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RWS Model 48

Available in 0.220.1770.1770.22Superior quality German airgun made by Diana
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When RWS first introduced the Model 48, we expected it to become a classic. What was unexpected was its rapid rise to classic status among knowledgeable air gunners.

At 1110fps in .177 (750 mps), this rifle propels pellets at .22 rim-fire velocities! This tremendous power is generated by the use of a very robust spring piston power plant cocked by a side lever action. The action is mounted into an extended beech stock to reduce felt recoil and to aid in achieving accuracy potential.

Not designed for the faint hearted, this is one impressive air arm, both in performance and presence. It fulfills its purpose as a potent, full-size sporting airgun suitable for either pest control or field target shooting, yet it does so with both balance and grace. The substantial one-piece stock allows for comfortable offhand shooting and adds to the overall sensation that the Model 48 is a force to be reckoned with.

The rifle is fitted with a finely rifled, fixed barrel system loaded via sliding breech opening. Its full accuracy potential can be realized by the use of a quality RWS airgun scope mounted to the scope rail.
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RWS Model 48
49 Reviews
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57% Recommend this product (28 of 49 responses)
By Gregory
Tehachapi, CA
The .177 Might be Even More Fun Than The .22
July 18, 2018
Everyone who reviews this rifle seems to love it. For good reason! Easy to cycle with the beefy side lever, beautifully machined, nicely balanced, and deadly accurate.

But it is a springer. Umm, well duh. It is up at the highest end of the spring rifle world where the elegant and smooth shooting guns designed for field target and hunting live. And it definitely belongs there. I got the .22 chambered version first and was immediately impressed with the power and smoothness of the rifle. The trigger is excellent and the over-all fit and finish of the gun is top shelf. Does it make a variety of interesting noises when fired? Absolutely. It is still a spring gun and you can't have all that power in a mechanical spring powered system without making some noise. Is it annoying? Well, if mechanical noises and pings annoy you when shooting what is a 100% mechanically powered rifle the answer would have to be yes and clearly springers are not for you. Stick to the PCP's and co2 guns. But if you love the simple elegance of a cleanly machined rifle and the simplicity of a spring system this rifle will definitely make you smile.

But this is supposed to be about the .177. After shooting the .22 I had very high expectations for the .177. It did not disappoint. In fact with the very first shot I kept thinking just plain "WOW". I haven't fired it over my chrony yet but it seems to be shooting at very high velocity. It was hitting my 25 yard stop with serious authority. The fact that it seems to really prefer the heavier and longer pellets also suggest that I am going to see some very impressive velocity when i finally get a chance to clock it. But there is no question in my mind that this would be an excellent small game rifle as well as a very good field target gun. As you might expect, given the amount of steel and wood that is put into this rifle, it is not a light weight. And I can't give a fair assessment of what it would be like for smaller shooters to manage this as a field rifle because I am 6' and 195, so I do not find it too heavy to shoot off-hand (although I would not want to have to hold on target for too long; it does have some beef). In fact, not surprisingly that weight helps to mitigate the recoil and stabilize the gun.

A couple observations that I would not list as cons but buyers should be aware of. First, because of the way the steel shroud is cut around the breech opening, left handed shooters will have more difficulty chambering pellets than "righties". This is unfortunate but is simply a function of design. I also have a Weihrauch HW97K and it is as easy for my son to load as a lefty as it is for me because the entire top of the breech shroud is open. While he also likes the Diana he definitely prefers the Weihrauch with the ease of loading being one of the factors. The other item is to note that if this is your first RWS Diana do not ignore the advice about the droop compensating scope mount. I did with my .22 since it made no sense to me that a fixed barrel rifle would have barrel droop but it seems that for some reason this droop is built into the Diana. I had to shim the regular rings more than I was comfortable with. Got the compensating mount and with the Hawke Airmax scope I used the height was perfect and zeroed at 25 yards I have about 80%+ of the up elevation adjustment remaining on the scope. It is also a very strong mount so no doubt about it staying where you put it.
ProsSee the review. Simply an all around excellent rifle. Not quite as elegant as my Weihrauch HW97K, but every bit as smooth and accurate a shooter. And more fun in the field because I'm not as concerned about nicking the stock (my HW97 has the blue laminate stock; almost afraid to take it out of the case cuz its so darn pretty).
ConsThe only concern I might have would be the weight for smaller shooters as a field rifle. Also, IT IS A SPRINGER. If you think that buying a high-end springer is going ot mean that it will shoot and handle like a PCP, you will be disappointed. You still have to learn the techniques and develop the skills required by spring guns if you are going to stack pellets. But the satisfaction of shooting this kind of rifle well will totally negate that "con".
Best UsesTarget, Field Target, bench rest, small game hunting.
By Grady
new go to rifle
July 11, 2018
the side lever is easy to get used to,it is not that loud,feels solid and fires smooth, I like it more than the nitro piston,it has great balance, I have not put a scope on yet but it isplenty accurate with the sites, the trigger is perfect, I purchased cuz it was on sale and heard good things about diana, it was worth it,
By Eylton O.
New World
August 30, 2017
Firstly, let me begin with my complete satisfaction with Airgun Depot for standing behind every successful retailers policy of keeping their customers happy. A no questions asked credit towards a replacement of an order I wasn't pleased with filled the bill for me.

