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Gamo Whisper Fusion IGT

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The Whisper Fusion IGT™ air rifle offers durability combined with maximum performance. Light weight synthetic stock, match grade fluted polymer barrel, IGT™ (Inert Gas Technology™), consistent power and less vibration; the CAT™ (Custom Action Trigger™) that helps the shooter to acquire a more precise shot; the SWA™ (Shock Wave Absorber™) that provides up to 74% more recoil absorption than a standard recoil pad; and the non-removable noise dampener reduce the noise up to 89.5% will change the way you think about hunting with airguns.

Gamo Whisper Fusion IGT Features
  • Gas-piston powerplant (IGT--Inert Gas Technology)
  • Breakbarrel
  • Single-shot
  • Fixed fiber optic front sight
  • Fully adjustable fiber optic rear sight
  • 11mm scope rail with scope stop
  • Whisper Fusion double-integrated noise dampener (reduces report by 89.5%)
  • Fluted polymer barrel jacket
  • SWA (Shock Wave Absorber) recoil pad reduces felt recoil by up to 74%
  • All-weather ambidextrous stock with vertically adjustable cheekpiece
  • CAT (Custom Action Trigger) 2-stage adjustable trigger
  • Manual safety
  • Includes 3-9x40 scope* and mount

*Scope is unmounted.

Here are the benefits of the IGT gas-piston powerplant
  • Smoother cocking
  • Smoother shooting
  • No spring torque
  • No spring fatigue, even if you leave it cocked for hours
  • Functions perfectly in cold weather
  • Lasts longer than a metal spring
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Gamo Whisper Fusion IGT
37 Reviews
81% (30)
16% (6)
3% (1)
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97% Recommend this product (36 of 37 responses)
By Ian
September 15, 2018
Great Gun Crap Scope
This gun is very nice. Trigger is crisp and light and patterns are tight and repeatable. The barrel breaks nicely and has an extremely smooth action. This rifle is very quiet. The pellet hitting a can is louder than the rifle itself.

Now to the bad. The scope is junk. I spent more time mounting it than I spent shooting with it. The trucks rotated about 40 degrees after only about 40 rounds. Not good.

