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Definitive Guide to FX Impact X

Innovation is usually a slow and steady process, with minor changes and tweaks taking generations to drastically change an item in any industry, let alone in an airgun. Every once in a while there are leaps forward in technology that forever expectations of a product. The FX Impact X is that caliber of innovation. Not just adding one or two changes and ideas, but innovating in multiple areas and completely redefining what you should expect out of an airgun, the FX Impact air rifle is a game changer in the industry for several reasons. This guide can help you understand why the Impact X has become a new standard in the world of airguns and help you decide if this is the right option for your shooting needs.
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Detailed Review
One of the most challenging parts about airgunning today is deciding where you want to focus your time and efforts. Small bore guns are highly accurate and great for honing skills, plinking, or taking small game. But big bores add a new level of excitement of being able to shoot at longer ranges and take bigger game. But what if we told you there was one airgun that would let you experience every facet of airgunning, would you believe it? Enter the FX Impact X. The Impact X is literally the gun that can do it all and it's available now at Airgun Depot. Let's take a look at why the FX Impact X is so highly sought after on the market.

FX Airguns is the brainchild of Fredrik Axelsson. Being a true airgunner himself as well as an incredible engineer, Axelson set out to design extremely high quality and unique air rifles that are unlike any other in the world. Often imitated and never the imitator, FX has been doing just that since it was establishment in 1999. In keeping with that tradition, the FX Impact air rifle brings to the table a truly versatile airgun that can tackle just about any task. If you are the kind of person that wants to own just one airgun, then the Impact X is the one for you.
The Basic Anatomy of the Impact
The Impact X is made up of the most advanced materials in the industry such as aircraft grade aluminum, carbon fiber and steel. Thanks to the liberal use of these space-age materials, the FX Impact X is very lightweight weighing in at just 7.05 lbs. The Impact X won't wear you out on long days in the field. Not only are excellent materials used, but precision machining and craftsmanship are present in every aspect of the Impact to ensure overall satisfaction and long-lasting endurance. Levers are buttery smooth, nothing seems to get hung up or jam, and everything just fits together like a glove.
The aluminum frame of the Impact X is a modular design that accepts standard AR-15 pistol grips and also features ample picatinny rail space on both the underside of the rifle as well as the sides. This allows for the mounting of bipods, targeting devices such as lasers, or our personal favorite, IR illuminators for use with night vision devices. When it comes to mounting optics the Impact X features a milled picatinny optics rail that provides a solid mounting option for scopes, red dots, or night vision aiming devices. More than most airguns available to date, the Impact X seems to have captured the look, touch and feel of a modern rifle. Balancing the innovative design and materials with functionality and feel, this attention to operational and aesthetic elements have made this rifle consistently in demand (if not actually back ordered) since it was first released!
The air reservoir of the Impact X is one of our favorite features of the many it has to offer. The Impact X uses a 480cc removable carbon fiber bottle charged to 3600 psi. What sets the Impact?s bottle system apart from its competitors is that it features an internal valve that allows the bottle to be removed while still charged with air and switched out with a fresh bottle. This is a great option for hunters as an extra bottle can be charged and carried into the field for quick changes without losing much time.
FX Barrels come in two shroud configurations. The simplest is a threaded configuration that individual baffles can be screwed on to or removed from to tune the amount of sound suppression needed for the caliber to give you the quietest shot possible. The other option uses a retractable shroud that slides out from the barrel when firing to quiet the rifle down and then retracts back over the barrel for carrying, making the rifle as compact as possible. This retracting or telescoping shroud is the first of it's kind and lets the hunter choose between compact portability or stealthy noise levels in mere seconds. In the lower calibers of .177 & .22, the telescoping shroud is the only option. The higher calibers of .25 & .30 come with the fixed moderator barrel.
One of the biggest highlights of shooting the Impact X is the trigger. This is the trigger that all other factory triggers should be compared against, especially in a bullpup platform. Out of the box, this two-stage, fully adjustable trigger pulls at almost exactly 2 lbs. which is an impressive feat on its own. The first stage of the trigger is fairly short and light. There is a good wall between the two stages and then the second stage breaks cleanly with almost no overtravel after the fact. Should you want to lighten the trigger up or shorten the stages, that can be easily accomplished by adjusting the trigger screws on the inside of the trigger housing.
