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Gamo Swarm Maxxim, IGT

Multi-Shot Break Barrel
  • Code: AGD-43108325 · .22 · 975 fps
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A lot of air gunners love their break barrels, whether it's nostalgia, power or accuracy - break barrel airguns have won the hearts of many over the years. But one thing has almost always remained the same with a break barrel, you can only load one shot. The Gamo Swarm Maxxim air rifle builds upon previous attempts to create a multi-shot break barrel rifle that lives up to its promise. Customary with many Gamo rifles, the Swarm Maxxim is has a gas-piston powerplant featuring Inert Gas Technology (IGT). This technology will give airgunners up to 1300 fps with only 30 lbs of cocking effort, but the real excitement is in the 10 round Quick Shot rotary-style magazine. So if you're looking for a break barrel that gives you more shots with less hassle, check out the Gamo Swarm Maxxim air rifle!

Gamo Swam Maxxim Air Rifle Features
  • Gas-piston powerplant (IGT--Inert Gas Technology)
  • Breakbarrel
  • Single-shot
  • Rifled steel barrel
  • 11mm scope rail with scope stop
  • SWA (Shock Wave Absorber) recoil pad reduces felt recoil by up to 74%
  • All-weather ambidextrous stock with vertically adjustable cheekpiece
  • Custom Action Trigger (CAT) independently adjustable 1st and 2nd stage, allows you to tailor your trigger. 
  • 3-9x40 scope
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  • ManufacturerGamo
  • Caliber .22
  • Velocity 975 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Break barrel
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 5.64
  • Overall Length 45.30
  • Barrel Length 19.90
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 10
  • Mechanism Gas-piston
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights none
  • Rear Sights none
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty 3-year limited warranty
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By ShaneSeptember 2, 2020

Scope stays accurate after 100 shots

Very accurate when using the right pellets (stainless steel)

If you ever had a air rifle you can’t complain about any features this has

By SteveJuly 9, 2020

I bought this rifle in March 2020 and, to date, have put maybe 300--400 rounds thru it. The loading mechanism failed after only 4 months of use - it failed on July 4, 2020. Less than 4 months .... a shame. The little springs on the side of the device pop out of their holes every time you cock the gun and then the pellet doesn't load correctly and drops out. You can still use the gun as a single shot break barrel but that's NOT what I paid for or wanted. I already had that. An internet search about this issue led to many others that had the same problem. Go ahead, google: Gamo broken loading mechanism" and you'll see a bunch of problems. Repeated inquiries to Gamo customer service went without a response and that, to me, is a major failure of the company. I'm still hopeful, but have started to consider the BBB and the Consumer Protection Agency for my next steps.

holds it accuracy pretty well out to about 25 yards, no drift on the scope once mounted and sighted in, lightweighter == easy to handle even for begginers. Plenty of stopping power for pest control

Customer service is horrible with Gamo if you have to deal with them directly.

By BillMay 9, 2020

My first time dealing with Airgun Depot. Had couple questions before I ordered. Matthew and Erika responded quickly and did a great job of clearing up both issues. Happy with the service, product I bought, and price. Will be doing business with them again.

Like a lot about this rifle. The 10 round cylinder is definitely a plus. Rifle weight is good and comfortable to hold. Very accurate and almost shot zero out of the box; scope needed little adjustment. If it shoots this good with other pellets I've ordered will be very happy.

Wish the trigger was adjustable for weight as well as travel. I'm picky about trigger pull but knew this when I bought it so not really a con. Rifle shoots very well as is so won't be a issue. Just a personal preference for me.

By EulogioUSAMay 7, 2020



By OrlandoUSAMarch 22, 2020

It is my first rifle and I am very happy with it ... Strength and precision in shooting, excellent design and very good weight

By Random b.December 30, 2019

Great pellet rifle. It has good power and is very very accurate I can hit a marble at 25 yards every time with the stock scope that I haven’t even sighted in before but have killed many squirrels with. Also using cheap crossman domed pellets witch work great in this gun. Also the 10 shot magazine makes this a perfect gun for hunting and target shooting and the gun is very quiet and I can shoot in my suburban backyard with no problems. Cocking effort is not much at all and a 9 year old could do it, though the gun is a little heavy but it makes it feel more sturdy and expensive. I also killed a pigeon at 65 yards but after 75 yards I think it would become inhumane.


