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Gamo Viper Express Air Shotgun & Rifle

Versatile airgun that shoots .22 cal. pellets or .22 cal. Shotshells

Gamo Viper Express Air Shotgun & Rifle

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This smoothbore delivers quite a punch! There aren't that many combo shotguns and rifles these days, but Gamo's Viper Express continues to interest airgunners because of the versatility of this airgun. In fact, the ability to use shot gives you hunting options other air rifles only dream of.

The special shotshells are sized for this .22-caliber bore. Because the loading port is sized for the shotshells, .22-caliber pellets will be loaded into a special chamber adapter you'll insert before loading. But you'll be able to quickly change back and forth between the shotshells and pellets by inserting or removing the pellet adapter. The front sight is a bead, but if you want to extract max accuracy from your Viper Express, mount a good-quality scope on the 11mm scope dovetails.

Built on the proven reliability of the Gamo 1000 powerplant, you'll get 750 fps when shooting pellets and 725 fps with shotshells from the choked smoothbore. When shooting shot, you'll get 1/4" penetration into 200-lb. compressed paperboard.

Gamo Viper Express Features
  • Spring-piston
  • Breakbarrel
  • Single-shot
  • Smoothbore
  • Bead front sight (no rear sight)
  • 2-stage adjustable Smooth Action Trigger (SAT)
  • All-weather synthetic stock
  • Ambidextrous Monte Carlo stock
  • Ventilated rubber buttpad
  • 11mm scope grooves
  • Shoots .22-caliber pellets or .22-caliber shotshells filled with No. 9 shot
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  • ManufacturerGamo
  • Caliber0.22 cal
  • Velocity750 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBreak barrel
  • Barrel StyleSmooth bore
  • Cocking Effort30 lbs.
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • Gun Weight5.5
  • Overall Length43.5
  • Barrel Length18
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • MechanismSpring piston
  • Rail11mm dovetail
  • SafetyManual
  • Front SightsBead
  • Trigger AdjustabilityTwo-stage adjustable
  • UseHunting
  • Warranty1-year limited warranty
  • ManualDownload & View
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Gamo Viper Express Air Shotgun & Rifle
28 Reviews
64% (18)
18% (5)
11% (3)
7% (2)
0% (0)
75% Recommend this product (21 of 28 responses)
By Kirk L.
Best Spring Piston Shotgun in the World!
December 19, 2019
This gun is beutiful, well made, feels and handles just like a gunpowder shotgun. Its easy to handle and load, and will take down a crow at 20 yards. I am very impressed with the consistant patterns. And is fun to shoot! Perfect gun for teaching young kids on how a shotgun works. My favorite spring gun in my collection.
ProsThe best spring gun (and only) available
ConsI hope that future models will have a stronger spring to increase FPS and distance. Also, wish there were more selections in the ammo ( pellet count and or loads).
Best UsesFor teaching first time gun owners and shooting crows.
By Jim
Tehachapi, California
A good little snake gun
May 10, 2019
Not a substitute for a real shotgun, but this little gun does what I need it to do; it is very short range and quiet. Just what I needed for rattlesnakes (3 dogs bitten) in my firearm restricted, gated, but rural horse community. It has enough power to kill a small snake. For such purposes, I only need an effective range of 20 feet or so. It does not have enough range (that's good) to carry or ricochet into my neighbors property.
Best UsesQuiet, inoffensive, short range snake gun.
By Charles
Hobbs, NM
Gamo Viper Express Air Shotgun & Rifle
April 14, 2019
My Gamo Express air rifle is superb!
Performs flawlessly and is a blast to shoot!
ProsShoots pellets and shot shells
By James
Another Great Gamo Product!
March 20, 2019
My Gamo Express air rifle is superb!
Performs flawlessly.
Sights are spot on with pellets and shot shells.
Its more powerful than I had expected.
ProsVery Nice styling & a solid build. I love that its almost completely covered in weather resistant polymer accented with rubber incerts. Accurate advertised fps proven over my chronograph.
Best UsesI definitely recommend this for Hunting any type of small game, still or moving..