As mentioned the Impact X accepts all standard AR15 grips and comes with the excellent Hogue grip. The Impact X is a delight to grip and shoot as the smooth cycling side lever is placed right above the grip for ease. It?s positioned so well that you only need a finger or two to cycle the bolt and really don?t even have to take your hand fully off the grip or break your eye from the scope. These are some key reasons that so many have fallen in love with the Impact.
This placement of the cocking lever makes the Impact X extremely fast to cycle and fire. Thanks to the lack of a perceivable recoil, follow up shots shots are quicker than other models, and because the design of the gun is so ergonomic there is almost no learning curve to firing fast and accurate shots every time. Line up a few cans or bottles and you'll be able to blast them pretty much as fast as you can pull the trigger. For a non-semi-auto gun, the Impact X is about as fast as they come thanks to this innovative feature. The FX Impact X is filled via a recessed male foster quick disconnect fitting. This fitting is so recessed that you will want to use the included FX female quick disconnect fitting with whatever you choose to fill your Impact X with for the best results. You will have trouble disconnecting a standard female quick disconnect. The include fitting has machined edges to make it easier to grip and release.
The Impact X has some of the largest rotary mags you will find on any airgun. These large capacity magazines hold up to 21 rounds in .177 cal, 18 rounds .22 cal, 16 rounds in .25 cal and 14 rounds in .30 cal. to give outstanding firing capacity in a range of preferences. These magazines, like all FX rotary mags, are loaded by first rotating the wheel all the way counter-clockwise, putting the first pellet in skirt first from underneath, then rotating the wheel around and filling the rest of the mag while the first pellet you entered holds spring tension on the rotary spring.
On the left-hand side of the breech there is a power adjuster wheel. This wheel adjusts the spring tension and stroke length of the hammer. This means that at a higher setting the hammer hits the valve harder, releasing more air, and lower settings result in less air and lower power. This is extremely useful for more than just dialing down the power when not needed to conserve your air. For those that like to swap calibers and/or change from lightweight pellets to heavy pellets; this feature allows for adjustments needed to maximize the pellet?s accuracy. So for example, you might have the max power wheel setting ready to handle 33.95 gr JSB King Heavies, but also know that you can change the barrel to a .22 caliber barrel and determine that setting 2 is perfect for 18.13 gr JSB Jumbo Heavies. Speaking of changing calibers...
Barrel Swapping & Changing Calibers

One of the Impact X's most innovative features is its use of the FX Smooth Twist X Interchangeable Barrel System. It is not an overstatement to say that it is perhaps the greatest advance in rifling in centuries! The true barrel of the gun is actually a Smooth Twist X barrel liner that has rifling impressed on it from the outside. The manufacturing process results in a bore that is incredibly smooth and polished and this eliminates fliers resulting from lead build up and other irregularities. The most exciting aspect of this system, though, is the ability to switch out liners to obtain different twist rates. The standard liner in .25 caliber with a twist rate of 1:30 is optimized for JSB 25.39 grain pellets, but if you want to shoot slugs at ranges unthinkable with pellets then you can insert a barrel liner with a higher twist rate. And at a very affordable price barrel liners won?t hurt your wallet. An added benefit of the full-length rifling is the barrels are less pellet fussy than the previous Smooth Twist barrels, although JSB pellets are the ones the barrels are designed around and still tend to be among the most accurate. The interchangeable barrel system in the Crown opens up infinite possibilities for you and is revolutionizing the airgun world. Exchanging barrel liners is very easy. First, extend shroud fully, and while still pushing forward, twist it until it locks in place. Then turn counterclockwise to unscrew. This will expose the air stripper/shroud support. Insert a pencil or screwdriver, etc., to loosen it and remove it to expose a threaded insert. Loosen this with a 10mm wrench and remove to expose the end of the Smooth Twist X barrel liner. Using a piece of rubber, cloth, leather, cardboard, etc., to protect it, use pliers to gently twist the liner far enough out that you can grab it with your fingers and remove fully. Removing the liner may leave at least one of the three o-rings inside. If you can?t shake them out, don?t dry fire the gun. Simply remove the barrel and use a cleaning rod with a mop to push it out. (See the section below on changing calibers for instructions on removing the barrel.) Now, take your barrel liner of choice and space the three o-rings along its length. (The liner locks in place both at the back and front of the barrel so the o-rings are there to dampen the vibrations of the liner and not to center it. Don?t stress about getting each one perfectly spaced. In fact, just one o-ring in the middle will do a pretty good job. When inserting the liner, twist it clockwise to get the o-rings past the threads at the front end. Then push the barrel liner in, rotating it a little if needed. If you are struggling to get the o-rings to go all the way in, wrapping tape on either side of them to keep them in place will save you some hassle. Push the liner in until it stops. About half an inch will remain protruding. Insert the threaded sleeve section, tightening it gently so that it doesn?t bow the liner, and replace the air stripper, tightening it firmly without overdoing it. Replace the shroud and you are done! The whole process should take you about five or ten minutes. Note that you cannot change calibers by exchanging liners?you will need a barrel kit for that. And speaking of barrel kits...
