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Daisy Powerline 901, .177 cal

Shoots BBs & Pellets
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Introducing the New Powerline® Model 901. With its black advanced-composite stock and forearm, this sleek, multi-pump air rifle shoots either BBs or pellets. Target shooters will be in the black with the adjustable rear sight, the TruGlo® fiber optic front sight and the rifled steel barrel. With a maximum muzzle velocity of 750 fps and a dovetail feature for mounting optics, this gun also fits the bill for small game hunting. Pair this gun with shooting glasses, ShatterBlast® Breakable Targets, a ShatterBlast® Six Shooter, and a safe backstop for hours of shooting fun!

Powerline 901 Multi-Pump Air Rifle Dual Ammo (BB or pellet) 750 fps (with BBs), less with pellets
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  • ManufacturerDaisy
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity750 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets & BBs
  • ActionBolt-action
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight3.2
  • Overall Length37.75
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • MechanismMulti-pump pneumatic
  • SafetyManual
  • Front SightsFiber Optic
  • Rear SightsAdjustable
  • Trigger AdjustabilitySingle-stage
  • Trigger Pull7
  • UsePlinking / Fun / Target Shooting
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Daisy Powerline 901, .177 cal
38 Reviews
89% (34)
11% (4)
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37% Recommend this product (14 of 38 responses)
By Gregg
Toledo OH
Definitely not a toy
October 10, 2019
This is one powerful air rifle. I’m using Seneca round nose pellets at twenty pumps. Yes, you can pump it twenty times with a noticeable increase in power. Sufficient for squirrels.

The breech will not take H&N Sniper Magnum pellets. They are slightly long.

