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FX Impact, Telescoping Barrel, Black

Available in .177, .22, .25, .30, The World's most innovative airgun bullpup to date, period!
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  • Code: AGD-42108080 · $1,999.99 · .177 · 980 fps
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The FX Impact Black is the proof that true innovation can occur in a single generation rather than a slow arduous process that takes years. The FX Impact is an air rifle that will astound air gunners and traditional rifle shooters alike. The amount of features and ability to fine tune the rifle has never before been seen. To start with the FX Impact Black air rifle contains features that are now standard on FX airguns: Internal regulator to provide a consistent flow of air shot after shot (which aids accuracy). A fully adjustable match grade trigger that comes set out of the factory at just 1 lb 11oz. Smooth as butter side lever cocking mechanism that is positioned right above the trigger. A large 480cc air cylinder that is made out of carbon fiber to increase the amount of air it can hold while also keeping the rifle itself light. And of course, the patented FX Smooth Twist Barrel which is completely unique to all shooting let alone air rifles. It's essentially a smooth bore barrel for 95% of the barrel to reduce friction and allow the pellet to gain more velocity, with a rifling twist added at the end of the barrel to introduce stabilizing spin. The results are phenomenal and lead to truly a barrel that the shooter can't out shoot. Umarex FX Impact, Telescoping Barrel, Black Features Diagram From there the innovations start to take off. A large capacity rotary magazine (one of the largest to date!) and Hogue rubber pistol grip (high-end grip usually only found on firearms). The whole gun itself is CNC machined from high-quality aluminum resulting in a strong but incredibly light touch and feel. The design itself will certainly appeal to those more tactically minded. Then the real innovation is that the internal regulator is actually adjustable from the outside!* You can also adjust the hammer spring tension and adjust the valve flow. Outside of fine tuning your rifle to the ammo your firing, why would you want so much adjustability? Well, that's because you can actually buy other caliber Impact barrels and swap caliber in just seconds! Completely a first. And with the 6-Step power adjuster you can dial in just the right amount of power for your shooting application. Wait, almost forgot, this Impact includes a telescoping shrouded barrel, meaning it extends out to provide more sound suppression, and in to shorten the length of the gun. Truly the FX Impact Black is a rifle that will change what you expect from an air rifle.

FX Impact Black Features
  • Telescopic shroud system
  • FX Smooth Twist Barrel
  • Forward positioned sidelever cocking action
  • Interchangeable caliber system (additional caliber barrels available)
  • Externally adjustable pressure regulator*
  • Hammerspring tension power adjuster
  • Valve adjuster (valve flow tuning)
  • Two pressure gauges: one for air tube pressure, one for regulator pressure
  • Removable 480cc carbon fiber air cylinder
  • Additional spare cylinders available
  • Max fill pressure is 250 bar (3600 psi)
  • Removable high capacity rotary magazine
  • Fully adjustable match trigger (factory set at 1 lb 11 oz)
  • Factory tuned power output: 18 ft/lbs in .177 - 30 ft/lbs in .22 - 45 ft/lbs in .25 - 82 ft/lbs in .30
  • Picatinny/Weaver scope rail
  • Picatinny accessory rails on either side of the forearm and one rail beneath
  • Hogue rubber pistol grip
  • Adjustable recoil pad (height)
  • AR15 style safety switch (manual)
  • Male quick-disconnect foster fitting for fast refills

*Note: You need to carefully read the manual and understand how to adjust the regulator before attempting to do so. Adjusting the regulator in with pressure in the tank will ruin the regulator. Know what you're doing before attempting to adjust away from the factory settings on the FX Impact.
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  • ManufacturerFX Airguns
  • Caliber.177
  • Velocity980 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionSidelever
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight6.60
  • Loudness2-Low-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity21
  • MechanismPre-charged pneumatic
  • RailWeaver/Picatinny
  • SafetyManual
  • Front Sightsnone
  • Rear Sightsnone
  • Shots per Fill200
  • Trigger AdjustabilityTwo-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action0
  • UseSmall game hunting/target practice
  • Warranty3-year limited warranty
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By FrankUSAMarch 10, 2020

I have the FX impact X 700mm .25cal and looking forward to getting it upgraded, but this has been working very well with over 3k pellets through it. I got so into the targets that I went through a tin of 500 in an afternoon. Such a pleasure to shoot.

Accurate 50 yards making one hole bigger, great grouping at 100 yards. upgrades 25 shot, trigger easy good feel for second stage. Takes down pests no need for second shot.

nothing, looking forward to upgrading my X

By AlbertDecember 22, 2019 Verified Purchase

This rifle is the best I have ever shot, I’m only giving 4 stars because if you buy one you like to get all of the items the comes with it in my case I did not get any Pallets and if you see the video on YouTube you will see the they come with pallets! Well this rifle is great and I’m happy with it.

By RobertNovember 27, 2019 Verified Purchase

I Bought my 1st impact over 7 years ago, I was extremely happy with its accuracy. I have just received my new FX impack mark ll 25 caliber 700 mm barrel ,I love the bigger mag and The more power The mark ll has. And it came In a really nice hard case. Last of all I would like to give special thanks to Travis and Jason at air Depot For all their help With my purchase, And I could not have ask for better customer service. "You two" made Me A customer for life.

