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Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk®, .177 cal

Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk®, .177 cal

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The Nitro Piston Technology has proven to be a valuable aid to hunters. There's nothing worse than knowing your metal spring might be fatigued and not provide the power and energy you need to humanely dispatch your prey. With a gas piston, you'll always have the same power and never have to give it a second thought because the gas piston does not suffer from the same issues.

  • Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk
  • Breakbarrel
  • Gas piston
  • Single-shot
  • Weaver rail (no open sights)
  • 70% quieter than most other breakbarrels!
  • Muzzlebrake
  • Ambidextrous synthetic stock with grooves on forearm & grip
  • Dual raised cheekpieces
  • Incl. CenterPoint Optics 4x32 scope + mount (unmounted)

If you shoot a lightweight pellet so its velocity exceeds the speed of sound- it could result in your pellet breaking the sound barrier and the gun being louder than expected! The speed of sound depends on humidity- temperature and altitude. Generally speaking- it's between 1-060 fps and 1-115 fps.

Here are the benefits of Nitro Piston Technology:
  • Smoother cocking
  • Smoother shooting
  • No spring torque
  • No spring fatigue- even if you leave it cocked for hours
  • Functions perfectly in cold weather
  • Lasts longer than a metal spring
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity1200 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBreak barrel
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • Gun Weight7.4
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity1
  • MechanismGas piston
  • Optics4x32mm
  • RailWeaver Mount
  • SafetyManual
  • Trigger AdjustabilityTwo-stage adjustable
  • UsePest Control / Plinking /Target Shooting
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk®, .177 cal
62 Reviews
71% (44)
23% (14)
2% (1)
0% (0)
5% (3)
94% Recommend this product (58 of 62 responses)
By Brian
Suburb of Detroit
February 23, 2012
Awesome Rifle
I've put about 400 pellets through mine and it's about the best shooting pellet rifle I've ever owned. I've been shooting for over 40 years and this thing is as accurate as any 22 rifle I've ever shot. After about 50 rounds through it I finally got the scope dead on and hasn't moved a mm since. I have a 45ft shooting range set up in my basement since it is too cold to shoot for long periods now and I got tired of getting bulls eyes on the 25ft NRA Air Rifle Targets that I'm shooting at that I started shooting match sticks. Here's a pick, the left one I shot standing from 25ft on the first shot and the other 2 were shooting from a bench. I knocked the tip off the last one and nicked the head and knocked some of the sulpher off and than nicked it below the tip on the second one from the right using Crosman Competition Wadcutters. It took 12 shots but I'm not as steady as I was when I was 18. Overall a great rifle for the $$!
ProsPower Accuracy Price Quiet
ConsA little Heavy
By Kristopher
West River, MD
November 28, 2011
A Lot of Bang for the buck!
I'm still very early in the break in process of my Nitro Venom but am already impressed! Stock is sturdy and well constructed. I have only shot 20-30 shots and the gun is beginning to make tight groups at 15yrds but i still have a long way on zeroing the scope. Scope is not the best but its not bad either its better then others I have seen included with comparable guns on the market. I was initially taken back by how loud the first few shots were but as the machining oil burned out of the barrel it quickly quieted down. The power is very impressive for a gun in this price range purchasers like myself will have no problem taking down small game.
ProsNitro Piston will not fatigue over time.
ConsScope can be hard to see out of. Sloppy inconsistant Trigger
By fred
santa barbara, ca
June 21, 2018
great gun
I had a ground squirrel problem. Bought a CO2 gun so my wife could shoot too. but you never knew if you were going to get a shot or just a click. This Nitro Venom is great. It holds its charge forever (seemingly), and has consistent hitting power, and can be left cocked for my wife to use. Put on a good red dot sight (cost as much as the rifle), and we love it. No more ground squirrels. Now we shoot it for fun...
Prosaccurate, holds charge
By Lew
Huntsville, Alabama
May 4, 2018
A blast to play with
Very happy with this gun. It was a good value for the price. Accuracy was satisfactory right out of the box & is getting better with practice and breaking in. Took it apart and polished the trigger mating surfaces after the first day, dramatically improving the feel and possibly the accuracy, but I did it before I really was getting all there was out of the gun. I'm getting sub 1 inch groups at 30 feet freehand now and expect it will improve off a rest.
By Marty Mikula
January 30, 2018
With this around my .410 doesnt get used much anymore!
ProsNice quick kinda quiet Ready to go in a instant. Varments beware!!
ConsScope isnt much! I upgraded it ! Now its dead on.
By Chris S
Buffalo, NY
November 30, 2017
Very excellent gun
I've been using this for about a year for rat control and my yard and it's very consistent. My only complaint is the barrel doesn't lock into place very well and the barrel tends to "droop" if I'm not careful.
ProsSolid construction
ConsBarrel doesn't positively lock after cocking.
By Mike
Nova Scotia
October 14, 2017
Good quality gun for the price
I recently purchased this rifle and so far am quite happy with it. I read numerous reviews and watched several youtube videos, so before I fired the 1st shot through it I purchased an RC bearing and did the trigger modification ($3). The center point scope was the next to go. I emailed Crosman to complain about this scope and suggested they combine it with a better quality scope; I was able to get it somewhat close to the bullseye at 15yds but the image was blurry and I was not able to get it to focus. I installed my Diana 4x32 scope that I had on my HATSAN .177 and within a dozen shots I had it dialed in at 30 yards. This gun is much quiter than my HATSAN springer, however I doubt it has the specs that Crosman claims it has. Regardless, I have no doubt that any rabbit, crow or squirrel within 35 yards would be toast. Using the crosman Premier hollow points on a 2x6 at 30 yards they were buried to the point you could not see them in the board, this boosted my confidence that this gun will be lethal on small game at a reasonable distance.
ProsPrice Quite Handles nice and looks great
Cons4x32 center point scope is junk a little heavy trigger needs modification to reduce pull
By Sue
Prunedale CA
September 13, 2017
A really accurate rifle
I shoot 10 rounds into a dime spot at 30 feet all day long. I am not a fan of scoped air rifles but by resetting the rings with lov-tight and tightening every screw on the gun I have a fantastically accurate air rifle Ias the boys and the dead gophers can attest. I tested seven different pellets .177 cal. It definitely likes the kodiak 10.65 grains best. My husband shoots a $650 RWS and I out soot him Sue in Prunedale CA
By Louis
Saint Lucia
June 19, 2017
Great Gun
Took it our of the box and followed the instructions and it works well. I have had an issue with the safety, it was faulty from the start. However, the gun is accurate and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a 0.22 caibre effect without the hassle of finding ammunition. The .177 is powerful enough for effective pest control.
ProsVery powerful and accurate. That's what you want your gun to do in the first place
ConsNo provisions for a sling, for a gun as heavy as this.
By David
June 2, 2017
I love this gun, period. I have 3 and this is the best, shot about 25 to zero scope, after about 300 shots, still dead on

