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Ruger Yukon Scope Combo

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SilenceAIR Technology delivers a quieter report for stealthy hunting and urban-friendly shooting. Only 30 lbs. cocking effort to make it easy to shoot all day- and a ReAxis gas-piston for long life and dependable shooting in any weather. Includes 3-9x32 scope & mount. The Ruger Yukon might become your new go-to gun for dispatching unwanted garden pests.

Ruger Yukon Air Rifle Features
  • ReAxis gas-piston
  • Breakbarrel
  • Single-shot
  • Rifled steel barrel with SilencAIR integral silencer
  • 2-stage adj. trigger
  • 3.30 lbs. trigger-pull
  • Fiber-optic sights (fully adj. rear)
  • Picatinny optics rail
  • Automatic safety
  • Ambidextrous hardwood stock
  • 14" length of pull
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • Checkered grip and forearm
  • 30 lbs. cocking effort
  • 9 lbs.
  • Includes 3-9x32 scope (duplex reticle- 35 yds. parallax setting) and mount (scope is not mounted)

Here are the benefits of the Umarex ReAxis gas-piston
  • Smoother cocking
  • Smoother shooting
  • No spring torque
  • No spring fatigue- even if you leave it cocked for hours
  • Functions perfectly in cold weather
  • Lasts longer than a metal spring
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Ruger Yukon Scope Combo
34 Reviews
74% (25)
24% (8)
0% (0)
3% (1)
0% (0)
97% Recommend this product (33 of 34 responses)
By mike
hernando, FL
November 18, 2017
great gun for the price
pellets dont fit right in gun, i think thats why its a referb, breech is cut out to much where the pellet loads, other than that love the gun
By Charles
July 13, 2017
Nice looking and good balance but problems
The gun is a nice looking gun, featuring all my want's. Fixed sights, gas piston, break weight. Was excited to shoot. Could not get it to print at 20 yards. after maxing out rear sight it's point of impact was 6 inches low. When trying to zero scope the same thing happened. I feel the rifle had a serious droop issue. I would have considered adjusting the mounts to overcome the droop but the trigger pull was much heavier than I antisipated and I felt that the effort to overcome the poi issues were not worth it. This was a refurbished rifle, maybe a new one would have been better. Airgun Depot was easy to deal with and Doug suggested the Hatsan 95 which I have been happier with after a few set up challenges.
ProsNice looking rifle. Great features, open sights, light cocking effort,
ConsHeavy trigger, Point of impact too far outside the open sights and scope
By Randy Owens
March 27, 2017
best of the best
I had tried a few other air rifles, including a 177 that bounced off plastic water bottles. I took it back and found the Yukon and felt Ruger had the reputation for good guns, and this was no exception. the cope never worked out of the box, and sent it back for replacement and when offered a RWS upgrade, I jumped on.This combination is superb!
the open sights work perfectly also as I have made many first shot kills with them. But the great RWS 3x9 - 44 Night Pro scope really brings out this rifles potential to the max. It is illuminated with mil dots and super bright optics. Once sighted in, simply put - I never miss.
the Ruger is easy to cock, and nice thing is that I can set it down and use it a few hours later with no metal fatigue or harm done. I don't do this often, but nice to know I can. It still makes some noise when fired, but nothing loud, more like a muffled paper bag pop.
For a serious varmint or small game hunting combo, I couldn't have done better or be happier. I use the flat pellets for close range work, and pointed hunting pellets for longer range, and that works fine with no point of impact change I can tell when switching.
ProsAccurate with RWS 3x9 44 Night Pro scope and open sights. cocking easy high visibility open sights smooth trigger (adjustable) great noise reducer silencer
Consheavy, feels like an M1, but stable and made of good materials, so is a trade off for the good scope that comes with the original package is a throw-a-way - near worthless
By Frank
Stratham NH
January 12, 2017
First break barrel
Bought this gun for xmas in the .22 caliber. So far I have about 500 shots through it. I do most of my shooting 25 yards out. This gun is quiet and quite accurate with RWS super domes 14.5 grain and RWS Meisterkugeln wadcutter 14 grain. The scope was ok but I upgraded to one with AO and mill dot.
ProsEasy to caulk, nice wood stock, quiet, accurate,
ConsScope rings and gun stock screws constantly need tightening, heavy, trigger needs to be lighter it breaks at 5 plds.
By Joe J.
Rochester, ny
September 19, 2016
Couldn't pass it up!
I went to My local Walmart looking for a varmint pellet gun in the $60 to 80 range. The store had been open only one day with many newbies working. this Ruger was on the shelf marked $69.99! after debating with 5th & final manager of the store, I bought it for price as marked!!! I took it home, mounted the scope & within 6 or 7 shots to sight in the scope, I was hitting a 2" circle at 50 yds. My daughter drew a chipmunk on a plastic 1-gallon milk jug & placed it at about 50 yds. wit a 1" X 8" pine board for a backer. She came back, rested the gun & squeezed. Dead center on Mr. chipmunks skull & split the board in to 2 pieces.
