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Benjamin Trail NP® Pellet Pistol

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Benjamin Trail NP® Pellet Pistol

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The Benjamin Trail NP pistol features and outstanding 600 feet per second velocity powered by nitro piston. This smooth break action pistol comes with a cocking aid, so you can have the power of a heavy duty piston, without the struggle of cocking it. With adjustable sights and an angled textured grip, you'll love the way you feel looking down the sights of this airgun. The pistol rail is grooved with a dovetail fitting, so be sure to grab optics to complete your shooting experience!

Benjamin Trail NP Air Pistol Features
  • Nitro Piston
  • Breakbarrel
  • Single-shot
  • 19.5" long with muzzlebrake; 16" long without muzzlebrake
  • 25 lbs. cocking effort
  • 7-lb. trigger-pull
  • Fixed fiber optic front sight
  • Fully adjustable fiber optic rear sight
  • Textured- ambidextrous grip
  • 11mm optics dovetail
  • Manual safety
  • Includes cocking aid

Here are the benefits of the Nitro Piston
  • Smoother cocking
  • Smoother shooting
  • No spring torque
  • No spring fatigue- even if you leave it cocked for hours
  • Functions perfectly in cold weather
  • Lasts longer than a metal spring
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Benjamin Trail NP® Pellet Pistol
95 Reviews
43% (41)
34% (32)
15% (14)
3% (3)
5% (5)
86% Recommend this product (82 of 95 responses)
By Riviel
February 19, 2019
Muy buena buena agruoacion
By Steven C.
Nice pistol
November 17, 2018
This is a nice pistol. Is a bit tough to break open. It is accurate enough at 20 yards. Many pellets shot decent in it. I prefer no scope on it. The sights are usable. We have three in our family each having this pistol.
ProsAccurate and affordable.
ConsNeeds the extension to safely break open the rifle.
Best UsesTarget practice is fun. Rodents like gophers are easily had with the gun. Not overly picky about pellets at close range Good for backpacking
By J
nice trigger
August 7, 2018
Pros:trigger Cons: Weight ,cocking aid. The cocking aid developed a crack after less than a dozen cockings. I don't see how this pistol is worth it's price new but at this refurbished price it's on par with others in this price range. Other than single cocking stroke going for it to me it's not as accurate or powerful as a Crosman 1377. However it's cheaper usually and still fun to shoot.
Consweight, cocking aid, power, accuracy
Best UsesPlinking,fun
By Ben
Omaha, NE
Like the gun
August 4, 2018
I just got this gun last Wed. and I have tried over 200 shots. I really like it. I like single pump over multiple pumps.
Live the overall design of the gun as well as power it put all all together.
ProsPower & design of the gun
ConsHonestly, the rear sign is crap and unusable. No matter how adjustment I made that I must aim above the target 1 inch and to the right 1/4 inch to get it hit the target. I think I have to find a different one.
Best UsesBackyard practice. etc.
By Tony
Big Disappointment !
August 1, 2018
This pistol doesn't seem to have any more power than my old Daisy spring action piston, single pump BB rifle. The trigger pull is very hard and the accuracy is erratic, even at minimally different distances and even using a bench rest. Wish I would have paid a little more and tried an RWS pistol.
ProsLooks and feels better than it performs.
ConsLacks power for its weight. Inconsistent accuracy.
By tom s.
great pistol, benjamin np trail
July 22, 2018
i hear reviews of bad sights on this pistol......not true , out of eight shots from 10 meters ...hit 6 cans and a bulls eye on a nickle size bulls eye....this gun has power and is very accurate ..
Prosgreat pistol....handles well...accurate...and has power..
Best Usestarget shooting and plinking
By Rudy R.
Corpus Christi, Texas
Great air pistol
July 13, 2018
It shoots fast and hard for a pistol, not really heavy like some reviewers say, good sights and pretty accurate for a pistol
Prosprice and hard shooting
Consnone at this time, I have only had it for a few weeks
Best Usesplinking and small varmints and birds
By Opti
Nice buy, fun to shoot.
July 12, 2018
This was a refurbished pistol, but you could never tell it was, it was very quick to get sighted in. The gun itself is a bit heavy, and a little hard to break open the barrel and also to cock the gun. It is easier to cock it with the added plastic aid, but you can do it without the aid. The real problem to me is the long trigger pull, if I can cut that distance in half it would be a whole lot better, overall a nice pistol.
ProsAccurate, quiet
ConsAbit heavy, hard to break and then cock gun, also a long trigger pull.
Best UsesTarget practice, not all that powerful at 650 fps.
By Jack
So far...about 2000 wasted pellets.
July 11, 2018
I don't really care much about power or looks or comfort. All I really care about is consistency. But this gun is anything but consistent! Starting out with factory original sights that I've found to be unacceptable, and, thanks to barrel droop, inadequate to be able to mach POI with the line of sight at 10 yards. Next I've installed Burris 22 rimfire rings and 2x pistol scope on it and as I predicted rings shake lose before I knew it. Next I went with solid mono-rail scope base with a set screw, remounted the scope and it is all solid but sure the scope is out of elevation adjustment before I can get the POI where I'm looking at! Next came scope shimming and finally I was able to get it to line up. Next came accuracy test. 10 yard target - 5 shot string. Gun would print 2 shots into a dime and then shift and inch or two anywhere on paper.
Naturally, checking and rechecking every screw, using different pellets, shooting from bench rifle and pistol rests, anything I could think of...short of Ransom pistol vise, made no difference!
ProsNone....but if you're okay with Coke Can MOA @ 10 yards buy it.
ConsTrigger, sights, consistency and accuracy.