All in all I would say that this rifle is an extremely good but for $200, but plan on purchasing a new scope right away. Donā€™t even waste your time mounting the one that comes with this rifle.
ProsAccuracy, light trigger pull, smooth action, very quiet.
ConsScope is total junk. Remove the scope from the box and deposit immediately into the trash.
Best UsesPlinking, small game, varmit,
By Terry K.
Littleton, Colorado
July 17, 2018
Air rifle is a good rifle, scope and mount not good!
The Whisper Fusion is a good air rifle and shoots well. It is very accurate and pretty quiet also. I am very disappointed with the 3X9 Gamo scope and the one piece mount that are supplied with the rifle from Gamo. The scope crosshair after less than 10 shots tilted to the left and of course cannot be repaired or adjusted by the buyer. The mount had one of the hex screw heads had pushed out the bottom of the top front mount so it was either over tightened (torqued) or the aluminum is not strong enough for a mount. I have a number of hunting rifles and have never had a problem with the mounts like this. I would suggest that Gamo improves the quality of the scope and mount that is supplied with the Air Rifle or not supply them at all! It would be better served if they offered a better quality scope and ring set as an option at a reasonable price as I would pay more to receive quality and not be disappointed inferior parts.
ProsThe air rifle is a good rifle, accurate, the iron sights seem to be very good and it is quiet as advertised. The break barrel is easy to use and once again is advertised correctly.
ConsAs stated in the review the supplied scope and rings/mount setup are inferior and do not reflect well on the Gamo product line. on the next question below, yes I would recommend the air rifle!!
Best UsesPlinking and varmints.
By Scott
July 9, 2018
It's a keeper
Took 5 minutes putting scope on, 10 minutes sighting in and the results: my next target showed 3 groups covered with dime and 1 quarter sized, all at 20 yards. All pellets went through the 1/2" plywood. I could not be happier. Now so I can get more time shooting it i will have to get my wife one. She really likes it. For the price and quality i give it a 10.
ProsEasy set up. Powerful. Accurate. I really think the scope works great. Only took 3 to 4 days to get. Have had no loose scope after 200 shots. Great quality.
ConsNone, probably will have to buy one for my wife.
By Mark
grandville, Michigan
May 23, 2018
Plenty of power
I got my fusion in the .22 cal. Received it from airgun depot pretty quick. Im sure its not broken in just yet but the amount of power it has really impresses me. I made a target using 16 pieces of cardboard all stacked up. Then put a 3/4 inch piece of pine behind that to stop the pellets. Surely that will stop it right? Nope! The pellet blew right through it all and lodged itself deep into my wall. Ive had many pellet guns and this target construction would always stop the pellets so needless to say im dealing with way more power here. Build quality is very high. This gun has no rattle or looseness. Everything feels very tight and just a smooth feel that you only get from quality guns. Im not a person who gets a brand and suddenly its the best brand out there and nothing else is as good. Those type of people tire me out. But this is the first Gamo i have owned. Ive owned quite a few various brands of airguns all of them mostly springers. I personally just prefer springers. The igt setup that Gamo has is so far performing very well! The shots are very consistant velocity wise and accuracy wise. The new trigger system is a pretty great adjustment. Ive been fiddling with it to get it just right. I like that option. Adjustable cheek piece, really this gun is very adjustable to get it just right. I was looki g for an airgun that would shoot a .22 cal pellet no faster than 1000 fps but at least 800 fps. I didnt want supersonic shots but close enough to be deadly. I also wanted consistency. The fusion is very consistent. Im usually getting 850 fps. Basically right where i wanted it. After a couple weeks of owning the fusion im very happy. It was exactly as advertised!
ProsConsistent high velocity shots Lots of adjustability Quality build Looks really good .22 caliber Easy to cock
ConsSo far..none.
Best UsesHunting
By Nazar
Colorado, Aurora
May 23, 2018
This is my best air gun I had; great quality and has very good aim. I love it.
By Dave
May 8, 2018
Gamo whisper IGT
Great gun and scope combo very accurate and quite to shot. Cross man pellets have had the best results.
By Mark
grandville, Michigan
May 4, 2018
Amazing value!!!!!!
I ordered my whisper fusion igt .22cal from airgun depot. To my surprise it was here in a couple days. Ill start by saying ive owned many springer airguns over the years. Any notion i had on how this gun would perform was shattered today when i pulled the trigger....Wow!!! Yes this is the first .22cal ive had. But i didnt know what ive been missing. This thing just hits with a giant Whomp! Not a tink or thwap but a giant WHOMP!! So ill take it from the beginning. I opened the box. Decided to try it with the included but not mounted scope. I mounted the scope. Made sure to line up the tang on the mount with the hole for the scope stop. Something i wish my other springers had because they all suffered from the scope coming loose from the springers brutal double recoil. I could tell we were off to a good start because that was no longer going to be an issue. With this little trick maybe my scope wont slide off the gun after 40 or so shots. At least it will be a more secure mount and delay the effect. The gun fit and finish was really good. No rattles or strange sounds when moving it around. Looks really cool too. The CAT trigger will be a welcomed addition. Dial in the trigger feel. to sight in the scope. First shot low and left. But holy cow!! What power!! And its not broken in yet! After about 20 shots i had it almost perfect. At 15 yards i was making a single hole bigger and bigger. 8 shots all the size of a dime. This thing is really accurate. Yes it needs the same loose hold and trigger follow thru that all springers like. Artillery hold is what i used. But unlike all my other springers the inert gas spring instead of a metal coil spring makes a huge difference. First its very quiet! No double recoil from the metal springs momentum at the sudden stop of the piston at the end. Its gone! Actually theres not much primary recoil either. This helps keep sounds down and shots tighter. Of course when your spring is made out of air or a gas i guess it wouldnt have any momentum to recoil other than the piston.Anyway, I digress..On to the other pros, i really like the trigger pull. A little over 3 pounds feels perfect for me. Its adjustable from around 3 and a half pounds down to 3 pounds or a shade under. Once sighted in i was grouping about quarter sized groups at 20 yards.impressive!. I imagine it will be even better once broken in. I was using crosman hollow point premier pellets at 14.3 grain. I will try others too but im very happy with the accuracy of these. The scope i really think is not only great being basically free but as it performs right now its very good. At 10 yards on 3 power its very clear contrary to some reviews ive read. I dunno i may just have gotten lucky. At 9 power 60 yards also very clear. Havent tried it at over 60 yards yet. I cant believe that all this is packed into a price of 180 bucks. What a steal!! Thats why i say the scope is free. The gun looks and feels and performs at the level of guns hundreds of dollars more! Adjustable cheek piece is a nice touch. The tools for all the trigger and cheek piece adjustments and scope mount tools are all included. At first i was sceptical of the CAT trigger being composite and not steel but today was cold and having a trigger that didnt make your finger cold was a small but welcomed plus. Its the little things with this gun that give it that value. 880 fps with the crosman 14.3 grain pellets was another chunk of value. Once broken in i wouldnt be surprisex to see it hit the 900 mark. Thats alot of energy out of an airgun. Yes there are higher velocity .22cal airguns out there but at this price point and with this accuracy...this is a very deadly small game sub 200 dollar value packed killer! Thank you Airgun Depot for your prompt shipping, competitive pricing, and good correspondance!!! From a very satisfied customer. Im anxious to see how time will tell with this gun but from what i see, i have nothing to fear. A very well put together airgun from spain.
ProsValue packed, good fit and finish, powerful and very accurate! Under 200 dollars at the time this review was written.
ConsWish i would have purchased this gun sooner😊
Best UsesFor me: plinkin and just smiling at how quiet, stealthy yet deadly it really is for the vermin tearin up my yard.
By Dave G.
Candia, NH
April 29, 2018
One of my new FAVORITES!
What can I say but that I LOVE THIS GUN! Trigger pull is smooth as butter, makes hardly ANY noise when fired and ACCURATE AS HELL!
Best UsesThis thing takes out varmints with ease and is also great for plinking because it is SO ACCURATE!
By John
April 26, 2018
great plinker
My son and I enjoy this rifle a ton. Very accurate & powerful. Good exercise too with cocking the break barrel. Ton of fun in the backyard with targets.
By Carlos
April 24, 2018
Great pellet rifle
As advertised its a great value and function well out of the package. I had to site the telescopic sight just a bit and was off to the races. Use it for vermin control and it works well. Good penetration for iguana contro and great accuracy. Highly recommended.
By Frank
Steeler city
April 23, 2018
Awesome value!
I couldnt be happier with my purchase. Great choice and value. Airgun Depot was quick. I received it in two days from placing my order.
ProsQuite, reliable and sturdy. Quality is very good!
By Mike
NW Indiana
April 22, 2018
Nice Pellet Rifle
I purchased the Gamo Whisper Fusion in .177 and it is overall a nice air rifle. I did not, nor do I plan on putting the scope on it so I cannot comment on the scope, but it is plenty accurate with the fiber sights out to 15-20 yards for it's intended purpose. It is definitely worth the $179 I paid and the build / overall quality is average to above average. The trigger is good and has an exceptional balance to it. Airgun Depot is always a 5 star experience between good pricing and fast processing /shipping. I recommend this air rifle if you have less than $200 to spend, but if you pay a little more you could step up in quality to a Diana (RWS) break barrel air rifle that is built for many decades if not generations. The Gamo does have one major advantage over the Diana in that you can leave it cocked and ready to shoot (hunting application for example) without deterioration to a charge spring like the Diana. I would also give a slight advantage to the Gamo in balance, it is not heavy but has enough weight to stabilize and make accurate shots.
ProsBalance, price
ConsDoes not have the build quality as their German made competition.
Best UsesPlinking or hunting
By Frank
Norfolk, Virginia
April 17, 2018
On Target
Unpacked it, mounted the scope, one shot at paper target at 20 yards, distance verified by range finder, bullseye! Next there shots disposed of three crows. Day one was a sucess!
Best UsesPest control, and FUN!
By Glenn J.
February 15, 2018
By Denny
Rapid City SD
February 7, 2018
Gamo Whisper Fusion .177
I have put about 200 rds through it so far. Did not shot well at first, but the more I shoot it the better it's getting. Doesn't seem to like heavy pellets but that may improve with more shots. Seems to like 8.64 grains right now. The scope is ok, but will not focus down to 10yds at 3 power but it will at 5 to 6 power.
By Tim
NW Houston, Texas
February 6, 2018
A great rifle....and very fun to shoot!
I own many rifles and many many of the calibers. However, I don't have a lot of time to head off to the gun range and spend a lot of money shooting them. I also have a bit of a squirrel problem in my area. My neighbor's roof has a softball-sized hole in it...courtesy of our new friends. I also like to get out in the backyard every now and then and get in a little short range (20-30 yards) a way quiet enough to not disturb my neighbors. I also have a fairly old 10-pump Crossman air rifle, which still works really well and is still incredibly accurate...but after a few shots, it gets kinda old pumping it 10 times every shot.