ProsAwesome right out of the box with a combined 30 count combined of chipmunk & squirrel "targets" confirmed eradicated. ( PETA friendly version)
ConsNone except, it could have come with a $50.00 manufacturer's rebate coupon! (LOL - Thanks Sam & all your newbies)
By Stephen
Towson, Md
September 15, 2016
Rat Pounder
I use this rifle to dispach rats, ravens and squirrels. and with the benefit of not echoing to the neighbors when fired. It punches into the hard body squirrels and Norway rats.
ProsA quieter gun than than RWS model 45 .177
ConsSweat from atmospheric changes when going from cold outdoors to warm house or vice versa in summer. Need to safeguard it where it won't sweat from condensation
By Rick
Phoenix, AZ
September 13, 2016
Very Nice
The Yukon is everything its advertised to be. The scope could be better. Very happy with the gun.
ProsSolid, Well built, accurate.
By Robert
September 2, 2016
Refurb? Looks new!
Wow! this is a nice rifle. Shoots very smoothly and quietly. "Neighbor friendly" if you live in town. The front sight looks fragile, so be careful with it. The stock is nicely grained and the scope mount is rock steady so far.
ProsLooks really nice, shoots smoothly
ConsFront sight needs a hood or other protection.
By Alexander
Redmond, OR
August 23, 2016
Powerful and loud.
Buy this gun if youre looking in the 150 dollar range, I'm sure it cant get much better. Great power, pretty loud. Easiest review ever.
By gary
August 8, 2016
Really good airgun I was really surprised
great air gun easy to site in and lots of power
By James
Three Lakes, WI
July 18, 2016
Excellent varmit gun
Easy to operate, shot well after shooting a few rounds. I like the scope that came with it. Nothing real fancy but it works. The open sights are nice but I like the scope better. Very hard hitting and not very noisy .
Perry, Florida
July 15, 2016
Great Pellet Gun
Shot really good right out of the box, like the wood stock real rifle feel, weight about same as a cartridge rifle,. trigger pull little heavy but sure and constantly the same. Good power, using different ammo for best
accuracy, Scope works well with the rifle, I have several pellet rifles, 177 and 25 cals, this one is right up with the my Benjamin so all in all I like it very much so far...
ProsReal rifle look and feel accurate , just plain fun to shoot (not a toy for sure)
ConsSafety a little getting use to (backwards to me)
By Rob
Huntsville, AL
July 14, 2016
Solid weapon
The gun looked new with very few exceptions; small run in the finish, couple small scratches. Overall, very nice. First 20 or so shots were wild. Once it settled down, grouping was pretty tight. Could not get the open sight to adjust enough. The front sight, mounted to the "silencer" was not centered. Off just a few degrees to the left. But the small scope provided worked just fine. Smooth and quiet and can't beat the price.
By C. S.
July 11, 2016
Very Nice Gun
I've only have had this gun for a few weeks now. But it's everything I expected in an air gun under $200.00. It's pretty accurate right out of the box. I put the scope on, and like most reviews the scope really isn't worth writing home about. It's ok but I might upgrade to a better one. The Ruger Yukon .22 cal has a lot of power. I am still working on my grouping. I have the grouping at 20 to 25 yards around the size of the top of a soda can.
ProsCan't beat the cost. Accuracy right out of the box with no scope on was very good. Knock down power is very good.
ConsOther than the scope. I have no other cons.
By Henry
Raleigh, NC
June 20, 2016
Great Gun
This is probably the best looking gun I have. I really like the way it looks. The trigger had a bit of a rough spot at first but has smoothed our very nicely. I have not mounted a scope on it as all of my shooting takes place in my basement/garage. I have really enjoyed shooting with the thruglow sights. There was a bit of slop at the barrel to gun connection when I got it, but I was able to eliminate it by torqing the bolt a bit.
ProsI really like the automatic safety. I wish all my guns had this feature.
By SFC Retired
February 15, 2016
Nice !!
Fit and finish of the rifle were very nice.
This is my second piston gun, but my first in .22 cal.
Very accurate and hard hitting on rats.
After the initial break-in of 100 rounds. cleaning the barrel after every 10 shots.
I ran 10 different pellets to find this rifles natch. Its favorite was the HN Crow Magnums shooting under 1/2" at 25 yards
ProsRifle: All Good
ConsI did upgrade the scope and mounts. Not impressed with what came with it. May put on grandsons 760 crossman
By Donnie
February 9, 2016
Pretty Solid Air Rifle! I have the Impact which is the spring version of the Yukon!!