Prosnice like everything about it, well built,
Consnone so far,
By Reider
eustis, florida
February 5, 2016
Worst Scope Ever!!!!!!
The rifle is not bad great power but the scope after 5 shots the crosshair tilted to one side. I hate having to return something and wait 2 more weeks because of their fault .
ProsGreat power
ConsHorrible scope
By John
Abilene, TX
November 7, 2015
Really nice, but careful during mod
.Most people complain about the scope, but I found it to seemingly well made. I replaced the scope however, with a $20 BSA red dot. The rifle seems to be well made all around but definitely heavy. The trigger pull is much too long, but I read in another Venom comment to just replace the trigger adjustment screw with a longer one. I found a like threaded screw in my junk box that was about 2.5 to 3 times longer. I suggest that if you buy a replacement screw, to get one twice and three times longer than the original. The trigger pull is now still long, but no pressure until you get to the point where pressure must be applied to fire it. It now has a nice one eighth inch firing pull distance. Be careful to not put a pellet in while trying to adjust the trigger until you are ready to actually fire it. Dry firing is supposed to be a no no. When I first tried to cock the gun after tightening down longer screw, the cock wouldn't hold. Backing off the screw, it held but fired automatically when I snapped the breach closed - thus shouldn't put in a pellet until after you see that the screw is not screwed in too far. After backing out the screw a bit more, the cocking held.

Cocking is a muscle building exercise. Thus, this gun would be a pain for a child to cock. You first have to break the breach open over you knee and then place the stock in your gut and pull down on the barrel, is the best way I found to cock it. As the instructions say, don't use any type of pellets other than the recommended. I tried a couple of Gamo Red Fires pellets I already had, but they both missed the target completely. Crosman Pointed Premium Grade were right on target.

The gun is easily taken out of the stock by unscrewing three screws. There is a dime size metal brace piece of which the flat part goes toward the rear of the stock where the air chamber seats. It goes around the large bolt at the very end. It may fall out if the stock is turned upside down.