Great gun. I highly recommend for plinking or small game hunting at 25 yards.
ProsPowerful. Accurate.
ConsWill not accept longer pellets
Best UsesPlinking. Small rodent or game hunting.
By hopefully
northern california
old time shooter
September 4, 2019
way back when i was a teen i owned a 901 model but the one i owned back in the 1980's was more fancy contain more metal and had daisy flowers engraved in the receiver that was all metal but the arm pump was plastic the bolt was also trigger was metal safety button was plastic either way it was a pretty strong air gun still sold as 750 fps all these years later as well pellets worked the best through it bbs not so much i still wish I had it know but when it broke i was foolish enough to throw it away i got a pellet gun in place of it spring action it was a model 130 daisy made from the gamo factory in spain i thought it was stronger better all that i was wrong it caused horrible fatigue from the spring action it was heavy vibrating to much after pulling the trigger misses up the shot reduces arm excercise even cased head sickness from the vibration spring so i recommend pump air guns as well as the bicycle pump type air gun as well as co2 for clean better shot with out vibration nitro piston still vibrate a high pitch vibration that I don't care for vibration goes in head face even down the neck arms pneumatics and co2s dot do that so i recommend all pump pneumatic and co2 only over all does fancy wood guns with pistons so that is my opinion shoot safely allways and i regret i ever waste my time with a piston i never bought one ever again expect for pneumatics and there making them stronger now to shoot safe allways thanks for reading .
Prosno vibration when shooting clean shooting reduce fatigue and headaches keeps shots straght and perfect longer shooting time than springer with out tiring as fast.
Consolder models more fancy more metal than the ones today but it doesn't effect it reallly
Best Usesback yard shooting of targets iam not into shooting pests but if it where an absolute nessity really small pests it is strong enough at 750 fps with pellet only with non lead pellets should pick up the speed as allways good shooting safety comes first to keep it fun.
By Delmar
Las Vegas
Daisy 901
August 18, 2017
First, my order of the daisy 901 from airgun depot was hassle free and prompt.As with the daisy 901 and price point it's accurate with the right pellets,mine loves the jsbs exacts 8.44 and at 10 yards with the stock open sights once sighted in and after a little tape mod done to the front of barrel will stack pellets easily and at 15 will do about 1/4 in group.i think this is great for the price of the gun and with open sights and it seems to group well from 4-10 pumps,2-3 pumps the groups will open up some but still not bad.Ive got a few other airguns ranging from highly tuned sprinters and accurate co2's and the daisy 901 is the one I shoot the most. Love the variable pumps.
ProsCheap and accurate and fun
ConsHeavy trigger,stock open sight a little tough to really dial in.
By Paul
Tucson, Arizona
Very Accurate
August 26, 2016
A step up from the Daisy 880, very accurate and fun
ProsVery accurate Price
By Sam
very accurate gun
July 29, 2016
After doing a lot of research online reading reviews and calling airgun sellers I decided to get the powerline 901.I wanted something powerful and accurate enough for pest control but not too loud plus I didnt want to spend a lot of money. This gun fit the bill perfectly. I dont think you can find a better rifle in this price range. I bought a 3x9x32mm scope and sighted it in at 40 ft. I wad able to get quarter sized groups with bbs! I didnt want to use lead because I have ducks and they eat anything. I found 8.5 grain leadfree pellets and after sighting in with the pellets I was able to put pellet on pellet several times. I shot 14 rats out of the trees at night with NO misses in the first 3 nights. Since then I get 2 or 3 a night as their numbers have decreased. For pest control and small game you cant beat this gun at this price.
By Thomas
Midland, MI
Scary accurate
July 24, 2015
I had heard about the accuracy of this rifle and for the price seemed unbelievable. I had to try it and the reports were not an exaggeration at all. Out of the box, put on an old 4x scope and started shooting. After a few shots to range in, I tried 5 shots for grouping and could cover the result with a dime.
ProsAccurate. Wider forearm makes it easier to pump and feels more solid. Length of pull is suited more to adults, comfortable to hold and aim.
By Braxton
Good Gun
December 29, 2014
I got this gun when I was 8, I've killed a lot of small game with it, Biggest being Jack rabbits And Cotton tails, I don't recomend hunting with BBs it has good accuracy inside of 15yrds, but I have found pellets are extreamly accurate with this gun, dead on.
By Chris
Great gun
July 1, 2014
This gun should last a long time. It is very accurate at close ranges (10-25 yards) when using the right pellets. I tested two pellets that I have found to be most accurate and they are Gamo's hunter (domed) pellets and Gamo's match (wadcutter) pellets. At about 15 meters roughly 16 yards I was getting under dime sized groups with bench rest and 4x32 rimfire scope. Enough take down power for small game. Well worth your money. Great first gun! I've had mine for about 6 years and it's only gotten better... The top group in the picture are domed and the flyer was my fault and I believe the flyer in the second group (match pellets) was also my fault. Result of not tight enough grip when pulling the trigger. The circle is a outlined dime and the only reason I didn't hit it is because my scope was already zeroed in at a little longer distance.
ProsAccurate. Should last a long time given there's no spring and it's a daisy.
ConsA little loud. Not too bad though. Trigger pull is definitely a little hard to master but as long as you use a tight grip to prevent the gun from moving while pulling the trigger you should be fine.
By AntiHuntersHateMe
Denver, Colorado
Fun Beginner Gun
March 18, 2013
I've had my Daisy Powerline for almost four years now. I'm fifteen and got it for Christmas a while back. I have had many fun times with this gun, bringing it to the mountains with me, shooting it in my backyard, hunting rabbits, squirrels, and birds with it, and let me say, it's a very fun gun. I remember the first day I had it. It just so happened to be VERY close to squirrel season. I waited for a few days and what do you know, I got me some dinner that night :) No joke, I ate the squirrel. Anyway, I had the gun for a few years and out of nowhere, the barrel was bent and now the gun shoots terrible. My advice is: KEEP THE GUN INSIDE WHEN NOT IN USE. Other than that, it's a ton of fun. Safe shooting!
ProsAccuracy Power Price Reliability Fun
ConsBarrel bent somehow...
By Jonny
cali, fornia jk
February 10, 2013
Very good. Love shooting California Quail and squirrels in my back yard with it. Kind of loud though. Love when coveys of quail come through my backyard. WARNING!!! TAKES ABOUT 2-8 BODY HITS WITH PELLETS TO KILL SQUIRRELS!!! (learned that the hard way). When I did find the squirrel after about 30 mins of searching, I had found it had ran into my neighbors yard. Overall, great gun for the price and amazing power!!!
ProsPower Accuracy Lightweight Can take a beating Doesn't scratch I recommend buying a scope to attach to the dovetail.
ConsChambering pellets and BB's are tricky. Can only shoot about 1-2 pellets every minute. No clips. Hard to pump.
