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Hatsan Mod 95

Available in .177, .22, .25, Turkish Walnut Stock w/ 3x9x32 Scope
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  • .177
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  • Code: HC95177 · $159.99 · .177 · 1000 fps
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One of the best spring piston air rifles at this price point. The beautiful Turkish walnut stock on the Hatsan Model 95 air rifle delivers a powerful first impression. And when you shoot the Mod 95 (as it's commonly called), it'll reinforce that first impression. The adjustable Quattro two stage match trigger will give you control, and the SAS delivers less felt recoil. You?ll love your Hatsan 95 and use it for years to come.

Hatsan 95 Air Rifle, Turksih Walnut Features
  • Spring-piston
  • Quattro 2-stage adjustable match trigger (adj. for trigger-pull weight- first stage- second stage & length of travel)
  • 11mm optics dovetail
  • Fixed TruGlo fiber optic front sight (red- 0.060")
  • Fully adjustable TruGlo fiber optic rear sight (green- 0.035")
  • Anti-beartrap mechanism
  • Ambidextrous Turkish walnut stock
  • Checkered pistol grip and forearm
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • SAS (shock absorber system) that reduces felt recoil
  • 7.80 lbs. (gun only)
  • Includes 3-9x32 Optima scope
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  • ManufacturerHatsan
  • Caliber.177
  • Velocity1000 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBreak barrel
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • Gun Weight7.80
  • Overall Length44.30
  • Barrel Length17.70
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity0
  • MechanismSpring-piston
  • Rail11mm dovetail
  • SafetyAutomatic
  • Front SightsFiber Optic
  • Rear SightsAdjustable for windage & elevation
  • Shots per Fill0
  • Trigger AdjustabilityTwo-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action0
  • UseSmall game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty1-year limited warranty
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By DennisUSAJanuary 26, 2021 Verified Purchase

the TURKS have got it goin on! I thought it was a junker at first but found the front scope mount had come really loose. it loves RWS ammo and it kreaks and groans when cocked. all that being said it is an ACCURATE butt kicker with my BSA 4 power scope. it hasn't been blooded yet but there are some pesky rabbits waiting for some lead.

GREAT value for the money...5 shot groups under 1/2 in. if you shoot a felt cleaning pad thru it after every 15 rounds!!! the trigger is EXCELLENT also. hatsan also warns about leaving the gun cocked! it might weaken the spring. RWS diana could care less if you leave it cocked all year. early beemans had the same warning. it's a whole lotta gun for the money!!

scope mounts

By DouglasDecember 21, 2020

If I can get my money back, I will go to a brick and Mortar store and buy an airgun I can look over before I wait for it.

Very attractive for the price

Would not shoot. I did all my research and decided to go with the Hatsan 95 in 22 cal. Waited for it to come in and opened it like a ten year old. Imagine my disappointment when it was defective and would not fire. Safety seemed not to disengage or something. Call airgun depot...on hold for ever...….finally decided to chat with the rep. Basically was told to return it or call Hatsan America. Called Hatsan America and got a recording instructing me to go to their website and fill out a form. I am not really impressed.

By PaulNovember 26, 2020

Just a touch of Vicks vapor rub will give your gun a little extra pop! Illegal in most States.

This Hatson air rifle might seem a little heavy. But when you're aiming it you'll be glad that you've got the extra weight. Extremely accurate makes a great prepper gun for small game. Will shoot quarter inch bicycle ball bearings. So you'll never run out of ammunition as long as you've got an old bicycle to tear apart! Reasonably priced extremely well built.

Not a thing!

By DavidNovember 25, 2020

The strength necessary to break the barrel, charge the air, and reload a pellet is challenging. I can do 50 chin-ups and it tires me out eventually!

Simple, fun to shoot, generally within 3” at 25 feet / 8 yards using iron sights. The Hatsan likes to run wet: a thin layer of oil on the pellets themselves will improve it’s accuracy. Also the barrel lifted out of the stock on every trigger pull, but we bound the stock to the barrel by wrapping it with paracord and it doesn’t do that anymore. If you’re nearly blind, I suppose you’d need the scope, but the accuracy isn’t comparable to a firearm. Really fun to practice fundamentals on, and it regularly sends a pellet through 3/4” of solid pine, so it would be a fun way to take care of your backyard pest and varmint problem.

