they leave off the open sights they feel it necessary to add some bull.The gun is no louder than before in fact I think the shroud acts like an echo chamber and is quieter with out it. the grouping is tighter now to I'm shooting hole through hole and have been for over a year . I love this gun. .
Prosvery nice rifle. Worth the money
Consshroud over the barrel
By Kevin N.
Woodbury, Georgia
January 14, 2014
Money well spent
Nice rifle for the money. Easy to sight in, nice patterns.
ConsMay be too heavy for a small youth boy or girl.
By Dale
Pueblo West, CO
December 27, 2013
Great gun for price.
Received this rifle as a Christmas gift and have a mixed review. 1st few shots out of it sounded like a .22 LR. After about 200 rounds it is very quiet. Could not keep scope on zero. After about 100 rounds the upright reticle in the scope broke and disappeared. Took it back to the store and they replaced the scope. I wanted to try an old Millet single power Red Dot on it so I bought the mount. Could not keep mount from sliding in the dovetail. Took it back off and tapped the scope hole in the barrel to 10X32 thread. Cut a hex headed machine screw to 1/4 inch length and installed with lock tight. Re installed scope in front of screw with base touching. Fired several rounds, re-tightened mounts, and zeroed scope. It is now a tack driver. Consistently hitting a 12 gauge shotgun shell at 40 yards.
ProsRifle is very strong, and after break in period very accurate. Feels like a much more expensive rifle. Very quiet after break in for its power. Love it with the Red Dot.
ConsLousy scope and mounts, would prefer a satin or oiled finish on stock.
By Andrew S.
Palm Bay, Florida
November 17, 2013
One of the Best for your Buck !!!
Haven't used Air Guns for 55 years. I am 62 now and I guess I'm re-living my youth. I am a retired US Marine and a retired Law Enforcement Officer. I know firearms. This new Benjamin Regal is exceptional. It is so good it has me hooked on Air Rifles for my daily practice and pest control in the "Backyard." At the price of ammo now a days I think pellets are the best way to go to keep your eyes and reflexes in tune. Now because of this Beautiful Air Rifle I have a new hobby and I plan on buying more. I'm not much for the scope that came with the rifle because I need an adjustable adapter, this scope is just to plain blurry. It may be good for a younger person but I just opted to buy one of the RWS Scopes that Airgun Depot sells on the site. All in all the is a good looking, good shooting great buy. You can't go wrong.
ProsBeautifully made rifle and very accurate.
ConsScope is for the younger shooter. Though again for the price try it, if you don't like it ... upgrade.
By Neil
Ft. Pierce, Florida
October 22, 2013
A Handsome Rifle
I just got this rifle last week. I've put about 300-400 pellets through it. I already had the Trail NP 22 and 2 Titans, so I am familiar with nitro piston/gas ram powered air rifles and I like them. The Regal (bought "refurbished"...looked brand new) is as nice looking as any gun I have. Well balanced, shoots nicely with no fuss...very short shot cycle. Shooting .177 pellets, it has noticeable recoil, but nothing like the scope killing jolts of the Titans. No problem to cock...smooth. Typical Crosman trigger...although better than some Crosmans I've had. Easy fix, though. Seems powerful.. I don't have a chronny, but it pushes every light alloy pellet I shoot in it through the sound barrier. I'm no expert marksman. Seems accurate enough. Metal work seems have been done well. The Monte Carlo stock is in my eyes, gorgeous. Finish is a bit light and glossy...but I like glossy. No noticeable disfigurements anywhere. Nice checkering. Of the 9 air rifles I now have, my Trail 22 is the sweetest shooter, but the Regal is a close 2nd. If it breaks in like the Trail...which cocks so effortlessly and shoots so beautifully after about 2000 rounds...I will have gotten exactly what I was hoping for. As of right now, I got a real deal on a great air rifle.
ProsBeautiful fit and finish. Great looking stock. Mechanically sound. Great balance. Not too heavy. Smooth shot tiresome or destructive recoil. Easy, positive cocking. Good power. Pretty quiet. Seems accurate. Scope...well, its a Centerpoint and its a cheap Centerpoint. It went on a less favored rifle.
ConsThe trigger....what else? But, I think you can buy a replacement, like the GRT I have on my Trail .22. Or, you can go to diy fix for cheap. Nor was it the worst Crosman had to offer in the first place. I could almost have tried to live with it. So, one could even keep it stock and maybe it would get better all by itself.
By Chevota
August 16, 2013
Great deal on a nitro!
Great deal on a nitro gun with a suppressor, plus the upgraded stock, hard to go wrong here...
ProsAs quiet as they get, powerful, great looks. The stock is clear coated over stain, real stain unlike many other guns which use a funky thin paint that's like brown watercolor. So this stock has real wood grain, strong durable clear coat, and it's checkered. Also the upgraded buttpad and white insert. It really is an outstanding looking gun. Between the nitro and suppressor it's as quiet as they get, the equivalent would be the Trail Hardwood or Trail All Weather. Those two are usually in .22cal so this one is the ticket if you want .177.
ConsNothing, unless you don't like the scope, but they work fine for me as long as I adjust the parallax a bit to match my needs.