By Michael
Fort Worth, TX
Would go 10*'s if I could,
December 15, 2018
What a HOOT!!! After a LOT of experimenting, I finally figured out that I could front-load 10-11 #9 pellets in the front portion of the shotshells. A light smear of Door-Eaze Lubricant to hold the extra load in, gives a nice tight spread @ 15.'
May 1, 2018
This is my second one. I bought this one for my son when he saw how great mine was on the pests here in Florida he really
wanted one .I use it for close range shooting at the many small snakes in my yard since there are about 5,000 acres of wet lands
facing my house I get many snakes and other pests and at the short range it works on them.
Some times I can't even sit outside there are a lot water moccasins from the creek passing my yard.
ConsAs long as you don't try to inhumanly try to kill larger pests and stay about 30 feet back you'll do fine
Best UsesSmall pests only at 15 yards or so use a firearm if you need it.
By Andy
Seven Valleys, Pennsylvania
Great Gun for Pests & Fun
January 4, 2018
Waited till this went on sale then got this as a Christmas present for my 10yr old boy this year. He could not wait to shoot it, so in 15 degrees and wind we went out and set some cans up and had a blast. The gamo viper shotshells (bought here) actually group well at about 10 yds (30ft). We set some old magazines up with pictures of animals on it and fired the shells to see the pattern. It looked to be deadly on any kind of pests like rats, chipmunks, Starlings, Sparrows, snakes etc. At 10yds the shot went straight through the thick magazines with a nice tight pattern. It is not meant to be a long range shotgun, 10yds max and under is just right. I was actually impressed with it and so was my dad. For a smoothbore and open sights the .22 caliber pellets shoot very good groups at 20 yds. The gun has some pop to it, will be perfect for groundhogs in the summer time with the .22 pellets. I got the H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme Pellets (bought here). They penetrate lots further than the .177 cal pellet guns do. So far he has bagged about 15 Starlings out of the chicken coup a couple sparrows with the shotshells and a squirrel with the above .22 pellets. The damage to that squirrel at 15 yds was great, the pellet expanded as its supposed to and went straight through both shoulders of the squirrel! I better get back on this sight and order more of the pellets and shotshells, i may even order one of these guns for myself! Also, the gun actually came with 2, .22 pellet brass adapters. 1 was in the gun and another in the box. Nice having a spare in case one is lost! Have Fun!. When you order guns or supplies from this company it comes to you professionally boxed & packed right. Everything i order from them is always in perfect condition when i open box up!
ProsEasy to Load, easy to cock, fun to shoot.. Deadly on Pests...
ConsSafety is a little weird, wish it would be on the side at trigger guard, not right in front of the trigger.
By Corey
Allegany, NY
July 22, 2017
Bought this for dealing with a bird problem at my place of employment and it has yet to impress me. Having been versed is using air guns and firearms for almost 20 years of my life I'm sure my aim and form are fine, but I've shot at several pigeons that were sitting or on the fly and have yet to kill any. The gun is built well for the money and the shot shells are a neat idea, but unless you are 15 feet away from a static target you are not going to hit much. Cool concept but falls flat on performance.
ProsWell built for the price Can use different types of ammo, 22 and shot shells Decent plinker / range toy
ConsWould not use it for serious hunting Performs poorly on moving targets over 10 to 15 feet Shooting .22 pellets cam be tricky with the factory "sights" Shot shell ammo is a little pricey
By Jim
Well-made, too small load
June 17, 2017
The shot-shells only contain 20 tiny pellets - with an inch spread between each (average of 10 shots) at 20 feet. NOT as effective as .22 shot-shells used in regular rifles, which contain at least twice that number.
ProsWell made.
ConsNo de-cocking mechanism like RWS provides in all its older (and newer?) rifles.
By Adam
Altoona, PA
April 27, 2017