Well, I've solved all these problems. While working in my garage a while back, and 'monitoring' the surrounding trees, I spotted what I figured would be my first bit of 'siding conservation'. I pumped 10 times and loaded a pellet. Standing near under the tree, I finally got a good shot, and took it....I'm pretty sure it hit, but not in the kill zone. Now, my last desire is to wound an animal and leave it to run off and suffer. So I lined up when I had another shot, and took it. Needless to say, after a few times of this, (and I know I hit it at least once - because it cursed at me), the tree rat made it to the tree next to the escape house...and ran off, fleeing up the roof. I was glad to see it running, without any limp or sign of distress. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that my trusty pump rifle is still trusty....but not deadly. Apparently, it has weakened - possibly the seals, I'm not sure. It's still fun to shoot, but definitely not the 'small game hunter' it once was. So, like I said, I solved the previously mentioned problems. I ordered a new rifle. My friend had taken a few of these pesky house-eaters with his break barrel rifle - I found out later that it is also a Gamo - an earlier model. I had read that break barrel rifles are usually more powerful, and I love the idea of one pump - one shot....instead of the lower and upper arm workout machines like my old Crossman. Yes, it's still accurate and very fun to shoot, but I'm really trying to stick to my gym visit schedule, and I do just fine there with the arm machines...thank you. So...long story ... long, I went online and started comparing rifles. I looked at the others, but focused on the break barrel rifles. I compared many different brands, more powerful, less powerful, more expensive, less expensive, etc. Since money IS an object, I really wanted/needed to keep the cost down, but still get something I would be happy with for a really long time. Spending 100 - 200 or more on an air rifle is, for me, not something I can 'easily' afford. But, I do know that 'you get what you pay for', so I didn't want to spend a decent amount and not be happy with it.