Best UsesNone.
By Gary T.
Southern Ill.
Nice nitro gas piston break barrel pistol
June 15, 2018
I wasn't expecting how heavy this gun is. That's why I gave it 4 stars because of its weight. Also the trigger pull is a bit heavy. I've watched some videos to make the trigger easier to pull that I might try. But the overall quality and ease of cocking it make it nice to own.
ProsQuality and ease of cocking. Nitro gas piston.
ConsWeight. Heavy trigger pull.
Best UsesTarget shooting, plinking and pest control.
By Robert W.
Chico Calif.
Don't Pass This One UP!
June 6, 2018
I bought both a Refurbished Nitro Piston and a new one from another vendor. The refurbished was broken in and was already sighted in and didn"t need an extended amount of time to break in.
By Tom
Interesting gun
June 6, 2018
Rather like the Dirty Harry of air guns.
ProsHard hitting.
ConsA bit hard to cock.
Best UsesPlinking, varments.
By michael
tallahassee, FL
Benjamin trail np pistol
May 7, 2018
This is a great pistol for the money. Buy one refurbished and with the money you save take off the rear sight and mount some optics on it ,or a laser setup. Its quite large for a pistol. Most any break barrel rifles or pistols are larger than a real firearm anyway. It is definitely not a toy. It takes a considerable amount of effort to cock. Fairly accurate at fifty feet. I can destroy pellet tins at fifty feet,wish Benjamin would devise a clip or revolver style loading devise so you could cock it and fire without reloading. Its heavy to hold and after 50-60 rounds you know youve gotten a good upper body workout. Not a gun your going to carry in a holster because of its massive size. I own a .22 and a .177 trail np rifle and the trail np pistol lives up to what I expected from Benjamin. The refurbished pistol arrived in a plain cardboard box with the instructions reprinted on plain paper. But the pistol did not disappoint. It looks brand new. Kinda loud at first but settled down after fifty or so rounds to a acceptable thump. Very happy with the purchase,l
ConsHEAVY, nose heavy, long gritty trigger pull, rear sight looks like an afterthought on Benjamin’s part.
Best UsesPlinking,close up vermin Annilation
By Mark
Benjamin trail np
May 2, 2018
Seems well built. Very heavy for an air postol.
Worst trigger pull ever!
By Joe
Manteno, IL
Economy pellet pistol
April 15, 2018
I bought a refurbished on of these at the price I believe its a great pistol. I could not verify but believe Crossman mad it it in the US like most of there products.
Unlike CO2 pistols you can use it for plinking with one of thees most of the year (I live in the Midwest) and have not set up an indoor range yet.. Also it does have enough power for small Ferrell critters.
I many like to sit back with Trail Blazer and my older RWS P5 pistol and shoot cans. I notice the Trail Blazer NP takes less cocking power. I just had to give the elevation a little spin and it is sighted for me. Then it was on to knocking cans and stuff around.
ProsPrice, Low cocking effort, and long rifled barrel for accuracy and shot consistency.
Consfor what it is I haven't found any
Best UsesPlinking, small critters possibly
By Jim
Middle Tennessee
Refurbished To Same As New
December 12, 2017
This pistol is a refurb but it is the same as a new one.Very satisfied.
ProsVery powerful.Cocks easy loads easy.Backyard friendly.
ConsA little long with the cocking aid.
By Jeff M.
Sight needs work
December 1, 2017
After many, many missed shots I removed the sights and tried to put a scope on this but eventually replaced the sight and removed the adjustment screw and glued a rubber spacer under it to raise it even further in order to be able to get a fine bead. I like the way the Benjamin shoots but another flaw is after several shots the trigger guard makes the middle finger sore. Still with the flaws I think the gun is well worth the price
By Anthony
Good gun
November 21, 2017
Bought the refurbished, and its a really accurate pistol, after I tightened up the hinge bolt with lock tight. But for the money a great buy.
ProsVery accurate
ConsVery bulky, and the trigger pull seems like you gotta pull it about three inches before it fires and it’s a pretty heavy pull at that. So make sure your shooting from a good rest or your gonna have a lot of flyers.
By Tony
Sun City, CA
Great buy, powerful for a pistol
November 7, 2017
The trick to cocking this gun is smack the barrel then you can cock it with a little effort . First two shots out of the gun was at a soda can. The can didn't move so I thought I missed at about 20' but the two shots went right through the can without the can moving. I was impressed with the force the gun put out. I bought the gun for a rat problem I have in my yard. I think they are in trouble. Very happy with my purchase .
ProsPowerful accurate
ConsA little hard cocking but results are worth the effort.
By Kyle
October 23, 2017
great little gun for getting squirrels
By DocC
Concord NH
Solid Gun--Can't tell it has been refurbished
October 10, 2017
Gun arrived in large padded box. No sign that it was refurbed except for a label stuck to the stock. It was outrageously hard to open and cock at first, and I am a pretty hulkly buy. It started to loosen up with a few cocks, but I decided to use gun grease on the part that locks the gun shut, and it made a huge difference. The issue was clearly in the lockup rather than the actual cocking mechanism. At this point I have only used cheap Crosman pellets and it groups acceptably.
ProsPowerful, can't tell it is refurbished, reasonably accurate as far as I've tested it.
ConsAlmost impossible to cock until I greased the lockup area. No instructions included but easily found online and pretty useless anyway.
By Ted
SE, La.
Can Be Accurate
June 28, 2017
My first pellet pistol has been a mixed bag of performance, but has settled out to be a winner! All break-in and subsequent accuracy testing mentioned below were with Benjamin 7.9g premium HP lead pellets, Hand-Held Indoors at 10 yard distances.