No iron sights if you like iron sights

By RobertUSANovember 13, 2019

Extremely accurate piece. Quality scope that sights in easily. Magazine is awesome. Domed, Hollow Point, Pointed, High performance pellets all work perfectly in this mag. Terrific velocity. Pricing for this product is as good as it gets.

Scope Weight Accuracy Easy cocking effort

None to speak of!

By NaeemUSAMay 9, 2019

Got this Air gun today from Airgun Depot in .22 Very fast shipping. Man you will see the power of this airgun when pellet hits the target,realy good built quality and price Man they sould sale it for $400. But its only $200....

By JohnUSAMay 9, 2019

I am an avid shooter but never owned a Air Pellet Rifle or Pistol. I did not want to mess with CO2, Air Cylinders or pumps. That left a quality barrel break. After doing research, I settled on the Gamo Swarm Maxxim in .22 Cal. I was not disappointed. It zeroed quickly, the scope is easy to adjust for zeroing and it maintained its accuracy at 25 yards. I also purchased 3 additional magazines. The magazine reload and pellet loading system works extremely well. This is a quality Rifle and system. I plan to use it to hunt small game and target shoot. I expect, based on the quality and rugged manufacturing, the Rifle will last.

Design, construction and quality Pellet loading system Magazine Operation Adjustable 2 Stage Trigger

(1). Not really a CON but cocking the break barrel for the next shot could be tough for some shooters. (2). Scope mounting. Again a nit. Gamo gives you a Scope Lens Cover(s) but you have to break open the barrel to get the front cover off. Moving the scope back slightly fixes that mounting flaw. Or, you can just live with breaking the barrel to remove.

By Alan M.May 9, 2019

Nice to have a repeater with 10 shots with this much power.

Multi shot. Lightweight. Powerful.

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Rifle rated at 1300 fps. Do I have to use gamo's pb platinum Pellets to get this speed?

asked Keith from USA

Will the magazine accept all or different types of pellets? IE plastic body, hollow point, ETC?

asked Miguel from USA

Magazines will not accept all pellets. Most wadcutters,Hollow points ,and domed will fit the magazines. To shot the extended point types like the polymags you have to shoot the shorts. Some slugs may fit, The heavier the slug the longer it gets and the greater the chance it will not fit in a magazine.

Mark from USA

Does this come with any clips for the 10 round autoloader?

asked Kenneth from USA

You get one clip with the gun. It is not an auto loader. It is a magazine feed single shot gun. You have to cock to load each shot.

Mark from USA

Will this shoot the Gammo Roundball 22 cal?

asked Kenneth from USA

Can I purchase extra magazines for this rifle?

asked David from USA

Yes. AGD-A7758 $14.99 or AGD-A316 $14.99

Mark from USA

I want to shoot night time when rats are more active; I was thinking the DIY scope mounted camera, 5" LCD screen, and IR light. Is the recoil of a break barrel IGT dwarm Maxxim going yo be a problem for that night vision setup?

asked Bruce from USA

We can not answer that. A factory night vision scope should hold up, Other aftermarket assemblies we have no experience with.

Mark from USA

What would be a good ammo for the Gamo swarm maximum igt

asked Leau from USA

A mid weight domed pellet in either calibers, JSB's,Air Arms,H & N. These are good brands to try.

Mark from USA

what is the difference between gamo swarm wisper 10shot and gamo swarm maxxim igt

asked gerry

Can you ship in philippines?

asked Johnmar contreras

almost every time i break the barrel to reload, a pellet will load but one also falls on the ground.. anyone have this problem? if so how do you correct this issue? thanks Zbill

asked Bill stephenson

do have to cock the rifle/break the barrel for each shot? or once for 10 shots?

asked Eric

Are extra magazines available and at what price?

asked Tony Cusumano

With the scope how far can you shoot? 70 -80 yds

asked Michael Personius

okay i'm think about buying the Gamo Swarm Maxxim, but it came upon me how the hell do you clean the barrel with out hitting the magazine loader? does it get in the way while cleaning it or you can take it off and then clean it?

asked Shunda from USA

Does this have a threaded barrel? If so, what is the thread pitch?

asked Matthew from USA

I live on 5 Acres with a huge gofer problem and do not have any reference as to buy a .177 or .22 caliber. Can you give me your opinion as to the pro and cons between the two options? Thanks, Chuck

asked Chuck Loya

do I need an adapter to put on a bipod

asked rascal

What / which replacement scope from AirGunDepot do you recomend for this gun? Thanks in advance.