Moving on

I'm old and just getting into air gunning, man have things changed in 50 years since we had neighborhood scirmishes with our parent issued Daisy Red Riders!
ProsExtreme accuracy (see photo of grouping 5 shots @ 30 yards), excellent fit and finish, paired well with Kawke 3x9x40 Airmax, nice looking hunting rifle.
ConsHEAVY, bolt adjacent to trigger guard loosenes covertly; causing embarrassing infield reassembly, HEAVY, no factory installed sling mounts, HEAVY, trigger travel too long, HEAVY....... and it's noticeably affected by gravity.
By terry r.
rws 48
July 11, 2017
be sure to Loctite every screw and bolt including the rings for your scope.
Proslight, as accurate as you could ever want, I got a refurb and it looked new. I have killed a woodchuck and a rabbit with it since I bought it, both just went limp when hit. shooting 21grain h&n, very accurate out of this rifle.
Consdidn't notice no fiber optic sites when I bought, black on black not good for my eyes. it will shake apart if you don't glue everything down.
By Matt
Port Huron, MI
Awesome rifle!
June 12, 2017
I am totally impressed with this rifle, can't tell it is refurbished at all !!! Shoots 10 grain pellets very well, I would recommend this rifle if you're looking for a high performance side cocker. A great value for the price, can't be beat !!! Varmint population has been drastically reduced at my place...
ProsAccurate, well made and reliable with a very nice trigger
ConsDoesn't like pellets much heavier than 10.5 grains, rifle is on the heavy side for stalking but what a shooter!
By Rob F.
German engineering at it's finest!
February 13, 2017
I was shocked at the quality of this rifle when it arrived. The two stage trigger is better than some of my current sporting rifles.
ProsExceeds build quality of some major rimfire rifle makers.
ConsThe rifle is a little heavy, but it helps reinforce and build the necessary muscle memory for accurate shot placement.
By Alan
Great gun with the correct scope
January 29, 2017
Tried my VX3 Leupold on this gun and didn't work out. Installed my extra Excalibur Crossbow scope and is now a tack driver.
By Joel
Sunnyvale, CA
What more can I say?
January 17, 2017
This rifle is AWESOME!
By William
New york state
A very accurate springer
December 8, 2016
This is one great and beautiful gun. I swore off from springers sometime ago... got into the pcp guns...
but I was advise to purchase a lgv and fell in love with springers again.
My .22 RWS 48 loves to be benched. Super accurate but I have not tried 40 yards or more yet.... but less than this I can say it is a one ragged hole shooting gun.
I am very glad I cam back to springers... something about them I will always enjoy. But I will not give up my pcp's.....