Choosing rifles at random to check out online, I quickly (via reviews, options, cost, and a few other things) settled on a few different rifles. The Gamo Whisper Fusion IGT .177 was one of them. Eventually, after a LOT of reading online (I ALWAYS research items online that I'm thinking of buying), and since the price was good - $179 - a mark down was involved, I went ahead and ordered the rifle.

Then I started seeing the reviews ( seems like you NEVER see them until right after you ordered the product!) about accuracy issues, moving scopes, and a few other problems with this rifle. I was like 'GREAT' - just spent a lot of money on a product that's going to be a disappointment. Plus, I read reviews about customers getting a 'used' Gamo, and customers waiting FOREVER to get theirs, only to have to deal with sorry customer service - when they got anyone at all....things like that. Well, I've experienced lots of times when I ordered online or bought at a store a product...only to be disappointed. It didn't work as expected, or didn't work at all, or was different than advertised, etc. etc. etc.

At first there was some confusion when I went back a couple days later to check on my order. I went to the website and put in my order number - and was told that this number was not on record. I was like ' it comes...I expected this!' I went back to the screen I had ordered from a few days earlier only to find that my 'cart' had three items in it - the rifle, and two different containers of pellets I had ordered with the rifle. At first, I thought I had somehow not placed the order...until I remembered that I had received an email detailing my order and giving me an order number. So, I decided to contact customer try to get it figured out. I clicked the link it gave to go to customer service, and it took me to an error page - stating that the web address didn't exist...or something similar. Well, now I'm getting frustrated - and deja vu started hitting me upside the head like somebody's mother-in-law going at me with her purse (no offense to mothers-in-law...the two I have had have been great ladies and I wouldn't have asked for anyone different - that's the truth!). Anyway, I found a number to call and got a phone message stating that they were closed and to leave a message. I left a message simply stating my information and that I just want to check on the progress and status of my order.

Well, this is where the story turns from deja vu nightmare to a truly great experience. Not really expecting a response...hoping maybe for an eventual email...I was happy to find in my email the very next day an email - not a template response email with my name conveniently inserted about 5 spaces after the 'Dear " at the top. An email giving the order information and obviously hand typed by a live person. The email supplied me with the information that, at that point, greatly diminished my concerns. And it included the UPS tracking number...which, when using that to find information on the order status, I was happy to see that the order was well into the process. When, just a couple days later, that link let me know that not only had the order shipped, but it was already in Texas - my home state - and well on its way to Houston - where I live.