Upon receiving my 1st Trail NP, took it through it's 250 round break-in period that in the end, were giving me tight 1" groupings at 10 yards with the included iron sights...Nice! However to get there, had to have the windage dialed 35 clicks hard right and the elevation dialed all the way down and even bent a little further to achieve a bulls eye POI...not good. Then discovered the fixed front sight was canted 3.8 degrees right, causing the need for the extreme rear sight settings. Since I was left with little right windage adjustment for outside target shooting, I Exchanged for a 2nd pistol.

With the 2nd pistol, the front sight was canted 1.8 degrees to the right. After break-in, needed 20 clicks to the right of windage and 15 clicks up of elevation to achieve a desired bulls eye POI. I could have possibly lived with that, but during the first 200 rounds, I had shot to shot dieseling and smoking that eventually leveled out, but with a reduction in velocity. I got a chronograph to see what was going on and measured an average of 20% reduction of the OEM rating 525fps (lead pellets). Apparently, the piston had been over-oiled (new from the factory), causing some damage to the seal. Additionally, the blued- steel finish on the barrel and receiver was very flat and had a some blotching areas. Alas, this also went back for another exchange.

So far, seems 3rd time Is the charm! The front sight is perfectly 90 deg squared on the muzzle (no cant left or right). Out of the box with windage dead even and elevation at zero, was hitting around my POI with an occasional flyer. Break-in time was much quicker (100 rounds) with almost zero dieseling and very little smoke. This pistol was peaking close to 560fps with my Benjie 7.9g HP's and after break in (about 150 rounds), leveled out with 5-group averages of 540fps ! Out of those 150, I had very few ricochets with 98% of the lead embedded in my 3" target wood backstop!

My last 5-shot group the other day was a descent 1" grouping (still using the iron sights). I then installed a RR red\green dot reflex scope and was able to get sighted in to punching 1\2" bulls eye POI targets at 10yds. This .177 shoots quietly, just 75db 6" down from the muzzle and measured at ear level (all indoors), but I usually use hearing protection anyway. The trigger measures the rated 7# and has been consistent with a steady even pull and break. The included pics are: 1\2" cross POI, a good 5-shot 1" grouping with Iron Sights. Then, installed a red dot scope and shot 4-shot groups at 1\2" POI bulls eye (with an "I pulled it" flyer).