By vu
boston MA
December 14, 2012
Best rifle ever and not much maintenance required. It is accurate and lightweight. I have had it for 2 years without any problems.
By Rich
Madison, IN
More than adequate for casual use
May 16, 2012
We're not serious shooters; we just use this for fun and it's plenty fun to shoot. We use only BBs.
ProsAccuracy. Power. Appearance. Build quality. Large capacity magazine for BBs. Fairly low pump effort. Overall user experience much better than the low price would suggest.
ConsChambering a BB and pumping in preparation to shoot seems unnecessarily complex and time-consuming. The port for filling BBs is small; I get as many BBs on the floor as in the magazine. Trigger is stiff.
By Jason
Martinsburg, WestVirginia
Best BB gun I have owned so far
January 25, 2012
This gun is a top notch BB gun. The materials are all made of good thick plastic. Gives it a real gun feel. The sights are nice and the stock is made very well. The stock has notches to hold it from falling after your done pumping. Unlike the Crosman powermaster 66 smooth bore 8 just rened for this. The breach is a little bit of a pain because its a little tough to pull back to load a bb. But it has a rubber sleeve around it which prevents loss of air when shooting. The gun has a pretty solid feel the whole way around. I bought the powermaster 66 from here a few weeks ago and returned it because it shot all over the place, the stock kept falling down, and it just felt cheap. I use this mostly for bbs and I think this will be the only one I buy from now on. From my research people say buy smooth bore for bbs but this is better than my last smooth bore. Hope this helps, thanks. Also airgun depot was nice enough to allow a exchange. Thanks
ProsBuild quality and accuracy
ConsBreach is a little hard to pull back and push forward but thats nothing compared to how great everything else is
By Nick
tyler, texas
power and acuracy
December 21, 2011
great acuracy and power, i'm makeing 1.5 inch groups at 30 yards with bbs.
Prospowerfull accurate
By Andy
Fort Wayne, Indiana
November 11, 2011
I was shocked at how accurate this gun is. I can hold a 4" group at 50' standing.
ProsAccurate Powerfull Easy to use
ConsThe bolt return handle seems a little flimsy
By Bullit50
Daisy Powerline 901 Air Rifle
February 10, 2011
Great product. Very accurate at 100 feet. In my opinion, it is the best on the market for the price.
By Whiplash
Daisy 901
December 31, 2010
Love this gun. Very easy to pump, load and shoot. Got it for Christmas and have already went through a tin of 250 pellets. I have found it to be very accurate.
By assassin
Pretty darn good gun
October 19, 2010
I have had this gun for several months now and love it!! My only issue is that I cant seem to kill a squirrel with it. Ive hit the same squirrel 2 times in a row with pointed pellets and cant kill em. i am aiming for the head and pump it 12 times. Kill birds all day with it!
By sniperboy
best gun ever
October 10, 2010
this gun is the best for backyard shooting because it is so accurate it is easy to hit what your aiming for. it is almost impossible to miss what your aiming for if you are being responsible
By Joe S.
Grade A+ Rifle
July 3, 2010
This is the best rifle i have owned. I have had it since 06' i believe, and since then (not joking) i have killed something like 150 birds with no problem. Killed a squirrel even, but since i got the squirrel i have not gone hunting with it. i plan on going hunting the day after the 4th of July, get some squirrel. it goes through about 9 or 10 cans at pointblank range with ease, and i can hit a 12 oz. coca cola can from about 100 yards away with just the iron sights, which, when sighted correctly, make for amazing sights. I highly suggest this rifle, its like no other rifle you can get for this price. oh and when hunting (if hunting) use pellets not BB's, pellets work the best, preferably the ones with pointed tips or hollow tips. Thats my 2-cents, do with it as you wish, but once again, i highly recommend this rifle.
By hobo $.
June 6, 2010
Best bang for your buck! With some good led pellets and some patience, squirrels will be flinging out of the trees in no time at all! Has a good pow if you load in 3 pallets and pump it up a lot or if you load in a bb and put some bbs down the barrel it becomes a shotgun! this gun tears cans up! Buy it now or you will be sad!
By jr
April 4, 2010
it is a good gun for hunting and shooting bottels
By adam s.
very accurate rifle
January 29, 2010
this is gun acurate aat 25 yards it doesnt shoot plastic bbs though ive killed two rabbits which were very easy kills the gun gets very rusty in wet and humid conditions vey accurate gun though
By @#/$#@
best gun for buck
January 4, 2010
this gun is the best BB/pelet rifel thet you can get for under $70.I have had this gun for 5 months and my freinds can't put it down this gun is the best ( pete the gun dose not take airsott BB)
By Pete
November 14, 2009
I will order this rifle soon enough but to get it, i need one more information:
Does it shoot plastic BBs? Please reply me, [email protected]
By Squrall m.
July 27, 2009
i get 1/2 in groups at 15 yards. great power. can easily take out a rabbit. had it for a week and already killed a squrall and 2 crows.
By Willy
July 6, 2009
This gun is a beast! I have killed 13 striped gophers, 3 pigeons, 12 cowbirds, 3 barn swallows, 6 starlings, and 4 killdeers and 10 sparrows. This gun has so much power. I would highly reccomend it.
By wesley
April 18, 2009
awesome gun. good for bird, squirrel, rabbit hunting,if you get one with a scope it is hard to sight in but overall i love this gun
By Walker
Good for the Price.
February 22, 2009
I purchased this gun about a month ago, I immediatly outfitted it with a 4x15 scope, and LED flashlight. The gun can easily handle animals large raccoon sized and downwards, The gun itself is very sturdy, the composite barrel and front make it a very realistic looking and feeling rifle. I have not clocked it at quite the 750 fps that is claims, but just under it, with hollow point pellets. What makes this gun very nice is that it does not require the maximum ten pumps to gain sufficiant power, 5 pumps with take out most targets. I have shattered half inch glass with this gun from about 45yds away. For the money this is a great gun.
By dave
no complaints here
February 18, 2009
picked up one of these the other day. good power, very accurate - the tg fiberoptic sight is all you really need to hit targets dead on at medium range. the daisy scope it came with is unremarkable but serves its purpose at longer ranges. i will most likely get a different scope. great weight, well manufactured, and the grip has a great shape and feel (at least for my hand). well worth the money, it shoots pellets like a more expensive gun.
By kedrick
February 1, 2009
Yes it's a great rifle. I've killed squirrel, birds, rabbits,racoons, rats, it can take about any small game you can think of. this rifle has a alout of power for a starter gun. the 4x15 scope that the gun comes with isn't all that acurate but thats just an accesorie and i dont hold that agianst the gun, that is why i give this gun five stars.
By Scot
Made in the USA! :)
January 19, 2009
Bought the 901 for my wife and was happy to see an inexpensive gun still made in the USA. It is a good gun for using with the sights, however, the dovetailed scope mount is molded in the plastic body. This translates to repeatability problems, but the gun still shoots good if you don't bump the scope.