Well, skipping the rest of the non-essential details, a couple days later - 3 days ahead of the stated delivery date - I walked up to my front door and found a long brown box leaning against the wall on my front porch. At that time, I had a LOT going on between work and some commitments - so it was not until the next day that I had the opportunity to unwrap my present. It's like no other rifle I've held - it's really cool! However, I still had too much going on to be able to take it out back and get that first experience. I actually waited a couple days before I was able to test it. But it was WORTH THE WAIT!

At first, after marking off 20 yards and setting up a table with a bag to place it on, I sighted in the sights. LOVE the optics - they make the sights very visible! I've got the OV eyesight disease (Over, so I wear either my glasses for up close, or my contacts. Even with my visual deficits, I quickly was getting a really good grouping at 20 yards. Then, I decided to mount the scope and try that.

I've read that these scopes are junk...and don't even bother putting them on the gun. Well, I had already spent a little more than I felt comfortable putting into a hobby (and tree-rat population control), so I was determined to make sure any inaccuracies were my fault, and not the gun's. I mounted the scope, and tried it out...and couldn't even see where I was hitting. I went through this process for a while, finally seeing the hits, adjusting the scope, and not seeing any different in my points of impact. Then, I had this great idea....why not move down to 10 yards to get the scope set.... I haven't done much sighting in of rifles, and it didn't occur to me to start close - even though I have had that idea before, but simply forgot. Anyway, from 10 yards out, I was able to see my POI's and eventually figure out the clicks system on the scope. Come to find out I wasn't moving it anywhere near enough clicks to make it move. I know that at 100 yards 10 clicks moves it 1/4 inch. But I didn't put 2 and 2 together. I ended up adjusting it 40 or so clicks....both ways. And I FINALLY got it into a fairly tight group. Then I returned to 20 yards and started the process all over again. At that point, I found that it was pretty much on target...only some minor adjustments for the longer range.

After another session with the rifle in the back yard, I am to the point where if I hold it really steady on the bag (I didn't have a sand bag, but I've saved a lot of sawdust from my garage projects, and happen to have a decent sized bag of sawdust that worked just fine), I have put a group of 10 shots at 20 yards that can just about be covered by a quarter. For my sometimes iffy eyesight (though the scope helps tremendously), and my non-steady hold (though holding it on the bag JUST ABOUT steadies it), I am VERY happy with the results - and if they can become consistently that accurate, I will be VERY satisfied! Now, when I try to stand and hold the rifle, without a rest, my group dissipates. But that is totally my fault...not that of the gun.

One other thing....I've read numerous times that people say their gun 'likes' a certain type of pellet. Ironically, I've found that to be true, as well. I had a cheap set of three types of pellets bought from a store - I won't mention the name, but you can see their name on the WALL when you enter the MART... :) Anyway, they are fine pellets for plinking around the back yard, but I was looking for a quarter-sized group at 20 yards. These pellets were all over the place. I finally realized that they were somewhat consistently hitting high and to the left of the bullseye. But not consistently enough to readjust my scope for that POI. So, I tried some different pellets. I had ordered a couple different kinds based on reviews by others shooting this gun. As it turns out, I have 2 really good brands that I actually ordered with my rifle: JSB Diabolo Exact Heavy .177 Cal, 10.34 gr - 500 ct, and Destroyer .177 Cal, 7.4 gr - 250 ct. I also have another type that I ordered from a different place (Amazon): H&N Field Target Trophy Domed Airgun Pellets .177 Cal, 8.64 Grains (500 Count). After putting many of each through the gun at 20 yards, and some at 10, and after adjusting my scope based on what I was seeing), I have found this out about my rifle: the heaviest of the three, the JSB Diabolo Exact Heavy .177 Cal, 10.34 gr, now will put groups of 10 in an area smaller than a quarter at 20 yards. When I move up to 10 yards, I switch to the second heaviest: H&N Field Target Trophy Domed Airgun Pellets .177 Cal, 8.64 Grains - and without re-adjusting the scope, I get a center scope group within that same quarter area. Now these groups are tight when I can rest the rifle and hold it steady. As mentioned before, from what I have seen, any variations in POI outside a very small margin I am more ready to account for due to my variations in the shooting process (how the gun is held, how the trigger is pulled vs squeezed, how steady it is held, whether or not the ?military hold? is used, etc. than to blame any variations on how the gun is shooting. Btw, I found something that surprised me...when I came back out for the second shooting session, I thought I did everything the same way, but my POI's where marching southeast on the target...and about an inch or so to the left of center. They made a really cool curved line going down, but I wasn't looking for a really cool curved line...I was looking for a tight round nickel-sized group. After 6 shots, I decided to tighten my grip on the barrel...instead of letting it rest loosely in my left hand. Once I did that, all the rest of my shots were either on the line around the center, or within it....which is approx 1 inch from inside to inside of the circle. I will try to attach a picture. I didn't realize that something as simple as how tight you hold this rifle could affect the POI's that precisely. The first half of that round were consistently to the left and lower left, and the second half of that round (after a tighter grip) were consistently on and in the middle circle. Oh, and btw, when I load the Destroyer .177 Cal, 7.4 gr, I found that I can place the bottom of the thick part of the top vertical line of the cross hairs on where I want my POI to be...and it is on target.

