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Crosman DPMS SBR, Essentials Combo

Includes Extra Mag, 3000 BB's & Pellgun Oil

Crosman DPMS SBR, Essentials Combo

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Engage targets in full-auto with Crosman DPMS SBR CO2 Air Rifle!

Based on the ultimate warfighter rifle the M4, the DPMS SBR (Short Barrel Rifle) gives shooters everything they want from a full-auto M4 adapted for maximum airgun fun.  Officially licensed and stamped, the DPMS SBR slings blistering semi and full-auto repeating BB shots, fueled by two 12-gram CO2 cartridges housed in the 30rd magazine.

Adjust your SBR to your preference with a 6-point adjustable rear stock and get a steady support from the movable hand rest on the forend. The SBR’s quad-Weaver/Picatinny rails give you limitless opportunities for mounting flashlights, pistol grips, and lasers. Each package includes removable pop-up sights and the rear sight is adjustable.  The fire-mode selector lets you choose between semi or fully-automatic shots at 430 fps.

If you want to mow down targets and shred paper and tin cans alike, grab the DPMS SBR and enter the action!

Crosman DPMS SBR Essentials Kit:

  • Tactical Short Barrel Rifle
  • Adjustable 6 Position Butt Stock
  • AR Compatible Pistol Grip
  • Quad Rail forearm for accessory mounting 
  • Unique muzzle end cap
  • Flip up back up iron sights (BUIS)
  • Angled Foregrip
  • Realistic Weight and Functions 
  • Uses 2 12-gram CO2 cartridges
  • Length: 26.9” to 30.4”
  • Includes: Extra Magazine, Two 1500 ct Copperhead BB's, and Pellgun oil
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity430 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypeBBs
  • ActionSemiautomatic/Full-auto
  • Barrel StyleSmooth bore
  • BlowbackYes
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight6.5
  • Overall Length30.4
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity1
  • MechanismCO2
  • RailWeaver mounts
  • SafetyManual
  • Front SightsFlip-up
  • Rear SightsAdjustable for windage
  • UseSmall game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty1-year limited warranty
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Crosman DPMS SBR, Essentials Combo
58 Reviews
64% (37)
22% (13)
5% (3)
5% (3)
3% (2)
88% Recommend this product (51 of 58 responses)
By Mike T.
So Cal
Really fun
January 6, 2020
I did a lot of research on this before I purchased it. I love this thing, it is really fun. A little heavy for my 12 year old to hold be he still likes it way more than his Red Rider his uncle got for him. The only problem is the speed loader is a little mickey mouse and feels like it jams. Because the plunger is plastic I fear it's going to just snap off one day. I also seem to be having difficulty with one of the two magazines I have. It doesn't always puncture the second co2 cartridge and after verbal inspection it looks like the part that actually punctures the cartridge is not as long on the 2nd one as it is on the 1st.
ProsFull auto made really well
ConsSpeed loader A little heavy for younger kids
By Juan G.
Great Rifle
December 26, 2019
This is a great rifle, having fun with along with my family.
ProsEasy to operate.
By Mike
Kansas city
Quality bb gun
December 23, 2019
Out of the box it performs well. However after 3 to 4 hundred rounds it uses more co2 to to run the same amount of bb's.
This BB gun is accurate at close ranges,and would make a good trainer rifle.
ProsIs a good training rifle, accurate at close range. With the speed loader quick reloads. An extra mag is a must, for when you use the giggle button(full auto). Fun to shoot!
ConsYou will waste gas when the cartridges get low, gun will not run. When change the cartridge it will bleed back on you . Single shot is actually a 3 shot burst with only 1 bb coming out.
Best UsesThat would depend on your own preferences, it would make a great training rifle for weight, size etc. Just shooting up beer cans and card board targets. Having fun,and plinking around!
By Ted
New Hampshire
December 20, 2019
If you want to put a smile on your face, spend some time with this gun. It's a hoot to shoot and suprisingly accurate. It's a fun day in the backyard.
By dean c.
elko nv.
November 19, 2019
