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Gamo PT-85 Blowback Pellet Pistol

Gamo PT-85 Blowback Pellet Pistol

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The PT-85 Blowback CO2 powered air pistol is featuring the innovative Blowback feature. This new technique provides a realistic action and an authentic look and feel when shooting. This is achieved utilizing a small portion of air to move the slide backward when firing. A rifled steel barrel and textured grip are also features of this new air pistol that is capable of up to 450fps with Gamo's PBA® Platinum Pellets.

  • Capacity: 16 Pellets Double Magazine
  • Action: Single / Double
  • Power Source: 12g CO2
  • Barrel: Rifled Steel
  • Safety Mechanism: Manual
  • Grip: Textured Grip
  • Sights: Fixed with Reflective White Dots
  • Blowback action is Semi-Automatic
  • Delivers pellets at 450 feet per second
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  • ManufacturerGamo
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity450 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • BlowbackYes
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight1.5 lbs
  • Overall Length7.8 inches
  • Magazine Capacity16
  • MechanismCO2
  • RailWeaver Mount
  • UsePlinking
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Gamo PT-85 Blowback Pellet Pistol
21 Reviews
57% (12)
24% (5)
10% (2)
0% (0)
10% (2)
67% Recommend this product (14 of 21 responses)
By James
Lancaster, Ca
Consistency, function and accuracy
May 31, 2019
I've gone through several tins and the operation of the blowback has a tendency to lock up. The trigger is not consistent hard to squeeze before it discharges.
By Merle
Tacoma WA
Pellet magazine
April 5, 2017
The magazine is stuck with a pellet inside. How do you get it out. Will the gun come apart?
[email protected]
Prosfun when working
Consstuck, can not pull out the pellet holder
By Brandon
March 6, 2017
I love this thing. Definitely recommend running pellets through it since it has a rifled barrel. BBs tend to fall out of the mag easily too, pellets stay in place. Its kick is impressive as well as the accuracy. Very durable as well, i dropped it on concrete and the slide popped off, i put it back together and replaced a broken screw, and surprisingly, it still shoots perfectly. Its worth the money.
ProsBlowback is great, durable, accurate, feels great, dot sights, CO2 efficient , double and single action.
ConsBBs fall through mag holes, but pellets are alot better.
By Shiro
February 1, 2017
This is a good, high powered gun, blow back with a cut out ejection port for added awesomness. Recently weighted, but a oil to much plastic for the price.
ProsMetal slide, cut out ejection port, blowback and made in Japan!!!
ConsLol to much plastic for its price.
By bill
Muldraugh ky
January 14, 2017
Accurate out of the box!! I can shoot bumblebees out of the air at 8-12 ft. No record but impressive!! Loses a bit of accuracy after 2 clips. Over 25ft accuracy is questionable....Just saying!! For the money it should come with a holster!!
ProsAccurate to a half inch within 12 ft to 15 ft...
ConsNo holster ....A bit pricey for no holster
By Art
Peru, il.
Leak and can not seals to fix the problem. After using pistol the pellet loader will not lock into place.
November 23, 2016
Great and accurate. Cannot get seals to repair the co2 leak. Also after a while the part that holds the pellet in the pistol will not stay in.
By Jonathan
Fountain Hill, pa
Great Purchase
September 9, 2016
Feels Real
Love the Blow back option
Shoots a little bit all over the place at first
After learning the gun, great for plinking
A must buy for some one who wants to shoot for fun
Lucky I bought extra Mags.... 5 mags (80 shots) about runs out the Co2
By Anthony
Sunny Florida
Really Nice Surprise
September 2, 2016
This is my first Gamo pistol, but my 34th overall. To get straight to the point, this one ranks top 5 in accuracy, and top 10 in everything else. That makes it a really nice gun. It's on par, almost identical, to the Beretta PX-4. It uses the stick mags that are becoming prevalent in many airguns in this price range. The mags look the same as the Beretta and the Winchester M-14 and M4. They aren't; you should consider ordering extras when you order the pistol. With four mags you'll have 64 shots before reloading, and that's what you can expect out of one can of CO2. So the gun is not actually a gas guzzler, but it you shoot rapid fire you will get less than 64. I got 64 consistently at 75 degrees in an air conditioned garage with a few seconds between shots and sips on a beer. The blowback action is fun, and the gun is relatively loud compared to some others. It does quiet down some after the first 8-10 shots. The slide does not lock back so there is no release lever. You can cock the hammer without moving the slide, then the action becomes semi-automatic after the first shot. You can also move the slide manually to cock it. The slide does not stay open on the last shot. I tried RWS Basic pellets and RWS hollow points. They are 7 and 6.9 grain pellets respectively. The gun and the magazines loved both of them. I seated the pellets and the Basics fit a bit looser than the HPs. None fell out, none jammed. The gun is 100% dependable so far and 9 out of 10 on accuracy. Only ones I have better are the Tanfoglio Gold and Limited on rapid fire accuracy. This one is on par with the Beretta. First CO2 cartridge did not load, but it must have been my fault because the next six were fine. I used Umarex, Crosman, and a couple of Daisy and all worked perfectly in the gun. No hiss on load, and just a little at the end. The sights have nice white dots but I used a laser on mine. There's plenty of room on the lower rail for whatever laser you want. This pistol feels solid in my hand, and it's nicely balanced. The trigger is OK, but takes getting used to. You can feel the pellet in the mag rotating into position just before the gun goes off, but it's predictable, just not perfectly smooth. You might be able to tell I really like shooting air guns and I'm not overly critical. I would suggest some guys that have problems with these products might not read the instructions or take care of them properly, not counting the occasional lemon you might get. My limited experience is that they all seem to be well made, fun to use, and well worth the money. It helps to have dealers like Air Gun Depot in your corner too.
ProsAccuracy, feel, ease of loading, dependability, cool factor.
ConsNone really, but the price might be a bit high and there's no hold-open feature on the last shot, something I've gotten used to having.
By P D.
Hudson, FL
Great Product
September 24, 2015
The look and feel of this gun is amazingly accurate.
ProsWeight, Appearance, ease of use, Love the drop out bottom clip style
ConsIt has set the standards for all of my future air gun needs and some have failed already with other guns.
By Debora W.
Scottsdale, Az
Pellet pistol Gamo PT-85
January 16, 2015
Directions very vague on loading pellet pistol. Once loaded I fired 2-3 pellets gun jammed. Used 17 caliber rod down Harrell to unjam pellet. Was able to fire 2-3 more pellets gun jammed again. Clip to hold pellets was plastic was not impressed with that as plastic wears out. Was really looking for a quality pellet pistol but after jamming twice and the second jam could not unjam and shipped pistol back. Received refund for pistol but out shipping monies. Would not recommend buying.
ProsGun is made of metal quality.
ConsPlastic clip. No easy way to unjam pellet. Blowback may reflect real gun hate to see air wasted on that would rather have blowback action removed so air is used on firing pellets only.
By Michael H.
evansville, in.
as real as it gets
January 3, 2015
I never would have believed that an air pistol could provide as much realism as the pt85 does. Everything about it gives the user the feeling that you are shooting a real firearm. The weight is perfect. It does not feel like a cheap plastic Bb gun. The blow back feature is amazing. You really feel you are shooting a small caliber firearm. Gamo really hit this one out of the park. I would recommend this to anyone who wants realism
By dave
Bakersfield, CA
The PT_85
January 1, 2015
NIce Product, shoots well after you find the ammo that it likes. Great for plinking around.
ProsIt has a good feel and is well made
ConsPrice was more than I felt it was worth.
By Drew
Vancouver Canada
December 23, 2014
Worth the money.
By Jamar
April 26, 2014
this gun is so beautiful,and at 75 feet not inches feet just beautiful and with Gamo Raptor PBA true gold 18 karat gold plating ammo just dangerous.
Prosno ordinary pellet pistol the best
Consruns up co2 quick but still if you no what your doing not a problem
By Benjamin
Greenville South Carolina
Great for IPSC training
August 17, 2013
I bought this gun at the recommendation of Doug Koenig the worlds best all-around shooter it works very well for action pistol training
ProsAllows you to work on the fundamentals of shooting
ConsKind of flimsy and eats co2 but worth it
By Rick L.
Valrico, FL
Realistic and fun and accurate (kinda)
January 22, 2013
I like the blow back.
It's fun to be able to shoot in my garage.
I am not shooting fast... about 3-5 seconds between shots.

