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Diana LP8 Pellet Pistol

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The LP8 Magnum is a high powered air pistol with rifle velocities! It is available in a .177 caliber air pistol and shoots 700 feet per second. The Diana LP8 Magnum features a single-shot break barrel system, fiber optic sights, automatic safety and smooth cocking action.

Diana LP8 Features
  • Single Stroke Break Barrel Pistol
  • Fiber Optic Sights
  • Smooth Cocking Action
  • Ergonomic Ambidextrous Grip
  • Automatic Safety
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Diana LP8 Pellet Pistol
19 Reviews
95% (18)
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95% Recommend this product (18 of 19 responses)
By Randall
Lebanon, CT
Superb quality with power
February 19, 2012
This is a high quality pistol with plenty of power. It has an excellent trigger and is a smooth shooter with minimal recoil. It's a big pistol and a bit on the heavy side, yet the balance makes extended shooting sessions quite comfortable. I mounted a scope on mine for target shooting, and that has certainly added to my accuracy, since the gun itself is remarkably accurate, shot after shot. It comes with a cocking aid which slides onto the end of the barrel, though, since the gun is not hard to cock, it's not a necessity. The grip is comfortable, and fits the hand nicely. I've been having excellent success using RWS R 10 Match wadcutters. A top of the line gun that's well worth the price.
ProsQuality, accuracy, long range power...
ConsNothing whatsoever
By Rat8bug
Love this gun
June 27, 2019
Compact and powerful. Easy to cock, not loud, and very accurate. Mine is outfitted with a BSA Edge scope
ProsGreat for target practice and small game hunting. Plenty of punch with right pellets.
Best UsesI like it for quick availability for pests, like gophers.
By Mark
Defective sight from factory. Returned for credit
April 2, 2018
I ordered this pistol from AirGun Depot and it arrived in a timely fashion. The Diana LP8 was beautiful out of the box. Very nice fit and finish. Solid, heavy and appeared well made. I started the zeroing process using RWS target pellets but quickly realized the pistol was shooting about 5" high at 10m with the rear sight bottomed out. There was no way to adjust the sight any further. I called and discussed with Umarex gun smiths and they instructed me to send it in. Upon inspection they agreed that rear sight was mis aligned and couldn't be repaired. They agreed to facilitate a credit with AirGun Depot and it was returned.