nicely built shoots well louder woks well lots of fun in full auto will make you smile wood recommend it . trigger pull is way to heavy
By None
Bakersfield, CA
I highly recommend
November 7, 2019
Great gun for the price. I love it as a training tool. I cannot recommend this product enough!
Pros-The feel -The function -The extra magazine
Cons-The grip does hurt my hands after a little bit of use
Best UsesTraining tool
By Roy
Sulphur Louisiana
Love it, shoots good, but one question, how do u get more clips for the gun and the price of the clips?
October 21, 2019
Canā€™t find where to get more clips?
By Derrick
idaho city, ID
Smile generator
October 21, 2019
Hands down the funnest air rifle I've shot in a long time everybody smiles when they shoot itšŸ˜! super impressed with how authentic it is and realistic and lovešŸ˜ how extensively accessorized the platform can be done.
ProsIt's fully automatic It can be accessorized It shoots straight It's CO2 last a long time
ConsNo real cons to speak of but maybe offer a higher-capacity in magazine . 😉
Best UsesPlinking and cutting pop cans in half.
By RJ G.
The Empire State
Solid product with few drawbacks
October 11, 2019
Some minor quirks, but overall very happy so far. (About 500 rounds in) Speedloader works fine; just be careful of the locking mechanism and be sure to use the built-in notch to pull the magazine spring toward you and tilt the magazine away from you so the BBs roll into place away from the opening.
Pros1. Realistic operation and weight. 2. Double CO2 cartridges last a long time. 3. Very customizable. 4. Full-auto is fun. 5. Makes gun haters cry if they see it.
Cons1. Limited magazine capacity - why not at least 30? 2. Stock front sight post not adjustable. 3. Stock "iron" sights feel cheap. 4. Additional magazines are expensive at $50 a pop. 5. Charging handle and bolt release functions are cosmetic. Non-functional as you can load a mag and open fire without using either. Good for practice only.
Best UsesPlinking and practice.
By Ron
August 23, 2019
This is a very nice rifle.
Easy to shoot and easy to carry. It has nice heft and shoots great.
I give you distance but plinking in my 15 foot garage it is fantastic.
No problems so far and you can buy muzzle accesories to fit it. Just remember 14mm ccw (counterclockwise threads) on the outer barrel.
The bb loader does work
I use Hornady "black Diamond" anodized .177steel bbs the last bottle of copper bbs I got the bbs were rusty, so buyer beware. and I would recommend getting an extra magazine
It also will accept other
Accessories also.
A very customizable shooter and a blast to shoot
Also make sure you always add a drop pellgun oil to the tips of your CO2 when you put in A fresh C02 cartridge. And as always
Safety first.
ProsVERY Customizable, great weight. fun Rifle. Very satisfied..what are you waiting for? Go out and buy one. Approx 160 shots before C02 Needs changed. 14mm ccw threads for muzzle accesories. Note:1/2"�28 adaptors will not work those are for ACTUAL A-R'S AND OTHER REAL you have been told.
ConsNot any cons except for the cost of extra mags. But that's really not a factor,OR Problem
Best UsesPlinking, and target shooting. This is not a child's supervision is required on younger children.
By Troy
DPMS SBR works and shoots great
August 19, 2019
DPMS SBR works and shoots great. However one container of BBs was open in packaging. Lost about half of contents. Packing could be better.

Troy S.
By Tom P.
NE Pa.
Nicely made, works great, accurate
August 17, 2019
My first 25 shots were done semi auto at 20' to get dialed in. Sight were almost dead on from the factory with POI slightly left. A quick turn on the rear sight adjustment knob and it was dead on. The 2nd mag was shot in full auto and produced a group a little larger than the one shot semi auto.
It has some heft to it giving a feeling of a real firearm. The magazine gives the perception of being well made but capacity is too small for a full auto capable gun. Loading the mag is the most unpleasant chore when using this gun. It has no way to lock down the follower when loading which in this writers opinion is absolutely stupid. C'mon Crosman, what are we supposed to do, rip off our fingernails trying to load this thing. There is no excuse for this.
I made a hold down tool for mine which makes things a lot easier.