With a little innovation, you should be able to put a strap for this rifle.
ProsAcurate Not too loud and supposed to get quieter with firings
ConsTrigger pull will need to be modified with longer screw. Too heave and hard to cock for youngsters.
By Dirk
Englewood, CO
October 27, 2015
Nice Rifle - Keep the scope
This rifle is solid and powerful. I am still in the break in period with this gun with about 200 pellets so far, so I am still fiddling around with different pellets since accuracy is my priority. It definitely seems to prefer heavier pellets. The trigger is awful, but for a rifle in this price range I cannot complain too much. This is my first Nitro air rifle and it is certainly quieter to shoot than my RWS #52. I don't think my neighbors notice a difference, because the noise from the spring in the RWS is mostly transmitted through the stock to my ear, and not heard by bystanders, but I do prefer the noise from the Nitro as the shooter. I wish the rifle had mechanical sights, but that's not a deal breaker as I plan to use a scope for most of my shooting. Speaking of the scope, I wish the rifle did not come with the one that was included in the package. It is a CeterPoint 3-9x32 which I think is the right size for this rifle, but the scope did not hold up to the recoil this powerful rifle generates. The rifle became unsafe to shoot after 20 shots or so because my pellet trap is only 12"x12" and at 15 yards this rifle would occasionally miss the trap! I put the scope from my RWS on this rifle and now it shoots 1-2" groups. I would have preferred to save some money up front and had the option to buy the rifle without a scope, and then put that money towards a better scope. Now I will have to buy another scope and use this CenterPoint as a paper weight or something. One of the best things about this rifle is the integral Picatinny rail on the receiver for mounting optics. This allows you to mount just about any scope with your choice of rings to accommodate your scope - Nice touch!
PS - I have emailed Airgun Depot about the scope, so we will see if they can help.
ProsWell built, sturdy rifle. Very comfortable stock. Fit and finish are good. One of the best things about this rifle that should be adopted by all manufacturers is the integral Picatinny rail. This makes scope mounting much easier and opens up more mounting options.
ConsNo mechanical sights. Trigger could be better. I like an automatic safety, this gun has a manual safety. The CenterPoint scope on this rifle did not survive the recoil, and had to be replaced. They always say, "The most expensive piece of equipment you'll ever buy is the good one you bought to replace the cheap one you bought, trying to save some money."
By mark
Ventura ca.
October 19, 2015
Love it
There are sure alot of malcontents around these days. I have had the crosman venom in .22 for over two years. It hits hard and shoots straight what more can you ask for?????
ProsI wish I had two of them
ConsFor $169 bucks I can't think of any
September 1, 2015
By Bobby Lee
June 23, 2015
Great rifle!
I love this rifle. I got the .177 and it is a solidly built, fairly quiet, powerful, accurate, nice looking rifle.
The trigger is not as adjustable as you may think seeing as it is advertised as "adjustable". It's OK though, just not a true two stage, CBT like my NP2.
My only negative would be that there's no sling attatchnents. No problem.
ProsStated above.
ConsNo sling attachments.
By chuck
June 6, 2015
I would buy this rifle again
I shot about 100 pellets before sighting in the scope. Takes a few rounds to break-in any pellet rifle. Now I use 10.5 grain round nose pellets which I feel is the most accurate. I have not tried a heavier (larger grain) pellet. This rifle is heavier than most rifles and you need to hold the rifle using the "Artillery Hold" to be accurate.
ProsPower & accuracy
Consheavy to carry. Crosman could have done a better job on the long trigger pull.
By Marcus
The Woodlands, Texas
May 14, 2015
Plenty of punch for the money.
I like this gun. It has no problem putting RWS Superdome 8.3 grain pellets through 3/4 inch soft plywood at 5 yards. Haven't taken it outside yet. It has a pretty decent two stage trigger with a very predictable release. I don't have a chronograph yet, so can't say what velocities I am getting. It is a little stiff at first when cocking it with the barrel, but after putting a few rounds through it, it is getting easier to do. Everything is tight, no loose tolerances, and the gun has a very solid feel to it. The silencer or suppressor works very well. I have been shooting it in my bedroom and into the closet against a backstop, and with my door closed, no one hears it. I would definitely recommend this gun. I was very surprised with I looked at the scope. It is quite heavy, good quality movement to the dials, and is easy to focus. It has the mil-spec dot on reticle sighting system. I think this was $120 well spent. I look forward to getting more familiar with it.
ProsSee above
By Bob Frank
Great Falls, VA.
February 20, 2015
Truly AWESOME Air Rifle
I moved from the country into the suburbs of Virginia and shooting squirrels with my 22 rifle is considered a No-No. So I read almost every review on AirGunDepot's web site about air guns and this one looked the best. So I bought one. I set up a 45' "range" in my basement and it took about 40-50 rounds (I use the Gamo .177 rocket pellets) to get the sight set right. Since that time I have knocked squirrels out of trees from 60-70 feet away without a problem or a complaint from a neighbor. The rifle is fantastic. What you will read from others is true and accurate. It does take a few rounds to get the sound to quiet down and for the "pump" to become a bit easier. But once things are set up the rifle is exceptional and I would highly recommend it to others who want to rid the world of nuisance varmints.
ProsAccurate, easy to set up and easy to use.
ConsNone at all. Yeah, it would be nice if it had a sling but other wise it is fine.
By joshua kincaid
United States
January 11, 2015
better than gamo
I have had 2 gamo big cats the 1200 and the 1250, and this gun towers over both in accuracy and power.I have humanly killed rabbits and squirrels at 60+ yards. Crosman guns like Crosman pellets.
Prosaccuracy power consistency
Consbit heavy after adding a better scope.
By Mark
Fort Collins, CO
December 26, 2014
Terrible accuracy and very inconsistent
I agree with most users that the trigger is bad. I used a longer screw to shorten the 2nd stage and that made trigger much better (you can find you tube videos on how to make this quick $0.19 fix). Scope is very poor - open sights would be much better. Scope moved in rings - I had to remount and tighten ring screws fairly tight (way tighter than on my high power rifles - 22 inch pounds). Fairly loud. Scope has no parallax so you are not actually aiming at the same point every time. Can't get cross-hairs and target in focus at same time. Mine leaked at the breech seal so Crosman sent me a replacement o-ring. With a shim I was able to get no leakage and accuracy improved (best pellets grouped at about 5/8" from 12 yards). But now after only 150 more shots, it is leaking again and accuracy is terrible - lucky to get 1.5" groups at 12 yards from a rest! Used 5 different pellets and the accuracy from all of them has gotten much worse! The worst groups are over 4" at 12 yards!!! Just terrible. I will save this rifle for outdoor plinking as it is good for nothing else. Very disappointed especially when it did get good groups for a short time. I guess you can only expect so much from an inexpensive gun.
ConsPoor performance. Terrible scope.
By Doug
Southerntier, NY
October 7, 2014
Great buy!
Very accurate right out of the box.
ProsPowerful and accurate
ConsNot so easy to cock and not as quiet as I thought it would be.
By zach
se ct
June 27, 2014
Best Rifle for the $$$
I've shot alot of air rifles and rifles in general. This is a serious air rifle! I don't think there is a comparable gun for the money. I went side by side with my Beeman, Benjamin and my friend's RWS and Ruger. The Crosman....yes I said the Crosman won hands down. I even stopping shooting my Remington Nylon .22 because it isn't even close to the accuracy. I just eye shot a Groundhog at 45 yds....yes CLEAN eye shot. I can't do that with any other gun I own. I am glad I went with this gun over the higher prices guns. One thing though, it's heavy..... Oh and I have over 1000 rounds through it so it's not short lived performance and not a fluke.
ProsEverything especially price over product quality. As good at the $250 and higher priced guns.
ConsHEAVY. This sucker weighs probably 3 times as much as my .22LR Rimfires (not counting my 10/22 Ruger with a custom heavy barrel.
By Anthony
La Vernia, TX
June 18, 2014
Big Bang for your Buck
Bought this one on a daily deal. Boy what a deal. More power than I thought. Read the other reviews. Their not kidding power,accuracy, and fun all rolled in one.
The scope fits well and easy to use. Dialed in well and fast. It is a bit hard to pump at first but quickly gets easier as you put more rounds through it. Buy this one you won't be sorry.
ProsPower, power, power.
By Timothy
Lexington Pk, MD
June 4, 2014
Solid Spring Piston rifle
Shot great out of the box. Minor dieseling for first 50 shots or so. Trigger is decent for a Crosman. Scope is a good beginner level scope. Accurate out to 50 yrds or so. Velocities are inflated and measured using the lightest pellets available. Actual Chronograph numbers for 14.3 CPHP's were around 720 FPS. Firing cycle is nice, definitely hits hard. The welded scope rail is a welcome addition on a spring gun be it spring or gas piston.
ProsScope rail
ConsHeavy Inflated velocities from Crosman
Medley, FL
March 4, 2014
Great Gun
Great Gun. Scope could have been better but overall very nice gun and great price.
By John
Sedalia, MO
January 14, 2014
Love this gun
I've owned many firearms but this is my first pellet gun. I don't see how this thing can only be $150. For target shooting the trigger pull is a little long and hard but other than that I get amazing groups at 20 yds utilizing the artillery hold. I've seen the scope being reviewed as horrible or just adequate, but I think the scope is very satisfactory for the total price. I had originally planned to upgrade the scope when the gun was in the mail but now after shooting it seems more than serviceable. After debating on doing the washer trigger mod or buying charlie da tunas trigger I decided to go with the mod. I ordered both a 5x8x2.5mm and 5x9x3mm rc car wheel bearing so we will see how that goes. I've only shot Crosman premier hollow points and they seem to shoot extremely well.
ProsAccuracy Price Scope(for the $$)
By Savage3006
Strong Island, NY
November 21, 2013
gave this a 5 because I love it!!! no flaws to report everything works as it should. scope works great easy to sight and groups of less than 1/2 inch and 25 yards. also super quiet just a little heavy but I took care of that with a rifle rest.
Prosaccurate, easy to break the barrel (not for kid's) solid Everything, great rifle. it is heavy but shoots great
By Bill
Goshen, AL
October 4, 2013
Love this gun
This thing is awesome. Trigger is smooth, although I can feel the extra effort it takes to cock the gun compared to my springers, it's smooth. Accuracy is nice (after sighting in and couple hundred pops with it). The recoil is noticably different than a springer. It's strong but instant like an airgun, no spring vibration. Lead pellets whisper through it but, alloy pellets give me that cracking of the sound bearier breaking that I love. The neighbors think I'm shooting a 22 lr. I added a laser to the gun and I am in the process of creating a log of site settings for the various pellet types and weights that I use. I leave the laser set at my favorite pellet as a reference to go back to and all settings are made from that point and logged. Shooting beer cans just makes me drink more beer. The refurb at $109.00 is a must have. Thanks Airgun Depot, ya'll did it for me again.
ProsI didn't even get to the scope. It pulls your (work) right in close. Appreciated at my age. (57)
ConsOnce a day I have to stop shooting and go to work 2nd shift.
By Kevin
Fort Lee, VA
September 1, 2013
Powerful Piston Requires Powerful Arm
The most memorable thing about the first 50 pellets put through this fine weapon was the ungodly amount of force needed both break the barrel and cock the action. I needed both hands! Of course, since it hasn't settled down yet, I can't speak to accuracy but I can definitely testify to the beauty and solidity of the Nitro Venom Dusk. Ergonomically it feels quite good. Today I used my Caldwell Deadshot Shooting Rest with the artillery hold, resting my open left hand on the bag". (I put the v-shaped little stock rest on top of the larger bag and rest the fore-end, with my hand under it, on top.) Toward the end of my session I was getting some consistency in the groupings, although it might have been more coincidence than technique. Nevertheless, the gun responds much as my Ruger Air Hawk Elite minus about 5 or 6 pounds, and that is a crucial difference. I'll have to embark on a weightlifting regimen to shoot the Ruger from an unassisted standing position, but the Dusk will require lighter weight work. The overall effect, feel and sound of the nitro piston powered rifle is distinctly different from the slap-twang of the Ruger springer. To me, the Crosman action feels more efficient and compact compared to the active, mechanically potent Ruger spring. You can simply feel there is something big moving inside the Ruger with every shot. The physicality of the Crosman nitro piston takes place in a shorter amount of time (albeit very quickly) and with less of a feeling of mechanical things happening than I can sense in the Ruger. Well, duh...that's exactly what is going on, isn't it? So ... I like them both very much in terms of size and heft, but the Dusk takes the prize for maneuverability. My Rugers barrel breaks crisply and easily compared to the Crosman, but the Ruger is just so darned heavy it gives the edge to the Crosman, if you need to compare. The CenterPoint 3-9x32 that comes with the Crosman is bright, crisp and solid and seems perfectly adequate. The scope mounts appear robust. I will eventually obtain an 8-32x50 for more precision and distance, but for now the comes-with scope is fine.