Haven't been able to take it outside yet to sight in at 25+ yards, but still have the maximum elevation travel for any distance adjustments. Overall, if you get a good one, it's an Accurate and Fun Shooter!
ProsAccurate, Well Built, Quiet, Hard Hitting
ConsMnf. Quality Control
By cootertwo
SW Florida
OK for the price
June 26, 2017
OK pistol for the price. Has good power, a bit hard to cock, and a terrible trigger!
By Denny
G. V. Arizona
LQQKS Brand New!!!
June 24, 2017
Love this Break Barrel Pistol!!! I put an older UTG 4x32 scope on it with both top scopes rings on the front tube of scope so as to be able to cock it and it has held zero at 11 yards really well with quarter size and some small groups!!! I was Leary about the way I had to mount that rifle scope on it as with both rings on the front tube, but it has held up so far with about 150 shots so far as the kick is about half of my gamo bone 177!!! Bought this for Finish Kill Shots on some wounded Varmits!!! Works Perfect & holds a nice group at 11 yds and going to push it to 20 yard shots!!! My first NP Gun, and Love It !!! God Bless
ProsI Just Plain LIKE IT for 44 Bucks!!!!!!!!!!!
By Gene
New York
Fun gun
June 9, 2017
It's great for sitting on the patio and. Plinking cans
By michael
Georgetown, OH
I would give it less if I could.
June 9, 2017
I received this remanufuactured item and the barrel would not break.
AirGun Depot sent a return slip, but the Fed EX store near me could not scan the slip and I had no printer available.
I took the barrel apart and the crossbolt in the barrel would not release the spring bar that locks onto the bolt.
I am very disappointed to be sold such a defective item.
I bagged it up and dumped it in the trash bin.
ProsNone. A very bad experience.
ConsI lost $52, 2 weeks of time and a trip to the FedEx store that could not scan the return slip. Lost money, lost time. I decided it was not worth any further investment of time and the hour round trip to the FedEx store a second time.
By Mark
Wichita Kansas
First Pellet pistol
June 2, 2017
This is a hard gun to shoot very heavy trigger, heavy gun not balanced kind of clumpy safety very aggressive handle grips but mostly its the HEAVY Trigger hard to cock without the cocking handle the sights are poor at best I put on a red dot because my eye sight sucks with open sights. Shoots hard and is accurate just wish they would refine the trigger. The cocking part is not a big deal as long as you have the cocking assist tool that comes with the gun
ProsShoots hard and is accurate built heavy very reasonable price
ConsLOUSY trigger heavy unbalanced
By G m.
Herndon Va
Great Pistol for the price
May 29, 2017
Easy to cock and to reload. shoots a little high
By James C.
Carrollton, Va.
Heavy and awkward
April 30, 2017
heavy, hard to hold steady without shooting stick or some other brace. pistol grip on very end of gun makes awkward to hold steady. Benjamin badly needs an add-on stock to steadier shooting. not recommended.
By Brian
Well made and quiet
April 18, 2017
Very cool pistol. More powerful than I expected. Big solid synthetic body and nice bluing on metal. Refurbished product looked new.
ProsQuiet. Fairly powerful for such a small power plant.
ConsThe sights are not able to adjust to bring the POI on target on the one I got. I thought it was because I had left the cocking aid on the gun, but even thought it does hit higher with the aid off...still not even close.
By Dee H.
Grasonville, MD
Less than I expected
February 16, 2017
This is my first "air gun" purchase. The gun has less accuracy and power than I expected. I purchased it to remove squirrels from the property. You have to be so close to hit them with any power, they flee before I can get within range. I need to purchase a larger caliber that generates more power. I let the price make the decision, my mistake.
By al
great pistol for the price
February 11, 2017
pistol arrived super fast its everything as promised shoots accurate with surprising power.
Prosshoots accurate with great power arrived really quick
Consno real cons to speak off except the pistol is a heavy but that also denotes its quality
By Capt D.
Burt, New York
Very Fun Gun
January 27, 2017
This is real fun gun and cant beat the price Airgun Depot has it. I have a small range in my basement and Ive spent hours shooting it. The cocking effort is really not that bad and it comes with a cocking aid but I never need to use it. I don't shot pistols very much but gun seems pretty accurate to me. The picture is my best shooting at 10 feet
ProsPrice, Adjustable sights, accuracy
By Joseph S.
Relaxing and Fun
January 19, 2017
Powerful and accurate. Pleasure to shoot. Highly recommended!
By Brian
East Haven, CT
Quite a punch
January 11, 2017
Great little gun. Accurate and very powerful. More powerful than any pump pistol I've ever owned
ProsPowerful, accurate
ConsLoud, hard to cock barrel.
By Lee
Maricopa, AZ
Lovin' This Gun
January 10, 2017
I like the fact that this gun has awesome FPS and you don't need to deal with CO2. It's accurate and hard hitting even though it is rather large, but well balanced. Wish it came in .22. Other than that, I couldn't be more pleased with it.
ProsOne pump (so to speak) and ready to go. Dove tail at breech for adding scope.
Mcallen,. Tx
Great product, but it's been hard to sighting it...
January 9, 2017
I use diferent pellets, and test on the chrony, and I couldn't get the speed that is written on the box. It gives me in between 500 and 540 FPS
By Walter V.
Kingfisher Oklahoma
It would be nice if they made this in a 22 or 25 caliber
January 8, 2017
Does anybody know if they make a holster for this pistol
ProsThis is a really nice pistol for the price .
ConsThe sights are not the best . Going to try Red Dot see how that works. A holster would be nice to have.
By Andy
Not super impressed
December 29, 2016
I wasn't super impressed the first couple times taking it out. I had a lot of trouble figuring out where the pellets were even going. I don't like the iron sights on it. I have ordered a red/green dot sight instead. I'll try and remember to add to the review once it's received, mounted and tested. I'm still holding the faith that this could be a fun plinker at some point.
By Jim
Ventura, Ca
Refurbished, but looks brand new.
December 28, 2016
I have purchased three refurbished pellet guns and could not be happier. All arrived quickly, looked and operated like new and the price was at times 1/2 off new. No need to buy new. If you have extra money and want to throw it away, buy new.
ProsPrice, condition.
By Mark S.
This is a really fun pistol to shoot and relieves the stress of the day
December 9, 2016
I have a very stressful life . At the age of 65yrs My wife and I are raising 5 grandchildren . A lot of commotion . When I need a break I find it target practicing with this pistol . Its a real fun challenge trying to see how close to the bulls eye I can get . this takes my mind form stress to a pleasant place . A much needed distraction from the daily grind .
ProsThis pistol is nicely balanced and easy shoot . The break barrel is a really nice feature . It has plenty of power and its balance makes it easy to shoot . Very comfortable grip .
ConsThe sites are hard to use without good lighting . I replaced them with a red dot optical sight .
By Kendj1
Carver, MA
Refurbished Benjamin Trail NP
December 9, 2016
This gun shot great right out of the box took some getting used to the recoil but all said and done a great gun.
ProsGreat gun.
ConsNone from me.
By Steve
Pittsford, NY
Big Gun
November 6, 2016
This is a big pistol that shoots hard and true. The assist tool, if left on, looks like a silencer. My 12 year old son our James Bond gun (I know Bond used a Walther, but makes him happy, so who cares).
ProsShoots true and hard in tight groups. Really nice for the price.
ConsThe assist tool seems to pop off a bit to easily, but maybe that's just my gun and not the model itself. You don't really need the assist tool to cock it, but my 12 year old son would have a hard time without it
By Tom
Grand Rapids, MN
This is a great handgun!
September 9, 2016
I bought mine simply because I love the Nitro Piston guns and I wasn't disappointed! Accuracy is very good (well beyond the ability of 99% of pistol shooters to take advantage of), power is very good (at 25 yards it will launch a pellet through both sides of an aluminum soda can filled with water!) and it's very quiet. Add the fact that you don't have to buy co2 and this is an awesome target/light pest gun! (The image I'm including below was at 15 yards from a bench. Open sights. I'm an experienced shooter but, I think anyone could duplicate these results. It's very fun to shoot.)
ProsQuiet, accurate and fun! No co2 to buy ever!
ConsSights are big, clunky fiber optic junk. The gun is capable of so much more than they will allow. You're going to want a scope or red dot for it. It's big and heavy for a handgun, I almost always shoot from a rest.
By Alexander
Redmond, OR
Easy cocking straight shooting.
August 26, 2016
Refurbished model came out of the box looking like new. A little dieseling on the first 20 shots. Punches tight groups at 12 yards with the open sights. Great power for a break barrel pistol.
ProsMine came with an cocking assist tool but it is not needed. Sights are great for a stock gun.
By Billy B.
Probably worth the price just for the nitro piston feature. If only it came in .22!
August 24, 2016
I thought about this gun for months before I got it and I don't regret getting it. At this price I figure anything else good is icing on the cake.

