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Sig Sauer P365 BB Pistol

Available in .177, Compact with Blowback Action
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  • Code: AGD-48989881 · $99.99 · .177 · 295 fps
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This tiny realistic replica manages to pack a full-sized, 12-gram CO2 cartridge, plus 20 rounds into its minuscule drop-free magazine. But don't let its diminutive size fool you: This replica mimics the size, weight, controls and even blowback-action slide of its 9mm inspiration so well, it makes for an ideal firearm trainer. Just load 20 BBs and a standard, 12-gram CO2 cartridge into the drop-free magazine, line the green, high-visibility 3-dot sights up with your target and send 20 rounds downrange at velocities up to 295 fps as fast as you can pull the trigger. And, just like the real-steel version, this CO2 pistol's slide locks back following the last shot, so you know, visibly, that it's time to reload.

Sig Sauer P365 BB Pistol Features

  • Full blowback metal slide
  • CO2 loading 20 round magazine
  • Green high visibility 3-dot fixed sights
  • Manual safety
  • Similar weight and feel of the P365 9mm firearm
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  • ManufacturerSIG Sauer
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 295 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type BBs
  • Action Semiautomatic
  • Barrel Style 0
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 0.80
  • Overall Length 5.75
  • Barrel Length 3.20
  • Loudness 2-Low-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 20
  • Mechanism CO2
  • Rail No
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Blade
  • Rear Sights Fixed
  • Shots per Fill 60
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Plinking/Fun
  • Warranty 180-day limited warranty
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By JohnUSAMay 23, 2023

This model P365 is the only Sig model I've owned.

A friend said my BB-version P365 looks exactly like their firearm. I consider it accurate at 15 feet, as others have mentioned, and I like the feel in hand. The magazines were the big issue for me - also, as others mention.

My first P365 broke due to its magazine problem... Three extra magazines I bought also became trash. Problems with mag.s seem common to many. I never did count the number of shots (or magazines) from one CO2 cartridge.

By SherryNovember 13, 2022

A tale of two Sig P365's, BB on the left and 9x19 on the right

This is a great training aid and an exact replica minus the weight but close enough to make it realistic of its real big brother, mag drop and swaps are so similar and the safety operation becomes second nature when able to draw this little baby out and fire rounds every day, the empty mag slide stay is also well thought out, I would give this 5-star rating if it weren't for the Mag issues.

Magazines are problematic and are prone to failure, although I believe there is a simple fix, after disassembling and repairing a few failed mags i can see some of the issues such as spring tension fatigue, seal and Oring wear, Sig should put together a spring and seal replacement kit for magazines!

By StevenCanadaMarch 8, 2022

Nice little pistol. I was surprised by how well it fit into my big hand. If you like to plink at cans and paper targets and don't need a bid heavy pistol you can't go wrong. The blowback from this little guy will not let you down, and as far as target acquisition, you'll do ok from about 5 meters but after that it's a bit sloppy. Still a fun little shooter.

Again, it is a fun little pistol for the price and it's fine just the way it is.

By WilliamUSAFebruary 4, 2022

The magazines suck for this thing. I have went through two already only shot 5 magazines through it. Now this Mag just had a co2 blow up when I didn't pul the trigger and it is stuck in the gun. I can't find anywhere that has a breakdown of the weapon so I can disassemble it even and fix the issue. They really done pis poor on the design of this one. And why do I have to have an Allen hex key to change co2? It should have a flip tab on the screw so that item is not needed and it would also make it quicker to reload in a shootout situation. P.S. Yes there is those situations in real life. Who needs paintballs when you have bb's?


By Jayden January 7, 2022

The gun itself is amazing. The magazine needs redone and for that reason only I wouldn’t buy it. It u want it for the look then get it but ur not gonna be able to use it practically at all because of the mag leak.

The gun is a really good replica. It’s really small and feels really good in the palm. Almost no difference from the real thing.

The magazine is terrible and ruins it. Out the box I got it and let it sit for a day. Then I load it up with co2 and bbs and the seal for the mag broke after my first full mag. It started leaking air which sucks.

By Gregory MUSADecember 12, 2021

Get a Holster...

Good Gun..But Make Sure its Lubricated Oiled etc. When you First receive the P365 CO2. These Guns have been sitting on a CONTAINER SHIP FOR AT LEAST 60 DAYS Longer than Usual..THE SALTY AIR AT SEA ..WHILE THEY WAITIED TO Dock and U load May have Dried Up Most of Factory Lubricant...beware of the Gun Jams.

