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Hatsan AT44S-10 QE

Pre-charged Pneumatic (PCP) air rifle with Quiet Energy (QE) technology
  • Code: AT44S10-025QE · .25 · 870 fps
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Do you like to hunt? Do you have pests taking over your property and acting like they own the place? If so, you need the Hatsan AT44S-10 Quiet Energy air rifle. This airgun delivers an authoritative knockdown blow that humanely dispatches small to medium critters...and it does it pretty darn quietly! If hunting isn't your thing and you just want a powerful air gun (And who doesn't like power?), then look no further. You'll get lots of shots for hours of plinking--sending pellets through planks of wood and flipping spinners. Hatsan is pretty special when it comes to the airgun industry. They are one of the few companies that publishes velocities with lead pellets, not those super-light alloy pellets. The pellets you're probably going to use - lead pellets - are the same ones they use to test their guns and provide velocities and muzzle energy. Hatsan uses lead pellets to determine their velocities. These are going to be by far more accurate than alloy or synthetic pellets and are probably the type of pellet you'll be using.

Hatsan AT44S-10 QE Air Rifle Features
  • Integral silencer reduces report by about 50%
  • Anti-double-feed system prevents more than one pellet loading into barrel
  • Ambidextrous synthetic stock with textured grip
  • Removable air reservoir has built-in manometer (air pressure gauge)
  • 2-stage adjustable Quattro trigger with gold-plated trigger blade
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  • ManufacturerHatsan
  • Caliber .25
  • Velocity 870 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Sidelever
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 8.00
  • Overall Length 45.40
  • Barrel Length 19.50
  • Loudness 2-Low-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 9
  • Mechanism Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail Weaver & 11mm dovetails
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights none
  • Rear Sights none
  • Shots per Fill 27
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By Curt K.June 27, 2018

Best pellet gun I’ve ever owned!

Very accurate with consistent shots Fit and finish Quattro trigger Lever action works flawlessly

Strap d rings and strap too cheap A little heavy Air gauge difficult to read Hard to pump if you are not adult size.

By LloydUSAMay 29, 2018

It gets a great shot count at 30 great shots, 40 if you push it. Gun does have a plasticy stock but does great with getting beat up compared to rubber that tears and scratches. easily goes to 50 yards and does decent at 75, I've even got decent shots at 100 yards with some practice.

By Avery c.December 15, 2017

Great gun, hits hard and very accurate. I was trying to decide between it and a couple more , glad I picked it. Very happy. By the way I got the .25 cal. Great caliber

Great gun

Not one thing

By MichaelUSADecember 6, 2017

Not new to the airgun world, have been shooting for over fifty years. With many assorted airguns both pistols and rifles, this is the first pcp. After a lot of research and human interaction, the Hatsan AT44S-10 QE .25 cal. made the most sense to me. This gun has a well rounded attitude in most every category. I have purchased starter airguns for my grandchildren and they have enjoyed the time together learning about guns in general with the thought of and safety involved. There is always a smile when the kids ask questions and finally achieve the goal of hitting the target. I have the Hatsan zeroed to 25 yards. at this time, using jsb exact king 25,39 gr. pellets. This gun came with a 3-9-40 optima scope and bi-pod, checked the rifle over, cleaned the barrel, lubed various parts, then mounted the scope. I then took aim at the 10 in. bullseye target first two rounds high and right with the third dead center, this was the the easiest shake down and accuracy test I have ever had with an airgun. I then shot another 9 shot clip at the same target producing a hole in the center ring that measured 3/8 in. Chrony will come later, just a guess I would suggest it is shooting somewhere between 800-820 fps. with this pellet. I believe next spring I will introduce this rifle to the grandchildren and they can take the next step in the adventure of airgunning. As with most things in life, someone will end up with these guns when I am gone, and hopefully it's the kids. Knowing they have already used these guns with grandpa and the memories, will make the transition that much easier...

This gun performs flawlessly, the side lever action is smooth and precise, very quiet gun except for the pcp ping, which I will address at a later time. I believe you could mount any scope available to this gun and be ok as the recoil is minimal.

Slightly on the heavy side but as you get older what items are not. Still seems well balanced. Owners manual very vague and generic, to most people needing guidance the booklet would be a challenge. My suggestion would be to scour the web, watch videos for this item, or contact Airgun Depot with your inquiries.

By TommyUSANovember 21, 2017

arrived on time installed scope and hade gun sighted in 15 shots.

easy to setup ,very accurate


By JamesUSAAugust 13, 2017

Hatsan AT44S-10 QE in .177 cal is my first PCP and I think it is awesome. It may be a tad overpowered for light pellets but you can adjust the hammer spring tension during a tuning process and that may help. I may regulate it, however, I can get 20 really good shots unregulated. Mounted a scope and headed to a friends house to do some testing.. Within 10 shots I was zero at 30 yards then we moved out to 50 yards. I was happy to discover that several different pellets flew well. JSB 13.43 were punching one holes (1/2 inch), tried some Newboy 15.8 and got the same results (1/2 inch groups). I chrono'd the Newboy 15.8, from 200 bar to 100 bar I got 50 shots. Newboy 15.8 grain 905 FPS and 28 FPE... Min 770 FPS and 20 FPE. Crosman 7.4 grain, 1160 FPS and 22 FPE, Crosman 10.5 grain, 1024 FPS and 24 FPE. This is one mean .177 cal. At 100 yards, 15.8 grain, yields 11 FPE. My goal is a tennis ball at 150 yards.

Fast, accurate and powerful.