Permanently seat the barrel in the stock. Advise users to lube the pellets.

By WilliamNovember 22, 2020

This .177 cal. is one powerful and highly accurate air rifle. I bought it for squirrels and I am able to shoot them at a range of 40 yards very effectively with only one shot most times. The scope has stayed in focus for 3 years now. The first scope gave me some problems and the company replaced it immediately without question. It is deadly!!!!

None what so ever...................

By JosephUSAJune 27, 2019

This 22 is in with the best of them all. It shoots as accurate as any of the others. Just because it does not cost as much as the more expensive rifles , it can still hold its own on the shooting range no matter what it's up against . This gun is above the category that is classified to be. I shot a lot of guns in my lifetime and this one shoots as good and a lot better than some of the higher priced ones in my gun safes . It is truly well made and nice stock and finish and finished beautiful . Oh, I'm 72 years young and still shoot almost every day

Fine workmanship and grading .


By WyattUSAMarch 6, 2019

accurate and works very well, not much recoil and isn’t too difficult to cock, definitely worth the money!

Very powerful for an air rifle, decent scope, good grouping with standard pellets

Bit heavy at first, but you get used to it

By ChristopherUSANovember 8, 2018

Like it so far got to get the scope set other than that great air gun😁

By RobertUSAJune 28, 2018

Already have two Hatsan rifles before the Model 95 purchased. The Carnivore .30 and The EDGE .25. been really impressed with em. The 95 is truly a part of the family now. And as beautiful as she is sturdy. Just an astonishing good value.

It's a Hatsan. very lovely and durable for those challenging hunting conditions.

Afraid to risk damage to the great finish on the Turkish Walnut!

By ShaneJune 26, 2018

Built solid shoots perfect. Just get a different scope. It's a heavy gun love it would recommend it to adults. This is no kids gun. Loud the first few shots now it's better. But get the 22 caliber lots of speed and power.

Straight shooting fast and lots of power. The trigger is adjustable so it shoots smoother for farther shooting.

None. But the scope.

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What the recommended pellet or brand of pellet for the .25 cal Hatsan Mod 95??

asked Karim from USA

What is the best pellet to use to bring down Sm varmint and birds?

asked John

How is it powered? CO2, air pump, hand pump?

asked Albert from USA

How quiet is this rifle for backyard varmint shooting? I've got close neighbors.

asked PJ

I bought this gun in early '17. Just took it out to sight it in. I used Exact Jumbo 15.89 gr ammo. At 25 yds. shots were everywhere. As close as I could come on scope adjustment at 25 yds shots were about 5" off (up, down or sideways). Switched to 15 yds and as tight as I could get was about 3" . This is with the rifle on a solid bench rest device. I had the scope on tight using medium thread locker. Scope rings tight. I'm disappointed in this performance. I'm going to try some H&M Sport Wadcutter to see if it tightens up my groups. Any other thoughts or ideas??

asked Gary M Carlson

What is the muzzle energy?

asked john sholl

The owners manual says the gun should be oiled regularly, but doesn't what where or how. Is there something online that shows how to maintain this gun?

asked Ron

just bought one of these and was wondering what pellets shoot best with this gun because I can only find .25 cal online.

asked nick from USA

The H&N field target trophies are our choice for now. This has been a great pellet, my son and I are happy with them. This is a great gun!