Come to think of it, if I can adjust the trigger to make it lighter I will. It has a long pull and requires considerable effort to shoot.

So it's plastic, so what? If that's important to you it comes in both plastic and wood models, your choice.

I live on an Army post so will have to find suitable public land off-post if I want to go varmint hunting with this rifle. Although deer and turkey hunting is allowed on Fort Lee, shotguns and bow hunting only are authorized - no rifles - and I believe the attitude to air rifles is still at the "oh, BB guns" stage, so until I feel like trying to blaze a trail of legitimacy for air rifles on an Army post, I will just leave well enough alone for now.

I get a little smug (though only to myself!) at my range while my fellow members spend a dollar or more or less per round as they (rightly) enjoy their ARs and bolt actions, etc. (which I, too, will acquire for deer hunting eventually). I am having a splendid time with my air rifles and my air pistols (today was also devoted to trying out my new Crosman 2240) and I would endorse the Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk enthusiastically to any and all who can handle its considerable physical requirements.
ProsSolidity, ergonomics, power, scope. I don't own a Chrony so I can't speak to velocity.
ConsHeavy trigger. Cocking requires IMMENSE force but probably only during break-in, I'm guessing. I'm hoping. I'm praying.
By William Hall
Albuquerque, NM
August 28, 2013
Refurbished Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk .177
Received this rifle in as new condition, one tiny scratch on elevation cap on my scope, touched up can't see it now. That happened in transit, no big deal.
Cleaned the barrel with dry patches, mounted scope, tightened all screws and bolts on the rifle. I set up target at 33', fired
first shot, 3" high dead on. Then put twenty pellets in that hole cover with quarter, no flyers. The gun was already broken in and ready to go. No recoil to speak of, very low noise. Using Beemans Kodiak 10.65gr pellets, gun loves these. Tried six other pellets, gun loves these heavy guys.

After, 200 shots, scope rings loosened and forearm screws as well. That's normal with the hard hitting power of this gun.
Tightened the rifle up, proceeded to shoot as before. Have now shot nearly 400 pellets, gun still preforming well. Adjusted objective end of scope for no movement on 9 power @33',adjusted eye piece, very clear, holds zero. You would have to do this for each yardage to make it perfect, but is pretty clear without all this adjustment up to seven power. Would guess, parallex is set at fifty yards on this scope. Don't know if point of impact will change, with change of magnification? I will
try it but that's only important to hunters, not hole punchers!

Has the Crosman trigger, just deciding whether to give the Hillbilly fix or buy a trigger. Will tear gun down and clean and lube it,
blue Loc-tite everything, reassemble. Its a keeper, warranty is out anyway. Maybe put a little double stick carpet tape under the scope rings. I owned a gun shop for years, a little trick I used on long belted big game rifles. That's recoil son!
A 340 Weatherby Mag from benchrest will rock your world !!!!.

