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Hatsan AT44W-10 Long QE

Longer barrel equates to 100 fps more velocity
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  • Code: AGD-28927843 · $479.99 · .25 · 970 fps
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The Hatsan AT44 has been of one of our most recommended PCP platforms for many years. Combining high accuracy with a quality build at an impressive price point. The Hatsan AT44W Long QE brings all the best qualities of that AT44 and puts them in a quality Turkish wood stock that really feels and looks impressive.

The AT44W Long QE has a longer barrel than the standard AT44 (3.6? longer barrel) that results in 100 fps faster velocity and higher muzzle energy. The AT44 Long also has a larger Air Cylinder resulting in more shots per fill. So as long as you don't mind the extra length and weight, what?s not to love in the AT44 Long? It features Hatsans Quiet Energy fully shrouded barrel with an integrated sound moderator. This really gets the job done and is one of the best sound moderators on the market. All Hatsans also include their Quattro Trigger. it's a two stage trigger that really punches below its class considering the cost of the AT44. The Hatsan AT44W Long QE is a PCP that really brings accuracy and power to hunting situations, or just for those that really want to push their target shooting yards out with a quality European made Air Rifle.

Hatsan AT44W Long QE PCP Air Rifle Features
  • Side Lever Action
  • QuietEnergy Integrated Sound Moderator
  • Ambidextrous Turkish Walnut Stock
  • Includes Sling Swivels & Hatsan Sling
  • 10-Shot Rotary Mag (9-Shot in .25 Cal)
  • Includes 2 Rotary Mags
  • 230cc Detachable Aluminum Air Cylinder (Spare Cylinders Are Available)
  • Integrated Weaver or 11mm Mounts (Not Standard Weaver Mounts, We Do Not Recommend Using Them)
  • Quattor Trigger: 2-stage Fully Adjustable Match Trigger
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  • ManufacturerHatsan
  • Caliber.25
  • Velocity970 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionSidelever
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight0.00
  • Loudness2-Low-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity9
  • MechanismPre-charged pneumatic
  • RailWeaver & 11mm dovetails
  • SafetyAutomatic
  • Front Sights0
  • Rear Sights0
  • Shots per Fill35
  • Trigger AdjustabilityTwo-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action0
  • UseSmall game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty1-year limited warranty
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By GregUSAMay 31, 2018

The rifle has nice wood and loads easy. The clip is a little hokey it uses o rings to hold the pellets, but as I stated it is easy to load. It looks well made for the price. It is a heavy rifle it is loud and the one I had sprayed pellets. I returned it.

By MarkUSAMarch 17, 2018

Wow . . . Nice PCP . . . good value !! Bought this Nov 2017 and waited a little while to review. A little on the heavy side but had a gunsmith install a Picatinny Rail for UTG Recon 360 degree Bi-pod. Put on a Hawke Vantage IR 4-12x50 AO scope and turned this in to a very lethal Crow rifle. (hit a Crow 85 yds out and went right thru, immediately dropping the bird) Using JSB King 25 and its dead on at the crosshairs 55 yds out. Chronos at 873 FPS for 43 FPE. (Predator GTO pellets @ 943 FPS for 33 FPE). A little louder than the 2-rating given by Airgun Depot but have noticed once in the "sweat spot" for air pressure in the cylinder its a little less in decibels. Wood stock is just beautiful. Cleaned up and a nice thin coat of oil and she turns heads at the range.

Very Very Accurate with a good punch. For money spent this will compete at the range very respectfully, comparing to guns costing multiples more.

Weight : Not good for tromping through the woods.

By WilliamUSAMarch 4, 2018

I bought this gun in 25 caliber not expecting a whole lot. Just wanted a gun to mod and tinker with. Well, I got this gun and added a nice scope. Oh my gosh... this gun was shooting aspirin at 40 yards repeatedly. I have many many high end guns and I will not mention the names but lets say the guns cost me 5x the price of this gun. This gun will keep right up in accuracy ... I was amazed.. I really enjoy shooting this gun... It has it faults but nothing you can't get used to. Others complain but for the price .... this gun is a bargain

Very accurate with JSB 18 grain and can keep up with high end guns...... quality is spot on. Wood stock is very nice.. A lot of gun for a low price. Good on air.... A very quite gun... pellet hitting metal backstop is louder.. Trigger is not great .. but yet I have not adjusted it. Action is very smooth after broke in....

Heavy.. not unbearable but noticeable compared to other guns ..

By Murray LUSAFebruary 6, 2018

I bought this rifle in .22 cal some months ago and I am very satisfied. It's quiet, powerful, and consistent. This is a very accurate rifle and using good optics won't be a waste of money. Also, because it's PCP, there is very little shock to the frame and almost no recoil. I regularly shoot 3/4" groups at 70 yards with this rifle--I think the extra barrel length does help. Heavier rounds do better, of course--but the 30gr 'piledriver' is the longest round that will fit in the magazine. The drum-style magazines (10 rounds, in this case) work very well--flawlessly, so far.

Excellent accuracy and quality of construction. Quiet. Very strong.

