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Browning 800 Express Pellet Pistol

Available in .177
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  • Code: 2252268 · $149.99 · .177 · 700 fps
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The New Browning 800 Express is a high velocity air pistol with a newly improved internal safety and cocking mechanism. The Express features an anti-recoil system, fiber optic sights, ergonomic ambidextrous grip, easy to grip barrel and automatic safety.

Browning 800 Features
  • Single Stroke Break Barrel Pistol
  • Fiber Optic Sights
  • Anti-Recoil System
  • Ergonomic Ambidextrous Grip
  • Automatic Safety
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  • ManufacturerBrowning
  • Caliber.177
  • Velocity700 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBreak barrel
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • Gun Weight3.90
  • Overall Length18.00
  • Barrel Length9.00
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity0
  • MechanismSpring-piston
  • Rail11mm dovetail
  • SafetyAutomatic
  • Front SightsFiber Optic
  • Rear SightsAdjustable
  • Shots per Fill0
  • Trigger Adjustability0
  • Trigger Action0
  • UsePlinking/Fun
  • Warranty1-year limited warranty
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By BobOctober 23, 2019

Love this Browning .22. It has great power for its size and accurate up to 25 yards. I have not tried to go past 25 yards (neighbors may complain :) ) It is easy to crack and easy to load the pellet. The barrel assist mechanism helps to break the barrel for loading. Sometimes you forget to take it off before shooting. Not sure if it affects the shooting or if it ruins the tool. After a while, you learn to take it off the barrel before you shoot. It is a little heavy but it is very very very solid. I am impressed on how this thing is made. The only issue I have is that there is no specific carrying case. Since this measures 18inches long, you have to buy a rifle case that is twice as long.

- Accurate - solid and made extremely well - loading is easy - Browning name says it all

- no accessories for this size of pistol - Not really a Con but the cocking mechanism needs to be with you at all times.

By PatrickSeptember 11, 2019 Verified Purchase

With adjustments on the rear site I was hitting within an 1 1/2 at 11 yards. It appears to be built well and videos you can find online attest to its accuracy and power. The break barrel action is not for someone under 14 probably because the spring is mongo. I did order the 11mm scope mounts, the ones with two screws each as the kick will misalign wimpier ones in short order. These along with a small scope are due today.

Solid construction.

Barrel smokes like crazy with first 15 shots through. I would avoid inhaling any of that stuff.

By JohnsonDecember 14, 2018 Verified Purchase

This isn't your average bb/pellet - backyard family competition shooter. This is a sawed -off( high power ) rifle. Breaking this will " Pump you up " Worth the effort. Accurate, had to be laser sighted , at factory. ( crossman premier hollow point ) smooth trigger ( 3 lbs ? ) Recoil buffer works , much less jump than my Game Big Cat low noise If you shop at 'Big and Tall ' then you can shoot this off-hand . Not unwieldy ,this is aquire/fire no hold , trying to be perfect Fun makes folks smile and try it

accurate powerful fiber optic dots are bright grin maker

not really , you want the power...pump the short lever. Pump aid does help Just cries for a shoulder piece

By ChrisJuly 10, 2018 Verified Purchase

Purchased this on the recommendation of AGD after calling them on the phone and asking questions. They claimed it was way better than the one made in Hungry that I called and asked about. Turns out it too is made in there, probably by the same company. To me AGD didn't really know what they were selling. The 800 is OK but I expected more for this price. I purchased a scope mount that mounts in groves on top. The issue is the grooves don't seem to be deep enough and the mount always cocks sideways. The mount misalignment is made worse by tightening the lock screw on the mount to keep it from sliding reward. This thing is beast to cock, seems pretty accurate and not too loud. I guess I just expected more.