asked Bill from USA

What are the air shot rings

asked Pat

Sir Could you send for me this air rifle in India plz reply thanks Gautam ?

asked gautam from India

is this air rifle smooth bore or spiral bore?

asked timothy

does the fps drop in .22 cal,and if what fps?

asked Tammy Murray

Is this gun capable of killing an Iguana


is this a pump up for pressure or do i have to worry about finding gas cylinders each time i want to play?

asked Richard

I see they advertise 975 fps for the .22. What do you need to shoot to get anywhere near that? The low velocities with those weighty pellets would seem to cut down on the effective range/

asked david from USA

It says the scope is a 4 x 32 at the top of the page and under the optic specs it says it is a 3-9x. Does anyone know wich scope it actually comes with?

asked John

What is IGT technology ?

asked Gerald

How quiet is the Swarm compared to similar rifles?

asked Gerald

Hello sir I m from India can it be easy for me to have this product and what will be the procedure.

asked Talk Khan

Saya tertarik dengan senapan ini, apa bisa dikirim ke indonesia? untuk kaliber 4,5 atau 0.117 di indonesia masuk kategori bebas

asked Dwi Raharjo

Seems no one likes the stock scope. Is there a better one that fits that owners of this gun are happy with?

asked George

What recommendation do you have for a good scope?

asked Mike

How good you can see with Scope: 3-9x40 air rifle scope with rings, on dark places. Tank you Guss

asked Gus Ramirez

interested Gamo Swarm Maxxim, IGT, can ship to malaysia?

asked yii leong

wondering if 177 model will cycle lead bb/s

asked Doug C

Can we put sling on this rifle?

asked Arnold

what is the length of the scope I what to order replacement at time of purchase.

asked Dennis Perry

hi i buy this rifle... including magazine? or sold separately..... openbox missing magazine... dont exist.....

asked Franco from USA

Do you know if estonian customs allow it ?

asked silver

Can I put anot her scope on this gun? Or do I have to use the included scope?

asked Daniel from USA

If you wrap the air vents on the Whisper silencer will it become quieter? Example with electrical tape like some videos show on YouTube.

asked John

How Many Magazines come with the Rifle?

asked Richard from USA

I shot dry-fire may be damaging for piston this gamo?

asked Nhan Phu from USA

I want to get this Gamo Swarm Maxxin at Retail Shop in Orange County California. May you help me ?

asked Nhan Phu from USA

Do u have to have a co2 for this gun

asked Mitchell Trujillo

I have had the swarm now for about 3 months, and now the scope is starting to go blurry. I was at the range, and it would blur out after a few shots. Then it would go back to normal for a few and so on. Now the sights are constantly blurry.. What could cause this? Also Im obviously in the market for a new scope, so any recommendations?

asked David from USA

Has anyone have some input on longer range shots? Most my shots are 60 yards or more .

asked James from

I want to get a better improved the scope for this rifle. I am not a fan of the stock scope. I have seen a couple of reviews on the web that state they got a replacement, but I have not seen mention of what the replacement was. What scopes are recommended for replacing the stock? I would like to get better magnification and accuracy.

asked David from USA

Can I fit large pellets in the magazine? Can I remove the loading system if I don't like it?

asked Jake

I have just received mine and the quick shot system is not flush with the gun. I put the magazine into the rifle and it just spits the pellet to the floor. I placed a pellet into the chamber manually so as to be able to clear the gun after cocking. Wonder if gun is defective or if it is just a case of reseating the system. Checking online and not able to see how to do this. I have attached a pic of the quick shot system on my gun against the image on the box it came in so as to offer a visual explanation if case im not getting it right

asked David from USA

how do you like it ?

asked jorge sanjines

Is it possible to put a scope larger than the current one?

asked Marvin Mendoza / CVT from USA

Is it possible to put a scope larger than the current one?

asked Marvin Mendoza / CVT from USA

How do you clean the barrel?

asked Upsal

how long is this gun

asked mark janes

It appears that the magazine is in the scope sight picture. Could a high lift scope be the answer/

asked Jim from USA

I am inquiring about your pre-order conditions and restrictions. Is it necessary to pre-order to be on the mailing list when this gun arrives? Do I need to pay up front weeks or months in advance to be on the list?

asked Keith

Does the rifle comes with ant type of sound suppression device.

asked Alexis from Canada
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