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Beretta M92FS Pellet Pistol

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Beretta M92FS Pellet Pistol

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Beretta FS92
  • CO2 (uses 12-gram cartridges)
  • 8-rd pellet repeater
  • Semiauto
  • Double-/single-action
  • Blued frame
  • Black plastic grips
  • Highly realistic- which means this is as big as the firearm!
  • Includes a hard case
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Beretta M92FS Pellet Pistol
35 Reviews
71% (25)
20% (7)
6% (2)
3% (1)
0% (0)
34% Recommend this product (12 of 35 responses)
By Horntoad
Texas high plains
Looks like the real thing, feels like the real thing
May 8, 2018
Shoots well, not accurate, looks and feels like my Berretas, just not as loud.
ProsSeems well made.
ConsSome degree of difficulty for me to install co2 cartridges.
Best UsesI honestly can't think of anything it would useful for.
By Glenn
Bushnell, Florida
Top notch
July 24, 2017
Very high quality. Great feel and look. Added wood grips to mine. Gets about 80 good shots per cylinder.
By William
South Boston, MA
This is by fa the best pellet pistol i have ever owned!
July 9, 2017
No problems at ball very accurate and well made.
ProsShoots very well and well over 100 shots per co2 cartridge.
By Jeff
Raleigh, NC
Top Notch Pellet Pistol
December 8, 2016
This is a very fine pellet pistol, a bit heavier that the real 92FS, but very authentic, so nice to not have the stupid blowback, this gun being so heavy allows for very accurate and comfortable shooting, great to have the adjustable rear site, as far as the magazine hitting the ground when the gun is opened, just palm your open left hand over the left side of the breach while holding the gun with your right, and work the level with your left thumb to open the breach, and allow the magazine to fall into your open hand, really no problem at all. Another important point to pay attention to, when loading pellets in the magazine, be sure to leave them flush at the back side, I was pushing them all the way forward, discovered this will cause occasional failures to fire.
ProsAuthentic look and feel, adjustable rear sight, great trigger in single action, shootable in double action.
ConsI like the design of the Umarex H&K P30 gun in which the magazine release ejects the "magazine" from the handle grip which holds the CO2 cartridge, whereas with the 92FS, you have to eject one of the handle grip panels from the side of the gun to insert the cartridge, not a deal breaker for this otherwise terrific gun.
By Kiran
Neat and good
March 27, 2015
This is a simple gun with a revolver mechanism. Best for back yard plinking. Very standard pistol for beginners and doesn't get damaged easily. Powerful and gives around 70 perfect shots per cylinder.

Grips and weight of the pistol is good and comfortable for plinking.
ProsPowerful and gives around 70 perfect shots per cylinder. Grip and weight Looks good like a real Beretta
ConsRevolving clip is not very good idea as it keeps falling until you get very used to that. Mechanism is just a revolver and no blow back and magazine. Not very easy to load co2 cylinder.
By Ryan
Better than expected
March 31, 2014
I am extremely pleased with the pistol, purchased for basement practice when I can't make it to the range. Is extremely close to the real thing, feel fit and finish are very high quality. Single action is a crisp trigger pull and and double action is a predictable amount of travel. Accuracy in both modes has been very good.

Loading the CO2 is very easy and the puncture lever at the bottom of where the mag well would be works nicely.

On one CO2 cartridge I fired over 90 pellets and accuracy was not affected between 8 shot groups (one rotary mag).

I bought this simply for trigger control/ target practice so velocity of the pellets is of little concern.

Overall, couldn't be happier with the product and I sure wish these were around when I was a kid, incredible step up from the crosman walmart specials.
ConsSights could use a white 3 dot system for better alignment.
By Andrew
Tonawanda, NY
Great pistol
April 17, 2013
Great gun! It's extremely well made, has a great weight to it and everything functions perfectly. Accuracy is there too, even though the sight is only able to adjust windage. That being said, I had no problem zeroing it in.
ProsBuild quality, accuracy, weight
ConsCould hold co2 a little better
By Stavrixinos
Baltimore, MD
Pretty Freakin Realistic!
August 24, 2012
I like this pellet gun alot. Unfortunately mine had a defect and I needed to return it. But Airgun Depot took care of the issue.