It is not too loud but not as quiet as some say. I like how it looks, the sights are not too bad for the price point, but the cocking handle is one thing i never want to lose! I'm sure the advertised FPS must be for the lightest pellets, but I wasn't expecting lots of power. Have not put many rounds through it, yet, so i can't say how accurate it is or isn't. But I'm plannign to mount a Weaver red dot sight on it too, perhaps this will help with accuracy. I'm guessing 50 feet is about the max practical range for an average shooter like me, and that's fine.

By Jeff
Product was as AirgunDepot advertised.Good deal for the price.
June 28, 2016
Not bad,it needs the barrel assist tool
By Phil
super cool pistol
June 6, 2016
Love that it is a Nitro-Piston. Nice and Quiet seems to be pretty accurate. Just nice to have a pellet gun pistol. SUPER GREAT PRICE!! THANK YOU AIR GUN DEPOT YOU'RE THE BEST .
ProsLove that it is a nitro piston, Nice and Quite seems to be pretty accurate Just nice to have a pellet gun pistol. Feels sweet in your hand,not as hard to cock as I thought it would be. Just a super cool gun to have. Fun to shoot to keep up on your hand gun skills. SUPER GREAT PRICE!!!
Cons(none) But a little more feet-per-second would be even better. But one of the fastest pellet hand guns out there that I have found!
By Aly M.
Abington, MA
Awesome Gun
April 26, 2016
This is a great gun! However, it is a bit heavier than I expected, but that's alright. Also, it is tough to cock, but they include a tool to help with that. I recommend it for target shooting, small game, etc.
By Z
Portland, OR
Not bad, but needs work
March 23, 2016
Solid break barrel design with decent accuracy and nice finish on the outside. However there are a few things that are irritating; see cons.
If you don't mind putting in some time and maintenance it is fun to shoot.
ProsReasonably cheap Easily adjustable sights Easy to load
Cons-The plastic grip is for large hands and patterned with a very deep and aggressive saw tooth pattern. The sharp edges become irritating after a few rounds. I made the grip more comfortable by filing off most of the pattern and deepening the thumb rest. This does not weaken the grip as the plastic is plenty thick. -The cocking effort is considerable. The link that pushes back the piston is a rough sand cast part that rolls over a plastic guide roller. This creates a lot of resistance. To ease cocking I sanded the rolling surface to a smooth finish and replaced the plastic roller with a bronze bushing. Now the cocking is smooth and requires much less effort. -The trigger has a similar problem, smoothing the contact surfaces only partially addresses a creeping increase in trigger pull force as the materials used in the castings are soft. Maintaining consistent trigger pull requires frequent lubrication. -Breaking the barrel is inconsistent. Sometimes the operation is smooth, other times the barrel is stuck and has to be broken over the thigh.
November 14, 2015
This was my fourth purchase of a refurbished gun from Air Gun Depot, It was packaged securely by Crosman in the same box packed in foam
like their Custom Shop guns come in .I couldn't see any signs that this gun was refurbished,It looked brand new.
Of course"I tried it out as soon as I could and it compares with my new model.
It came with the cocking aid and I fired at least 30 shots with no problems.It also came with a photo-copied manual.
I am very happy with it and look forward to more of the same to have some back up
for my favorite air pistols.
By Rafael R.
not bad for $50
October 15, 2015
must breakin
By Jon
North Carolina
Great pistol
October 2, 2015
At 400+. Fps speed, great Fixed fiber optic front sight & Fully adjustable fiber optic rear sight. Heavy and that is good. Love it.
By Jacob
Avon Park Florida
Great product
October 2, 2015
It was a wonderful buy and met all of my expectations with the exception of the rear sight being at its limit in order to get a decent shot. Other that that I'm happy with the power and maneuverability of the pellet pistal.
By bob b.
Puget Sound
Benjamin Trail NP® Pellet Pistol
September 15, 2015
Had this gun before, but was stolen from me. Got a lot of use from it too.
ProsGreat gun-SURE missed it when it was stolen.
By mbeachs
Muskegon, Mi
Refurbished, Benjamin Trail NP® Pistol
August 30, 2015
What a tank! This gun is built well. On the heavy side, but to be expected. I read a lot of reviews before the purchase, all complaining about it shooting low. Mine sot high out of the box. Adjusted rear sight all the way down, and windage all the way to the right, and it is spot on now. I shoot nice groups at 30 yards with the lead hollow points burried into the pine 2x6 I have the splat target on. Very fun to shoot. Much better quality than the 1377 I had. I bought a refurbished through Airgundepot. Can't tell it isn't new! Only complaint is owner's manual was printed on a single sheet of paper--- impossible to read. Would rather have link to online PDF manual. Nice Pistol at a great price!!
ProsWell built. Great Price. Consistent groupings. Fun to shoot
ConsNo real complaints
By Joseph
Otter Lake, MI
Powerful air pistol
August 24, 2015