By PaulUSAApril 24, 2017

I purchased the Hatsan .25 cal during "Free Scope Weekend" and I am really happy with it. The scope it came with was very nice. I don't have an air tank yet so I got the Air Venturi G6 Hand Pump. I was very happy to see it wasn't as hard to pump up to 200 as I thought it may be. I am 49 years old and in decent shape. I read so many reviews and saw a lot of videos of people on Youtube crying about pumping PCP guns, but I think this one really isn't bad at all to pump up. I love the side lever loading and 9 shot magazines. I also got the Hatsan Bipod and am very happy with it as this is a pretty heavy gun, but I prefer a heavy gun. Once I sighted the scope in it was impressive right out of the box. I was getting 1-2 inch groups at about 35 yards and it was a little windy I have no doubt with a little fine tuning it will hit 1 inch groups at 50 yards. The best part for me is how quite it shoots. I have 4- 5 acres to my next neighbors house and I am sure they can hear something but it doesn't sound at all like a gun shot. I have a break barrel that shoots 1200 FPS and it sounds like I'm shooting a 22 on my property and I don't want to have to deal with neighbors being concerned or thinking I'm shooting a gun. This to me sounds more like I'm using some type of air tool and it's really not that loud. I have some ground hogs that need to go and I think this will be perfect for dealing with them. In general it's a lot of fun to shoot this rifle.

Made well, reloads fast, easy to pump, best of all quiet!

Some people may find it heavy.

By MontyUSAMarch 27, 2017

My first airgun was a Benjamin Titan. Could not hit the side of a barn. A careful scowering of reviews suggested that one needed to shoot a thousand rounds in order for the gun to "calm down". The other complaint was that it was hard to cock the gun. Now, I just got a Hatsan 44AT 10 QE. In the 22 reviews that I read before getting the gun not one person addressed the issue of manually charging the gun with air. I'm 175 lbs and I have landscaped my entire property. At worst, I'm in decent shape. The physical commitment to pumping this thing up is like splitting a half cord of wood. It's odd that that fact was never mentioned in reviews or by retailer. Or am I the only shmuck who didn't by a tank ?

The thing really does hit it's target. I no longer have to go to the gym. It's very cool and tactical looking.

I'm developing tennis elbow from pumping.

By AndresUSAJanuary 19, 2017

Have been shooting it 3 times a week for an hour. Overall extremely happy.

Accurate and consistent. 0.5 inch groups at 50 yards consistently Bolt operation is smooth Adjusted trigger very easily and is perfect now. It did come a bit too hard for my taste from the factory. Magazines are very easy to load. The rifle cycles them perfectly. Butt pad adjustment is very easy and works well 40 shots before pressure drops to yellow zone on manometer Removable air tank

Stock material does feel somewhat cheap. Could be a better grade polymer.

By MELUSADecember 24, 2016

fail safe clip works well. you can fill it fast. drops right inthe gun.wiggle todet it. side lever is great. 25 hits very hard. I like it and i think you will too.

side lever clip power

a lot of heft to the gun. I am old and would not want to carry it on a long hunt.

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How much does it weigh?

asked Fats

8 pounds unscoped .

Stanley from USA

Is the filler probe on the Hatsan British pipe thread (BPT) or National pipe thread (NPT).

asked Anthony from USA

Can the side lever be changed to the left side of the gun?

asked Jim

No .

Stanley from USA

Can the cocking lever be switched to the left side for a lefty?

asked Jim

No .

Stanley from USA

What's the piece in the image of all the pieces and parts that is in the middle? -It looks like a brass cylinder.

asked WILLIAM from USA

The air cylinder can be emptied for service .

Stanley from USA

How low do you let the pressure get before you recharge, and how many good shots is that? How much pumping to get to the recharged value?

asked Lamar from USA

Can you use the stock rings that come with a UTG scope or do you need to get medium or high rings?

asked Philip from USA

Depends on the scope that is used . Mine has the 30mm 6x24 so it has the high mounts.

Stanley from USA

Can this rifle be charged with an air compressor?

asked Jim

Yes one that is made to do so . Regular garage compressors can't generate enough pressure to do this .

Stanley from USA

I notice that this gun is pretty accurate, my question is can it be charged by a hand pump, and if so, which would you reccomend?

asked Nicholas P. Simonelli

Not a problem if you are a 20 y/o NFL lineman.....old like me....FORGET IT!!

Don from USA



Yes, I use a Benji hand pump with mine

Darrell from USA

Absolutely. Any high pressure hand pump intended for PCP air guns will work. I use a Benjamin pump along with an eleven-dollar adapter sold here.

David from USA

what is the fps /leaving the gun then 30yards

asked johnny crowley

1070 fps


948 / 778 using JSB Exact Jumbo 15.89 gr. Avg over 33 shot string 896 fps. Obviously with another pellet weight the numbers will be different. This is out of the box with no adjustments or modifications.

Timothy from USA

Download Chairgun Pro for free from the Hawke web site, and then you can compute this stuff for yourself by putting in all of the data for the caliber and pellet combination that you are considering. Then you can see the residual velocity at every range. Of course, the specs here give the velocity at the muzzle.

Jere from USA

About as fast as your sister to suck a dick on the first date.

clark w. griswold

It depends on the weight of your pellet. Muzzle velocity with a lite pellet is around 870 FPS.


The rated fps of each caliber is listed in the gun description and specs. Hatsan uses real lead pellets to test for velocity, so they also produce higher power outputs than others. As for velocity at 30 yards, that will depend a lot on the type of pellet being fired and the conditions. However, 30 yards is generally not far enough to bring the velocity down by much.

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