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Umarex Synergis

Available in .22, Multi-Shot Underlever with 3-9x40 Scope
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  • Code: AGD-48079607 · .177 · 1000 fps
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  • Umarex Synergis RapidMag, .177 12 rds (2 pk)

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Jumping on board to the line of multi-shot gas piston air guns, Umarex has developed the Synergis. Released to great fanfare at SHOT Show 2019, the Synergis combines the multi-shot piston driven rifle with an underlever, giving it unbelievable accuracy. Using a 12 round magazine and a TNT gas piston power plant, the Synergis is capable of shots up to 1000 fps. Included is a 3-9x40 scope to maximize its effectiveness.

Umarex Synergis Air Rifle Features

  • Underlever
  • TNT Gas Piston
  • Synthetic Stock
  • Patented RapidMag cartridge system utilizing a 12 shot magazine
  • Fully Shrouded Barrel
  • Metal Lockdown Picatinny Mounting Rail 
  • 2 stage trigger, non-adjustable
  • 3-9x40 scope and mounts included
  • 2 magazines included
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  • ManufacturerUmarex
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 1000 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Underlever
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 8.00
  • Overall Length 45.50
  • Barrel Length 18.50
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 12
  • Mechanism Gas-piston
  • Rail Weaver/Picatinny
  • Safety 0
  • Front Sights 0
  • Rear Sights 0
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage non-adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty 3-year limited warranty
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By BenUSAJune 24, 2022 Verified Purchase

I bought this because it was on sale and I was looking for a fixed barrel air rifle with a magazine. I'm thoroughly disappointed. The mechanism that pushes a pullet in also has no disconnect and pushes early in the lever stroke. So if you start to cock it at all, cock it all the way or you will multi-feed.

Nice trigger, gun is below average weight-wise

The magazine does not have very positive retention which causes skirt tearing or crooked loading. You have to hold it with pressure in the direction the magazine installs to keep the plunger centered on the skirt (the loose fit of the magazine allows for misalignment with the plunger which is what ruins pellets more than being a little out of line with the barrel). The scope doesn't have any parallax or even first focal adjustment (allows you to focus for various distances) meaning you are essentially limited to using set magnification for a given distance.

By DarrellJune 1, 2022

Heading out camping and picked one up as a new toy on the way out of town. Unboxed it and installed the scope up in the woods. I was impressed with it's apparent quality. Cheap scope but it's what you get in a package deal for the price. Ran a patch down the barrel and started shooting. Scope rail looks tig welded on and it was straight on my gun. Didn't even have to adjust the scope! Now I'm getting real impressed! It's shooting "minute of pop can" at 40yrds with HN field target trophys right out of the box with me sitting in my camp chair! About 50 pellets in it started to have feeding issues. It fed but pellet shot wild. Next pellet was a squib. Knocked it out and it had part of the skirt of the last pellet jammed on it. After that I got another 20 good shots and it did it again, and again, and again unless I just did single shots. I was so impressed with this rifle at first while it worked. The idea of an underlever magnum powered piston gun repeater was exciting...

Accurate when it worked, good weight, smooth cocking, gas piston smoother shooting then a springer

Feeding is horrible. Stripping/pinching skirts leaving a ring of lead in the chamber that causes the next pellet to squib.

By Kenneth January 21, 2022

Throw the scope away that comes with it. Buy a good scope. The one that comes with it will not sight in. I put it in a vice and fired 11 rounds through it and not one round came even close to another one.

Great gun like how it shoots. And like the magazine that comes with it.

A little heavy and noisy

By JerryUSANovember 30, 2021

I shoot this gun a lot. It's very powerful, and accurate. Not having to load one at a time is really nice. Don't know why everyone is having issues with the loader I use the two magazines that came with the and two I've bought for extras and have had no issues with any off them. This rifle really likes the JSM Diablos Exact Jumbos. Shot several tins through it and have had no issues. I did put a better scope on it for full disclosure.

Accurate, easy to cock, and love the magazine loader.

None really it is a little on the heavy side but that makes it great for bench shooting

By MatthewUSANovember 25, 2021

It's a great gun I have no problems with it and been punching holes through half inch pine boards at 50 yards

The fact that it's an underlever and stays true as long as you put a different scope on it preferably one for like 22 or higher

That it doesn't have an adjustable trigger a little stiff on the trigger though

By JohnNovember 9, 2021

As long as you don't mind single loading pellets and you get a better scope then this thing is awesome with more than enough power for small to medium game pesting.