The sights are lame but someone useable. It's difficult to get a good sight picture so I put a cheap ACOG on mine. Gun is a bit on the loud side but not too bad. I fired 7-8 magazines mostly on rock and roll without a hitch. The adjustable stock works well and gives a good cheek weld and all controls are in the correct place. I shot mine at 20 yards in semi mode and it gave a group size of about 4" which IMO isn't too shabby for a non rifled barrel gun that shoots BB's.
ProsRealistic looking, works as designed. I love the happy switch option but it sure goes through gas and ammo at 20 rounds a second.
ConsThe magazine is too small in capacity and too expensive.
Best UsesPlinking, back yard fun. This is a fun gun for short ranges and is surprisingly accurate considering the non rifled barrel and rudimentary sights.
By Lefty E.
Rancho Cordova California
Best thing to happen to serious shooters as a training analog
July 2, 2019
I can not recommend this gun more. I absolutely love it and it has been a rock solid training aid and a hell of a lot of fun to shoot when just plinking. I work in a business that requires the use and everyday carry of a short barreled rifle and pistol side arm and when I am training with my team at the kill house it offers all the same performance dynamics that I would expect from a live fire exercise without the added danger or massive ammo expenditures. Since I turned my unit on to these every single guy on my team have purchased one and my CO has been insisting other units pick up some for their training efforts. With a decent red dot optical I can make all the shots I would make with a real sbr inside of fifty yards which is the zone most all crap hits the fan in. I switched out the grip and a couple other things and added sling attachments,a laser/light combo that closely matches my duty gear,a flared magwell for rapid magazine changes. I highly suggest picking up a couple extra mags so you can train more realistically. Also I see a lot of folks complaining about the speed loader and loading being a pain in the ass,let me help you all with that. Firstly not all BBs are created equal or even the same exact size. That being said hornady brand black diamond BBs are the tiniest bit smaller in circumference and have a superior finish and are the roundest BBs available. They work great with the speed loader when no other brand will. Also tilt the head of the magazine at a slight downward angle when reloading so they roll down and out of the way for more to load. BUY ONE OF THESE I PROMISE YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
ConsWould like to see sling attachments and the ability to swap out the stock. Would love to see a threaded barrel end that accepts a mock silencer as I have a real one on my duty rig and I like to match overall length with my duty rifle.
Best UsesTraining analog,plinking and BB three gun
By xayp
Not bad
June 10, 2019
Gun is pretty fun in general , really realistic nice to play around
Proslook real , weight legit , fun
Conslittle charger and i personnaly hate the hand grip would like to change it but idk where to find it atm
Central Coast CALIFORNIA
Great firing experience, VERY POOR reloading experience.
May 31, 2019
I was very excited to shoot this gun, and each squeeze of the trigger did not disappoint, BUT.......when it came time to reload the only magazine that came with my purchase, it was impossible with the included reloading device. It jammed immediately and was completely useless no matter what I did. Had to resort to putting one BB at a time into the magazine, while holding back the tab with my thumb. I started to wish I had the stupid shake loader on Umarex Steel Storm. That is just sad.

Why design such a nice gun only to sabotage it with a stupid magazine. It took all the fun out of it.
ProsGreat feel of the feedback.
ConsThe ill conceived magazine was literally painful to use!! Painful on my fingers, my time, and well....just painful. Makes the gun not worth using until a viable solution becomes available. They owe it to us early adopters to make this right.
Best UsesProps for pictures and movies.
By Flyin B.
Exceeded expectations
May 29, 2019
I own a Stagg Arms M4 (.223), so I was pretty sceptical about this gun.

I have to first say, I am not a big fan of Crosman, but I also own a Crosman M4-177 and love it. The M4-177 is ot a good training gun, but an accurate, extremely versitile air gun.

The DPMS is however, a good training gun.
I was hesitant about the blowback, in that the gun may not be very accurate, but it is.

Most of you will laugh, but full auto is not my thing. I prefer to practice in semi-auto, since that is what I own.

So, now you know I am not a fan of Crosman and not a fan of full auto. BUT, I am a big fan of this gun.

The speedloaded works great, just keep putting in a drop or two of pelgun oil in it. I use it for most of my bb guns.

The blowback is a nice novelty, but not very realistic, but it is after all a bb gun, so it works as you would expect it to.