Most powerful air pistol Ive shot and good accuracy too. Arrived looking like a new one. Cheap price for this much pistol. Cheap to shoot also no co2 and with Airgun Depot,s good deals on pellets wow. Falling in love with shooting again. Im on disability and not rich. Thankfully Im finding airguns are not toys anymore and make shooting affordable.
ProsCheap price,accurate,cheap to shoot. And with Michigan law newly changed easy to buy
ConsTrigger pull is a little heavy
By Steve
Grayslake IL
For the Money - Worth Every Penny!
August 20, 2015
Out of the box, the gun shot high (many have complained about droop). The rear sight zeroed fine. Half Dollar groupings at 10 yards. I bought a BSA Red dot sight and once zeroed, consistantly getting quarter sized grouping now. Competition use? Probably not...Would love to get a peep sight fitted to this gun. Getting the rear sight off was a REAL CHALLANGE! See "Con". Looking forward to using this in the winter. Also would like to see if Benjamin ever puts out a shoulder stock, I would be first in line to buy. Would also like see additional cocking aids offered for sale.
ProsEast to cock with the barrel aide. Has ebough recoil so you know you're not piddling around with a low powered BB pistol. Nice weight and balance. I have to shoot with a two-hand stance, as the gun now weighs close to 4 pounds, and I'm no spring chicken. This can be enjoyed for long periods of time---a joy to use. Price for this gun is very low, for the overall value
ConsThe rear sight was nearly impossible to remove. I took the sight apart and just had to remove the sight base. It slid back and forth easily but would not come off either end. Ended up using the plastic handle of a screw driver and a mallet to bang the sight off. Ended up with fine slivers of the base sheared off. Putting the BSA red dot sight on was "easy breezy" compared to iron sight removal.
By Virgil T.
Columbus, Ohio
Benjamin Trail Pistol
August 20, 2015
Overall fit and finish is very good, The added barrel cocking handle makes it easy to operate, powerful, not a kids toy, Sight adjustment as shipped does not have enough elevation adjustment, and the balance of the pistol leaves a lot to be desired. Its a casual plinking gun not a serious target piece. Basic pistol training is probably the best use.
ProsThe refurb price is economical. Plenty of power at l0 meters distance of my shooting it.
ConsBalance leaves a lot to be desired, cocking effort requires a strong hand. Would not recommend as a serious target shooter.
By Joseph
Otter Lake, MI
Too much fun
August 16, 2015
I cant put it down lol. Didnt know I could have this much shooting fun so cheap. Did shoot a little high I bent the rear sight up behind the elevation adj. screw and its great now
ProsVery accurate for the money and super cheap to shoot. Between the cocking and loading it paces your shooting for hours of fun on very little money.
ConsRear sight is a little chintzy for an otherwise quality gun. Cant seem to put the darn thing down. Ive only had it a few days and had to order more pellets today which led me to purchase a Beeman P17 too LOL
By Dan
Bear lake Michigan
August 8, 2015
Put 400 rounds through mine so far, barely dents a pop can at 25 ft. Bottomed out the elevation and still 8 in.low at 25 ft., haven't put it thru my chronograph, but doubt it's over 250 fps with crow magnums.
By Glenn
Walnut Creek, CA
July 30, 2015
A well-made, powerful, accurate pistol. At different distances, some pellets shoot high; some pellets shoot low, and some are in the 10 ring. Take some time to sight in various pellets at different distances for different types of targets..
ProsThe Nitro-Piston.
By The_Falko
San Diego, CA
July 10, 2015
Nice pistol w/ adequate power. Fit, finish and performance decent for the price.
ProsCan't tell it's a refurbished gun.
ConsSights look great but non-functional as they defy you to sight them in even close to adequate. If you are considering an upgrade to a red dot or scope be forewarned that the OEM sight mount CAN NOT BE REMOVED from the dovetail grooves on the pistol necessitating you either mount NARROW scope mounts both front and rear of the OEM sight mount or cut the mount off for unabated access.
By Mark
Barneveld, Wisconsin
Heavy pistol
July 3, 2015
despite it's weight, the Benjamin Trail NP .177 packs a punch, refurbished?, looks new to me it just came in a plain cardboard box, the price was right too
Prossolid performer
Consa bit heavy, it takes some practice to cock it without the 'helper' attached
By Jerry
Make it shoot your way
July 2, 2015
Like most of the reviews mine was hard to group with the open sights with the cock assist on. Today I received a BSA RD30, removed the rear sight installed the red dot and sighted it in with the cock assist on. Wow grouping was great at 10' but the real test was a pint plastic milk bottle hanging on a wire at 60 feet. I hit it almost every time using Crosman Premier Hollow Point.
ProsGreat break barrel for the price.
ConsWish the open sights where a bit more accurate but I think this is caused by the front on the break end.
By Marc
Very nice, but in all honesty, I have little to compare it with.
July 2, 2015
I previously used the Crosman Vigilante. That's a very nice gun, but the use of CO2 was getting to be a drawback. I didn't like the constant velocity drop as you used up the CO2. I also wanted something with a little more oompf to it, especially since unless it was a fresh CO2, the Vigilante lacked stopping power.