I own a lot of guns center fire and rim fire. I have target triggers that cost four times price of this gun, scopes and guns that cost ten times this gun. I'm new with airguns, just a hobby, they are not perfect, but I don't know how they build them
for this money?
ProsLow cost of getting into shooting sports
ConsAirguns, I think you better learn how to work on them. Nature of the beast!
By James
Almont, MI
August 6, 2013
Crosman Nitro Venom DuskŪ .22 Caliber Air Rifle
This is a break barrel with a unmounted CenterPoint 3-9x32 Scope with Mounting System .It's accuracy improves after break in,I seen where break in is about 100 shots but I found this to be about 50.
ConsTrigger pull
By Joey
Whitelaw, WI
July 25, 2013
Great Gun Great Company to buy from!!!
I received the rifle very quickly. I had no issued with the gun so far. This is the 1st nitro piston air rifle I ever owned and wont go back to spring again. The first shot was extremely loud then by the 10th it quieted right down. Still working on the break in period but if you take your time and try different pellets it groups great with certain styles. Don't expect it to be a tack driver with out a little work on your part. Great product.
ProsEverything great rifle. it is heavy but shoots great
ConsOnly complaint is scope and rings but for the price how can you beat this rifle.
By Jack
July 9, 2013
Easy CHEAP trigger fix (don't waste your $)
For a while I was a little skeptical about buying this rifle because lots of reviews say the trigger is horrible and being 13 years old, spending an extra 40 bucks for a charlie da tuna trigger was just a big waste of hard earned cash. So I searched around on Youtube for a while and stumbled upon a video by Chris Mcaal he explained that inserting a small washer in the trigger basically made it a hair trigger! I was getting tired of the crappy crosman trigger. It made shooting with accurately almost impossible, So I thought I would try it out and IT WORKED! In fact, it works very well! It is extremely smooth and breaks at the same point every time. As for the Nitro Venom itself, I could not be any happier with it, it's quiet powerful and most importantly...accurate.
ProsVery well balanced, the widened stock helps promote the artillery hold, lots of knock down power, very accurate
By Joseph
Vallejo, CA
June 17, 2013
Refurbished Crosman Nitro Venom .177 Caliber Review
I purchased this rifle at $114.99 shipped to my house with a $5 off shipping coupon code. Shipping was very fast at 3-4 business days. The rifle looks pretty clean out the box and was double packaged very well. No signs of wear from previous use on the outside of this refurbished rifle. Upon breaking the barrel for inspection I noticed a slight gouge on the left side where the barrel is machined to fit the seal. The seal was unblemished and goes in deep enough to where this slight gouge does not affect the integrity of the seal. First 5 shots were pretty darn loud as expected even with lead pellets.This mellows off at about 10 shots. It took about 100-150 shots to break in the rifle and get pretty decent groups. This rifle is powerful and pretty consistent for the price.The scope is just fine for the rifle and just needed a little adjustment to the back lens to get it focused in right.Overall I am pleased with this rifle although I personally would not let a rifle leave my factory with any kind of gouge near the seal, refurbished or not. When I get done doing a little bit of work on the trigger this rifle will be hard to beat at this price.
ProsSolid, powerful rifle at a really good price.
ConsQuality control could be better from Crosman.
By pops
orlando, florida
June 11, 2013
Still in the 100 shot break in period, but we are able to hit a dime at about 50 feet! Very quiet. Has more recoil than I expected, but not bad. Trigger pull is smooth. I only wanted a rifled barrel and 1000 fps and maybe a scope. I got that and a whole lot more.
Prosprice, accurate, silent, scope, nitro, trigger
Consrecoil, seems large, forearm wide to allow break barrel, 6.2 # feels heavy to old geezer like me.
By Mike
Knoxville, Tennessee
June 7, 2013
Exceeds Expectations
I've only shot this sweet thing 50-60 times and I already have it completely zeroed in at 30 yards, shooting 1-inch bulls eye clusters one after another. I just can't miss with this thing. On day 2, I picked off two rabbits from my deck with the target at the edge of my garden 50 feet away. Both were heart shots. Did I mention that I just can't miss with this thing? One was an instant kill and the other a drop and flop (10-seconds) using only one pellet for each kill. Doc, my Chesapeake Bay Retriever was beside himself and eagerly retrieved both kills knowing he would get the dressed-out trophies for his efforts.
I use GAMO .177 Rocket Pellets, my favorite by far for accuracy and penetration and shear knock 'em dead results. It's reasonably quiet too, quieter than my old spring fired pellet rifle for sure. Cocking is somewhat hard but not unreasonably so. Weight is heavy but I like that. Each shot feels like I'm shooting a real gun, not a toy. The scope is just fine for my purposes and easy to mount and calibrate with typical incremental calibration dials on top and side which claim 1/4 inch per click at 100 yards and this seems to be pretty true. The style, construction and flat black finish give this baby somewhat of a serious bad-ass look as well. I may see if I can somehow add a strap which would be great to have given the weight of the gun. Even without a strap though this was definitely money well spent. Happy Father's Day to me :)
By Mike
Oakland CA
June 1, 2013
Looking good so far
Bought this a week ago, can see no evidence of any prior issues. Initial cocking was hard, but that has loosened up nicely. Scope is not bad. Scope mount is good. Not exactly quiet, but not a loud crack with lead pellets either. Trigger does not adjust, but it is tolerable and has also smoothed out during the centering process. Sling rings would be nice....I'm not sure if the stock can be reliably screwed into as it is plastic so any feedback from others would be welcome. I have always used Crosman Premier .177 hollow points in my other gun but this last tin has over 70 bad units which is a pain (too small so they fall through, no hollow point). Would like to hear other pellet recommendations for this gun before I start experimenting. The rifle however gets two thumbs up. I will update with any new findings if anything significant arises.
ProsBargain Accurate
ConsNo sling provision Trigger adjustment is not effective
By Jose J Grajales
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
April 12, 2013
Best Return on Investment
Bought mine to eliminate pest pigeons. The accuracy seems to grow stronger after the first hundred shots. Great buy. Very tight shot group at 100 feet, overlapping most of times. Good to teach youngsters the basics of rifle shooting.
Proseasy to cock tight shot groups
Conslocation of safety (akward for GI)
By Phoebus
April 7, 2013
This is an excellent rifle. The break-in period was kind of a pain, but that is partly because I didn't know that it would take about a hundred shots for it to shoot accurately. Had I read the user manual first, I would have realized this and not bothered with the scope until after the first hundred rounds. Zeroing a scope is kind of a pain when the gun isn't shooting accurately, obviously. What I also did not know when I first shot it was that the first few rounds are VERY loud. Like, scared the crap out of me and my friend and probably the neighbors. I worried at first about the noise. I shoot in my backyard in a suburban neighborhood, but my worries were quickly allayed when the gun became much quieter once it was broken in. It shoots very accurately after the break in period. I popped a Bic lighter from all the way across my backyard, about 30 yards.

