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RWS 54 Air King

Available in 0.1770.22Superior quality German airgun made by Diana
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A totally recoilless, spring piston airgun seemed little more than a dream before the recent appearance of the Model 54. In order to realize this goal the engineers spent years experimenting with different systems until they created this mechanical marvel. Simple but durable, the 54 uses a floating action riding on rails to achieve a totally recoiless system that stands up to the pounding of our 1100 fps system.

Not only does this arrangement prevent transmission of felt recoil to the shooter, it also permits the rifle to excel in the accuracy department. When the rifle is fired, the action moves back lightly within the stock, absorbing the recoil, and permitting the pellet to exit the barrel before any of the spring vibration affects its travel. This system dramatically improves the accuracy potential of this magnum air rifle, making it a first class choice for either long range pest control or the precise demands of field target shooting.

The RWS 54 Air King is a recoilless sidelever rifle based on the action of the RWS 48/52 series. By floating the action on rails- RWS takes the rifle's powerful recoil and significantly reduces the amount you feel. It also enhances accuracy- because the pellet exits the barrel before spring vibration is transmitted to it.

Our .177-cal. RWS 54 Air King has the TO5 trigger. The .22-cal. model has the TO6 trigger. Both are 2-stage adjustable triggers and have an excellent reputation.
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RWS 54 Air King
17 Reviews
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88% Recommend this product (15 of 17 responses)
By Christopher
Conroe, TX
November 19, 2011
Great Rifle
I own this Rifle and it Shoots straight everytime i hit the same hole on the target from 50 yrd.
It has taken out anything I have aimed at with accuracy.. (birds,squril, Targets)
I have owned this rifle for 4 years and it still hits strong as ever..
ProsNot loud Stays Accurate..
ConsCan be hard for some to cock
August 21, 2018
A pleasure to use.
This airgun is a tack driver, and very effective on small pests. Regardless of other folks claims, I prefer not to use at ranges beyond 35 yards - I insist on one shot humane kills. I equipped this rifle with a "bulls eye" scope mount and a Leupold 3-9 x 33 Rimfire EFR scope. The combination works well for me. The downside is the 9 pound weight - it's tiring to carry it in the woods.