Bottom line - Great semi-auto & training tool! No regrets!
ProsOverall good design Great training tool Feels very, very realistic Sights are plastic, had to shave the front site, but good now Very sturdy and tough Safety is great Magazine design is awesome
ConsFront site was too thick for me, had to shave it. That's about all I've got!
Best UsesTraining tool Plinking Scaring away anything
warrenton, OR
May 26, 2019
I have spent hours shooting this rifle and it's been so much fun. I purchased an aftermarket red dot and zero'd it in. I get anywhere from 5-7 magazine reloads before I have to swap out CO2.

The "iron sights" that come with the rifle work wonderfully once you zero in, but I prefer a red dot. Lots of space to attach other accessories too.

This rifle has some power to it, don't be fooled by the "BB gun" moniker.

As to the speed loader alot of people seem to have issues with. You need to do this:
Hold your magazine tilted toward the deck, slide your speed re-loader in and slightly jiggle as you press the plunger. You'll get an even and easy refill in seconds. I've shot nearly 1000 bbs and I've have yet to run into any problems speed reloading. Just remember to tilt the magazine downward while reloading.

So far, all i've been shooting are Steel BB's. I have not tried the copper ones yet. It's recommended that you shoot steel bb's though.
ProsGood weight and balance with the magazine in. Easy to sight in if using the iron sights that are attached. East to attach other things like flashlight, laser, etc. Not loud at all, at full Co2 all you really hear is a quick pop. Full auto will shred what you're aiming at. Easy to load magazine with speed reloader if used properly. Accuracy doesn't suffer too much when getting low of Co2.
ConsThere are no standard attachments for a sling.
By Phil S.
Selbyville DE
A few clip problems and loading problems but fun to shoot.
May 15, 2019
After firing my 2 clips just 10 times each,one of the springs does not fit properly on the pin and does not have enough compression to push the BBs down. It only shoots about 30 instead of the 50 BBs. When putting in the gas canister on the right side of each clip it does not fit correctly. Still after a dozen more times when trying to seat it and tighten it, I lose half a canister every time on each one.
Enclosed is a plastic loading device with no instructions. It is flimsy and I'm surprised it had not broken while I figured out how to use it, as others have had happen. Doesn't work anyway. I have a small piece of wood with a tack protruding to pull the loader spring back instead of my finger nails or thumb which does not feel good after a few loads. This action is supposed happen with the enclosed device but all the BBs jam when you push the plunger with your other thumb. It's a good idea but needs a little more adjustment. I would hope this is not the norm. I bought the gun to capture the automatic features but it takes some of the fun out and is a bit disappointing.
ProsPowerful and accurate and can be fun.
ConsClips are problematic. Loading device needs improvement. It is advertised at 600 rounds per minute. I guess If you have 12 loaded clips handy. Clips should be 100
Best UsesTarget shooting, and small pesky varmints
By London
May 14, 2019
Okay so,the SBR is an amazing replica. EVERYTHING is functional. From the charging handle,the bolt release,the mag release.(AND YOU CAN FULLY FIELD STRIP IT) Everything except for the bolt assist(which you dont need because it's not a real rifle so it wont have problems going into. Battery)works.The only reason I gave it 4/5 stars is because the stock is NOT replacable/upgradable.
Pros?Field stripable ?fully functional (except forward assist) ?Feels real ?Slight recoil ?realistic blowback
Cons?Stock is not upgradable ?takes alot of gas to cycle
Best UsesPlinking, target shooting, messing around in the yard. (NOT FOR HUNTING)
By shunda
Lehigh Acers, FL
really fun to play with and cool to show off your friends.
April 4, 2019
the rife feels nice in the hands, I had a little bit a problem with the mag but was fix with Airgun depot (thanks Airgun depot!) the full auto is really fun and the picatinny rails on the rife is so nice because you can add what you want to make it look so tactical.
Prosit's fun and the looks of it is woah man I never want to marry a rifle so fast.
Consthe mags are a little expensive.
Best Usesbest us for having fun, plinking targets, and showing off your friends.
By Rc
Crosman dpms sbr
April 2, 2019
Absolutely incredible, so much fun to shoot, does pretty good on co2 consumption, vety heavy feel and build. Have the black one, and love it, eventually going to get another, probably the sand colored one. Fantastic, thank you
Tons of fun
March 26, 2019
Try adding a drop of lube to the bbs in the loader and it truly becomes a speed loader. other than that, no complaints
By Tom
DPMS SBR CO2 BB to air rifle
March 26, 2019
A really fun gun to shoot