So what I've learned about MY Gamo Whisper Fusion IGT .177 is this: if I am shooting at a target (paper, fur, tree-rat, etc.) from about 20 yards away, I use the JSB Diabolo Exact Heavy .177 Cal, 10.34 gr and simply put my 'target' in the very center of the scope. If I am at a 10 yard range, I use the H&N Field Target Trophy Domed Airgun Pellets .177 Cal, 8.64 Grain pellet, and aim the same way. This way, I don't have to worry about adjusting which part of my cross hairs I have to line up with the 'target'. This comes in handy since, unfortunately, this scope does not come with the small tic marks (forgot their name) that allow for POI placement at farther and closer ranges than what the rifle is 'sighted and zero'd in at'. But again, for what I'm using this rifle for, I can make do with my compensation for different distances by moving to the heavier or lighter grain pellet as previously discussed. And while I'm thinking about it, I would definitely recommend purchase of the Pellet Pen, Holds 20 .177-cal Pellets - purchased from Amazon for $9.95. You pre-load it with 20 .177 pellets of your choice, and when loading the rifle, simply place the 'exit' tip directly over the loading opening of the barrel and push/pull down on the side bar...causing the next pellet to slide down into the 'chamber' of the barrel...and you're ready for that next shot. I even took a couple of old used up ball point pens, removed the outer tube, drilled a small hole near each end through the tube, and folded a paperclip such that it fits through the holes drilled at the end of the pen 'tube'. I then put 20 pellets in this (all pointing the same way - very important), and put the paperclips on both ends, through the holes. Those hold the pellets in, and when I'm ready to re-load the Pellet Pen, I can simply remove the back sliding part of it, remove the paperclip from the 'pellet tip' end of the old used up pen tube, and allow the pellets to slide from that into the Pellet Pen. For those with (legitimate) concerns about handling lead, this provides the option of pre-loading the Pellet Pen and as many of the other pellet holders made from old used up ball point pens that you want to carry, then washing your hands, and then you're ready. No need to touch the pellets again...unless you decide to switch to a different type of pellet (of course, you could load your 'used up ball point pen tubes' each with a different type of pellets. Regardless, until you run out of pellets in your holders, you shouldn't have to touch the lead pellets. And to think that only a couple hundred years ago (or less), people used to make wine jars and glasses/cups out of lead because it would slightly sweeten the drink. But I digress....