This rifle also feels hefty, and for that I like it. Nice solid-feeling stock and barrel, nothing feels cheap, it has a good weight to it. Cocking effort took some time to get used to. My other air rifle is a weaker one with a very light cocking effort. I have read complaints about the trigger pull. It seems okay to me, but I will try adjusting it to see how it feels. I use lead pellets, I don't really like shooting all that lead into my yard but the PBA ammo is so much more expensive. Last time I used it, I found it to be very inaccurate. I would estimate I get about 1000 fps with it, opposed to the advertised 1200, if you use the PBA ammo. 1000 is perfect for me though! Gets downrange in a hurry and Makes a nice authoritative "tonnnng" when it hits my metal target.

I have also read complaints about the scope not living up to the standards of the rest of the gun. It seems okay to me. Certainly doesn't feel cheap. Maybe that's just because I haven't used what one might consider a good quality scope. Picatinny rails are a plus. It eliminates the problem of the scope pushing back (I had that on my other air rifle). They are of course, quite versatile when it comes to sights.

All in all, I have no complaints about this product. I think it is excellent! I wish I had seen the .22 cal version on this website before I spent $170 tax on the .177 at Cabela's. I can live with that, no sense pining over the higher caliber one when this one right here is fantastic! I would absolutely recommend this to anyone, except perhaps a small shooter. As I've said, the weight and cocking effort of this rifle are fairly hefty for a smaller frame person. You will not be disappointed!
ProsHefty Solid Accurate Plenty of power to spare
ConsNone yet.
By kevan
March 26, 2013
It's as good as they say it is, believe me.
I bought a Gamo rocket IGT would not zero in. I cleaned it after every 50 shots put around 400 through it. 3 different gamo pellets changed the scope would not even come close, so reading about the Crosman Nitro Venum Dusk which had great reviews. I sent the Gamo back and bought one. This gun is unreal out of the box, a little adjusting about 15 shots later grouping quarter size shots touching each other at 25 yds. Amazing gun. I'm going to 40 yards tomorrow. I've read about 30 reviews and they were right. If you want a gun that is as good as its reviews says it is get one you'll be very satisfied with this gun. Great gun for price and feels good in your hands. Heck of a job Crosman. I'm sold.
ProsAccuracy. Trigger is nice. Nice weight looks good.
By Kenny
Elverta CA
March 21, 2013
Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk .177 Caliber Air Rifle
Great gun once sighted in. The trigger sucks from the factory. The second stage adjustment screw wasn't long enough to make it a short enough trigger pull. Also the directions for adjusting it are backwards. Turn the screw clockwise to shorten the second stage not counterclockwise. All I had to do was install a slightly longer screw and now this gun is great. Less than a one inch group up to 60 yards (which is all i have shot it).
Pros3-9 scope Stock Power Accuracy
Conslong trigger (easy fix) no open sight to hard to cock for kids
By Harlemhomeboy
Geneva, Switzerland
March 10, 2013
Steal of a deal
Great little rifle. Accurate, even with the cheap center point scope. Mine seems to like JSB's. Pretty quiet after the initial shots. Great package for the price.
ProsAccuracy Weight Quiet
By Vic
Mobile, AL
February 22, 2013
Excellent Rifle
Excellent rifle and fast delivery. Easy set up and sighting. Very accurate.
ProsLove the price for the power.
ConsNo dislikes
By Geir
February 18, 2013
Well spent money!
American Crosman quality! This Gun fulfills any airgun shooter, with a minimal budget. Centerpoint Scope, with mildots, NP- tech, and all- weather stock. Good accuracy! What more can you ask for? The rail makes it easy to fit any scope you want. Red dots or anything that you can fit on a picatinny- rail! A very nice starting gun for your children! YES, the trigger is a problem, but not an unsolvable problem. It is both adjustable and it is possible to have a gunsmith to take care of it for you, without messing with your guarantee! Or you can simply just adjust it yourself. I recommend the last. It takes just a few cents in pellets, and what fun would shooting be, if you didn't have to practice a little? After zeroing the scope, I suggest that you gently tap it on both sides of the mountings, to let it set. Use a rubber stick or something like that. Then shoot again. All this said, I too miss mountings for a sling. It's a little pitty that some customers buy a competing brand, just because of that. It wouldn't cost Crosman much to at least put the mountings on, and let the customer buy a sling of their choice. Or use one you have on another rifle. I use the sling as support when shooting standing up. I also hike a lot. When you need to climb, the sling would come in handy. The gun is not heavy to carry. Without the NP tech, the low weight would become a problem itself, regarding recoil. When you're hunting small game, walking some miles, it would be nice to hang it on your shoulder, not in a bag. All in all, buy it! It's worth EVERY nickle and dime! I'm a Norwegian Customer and a CROSMAN Fan!
ProsAccuracy Power Stock Design Mounting rail Scope PRICE
ConsNo Slingmount Trigger
By Steve
Los Angeles, CA
November 23, 2012
What a deal, Quiet, Powerful and Accurate.
I got this gun from Airgundepot on their daily deal or $129. The price is so cheap. I tried out several different pellets and found Crosman Premier .22 Hollow Points work the best. I have no problem hitting my targets over 100 yards. I've actually hit a crow from 200 yards. I've been using my Bushnell Pinseeker for yardage. It's for golfing, but works very well. For the price you get for this gun, it is excellent. The only thing I didn't like was the trigger, it is too long and somewhat inconsistent.
ProsPrice, power, accuracy, and smooth.
ConsTrigger sucks. Found a solution from youtube; by inserting small washer to the trigger mechanism, it really smoothed everything out. Crosman should do this to all their rifles or this type of trigger. Also, the safety is not automatic. Be Careful.
By Dewey
Holland, Michigan
October 17, 2012
Best Darn Air Rifle I've Ever Owned!
I bought one of these Nitro Venoms a few months ago from our local Mart store. Number one: it was on sale for under a buck and a half. Number two: I was curious about this new Nitro technology I'd been reading about. Like everyone else said, it was a tad loud for the first 50 or 60 rounds, then it quieted right down. Once I got the right ammo and got it sighted in at about 30 or 40 yards, I was very impressed. I'm a retired law enforcement officer with over 20 years of experience and when I told my fellow officers about this great gun I caught a lot of guff from them about playing with "BB guns." That is, until I let them shoot it a few times. They also were very impressed and a couple of them have actually gone out and purchased their own. I went out to the same local store a couple of weeks ago and bought myself another one just to alter it in different ways to see if I could improve it just a bit more. I very carefully took off 4 inches of the barrel (Not recommended for the novice or the less experienced), just to see if less barrel drag would improve the FPS. It did!!! With the newer alloy pellets, it clocked in well over 1550 fps with absolutely no change in terminal ballistics. Unfortunately, it did make it a little more difficult to cock. As nice and quiet as their sound reducer was I replaced it with one of my own designs. Since there is no heat involved in the firing process, I made mine using PVC pipe and insulation reducing the weight along with the length. It worked just fine and looks like something out of a science fiction movie. Next week, I plan on getting to work on that pesky trigger pull with my dremel and some polishing paste. Although, I was able to match the accuracy and noise reduction but not better it. I like the way my modified model looks but it's still pretty much the same gun as it started out as, basically speaking.
ProsI like just about everything this gun has to offer.
ConsTrigger pull, length, and weight.
By Jake
September 28, 2012
my final rifle
I am writing this review one year, thousands of pellets, over 50 grey squirrels after buying this gun. It defies the expectations of any airgun, with a three digit price tag. I have shot this gun in the rain, the snow, and even a hail storm. With it, I have killed grey squirrels from past a hundred yards. In my opinion, there is no better air rifle on the planet. It has out shot a gamo silver shadow, a crosman quest, and even a ruger 10/22.