I do own some springers that seem like they will take you shoulder off... this one does not do this...
ProsGreat quality and super nice finish. Very easy to cock and load. The guns shoots from the bench really well. Believe what they say.... this gun is accurate.The trigger is perfect. Very smooth action while cocking Really a gun to pass down , it will last a lifetime. and a joy to shoot.
ConsA little loud but not real bad. Really nothing else. could use some swivels.... RWS has done their homework on this gun.
By Matt
LaFayette, NY
Great gun
October 6, 2016
My newest RWS / Diana is this .22 caliber 48 with T06 trigger. I also own a .177 34 and a .22 350. All are quality rifles. My 48 shoots JSB 18s at around 755 fps (23 fpe) which is a smidgen higher than my 350. Both take concentration and technique to shoot well. This is especially true in comparison with my 12 fpe RWS 34.
ProsGreat trigger! Big loading port. Nice ambidextrous stock and handling.
ConsTakes practice and patience to shoot well! While not really a con, the drooper mount really places the scope up high - even with low-ish rings. I may switch this to a one-piece mount...
By will f.
48 sniper
September 27, 2016
TOUGH as nails. GREAT shooter.
ProsBEST there is
By Johnny
Sammamish, WA
FWS Model 48
June 18, 2016
Got this about four years ago now. It's been my go to Crow gun I have a 3 X 12 Hawke Variable scope on it. This thing is deadly accurate.
ProsAccurate Cheap to shoot Quiet Deadly on varmin
ConsI'm still trying to figure that part out.
By Bob
Great Shooting Airgun!
June 11, 2016
So far I've been very pleased with the RWS 48. Many years ago I purchased an RWS 48 for bird abatement in the Hangers at Andrews AFB. I had an 92% kill rate with the airgun and scope combination. So when I recently saw this RWS 48 reconditioned at under $300, I jumped on it. It is a tack-driver!. I added an 3X9X50 scope and can't be happier with the rifle.
ProsNone more accurate.
ConsIts a heavy gun, but there again, that helps with the accuracy
By Bryan
Awesome gun
January 2, 2016
Bought the RWS 48 in .22 caliber back in 07', shot about 300-400 break in rounds through it before mounting a scope. Put a Leapers 3-12x44 scope on it. I can shoot dimes all day from a rest at 50 yards with crosman premiers (card board box). Have shot several small game, raccoons, squirrels, ground hogs, etc...Awesome gun, would buy another RWS in a minute for sure!s
By Mark L.
North Island New Zealand
Mine is defunitely a Keeper and is a 2013 48, 0.25 wuth T05 trigger
October 23, 2015
I Bought this as a working gun on my farm to control Rabbits Hares Turkey and Possums, its not a perfect gun, but suits me perfectly, Most Hunting is nighttime at 10-60m, and day time up to 100M plus, I only use Air arms Diablo pellets at 25.4grain, and it gives constantly 680fps around 26fpe, I use Ade optics 3-30x56 SF IR scope, and can group to about 100mm over 10 shots at 100m, best kill distance was about 115m, the 0.25 does the job in one pellet most of the time, the Diana / RWS needs minimal maintenance to be the default hunting weapon - I absolutely love this gun, and i have owned about 25 different rifles over the last 45 years - you will not regret purchasing one of these, see photos for 100m target board , range, and the gun in my set up
ProsQuality for cost, these are far superior to the likes of Air arms and Weirauch, all of which i own / have owned, and repect for their attributes, with the 48, kill rate is up, especia;ly clean kill, which is important to me, miss rate down, pellet consumption down, just appears to be "run in" at 2 years and 3500 slugs later !, about 1000 pellets targeted and tested after initial purchase, balance hunting, raised an income from returns on pest game, over its purchase cost, in about 4 months.
ConsMany do not appreciate the lovely bluing on the barell is actually just a sleeve over the barrel, which is rough finished outside but precision as hell inside!, I should have waited for a T06 trigger model, but bought this new with a Hawke scope very cheaply, and T05 is ok for my rough field work, rubber sleeve on end of side lever may slip off, best to de-grease and glue in place, loading slot has no pellet fall through - not an issue in retrieving 0.25's but may be with .177's if you miss load, not quick to reload may be a hunting disadvantage, but other pluses over-ride this! - enjoy!
By Brian
Pomona, Ca
always go german!
December 27, 2014
I rewarded myself with a Rws 48 in .22 cal. What an amazing air gun, took it to the range so i could zero it in. At 50 yards this gun is dead on. I also have a Benjamin np2 and a Gamo whisper fusion both in .22 cal. at 50 yards these guns are a whole new level of challenging with holdover and opened up groups. But this is where the Rws 48 (a gun twice as much as the others) really produces, the power and accuracy. One thing i would like to add I am a left handed shooter and the Rws 48 has not been a problem at all.
ProsWood, Steel, Power, Accuracy, German craftsmanship, t06 trigger, minor recoil, gun seems quiet to the shooter (u will understand this if u ever shoot an air gun with a hollow ring to its stock), and on target @ 50 yards.
Consno synthetic stock, at 8.5 lbs I'm forced to work on my core, hehe (1st world problems).
By mike