I apologize for this book...just wanted to get all that on record as a positive experience I had. I don't doubt or discount others' experiences which may have been much less satisfactory. But I can only speak for what I personally have experience with the order process, with customer service I had contact with, and with the function of the product I received. Up to this point I have been VERY happy with my purchase. I had to do a long motorcycle road trip (had to pre-ride a route I'm leading next week) this past Sunday, and when I eventually got back home, I couldn't wait to get changed and get out and do some shooting...which is what I did. And I enjoyed it greatly. Now....if only I could locate another one of those annoying tree-rats... lol
Prosit is very quiet, love only having to pump it once, very powerful, and VERY fun to shoot! So far, it is very accurate (the weakest link in the shooting-process-chain being me, and not the gun), and a pure joy to shoot. I will continue to practice, and I feel that I will be able to get my 20-yard groups down to within a nickel-sized circle - contingent upon my being able to hold it steady and clearly see the Easy to learn, easy to sight in, easy to pump, easy to shoot. And I didn't mention this prior, but I also really like the trigger safety. Since I would have it on safety if loaded and ready...until I have my target in my sight...I don't want to be scoping a live target and have to move my fingers or thumb around the gun to find the safety release. This would provide and extra couple seconds or so for the target to get that deja-vu feeling...and take off. With this safety, once you've scoped your target and you're sure, you put your finger within the trigger guard (NEVER before!!!!!) and simple use the tip of that finger to quickly and quietly push the safety forward....and you're ready to shoot! Target deployed.... dinner (or appetizer) delivered. That simple...that fun!
ConsNone so far....
By Scott
North Carolina
January 26, 2018
Excellent air rifle for the money.
I just purchased this last week. I'm not an expert on air rifles, but I already feel like I made a very good choice in this one. The scope mounted easily and sighted in with about a dozen shots. Quiet enough to shoot without bothering neighbors. The gun has a good balance and feel and an excellent trigger. Although I haven't had it long enough to vouch for durability, I'm extremely pleased so far.
By Shawn E.
January 9, 2018
Nice gun
The gun is quiet and has made it nice to use with kids. I would buy it again.
By Trigger-6
October 23, 2017
Solid Air Rifle
I had looked at several of the lower-price point Gamo models at the local sporting goods store but had settled on a Fusion IGT after doing online research/reviews (which the local store did not stock). I'm very happy with the purchase. Its a very solid, well built air rifle. It took me 8 shots to site in the scope at around 30yrds and I can consistently hit a 1" circle with the gun without a gun-rest at this distance. The gun is not 100% silent, but definitely muffled. One of the reviews mentioned that it sounded like hitting a couple of 2x4's together and I think that is a fairly good comparison (several other reviews said it sounded like a .22 cal rifle.. either I'm deaf, or they had a defective silencer on their gun!). My only complaint is the trigger safety, as I have trouble remembering in what position the safety is on or off. I would prefer an old fashioned button-style safety.