speed, power

scope mounting, cocking effort

By RobMarch 1, 2018

I called and purchased this pellet gun from airgun depot on February 6, 2018 and received on February 14, 2018. Out-of-the-box the pistol was very accurate and hit really hard on the targets. I fired proximately 75 Crossman premier piranha 14.3 g hollow points just as I was adjusting the elevation for shot placement it broke within the next 25 shots. The cocking mechanism broke and would not reset the trigger something internally had broken according to the manufacturer Umarex technician that I spoke to. He told me to return it to Air gun depot. So I actually only owned the gun for approximately two hours. I returned the next day February 15, 2018 for a replacement because I really liked the gun and just felt I received a bad one according to all the other reviews that I’ve read. I received the replacement on February 28, 2018. The new one is extremely accurate right out of the box I don’t see any reason to adjust the sights. So far I have approximately 200 to 225 pellets through it and all seems to be working fine. At 16 feet and 30 feet all shot placements are in a 2 inch diameter circle - shooting standing with no rest. In my opinion the gun seems very balanced and easy to shoot. My wife has a little trouble cocking it but I find it quite easy. So hopefully it holds up for thousands of rounds like other pellet guns I’ve owned in my life. I’m going to shoot another tin of pellets through it to be sure the cocking mechanism holds up. All in all it seems to be a very powerful and accurate pellet pistol so far. Highly recommend it if you’re looking for something that hits hard.

Accurate, very powerful, seems to be pretty well-balanced

First one cocking mechanism broke after only 100 pelletts and only owning it for two hours

By MikeUSANovember 23, 2017

Wow this sucker hits hard and super accurate for a short barrel! I originally got this as a quiet easily packable practice plinker. I am pleasantly surprised and impressed. Added an 11mm to weaver rail adapter to fit my optics and now it consistently shoots tighter groups than my Benjamin Trail Nitro .22 rifle. I have never shot a more accurate short barrel pneumatic.Trigger is surprisingly good too. I've been waiting long enough for Browning (or someone) to make an adjustable shoulder stock for it so I just ended up making my own!!! 4.5 STARS. Solid buy worth every penny.

Size - Accuracy - Power


By RonaldUSAMay 13, 2017

I purchased this pistiol out of the box it was right on target . it can be shot with the hand loader extension or not it still will be right on target.. the power is unreal . it feels like the real heaver target pistols and the site colore red and green are great.. I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in a real good quality made air pistol.

the best


By ScottApril 13, 2017

Nice pistol. It is heavy but very accurate right out of the box. I am happy and recommend to purchase.

Accurate, well built

Heavy, but that might be because it's not all plastic

By TayNovember 18, 2016

This thang go crazy

By JaniceUSAAugust 7, 2016

Got this in .22 caliber as a birthday present. Sights came a bit too high from the factory, but it was an easy fix, and not a problem serious enough to detract from my experience with this wonderful pistol! It's accurate, quite powerful for it's size, and has, at least to me, no felt recoil whatsoever! However, it is very heavy and somewhat difficult to cock, although the cocking breaks in very quickly and is easy enough to do with the provided attachment. Screws are all tight,and do not seem to back out, handle is comfy, sights are clear, finish is good. For the quality, this gun should cost twice what it does!

Good finish and fit, accurate, powerful, little/no kick felt, everything has a nice quality feel to it, grip is comfortable, offers a variety of holds. Great little plinker!

Sorta heavy, not really a problem.

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What does the shipping package have on it? Does it say AIR GUN DEPOT on the outside of the box?

asked Valorie from USA

The shipping box is the plain brown box. The shipping label will have the return address on it.

Mark from USA

Does this gun come with a "cocking cylinder" (don't know the right term) that you slide onto the barrel to increase leverage for easier cocking? The video review shows one, but it isn't in the specs.

asked Paul Wesel

Yes it comes with an extension that you slide on the muzzle to assist in cocking the gun.