By Brent
Lincoln, Nebraska Li
Squirrels beware!
March 21, 2019
No points to attach a strap, all good ,I rewired it! Would love to c some version of "drum magazine" in the future! All n all best full auto I've got yet!
ProsVery realistic,mags of fun to shoot! Squirrels beware!
ConsNeeds drum magazine's.
Best UsesTarget,cans,squirrels, birds,older brothers!
By Brent N.
Lincoln, Nebraska
So far so good!
March 14, 2019
Best full auto I've had yet.750rnds. Not one jam.
ProsWell built air gun.
ConsNeeds drum mag.
By Peter
Palm Desert, CA
Crossman DPMS SBR
February 24, 2019
Fun air gun for plinking. All around good time
ProsFull Auto
ConsNeeds a drum Magazine
Best UsesPlinking
By Dave A.
Great fun
February 9, 2019
I got mine a couple days ago, and Iā€™ve been having a lot of fun with it. Pretty cool that it goes full auto, but of course be ready to load bbā€™s a lot! Not sure itā€™s the most accurate, but I like my umarex fusion for that. Iā€™d recommend this as a fun addition.
ProsVery realistic look and feel. Mechanism is just the same as an AR. Very fun to shoot! The CO2 cartridges last a long time, I shot 125 rounds and they were still strong.
ConsI have to admit I struggle with the BB loader jamming.
Best UsesI would not even try to shoot this at small game. Great for putting holes in paper targets.
By Timothy B.
Fun times
February 5, 2019
Ready enjoy the fun....šŸ˜
By Jay
El Reno oklahoma
Awesome air rifle
February 3, 2019
This air rifle is pretty outstanding for what it is. Thats to say the least one thing that would make this a little better would be an option to fit it with a 20oz tank. just saying leads down to a belt held set of twin air tanks would be a major plus
ProsLight weight already, great fire rate. real nifty piece of equipment
ConsNeeds bigger clip and larger air supply
By Vince
Huntington Connecticut
The DPMS-SBR is a Fantastic & Fun Gun
January 28, 2019
Received my DPMS-SBR today and it is better than expected . I own 2 Real
AR-15s and an AR-10 and this Crossman DPMS-SBR is a fantastic value,well made and as accurate a replica as my real ARs . It shoots excellent,sights in quickly and I can drill a 4 inch bullseye @ 20 yards effortlessly with the open sights .Feeds well,has a well made heft and weight to it,and the *FUN* switch in full auto/select fire is a real cool feature. And in rebuttal to those who say the speed loader doesn't work......well It DOES WORK and is easy to use . A very well made and fun weapon to shoot ~ especially the blowback bolt function which is very realistic and a good training aid . I'm going to order the Flat Dark Earth Colored Model tomorrow I like it so much. You'll smile ear to ear after 5 minutes with this gun believe me .
ProsExtremely Well Made ,Fun in select fire/full auto mode ,realistic weight and feel and it's a quality weapon at an unbelievable decent price range . The Customer service @ Airgun Depot is Fantastic ( Thank You JAMES ) and I'm very pleased with the product at a very fair price .
ConsI can't say ANYTHING bad or negative about this product .
Best UsesTarget shooting,plinking and under 20 yard small game are easy to dispatch with this gun .Shot a crow @ 15 yards or so about 3 hours ago and it blasted him off the limb about 3 feet .
By ian w.
How much fun can you be allowed to have :)
January 28, 2019
Great feel, great fun and very accurate. The mag feeder needs to have an aluminum plunger, the plastic broke very quickly.
The co2 lasts very very well. me and my daughter have been plinking sinse we got it.
By Kenneth
FUN !!!
January 21, 2019
This is a blast to shoot.
ProsThe sound and rate of fire.
Cons25 bb's empty out too soon
Best UsesMaking my friends jealous.
By Rivver
January 18, 2019
Great gone really fun and cheap to shoot Works great
Pros it?s full auto
ConsThe speed loader sucks because it?s made out of plastic
Best Uses I used it for shooting rats
By SaltyDawg
Central Tx
YOU have to get one of these!
January 18, 2019
This the most fun you can get next to having to spend thousands for a real full auto NFA gun! It is a great little backyard plinker. There is almost no way to turn on the fun switch and not smile.
ProsCheaper than the real thing. Brings a smile to your face everytime.
Best UsesIt is the best for training and just having fun with.
By Allen
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Super fun
January 18, 2019
Super fun gun, havent had a problem with. It does however load the hornady black diamond BBs better than copper heads or even the daisy BBs. I highly recommend this gun.
By Randy
San Antonio texas
December 19, 2018
This gun is honestly one of the best out there, definitely would recommend it.
ProsFun Reliable
Best UsesHaving a good time.
By Chris
grandview, wa
sad design
December 3, 2018
the gun itself was great nice heavy real feel, problem is with the speedloader, what a POS the loader is made of plastic and broke the third time we used it. sad for such an expensive "toy" now since loading the bb's by hand is also a Joke.