By David
Springfield, Missouri
March 8, 2013
First encounter with Benjamin Regal Nitro
I am pleased with my purchase. Very impressed with the finish on the stock. The bull barrel and nitro piston make it much quieter then my spinger and pump guns. Seems pretty accurate with the Center Point scope. Using Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum 10.5 gr . . it shoots Hard. I also noticed that at 60 ft, pellets don't tumble. Perfect, round holes in a paper target. The pistol style grip on the trail models was not comfortable to me. I wanted a traditional styled rifle that looks good and performs. I think I've got it. More field work, sighting and such is in order. Keep practicing!
ProsAll of the above
ConsNothing Yet!
By Ron
Cody, Wy
February 7, 2013
Benjamin Regal Nitro Piston .177 Caliber Magnum Air Rifle
I received my Regal a couple of days ago. It is a very nice looking rifle. The stock is exactly like it looks on line. One thing to note though, it is not 48-1/2 inches long. It's only 44-1/2, which I'm glad of. A very comfortable rifle. So far seems to work as good as it looks. Very well made. So far I'm extremely happy with it. I haven't used it enough yet to say much about accuracy, etc. Mine came with a 4x32 scope, which personally I don't think is all that bad. Whatever you do make sure to read the manuals on both the rifle and scope. The scope has an adjustment ring on the ocular end to adjust the clarity, and it does work. So far the trigger seems fine. It is a metal trigger. It attracts a magnet real good which it wouldn't do if it weren't metal unless it was a non magnetic metal. AGAIN, read the manuals carefully before making judgments on the rifle or scope. Right now if I could, I'd give it six stars!
ProsIt is a nice "elegant" looking rifle. Seems to live up to Benjamin's reputation of being a little higher quality gun.
ConsNot a thing yet.
By Fred
Los Angeles, CA
January 23, 2013
Good value
Took me about twenty shots to calibrate the scope. Now it consistently groups within two inches from fifty feet. The relatively simple scope works for me with my 20-20 vision. Lack of a diopter adjustment may affect somebody with less-than-perfect vision. Definitely not for kids, since the safety does not automatically set after cocking.
ProsHigh quality for the price Powerful Accurate
ConsNo complaints for the low price paid.
By Jose M.
Irvine California
January 22, 2013
Great gun, super quiet!!!
its a great gun, if you use cheap ammo accuracy is not the best. I started using gold PBA ammo and accuracy improved. With standard pellets the pellets just about punch through 1/2 inch wood. With PBA gold it comes out the other side.

Great gun!! not a toy by any means.

About the loudest thing is the noise of the pellet striking the target
Proslove the trigger pull adjustment!! Super quiet powerful good looking
By William S.
Port Orchard,WA.
January 18, 2013
Best air rifle l've ever owned,lots of knock down power for small game
Just got the rifle the other day and am very pleased with it's performance.The scope (4x32) not so much. lt refuses to zero in and is all over the target at 25 yards and about 150 pellets later. Wrote to the mfg. and explained the problem.l told them l'd like an upgrade but haven't received an answer yet. Am anxious to find out what they have to say.
ProsAwesome rifle,shoots very well and easy to handle.Great pesky critter gun. The gun alone gets 5 stars.
ConsThe scope has lots of problems and won't zero in. l've read that others have had the same problem.
By Double D.
Chico, CA
December 2, 2012
.22 Regal is dead-on
I own and shoot numerous quality center fire and rimfire rifles. I fully expected a lengthy break-in period with this rifle as was written in the owners manual. I might have bought an exceptional rifle because this weapon shoots nice out of the box. I fired about 8 rounds to zero the center point scope and I was good to go. Consistent 1/2 groups at 20 yards from a standing rest on my bar-b-q lid. I could still see heartbeat movement through the scope, still 1/2 inch groups, many shots through the same hole. About 50 rounds through it now and haven't cleaned it yet. If it's still breaking in, I'm looking forward to some more tack driving. Squirrels, rats and rabbits, Oh yea!
ProsConsistently accurate, and quiet. Well balanced. Bargain priced.
ConsTrigger is long and creepy. No sling studs in the stock. Scope is adequate, but is topped out on elevation adjustment.
By Frank
September 6, 2012
100 rounds wasted
I was told by the scope manufacturer to fire a hundred rounds then zero the scope, I did and then they sent a new scope because the said they were having problems with the scope sent with the firearm. I wasted a hundred rounds. The firearm is excellent but not the scope.
ProsThe firearm
By james
magalia CA
July 31, 2012
Thumbs up to Crosman! This is a great rifle. It shoots as well as my beeman bearcub. Very accurate with crossman premier hollow points. Really silent and smooth. Well, worth the small change it cost. Not for small children.
By michael t.
san diego, california
June 9, 2012
great small game gun
i bought this gun a week ago and im blown away with the consistant accuracy and penetration of this pellet gun. its supper quiet and ive already killed a raccoon that has been ruining my yard for a month now. i have the .177 and the raccoon dropped like a rock.GREAT GUN!!!!
Prosthe trigger, wood finishing, stock, noise level, accuracy, barrel, and everything else!!!
Consthere's nothing not to like.
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Benjamin Regal II NP
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    Velocity 950 fps
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