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Crosman Vantage NP Scope Combo

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Crosman Vantage NP Scope Combo

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Crosman Vantage
  • Crosman Nitro Piston
  • Breakbarrel
  • Single-shot
  • Ambidextrous stock
  • 11mm dovetail grooves
  • Fiber optic front sight
  • Fiber optic rear sight (adj. for windage & elevation)
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger
  • Up to 1-200 fps with lightweight- lead-free pellets
  • Includes unmounted 4x32 scope & mount
  • Ideal for small game hunting- plinking- spinners & more

Benefits of the Nitro Piston over a metal mainspring:
  • Smoother cocking
  • Smoother shooting
  • No spring torque
  • No spring fatigue- even if you leave it cocked for hours
  • Functions perfectly in cold weather
  • Lasts longer than a metal spring
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Crosman Vantage NP Scope Combo
11 Reviews
82% (9)
18% (2)
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91% Recommend this product (10 of 11 responses)
By Donnie
Great hunting air rifle!
October 17, 2018
Small game hunting has begun in my state and already I've bagged two red squirrels with this air rifle. My first shot I used the crosman pointed pellets 7.4gr and put it right into the heart/lungs with a one shot kill. Earlier today I took a huge male red squirrel using the Crosman copper magnum 10.6gr pellets. One shot to the head and another squirrel down for the freezer! The Crosman Vantage has been an amazing air rifle to this point. Consistent accuracy and power makes this a reliable small game hunting rifle. I do believe with proper shot placement this could anchor a raccoon with a head shot!
ProsAccurate, powerful.
Best UsesTarget shooting, small game hunting!
By Greg
west of Chicago, Il
Takes me back 60yrs - only better
July 18, 2018
I wanted to target practice in my basement

I set up a 20yrd range and had at it - after a couple hundred field pellets (crosman round nose) and a new truglo extreme 4x32, I was grouping at about 1 in.

to say I'm pleased is an understatement
(I also bought a Caldwell eze rest)
ProsHigh build quality, (scope was ok, but I replaced it with a better scope) Helpful & friendly sales person
ConsNot a single complaint
Best Usesso far, just target
By Adam
Central Texas
Good for small game and pest control, not an all-day shooter.
December 28, 2017
This was my second "magnum" air rifle (I now own 7). I bought this rifle as an inexpensive way to test nitro piston technology. I now have~1000 pellets through it. Compared to a traditional spring or the NP2 piston this gun is relatively hard to cock, although certainly manageable, and it does get a little easier as it breaks in. It also doesn't have any sort of suppressor, so there isn't anything to really grip, making the cocking that much harder/more awkward. That said, it is accurate and hits hard. Mine did require some testing of holds,as the traditional artillery hold was not optimal. Instead it seemed to like the "reverse mullet"- firm grip in the back, resting on the front hand like an artillery hold.

The NP technology does lead to a noticeably smoother action than other rifles in this range with mechanical springs that I have shot, and helped convince me to buy a Trail NP2 as my next rifle.

I shoot this gun with the open sites but I am using the scope on another mechanical springer. It is not great but not bad and has held up fine thus far. I'd honestly rather have this scope than the non-AO 3-9x scopes included with a lot of other air rifles these days.

Summary: Plenty powerful and accurate for pest control/small game, but too difficult/awkward to cock for all day fun, especially compared to the various other offerings out there.