That said, the pistol did hold a very tight group at 10m despite shooting high. It had a very nice trigger and I didn't have any issues cocking or loading it. It would have been perfect for the plinking and varmint control that I bought it for had the quality control been better and I'd received a good one.
Best UsesPlinking, varmints
By John S.
Diana RWS LP8 Magnum
October 20, 2017
Excellent pistol. Sighted it in at 20 yards with open sights and it will shoot nickel size groups using RWS 8.3 grain Superdomes.
ProsFeels good in hand and shoots well. Seems well made.
ConsNone that I have found.
By pegken
Sturgeon Bay, Wi.
Diana LP8
September 5, 2017
. I use the LP8 for rabbit control in my backyard. Plenty of neighbors around me so I was a little worried about noise. This pistol is perfect for my needs as it is a quiet but powerful hand pistol. A little big but I like using it a lot more then my other air rifles that I've had in the past. Very accurate right out the box. Highly recommended.
Prosquiet, accurate, powerful
Consa little big
By Chris
St. George, Utah
Awesome Pistol
June 21, 2017
Need more stars to rate this gun. After finding the H&N Barracuda Green pellets I am dangerous, shooting from a sand bag. I need practice. My buddy's love this gun too. I put a red dot scope on it and once I found the barracuda greens I can't miss. This is my first pellet pistol so I have nothing to compare it to, but my buddy says it's the best pellet pistol he's ever shot.
ProsAccurate and consistent. Well built, and looks very cool with the scope.
By Maximus
Los Angeles
Outstanding performance & reliability
December 22, 2016
The RWS LP8 is a well made German pistol capable of competition match accuracy right out of the box. The pistol feels very sturdy and balanced in the hand. At 20 yards it consistently produced dime-sized groups.
ProsAccuracy and power.
By Lisa
Fine Design
November 18, 2016
I'm still breaking in this baby. So far, I'm very pleased with the quality--everything is metal except the grips. I really like the sights. I'm still breaking in the trigger and haven't made any adjustments.
Four friends have shot it and love it too!
ProsWell made. I think this is a decent price point for excellent quality.
ConsThe grips. I will change them as soon as I find something else.
By Ned L.
Youngstown, Ohio
October 4, 2016
The best pistol made . Accurate, easy to cock, and full power . The price tag is totally justified. Add a Red Dot
And wood grips for the ultimate pellet gun
ProsTop in all criteria.
ConsNice- maybe add the grips as an option,
By Raul D.
Lakewood, WA
Very Accurate
June 3, 2016
I like the fact that it is easy to cock and yet it still produce quite a punch. With Hyper Max RWS .177 pellets, I can hit my paper targets with ease. This airgun is well enough to use in a competition. I am very happy with it.
ProsEase of use and dead on accuracy.
ConsI really cant think of one. It is not even that expensive
Quality, accuracy, long range power..
July 3, 2013
This is a high quality pistol with plenty of power. It's a little heavy, but you will get use to it. There is very little recoil. All you need is a red dot and you are set.
By GuillermoP62
Austin, Texas
Great Pistol though you need to get your arm in shape.
May 13, 2013
I have had this pistol for over 4 years with no problems.
Very consistent. I have a red dot sight on it that I moved forward to help compensate the recoil.
The pistol is on the heavy side, it is definitely a motivator to strengthen your arms so that you can hold this gun steady.
There is no trigger pull adjustment though once you view the exploded parts diagram it becomes obvious that compressing a spring here and tweaking a trigger spring there will make the trigger much lighter.
ProsSolid performer Good power Excellent looks.
ConsOut of the box the trigger was fairly heavy and long though very usable...I did not mess with tweaks until a year after I bought it. I could not find any official literature on how to adjust.
By Harry
Pgonortland, Ore
My go to backyard tool
February 27, 2013
At 100 ft, this is the best tool in the arsenal. I shoot RWS Hyper Velocity Pellets and at 100 ft. Airgun Depot and their customer serve is what would bring me back again. Knowing my air rifle was damaged at my fault, they shipped new parts free.
ProsIt just keeps going. When my friends and I got together with our air pistols, all they wanted to do was shoot mine. Bone stock but considering a scope. Highly recommend RWS Hyper Velocity Pellet. Greatest penetration in wood products.
ConsNothing, it is great.
By Scott
New York
I have 25 year old Diana / RWS
January 22, 2013
I can add an interesting perspective in that I have a Twenty Five year old Diana RWS! I bought it new, and it has never needed servicing or repair. My model is slightly different than pictured model in that it has a hood over front sight, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this quality brand to anyone looking for a exceptionally well made pistol.
By Pete K.
Pleasant Hill, CA
Fine, heavy weight pistol.
January 15, 2013
First, this is no toy. The length and weight may initially overwhelm some casual plinkers, but this is quickly overcome by handling and adjusting one's balance while shooting. The barrel break is very smooth, and although included, I only used the 'helper' once just for the experience. The grips are large, and these too may seems awkward but they are comfortable for a day's shooting. The trigger and rear sights are easy to adjust and allow for fine accuracy over a 25-30 meter range. The general construct of this pistol is very good and promises years of use if carefully maintained.
ProsGood solid build, accurate, with an easy break, and moderate trigger pull. Sights are easy to adjust and set on target.
ConsGrips are large for a even a medium hand and the weight may be disconcerting.
By Art
San Diego
"Best Pellet Pistol"
October 19, 2012
This pellet pistol is about the best I have found that is inexpensive! (I said inexpensive not CHEAP!) I thought about it till I probably got the last one, when they were on sale. This gun is one of those that if it flies it dies guns!!! Shot a coon that ran about 10 yards and that was it. RWS has been know as premier quality gun manufacturers and this proves their point. I need to get a scope and brackets for it then it will be even more deadly. Anyone have any ideas on what to use?
ProsVERY ACCURATE! Of course, once you run the old 100 pellets through it. I think the trigger is very nice and workable right out of the box. I shot a rather "LARGE" bird with this gun and it fell like a rock!!! I would estimate the shot was from about 20-25 yards. That is what impressed me. It seemed like I pulled the trigger and the next thing I knew, it was on the ground! I did not expect that, as it was also about 35 feet up in the tree!!!!!
ConsNothing to dislike about it other than I wish it came in .22 caliber. I do not like .177 caliber pellet guns but this could have changed my mind a bit. :) I like the larger calibers because the guns I use are mostly for hunting.
By Richard
San Diego , CA
Too fun !
March 27, 2012
Just bought this pistol from airgun depot , It is accurate, Fun to shoot, very well made, and looks bad to the bone ! especially with a 4 times " scope on it " I plan on buying alot of R.W.S. products from airgun depot, Found this pistol just a few dollars cheaper elsewhere, but also more times than not , more expensive,
ProsVery well made , Accurate , Very fun to shoot , Looks awesome , To awesome with a scope
Cons Nothing to dislike , in my opinion
By Mark
Portsmouth, NH
Great power for a pistol
March 3, 2012
The first pistol I purchased broke after one pellet. The safety automatically engages when the piston is cocked, with the safetly rotating to on about halfway though the cocking swing. Worked fine on first pellet, then wouldn't go past that midpoint on the cocking swing, and the safety would not engage. Tried a bunch of obvious fixes, but no avail. Returned it for another and it works flawlessly.

At 10 yds, it sighted in with 3 pellets. I have a range in my basement and that's about all the distance I can get. I've put abot 100 pellets though it, and can get dime size groups without a problem. On several shots, the pellet goes though essentially the same hole as the last. Once the weather warms and I get outside with it, I will sight it in to 30 yds and see what it can do. It also has a scope rail, so I may put a dot sight on it.

Trigger pull is very comfortable for me, and I haven't notice an issue with the grip, but others have mentioned this.

Cocking effort is pretty easy (I also have a RWS 350 mag, so not really a comparison), but use the cocking assist so I'm not grabbing the forward site.
By New S.
San Jose, Ca
Very nice. Springer pistol
November 14, 2011
Easy and smooth to shoot and acceptable accuracy (It is the shooter (me) that needs more work). Still working with pellets and have not found the perfect one yet. Superdomes are nice at 25 yards or less, but are just a touch heavy for the power. Lighter stuff does not seem to group as well. Just part of the fun. Power is good and gun is balanced. Not a hunter. Great for plinking. Not a target pistol.
ProsQuality manufacturing
ConsIt is big for a one hand hold, but acceptable power.
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Diana LP8 Pellet Pistol
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    Velocity 700 fps
    Loudness 3-Medium
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    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 700 fps
    Mag Capacity 1
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