James from USA

can i mount this CenterPoint 1x25mm Multi-TAC Quick Aim Sight to it?

asked Mike from USA

Thanks a ton!! And Air Gun Depot are out of those converters. /kicks-dirt ;) I'll find one somewhere I guess. I did order the gun, the scope, and a trap. Will keep ya posted. Thanks again, Grim

Mike from USA

Depending on the rings supplied with the scope you'll probably need a picatinny rail to mount it. This one has a very small dovetail mount grooves incorporated into the upper housing. Same thing I bought it for with a red dot but the rings are to big, haven't purchased the picatinny rail yet.

gary from USA

You can mount any sit3 that we be compatible with weever mounting rail.

doug from USA

Yes if you get a dovetail to weaver adapter.

Brent from USA

what is the best scope for 800 express

asked kenny

can you load more than one pellet at a time? What does it use to propell the pellet? What is the maximum range?

asked randy

I have 2 of the browning 800 express pistols. You can only load 1 pellet at a time. You cock the spring firing piston by break barrel action single cock. You insert the pellet then return the barrel to fire. the saftey automaticly goes safe when you cock the pistol which is very nice.As far as range I have shot mine at target at 80 feet and hit within a 2 inch circle 10 of 10 shots... this gun is very accurate and hard hitting at 700fps.... I will recommend this pistol for target practice, for shooting rodents, or just having fun


Randy, this airgun is designed for loading and firing only one pellet. In that it is a break over cocking mechanism I believe it uses a ram to compress the air for firing, I am not 100% sure on this. I use it to rid myself of squirrels and other varmints. It is a little nose heavy so hard to hold on a log shot (+10 yards) but for possums, and skunks it has nice kill ability. dp


This is somewhat of a general question. I am looking for a gun to take out Cane Toads in Florida at very close range (3-8 feet). I need a gun that is preferably quiet and in my uneducated opinion, of high FPS to accomplish a humane kill. From what I have come across, this gun seems to be the best to accomplish the aforementioned. Thanks for any input or recommendations on other guns meeting the above criteria.

asked Charles

Yes this gun is very powerful but it is not quiet. If you need a pistol this would be the one. If you need s powerful yet quiet gun, I'd recommend the Stoeger x20, the Benjamin Genesis, or the Crosman 1077. The Crosman 1077 is a co2 177cal semiauto rifle. These guns are more than qualified for killing toads. The 1077 is really quiet,lightweight, and fun to shoot. Plus it cost the least.

James from USA

Charles, This particular airgun has more than enough power to accomplish many types of pest control, especially at such close range. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

can one use BBs, too? or only pellets?

asked kj

Kj, This particular air pistol fires .177 cal. lead pellets. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

What is the difference between the Browning 800 MAG and the Browning 800 EXPRESS? It seems that there were quality issues with the MAG, (front site came off, plastic handle came off, safety mech bad etc). Is the EXPRESS an improvement over these design flaws?

asked Dan

I have had no problems with the sights on mine, which is the 800 express .177. It is very nice. I have used mine quite a bit with the iron sights and not had any problems with it. I love it. It's accurate and powerful. If you get this model, you will be very pleased with the find workman ship put into this gun. You don't even have to take the brake assist off when firing it. It doesn't get in the way and makes it nice to cock it.

Robert from USA

I'm left handed and need to know if the grips are ambidextrous?

asked Todd from USA

It has Ergonomic Ambidextrous Grip

Scott from USA

Can you mount a scope on this pistol?

asked keith

This is what one customer said about this item: "I have this pistol with a BSA red dot and had to fabricate a stop out of flat stock that fits under the scope against the cross bolt and at the other end braced against the rear sight. Without this modification, the scope is always sliding off the dovetail and always out of adjustment. The dove tail cut into the barrel is an odd size"

Scott from USA

Does shooting with the cocking lever make a difference in accuracy or speed? Any other problems noted with using the cocking device mounted and shooting with it on? Thanks.

asked LN2

Actually improved accuracy when shooting at 10 yards. Dime size groups off hand with daisy pointed pellets. Without cocking aid group was slightly larger 5/8th


