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Diana Bandit

Available in .177, .22
Only $199.99
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  • .177
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  • Code: AGD-46379056 · $199.99 · .177 · 725 fps
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The Diana Bandit is destined for greatness as a backyard friendly PCP plinker. Based on the action of their hit PCP--the Diana Stormrider, the Bandit takes a similar approach to repeating shot action with indexing magazines cycled by smooth operating bolt-action.  With 7 shots in .22 and 9 in .177, shooters are sure to enjoy more trigger time with less reloading than most air pistols.  Fueled by a 50cc on-board tank, the Bandit makes for a low overhead entry into PCP guns and can easily be filled with a handpump. The Bandit offers shooters flexibility in their shooting sessions starting with the sights. Each pistol features traditional open sights with fully-adjustable rear sights for shooting straight out of the box. However, if you prefer to mount some optics, remove the rear sight to expose the 11mm dovetail rail.  Likewise, the Diana Improved Trigger (DIT) allows the shooter to customize the take-up on the 2-stage trigger for a personalized trigger pull. When you start shooting, you can expect quiet shots from a long fixed-moderator. 

Diana Bandit Air Pistol Features

  • Precharged Pneumatic
  • Bolt-Action
  • 7rds in .22 / 9rds in .177
  • 50cc Cylinder
  • 200 BAR / 2,900 PSI Fill Pressure
  • 11mm Dovetail Rail
  • Adjustable Rear Sight
  • DIT Trigger (Diana Improved Trigger) 
  • 2-Stage Trigger (Adjustable Take-Up)
  • Manual Safety
  • 20.1" Overall Length
  • Beech Wood Grip
  • Fixed Moderator
  • Includes: 1 magazine, 1 single shot tray and 1 fill probe with male QD fitting


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  • Manufacturer Diana
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 725 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Bolt-action
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 2.20
  • Overall Length 20.10
  • Barrel Length 9.50
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 9
  • Mechanism Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Blade
  • Rear Sights Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage, adjustable take-up
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By JayJune 16, 2024 Verified Purchase

Well made. Accurate. easy loading.

I had to do major surgery to the grip. Made for very large hands

By BruceUSAApril 9, 2024 Verified Purchase

As a lifelong firearms competitive shooter, instructor, and innovator, it takes a lot to impress me with a pellet gun. One hole groups out of a two hundred dollar piece? Unbelievable, but true. It seems to like longer skirt pellets with a bit of weight. Diablo exact 18.13gr. Print well.

A lot of airgun for the money. Seems well thought out and made. Might be the perfect intro to pcp airguns. Accuracy is teasingly good. Using a laser sight to assist my lousy eyes, one hole groups at ten yards are possible.

Speaking of the laser, a barrel band with a bottom rail would be a really good improvement. Added one from buckrail. Perfect for my old eyes. Not a big fan of the front sight integral to the moderator, or lock tight on the plastic threads. A spin off moderator and removable front sight option would be great.

By MiroslavMarch 24, 2024 Verified Purchase

great Diana. great in the hand. 99% positive +

1% negative is a small tank

By RobertUSAMarch 8, 2024 Verified Purchase

Simple good fun. It works. No problems

By ScottJuly 16, 2023

Worth the money, I love mine.

Excellent accuracy with HN9.57 gr grip is big but can easily be sanded down to fit your hand ,30 pumps with hand pump to fill.BEWARE the fill probe holes are not in line , if you spin cover over fill hole clockwise and gun fills ok you must turn counterclockwise to cover hole,if you spin it clockwise , and then spin clockwise again next fill the probe doesnt go in all the way and pops out while filling, you can see probe sticking out between barrel and cylinder if in correct if not just spin 180 degrees

Lighter hammer spring ,larger air tube for better shot count

By Robert LqUSAJune 29, 2023 Verified Purchase

If you miss the AGD return window (I did by less than a week due to my clumsy troubleshooting efforts) AGD will wash its hands of you. "We only sell", you will be told. I was given the Diana importer address. I contacted and filled their warranty form, which was acknowledged. Then, nothing. I sent a follow up email. Nothing. Months have gone by now and no one will make a faulty Diana Bandit right. There are no videos or instructions about o ring replacement on the probe (if that's the problem). The included o rings appear abnormally stiff and brittle as if too old. The o rings on the probe are impossible to remove w/o cutting. No specifications for the o rings are given. We don't know hardness, diameter, thickness of the rings. Unless you are one who owns pellet pistols as a hobby and enjoys messing with them as entertainment (you know who you are) don't bother with Diana. Once more, it's a tool, it should work out of the box with minor tuning. My Marauder was repaired by Crosman, 2wks

Fast handling, accurate with scope. Intended for pest control. I regard it as a tool, not entertainment. Relatively quiet. It will (.22) drop a skunk in its tracks.