First the bad, It is hard to cock, and for me, the cocking aid is necessary if your going to shoot a lot. Next is it a bit heavy, I hold it more like a rifle than a pistol. Last the trigger pull is very long, and pretty hard, so the effort to pull the trigger affects my aim.

I'm getting used to the cocking effort, and especially with the cocking aid, it's really no bother. Heavy? All that does is affect how quickly I can bring it up and aim it. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but with hunting chipmunks it is. They move quickly and never stay in one spot for more than a second once they see me. For the trigger, just like someone else here said, I got a slightly longer screw and that shortens the trigger distance quite a bit. Also like the other reviewer said, I had to be careful with the depth of the screw because that affects the whole trigger mechanism. I found the sweet spot and now the distance is much better. There is still the effort needed to squeeze the trigger, but with a shorter, more predictable distance, it's not much of a problem.

Accuracy so far is just a bit poorer than the Vigilante, but I think that is due to the trigger effort, and I think it will improve with practice. I'm only shooting at distances of 30', so maybe someone will say, that distance is so short, any gun will be accurate, I'll work on greater distances later and report back then.

At zero to 30', I had no problem at all with the sights. None. I like the fiber optic effect too. With any light, they practically glow. Since I don't like iron sights, I got a red dot sight anyway, so the sights are a moot point.

Stopping power, for a pistol at least it good. At 30' that is. Comparing it to the Crosman Vigilante, it is much, much better. The Vigilante was barely effective with a full cartridge, and once that began to empty, I had a few wounded chipmunks scurry off to die painfully at a later date. With this, problem is gone. Remember, my kills are mostly at 15 to 20', but remember also these things are very small, and hitting a kill zone means hitting a 1" target. Even wounded with this gun, they aren't able to scurry very far and I always have time to reload and get that next shot to finish him off.