I am intending to buy this pistol, as it seems to have a great muzzle velocity, better than most air pistols. I also intend to buy one of the following sights: BSA Huntsman, BSA Laser sight, or NC Star Pistol green laser. It seems as if the pistol lacks any rail or other mount for a sight. Can someone please tell me how I can mount one of these sights, and also which of the 3 sights they would recommend? Thanks.

asked Ken

I have this pistol with a BSA red dot and had to fabricate a stop out of flat stock that fits under the scope against the cross bolt and at the other end braced against the rear sight. Without this modification, the scope is always sliding off the dovetail and always out of adjustment. The dove tail cut into the barrel is an odd size so I recomend getting a scope fit at Larrys Guns Inc. Gray Maine, good luck

john from USA

I have experienced several problems with my Browning 800 express.22. I bought the air gun 3/30/12 order number #449869. Three of the problems I have fixed, a broken return spring, the rear site fastener screws became loose, and the safety set screw backed out of alignment. I used Lock-Tite to secure. The two remaining problems is with the 2-part sliding handle will separate during loading and lastly the rear site is adjusted to the extreme left. (bore is bent?) It was center the first 500 rounds and required no adjustment. I do like my Browning air gun and would like it repaired. What do you suggest? Note, I am using my friends computer.

asked Larry Gibson

why cant we coment on it? as id liked it.. a nitropiston..and a dotscope as best..thal be a deal..not shit combo.. tyhat dotn get not rec shit.. as i had a comp ag as hatsn..600usd and got pumba about not letting juniuors answer customers??

asked Geir from Norway

Why can't we coment on it? as id liked it.. a nitropiston..and a dotscope as best..thal be a deal..not shit combo.. tyhat dotn get not rec shit.. as i had a comp ag as hatsn..600usd and got pumba about not letting juniuors answer customers??

asked Geir from Norway

I am not exactly sure what your saying. It is better if you write in your own language and I'll translate it.

Scott from USA

Is there any type of scope that can be attached? I have never owned an air pistol, but I want to buy a good one for pest control.

asked Tim

somebody knows is this store ships to mexico?

asked xavier

Try checking out at the sight and if there is a restrition you will get a warning before you purchase the product. There are a lot of different regulations for all different countries and they are always changing. Because of this, we have set up an automatic warring if there is a product, based on your location, that is forbidin.

Scott from USA

Can you mount a scope? Does it have 11m rail or regular full size weaver or nothing, but can be rigged? Does it seem cumbersome at 18 inches long? Are the handle grips removable and do you know if the crosman shoulder stock would fit or could it be fitted with minimum effort? How is the felt recoil when firing? Given choice, if at same price, do you think the Beeman P1 in 22 pellet better, because smaller to handle? A ny othr thoughts you want to share, as I am considering buying this in refurbished?

asked Stan from USA

Can it use suppressor (silencer)?

asked [email protected]

What scope and mount would you suggest for this pistol?

asked Dale Neal

can someone tell me what Power Supply: Spring Pneumatic is

asked Phillip from USA


Steve from USA

someone told me that the 800 had an air spring like the nitro by crosman is this true?

asked Phillip from USA

No that is not correct.

Steve from USA

what is the difference between 177 cal and 22 cal, is it just the size, is the 22 more accurite ? sorry to sound stupid

asked charles from USA

Yes the difference is just size, the .22 is bigger and people report more accuracy on the .22 cal over the .177. Though you do get more speed with the .177.

Steve from USA

i am very interested in buying a powerfull 22 caliber pistol. my one concern with this gun is the 4 lb trigger pull. i have not seen a similar gun for this price, power, accuracy. What would be the recomended scope for this gun. thanxs guys

asked troy from USA

You could take a look at the Hatsan pistols too. They have spring and piston powered versions. Some of them also have recoil reducers and/or shoulder stocks for better accuracy. I understand they are high velocity. I've read several reviews saying they're the best high power, non-PCP pistols out. The Browning 800 is also great. Just something you might look into.

