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With the growing popularity of PCPs, filling solutions are becoming more and more important and carbon fiber tanks are one of the best ways to get air into your airgun. These air tanks are portable and since they typically fill to 4500psi they give you multiple refills before needing to be filled themselves. An air tank is valuable even if you have a compressor because it is more portable and it helps ensure that the air going into your gun is dry, prolonging the life of the onboard tank. Look at our selection below to find the tank that is right for you.
When choosing a tank take into consideration the type of airgun that it will be filling and the type of shooting you do. For example, if you need something to carry with you in the field look at our 88 cubic inch tank, but if you are shooting an air-guzzling big bore you will want something a lot larger such as our 74 cubic foot tank or our 98 cubic foot tank. To get the most fills possible out of their tanks often airgunners use two tanks in tandem, cascading them so that they are able to fully top off the airgun many more times. You can usually fill your air tank at your local fire department or dive shop, or with one of our HPA compressors.

If you have been hand pumping your PCP, once you pick up a carbon fiber tank you will never look back. The speed and ease of filling your airgun will make shooting a lot more enjoyable and a lot easier on the arms!
Free Shippingon orders over $179
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