great gun
December 4, 2013
This is my best springer for hunting by far
By Primo
Puerto Rico
RWS Diana 48 refurbished .177
December 1, 2013
Took the leap and bought this gun refurbished for $320 from AGD a week ago. A lot of money for a refurb,but the 48 has history and it had been on my list for some time. Got a gun that is new , I suppose somebody returned it because the side lever is kinda of heavy: lucky me. The rifle is beautiful . Super powerful shot a 10 pound iguana - head shot- 35+ yards dropped like a stone. Lots of invasive iguanas here in Puerto Rico. Installed a one piece Leapers mount,and a 4x32 AO Leapers can hit pennies all day at 25 yards. The 48 is just as excellent as the 350 mag.177- classic. It will push 10.5g CP at over 900 plus its a super straight shooter. My gun came with the TO6 trigger its superior to the TO5 , but I'm not degrading this last trigger in any way. For me the TO6 is the law accuracy improves 100%.
ProsThe rifle is not heavy when compared to the 350- 460 RWS mags. This gun has been around since the 80s all I've read is positive. Came out to compete with the Beeman R1 talk about exquisite rifles. Fixed barrel will win you over.
ConsNow I'm hooked and looking at the 48 in .22 caliber! Or worst yet the 54. Just one small gripe to AGD please upgrade your packaging, my box arrived a bit beat up and the inner cushioning wasn't top notch,could have used more crumpled paper, although it did come double boxed.
By Frank
SpringGrove, IL
ok I have reviewed the headline,above overall rating will not let me click on it.
August 12, 2013
The rifle is fun to shoot and very accurate. Many rodents have fallen to it.
ProsThe model 48 is a great air rifle and shoots very accurately. The only scopes that seem to hold up are the top of the line scopes like the higher end Hawke and Leupold air gun scopes. Mine came with a RWS scope that lasted approximately 25 shots and would not hold zero. Do not order rifles that are a package deal with a scope, most are junk. I also ordered a model 350 Magnum also in 22 caliber that also came with a RWS scope made in China. Pure junk. I then ordered the BSA 3x9 AO model, that broke after 70 shots. Had to send it back. Haven't tried the repaired one yet. Like I said, use a higher end scope on your rifle and you'll be happy.
ConsYou would think a rifle that costs over $400 would come with sling mounts. These rifles are too heavy to lug around the woods all day.
By randy
Vinton, IA
This airgun is one of the BEST!
January 14, 2013
When I first started getting serious about airguns my budget was very limited. I was 8 and it was the 1970's. Later in life, I finally got to own a few RWS air rifles. This rifle was my second RWS purchase with the Spanish made RWS 94 as my first. Some know it as the Cometa Fenix 400. The RWS94 is a nice rifle, but a little lacking in the looks and power department. The RWS 48 is almost not related to the 94 other than who branded it at the time of importation. My RWS 48 .20 is one of the nicest airguns I've ever owned. It may be built like a tank, but it's graceful lines and beautiful deeply blued barrel really makes this a stunning airgun. The power I get with this rifle speaks authority at every turn. Even though the rifle must weigh in at 10 lbs, it doesn't feel that heavy as it's balanced very well, and suited for slinging into the field for a day without much fatigue on my part at all. Be prepared to learn the artillery hold to shoot this rifle accurately. The powerful spring doesn't like bipods or fixed stands at all. Once you get the hang of how to shoot it (if you have never handled a powerful springer before of course), you should be getting sub 1/4" moa at 40-50 Meters with a good AO optic. My RWS has always liked Webley Accu pellets for the paper and Beeman Crow Magnums for small game.
ProsPower, build quality, deep bluing, nice wood, and accurate.
By dennis s.
new jersey
lots of bang for the buck
September 5, 2012
Got my rws 48 in November 2011, due to an explosion of squirrel population in my area. I tried trapping them to relocate, but there were just to many. There are lots of bird feeders in the area which is probably the cause. I am bagging at least two squirrels a week, up to about 45 yards, since I received my gun. Lots of head shots up close. The 48 has the power to get the job done, up to 25 yds l have a dime pattern all day long, 45 yards a quarter or better. Being 62 years old, I'm not as steady as i use to be. In the hands of a young guy this 48 rocks.
ProsGreat craftsmanship: solid , well made, you get what you pay for.
ConsNo rings for a strap or sling. It can get a little heavy to carry, this should be, at least, an option.
By Alan D.
Holland, NY
Amazingly light trigger
August 5, 2012
I bought this one to use on woodchucks after finding that my .177 Model 48 was just barely up to the job. (the .177 RWS 48 will give clean woodchuck kills at shorter ranges)
The rifle is a fine piece of work, as all of my RWS guns have been.
One item worthy of comment. The trigger is the lightest trigger I have ever seen on a commercial rifle. From the factory, it is as light as my favorite Mauser with a European set trigger.
It is VERY light on let off. (I don't have a scale) Very crisp, no noticeable over travel. Scary nice.