Erik from USA

I just received my new pistol and it is a good-looking piece. I have run 50 rounds or so threw it and it’s much more accurate out of the box than any of the air rifles I have purchased. It is a little on the heavy side but the accuracy makes it all worth it. I was a little skeptical at first but all that is gone. Hitting what you, point it ate is 90% user. I have over 40years worth of target shooting behind me and I am not fond of the sights, adding a scope sounds like a good idea, 2 - 3 power works very good with my Ruger, any more makes one nervous to drop the hammer. The first stage on the trigger is a little long on the pull but the 4lb part I never noticed. My range is 50 & 60ft for pistols but this thing has the potential for more. It is worth every nickel.

David from USA

I live in Toronto, Canada. Do I need a PAL to buy Browning 800 Express .22 Air Pistol- 600 fps? Please advise.

asked Shariq

Thank you for you interest. For questions about international ordering/shipping please email us at [email protected] This so we can better help you.

Steve from USA

Is there rifling in the barrel?

asked RDI

Yes, this pistol has rifling.

Carter from USA

The ETA of this gun is Jan 25 2012.

Steve from USA

Yes, this pellet pistol has a rifled barrel.

Steve from USA

can i mount a scope on this pistol

asked dale

Yes, there's an 11mm dovetail on the gun.

Carter from USA

You can mount optics on this gun, there is a small section of dove tail rail for the mounting of optics.

Steve from USA

What about optics? Does it come wwith a weaver style mount? Can one be obtained as an accessory? Where? Also, what about recoil effect on optics? Thanks, Dan

asked hogazm

I mounted a scope on my gun and it would not stop creeping back. I drilled a hole in the top of the barrel for the set screw in the scope mount, and it works perfect.

David from USA

The recoil is hardly noticeable. The pistol has an 11mm dovetail.

Carter from USA

It has a 11mm dovetail you can mount a pistol scope onto.


what are some pros and cons of this gun?

asked Antonio from USA

Pros: the amazing fps(for a pistol), nice feel, etc. Cons: big, heavy, and just too big.

Carter from USA

This is my first break barrel pistol. I use it for target practice. I found the pistol to have a comfortable fit and to be very accurate. The adjustable rear site is a great feature as well as the auto safety when loading. It is much heavier then my pump and CO2 pistols and I had difficulty in maintaining a steady hand without support or two hand grip. The force required to break the barrel is quite high and the leaverage bar furnished with the gun is needed, but well worth it, for the power and accuracy you experience. The Browning 800 Express is a quality built pistol and I expect to get many years of use from it. If I have to pick a con for this pistol, it would be the weight, and that may be something I just have to get use to.

Darrell from USA

Very pleased with the performance of this pistol! PROS: Shoots well with only 100 shots through it. Chrony'd @ 469 fps w 14.66 GN, Xtreme of 11.13 and SD of 3.16. Pretty consistent 7 Ft-lbs of muzzle energy with different pellets. Despite what I have read on other blogs, I shot 2" groups at 12yrds off hand (most of the variance was me!). I consider this accurate for the price and nature of this pistol. I am a huge RWS fan, but happy to have this Browning as my first spring pistol (have IZH and CO2's but that is apples and oranges) CONS: Trigger break is a bit abrupt and travel high. I suspect this is where the extra cost of the RWS resides. Have read complaints about cocking effort, however I do not find this an issue and nor should you if you are accustom break barrel spring guns. Enjoy! My son and I have......


Any way to mount optics?

asked Tim

Yes, on the 11mm dovetail.

Carter from USA

It has an 11mm dovetail.


when will it be back in stock?

asked George

We are hoping to have these in before Christmas. It's hard to predict a more accurate ETA with refurbs because of how they become available.

Steve from USA
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