The worst problem is the lack of information in the Owner's Manual. No Parts List. No Exploded Diagram. No really clear lubrication and/or service directions. This information must be had from other sources
By Michael B.
Lowell, Arkansas
May 8, 2018
Well built rifle.
The rifle was delivered in a timely manner and Airgun Depot had the best price anywhere I could find. Received the gun well protected in heavy shipping container and no problems were found upon examining it. The external appearance is without any visual blemishes on wood or metal and is a joy to behold. The checkering on the stock is correctly cut through the finish into the wood and I will probably apply some linseed oil to the checkering to darken it and enhance the grain of the wood. Metal finish is a well polished deep blue that should stand the test of time.
I have not yet purchased any match grade .22 pellets for this rifle and have been shooting some tins of GAMO Hunter impact which shoots very well and some Daisy pointed which does not shoot well. I have not benched the rifle yet as I want to wait for at least the 500 shot milestone, that way it should be reasonable close to settled in. With the GAMO pellets I have consistently been able to hit targets of opportunity at ranges up to 80 yards. I have been able to get some excellent offhand groups at 25 yards (at least for me they are excellent) around one inch.
The shooting characteristics are fantastic after I got used to the unique cocking stroke required. It has a final second stage that resets the recoil sled that I had never experienced before. The action is so soft in recoil due to the sled it is a joy to shoot and because the trigger moves with the receiver there is no follow through issues with it. Just a precise pressure on the trigger blade until the sear releases and that is it. I have not made any adjustments to the trigger yet as honestly I am very well pleased with the unit at factory specs. I did experience dieseling for the first two shots that I fired and for the first shot the second day but it was not severe just a little smoke after the first shot. The first shot did crack the sound barrier I believe. Other than those it has behaved flawlessly.
ProsExcellent rifle with the quality I want and the weight, balance and accuracy I need.
ConsIt needs a service rifle sling for what I want it for. And this last one is getting picky but I wish they had left off the white line spacer under the butt pad. It just doesn't fit with the rest of this nice a gun. That is my opinion at least.
Best UsesI purchased this rifle as a practice tool for high powered rifle shooting, plinking, target shooting on an informal basis and pest control. It will do any of these as well as small game hunting perfectly. It has the eight and balance that makes it very useful as a four position trainer and I may yet try to scale down the NRA high power match to 100 yards and see how it does that.
By John M.
prunedale CA
July 6, 2017
This is a Solid Air Rifle
Couldn't be happier. This is a well made .177 air gun. Accuracy is exceptional I am bench shooting dimes at 30 yards with Kodiak pellets.
By Jacques
May 22, 2017
RWS 54
I bought this rifle a month ago and have been shooting it every evening after work and most of the day on weekends. This thing is built like a tank. I have it zeroed at 25yds. I mounted a Hawke Vantage 4-12x50 scope and it holds zero very well. It has been deadly on Starlings and ground squirrels. I could't ask for a better springer. The H&N Barracuda match 21.14 grain pellets have taken quite a few squirrels between 30-50 yds very accurately. This gun is WAY better than my old Gamo Big Cat 1200.
Prosaccuracy, fit and finish
ConsI wish it had sling swivels.
By pw_garfield
Oceanside, CA
October 4, 2016
Nice Pellet Rifle.
Overall a delightful gun to shoot.
Recoil is almost nonexistent.
On the quieter side of the pellet gun experience.
The cocking procedure takes time learn.
The accuracy is most surprising for a spring gun this one shoots 1/2"minus groups at 20 yards without much effort.
.22 cal Pellet speed is currently averaged at 777 fps with 15.89 JSB.
Using an older Simmons 6.5-20 x 50 made in the Philippines, and accuracy is holding well.
It's very nice to have an accurate, powerful 22 pellet rifle that doesn't require a pump.
ProsAccurate. Very little recoil. Quiet. Nice trigger.
ConsOn the heavy side.
By Frank
Lakeland Florida
September 14, 2016
Well made ... Deadly accurate on small game.
I've owned my RWS model 54 for 7 years. It's extremely accurate after the gun breaks in, and does not have the crazy recoil associated with other spring powered rifles. I use mine strictly for hunting, and have killed several hundred squirrel. I've fired it so much that I finally wore the spring out (Along with some other internal components), and sent the gun back to UMEREXUSA for a complete rebuild. The total cost of the rebuild was only $134, and I basically got back a brand new fifle. Since the rebuild I switched to shooting Predator Polymag 16 GR pellets, and the fifle loves them! I'm zeroed at 25 yards, but can shoot flat out to 35 yards. The only issue with the rifle is that it will destroy a scope ... Mine killed "7" before finally mounting a 3x9x32 Leupold designed for spring powered air rifles. I LOVE this rifle, and would highly recommend it to anyone. By the way, the utube video of the Airgun Depot representative shooting out a candle flame at 15 yards is not a hoax ... This rifle will do that.
ProsGreat accuracy, high quality.
ConsHard on scopes, and may have to be re zeroed after 25 shots.
By Andrew
Somerville, MA
June 19, 2015
Incredible machine
Incredibly accuracy both from the quality of the rifle and the recoil mechanism.
If you purchase this rifle you will not regret it. It is a functional work of art.
By Jim L.
Santa Cruz, California
March 13, 2015
I think the RWS54 air king air rifle-.22 caliber is a well made rifle.
I started out with iron sights, and bought a BKL one peace scope mount, and a leapers 3-9X40 SCOPE , and now at 30 yards I can hit all most the same hole every time, so I think if I was varmint hunting they would drop like flies. I know that I could hunt a lot of small game with no problems, at the young age of 67 years of age I have owned many types of air rifles in my years, and yes the RWS 54 AIR KING cost a lot , but to someone that has shot many types ,from pumps to all types of magnum springers , I think its worth the money, and with a little time I should hit 10 ROUNDS the size of a dime at 50yards,and from there I will see what I can do at a 100 YD. HUNTER JIM.
