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Crosman 2300T Target Pistol

Available in .177, Competition Training Air Pistol
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  • Code: 2300T · $225.99 · .177 · 420 fps
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Made in the USA
The rifled steel barrel on the Crosman 2300T air pistol drives pellets downrange around 520 fps, and you can expect over 40 shots at a consistent velocity from one Co2. The rear sight has two white dots and micrometer adjustments for wind and elevation. The 11mm dovetail makes it easy to mount a pistol scope or a red dot sight. You can adjust the pull of the single-stage trigger from 4 lbs. down to 1 lb., plus there's an over travel screw. The synthetic grip has thumb rests on both sides.
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 420 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Bolt-action
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 2.66
  • Overall Length 13.25
  • Barrel Length 10.10
  • Loudness 4-Medium-High
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism CO2
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Blade & Ramp
  • Rear Sights Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Shots per Fill 40
  • Trigger Adjustability Single-stage
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Plinking & target practice
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By WilliamUSAJune 12, 2020

Love this gun. Most shooting with it at 22 feet in an indoor situation. Use wad cutters mainly for desired precision and better paper cut. Helps greatly to keep me sharp for live fire range and blast is o.k. to forego. You can go cheaper but I do not think you can start better for a precision experience.

I like the dual pressure option, that no one has mentioned, because it is so close to a good .22 regular powder gun's trigger release. So sight picture and trigger discipline does not require a range time investment. Wide range of pellets.

Not wise at all to leave a full air cartridge in it as seals will be ruined. Great for about 50 shot runs. Local Repair seems to be a bit of a problem. Have not used for pest control - no experience to report.

By Toby L.May 15, 2018

This is an excellent target pistol for the price. I sighted it in at 10 yards and it holds a 1 inch group from a bench rest at that distance. Seem to shoot flat for 10 yards.

By John WatsonUSAJanuary 9, 2017

I collect Replica Air-pistols and now have a nice collection of 18 total. I practice every day and have become quite good with my target practice. So good, that I purchased (from Air-gun Depot) this Crosman 2300T Target pistol thinking that it might be the only way I could document any additional improvement with my accuracy. I was right .!. The Crosman 2300T is the most accurate air-pistol I own, by far. It is a pure pleasure to shoot this pistol. I would not hesitate to recommend this target air-pistol to anyone looking to improve their accuracy with their pistol shooting. On each target I can put 30 shots into a 1.5 inch bulls-eye at 10 meters every time (or) almost every time again and again with this air-pistol. I'm now considering purchasing a custom Crosman Model 2300S - and may even consider doing some competition handgun shooting in the future.

Exceptional quality all metal construction, except for the grips. It's a pleasure to shoot this extremely accurate air-pistol.

No cons.

By JamesUSAAugust 20, 2016

My 9 yr old grand daughter, small for her age, loves it and qualified for state with it pistol at 10 meters.

Accurate, easy to use, not too heavy, adjustable trigger to one pound.

Hmmmm I got to think about that. I'll get back to u on that.

By BobUSAOctober 24, 2014

Fit & Finish: Well, out of the box I could see the front sight appeared crooked to the receiver. I mounted the rear sight and it just confirmed it. The front sight was cocked a little off to the left. I read the manual, loaded a gas cartridge, and went out back to shoot it. When I held the gun up it looked even more crooked than I thought at first. A LOT. Then I realized the action was crooked frame. I'm not kidding. Crosman's assembly geniuses drilled and tapped the bottom of the action crooked. I contacted Airgun Depot about it, but have not heard anything back so far. I might have expected that from a $50-60 gun, but this is a $179 gun. Speed: I am not sure where they got the 530 FPS speed from. It did 420 with a Crosman 7.9, and 440 with a Daisy 7.5. Loading: It would seem loading would be easy, but the receiver is sized for a .22 pellet. A .177 tends to cock to one side as you try to gently push it to the pellet into the chamber with the probe. Accuracy: It shoots about One Minute of Soda Can at 25 feet. I could consistently hit a soda can two handed at 25 feet, but not a smaller golf ball size wiffle ball. That was about as good as I expected really. I did not try it sandbagged.

It functions. It actually feels good in my hand and is not overly displeasing to look down the barrel after I shimmed it straight.

Sight was crooked. Gun was built crooked. Power is considerably lower than I expected. Accuracy is fair, but not good enough for the price. Would I recommend it to a friend. Maybe if it were cheaper. A lot cheaper.

By JoeGSeptember 3, 2014

I've had 2 of these. They both were hard hitting fun guns to shoot. But,both are unusable, see cons. I would NEVER recommend these to anyone! There needs to be a better way to extract a spent cartridge!!!!!!! Too bad too, cause I REALLY liked this pistol....

Accurate, powerful

Both of mine are junk! The early one, the bolt mechanism(plastic) failed. The newer one(steel bolt), the cartridge rusted into the holder and it's now in pieces, took it apart to try to get the CO2 cartridge out! Piss poor design! I'm angry.

By SteveMay 31, 2014

Shoots very well and quite accurate.

Accurate, and light weight for younger shooters.

Trigger is not good, seems to be getting a little better with use.