ProsRealisic as heck
Consfactory defect
Atlanta, Georgia
Looks Great, Down on Power
February 3, 2012
I've been considering this gun for a long time. I have several CO2 powered pistols, but when Airgun Depot lowered the price, I just had to pull the trigger. The fit and finish are top notch, the design is well conceived, but the power is down as compared to my Walther CP99. I don't know if I got a bad copy or if this is a less powerful CO2 pistol compared to its peers. It's still fun to shoot but I would recommend others above it.
By Cal
San Francisco, CA
It looks and feels great, but mine is a total lemon!
January 25, 2012
I was eyeing this gun for a long time and jumped all over it when AGD lowered the price. The look and finish is absolutely fantastic; it really does feel like the real thing holding it! My complaints: the gun action jams every 3rd clip without fail (I thought it may be the clip itself, i got 2 and bought the extra 3 pack - not the clips, just weird randomness) and you have to open and clear it (yes, i'm only using the recommended wadcutters and tried all sorts of seating depths); it shoots fairly tight, but the sights are WAY off (the get the right alignment, the rear sight it virtually off the slide - it does come with a tool to tighten in down, you'll find it under the foam); and the safety sticks in a bad way at the same place, sometimes you need to use 2 hands to move it.
ProsDetails and looks; when it shoots, it's really nice; design mechanics overall are really well thought out; and you get north of 50 shots per canister.
ConsVery frustrating that the gun has so many issues, it really takes the fun away; i don't like all the white writing on the right side of the gun (hence, all the promo pics are of the left); and changing the Co2 is kinda a pain compared to other guns.
By Byn
Houston , Texas
January 4, 2012
Beautiful Gun , With Excellence Accuracy!!
By Dietmar
Freeport New York
Great Product
January 3, 2012
Very pleased with the high quality of this product. I would recommend this to a friend and actually have already done so.
By Brandon
good but not 100%
September 6, 2011
This is a very nice and real looking gun. It is accurate, powerful and easy to reload. But, i dont like the style of the revolver mag going into the barrel. I prefer blowback with a regular mag, but its not a big deal. Overrall im happy with my purchase.
Very nice gun
January 13, 2011
I was shocked at how much this airgun resembled the real thing in terms of look weight etc. I have had a few opportunities to do some target practice with it and am quite impressed. Very nice product with relatively simple functionality;
By kevin m.
pretty good gun
June 29, 2010
i have had this pistol for a little longer thin a year it's ok .it's fairly acerit and is dearable but lacks stoping power and ispretty week for the price b ut it's fun too shoot-kevin
By Brenden
150% 5 star!
November 15, 2009
my fav side arm
By Ranjit D.
Perfect Repilca
October 22, 2009
I just bought this gun for targret practice and oh my you gotta get one of these for yourselves to believe this man its amazing almost feels and fires like its real.
By Peter
First Rate
September 11, 2009
Excellent gun, heavy like the real thing. Shot a few rounds and yes it's a little loud but I'm ok with it.
Some previous users mentioned about the rear sight falling off and the super glued it, you shouldn't do that.
There is a reason, it's an adjustable sight. It also happen to me and after reading the manual found a small wrench in the case and secured the sight.
By asdgad
June 5, 2009
this gun is relatively heavy and its mostly made out of metal... i like everything of this gun except that this gun lacks a power to penetrate.. this gun cannot go thru starbucks coffee glass bottle.. that bottle is thin.. so that kinda disappoints me.... well overall 4 out of 5
By dyksey
nice gun
January 15, 2009
yea most of the reviews i have read on this weapon seem to agree what a great pistol the 92 is. my rear sight fell out to but a little super glue solved that problem
By target 1.
very good
January 3, 2009
i compared this airgun to many others. then i saw it in a gun shop and chose it over the colt 1911. it has a good feel, design, and is TOP quality. the gun aims perfectly and shoots over 100 consistantly. the only minor problem was 1 of the releases that is loose. but this is a great buy, though expensive.
By Eric
Not a toy- that's for sure!
December 20, 2008
When my package arrived and I took the gun out of its case I was amazed at how close this gun felt to it's "older brother" the 9mm. I guess my only experience with bb and pellet guns had been cheap, lightweight guns. This thing is solid! This would be a good gun to practice with, to strenghen the arms before moving up to a firearm pistol.

The carry case it comes in is top notch too- very professional. The case even has a little spot to hold a tin of pellets.

I haven't spent a lot of time shooting it, but the little I have has been really fun. Great gun!
By Cody
Nice Gun
August 3, 2008
very powerful, accurate. nothing wrong with it. but i wish the grips where metal.
By Glen
Not a bad gun
June 15, 2008
As far as looks are concerned the Berreta Air pistol by Umarex is top of the line. Weight adds even more to the authenticity. This weapon must weigh about 2-3 pounds when fully loaded... In fact the only indication that this model is not the "real thing" is the print on the slide revealing the pistol's caliber.

I'm not an excellent shot, but I'm pretty impressed with the accuracy of this gun. For a pistol at 10 yards, shooting cans requires almost no effort. And from the same distance I can land quite a few "bull's eyes" on a paper target. Out of 48 shots, I landed about 32 in the black, and I blame my misses on human error and not the gun. Also I tend to fire in double action more than single action. The latter definitely produces more accurate shots!