Michael from USA

whats the recoil of this gun? is it a good starter gun?

asked c


john from USA


john from USA


john from USA

I have been shooting BB/pellet guns since the age of 9, I am now 53 and this is no starter gun. It has about three times the recoil of the old spring air action Red Ryder of the 1960's and early 70's. When the pneumatic air system Red Ryder came out in the 70's the recoil increased to what it is today, about 1/2 of what the Hanson produces. This gun in my opinion is much to powerful as a starter gun for an adolescent shooter. The action alone to cock the break barrel requires some strength that a younger shooter may not yet possess. This gun comes with a scope for a reason. This gun can hit a target very hard 100 yards away. As a young shooter I considered myself very responsible, but accidents can happen. I am very thankful I learned to shoot with a low power BB gun There are many other lower power guns from "AIRGUNDEPOT" that would be suitable as a starter gun. As a comparable in the BB world---The Hatsan 95 compared to the Daisey pump would be like a larger caliber rifle maybe a 30/30 or even a 9mm rifle, compared to a single shot 22 long rifle. For a step up gun (after the BB shooter proves them self with the weaker BB gun a couple of years), the stronger Hatsan Model 95 would be a great gun before the step up to the single shot 22 long rifle.

Doug Smith

is this pellet or both i want to shoot blackbirds in back yard pref pellets only what kind? is there a neg on rifle? rich

asked richard kerrigan

the rifle is a pellet only, 22 cal., if sighted in, a blackbird won't know what hit him

Randall from USA

I enjoy the 22 cal Hansan Model 95 pellet rifle a great deal. So far I have not gone through many pellets to see which ones shoot better. I purchased an assortment from benjamin with four different kinds of pellets. So far the 14.3gr Pointed Expanding pellet works nice. At 20 yards I can shoot well within a quarter and dime size more than you would think. No fancy shooting rest just a towel and a couple of boards. Oh you will have no problems taking out black birds. I have taken large crows with both body and head shots. Any small to mid size game with a good shot should be no problem.

Mark from USA

I bought this for my son for the purpose of plinking and for pest control including blackbirds. This rifle has met all of our expectations! It's powerful and accurate after taking the time to sight in the scope. Very happy with this rifle. The only negative that my son would give it is that it's a little on the heavy side.


What is the point blank decibel rating?

asked Mike from USA

My meter reads 95


can you remove the front site without damage.

asked Beverly from USA

From my understanding no.

Mike from USA

To answer my own question NO the front site cannot be remove it is molded to the barrel. the barrel is notched and splined in three places and then there is a set screw. I n another review someone said the site was twisted I can assure you this is not possible. I did remove it with an ax and a chainsaw took most of a day. I covered the mess with a thin walled piece of pipe I am very happy with how it came out. What I really want is a bull barrel but if the gun dosent come with open sites they put some stupid knob on the end of Im back to removing sites and living with all the screw holes. The Hatsan is built like a brick house I only wish they made cars

Beverly from USA

Is this a loud gun? I dont mind a little loud but I dont want it to be too noticeable.

asked Scott from USA

I was concerned at the noise as well but while it does make a pop it can't be heard from more than 50 yards away.

Paul from USA

Is the scope as bad as all the reviews claim? Just ordered this for my nephew in Jupiter! Handy having a gun shop in the USA that accepts Paypal!

asked Mary from USA


john from USA

Why did they not mount this action on a sledge like RWS' 54 deluxe and render it recoilless??

asked norm

Pretty simple answer! Cost! The gun would be double to triple the price if they did that! Also it would weigh a pound or two more. You get more than you pay for as it is with this gun.


How does this gun do in the world of small game hunting?

asked Tyler

absolutely great

john from USA

The Hatsan Model 95 does great in Small Game situations. The .25 caliber will definitely kill a squirrel or a pest bird. With the .25 caliber you may even be able to go up to medium sized game. I know for sure .17 caliber cannot do that. So I recommend this for small-medium game. It worked great for me.


What 22cal pellets perform best in the Hatsan 95?

asked dave

RWS Super dome, Superpoint, and Super H-point are awesome pellet with any pellet rifle.

Scott from USA

Does this gn have a weaver/picatinny rail mount? The one here doesnt but evrywhere else does

asked Daniel

According to the other guys who answered, dovetail not weaver.

Capt Obvious

It has a dovetail, but you can get a intermount that you can put weaver mounts on.


no, i bought one from Airgun Depot and this gun does not have a weaver rail, it has dovetail rails.

Brian from USA
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