Part of the appeal of the Impact X's modularity is its ability to change barrels and calibers. Barrels are available in .177, .22, .25, and .30 Caliber. Changing the barrel is an easy enough process. Simply loosen the barrel retaining thumbscrew and slide the old barrel out. The new barrel is inserted into the gun making sure that the indent for the barrel retaining screw is facing the towards the left side of the gun. The barrel will seat against the breach with minimal force.
Before shooting your rifle with the new barrel, you will need to also swap out the pellet probe and magazine with the appropriate caliber for your new barrel. With their focus on user-friendly design, even this aspect is easy to perform. To change the probe, you will need to draw the cocking handle slightly to the rear so that the probe set screw can be seen through the slots in the side of the rifle. You will then need to loosen the probe retaining screw with a 1.5mm Allen key so that the probe can fall free. Once the screw is loose, slide the butt pad downward by loosening the butt pad thumbscrew. After sliding the butt pad down, you can drop the probe out of the back of the rifle. Inserting the new probe is the same process in reverse, however, be mindful not to over tighten the probe retaining screw as it is small and easy to strip.
Though changing the barrel itself is pretty painless, tuning the gun to run at peak performance with its new barrel and caliber can be tricky for newer airgunners. In order to do this, you are going need to adjust both the regulator and the hammer spring. There are a few necessary tools needed if you plan on tackling the following adjustments. Not only will you need a good set of metric Allen keys (we recommend not just a standard set, but a ball hex wrench so you can access the Allen head screws at angles), but you will need an accurate set of calipers and a chronograph is a must.
Adjusting the regulator allows you to fine-tune the pressure at which the airgun operates so you can adjust the rifle for the caliber you have chosen (as well as fine-tune the air pressure released to the size pellets you are using). When adjusting the regulator, it is of paramount importance that you use caution! Regulator pressure can be increased with pressure in the regulator, but when decreasing the regulator pressure, you must make sure that there is no air in the regulator. Failure to do this will ruin the regulator and cause a repair not covered by the warranty! The best way to do this is to remove the carbon fiber onboard air bottle, and once it is removed, turn the hammer spring adjuster to MIN, cycle and dry fire the gun to empty the remaining pressure in the regulator.
Once the regulator is completely empty, you can turn your reg adjustment screw located in the back of the trigger guard clockwise to decrease the regulator pressure. Since you won?t know what pressure you are decreasing it to, simply turn the regulator 1 to 2 turns, reinstall the air tank and then increase the reg pressure by turning it counterclockwise to bring the pressure up to your target pressure. As mentioned above, it doesn?t take much more than a full turn or two to drastically change the regulator. Avoid multiple turns so if the regulator adjustment is screwed too far out, you can avoid blowing the O-rings located on the adjuster.
Below is a chart showing the recommended regulator settings for each of the four calibers as well as the hammer spring tension settings we'll cover next. These are the ideal settings for the shown standard JSB pellets for each caliber. Heavier or lighter pellets may need to be adjusted either by the regulator or the hammer spring power wheel to find their optimum stability and accuracy. As a general rule, remember that a faster and more powerful release isn't always what you should look for when it comes to accuracy.
When changing calibers, the hammer spring tension may also need to be adjusted. Adjusting the hammer spring tension allows the shooter to control how hard or soft the trigger strikes the valve. This factor, in turn, determines how much air is released when the gun is fired, which will then determine how fast the pellet travels down the barrel. This is where a good set of calipers comes in. The hammer spring adjuster is located on the left side of the rifle next to the power adjuster wheel. Note this adjustment is really only needed if changing calibers drastically, changing calibers only one size larger or smaller can be adjusted by using the power wheel (if set to the higher caliber factory settings).