Shooting side by side- I am not as accurate with this rifle as I am with the .177 RWS 48 (15 and 30 yards). I don't know if this will improve. I have not done a pellet survey yet.
ProsFine workmanship. Good weight. Very nice RWS scope mount in package purchase. Outstanding trigger!
ConsRWS Scope in the package purchase was only OK. It may not be as accurate as the .177, or it may be me. Come on guys, mount it with sling swivels for that kind of money
By John
Nice rifle
July 24, 2012
The rifle shoots well. I have set up a small range in my yard using 22 spinner plates. The rile is accurate to maybe 1 moa at 70 yards if I can do my job. I have noticed though that shot to shot accuracy suffers most from inconsistencies in pellets. For the price of ammo, nearly equal to a box of bulk 22, one would think it would be better.
The rifle has enough power to take small game. I have taken one squirrel with a head shot at about 10 yards. The round passed through the skull and continued on its course with enough energy left over to be dangerous (watch your targets back drop).
ProsThe quality is about right for the price. It is accurate. The trigger is very smooth. The auto safety is great.
ConsI would have liked a rust proof finish. The rifle is a bit loud, a factory installed muffler would have been nice. The weight balance is very far forward. Ship the item with 3 sling studs. The recoil does take some getting used to. Figuring out the proper hold takes time.
By Damian
West Seneca, NY
Not for the faint of heart!
April 19, 2012
Purchased a refurb which came with an RWS scope. Rifle is heavy, hard to cock, and has a strong recoil. The 4 x 32 scope broke. While I didnt measure the velocity with a chronograph, at 11 yards this "cannon" of a pellet gun slung lead with speed and force!
ProsGerman quality, nice stock, side lever feature.
By Mike H.
Attleboro Ma.
Refurbrished RWS 48 .22 cal Side Lever
March 18, 2012
Amazingly fine gun for a refurbrished product. Looks like brand new, and came with the TO6 trigger. Bulls-eye after bullseye at about 40 yds. with iron sights. Very powerful, accurate and a looker besides. I'm proud to stack it next to my Beeman R9 in the gun case.
Pros Power, accuracy, good looks and the price. It has an easy off safety which is a nice surprise.
Cons Not easy to cock, but this gun is not for children.
By john
morganton, NC
john nc
February 27, 2012
bought this gun after some hard sole searching, only paid 225.00 for it and rifle is worth all of that and then some. I have used pryamid for previous purchase but love the idea of refurbished gun that allows all of us to purchase guns that i could only afford to read about . MANY thanks to AIR GUN DEPOT for there fast, frenidly, service and I will no dobt buy more as i am able.
ProsPRICE this rifle is must for any air gun addict. you will know what i am talking about as soon as you see the rifle in person.
Cons wish refurbished inventory could be larger
By Coy
Fruita, CO
RWS 48 .22 cal
February 24, 2012
I purchased my model 48 refurbished. Yes, it came with a few scuffs but nothing major. For the price I paid I am not going to complain. It was very accurate right out of the box. The accuracy amazes me! I am getting dime size groups at 25 yards with CPHPs. The advantage of a fixed-barrel. It is a little louder than I had anticipated. The trigger is great and predictable every time. I am looking at scoping it and trying different types of ammo. Oh, the cocking effort is more like 30lbs. and not 39. If you are looking for a well made German springer air rifle that "will last",this it the rifle to buy. I am happy with the purchase. Thank you Airgun Depot.
ProsPrice Accuracy Craftsmanship(well made)
ConsLittle louder than I wanted but not bad.
By Dave
RWS Airguns- Model 48
January 2, 2012
I have owned air rifles for over forty years and this is my third Model 48. Without a doubt this is the best all around air rifle you can buy. Easy to load, light, powerful and accurate. I mounted a Leupold VX-II 3-9x40 scope on it and it makes for a great all around combination.
By Bradda R.
rws 48 .177 refurbished
September 2, 2011
When i received this rifle and took it out of the box it looked brand new except for the "R" stamped on the stock and the barrel it worked just like new and very powerful. Whenever you find rws air rifles on the refurbished list, it is a great investment. In fact all rws rifles and the pistol are great investments. i even got an RWS pistol on the refurb list. Airgun depot is a great place to purchase air rifles and pistols.
By Liang
Ref RWS 48 .177
April 24, 2011
very good gun, extremely accurate! a little loader than I expected, loader than my GAMO CFX. And it's deffinitely a scope eater. I just ate my NcStar 6-24x50 after 300 rounds, which worked on my CFX for more than 1500 rounds. Need a quality scope. Also, I put a bipod on it. shoot a 600ml soda bottle over 100 yards without any problem!
By Dan (.
All Smiles
March 17, 2011
Was apprehensive about a refurb but when they got these RWS 48 .177 in I jumped at the chance. First, this is one well built rifle. From the moment you grasp it you feel the weight and how solid it is.