I have the Ruger Impact .22 which is the spring version of the Ruger Yukon. This gun has surprised me honestly. Pretty decent power, solid accuracy, not too hold sensitive. It took about 50-100 shots for the gun to start grouping better, but like all air rifles, patience is of a virtue! Now there is more powerful .22 air rifles, but if you need something on a low budget that can give you the accuracy and power you need for small game and pests then this gun is worth every penny! I myself am on a very tight budget, but this gun is worth the investment. I have already got a groundhog, squirrel and opossum with this rifle. I am sure raccoons could be taken as well! So if you need something to get the job done and don't want to break the wallet, then the Ruger Impact or Yukon is the way to go! Happy hunting and shooting!!
ProsNot too hold sensitive, decent power, solid accuracy, low cost
By scott
new port ritchey , florida
January 10, 2016
great gun
bought this gun in 22 caliber refurbished. barrel in gun was super clean all bolts were tight and did not mount scope wanted to see if I could still see the target at 20 yards. I got 56 year old eyes and cant see up close worth a darn but guess what had the rifle sighted in after five shots and was grouping just as good as with my nitro venom with a scope. really like the sights and was very impressed with power with Crossman premier hollow point. shooting at a backrest of berber carpet on top of 3/8 plywood Yukon put pellets right thru Crossman had to same hole twice. added another layer of carpet that helped
Prosvery very very quite you here the impact more than the shot. great accuracy with open sights very easy to cock like the trigger way better other gun. sure does hit hard. i am glad not the squirrel that jumped over my head and knocked my glasses off the other knight.
Consnone so far only have about a 100 pellets thru gun so far. gun did have spot on stock where it looked like it had been dropped butt was not bad for a 70 dollar savings I will probably scratch or dent it anyway
By Jeffery Jafar
Detroit, MI
November 27, 2015
Ruger Yukon combo
Great air rifle. Accurate right out of the box. No effort at all to cock, just point and shoot! The Yukon will take care of the rest. Seems to like all weight of pellts, but likes the JSB heavy's the best. By one, you won't be disappointed.
By Steve F
Indianapolis, IN.
October 21, 2015
The gun looks factory fresh and the Price is Right.
I haven't shot this gun much yet. I shot it across a 3 acre pond and the pellet hit better than 2/3s down the pond. It packs a wallop when it hits. I was shooting an old DISH TV receiver and while it did not penetrate the metal, it put a very healthy dent in it. I shot the same dish with my RWS using .177 cal. pellets and the difference was very noticeable. The RWS is a bit older and spring powered vs a new/refurb Gas powered Ruger to be fair. I am shooting the GAMMO Rocket pellets. It will take a few more rounds before I can comment on consistent accuracy, but I feel pretty good about it from the rounds I have put through it. I have not used the scope yet as I like iron sites. The scope does have a larger opening to put your eye up to, so I may actually try it.
ProsIt's a 22 cal. and Gas powered so it has quite a bit of knock down power.
ConsI have not found one yet.
By Kt
October 16, 2015
Ruger yukon
The gun itself is awesome very accurate and hard-hitting the scope is definitely not up to par to the quality of the rifle
ProsNice-looking powerful accurate
ConsThe scope sucks at least the one that came on the gun that I got o
By Ron Peterson
plover WI.
October 6, 2015
A very fun gun to shoot !
By Anthony
June 12, 2015
Great Gun for the Money
It is a powerful alternative to .177 caliber. After about 75 rounds of sighting in it is very accurate. The varmints are in trouble now!
By UKgrad99
Crofton, KY
March 8, 2015
This my first .22 pellet rifle so this is an early review of the quality fit and finish and knock down power. I bought rws super dome pellets and without testing different types of ammo yet I can already tell it it will carry pretty good thump on the rats with tails. I am not using the scope yet but did look at it and it was nothing special. So I can't say much about the actual optics yet. I may end up buying a better scope but for now the open sites work well they have fiber optic colored tubes that glow in the day light. I have ordered more ammo from different manufactors so I will get back on here later after I try different ammo. The stock is really nice wood and all the hardware was came tight (screws). It is actually quieter Than my old .177 shadow springer without a suspressor so that is a big plus. This is also my first gas piston setup so I'm still learning about cleanining and maintance. In short I would buy another Yukon if this one disappeared.
ProsNice looking and good shooting rifle
ConsMaybe the scope not using it right now.
By bernhard rasch
Key West, Florida
July 31, 2014
Not a Toy!
I liked this rifle right out of the box. It was a little heavier that promoted - around 9lbs instead of 6lbs. The first dozen shots dieseled like crazy! Smoke was pouring out of the barrel and loud too! The break barrel gets easier and smoother as you break the gun in. Expect to fire off approximately a hundred rounds between break in and scoping the sight in. Decent scope for the price. When I got confident with Beeman Hollow Points marking quarter size groups at 50 ft -it was time for payback.