Far more powerful and accurate than I ever expected. Tight grouping at over 15 yards, without a scope!
By Paul
Alexandria, VA
Fills a Unique Nitch
March 31, 2017
Every year I have Carpenter Bees from hell in the back yard at my one home and we also have a Lake House on two acres of what was once farm land. I was taking the Bees down by putting pepper corns in an old air rifle. It worked, but the reloading took forever and would take me two days to kill enough to keep them in check. The Gamo Viper Express helped me kill more in two hours than I could in 2 days. The pattern at 5-10 feet range is devastating to the bee and makes ridding them also a lot of fun. This rifle is the perfect pest killer for close range great for barns, sheds & backyards, especially if you can't use a real gun on them. It can take down birds and small rodents no problem but without a doubt it is the best thing ever made to get rid of pesky Carpenter Bees. I also love the design and feel of it. It looks and feels just like a real shotgun. If I have to take out something larger like a ground hog I use my Gamo Silent Cat. Not sure this would be great on a Ground Hog, but I have read many reviews of people using it on small game. The key is definitely get in close because at close range it's devastating.
Pros(1)Looks and feels great! (2) Price (3) Nothing else like it. (4) Fun (5) Great for use where a real gun isn't an option. (6) Shells can be reloaded (not recommended by Gamo) so do at your own risk, but many people do it. There is even one guy who make CNC Turned Shells to the same specs as the Gamo Shells and sells all the reloading gear you need for the Viper Express.
ConsI can't think of any as long as you understand the limitations that it isn't, and will never be a real Shotgun.
By Fred
Very nice gun
March 29, 2017
I only tried the shot shells to test patterns at 10 feet and 35 feet. I have mostly used the gun with the .22 adapter. I can't believe how accurate the gun is at 35 feet with a smooth bore and no sights to speak of except the front bead with pellets. I only tried a couple of different pellets so far and the Crossman Premier 14.3gr Hollow Points I just can't seem to miss with. Gun feels very solid and can't wait to try it as a shot gun with the Rocket Shot can launcher.
ProsVery accurate as a Pellet Gun and feels very solid and well balanced.
ConsNone so far.
By John
Everett Wa.
This is not a toy
January 19, 2017
I've been looking for a weapon like this for a long time. I have a vermin problem. I read all the reviews about this gun and I decided this was just what I needed. It is however a little loud. Pretty much like a true .22. It is as accurate as a shotgun could be. I've used it about ten times so far, and I have bagged three rats. Hooray! The other rats and squirrels better take notice and head for the hills.
ProsShot shells. Easy load. Enough power to kill rodents.
ConsHaven't found any yet. With good care, I don't expect any.
By Lloyd
Good for price
December 9, 2016
Good for the price point
By Steve
Great for Rats!
September 15, 2016
I bought this mainly for the novelty of it but found it very effective as a shotgun for ridding my garage of mice and rats. Also I put a red dot on it and found that even though it's a smooth bore, shooting pellets with the red dot will consistently hit cans and go through both sides @ 25+yds. The internet has some good info on reloading the shotshells, but look at several before deciding on a process. If you decide to put a scope on it you will have to get a scope stop to prevent your optic from sliding back from recoil.
ProsLightweight and fun. Does far more than I expected. Not hold sensitive when shooting pellets like some spring piston guns.
ConsThere are no cons (if you needed a 12ga you should have bought one instead of this)!
By Noel
Perfect for dragonfies, carpenter bees and hornets
August 11, 2016
Purchased one of these air rifles from AirgunDepot in August 2016.