Now for the cons. Although I would consider this pistol to be one of the better made air guns out there, I was quite surprised to see my rear sight literally FALL OUT after laying the pistol on its side. It's like they weren't attached to the pistol at all. Maybe this was a manufacturing flay, maybe is got jostled to much on the ride here, but either way, I was disappointed in the shoddy sights. Luckily I had some quick drying super-glue around, and now those rear sights aren't going anywhere!

Noise is another factor. Of course this does not sound like a real gun, but irritable neighbors might wonder what the hell is going on when they hear this thing. This pistol sounds like a very loud nailgun, and is probably the loudest air gun I've ever owned. On a scale of 1-10 (ten being as loud as a real berreta) I would rate this a 5 while I would rate my Crossman 1077 a 3. It's a noisy gun, but for some folks that's even more of a reason to by this puppy!

Shooting... You can go through A LOT of pellets with this sucker, and I ended up spending about 6 CO2 cartridges at 48-50 rounds a pop. After about 50 shots, the pistol starts to loose its umph. As far as loading clips and CO2 is concerned, this pistol does it well! I really hate CO2 powered guns that take a lot of twisting and turning to load... like my 1077. When it comes to air repeaters I like speed, and this pistol has it!

So lets recap...

-Great look and feel
- quite accurate at 30 feet (10 yards)
- easy to load
- Has a loud punchy sound!
-Switch between double and single action. The latter can increase accuracy with a lighter pull.

-Check the rear site and see if it's on properly... I might have just had bad luck with mine but you never know...
- Trigger pull is a little heavy but realistic. Kids and weak adults may have a hard time in double action mode.
-EXPENSIVE... but then again, you get what you pay for

Overall, If it wasn't for the crappy rear sight on mine, this would've gotten 5/5. However 4/5 is not a bad score at all.
By John M.
Performs as reviewed
April 27, 2008
Has a substantial heft and looks good. Performance is great. I made a tiny adjustment to the sites and it shoots very accurately. Comes with two clips. I bought more clips on this site to save time.
By Kristen
November 29, 2007
Looks and feels like the real 92F 9mm. The grouping is tight and on target right out of the box. This is a truely great buy!
By Jerry
November 13, 2007
A very fine gun. Loads easily, shoots very accurately, and I've not had any malfunctions at all. The realistic weight of the gun is a real plus and it's a very solid piece of machinery.
By Caleb
Great gun!
October 15, 2007
This beauty is exactly what it says it is, awesome! I thought it would have blow back action and was dissapointed when I found that it doesn't but am still very happy with the gun. It shoots a bit to the left but the sights are adjustable (wrench included!). The case was a nice surprise (a place for pellets, clips, CO2) and it works great. The rotary clips are nice because it seems I can shoot the pointed pellets and they load very easily. Popping in a new clip is really fast and easy. The only thing is you have to remember that when you open the gun the clip will fall out unless it's held basically in the shooting position. The gun shoots several clips before loosing power and is otherwise a joy!
By ken
practice weapon
October 14, 2007
As a retired cop I was looking for an airgun with the feel and trigger of a real handgun. The other airguns I looked at felt like toys. This allows me to practice my shooting skills without the expense of going to a range. I have never owned an airgun but I am impressed by this Beretta.
Great Purchase
May 13, 2007
A Solid Gun. I have the real FS92 and purchased this Beretta Air Pistol so I can practice shooting at home (and save $$$).
A few notes you should know:
Expect to get about 60 good shots off per CO2 Cartridge. The Bretta website says 50 . They are right on. I like to use the whole Cartridge up in one shooting session. I don't know if the charge would hold if you shoot 25, let it sit for an hour. and tried to shoot another 25. Still, at less then $1 per Cartridge, it's worth using a new one per session.
Also, this gun is actually a touch heavier than my real FS92 - This is OK since I feel if I can hold this beauty steady for 100 rounds, I'll be able to do the same with my real FS92.
Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase - no surprizes.
By Mauro
Best Gun Ever
May 3, 2007
This gun feels so real and heavy that you'll think you're holding the real one. Truly a great gun
By Lowell D.
Fine product
January 25, 2007
High quality German made product; licensed replication of real Beretta.
By joe
December 1, 2006
best gun youll ever shoot
By Garrett
November 27, 2006
Just like military style weapons, this gun achieves excellent ratings. Made by Beretta, you know it has to be the best. Fun, Safe, and reliable, this pellet pistol is great.
By Steve B.
German Quality
November 23, 2006
I was impressed with this pellet pistol right out of the case. This thing is heavy and feels identical to a real Beretta 92. It's made of nearly all metal, the grips are plastic but sturdy. The trigger pull is good and not too creepy or heavy. You can fire this in either double or single action modes. This pistol is made to last and is own of the best air pistols in my collection and I have several of all different brands.
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Beretta M92FS Pellet Pistol
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    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 393 fps
    Loudness 3-Medium
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    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 395 fps
    Mag Capacity 8
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