This rifle is heavy,

By edUSAMarch 4, 2017

Overall its not bad the action is little rough,,magazine nice. The accuracy is ok not that good for me. Some people have good luck with it. I tried a lot of pellets and mine like 18.1 jsb. My comparison in my air arms 500 fac. If you didn't know the difference its fine. Keep o shooting


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By MichaelUSANovember 14, 2016

I truly enjoy my new AT44 in 22 cal with QE. Very quiet, hard hitting, accurate with JSB Heavy 18gr. Haven't tuned it yet so the best is yet to come I'm sure. Its as nice as any powder burner you can buy for comparable money! Will be buying a few more in same caliber for my adult sons to hunt with. I see no problem with drilling game at 75 plus yards.

Nice wood stock, factory finish of blued parts and anodized is excellent. Quiet, powerful, adjustable (yet to be done). Reasonably priced.

The free scope has dovetail rings included, scope is OK but rings are poorly made and not consistent. Had to use way too much windage adjustment to line up the scope. Not maxed out but not anything like Burris, Weaver, Leopold, Warne rings produce on other guns. Can be laser bore sighted if the QE baffles are removed and you have a muzzle laser with 22 cal pilot. I wish the manometer was more accurate or critical.

By GregUSAOctober 15, 2016

I had the shorter barreled version of this gun in synthetic. I liked it, but the Benjamin still out shot it. Then I found this with a long barrel and wood stock! The extra barrel length makes a BIG difference. It is longer, heavier, and the air reservoir is bigger too. Gets more shots, higher velocities, is more accurate and less pellet picky. Oh both of mine is are in .25 cal. This is the quietest of my 5 .25 cal rifles. It is as accurate as the Benjamin and gets from 25-50 fps more out of any pellet. That is a big help on those long range shots. Mine prefers JSB 25.39 gr pellets. The heavier pellet packs more fpe, but just isn't as accurate. H&N FTT come in second best. Enough power for hogs (head shots at 25 yards) , coyotes out to 30 yards and have hit ground squirrels in the noggins at 70 yards. These can be adjusted up in power but you will get far fewer shots then. I love the side lever cocking. It is much better than the heavy cocking on the BT65. While the stock is not as adjustable as on the BT65, the ease of side lever cocking and since the stock fits me, makes this a favorite out of over 12 air rifles. Get a good scope. I am using a BSA Sweet 17. While not really an airgun scope, PCP guns do not destroy scopes like spring powered guns do. Having a 3-12X40 AO mil dot makes this a very good hunting rifle for mice to hogs.

Value Accuracy Power PCP

PCP Cost of pellets Weight Length

By GregUSAOctober 9, 2016

Heavy ten pounds with bipod scope and sling. At a 50yrd target (at a300yrd range) with gusty wind the shots were all in a row less than a pellet drop between them and 2 inchs wide. Note this is with the hatsan regulator. Shot count is down but very consistent. Before the reg got 30 shots before noticing a drop now 20 powerful shots.

By RickUSAJuly 8, 2016

I generally do not write reviews. After shooting this PCP air gun in 25 cal., I knew I had too. I'm still laughing because I'm so excited. Just finished sighting this thing in at 35yds. I kid you not it shoots a 3/8" hole (9 shots). I should have bought one of these a long time ago!! I own 5 springers, three are the upper end models $800 plus. None shoot even close to this thing. I'm still amazed, way to go Hatsan!! p.s. , I was using the JSB Kings, 25.4gr. I see no need for a regulator. I shoot 18 shots, then air it back up. The G6 pump works great, hardly any effort and I'm 60!!

It is so accurate!! Still cant believe it.

Its a nice Walnut stock, but not a Weatherby!! Just kidding. Its actually pretty high quality.

By DonJuly 8, 2016

This gun hits what you point it at. I had a Benjamin Disco that I like, but wanted a multi shot with a bit more power. I was prepared to do an extensive pellet search and first tried my JSB 18.1 heavys and stopped there. On a wobbly patio table I shot a 2 inch group at 100 yds first try. At 25 yds it makes one hole. Two squirrels committed suicide by showing up at my buddy's back yard where I was showing off the gun. The gun is a lot quieter then the disco so the neighbors aren't bugged. The beast is big and heavy enough for wheels. I can live with that.

Accurate, powerful and rather cool looking

Heavy and you can put two pellets in the chamber even though they say you can't.

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Hello. I need your help me please... I want buy only Hatsan AT44W 10 Shot PCP Air Rifle- .22 cal Walnut but I can't because item free ( Hatsan AT44 Aluminum Replacement Fill Cylinder) it out of stock. Moreover I remove item free in shopping cart then it return automatic. This problem I can't to buy of with you. Please check to me urgently. Thanks a lot & regards Mongkol S.

asked Naklarin from USA

To place an order please email: [email protected]

Scott from USA

I want to buy only Hatsan AT44W 10 Shot PCP Air Rifle- .22 cal Walnut Stock but can't because Item as free out of stock. You can help me this issue and you give how much percent discount or dollars. Thanks & regards Mongkol S.

asked Naklarin from USA

To place an order please email: [email protected]

Scott from USA

How long for this promotion?

asked Kiat

Not sure, my boss determines it. It could be one day or a few weeks.

Scott from USA

Dose it come with the air pump?

asked greg

No the pump is sold separate.

Scott from USA

Does it come with a pump to fill up the cylinder?

asked greg

Hatsans do not come with pumps. Most pcps don't.

Bill Nye II
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