Fill probe appears faulty, but can't know for sure. It will not pressurize past 1000 by releasing air as it is pumped in. Neither AGD or Diana will take responsibility within the warranty period.

By RobertUSAApril 25, 2023 Verified Purchase

I have had several minor issues with items and Airgun Depot has always been very professional, courteous, and quick to correct any problems. Thank you Airgun Depot for your support and professionalism.

This is the first review I have ever written even though I have purchased quite a few items from Airgun Depot. I love this Diana Bandit, it is extremely user friendly, well built, and it is very consistent with sighting/shooting.

None at this time, Airgun Depot has always been very direct with their reviews or information they provide for their products.

By SteveMarch 13, 2023 Verified Purchase

if you are looking for a nice PCP that is a step above entry level at an entry level price this fits the bill. If you are looking for more than a 21 to 28 round shot string without a refill this in not going to be your gun, for me with my little Tuxing air compressor this little lady ( Diana.) did not rob ( bandit ) me blind. This little PCP pistol fills the gap with fun while waiting on my PCP rifles to fill up.

I Put a little reflex red-dot sight on it and I am hitting consistent one-inch shot strings at 18 to 20 yards free handed. The Diana Bandit is good for about three magazines ( 21 rounds ) and maybe a few more then it is time to put another 200 Bar ( around 2.900 P.S.I. ) in her reservoir but she airs up quick with a hand pump or an air compressor.

Backyard friendly, accurate, ( I have not ran Chronograph numbers yet ) sighted it in with a cheap reflex red dot sight and have been consistent at 18 to 20 yards and I am not that great of a shot, she makes me look like I know what I am doing.

By DavidDecember 2, 2022

Any pistol or combo lover MUST feild try a Diana.... Ergonomic, simply, accurate!!!!!! Everything all air gun makers should go... Diana Does!

Where to start... Ah,.. I love EVERYTHING about all Dianas pistols... For what you pay... Never beat it... Comfortable in hand, simplistic... What a class gun should be! Seldom are... Ive had about 10 different pistols, all types... Only Dianas can be call MYfavorite!!!

I have owned 3 Diana pistols, and 3 chasers! One problem,:the bolt.. Too spinndly, thin.., two, I have broken, my fdult, but the bolts metal acts more like cast steel instead of solid bar steel. With care... Its of No consequence.. But if youre like me... I tend to get... Per occupied... Lol... Ok, clumsy at times!

By ScottJuly 22, 2022

Works great off a hand pump or an air tank

I have 6PCP and 2 brake barrels I shoot this one the most what a blast

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What height 1" scope rings are need to clear the magazine?

asked John from USA

Which handpump you recommend? Does it come with the pistol?

asked Rolando from Guatemala

No the gun does not come with a hand pump. The HIll MK5 handpump is a reliable and user serviceable pump.

Adam from USA

How much pressure (PSI) from an air compressor is required to fill the Diana Bandit to it's max capacity? While using a compressor,can an air chuck, the same as used to fill a car tire, be used to fill the Diana Bandit or are any special tools / equipment needed to transfer compressed air from a compressor to the gun?

asked Justin from USA

The Bandit has a max fill pressure of 2900 psi. You need specialized high pressure air equipment to fill the pistol with air:

Adam from USA

How pwerful

asked Jonathan from USA

This is about a 6 FPE pistol.

Adam from USA

Does anybody know where I can get a replacement fill probe for the Diana Bandit? Thanks in advance.

asked Joy from USA

There is a bottled gas company near me. Could I rent a tank of co2 from them for refilling?

asked Peter from USA

CO2 would reduce the power a lot. You may be able to rent a nitrogen tank from them, but you'd need a regulator and fittings for the connection to the Air PCP.