Before adjusting your hammer spring, you will want to set the power wheel to the max setting (in our opinion), and you will also notice that the adjuster is loose in its housing when the rifle is not cocked. This is because there is no tension on the hammer spring. To adjust the hammer spring, you will turn the adjuster screw with an Allen wrench. Turning the screw clockwise increases the hammer spring tension which in turn will increase velocities that the pellets exit the barrel. As you adjust the hammer spring tension in or out you will notice that the gap between the slot in the gun?s frame and where the tensioner housing rests will get smaller as you increase tension and larger as you decrease tension. Measuring this gap with your calipers will allow you to properly match the FX factory settings for each caliber as shown in the factory settings chart. Note that the measurements are taken from the edge of the black, sliding hammer spring housing to the edge of the beveled portion of the housing slot.
There is also an air valve control knob located at the front of the breech block right above where the carbon fiber tank is attached. This adjustment controls the amount of valve flow or air that can go through the valve when struck. Rotating the knob clockwise will bring the adjustment in and reduce power, counter-clockwise will increase. The default setting is the fourth line just barely showing. Honestly, in our opinion, you shouldn't need to mess with this valve flow adjustment if you master the above two adjustments. While there will be those shooters that will swear by the fine-tuning of the valve control knob as an aid for the accuracy, but for many shooters, leaving it alone is a better bet.
It is highly recommended that you adhere to the recommended factory settings on all of these adjustments if shooting the standard JSB pellets listed in our default factory setting chart. The techs at FX have put in hours with the gun and know how to tune the gun for optimum harmony with these pellets at each caliber. Remember, more power isn?t always better as there is a point of diminishing returns as a pellet will destabilize if this is out of balance. That said, for those who know what they are doing, and certainly when experimenting with heavier pellets, knowing how to adjust things will help maximize the accuracy and performance of the Impact. Just be prepared to do your homework and maybe even spend some time with your Impact X manual as well as this guide!
Shot Performance & Loudness

Shooting the Impact X is what it is all about! There is no denying that this gun is a looker and from an engineering standpoint, it is pretty amazing, but the thing that really matters is does it shoot? Well, don?t worry as the Impact X will put lead on target all day long. With the very first shot, it is immediately evident to any shooter that the Impact will put lead on target all day long. Accuracy is at the heart of every gun that FX makes, and this innovative model is certainly no exception to that rule. In fact, this manufacturer offers some of the most accurate rifles that we have ever shot. When testing the .22 caliber version with 18.13-grain JSB pellets, we were able to easily hold sub inch groups out to 50 yards. JSB pellets really seem to be the preferred ammunition for any FX gun in any caliber and are actually what FX uses to build their barrels and factory settings around. These results were echoed when we tested the .25 caliber Impact. Wearing one ragged hole in the target seems to be par for the course for the FX Impact X which makes it a high performing choice for the amateur and the more experienced alike.
The Impact X is no slouch when it comes to power, making it a great choice for hunters. Out of the box, you can expect maximum velocities up to 900 fps in .25 using 25.4-grain JSB pellets and around 920 fps in .22 with 15.89-grain JSB pellets. You can easily expect to get more power as you perfect adjusting the gun and testing out heavier pellets. This aspect of tinkering is really a lot of the fun you get out of owning an Impact, as you can get your hands dirty and figure out how to tune the Impact X like a high-end race car for a more personalized product. From a hunting standpoint, make sure you check our power recommendations for airgun hunting on the type of game you can take humanely with your caliber of Impact.
When it comes to sound suppression, the volume of space added after the end of the barrel really is the main determining aspect to reduce sound. When comparing the two different sound suppression configurations of the Impact X (telescoping barrel and standard moderator sections), we found no discernible difference between the two options in .177 or .22 caliber. It is worth noting that the larger .25 and .30 caliber benefitted from the larger volume provided by the standard moderator sections.
For the larger caliber Fixed Moderator barrels, further moderator sections can be added to reduce the sound even further. Think of the FX moderator as the Legos of moderators. The moderator sections unscrew and consist of an end piece, middle Impact X baffle sections, and the joining piece (or connecting piece which attaches to the end of the barrel). These pieces are approximately an inch long and the Impact X standard comes with 5 sections (3 middle sections, an end section, and connecting section). If you want more suppression, pick up additional middle sections to add to the length, thus adding (space for) volume and reducing (the sound of) volume. It?s that easy!