Shouldering the rifle feels very good and for people around 5'9" and under it should fit well. The first time I cocked the rifle I thought, wow you need to really pull that lever lol. Actually just find a position that suits you best and cocking it isnt hard at all.

Being a lefty (although I shoot left and right pistol and rifle equally) I found it awkward loading pellets, again however I found what suits me and problem solved. A little experimentation goes a long ways with getting along with a rifle this stout.

Trigger. One of the requirements I had when looking for the right air rifle was the trigger, bad trigger = deal breaker. IF your like me and want to also use your rifle as a trainer for your powder burners the T05 does the job and does it well. I like it so much I havent even touched it from the factory setting. Now remember I havent tried to adjust the T05 but I do think the T01 trigger is probably a smidge better and please dont fret over the plastic trigger. You put your finger where its supposed to go and there isnt any flexing period. Trigger has a nice first stage and I know I can make the 2nd stage break cleaner but this trigger really mimics one of my rifles so I left it. But knowing there is plenty to adjust out is a good feeling!

Accuracy at 10 meters, well it goes where you point it. Standing, open sights I can put 3 shots in a nifty tight group (touching, if I do my part). Rested open sights its just one ragged hole. Couple weeks ago it was snowing (heavy enough that it was tough to see the target at 25 yards) and we had a crosswind between 7 and 12 mphs. Temp was a blistering 12 degrees. I only brought the rifle to the range that morning to take a 5 shot group and move onto my CF's. Well 4 of those shots were inside 1/2 inch and I pulled one but it still made that group just inside 3/4 of an inch. Yeah I know not the best group but this was in my opinion worse case scenario for shooting, again hard to make out the target and a freezing crosswind, call me impressed.

Seems to like pretty much any pellet Ive thrown at it thus far. Crossman Premiers, JSB exacts, Beeman FTS and RWS superdomes.

While this is a great rig here are some things worth mentioning. The front site is really wide. I removed the front blade and thinned it a bit, be careful if you do this its not hard to file but you should have some pretty good measuring skills. This gun is very, very loud and suprise, suprise has a little kick to it. The refurbs have a little "r" stamped into the action and just below that in the stock on both sides. I couldnt care less as thats something they need to do but others may have issues. Just throwing that out there. I love the gun and everyone thats shot it loves it!