NoN Really..Smallest 177. OUT THERE.Good Gun..just keep it Oiled Up.

By JerryUSANovember 30, 2021

Sig really dropped the ball with the magazines on this gun.

I really like this gun. It is very well made. It feels good in your hand. Nice weight to it. It is a fun gun to shoot.

The magazines are no good. I have 4 magazines. and only one of them works. the one that came with the gun blew out after only a couple magazines worth of bb's went through it. Had it for months waiting for magazines to be in stock. I ordered 3 magazines. one was missing a part right out of the package. the second one I opened started leaking on the first c02 cartridge that I put in it. the third one has worked for 2 cartridges worth of bb's and I am afraid to use it anymore because I don't want it to blow out. This is why I score this gun so low.

By Roy Williams March 28, 2021

To all airgun enthusiasts and firearms, let's all be safe, and have fun, let's keep these traditions alive in this country. Thank you

Wow!! So impressed with this pistol, had for 2 days and man, it is a stunner. Nice weight and feel, I have a very large hand, this fun fits inside my hand, I can actually cover the safety with my thumb and cover the barrel with my middle finger, and it still fits my hand perfectly. Impressed with the whole thing. I've got 1 more pistol to Order soon, thanks airgun Depot.


By O1CanadaMarch 18, 2021

Slide is heavy and very realistic, the gun itself is heavy enough that it imitates the weight of a real firearm, the size of the magazine is good for the size of the gun, the grip fits well on my hand, the sights look really nice, the slide catch is realistic, the safety works well and the trigger feels good.

Nothing. Its an all around good BB Pistol for the price it's offered.

By JayMarch 15, 2021

Best one I ever had just can't wait to see how the glock 17 is

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Where does it ship from

asked Brody from USA

The main warehouse is located in UT.

Adam from USA

Where can I find a breakdown on this gun? I had a co2 blow up in the pistol while not using and now the clip won't come out of it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remedy this? I am not sure how this one breakdown a I dont have much experience with sig sauer. But I love the feel of this gun

asked William from USA

can you field strip it

asked JASON from USA

are there any visible white warnings or 177 cal markings on it that make it and obvious bb gun?

asked JASON from USA

Will this fit in p365 kydex holsters?

asked Matt from USA

The ones i have come across, yes.

Walter from USA

I haven't had mine a long time and this is my first BB gun (I have the real thing and want to save on ammo). I'm having an issue where sometimes 1-3 BB's will be in the barrel and it misfires. Is there a troubleshooting section or suggestions? When it works, it's nice. Hitting 1" square from 10' while trying to make a proper BB catcher.

asked Leo from USA

Has anyone had experience with leaving a co2 cartridge in the p365 for a week or more?

asked John from USA

I would not leave Co2 in it. The seal is already really fragile. I usually tighten just enough to get a good puncture and then back off the screw until a tiny bit of Co2 leaks out and then snug it a 1/4 turn. Lube the Co2 cartridge every time. Seals should last a long time.

Gary from USA

Rob above what brand of holster is that? Thanks!

asked Mason from USA

is this available in .177? the description says bb . thanks ...jerry

asked jerry from USA

The Sig is a BB only gun. BB's are .177 cal.

Mark from USA

what magazine does this use.

asked Dennis from USA

Does shooting an entire 12 round mag load consume an entire fresh CO2 canister?

asked David from USA

No . You should get 3 magazines or so from a CO2 12gm cart.

Mark from USA

Are extra magazines available for the P365?

asked Timothy from USA

Yes, from several sources, but no reason to wander off AirgunDepot....

Wade from USA

Will this pistol accept pellets as well as BB's

asked William from USA


Wade from USA

Do the bb's need to be steel in order to stay in the barrel, or can I use copper coated lead bb's?

asked Reinhilde from USA

Both should work

Zacarr from USA

Can I buy and/or reserve a P365 air pistol now?

asked Ted from USA

hello, When can i order this pistol? With regards Ad van Spaendonk tel +31642237462 Nederland

asked Ad Van from Holland (Netherlands)

Hi from Spain. I would like to order you one sig sauer p365. In Spain is not necesary orange front. Could you send me without orange front? Waiting your news!!!! Manuel.

asked Manuel Mazon

Do you need a new CO2 cartridge for every 12 bbs?

asked Ed from USA

Are you shipping them yet?

asked Bob
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