Light weight and solid. Bolt action could be a bit smoother, but it is reliable. My wife has already put 500 rounds through it in two weeks.

Thumbs up.
By Alex
December 28, 2008
This BB Gun is fantastic! I just got it a day ago and it shoots beautifully. Everything about it is fantastic from the smooth pump to the fiber-optic sighting. The one problem I have with it is that when ever you load it with BB's, it jams a bit and you have to shake it to get the ammo to fall in. But other than that, this air rifle is one that any new shooter should buy.
By jimmy
Powerline 901
November 16, 2008
This bb gun is AWESOME! It will go through 5 pop cans easily with 6 pumps! I shot through a plastic milk jug with only 4 pumps. It is very easy to pump and load. It is a very tough and well built gun. I would reccomend it to anyone. DAISY DID IT AGAIN!
By jack
July 24, 2008
GREAT!! this gun is a great starter. ive had it for about 3 years and not even a single problem. ive killed a wide range of small game with it. anything from small birds to rabbits, squirls, and racoons, this gun can handle it! plus, i got a 3-9 by 32 scope, and im hittin bull's eye at 45 yards. Awesome gun!
By Casey
Daisy does it again
September 17, 2007
Very accurate, blows bullseyes away consistantly. I only use mine for pellets, BB's ruin rifling. Through my chronometer, it shows a even 735 on ten pumps so it has power. Excellent value. If you only buy one pellet gun this is the one. Would have liked an adjustable trigger. Even with the one it has, it breaks clean with little pressure. This would make a very fine gun for training new shooters. It has redundant safety features, and it is overall very safe.{NEVER point any gun at something you don't want to kill, NEVER under any circumstance point a gun at a person}
By Kim
The 901
September 17, 2007
My husband and I got the Daisy 901 this weekend and I am impressed. Accuracy out of this world! It's a good gun to train new shooters, and in the hands of an experienced shooter it's awsome. We only shoot pellets, but clocked them at about 725 fps. Not bad for an airgun in the $50ish range. Order this gun, you won't be sorry.
By Homesteader
Great product for the price.
November 30, -0001
Perfect for squirrels
I purchased this product specifically to rid my garden of squirrels.
The product is accurate and the fiber optic front and movable rear sites are a blessing.
Right out of the box with no adjustment three squirrels from about 100 ft using the RWS Super-H Point .177 Pellets.
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By John from Sinking Spring, PA on July 7, 2012
How hard is the pumping action?
How many pumps to get maximum velocity?
By nick from tyler texas on July 31, 2012

Its very easy to pump, and it gets easier as you break it in. 10 pumps gives you 750fps with BBs and 715fps with pellets. I usually only use 3-5 pumps when plinking and all 10 when hunting.

By rick from la californai on July 27, 2012
How many times can daisy air rifle 177 cal be pumped? What is maximum?

By Sam from St. George, Utah on June 9, 2012
Are bbs or pellets better for this gun?
By Staff on June 11, 2012

I recommend using light weight pellets with this rifle.

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