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Diana Air Pistols

For over 125 years, Diana air pistols have been manufacturing high-quality pistols with unmatched reliability and precision. Using the latest CNC manufacturing technology, Diana strives to meet the highest demands on the market. Owning a Diana pellet pistol will show you why the company has been at the forefront of the industry for over a century.

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Manufactured in Germany, Diana is a worldwide manufacturer, reaching more than 60 countries and over 10 million customers. This is due to Diana's desire to build only products designed to last. Designing and creating some of the finest shooting products in the world, Diana continues its century-old tradition of excellence that it has established worldwide.

A Diana air pistol comes in various power options and designs. Ranging from Diana PCP pistols (pre-charged pneumatic) to a simple break barrel, they offer something from a competition pistol to a beginner's level target shooter. No matter your skill level, Diana offers something for you.

All Diana air pistols come in either .177 or .22 and feature traditional iron sights with an 11 mm Dovetail rail. You can remove the rear sight and attach your favorite optic. Most models include the Diana improved trigger, which is a two-stage customizable design. Allowing each shooter to personalize for their own wants and needs.

No matter if you need it for competition shooting or just a day out in the backyard, a Diana air pistol is a perfect choice. Offering the experience that many others can't, Diana air pistols are a trusted, and reliable source for all your shooting needs. If you have any questions about the products or need help, just give us a call here at Airgun Depot and we will be more than happy to help.

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