ProsI like the iron sights, they work well. 2 stage Trigger has a real nice pull. Love the auto safety. Love the anti-recoil slide. Was very well made and very accurate. Is also really great with a 1-piece BKL scope mount and the Leapers scope makes it superb.
By robert
, wyoming ny
December 18, 2014
rws 54
Just got my new 54 very nice rifle out of the box.Looks and feels very nice in your hands not as heftey as i thought it would be.Cleaned and shot a few times will let people know after a few 100 rounds No scope on yet have sun 6-24 coming for it.Will report later.
ProsJust a nice look and feels like it is going to be a great shooter a real mans gun.
ConsI think it could have been packed a bit better for the money.
By Timothy D.
United States
September 12, 2014
Very Accurate
Rifle is heavy, especially with a scope and found inconsistencies with different pellets. By far the best pellet for this gun is a wad cutter, you will hit an aspirin or light a match at 30 yrds and .33" groupings at 50 yrds. It's not that hard to cock unless your real weak or small girl like build. Guaranteed for life, quality German engineering so it's worth every penny!
By Zjones
February 27, 2014
Owned mine 15 Years
Hits better than a firearm at 25 yrds or can hit at 80 yrds and still have power to go thru a tin can...not bad for a pellet rifle. You would have to go to the 3000PSI Scuba tank units to do better and those are expensive and dangerous. Get a CZ 452 rifle and shoot shorts if this won't cut it for you.
Prosall good...Exceeds expectations in it's class
By GoGo
February 3, 2013
Accuracy Rifle
Very accurate with a variety of pellets. Best choice of Air Rifle!!
By michael
islip, ny
December 8, 2012
You get what you pay for! Accuracy Accuracy Accuracy POWER!
I haven't shot in years and I was never a great shooter. This gun makes me look like a pro. Once I have the RWS 4-12x50 AO scope zeroed, I shoot 1/4 ragged holes. The gun is heavy but is lethal. German beauty. Worth every single penny!
ProsGerman Quality. Accuracy and power.
ConsI never know if the pellet just keeps going through the same hole or not.
By Victor
San Diego
March 15, 2012
Model 54 review
This is my second model 54 rifle, my first was stolen by my ex-brother n-law
Both rifles are the most consistently accurate pellet rifles I have ever shot. I find there is plenty of stoping power to drop varmint at a distance of at least 50 yards
ProsThe precision; consistent, repeative accuracy
ConsA little on the heavy side with a weight around 9lbs.
By M
September 11, 2007
RWS 54 Air King
Nothing in my opinion gets 5 stars so that's that. Now for a review other than, great gun, nice recoil, amazing, never miss a shot or some other nonsense that is not a review at all.
The RWS 54 is a semi recoiless not a true recoiless air rifle built on the same power plant as the RWS 48 & 52. It uses what is called a sledge system to reduce not eliminate recoil. It does work very well and if you really concentrate from time to time you can actually get a glimpse of the pellet in flight. You would never be able to do that with the 48, 52 or just about any other Magnum airgun. Magnum airguns usually refer to guns that produce 20 foot pounds of energy or more. RWS velocities are a bit inflated and if you go to the actual manufacturers web site (Diana Airguns) you will see what I mean. RWS is like Beeman in that produce very little or none and import alot and stamp their name, with pemission of course. RWS does just what it has to, to sell guns... they post high velocities. Like Gamo they will tell you how fast their guns will shoot with absolute lightest pellets around. This not a lie but not real world truth and many if not all high powered spring guns should stay as far away from ultra light pellets as possible. The super light pellets do not provide enough back pressure to the piston and this results in near dry fire. Dry fires are when the gun is discharged with no pellet in the chamber. Super light pellets provide such little back pressure the piston slams against the end of the compression tube much harder than normal. Also when pellets go super sonic they tumble in flight and good accuracy can not be achieved. The 54 is capable of pushing super light pellets super sonic so avoid them. Try Beeman FTS pellets, JSB Exacts in either 16 or 14.3 gr and watch what I mean when I say this gun shoots them like laser beams. Sub 1 inch groups at 35 yards from a good shooting position is very common. The gun is very heavy at about 10.5 lbs with scope and mounts. A sling is really a good idea. It is a side lever cocker not a brake barrel and loading the gun is a bit slower and bit of a pain compared to break barrels. The fixed barrel does however provide a more stable platform for consistant grouping.
Use a good scope on this gun because although you will feel hardly any recoil the whole scope, mount, barrel and side lever come flying back about 1 inch and the scope that is on top will take a beating for sure. Also scopes will creep and recoil pins will bend and shear off as will the screw on the back of the mounting plate sooner or later depending of course how much shoot. An additional scope stop is near essential. The trigger is adjustable and I would definitely suggest doing so because my trigger right out the box was awful. I am used to the Rekord trigger on the Beeman guns which are hard to beat anywhere. The power of the gun is very good with people claiming nearly 22 ft lbs of energy. Mine is shooting just a bit over 20 fpe and that is enough to penetrate 2 soup (not soda) cans and completely bury into a pine board after that at 50 yards away. Yes 50 yards not feet.
Even with the short comings I mentioned here the pluses out way the minuses and I really enjoy shooting this gun.
THis review is for the .22 cal version of the RWS 54.
By ray
July 8, 2007
i never miss a shot with this thing
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RWS 54 Air King
  • 0.177
    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 1100 fps
    Loudness 3-Medium
  • 0.22
    Caliber 0.22 Cal
    Velocity 900 fps
    Loudness 3-Medium
    Mag Capacity 1
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