By edward USAMay 15, 2014

I also have two of these. Two of each, seems to be my rule. I get about one hundred shots from a C02 unit. More than I thought and certainly over twice what I get from the 2240 offering. This piece is just perfect in every way, if you ask me. Excellent quality, good trigger, very nice sights, and shoots any old kind of pellet I stuff it with. My shooting is all off hand at about fifteen to twenty five yards, and this little piece does superbly. What else can I say.

Great quality. Nice steel breech. Nice sights. Good trigger. Nice finish.

Haven't found any yet. I'll keep looking

By TraceySeptember 1, 2012

Nice gun. Rear site needs boosting. Mine and two other friends that also bought it aren't able to adjust the front site high enough to "lower" the shot. Trigger needs smoothing out. Otherwise love it.

Accurate. Price.

Trigger needs filing to make it smooth

By steve k.July 6, 2012

I like this gun very much. It can be modified into a higher performance air-gun. Parts and accessories available. As is, it's a great target pistol. Velocity is more constant and plenty of shots in 1 co2.

Good barrel Accurate. Nice price! Velocity is maintained longer It can be modified, and boosted up. Barrels can be interchanged. Sight's can be interchanged..


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does this have decent power.

asked thomas from USA


Mark from USA

best scope?

asked Barry Cunningham

How or can you adjust the trigger pull

asked Stephen

Remove pistol grip, adjust brass wheel attached to spring. Bought a custom from Crosman, but did not show in instructions. Found it by accident, what a difference, buy a show for the trigger.


how many times do I have to pump this gun for super max felocity can it go faster than 520 fett per second

asked louis konya

No pumping, uses CO2 cartridges. Modifications are numerous for more velocity. Use Google

Thomas from Mexico

Can I add a red-dot sight to this pistol? I want to shoot varmits and targets but my eyes don't focus well on iron sights. I do well with Red dot sights.

asked Ron

Yes, anything that will fit a dovetail

Thomas from Mexico

Is the breech steel?

asked Thomas from Mexico

Steel breech. Adjustable trigger pull. Adjustable rear sight. Lots of shots per cylinder. Good weight and balance.

Thomas from Mexico

Average shots per CO2 cartridge?

asked Nick

Nick, According to our sources, you can expect over 40 shots at a consistent velocity from one Co2. Hopefully that answers your question. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team.

Scott from USA

I will be returning to USA later next summer for my annual couple months visit and intend to bring back a target air pistol with me for use in Tasmania, Australia. I usually purchase a firearm to bring back with me, and now am interested in target air pistols. Australian import regulations stipulate that a permit must be obtained with the name, model, and SERIAL NUMBER of the firearm. Upon purchase, would you be able to provide the specific serial number and email it to me? Also, the delivery address might not be the same as my billing credit card address. Is this OK? (Cabella's has no problem.)

asked David Derrick

Yes we will be able to provide you with all the information you need to take your purchase through customs. We also have customers have different billing and shipping addresses all the time. There will be a place to indicate billing and a shipping address when placing your order.

Scott from USA

Hey. Can free shipping to Ukraine? I want to buy Crosman 2300T Competition Training Air Pistol and the Crosman 357 Co2 Air Pistol Kit. For this, I pay $ 206.

asked Andrey

Try checking out at the sight and if there is a restriction you will get a warning before you purchase the product. There are a lot of different regulations for all different countries and they are always changing, so we have set up an automatic warring if there is a product, based on your location, that is forbidden. Shipping price always changes, but you should be able to see the final price before you complete your purchase.

Scott from USA

After five cylinders it will not hold air. I am very disappointed in the quality. Anyone else with this problems?

asked Vern

You must use a drop of the Crosman Pellgunoil on the end of the CO2 cartridge to keep the seals lubed, do NOT use a petroleum based oil or it will destroy the seals and it will leak. If you have done this and it leaks you may have gotten a defective gun, mine has fired fine for many years.


Does this pistol use cartridges or do you fill it from a tank?

asked Bonnie Gilmore

This air pistol uses 12 gram CO2 cartridges.

Brendan McFadden

Are there accessories for this pistol,like wood grips ,trigger shoes and barrel muzzles?

asked Guy from USA

Sorry, we don't carry any of those items for this gun.

Scott from USA

Sorry, we don't carry any of those items for this gun.

Scott from USA

How much noise does this gun make?

asked gary angel

this is a fairly quiet gun. Not silent, but quiet.

Steve from USA

Any problems repairing this product 2205T?

asked Steve

For repairs you should contact the manufacturer. Crosman 800-724-7486

Steve from USA

Can scopes/sights be attached to this gun?

asked Benjamin Williams

Yes on the 11mm dovetail mount.

Carter from USA

Yes it is drilled and tapped for a scope. It's very accurate with the iron adjustable rear sight, with a rest it's better than I am=)


Yes you can mount either a scope or different sight on the 2300T to suit your needs It is very adaptive. Sight are availible on the web. Thanks John


Dovetail scopes can be mounted on the 2300T. This pistol is as accurate and more powerful than its expensive cousin the 1701P Silhouette PCP. Great buy.


I am interested in purchasing an appropriate co2 pistol for my 8 year old grandson for use in the USA- PPP pistol program. Would this pistol be the appropriate one? If not, what would you suggest ?

asked Keith Munro

for and 8 year old, I would recommend the gamo PT-85 or a beretta PX4. They are well made guns that are very fun and fairly inexpensive.

Steve from USA
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