By Dan
November 28, 2018
The SBR BB gun is the most fun gun Iā€™ve shot yet. Wish they made hundred round mags it would make it even Easter and I wouldnā€™t have to stop and re-load so many times. Thank you for making such a great product. And I also want to say that itā€™s very accurate.
Pros1. The safeties on the gun itself 2.The way the gun breaks down into separate apart and is easy to clean and lube. 3. The accuracy. 4.The extension quick release and how it contours to your body size. 5. Pop-up sites.6. The rails for scopes or red dot sites.7. Also how safe the gun is because once you take the mag out you don?t have to worry about someone shooting the gun, because the CO2 Cartridges are what makes the gun fire without that the gun is totally safe. The only thing you might have to worry about is possibly leaving one baby in the chamber other than that the gun is really well-designed
Cons 1.Wish the mags were hundred rounds instead of 25 rounds. 2. The CO2 cartridges don?t malfunction and the CO2 bulbs go into the slots and tightens and doesn?t leak out. I think it might have something to do with the seals or puncher pin when tightening.
Best UsesShooting targets
By Wendall M.
I love this gun!
November 19, 2018
I love the Crossman DPMS SBR and so does everyone else that shoots it. When I was in the Army, I only got to fire my M-16 six times on fully automatic. This is just as much fun! I know of three of my friends that have ordered their own DPMS after shooting mine. I recommend getting a red dot sight, as the "iron sights" on my gun had it firing low and to the left. The red/green dot sight has it shooting in the bullseye consistently. The auto loader has not worked with two different brands of bb's, so I use plastic straws, folded and taped at one end and clipped to the length to hold 25 bb's to speed loading the magazine.
ProsRealistic look and feel. Very accurate with my Red/Green dot sight. Lot's of fun to shoot. Inexpensive to shoot.
ConsDifficult to load. My auto loader is useless, so far. Not accurate using the "iron sights."
Best UsesHaving fun with grandsons and friends. Shooting pesky Grackles
By Jordan
Niagara falls
I was supposed to get free shippng
November 17, 2018
The gun is great but i was charged shipping even though it was advertised free shipping over 179$
Merchant Response:We do apologize, but our free shipping promotions only apply to the Contiguous United States, not international.
By Rick
Weed, CA
Heavy duty and like the real thing
November 16, 2018
The weapon is like the real thing. I will say fun and shot over 600 rounds so far. Definitely get more than one magazine. Still waiting for my second magazine but definitely worth the money.
ProsLike the real thing.has sights like the real thing. Loads and uses magazines that look like real ones.
ConsSmall magazine.
Best UsesMany uses. Shooting and fun.
By Charles m.
November 13, 2018
Its everything I was hoping it would be. Thank you AGD. You guys are top notch šŸ‘.
By Doc
Ottawa, IL
Not as Espected
October 26, 2018
Well built, ease of use - lifelike full detailed components. fun for ages 12 - 18
ProsWell built, ease of use - lifelike full detailed components Mags carry & have Hex Head Keys for tightening down Co2 Very nice feature.
Cons1. Magazines don't lock back to load as stated in the instructions. 2. 25 rounds on full auto is a joke & pathetically slow FPS. 3. Barely breaking a reactive paper target at 15 yards. 4. Better get several extra mags also. 5. Eats Co2 like candy 6. Comes with an additional cheesy forwarding handle grip no instructions on how or where it goes.
Best Uses1. Close range plinking fun for ages 12 - 18. 2. Authentic Sound & Motion effects.
Colgate WI
Quality built, almost like the real thing!
October 19, 2018
I just received it and installed the co2 bb's and dot sight.
First shot and subsequent firings jammed two BB's into the barrel.
I was using the .177 BB's air gun depot sells, the Marksman BB Speed Loader
with a package of BB's, model #1510. They are too big! DON"T USE THESE!
Luckily the gun is pretty easy to disassemble and I got the barrel out
and used a coat hanger to remove the two BBs. I then used some BB's I had
for an old Daisy I have and checked that they would roll down the front
of the barrel to the action, and they did, so sighted it in in semi
and went full auto! Too awesome!!!
ProsDis-assembles like the real thing, easy to figure out even without reading instructions. Nice clip that holds two co2's and 25 BBs. Seems very accurate in semi, and very nice in auto.
ConsNeed a better auto loader. Mine will not work, jams unless I put in only a few BBs.
Best UsesBest used for fun.
By Eldon
Tooele, Utah
Happy With This Gun
October 8, 2018
I have both BB and pellet guns. This DPMS is one of my favorite shooters. It is very accurate for a BB gun and the rapid automatic fire is amazing. I have no regrets about this purchase. The staff at Airgun Depot are responsive and the order arrived in good time.