Thing is a tack driver when it doesn't double feed and squib pellets in the barrel.

This thing double feeds like crazy when you use the magazine. The scope is also not all that great. Had to replace it with one off an old airgun.

By TimothyUSASeptember 21, 2021

After putting the better part of a dozen brands and weights of pellets through it, I found it really liked Crosman Premier Pointed in 7.4 grains. This was fortunate, as I have a ton of them on hand after a major sale. The mags are good, although more tricky to load properly than some. The rifle came with two, and I purchased another two. Any sort of rotary mag seems to prefer a domed or pointed pellet over a wadcutter. At the price this comes in at, I would buy it again.

Maybe I got a good one. From many reviews, this was not a successful rifle. However, I really couldn't resist picking up an underlever for Big Box prices. Got it by UPS, strapped the scope on, and had it rough sighted within five pellets. Final tuning took quite a few more, but at this price I can hardly complain. This is a fairly heavy (good heavy) and rather well-built. It's German engineering and Chinese manufacture, so think a BMW married to an SKS. The stock is solid, rather slender for my preferences, but nicely done. Rather than a blue or shiny black finish, Umarex chose a matte-black similar to Parkerizing. Once you find your pellet, it is nicely accurate. It's simple to cock, although the cocking catch on mine is a bit gritty. Trigger is much better than you would expect at this price point. For 20 yard shooting, the enclosed optic was pretty much spot on. Yeah, it's a cheap scope. If you want better, pony up. The scope will do you for most of your ethical shooting.

It would be nice if the cocking lever was a bit smoother and more nicely finished, but at this price point it is a quibble. Keep your fingers clear, the cocking arm can bite.

By BarryAugust 15, 2021




By JonAugust 12, 2021

Worst gun purchase ever for me!! Can hit the broad side of a barn but that is about it as far as accuracy. Bench rest grouping at thirty yards is eight inches! Should be the size of a quarter at that range. Seriously thinking of driving over it to erase the memory of a bad buying decision.

Lots of power

Accuracy is very bad! Needs a longer barrel for so much power. Spring gun recoil is a scope killer

By RichardJune 29, 2021

Purchased this on June 21, 2021 and already had to call Umarex USA with complaints (June 28, 2021). My issue that I'm currently experiencing is when pellets are loaded into the breech (through the magazine) they are getting stuck and unable to shoot through barrel. This issue started immediately (after unboxing) with one of the magazines, and after around 200 shots, this issue is starting with the second magazine. I called Umarex USA, talked to Colton and hopefully we'll get this issue figured out and fixed. Do I feel as though I got a good deal on this purchase at just over $180? Nope! I am pretty disappointed at this point and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Maybe I'll be able to update and re-score this review in the near future as it appears that Umarex is attentive to my complaint, but time will only tell.

Composite stock, fixed barrel, quality made (receiver, stock, lever, barrel & shroud and rail) and power.

Scope is junk! Magazines are junk! Trigger is not adjustable and pretty hard on the pull!

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recommended pellet

asked Danne from USA

what size cleaning rod do i buy. how long is the barrel ?


You need a .177 Cal. or .22 Cal. cleaning rod 19.50 inches long. What caliber airgun do you have? The barrel is 18.50 inches long for both.

Force Recon-USMC from USA

how loud is it?

asked William Ross

3 medium!

Force Recon-USMC from USA

Has anyone out there bought a -synergis . If so , please give a review of the pros and cons . Thanks kindly , Ross

asked Ross from Canada

Is the scope any good or do you have too replace it ?

asked Ross from Canada

Does anyone have info on cocking effort yet?

asked Matthew from USA

Arm effort is about 30 to 35 Lbs. for each shot.

Force Recon-USMC from USA

What type/brand of scope comes with it? Is there an option to purchase it without the scope?

asked Mike

Comes as bundled .

Stanley from USA

Does this rifle come in 22 calaber

asked James Browner

Yes, in .177 and/or .22 Cal.

Force Recon-USMC from USA

how hard is it co cock about how much effort in lbs does it tak?

asked Gary

About 30 to 35 Lbs. of arm pressure. Remember, use short flat nose pellets!

Force Recon-USMC from USA

How many times do you have to pump it for each shot?

asked Harold from USA

One time of 30 to 35 Lbs. of arm pressure for each shot. Remember, use short flat nose pellets!

Force Recon-USMC from USA
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