Buy one and some JSB monster pellets. Clean her when your done, and you will never miss again. Install the GRTIII trigger, and the gun will beat even high cost pcp rifles. This is the last air rifle I will ever buy! And when I die, I would like to be buried with it. So when aliens dig up my bones in a million years, they'll say dang, that's a nice gun.
ProsEverything. Accuracy, power (I chroned it at 1500 once, with a gamo platnum pellet), reliability, and silence. It is my sniper rifle.
ConsThe fact that there is no room for improvement, jk that's a good thing.
By Scott
Alexandria, IN
September 28, 2012
I love this air rifle
I bought this with Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum Heavy, 10.5 gr. pellets 500 count. Wondering how it would print??? Did the break in with 100 rounds cleaning it at every 25 rounds with Hoppe's BoreSnake with nothing on it. One nice small hole...Just bought 5 more cans of the same pellets. The scope is mil dot... nice! No more 13 line ground squirrels. Fun to shoot!
ProsScope is a mil dot. Power, it rips through water jugs and ground squirrels and it is quiet!
ConsThe trigger, you have to get used to it, but overall it is good, not spongy.
By John
August 24, 2012
nice air rifle
This is a very nice air rifle. It's powerful enough to send a pellet strait though a 2"x4",
the scope isn't the best. Even though center point makes some pretty good scopes.
Prospowerfull noise reduces after shooting a bit.
ConsCould have a better scope, but for the price and quality, not bad.
By Sean
June 28, 2012
Cant be beat for the price
I am getting a 1 inch group at 40 yards...yes yards not feet..Very happy with the purchase.
Constrigger & scope
By Matt
Topeka, Kansas
May 16, 2012
Awsome gun but bad Trigger.
This is a nice nitro gun but the trigger is horrible. Make sure you buy a trigger from Charlie da Tuna or you will not be happy with this gun!
ProsStock Scope Accuracy
May 7, 2012
Rock-solid air rifle!
After a half-hour behind my nephew's Venom (sighting the scope for him), I liked his so much, I bought my own! Never owned an air-rifle (but do own several firearms), and the appeal of being able to shoot in my back yard (without spending dollars-per-hour for range time and a dollar-per-round with a high powered rifle) is what brought me to an air-rifle.
The rifle is, as I stated, rock solid. Fit and finish are excellent, mechanics work flawlessly, and (for an air-rifle) it packs a punch! As some of the other reviews have stated, the rifle is horribly inaccurate for the first hundred or so shots, but they do come together slowly after that. The first couple-o-shots are loud, but they do quiet down. I found that a good barrel cleaning works wonders for accuracy after the intinital break-in.
I'm not quite acclimated to the trigger just yet, nor have I adjusted it to see what can be improved upon. Scope is a quality piece and offers lots of adjustment(s).
ProsGood quality, heavy, solid construction, nice scope.
ConsNo complaints!
By air rifle killer
riverton kansas
April 29, 2012
Beast airgun
Ok well I had this airgun for about 6 months and i have killed huge amount of rabbit squirrles and birds on rabbits it takes about two shots if you dont hit him in the head or heart the only problem is the scope i can only get to the fifth zoom before it gets cloudy and you cant see the cross hairs
Prosaccurate and long lasting
Consscope, loud and wieght
By Matt McPhate
Baton Rouge, LA
March 3, 2012
Stock nitro venum 0.22
Overall the rifle is good. After about 150 rounds the gun will shoot a 5/8 group at 10 meters. The velocities were 680-700fps with the crossman HP 14.4 grain pellet.
The trigger pull average was 3lb 12oz 3/8 stroke. Im sure if you used a more consistant pellet and put a good trigger in it the groups would get a lot tighter.
I'll let you know how it goes.
ProsThe gun is smooth shooting and cocking,
ConsThe scope should be an AO type, focus at less than 20 meters is limited if you have to adjust the eye piece for reticle focus.
By JLoftus
Eddyville, Ky
March 3, 2012
Awesome gun for the price!
Gun grouped very well straight out of the box although they said it may take 100 rounds through the gun to get tight groups and less noise. Gun is quiet and if I can hold it steady the squirrels trying to get in my bird feeders don't stand a chance. Gun is very powerful. Gun is kind of heavy, but I have found this true of other quality air rifles.
ProsQuiet, powerful, and accurate.
ConsWeight and the scope provided is a little weak on the optics, but a good buy for the money.
By Julio Martinez
San Juan, Puerto Rico
March 2, 2012
Crossman Nitro Venom .177 Caliber Air Rifle
This the best buy for a pellet rifle, the scope is easy to calibrate. I used a foam coffee cup as a target I-draw a size of a quarter circle and placed the cup at about 25 feet, it took me about 30 pellets to cero in the middle of the cup. Was not satisfied yet and moved the cup 47 feet and I was surprise how accurate my rifle is now. Great for hunting one shot one kill. I will like to find out if Crossman has a .22 Caliber with that same characteristics.
ProsThe price is great for such a powerful rifle
ConsIt does not have a carrying strap
By arturo
Calexico, CA
February 26, 2012
This rifle is just spectacular it is one of my favorite air rifles in this store. there is no other words, Spectacular!
By Dust Devl
Alamogordo, New Mexico
February 4, 2012
Great pellet rifle!
This is my first adult pellet rifle purchase. I have been "into guns" for over 20 years and just never got into BB or pellet guns. This rifle is actually more accurate than I am. I continue to learn this "artillery hold" and am amazed at the accuracy of this gun. I have about 300 pellets thru it. The scope is great. Very stable...hasn't shifted like I've read on some of the Gamo guns. It is very quiet too. Not even close to .22 rimfire (either sub sonic from normal barrel, or supersonic ammo thru a suppressor).

