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FX Bobcat MKII

Regulated hybrid bullpup with soft touch synthetic stock
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  • Code: AGD-42108067 · $1,499.99 · .30 · 870 fps
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The original Bobcat was the initial hybrid bullpup introduced by FX Airguns back in 2012. Rather than just quickly delivering a model to fill a growing desire for bullpup air rifles, FX spent a lot of time analyzing existing bullpups, and improved upon what they found lacking. The original FX Bobcat was instantly a huge hit. Whereas others might have been content to leave well enough along, FX instead quickly took feedback from the original Bobcat design and have now released the FX Bobcat MKII (or Mark 2). The FX Bobcat MKII takes all that worked from the original design and improved upon it.

The reason we call it a hybrid bullpup, is that the gun lies somewhere between the super compact bullpups like the FX Wildcat and a traditional sporter rifle, resulting in the best of both worlds. This produces the perfect hybrid of a sporter stock airgun action and a traditional compact bullpup action. The bullpup length is short and quick to handle (as well as exceptionally balanced) but without losing the accuracy and power of a traditional full length rifle. This new Bobcat MKII comes with a competition grade regulator to provide precision airflow for consistent shot velocity (eliminating the large bell curve results of unregulated airguns). The MKII is based around the proven Royale breech block design and also has a dual pressure gauge so you can read the pressure of the removable onboard air cylinder as well as being able to read the regulator pressure. Lower caliber FX Bobcats have a nice feature called the 3-step power adjuster wheel. This is placed on the left side of the breech so you can dial up or down the power for different shooting situations. (Note: the .25 cal has a 2-step power adjuster, the .30 cal does not have this feature)

Other features abound on the FX Bobcat MKII: Fully shrouded and moderated FX Smooth Twist Barrel (additional moderator sections available for even more suppression), two-stage adjustable match trigger (meaning you can really adjust things to your liking and get a nice light trigger), soft touch synthetic ambidextrous thumbhole stock with adjustable recoil pad and storage spot for additional magazines, a removable rotary magazine, and a quick fill port with integrated dust cover. The .177 & .22 cal Bobcats come with 300cc removable aluminum air cylinders (max fill 200 bar / 3200 psi). The higher caliber .25 and .30 cal Bobcats come with a larger 470cc cylinder that is also removable (max fill 250 bar / 3600 psi). Please note that the larger calibers have a longer barrel. The FX Bobcat MKII really bridges the gap between the traditional rifle and the bullpup and will continue to be a mainstay of what a quality designed airgun can be.

FX Bobcat MKII Features
  • Soft touch all-weather ambidextrous synthetic stock
  • Sidelever cocking action in billet aluminum
  • FX Smooth Twist Barrel
  • Fully adjustable match trigger (factory set at 1 lb.)
  • Removable rotary magazine
  • 3-step power adjuster in .177 & .22 cal
  • 2-step power adjuster in .25 cal
  • Internal pressure regulator
  • Two pressure gauges: one for airtube pressure, one for regulator pressure
  • Removable 300cc air cylinder (470cc in .25 & .30 cal)
  • Max fill pressure is 220 bar (3200 psi) in .177 & .22 cal
  • Max fill pressure is 250 bar (3600 psi) in .25 & .30 cal
  • Fully shrouded barrel with optional additional baffle extensions (sold separately)
  • Quick fill port with integrated dust cover (uses FX fill probe)
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  • ManufacturerFX Airguns
  • Caliber .30
  • Velocity 870 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Sidelever
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 7.71
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 9
  • Mechanism Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights none
  • Rear Sights none
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/target practice
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By peteUSAApril 8, 2020

That would be that I am kind of pissed because they are now selling it about $400.00 cheaper than what I paid. Which is one heck of a deal. Oh ya, make sure you put a good scope on it, I put the Hawke Sidewinder 8x32x56 on it. The mil dots and lines work great with the Hawke app, just range the critter and get you a cheat sheet as to where to hold and let it fly. One more thing, If you change the power on your scope you need to print or I also took pictures of the ranges for 8x,10x,20,and 32x those are the powers I shoot from.

I love this rifle, I have been shooting it since 2015. I purchased the 25 cal and it is super accurate. I started out like everyone else trying a few pellets and ended up shooting JSB 25.39 pellets over all that I tried. It is amazingly quiet too, It is so quiet that I have taken multiple rabbits and birds while they are trying to figure out what smacked there buddies. I just recently purchased and am trying the JSB MK2 pellets, getting great results. Both shoot really really good in my FX, I am glad I waited until they got all of the kinks out. I love being able to fill it from the end of the tube, just turn the cap and stick the probe in. The lever was made for me, perfect where they put it and so smooth. I have a bunch of toys and this rifle has the best trigger of all of my toys.

That would be to have FX give you an extra magazine.

By garyUSAOctober 5, 2016

i have the mk2 25 cal and it states that the fill pressure is 220 bar right on the side of the gun. not sure why it says 3600 here. seems like a durable gun, the stock however seems fragile and tends to scratch easy. 100 yards is no problem as long as you do your part its moa. very quiet backyard friendly for sure. filling from a hand pump is no problem it takes maybe 10 minutes at most to get from 1500 psi to 3200. i live at 8600 feet altitude so my velocity and shot counts are different but i a getting around 50-60 shots on high power ending at 1500psi from 3200. low power gives around 100 shots. still has enough energy on low power to completely flatten out a 50 grain hunters supply slug on steel.

very accurate. power wheel is great for the backyard. fast follow up shots. smooth side lever. smooth magazine. trigger is great it breaks like glass and its very adjustable. hits hard enough to humanly hunt hog sized game out to 75+ yards in .25 or .30 cal. sounds very muffled shooting no ping or loud noises whatsoever.

stock seems fragile, easy to get paint to come off stock. gun seems very difficult to disassemble for cleaning however have not tried yet.

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What is the barrel length in the .30 cal

asked Greg from USA

Hi. Can I put an air cylinder from .25 cal. on my .22cal. to get more shots per fill? Will the thread fit ?

asked Carsten

Hi. Can I put an air cylinder from .25 cal. on my .22cal. to get more shots per fill? Will the thread fit ?

asked Carsten

is there a picatinny rail option or conversion for this rifle?

asked Tim Stokesbary

Please correct your BAR/PSI figures which are inaccurate "removable (max fill 250 bar / 2600 psi)" . - 250 BAR = 3,626 psi. Your description is misleading. Ta

asked Griff

since this is a "pellet" rifle, low velocity and not a true fire arm, I'm assuming it is legal to purchase in California? Is this the case?

asked christopher

What is the approximate pressure range that will give consistent shots with a.22 mk2 bobcat. Also, I have some 25.4grain jumbo pellets, what is the heaviest recommend to use. Regards David.

asked David
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