Airgun Depot did me right, shipping was delayed initially due to a bad snowstorm but once it got on the truck it arrived in a couple days.
By William
RWS 48 .22
December 29, 2010
Unlike other brands, you can believe the spec listed, particularly on the velocity. Great power, accuracy. Just a little on the heavy side, but great for shooting targets or competition. I use this rifle to build my bicept. Haha.
By William
RWS 48 .22
December 29, 2010
I purchased this rifle from this site. Great gun and as good as new. I am very amazed by light and predictable trigger pull on this rife, which resulted 5 pellets all in one hole (30 yards). This rifle shoots like a real 22LR rifle.
By chipmunkslayer
Great gun
September 15, 2010
I bought this gun after trying a RWS 34 Meistersch√ľtze Pro. This gun has been simply superb. I am primarily controlling chipmunks in my backyard and shoot them from about 30 yards. I couple my gun with the Leapers 5th Gen 3-9x40 AO Mil-Dot Scope with R/G (nice scope, not crazy about flip-up lens covers). When comparing this gun the RWS 34 or a Gammo Whisper I tried prior to that, the grouping is simply far superior than either of the break barrel guns. My shooting percentage is now about 80% on the chimpunks. On squirrels it is nearing 100%. The gun is also extremely powerful. I downed a fully grown racoon last week with one shot to the head. The big negative on this gun is that is louder than either of the break barrels with the Gammo Whisper being the quitest (but least accurate). If you are conducting extremely covert urbran operations, this is not the gun for you. The gun is also heavy but all the spring air guns seem to be. I am shooting the Beeman Kodiak Extra Heavy Pellets for optimal stability given that I am shooting at furry meatballs from 30 yards. Don't worry about hollow points or anything like that, you will drop small critters with this gun on the spot. If you are controlling small critters from 30 yds or so, make sure you get an adjustable scope. 4X is not enough for longer shots.
By jubiosanook
July 12, 2010
Top Gun set in the air and this is what I want to search for and. In Thailand, it is rare, it is the gun most of the air gun and then listening to a recording.
By Q k.
powerful and accurate
December 28, 2009
Recently purchased an rws 48 refurbished unit from Airgun Depot.after i purchased an rws 34 from them refurb as well.Both gun's arrived in excellant condition.look and perform like new. couldn't be more happy with these rifle's.they are built like only the german's can build them best I can tell.accuracy and extreme power is what to expect from these babie's.they don't mess around.If you can Shoot at all these rifle's will definately please.and Airgun Depot is the place to get'em. Good people to deal with bottom line.just wish they were closer to
By John F.
RWS 48 Refurbished WOW
September 24, 2009
The only way I can tell this is a remanufactured gun is there is a R stamped into the stock. It's That Perfect. You'd be crazy to buy a new one. I've owned a quality Beeman for over 15 years and I have never had to have it looked at or fixed. Screw the Warranty for this price..........
By Ross D.
Did My Homework
May 2, 2008
This review is no shorty, but hopefully a goodie. I researched my purchase of the RWS 48 for over 5 weeks before choosing Airgun Depot. I have literally read every review entry on the internet regarding all three side-cocking models that RWS makes, and even called the "tekkies" at all the larger internet sellers of these rifles. I'll tell you that kris at Airgun Depot was not only the most informative regarding the RWS lineup, but was a no BS kind of guy regarding scopes and bases regardless of if they sold their products or not! With Kris' advice combined with the exhaustive research I'd already done, I ended up purchasing the RWS 48 with the one-piece Accushot mounts/rings, and the 3-9x40 Center-Point mil-dot scope. Kris spent nearly 40 minutes on the phone with me, and not only that, he gave me the lowest prices I'd found with no shipping to boot! Now, regarding the rifle. Upon receiving the rifle, I made sure to do one thing I'd read about on the reviews, and that was to loctite the barrel/stock screw underneath the forearm to avoid having to worry about it vibrating loose as many have mentioned. With the loctite, I mounted the accushot 1-piece base to the rifle, and then the scope to the bases. Due to the massive amount of vibration that seems to be integral to adult air rifle ownership, I even loctited the four ring screws once the scope was levelled to the action. I don't even do this on my bull barrel target and sniper rifles in centerfire calibers, but after range testing the 48 I am glad I loctited everything. On to the range. I had a near new winchester 1000x ..177 cal. air rifle that I traded a local underground range ( 25yard) in exchange for allowing me to make four trips to their facility to sight in this rifle with different pellets. After an hour and a half at the range, the key to success with this rifle is controlling, or actually NOT trying to control the vibration- or recoil. I had forgotten to bring my shooting bags in the excitement of the moment, but what started out as a mistake turned into a lesson learned about this gun. Having to use my left hand/wrist as a forearm support made me realize how important it is to fully allow this rifle to freely move front and back unimpeded upon the shot and recoil. If I tried to "control" or guide the shot at all, I would almost certainly pull the shot. Once sighted in, it became very apparent that a medium grip on the pistol grip with the shooting hand and an almost hands off approach on the forearm stock was rewarded with 1/4" to 3/8" groups at 25 yards. I can't wait to see the groups when given a nice slick forearm bag to rest the stock on next trip to the range with the 14 grain meisterkrugelns! A final note on the attention to