I would recommend this to a friend that really wanted something inexpensive with a wooden stock to use just for pest control/small game, but if they didn't mind a synthetic stock and/or wanted to shoot more often I would recommend other options.
ProsAccurate with the correct hold (mine likes firm in back, loose in front). Hits hard. Nice looking for the price. Includes open sites.
ConsGreater cocking effort than mechanical spring or NP2 guns with similar power. Awkward cocking because of lack of suppressor/shroud.
By Robert
DeWitt, AR.
One grate Air Rifle
March 27, 2017
It is ever thing that was described, it has the power. I had some old pellets that did shoot very well. So I went an got new ones. Its doing a lot better. I think it has to be broke in. It very nice rifle A+. I did put a better scope on it.
By Dan
northern Minnesota
Crosman Vantage NP .177cal
January 24, 2017
I've only shot about 30 pellets through this gun, but seems like a well made and solid rifle. Haven't installed the scope and don't know if I will, after reading reports about the questionable quality of it and it's inability to withstand the recoil shock. As far as shipping and customer service, Air Gun Depot, seems to be a good company to deal with, though it seemed like the routeing by the shipper didn't make much sense. Overall, I am pleased with my purchase and quality of the product.
ProsGood solid feel to gun. Well made, a bit heavy, but I knew that when I purchased it. Seems to shoot well.
By Greg
Phoenix, AZ
Great gun for the price
October 15, 2016
This is a super value. It is a little pellet picky. The scope in the package is fine, though an upgrade to a 3-9X40 AO mil dot would not be over kill on this rifle. Hold sensitive like most springers, it will need to be broke in before your groups settle in. Took at least 350 rounds for mine, and I think it will shoot even tighter after a couple of hundred more shots. Breaks 1400 fps with RWS HyperMax pellets, but of course no accuracy and a sonic crack with every shot. Still breaks 1000 fps with RWS Super H Points 6.9 gr. Loves Crossman Premier 7.9gr pellets. These fly at 983fps generating 16.99 fpe. Gamma 10.86 gr pellets peaked the fpe at just over 18 but we're not accurate in my rifle. Crossman Premier 10.5 gr were the second most accurate, but at 810 fps they were also 1 fpe less than the 7.9 gr at the muzzle. I am sure at 40 yards they would retain more energy. The rifle is shooting 1" at 20 yards with the pellets it likes, and can shoot over 6" groups with pellets it does not like, thus pellet picky.
Yes it comes with the heavy gritty long pull Crossman trigger. I added the longer adjustment screw for the trigger and the RC bearing mod and the trigger pull is short, breaks clean at 2 lbs 4 oz.
The scope did need the front objective lens backer out about two and a half turns to get a good focus down to 5 yards. Make sure the back ring's recoil stop pin is in the hole in the top of the receiver or this rifle 's recoil will cause the scope to shift. Use LockTite on all screws. While the Nitro Piston doesn't vibrate like a steel spring, the two way recoil seem much sharper. Make sure any scope you mount on this rifle is rated for Magnum spring airguns.
Wood is nice, bluing is nice. All stock screws were LockTited from the factory.
This is a magnum pellet rifle at a BB gun price.
ProsPrice Great power. Accurate. Good quality.
ConsThe trigger needs work. Some won't like the stock's finish.
By Hreg
Can't be beat for the price
October 15, 2016
Just got my .177 Vantage Nitro Piston today, so sorry no chronograph results yet. Cleaned the bore, put a drop of silicone chamber oil in the chamber. Did both the adding of the longer adjustment screw for the trigger and the RC bearing mod, before even taking the first shot. Well the first shot dieseled badly, but she quickly broke in tonight. Now shooting both the Crossman Premier Heavies and Lights sub 1/4" at 20 yards. Plenty of power. I did back the objective lens of the scope out about 3-4 turns to get a good focus down to about 5 yards. Still need to test about a dozen more pellets and chronograph the tighter shooting ones, then I will do another review. The wood is great at this price point. The bluing is great too. These come with the stock screws lock tited, but since I had removed the stock, I re Lock Tited them. Use lock Tited in the scope rings too. These are spring powered air guns. Even though they use a Nitro Piston instead of a steel spring, they still have the two way harsh recoil of a springer. The scope dialed in fine with no shims. I got about 250 rounds through her today, seems broke in enough to start pellet testing. Fit and finish were all good. You can not get a better rifle at this price. If you want more power than the Vantage NP in .177 has, try the .22 version. I have that too. This gun seems to be better than my RWS model 45 ever was, and at a quarter the cost.
ProsPrice Quality Performance
ConsTrigger needs work, but is cheap easy and fast to fix
By Matthew
Phoenix, AZ
Good 1st gun
June 25, 2016
This is a good gun for starters. Good speed and accuracy at an affordable price.
By William
Milwaukee, WI
Great item
June 15, 2016
Will buy again from the depot
By John H.
Lilburn, GA
Great value
June 9, 2016
I got my refurb Vantage from Airgun Depot delivered on April 28,2016. It was a lighting deal but without the scope at $85.95. I don't know what was referbed about it as it looked brand new and unused. This was my second breakbarrel air rifle and if I had purchased it first, it would be my only one. I did do the RC bearing trigger modification (check the www.) and put a UGT 3-9 - 40 AO scope on it. Best pellet I have found for it so far is the Sig Sauer Zero Point. Can easily do sub 3/4 inch groups at 10 yards. So far, in a little over a month, I have 4 squirrels at 10 to 15 yards and 1 crow at 30 to 35 yards. I was surprised at how quiet it is for not having a suppressor. I would consider it back yard friendly.
ProsCost / Value. Accuracy, Not too difficult to cock for these 74 year old arms. All the rifle you will need for back yard pests and plinking
ConsNone IMHO.
By Tom
Good Basic Nitro Piston Rifle 177Cal
May 13, 2016
I bought this rifle when Crosman first came ot with it. Over the years that I have owed it, it has proved to be a fairly good and I serviceable rifle. I have achieved nickle sized groups on targets placed at 30yds,with Crosman 10.5 gr ultra magnum domed pellets with this rifle. This was done after the gun was broken in and the stock trigger had been reworked. I was shooting from a bench rest position at a downward angle of 15-20 degrees. The stock scope's cross hairs had broken after about 1yr and I had replaced it with a Hammers 3-9 AO scope with a one piece mount. This gun has been reasonably durable and I have had very few problems with it. The gun is not overly loud but not overly quiet either. The gun's barrel mounted open sights have worked well at ranges less than 20yds. I personaly have not found the gun hard to cock and the fit and finnish is ok. This gun can now be bought in 22cal. This is a basic no frills rifle and was one of the first low cost gas piston rifles on the market. This gun has not been fussy on which pellets are used but some shoot better than others. The gun's recoil is normal for this type of rifle and it's weight is in the 7lb range. For what it is,this gun has been a good buy and has served me well. I think the gun is well ballanced and is easy to handle. For this price range this is one of the better ones to get. Just a basic no frills get,er done type of rifle with a gas piston. This gun is not overly hold sensitive but best accuracy is gained by using the artilery hold.
ProsReasonable cost--fairly accurate--not overly fussy about pellets used--not overly hold sensitive
ConsTypical Lousey Crosman trigger--but fixable
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Crosman Vantage NP Scope Combo
  • 0.177
    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 1200 fps
    Loudness 3-Medium
  • 0.177
    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 1200 fps
    Loudness 3-Medium
    Mag Capacity 1
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