By Frank
Kingsburg, Ca
Crosman DPMS SBR
October 6, 2018
Hey you reviewers. When received my Crosman DPMS SBR I was excited to open the box and see this gun. I liked the way it looked and the way it felt. It felt like the real thing it shots great. I'm pretty happy with it but there is somethings that could have been changed or added to this air gun.
ProsThe good things about this air gun is that it looks real and it shoots very good in semi and in fullauto. The rails all the way around for additional hardware and the charging handle felt real when pulling back. The adjustable stock was great and the forearm grip with the speed loader was a nice addition.
ConsThe things that I thought that could have been better was basically on the magazine because it didn't hold enough bb's and if it wasn't for the speed loader it would have made it difficult to load the bb's into the magazine. The pop up sight's should have been doing loaded
Best UsesI like the way it shoots and feels. I having lots of fun with it.
By Del m.
5,000 rounds in and going strong
September 21, 2018
I got it and I first impression were OK I first had feeding issues but I inlarged the hole and added oil and with well maintenance and after every mag I cleaned it 5,000 rounds in and still going strong
By Henry R.
Dpms review
September 21, 2018
This co2 airgun is so much fun and very reliable! Some time ago i purchased the sig c02 airgun simular to this and there is no comparison! The dpms makes you think you have the actual firearm!
ProsVery realistic! Fuctions and breaks down just like ar rifle
ConsMagazine loading troblesome!
Best UsesTarget, plinking
By Alan
Eureka, CA
fun to shoot but failed after 100 bb's
September 19, 2018
Fun but it stopped working. The bolt would not seat fully forward. I think it's the magazine. Everything else in the receiver looks fine. Very disappointed. Another website is offering extra magazines so I just pre-ordered 2. $50.00 each. The other website is named after one of the 3 famous structures in Egypt. If this isn't the problem I will ask for a replacement.
Consstopped working.
By Howard
lots of fun and very safe
September 11, 2018
Although a gun owner since leaving the Navy in 1978 , I never had a BB gun before this. It caught my eye and decided , at $180, what the heck. First thing , replaced muzzle brake with an old AK bird cage brake I had lying around and it fit perfectly. Shot about 100 rounds - hated the crappy plastic folding sites and replaced them with some old flip up iron sites that were lying around. Then really tacked it out with a old cheap micro red dot and a laser /flashlight combo on the top rail . Took it to my sons house and we set up some targets in back yard and before long some of his friends (Gulf War Vets ) came over and we had a great time
By Nate A.
Birmingham, Alabama
Best gun ever!
August 13, 2018
OMG! This thing is awesome. very fast rate of fire, ammo cheap actual weight is about the same as my real AR-15s great training aid everything works just like my real rifles cheaper to shoot get lots of muscle memory in without spending a fortune on 5.56 ammo. If you have the means to pick one up I highly recommend it!
ProsRealistic features actual weight cheap to shoot
ConsCan't think of any
Best UsesI love it for training
By Randall s.
Lovelock nv
Bad gun
August 1, 2018
Fired three shots and it quit working , I think it's in the magazine I will be contacting airgun depot to see what they have to say may update later
ProsLooks good
Cons Fired one shot doesn't work if they had more magazines I could've tried them thinking that's what's wrong with it
By Steve
Alamo, CA
Best purchase I've made in a long time.
July 31, 2018
This bb gun is soooo awesome! As a former SWAT cop used to shooting the real thing, this a close second. Perfect for backyard fun.
By Chris W.
Dallas, Texas
More fun than the real thing!
July 30, 2018
This thing is a blast and my son and I went through a box of co2 and a bottle of BBs in the first weekend. I strapped a flashlight and a 4x scope off my old truck rifle and it's perfect to get rid of those pesky squires and possums that harass our dogs. Also great to teach youngsters some gun safety for when they want to shoot the real thing. DPMS did a great job making this an accurate and fun B.B. rifle.
ProsFun, accurate for a smooth bore and full auto is almost as much fun as the real thing!
Cons25 shots goes fast, would love extra mags
Best UsesTarget practice, pest deterrent, gun safety training
Extremely realistic!
July 29, 2018
Got this after months of waiting, and I am very happy with it. Shooting is realistic and I love that the BBs and CO2 are in the magazine together for realistic reloading. Only issue I have is you need at least 2 magazines to practice magazine changes and so far I can't find an extra available for order.