The difference between a .22 and .177 is huge. This will knock an Iggy right out of the tree. Revenge for a decimated garden was extracted. Nailed a rat- Dead right there. Hammered the feral rooster waking me at all hours of the night. It's nice to sleep in. Good rifle combo for the price. It's not a toy. Bman
ProsHeavier than expected. A sling would be nice. Very accurate and really powerful. Nice scope.
By jeff
Rio Rancho, New Mexico
July 27, 2014
Ruger Yukon gets it done
I have a RWS 350 which weighs 9 lbs 12 oz and I wanted to get a lighter weight gun with power in .22 caliber, and this Ruger Yukon is my answer to a light weight and hard hitting air rifle. It seems louder than a "3" on the 1-5 scale, but it is quieter that the RWS 350 .22, which has no suppressor. It is quite different in the cocking of the spring, but I will adjust to it. It punches holes through a heavy metal barrel that my RWS wouldn't. I have measured the RWS at 920 fps with my chrono, haven't measured this Ruger, but I plan to. The scope is good quality for an airgun and the stock is good quality as well.
Proslight weight, high velocity, easy to cock and load, silver dollar size group at 100'
By Rick
United States
July 17, 2014
I have enjoyed it so far
I own several Ruger firearms so I thought i would try out one of their air rifles. I have only put it together and shot probably 20 pellets out of it. The gun seems to be plenty accurate. I did notice a bit of play between the stock and the gun itself I haven't messed with it yet , so hopefully it's not an issue. It is louder ( I think ) than advertised but this is my 5th air rifle and they all seem to be louder than advertised. Not an issue, just an observation. I would purchase this gun again
Proslooks nice scope is o.k for the price Accuracy is good
By Doug
July 13, 2014
Awesome Gun
This gun is ell worth every $ spent. As most i did many months of watching reviews and reading posts
I have a Gamo and a Bengi. which both I enjoy shooting but I am going to find out that I probably will let them sit in the case for a while
I would recommend this gun
Proslight weight. Quiet. (the neighbors never hear it) powerful gun the scope that came with it is ok I put on a hawke 3x9x40ao hd that i bought here on
Consthe trigger shroud is ruff and cuts my thumb knuckle
By Bart Read
Appleton, Maine
June 10, 2014
First time pellet gun owner remarks.
First pellet gun for me and it is more gun than pellet. No toy here. Heavy is my first impression. Sighting in was not as easy as I thought it might be. You'll need to make stand. Very accurate once you get it sighted in. More recoil than I expected too. I am not a real gun guy but this is a lot of fun. My local squirrels have taken a holiday. Highly recommend this gun.
ProsAccurate. Fun to shoot.
ConsHeavy. Cocking the gun takes some muscle.
By Dan
March 1, 2014
More than what I expected!!!!!
Received the Ruger Yukon today, after bore sighting the scope the rifle seems to be just right. Will fine tune tomorrow afternoon. Very Quite and Accurate. I put a real good dent in a 50 gallon barrel. Looking forward to do some target practice and small game hunting with this Rifle!!!!
ProsNice attractive rifle , Well balanced .
ConsNone !!! Wife wasn't very happy with my new toy but she will get over it!!! LOL
Key West, Florida
March 1, 2014
1st gas piston air gun I've ever purchased
Liked the rifle from the get go. Slightly heavy but has a good solid feel that is easy to get used to. Was definitely a worthy addition to my collection.
ProsLike the scope mount which accepts my green laser nicely. Wood quality and design is very good. Power enough to dispatch yard critters and then you just want to keep shooting at targets.
ConsSome advertisements/specs list the weight as 5.9. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. It is around 9.0 lbs., but I if you want a lightweight, shop further for a lightweight.
By Richard
January 6, 2014
.22 caliber gas piston Ruger
This is a good solid rifle, impressive power. Significant difference moving from economy pellets to quality pellets. I'm happy with Benjamin pellets. It is my first gas piston rifle and at first a little difficult to cock, but once you get into it, it works smoothly. A lot of fun and at a good price for what you get.
By Mark
buffalo ny
December 7, 2013
very impressed powerfull quiet and accurate
By Arnold
Nixa, MO
November 16, 2013
A great .22 air-piston
This is my second Ruger airgun. The Yukon is an exceptional rifle with .22 cal and gas-piston power. It feels and looks great. It cocks very smoothly and has abundant quiet power. The trigger is crisp and least as good as my GRT II & III aftermarket triggers!! It comes with a rifle scope but I prefer to shoot it with its hard sights. It remains my best air-gun.
ProsOut-of-box accuracy. Great fit and finish. .22 cal power. Smooooth cocking effort. ............... A great purchase.
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Ruger Yukon Scope Combo
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