detail that any fine instrument can require; wanting to shoot a final 3-shot group before packing up for the afternoon, I decided to put the rather nifty scope lense flip-up caps back on the Center-Point scope that I had mounted on the gun. I had taken them off during the sight-in process. BAM- my 1/4" groups blew up to 1" immediately! I fired another 3-shot group, and same thing-a one inch or larger grouping almost an inch left of my bullseye, and again spread over one inch!. Off came the flip-up caps, and another 3-shot group. This time, the rifle went back to it"s original zero, and back to the 1/4" group! I am convinced that the 1/8" thick quality made flip-up caps provided another "anchoring" point that changed the all-important vibration cycle in the gun after the shot. Guess what, the scope caps are staying off until the rifle is resting in it's case! P.S. To the many reviewers I've read over the last six weeks regarding this, and many other magnum air rifles, a truth that I learned several years ago from a famous and great 1000yd. match shooter named David Tubbs may be of help. He said that "each shot needs to come as the slightest bit of a suprise". What he means is that if you are anticipating the shot to such an extent that you are trying to alleviate any suprises, you are probably holding the rifle too tightly. Try simply letting your gun have it's way, as long as it can only move in either of two directions- frontwards or backwards, and you'll finally realize the accuracy potential of your rifle. Now, about trying those other pellets in this baby...
By Hal
Excellent Air Rifle
December 31, 2007
I couldn't be more pleased with the RWS 48 .22 cal air rifle. The workmanship is top notch and the performance is what I had hoped. Tight, repeatable groupings not to mention - power. Drops small game in their tracks. Great air rifle.
By RL P.
October 21, 2007
Great Gun
October 18, 2007
I have had this gun for several weeks now, and its a lot of fun to shoot. Very accurate and easy to control. It is a little tough to cock so I woudnt recommend it for someone less then 15 yrs old, but it's one of the best made guns Ive ever had.
By Don
Still Amazed
October 16, 2007
I have owned this air rifle for about 12 years and it still amazes me with its power and accuracy.
October 5, 2007
Admittedly I did not purchase my RWS model 48 from this retailer. I did, however, purchase the next model up from this retailer, Model 52, .22 Cal, 900 fps, with Monte Carlo Stock. I purchased the model 48 from Cabela‚€™s. I purchased the 48 first, however, after attempting to cock and load its very first cycle, the cocking handle or charging arm, whichever you want to call it sheared off on the return stroke. The RWS model 48 has an outstanding reputation. However, much like cars, there is always going to be a lemon. I fell in love with the looks and feel of this platform; it is quite a sight to behold. It's like the howitzer of air guns. I came to this site because of their reputation, extremely competitive pricing, availability, and I wanted another RWS, ASAP!!! I figured if I went one step up to the fancy version, perhaps I'd have a little better luck. Thus far, Cabela‚€™s has been very slow to respond, which is actually very sad. Airgun depot on the other hand, has been absolutely, positively, exceptional. I would not blame any retailer for the failure of products they do not make and typically have a good reputation. I do hold them responsible for replacement if the product they just sold me is defective or a lemon. These folks > air gun depot< are lightning fast, and excel in customer service. My comments on the pellet rifle, I think speak for themselves, without firing a single pellet, I laid down another $400 , the exact same day that the 48 had a major failure. To some, a failure like the one I experienced would have them swearing off of that product forever. With this manufacturer, you simply cannot do that. My experience is, to the best of my knowledge, incredibly abnormal, and no doubt incredibly unlikely to happen again for another two or 300,000 rifles. What do they say, something about life and lemons? At some point, you're going to get a lemon or two. But don't let that ruin the reputation of an outstanding manufacturer, especially at this price range. If it was a car, I think it would be singing a different tune.
By Paul h.
nothing less than awsome
August 19, 2007
I shoot 50 yards with this air gun and can take down a squirrel with one shot. Its nice shooting a consistant shot,every time. Great gun, thanks Paul.
By Bob
Third one
July 11, 2007
This is the third one of this model I have purchased, the first two one was a gift and one was left behind on a move, but I like this model so much that I finally got another one, it is one of the best rifles on the market, the workmanship is great, the accuracy is great, and I had to mount a scope because of failing eyes but it still performs flawlessly. Heavy hitting and accurate, what more could you ask for?
By moly h.
holy moly
June 30, 2007
wow, powerful, intense, it feel sliek areal gun, its a true one of a kind, get it!! cept u better be arnold cuz its a doozy to cock, i had to put the butt on the ground and jump on the sideleer, accurate as a reel .22 even thought its.177 it has amzing stopping power
By alex
May 7, 2007
Could anyone tell me what pellets are the best for this rifle (id like them to be little cheap)
By Richard
RWS Diana Mlle. 48
December 28, 2006
I love this gun. I got it to be able to practice in the off-season or whenever I couldn‚€™t make it to the range. Definitely not for the ‚€œfaint of heart‚€ but it hefts well and is wickedly accurate.
By Craig
RWS 48 .177
December 25, 2006
Purchased mine 20 years ago and it's still beautiful and strong. Has always been deadly accurate with and without a scope. Excellent quality, highly recommend it.
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