Dragonflies were having a feast on my honey bees and dragonflies are very quick and tough to kill without using chemicals. Tried using a "Bug-a-salt" gun but could not get close enough to get good kills. Sighted in a red dot scope for 4 yards and voila.... cleaned up honey bee predators in one afternoon. Found it best to re-load shot shells for close range with coarse sand. Used plastic cups from 22 cal sabot ammo for wads and a piece of tape or sticky paper dot in the end of the shell exit to contain sand load. Sand doesn't travel as far as lead shot so it's much safer when shooting dragonflies in flight. Over-spray from sand loads won't damage plastic siding, break windows, or ricochet very far with a sidewalk shot. Lots of fun... more bees, more honey, more crop pollination. A beekeepers dream come true!
ProsWonderful close range shotgun for small critters. Smooth bore barrel allows one to shoot various types of loads, like #12 shot, sand, rock-salt, or other innovative loads with out damaging any rifling. Brass chamber adapter allows one to switch from shot shells to pellets when needed. Breach barrel allows one to easily use darts or "other" innovative projectiles. Breach barrel is easy to clean and keeps any residual sand from entering air piston or firing mechanism.
ConsPellet grouping suffers due to the smooth bore barrel design. Like a shotgun, accuracy and knockdown deteriorates quickly with distance.
By mike
not what you expect
October 12, 2015
shot shell was not much, maybe kill a robin at 6 feet
Pros22 rifle was good
Consshot shell wasn't much
By Frank
Fishers, Indiana
Plastic Much?
July 8, 2015
The gun is great. It is very lightweight, and not too long. The fact that it is a shotgun pellet gun already makes it more awesome than any other air rifle i've ever had. It is a unique concept that is well done. I found myself loving shooting this thing so much, I ended up refilling the shotshells as much as I could before they wore out (in which case I just bought another pack). The .22 cal converter is really nice and the gun is surprisingly accurate even despite being a smoothbore. However, I hear this varies, apparently some Viper Expresses can't even create a decent grouping at 30 feet with .22 cal, while some are blessed to maintain accuracy up to 100 feet. Definitely don't buy this gun solely to shoot .22 cal. The only thing that bothers me is the construction. I understand that having a synthetic stock means that the whole portion back there is plastic, which is fine. However, I was displeased to find the outside of the barrel to be plastic as well. This just bothers me as I was hoping it would be metal to sort of balance out the fact that the rest of the gun was already plastic, but nope. For $200 was a metal barrel to much to ask for?
Pros-Powerful -Accurate (with shotshells) - LIghtweight, easy to manage - It's a freaking shotgun pellet gun - Shotshells are reusable (though not unlimited uses)
Cons-The barrel is plastic on the outside, really reduces the novelty and feel of this gun. Something as powerful as this for $200 deserves better. - .22 cal pellets can either be very good or terrible in accuracy. I've heard mixed reviews, so it's all luck of the draw in how well your Viper Express shoots .22 cal pellets.
By Eric
Great Buy
May 8, 2015
I use this air rifle for small game and it performs flawlessly. It is the only one of its kind that I know of and you can reload the shotgun shells to increase shot size #7 or 8's if you like to be most effective.
I have enjoyed this air rifle so much i purchased two of them one for me and one for my grandson. Get yours while they last. They have already been discontinued once and I sure it will happen in the near future.
ProsGreat for snakes and other small animals
ConsMust have additional attachment to shot .22 cal pellets.
By CaptTurbo
Viper Expresss air shotgun
May 2, 2015
I was really excited about buying this gun and in fact I bought two of them. I had hoped for it to be powerful enough to deal with cormorants harassing me while fishing. I think this gun is better suited for taking butterflies. Not nearly powerful enough for hunting anything larger then mice at close range. I would not advise hunting with this thing. Live and learn.
ProsReally cool idea but falls short of the mark.
ConsToo under powered to be of use to me.
By Garrett R.
Fortworth, Texas
Good varmit and snake rifle.
April 6, 2015
Shoots nicely with decent power. Enough to drop snakes and rates at 10 ft. Wouldn't recommend for bird hunting though unless you can get really close to the bird.
ProsNice spread at 10ft or so. Good for killing snakes and rats.
ConsVery over priced shot shells ($7 for a pack of 25). Not really preferred for bird hunting.