Shoots pellets and slugs extremely accurate, And the larger mags and more power Is a big plus For me

The biggest con is the wait for FX to ship the guns to their dealers, The 2nd biggest con that "I hear of" is the price. But I believe you get what you pay For , accuracy and quality, What more could I guy ask for

By RandyUSAMarch 16, 2019 Verified Purchase

Great feel. Super accurate and powerful. Looking forward to experimenting with different caliber setups.

Light. Compact. Versitile.

Expensive. Waiting for accessories to become available.

By AlbertUSAMarch 11, 2019 Verified Purchase

With the 44.75 gr. Pellets hit the target with a group of .557 at 50 yards. That was a 14 shot group. I live in N.Y. just a little too cold to break out the chrony. Best shooting I've done. This was right out of the box. I did clean the barrel which took five minutes.

Best air rifle ever....

It is pricey, you get what you pay for, wish it came with a second mag.

By BonifacioUSAFebruary 7, 2019

I got my FX impact .25 cal by Nov. of 2015. The gun work great. Very accurate out of the box. Last year by November 2018 I noticed the an air leak behind the wheel. My airgun has only one year of warranty. So mine isn’t qualified for any factory refairs. I called Airgun Depot and asked them if they do Airgun’s repairs. They referred to call FX airgun USA co’z they don’t do repairs. I was asked if I can do repair it myself. They advised me to watch the FX master class. I watched and learn how to disassemble and assemble my gun. I replaced the valveseat that was broken and several O-rings. Now my airgun was back to normal again. If you have This gun you should learn to repair it. I called Utah airgun about how much it will cost me to have my airgun repaired. From California down to Utah a $60 dollars per hour. Just imagine how much will it cost. I did it for few hours. Just cost me less than $100 for the parts I bought from FX airgun usa and I learned everything about my gun.

Repairing by diy was easy. Just follow the video FX master class step-by-step. The gun setup was not to complicated compair to FX crown.

Valveseat was to thin easily broken. I hope fx airgun company would make a thicker ungade of this part.

By Jose Luis G. SolUSAJanuary 29, 2019 Verified Purchase

Beautyfull airgun, light weight, accurate, nice carrying case.

Easy carrying because its light Wright, rubberized grip and very effective moderator


By neilUSANovember 19, 2018 Verified Purchase

Very smooth cocking lever. Its accuracy is unreal. I was getting quarter sized holes for 20 shots at 80 yards with 10 mph winds consistently with only 1 flyer. The smooth twist x 700mm barrel for 30 caliber is a real sniper for ranges to 100 yards with confidence. And the consistency of the velocity with its fine regulator was also a factor in the accuracy. This is an all purpose high end well constructed and engineered gun I can’t see how this gun can be improved. Everything is here. Being a .30 caliber gun you do sacrifice some noise Accuracy Durable 55-60 shots per fill Reliable Versatile

High price

By DuaneUSANovember 14, 2018

Purchased .25 Impact-X early in 2018 received an Impact a month later with the promise of an Impact X barrel when available. Well built fast shooting hard hitting airgun it is! It shot great out of the box albeit so low that I had to shim the scope base or buy FX mounts to be able to use it with my night vision scope. One hole 50 yard groups were the norm. After some tuning I managed 1-1.5 inch groups at 100 yards with the JSB 33.95 King Heavy Mark II pellets. Got the 600mm X barrel 7 months later and it shoots slightly better with one inch or under groups at 100 yards 30% of the time with sorted weighed pellets.

It's a very accurate gun with lots of shots on hand and plenty of air for many more. Changed the .25 barrel out for .177 in a couple minutes and it shot the JSB heavy 10.34 pellets within 1 inch of the .25 POI. After a few of sight in shots I managed a five shot group of under .25 inches at 50 yards so probly accurate enough for me. ;^)

1- A good amount of barrel droop here! You will need to purchase the No Limit scope mounts or shim the base on the gun for some scopes both the ATN and Photon night scopes will quickly run out of elevation before you get to zero at any range. 2- I have had to adjust the regulator twice it dropped to 120psi after about 700-1000 rounds then went back up after adjustment and another 700-1000 rounds so had to be adjusted back down. I did remember to bleed all the air from the gun before I dropped the pressure!

By Post USANovember 6, 2018 Verified Purchase

I bought one of these searching for the airgun I had always dreamed of... Dreams do come true. The adjustability has no limits. I bought the .30 because it seemed like the right thing to do. I have never looked back. I've target shot and hunted with it. If you say "I know the Impact", you're wrong... This airgun will never cease to amaze the most seasoned airgun shooters. I do a lot of woods walking and chose the synthetic stock because of the adverse conditions I apply it in, the weather plays a big role in my region. The accuracy is unrivaled, the accessories are functionally made for the Impact, if you own one or are thinking about getting one, I would look into those too. For what I was looking for? An airgun that made me smile when I finally got down range and saw that grouping... That's when you know it was money well spent...And if FX ever comes out with a larger caliber version of the Impact, I'd spend it again... Yes, it's that good.

Totally adjustable to any pellet, comfortable grip and sighting, excellent accessories, durable in the woods, dead on accurate

No larger calibers... Yet.

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Do any of the FX model PCP air rifles come in left hand ?

asked James from USA

The FX line has ambidextrous models but all the cocking side levers are on the right side of the gun.

Mark from USA

What 700mm 30cal slug liners do you have?

asked Dwayne from USA

AGD-A9188 $109.99

Mark from USA
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