Whether you have the telescoping moderator of the lower calibers or the fixed moderator of the larger calibers; both seem to provide the same level of sound suppression, ensuring that the FX Impact X is quiet in any situation. On our sound meter, testing both the .25 equipped with the standard moderator and the .22 equipped with the telescoping, both guns metered out between 65 and 70 dB. Comparatively, that's about as loud as a car passing on the freeway or a vacuum cleaner running, but of course only for a split second which means the Impact X is as quiet as they come! These sound measurements mean it is definitely quiet enough for the backyard or basement and quiet enough that game animals will more than likely not be startled by the shot.
There's no shortage of accessories to add to your Impact X as it is one of the most modular PCP rifles to date. There is no need for a hard case, as the Impact X comes with a handsome hard case that has cutouts for all your additions, scopes, etc. As mentioned previously, you can swap barrel calibers, add moderator sections, stock up on extra large capacity magazines, or pick up a spare 480cc carbon fiber cylinder to swap with in the field.
The bevy of picatinny rails opens up the Impact X to be dressed like an AR15 if you so please. Lights, lasers, illuminators and more can easily be added, but the obvious choice is to add a quality compact bipod to the bottom of the FX Impact X. The good news is that the Impact X is light enough and well balanced enough that adding accessories won?t break your arm. You can add longer legs, spikes, or even a tripod mount all off the same Evolution base.
If you?re planning on long-range airgun shooting, don?t just pick up standard picatinny rings for this model. You?ll want to pick up the FX No Limit Rings for the best results. These are incredible rings that allow you to actually vertically adjust and angle your mounts, so you can always find the perfect spot in your scope. At longer ranges you can have some extreme holdovers, so the No Limit rings allows vertical adjustment without the need for a riser!
We've also teamed up with a local inventor to bring you some particularly cool Impact X accessories. Robert over at RGM developed a pic-rail mounted mag carrier that makes carrying a spare magazine super easy. No more having to fish around in your pockets for your mags thanks to this innovative creation made to make life easier for airgunners.. He also developed an adjustable buttstock that features a hidden monopod that gives your Impact X 3 points of contact on your shooting bench when used with a bipod. This is incredibly useful out in the field on a long hunt to get a bench type feel when waiting for your game.
Like all PCPs, the quest for air is in play as you?ll need a way to fill your gun with air. While a hand pump is of course an option, most people don?t enjoy the idea of hand pumping a 480cc onboard cylinder. A better choice is opting to invest in a carbon fiber external tank or better yet, pick up the new low price Air Venturi Compressor or Air Venturi Power Booster which you can use with your shop compressor. If you?re considering buying an Impact, most likely this is not your first PCP and you have something already.
Make sure to post your own review of the FX Impact X once you?ve received it and shot some lead down range. We welcome your comments and will answer any questions below.
Space Age Construction The Impact X takes full advantage of modern day materials and manufacturing. Aluminum, carbon fiber, steel and hi-tech polymers are all present in the construction of the Impact. With high grade aluminum making up the bulk of the rifle and the carbon fiber 480cc on board air cylinder; the Impact X weighs in at just 7.05 lbs. which makes it great for packing around and easy to handle for shooters of all sizes.
Equipped with the FX Smooth Twist X Barrel FX Airguns have made what can be considered the biggest airgun barrel innovation since rifling was first introduced. The FX Smooth Twist X barrel is essentially a smooth bore barrel for most of the length of the barrel, it's only rifled for a small portion of the barrel just before the pellet exits the muzzle. This results in minimal friction as the pellet travels down the barrel and higher ballistic coefficients. This means less interference from wind speed as the pellet travels to the target, resulting in more accurate and consistent shots.
Adjustable Regulator The Impact X features an internal regulator with an external adjuster. This allows the shooter to fine tune the rifle for either maximum power, or maximum shot count as well as allowing the shooter to adjust the regulator as he or she switches out barrels and calibers. The Impact X has set itself apart from other regulated guns in that it has separate pressure gauges for both the main air tube and the regulator allowing the shooter to precisely set the regulator pressure with ease. It?s imperative to know how to adjust the regulator. Adjusting the regulator down with air/pressure present in the regulator will ruin your regulator. Also adjusting your regulator too far in or out will blow the o-rings. When in doubt, educate yourself before using this feature.