By Earl B.
Lanham, MD
Best Bang for the buck
March 4, 2015
I bought this when they first came out 6yrs ago didnt know if they would bring it back. If you want a air shotgun don;t pass this one up. This is a great tool around the house from killing small rodents to snakes, just wish it something a little larger than #9 shots in the shell. So get one now before they are gone again.
Prosnice spread with the shot shell small snakes would cut in two 10 -12 feet away
Cons22 part not accurate and sometimes blow the o-ring seal
By Carlton
Performs as Needed
January 12, 2015
Performs exactly as the purpose intended. . .short range pest control as a shotgun. Point and shoot. Hits hard at short range 20-30' with approx 12" shot spread. Closer shots have a tighter shot spread, 6". Fairly quiet, light weight, easy cocking and handling. My usage is 99.9% shotgun. Installed a Truglo Redot for quick/easy target acquisition.
ProsReceived 2nd. shotgun a couple days ago. Ist. one had a defective breach seal. After phone discussion with AD cs rep, RMA was issued and new gun received in a matter of days. Good shotgun for short range 20-30'. .22pellet if needed using the adapter. Nice concept air/shotgun/.22 pellet. Would suspect there to be a sizable market for this item no aw that it's once again available. Very well worth a try. Good customer service in product exchange. Very pleased with this item & purchase.
ConsPricey shotshells by Gamo only @ 25 per box. Have to use sparingly. . .
January 5, 2015
Okay, the airgun shotgun, THIS IS GREAT!!!!
POOF there it is.
Never could get one but I got it NOW!!!!
GAMO. I love YA!!!!
I had this Red Squirrel in the attic, my wife was goin' nuts.
Got out the VIPER, SPLAT RED SQUIRREL is gone.
Now I got him at about 50 feet, and one shot!!! .
Was surprised, it made quite a mess of him.
Loading was easy. Tried the 22 insert, ya do have to watch it, slipped out easy.
Definitely gonna reload the shotshells, found that my drones r/c padding is gonna work.
Gonna have ta figure out a rear open sight, don't like scopes for quick swinging'
ProsGreat quality Accurate shot shells really work Very light to carry easy to cock
Conslack of rear sight
By Tim
Middle Georgia
Fills the niche I needed.
December 13, 2014
I picked up one of these a few years ago when it was being clearances out. Perfect for carpenter bees and chipmunk s when you only have time to point instead of aim. Shells are expensive but with a little research and practice they can be reloaded. Didn't kill a copperhead from 6 feet though. One airgun I would definitely replace if something happened to mine.
ProsFun as all get out with flying insects.
ConsCost of shotshells.
By John
not too bad
May 30, 2011
I was out muskrat hunting today and had my shadow express with me which is almost the same thing as a viper express. I wasn't finding any muskrat but I was having fun taking out dragonflies with my shadow express for practice with the shot shells. I was taking dragonflies (fairly large ones) at around 25 yards. I've never taken any birds with it but have taken a few turtles and frogs today for practice.
By Christian
Viper Express
January 26, 2011
Know what you are getting. A smoothbore .22 cal Rifle , shotting in the 600-700fps range that can accept shotshells.

Overall i like the gun. As a rifle, accurace is lacking, Will place a .22 pellet downrange close to where u aim. At 10M, its can hit within an Inch of target. She Shot shells are ideal fo quick offhand pest control less than 10m. Spread pattern is tight as advertised.

Most who knock this gun are expecting rifle performance, not smoothbore.

Mine does have a strong twang when fired.
By John
November 22, 2010
I don't take this gun too seriously for hunting. I tried it and all I did was send my target running for cover costing me a full day in the sun waiting for my pest to come back above ground only to be killed with a different gun. It now resides in my gun rack and rarely used. It's an innovative gun but quite under powered. It needs much more power if it is to be taken seriously. For people like me that collect inovative guns, it deserves a place in my "museum". I take it out for demos and fun shoots but never going hunting with it again.
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