I'm not recommending this gun because my friends are shooters and their interest would be for accurate practice/training for their real gun... which is what I hoped it would be...
It is close, but not enough.

ProsAt 20 feet (feet not yards) I am shooting 1 inch groups... I'm getting about 70 reasonable power shots (casual target shooting).
ConsIt's shooting low!! At 20 feet (feet not yards) point of impact is 1.5 inches below my point of aim. After 70 shots it really drops off. After 100 it's a joke.... about the speed of a hand thrown dart. The only other thing, and I'm sure that it will improve as the gun breaks in... after about 50 shots sometimes the pellet is not being moved out of the mag.
September 11, 2012
By Jerry
South Charleston, WV
Gamo PT-85 Blowback Pellet Pistol
September 4, 2012
I have much to learn about using the CO2 pistol. So far I have used it once and it works. I'm impressed. Might look into a higher grade pistol, this one being a good incentive.
ProsFeels good in my hands. Nice sights, and pretty well sighted right on the nose. Feels like a real gun when fired. Can't comment on its sound, since I am almost totally deaf.
ConsQuickly loses CO2 pressure, but that may be my doing something not entirely right. I'll try again, and will squeeze the trigger a little faster. I haven't used the Gamo ammo yet. I hope it will be better than the pellets I got from a friend. A name brand, they aren't consistent in size and shape.
By gabe w.
June 1, 2011
this gun is very good, of course harder to load the co2 cartridges in but great blow back,recoil,and power
cons:co2 loading and the clip
pros: great gun, nice recoil, good blow back, high fps, and good look.
By Ronald N.
GAMO PT-85 Blowback Pellet Pistol
May 5, 2011
Very Realistic Blowback recoil action.
Fantastic product
By Steve G.
Gamo PT-85 Blowback Pellet
January 27, 2011
Very realistic, fantastic
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By Jerry from S. Charleston, WV on August 19, 2012
Have any jamming or other problems surfaced?
By Staff on August 21, 2012

As long as you don't use pellets that have a very pointy tips, the gun should not jam.

By Alexander Pero from lainsing on January 24, 2012
how fast can this gun shoot
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on February 8, 2012

As fast as you can pull the trigger.

By Kelly from RI on August 5, 2012
Does this include any ammo or co2?

By Terry Green from atlanta on December 10, 2011
Can I mount a laser or flashlight, or
tasco red dot on this gun
By Staff on December 29, 2011

Lasers and flashlights can easily be mounted on the front of this gun.

Red dots or other optics would need some type of adapter, like the one that comes with the PT-85 socom and the PT-85 tactical models.

By Kent from Little Rock, AR on February 5, 2012
Which laser scope is best for this gun?
By Carter from Washington on February 16, 2012


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