ProsRealistic blowback action and good accuracy.
ConsShould hold 30 rounds like a standard AR-15 magazine, and would be great if offered with an extra magazine.
Best UsesGreat for cheap and convenient training, and for teaching gun safety to kids.
By catalino
very disappointed
July 29, 2018
watched the evaluation in youtube this weekend and started firing in semi-auto but only shot 5 bbs when it quit working altogether. checked for jam, replaced bbs in magazine and even replaced the co2 cartriges but to no avail. Charging handle works but for some reason bolt will not move forward all the way. even tried pulling trigger without the magazine but no co2 is being released. am returning item this week.
Proslooks like the real thing
Conswas wondering if this is one of the issue(s) that caused delay in releasing this product
By josh
wausau, Wisconsin
it's great, but......
July 25, 2018
This air rifle is, in my opinion, fantastic. It realism, is unmatched thus far, in a steel bb are platform. Even the hellboy isent as realistic. I'm giving it 5 stars so far. But, it needs more magazines. The speed loader is great, but it should come with at least, 2 mags. It's a must!! I'm going crazy, waiting for crossman to release extras, so I can do some mag changes. But other than that, awesome.
ProsAwesome replica
ConsRuns out of bbs fast. Needs more mags!!!!!!!
By Christian
West Haven, Connecticut
Beautiful replica, questionable operation
July 17, 2018
I received mine this morning excitedly after a 6 month wait. Nice packaging, similar to Umarex. Includes a speed loader (Umarex should have done this with the MP40, so bonus points for Crosman).Weight and feel are second to none. You could easily mistake this for a real Panther Arms AR-15. Solid, beautiful design. You can remove the backup iron sights and foregrip if you want (or adjust them). Biggest surprise yet- I pushed the receiver pins to see if they were real or not. The rear pin slid out and stayed in played. With quick yank and much to my surprise the upper and lower receiver disassemble just like the real gun. The internals look different, but there is an auto sear!

As for shooting, it's a BB gun. Blowback is very solid. Trigger pull is heavy, but it's fine. Full auto is awesome. The bolt stays back on the last round.
ProsLooks great, feels great, shoots great. Equal to the Umarex MP 40 as my favorite replica. If you've ever wanted an M4 that is FULLY functional, look no further.
ConsReceivers and dust cover are not aluminum (Although the glass filled Nylon is very durable and you won't notice). Forward assist is non-functional (err... who cares, it's not going to jam). Weird flash hider is not removable.
Best UsesPlinking, teaching gun safety, showing off.
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