Scott from USA

It take high pressure air. Refill using special HPA pump or compressor, or at a paintball or dive shop

Dean from USA

CO2 tanks does not have enough pressure Get a high pressure hand pump

Faustino from USA

PCPs are getting to be like Teslas. Sitting here checking my back order. I saw somewhere that these were expected back in stock 11/22. Where did I see that? I got my pump. I got my ammo. I got my squirrels, rats, and turtles. Just need my Bandit.

asked Sean from USA

Is there a Bleed Valve on this somewhere?

asked James from USA

Does it come with pump if not what's the best one

asked Brad from USA

The Bandit does NOT come with an air pump. Being the penny pincher that I am yet pleased as I could be with Air Venturi, I bought the Air Venturi G9 hand pump for my Bandit. Between the Bandit and the G9, I had everything I needed to assemble the pump and connect it to the Bandit. Worked efficiently and flawlessly!

Les from USA

can you use a laser sight in this pistol? Which one?

asked Rolando from Guatemala

Yes, you would want to search for any laser sight that is compatible with an 11mm dovetail mount - "11mm dovetail laser sight" on amazon or google will start you on the right path.

Logan from USA

In a review above a "barrel band connecting the air tank to the barrel" was recommended. Can you point me to where I can purchase one? And please answer the question below about a pistol scope recommendation.

asked John from USA

Buck Rail, 3d printed barrel band with a weaver/pic mount on the bottom. Perfect for a laser or flashlight.

Bruce from USA

Crossman May have one. Call Diana USA see if they can provide a soars.

James from USA

Buy it right here at Airgun Depot! Part #AGD-A8553 is what you are looking for though the description does not say anything about fitting the Bandit. It DOES fit the Bandit!

Les from USA

Which scope works best for a bandit?

asked Larry from USA

Fill probe size?

asked Curtis from USA

Foster fitting.

James from USA

Can the silencer be removed to make it less lengthier. Noise is not an issue

asked Richard from USA

Also it leaves bare threads showing and the internal parts of the silencer can fall out and you might put them together wrong, as I did!!!

Ray from USA

You can remove the silencer, as it is screwed on, but it is not designed to shoot that way.

Ray from USA

If I want to buy extra Mags; what type does it take, and how much are they.

asked Richard from USA

If I buy a scuba tank 80cf, what kind of valve do I need on the tank?

asked Richard from USA

Where on the pistol do you fill, what type of fill hose do I need?

asked Richard from USA

Effective range ?

asked Will from USA

Is the barrel threaded? Can I put a aftermarket suppressor on it?

asked Zackree from USA

Yes. The barrel is threaded. The suppressor is epoxied on. Some may come off easily. Some will be very difficult to remove.

Mark from USA

Where can I get a right side bolt receiver?

asked Kevin from USA

To get a right hand breech block e-mail : [email protected]

Mark from USA

Is this a left or right handed gun? What pump s required?

asked Michael from USA

The grip is ambidexterous. The bolt handle on the left side of the receiver. You can get a receiver that has the bolt on the right side. Any hand pump will fill the Bandit.

Mark from USA

I see that the bandit in .22 gets 630 fps. so said the ads. I have seen other bandit owners saying faster fps. speeds. WHAT WOULD BE A FAIR speed for a charged .22 Bandit and with what pellet/s? I'd be really happy with near 700 fps. Thanx all. Love the extreme power of my shin sung Career rifles but will never happen in a pistol.

asked robt. merck

Hey guys was wondering what you thought of Bullseye scope mount. Is it worth it or just gingerbread. THANKS Steve Hall

asked Stephen from USA

Are you able to holster it?

asked Owen

do you think the diana bandit is powerful enough to harvest squirels at about lets say 20 to 25 yards

asked danny

Absolutely, that is my primary use for this gun in .22

Logan from USA

How long would it be if I took off the silencer? Thanks

asked Noah

Where can I purchase additional 9-round rotory magazines for the Diana Bandit?

asked James

can you change the barrel to something like the attaman ap16 barrel

asked Daniel Potthoff

Does it come with pump

asked Mike from USA

What is the best pellet so far ,weight in grains at what distance.

asked Juan from USA

How many shots can you shoot with it before you have to refill the tank? Thank you.

asked Joseph from USA

an you delivery to the China?

asked dio
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