I'll be buying the same Crosman in .22 soon since this .177 has impressed me and my shooting buddies so much!
Pros-Easy to cock and load. -very accurate -nice scope -super quiet -amazing value for the money.
ConsNothing yet.
By Andrew
Henderson, NV
January 9, 2012
Best crossman rifle ever
this gun is amazing. crossman really did a good job this time with their nitro piston technology. it also shoots a .22 cal pellet which really helps when shooting game. i would love to have a nitro piston rifle because they are better than the spring rifles.
Prospower nitro piston .22 caliber
By Andrew
Henderson, NV
January 8, 2012
Very reliable fps gun
This gun is made by crosman but it is still a very good gun to buy if you have no ideas on how a nitro piston will look or feel. It has reliable killing power at almost all altitudes. It is also much more silent than most other air rifles
ProsNitro piston Reliable killing power Cheaper nitro piston air rifle
ConsMade by crosman
By don maxwell
November 30, -0001
nitro nenom
I bought the venom because it felt good it looked good only to find out it shoots great I am disapointed in the triger trigger adjsment it made no differance no matter which way i adjusted it theaccurace is beyond what I wanted I am a good shooter it out shoots meso far the most accurate foe me and my venom has been hollow point 1/4 nch 25 yards
Read More Read More
By Koen from Den-Bosch on March 11, 2012
Is this gun too loud for shooting in my backyard, in a town.
By Adam from Berkley, MA on March 14, 2012

I live about 150ft from my neighbor and I was concerned about the same thing. I took a chance and bought the nitro venom dusk .177. In my opinion it is the perfect gun for shooting in your backyard. The first shot sounded like a .22 rifle going off but that is because of the dieseling effect caused by the machining oils left in the barrel during production. Just make sure you get yourself a .177 cleaning kit and clean the barrel well before firing it for the first time. After my first shot it quieted right down and I absolutely love the gun. I've put about 200 pellets through it. The Rws hobby pellets work well and the crosman hollow points work good too. Beleive it or not most of my shooting has been in my basement. I have a 30ft indoor range setup and it's plenty quiet enough for that. My wife can peacefully watch tv with only the faintest pop going off down stairs. Don't get me wrong, it's not SILENT but the muzzle dampener and the nitro piston technology made this rifle plenty quiet enough for my needs.
By Joe from Western Ky on March 14, 2012

Not in my opinion! This gun with the piston instead of a spring is very quiet. The first shot after I received the gun was loud but after that is is very quiet. I noticed the same thing from my neighbor's air rifle after he dry fired it ( which is not recommended ).
By Kristopher from West River, MD on March 14, 2012

This gun when first unpacked and fired does have quite a loud crack but tends to quiet down after a few rounds. After break in with lead ammo I would equate it to firing a nail gun. However if you are using PBA ammo she will crack like a .22 powder round every time. If you are planning on using this rifle in a populated area it may draw some unwanted attention as this rifles appearance is very aggressive and could easily be mistaken for a real rifle. Hope this helps have fun and happy shooting

By Charles M. Hubbert from Florence, Alabama on February 11, 2012
Are all nitro rifles break barrel?
By Staff on February 20, 2012

At this time yes all are.

By Bob from Houston, Texas on May 29, 2012

By Staff on May 30, 2012

This gun does come with the scope in the picture

By Stephen from Kirkland, Washington on April 6, 2012
What kind of reticle does the scope have? Hoping for mil-dot, but not a deal breaker. Thanks for answering
By Staff on April 12, 2012

This is just normal crosshairs.

By thiago from brazil on April 23, 2012
my name is Thiago and i'm from Brazil,
i would like to know if have any problem to ship an airgun (Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk .177 Caliber Air Rifle) to Brazil, and how many days would it will take to arrive.
In Brazil has a law that says that spring guns are not considered fireguns, therefore don't need to have any weapon document, just need the bill.

thank you.
By Staff on April 24, 2012

Thank you for you interest.

For questions about international ordering/shipping please email us at This so we can better help you.

By Matt from Bryant, Arkansas on December 28, 2011
What size group does this gun shoot at 50 yards?
By Kristopher from West River, MD on January 9, 2012

To Be honest with you I have not shot much at that distance. I have been shooting about a 1" group at 30 yards with the occasional flinger. The shots i have attempted at 50yrds have been all over but I have not been trying to zero in at that range. My friend has the Gamo Big Cat 1250 and i think his may be a little more accurate with its bull barrel but its hard to tell. I do like the gun though and it seems to be getting more accurate the more i shoot and now stick only with gamo rocket pellets.
By Carter from Washington on February 14, 2012

At 50yds, if you do your part, you can expect to get 2"+ groups...

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