I've only shot around 500 rounds, so I'll come back to this review later, but so far, I'm very satisfied. PS, I almost forgot. Compared to the CO2 powered Vigilante, this thing is much quieter. That's important in a suburban setting.
ProsHard hitting for a pistol at this price. Pretty accurate. Quiet.
ConsHard to cock. Difficult trigger mechanism.
By Greg
Southern California
Definite bang for the buck!
June 30, 2015
The first thing I noticed was how solid this pistol's definitely not a lightweight!....Feels good in your hands!....The cocking aide works great, I wouldn't even try cocking it without it on there, plus it looks good!....I think better with it on than not!...The sights seem to be ok, I got it dialed in with about 10-12 shots....they could be a little more firm, I think I'm going to put a micro red dot on mine & see how that works out....Power seemed good, the pellets dug into a phone book at 20 feet to where I couldn't see them.....I would certainly recommend the pistol to those who want more power than C02 can provide, but definitely not for kids because it takes some strength to cock it....And all the better if you can pick up a refurbished one, you simply cannot be at the price!....& I figure that it's been gone over very well when it was refurbished! wear or marks on mine!....I hope this helps!...Safe shooting & God bless.
ProsPretty much the entire pistol.
ConsCould use a better, more solid rear sight.
By Dave H.
United States
49.99 Can't beat it!
June 16, 2015
Shoots great. Easy to cock with the assist. Very accurate. Quarter size group at 10 yds. Shot a bit eratic with assist left on the barrel. Solved that by drilling holes in the assist for more of a true muzzle break effect. Has somewhere for the trapped air to go. Trigger not but can be mastered. Works best for me with wadcutters. Clean your barrels often. Great pistol. Great service Airgundepot.
By Gruh
South New Jersey
What a deal
June 4, 2015
Would buy another but I already have 2. One referbished and one new, love them both. Great deal lots of fun. Lots of fun $50 !!!
By Rodger
Phoenix, Az.
Love/Hate Relationship
January 30, 2015
Have now put 2000 pellets through my refurbished Benji and I'm loving it. Out of the box it's heavy, cumbersome, rough handling, shoots erratically and I could not sight mine in. But I knew that when I purchased it and figured I'd work through it. Here is the process I used to make mine a tack driver:
1) Just shoot it as it comes and use cheap wadcutters to break it in.
2) After a tin, I ordered optics: DAB NC Star red/green with dovetail so no rail was required for mounting.
3) Removed the front and rear sight and mounted the red/green dot sight. Make sure it is moved right to the back of the dovetail and there won't be creep. Blue locktite ALL screws on gun, handle, barrel and especially the screws for mounting the sight.
4) Sand the handle. It's rough and after 100 pellets chews up your shooting hand especially from cocking the gun.
5) Get a longer screw to reset the trigger pull. The factory screw is too short and won't allow you to adjust trigger for a shorter, smoother, more consistent pull.
6) Clean often. Never bought a cleaning kit but use household oil and spray silicone to keep the gun functioning. Had some bamboo skewers, cut cloth to fit barrel, and reamed with a combination of oil and silicone. Seems to work great. The gun is smooth and if I miss the bullseye (dime size) at 10 meters, it's me not the gun.
7) Pellets are personal. I just shoot targets so have continued to use wadcutters. Crosman were good but too dirty to handle. Gamo were fine but settled on coated Beman. Buy 3 get 1 free. Sweet.
8) Technique is everything when shooting this pistol. Haven't shot a gun in 40 years; bowhunted exclusively during that time. I also got into target shooting compound bows and it helped in transitioning back to a pistol. The gun, even with an adjusted trigger, still wants to shoot incrementally to the left. When I hold, I have to add slight pressure to my left hand to compensate for the slight pull. Am almost as accurate freehold with two hands as I am from a rested position. With one hand...fuggegaboutit. I am retired, still a bit of gym rat and over 200 lb. but cannot shoot this pistol with one hand. I continue to try, but progress is very slow.
When I first read reviews of this pistol, some complained about the cocking pressure. A slight tap to break the barrel and then one finger in front of the sight was sufficient to cock this gun. With the front sight removed, it's a piece of cake to cock.
Have given up bowhunting but used to spend $700 on a compound. For $75, optics included, I'm backyard plinking and target shooting daily. And this gun shoots twice the fps of my bows.
For $50, it's a steal. Just be prepared to put in some time and effort to get it where you want it.
Jan. 30th...update: Lost the green dots on the NC Star sight and it would not turn off. Called Matt at NC Star and he took me through removing the top of the sight and tightening four screws beneath. I asked if he thought the recoil of the Benji was too much for the sight and he said no, but I should locktite the three set screws that hold the sight to the rail. All my dots came back and it turned off when I rotated to 0. I remounted the sight and will try shooting it tomorrow.
By Ron
benjamin np gun/ debunk the nay sayers
January 28, 2015
By Z
St. Louis, MO
Can't review something only a couple of days old.
January 9, 2015
I just bought this and, as usual, the vendor wants a review before I have had a chance to try it out. Initially, I like the finish and eased edges/corners of the piece, but until I have fired a couple of hundred rounds through it, I can't really say if I like it or not. All I can say now is that it works...i.e., a pellet loaded in the thing comes out of the barrel as it is supposed to. Ask me in 6 months and I will be able to give a real review. The requests about recommending to a friend are premature, therefore, at this time I pick "NO" knowing that is because I don't yet know.
ProsI like the sighting system...light pipe dots. The finish is nice.
ConsThe gun is actually larger than I expected. But then, considering it's a break-barrel weapon, it has to be large to get enough leverage to charge it. With it's size, it also is heavy.
By CaptTurbo
Refurbished Benjamin Trail NP .177 Caliber Air Pistol
January 7, 2015
So far this purchase has been disappointment. This pistol doesn't group for crap. The break barrel lock sticks horribly so it's hard to cock the thing. It takes something of a karate chop to break the breach lock open. The trigger pull is ridiculously long and the break sucks too. I have a bout 50 pellets through it at this point so I suppose it's possible that it might begin to shoot better after a few hundred but I doubt if I will find out because it's just no fun to shoot such a POS. I have two RWS LP8-Magnums that are a joy to shoot and which re extremely accurate. Hate to dump such a harsh review but I call them like I see them. This gun is junk. Perhaps I got a lemon or a pistol that someone else returned for work which was never done? You win some and you lose some. I lost on this purchase.
ProsIt would have been nice to have a good gas piston pistol for such an economical price but fortunately, the particular refurb they sent me is not a good one. Junk.
ConsBreach lock jams every time and requires it to be struck to unlock it.Totally erratic at ten yards. No accuracy at all where my RWS pistols chew up the ten ring.
By Paul
Esmond, IL
Good with the Bad
December 19, 2014
Despite being a refurb, could not tell from new. Bought gun primarily for indoor target shooting. Still trying to find a pellet that it likes. So far, 7.9 wadcutters seem to be the best. Fixed rear sight issue by using a longer screw with thread locker. Will try a laser or red dot sight and see if that resolves the low shooting problem. Not as powerful as I had hoped for. My Beeman P17 packs more of a punch using the phone book test. Fairly accurate. About 1.5 " at 10 yards and getting better as gun breaks in.
ProsLooks very cool. Easy to cock, with cocking aid. Fun to shoot. Very quiet for indoor shooting.
ConsSevere barrel droop. Front sight is ridiculously tall. Not enough travel in rear sight elevation adjuster. As a result, gun shoots 2 inches low at 10 yards. Trigger has very long travel and heavy pull. Still smoking after 75 shots, but getting better.
By Gary D.
Indianola, Iowa
My Refurbished Trail NP .177
December 16, 2014
Great product. The refurbished Trail NP .177 shoot very accurately right out of the box with the cocking aid on. It was almost like the tech zeroed the sights before the placed it in the bock.
ProsPower and accurate
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