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Beretta Air Pistols

While an airgun is meant to be different from a traditional firearm in terms of ammunition and impact force, most shooters still want an option as close to the look and feel of the real thing. With a focus on using high-quality metals and careful attention to every detail, a Beretta air pistol is made to have the look and feel of their firearm counterparts. The Beretta M92 pistol is one of the most popular airgun designs on the market today. It's a pleasure to hold and shoot for both the amateur shooter and the more experienced alike. Dating back to the 1500s, the company has been handed down over fifteen generations of firearms makers. Focused on delivering a wide spectrum of exceptional products in their field, Beretta production covers almost the whole range of portable firearms including over-and-under and side-by-side shotguns for hunting and competition in different grades of finishing, autoloaders and pump action guns, express double rifles, semi-automatic pistols (chambered for calibers from .22 Short to .45 Auto) and their high performing assault rifles. Technological improvement and state of the art manufacturing methods form the basis on which Beretta built its image and loyal fanbase over the years. A vast range of field, competition, and military firearms have brought the company worldwide fame as the oldest gun manufacturer dating back to 1526. Umarex USA is privileged to be able to offer CO2 air pistol replicas of some of Beretta’s most popular models including the CX4 Storm, Model 92, Elite II, and PX4 Storm.
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We offer several options to bring the reliable performance standards of a Beretta pellet gun to your collection. While most of the models we offer are semiautomatic, we also feature their full auto models as well. Whether looking for an all-black option or an attractive nickel and black look, a Beretta pellet pistol truly looks and feels like the real deal. Best of all, many of their models shoot BB ammo or pellets so you get an unmatched versatility if your shooting preferences fluctuate. Add one of these reliable solutions to your personal collection today.
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