I also purchased a Pellet Pen for loading .22cal pellets into the chamber. What a simple tool design that makes loading a breeze!
By Chester
West Virginia
October 5, 2017
First Air Rifle
This is my first air air rifle. Ordered on a Thursday item came on Friday same week. The rifle is everything I was hoping for being my first one. The sales person was more than helpful. Have been shooting for a couple weeks now and it working great, it is very quiet for my back yard shooting. It's a beast of gun to get the job done field or back yard. The scope has been great once set, no moving around or jumping. I'm still learning all about this rifle. By the way I got this when it was on sale.
ProsThe rifle is quiet, hard hitting, breaks nice, looks like a beast.
ConsNone to this point.
By John W.
Near Peoria Illinois
July 29, 2017
Not bad little rifle
At 15 meters with open sights is accurate enough for me. It's fairly quiet. Hard spring too cock but it's what I want. Basically, I like the rifle and will mount scope for real test of accuracy. I'm not sure if it's powerful enough to take varmints like coon humanly. But that's not the guns fault. .177 cal. air gun is really too small for that task.
By Randy
Galesburg Mi
July 7, 2017
powerful accurate quiet
Read a lot of reviews before my purchase many not so good. But it was in my budget and I have another Gammo that has been a great gun. Shipping was in a timely manner. So when I took the gun out of the box I really liked the feel and looks. Now to sight it in here is where all the bad reviews come in not here. With open sights it took 3 shots to dead center at 15 yards mounted the scope that came with the gun very easy to mount took no time at all. 3 more shots and right on dead center again. Holds true I have put about 200 rounds through it with 3 different types of pellets but all the same weight and they all shoot dead on. I am shooting a dime sized group at 15 yards consistently I don't why so many people had problems getting a good group. Powerful gun I have my target mounted to 1/2 inch piece of plywood with heavy foam behind that shoots completely through the 1/2 inch plywood. Quiet is very backyard friendly not much noise at all just be sure of your back stop because this is a powerful gun not a toy.
ProsPowerful and very accurate
ConsThe only thing I can think of is when you mount your scope you will need to use some thread lock because after enough shots the screws will get loose.
By Judge A.
July 7, 2017
Lots of Bang for the Buck
This is a high quality rifle, much more than I expected, especially for the money. The easy scope mount made it ready to shoot within a few minutes. The power is also extremely impressive, and the fact that it requires some power to cock and has a noticeable recoil is the proof. I am very satisfied with this purchase and expect to enjoy years of use.
ProsHigh quality finish, look, and feel.
By Mike
Newport News, VA
June 5, 2017
Affordable and dependable air rifle
Very nice air rifle with precision firing. I love this air rifle, but the bush varmits hate it. Having a lot of fun and highly recommend.
Pros The pros are that it is lightweight and easy to handle.It is just a professionally built air rifle that is affordable and fun to use.
ConsNone that I have experienced.
By Bob
Pewaukee, WI
August 9, 2016
Excellent Rifle
I bought this air rifle to control the rabbits in my flower garden, and it doing a great job. I haven't mounted the scope yet, and have been using open sights. The foresight on this rifle is cheap plastic that slides horizontally into a slot. You need to be careful not to hit it after you sight it in. I can't get the foresight protector on, so I quit trying. It has lots of power, and by using a heavy grain domed pellet, it doesn't break the sound barrier. This keeps the neighbors happy and kills the rabbits easily. The rifle is well balanced without the scope - maybe one day I'll mount it and re-check the balance. Overall, a great buy.
Prosbalance, power, accuracy
By Jess
Paducah Ky
January 8, 2016
I'm back!
I purchased this Gamo IGT three days ago. It was dark when I got home so I couldn't sight it in. Yesterday I had a medical procedure and didn't feel like sighting it in. This morning, I couldn't wait to get outside and sight the gun in. This may sound unbelievable, I cannot use my right eye because of nerve damage from a tumor. I had to shoot from my left shoulder, I have just enough sight in my left eye to sight in a scope. Twelve shots at 60 feet and I was hitting bulls eyes. The scope made the work easy, I have no problems with the scope. The rifle is great, a smooth working machine indeed. Because of the limitations in my sight, this gun made me feel like a man again. The gas piston is doing it's job. I'm ready for what ever varmint comes my way. Now I will be able to purchase a hunting license for the first time in 7 years. I would not take my money back for the gun. I love it. Just think, I was going to get an RWS or a Walther, no thank you, I will stick to my Gamo Whisper IGT.
By Arlen
Northern Wi.
October 22, 2015
Awesome gun.
I had bought a Chinese made sidecock springer, didn't like the idea of a movable barrel with a permanent scope. They should be one solid piece for accuracy. 1000fps w/ 3-9X28 scope a few yrs back. We had an infestation of red squirrels 'bout 5 yrs ago. Nailed 18 of 'em out to 40 yrds. It lost power and accuracy. Found out the scope was shoved back and falling off. Didn't know springers would do that. Power just needed some cleaning & oiling. Read many reviews for past 6 months and decided to upgrade. This Gamo seemed like a decent buy for $250. A lot of money for me but I wanted to try a nitro piston set-up. I opened the box to a "big" surprise. This is a really ominous looking "pellet" gun. Looks like a 12 gauge. This "not" a kid's toy. Living in town, I'd have preferred a smaller gun and considered exchanging this one until I looked at more "good" guns. They're all adult size and many come w/ a 4X9 scope. To powerful for 20yd shots. Blurry picture. I've put about 30 shots thru this Gamo now. At 30 yds, it likes the Gamo .177 cal. Rocket pellet. It'll blow a hole out the backside of 7/16's plywood. Got 3 shot group down to less than dime size. At 20yds, it likes the RWS Superdome 8.3 grain. 3 shot group all touching but 1/2 inch lower than Rockets but center side to side. At 20yds, Rockets made a qtr sized 3-shot group but centered around bull. Checking penetration on 3/4 inch plywood, the RWS went deeper. Couldn't see 'em, Rockets at that range, were deep but could still be seen. I made no adjustments to the trigger. Like it just fine. Love the gun weight. Doesn't bounce around when shot. Just let it rest on the sand bags. Nice fat pistol grip for trigger hand. Seems pretty quiet. Just a "pomp" when shooting.
ProsPowerful, accurate, heavy, adult sized.
ConsMany complain this gun is too hard cocking. I'm 66 and have been a laborer my whole life. I see no problem whatsoever. I plan to use this for hunting. One cock, one prey. Shouldn't wear out the arm unless you're planning to shoot 50 squirrels or rabbits in a day or you're a real wimp.
By Dingo92
Pomona, Ca
December 11, 2014
I got it in .22 cal.
The trigger is nice, cocking is smooth, not bad on recoil, blue lock tight and mounts haven't moved. ordered a new scope, waiting on that. but went camping, hiking, etc. The gun is light and is a lot of fun. I haven't noticed any special hold needed. My buddies daughters hit everything they aimed at, and have never shot pellet guns before. My only worries are how will it age, but so far its been nothing but fun.
Prosnot heavy, nice stock, easy to cock, has a lot of plastic, so u don't have to wipe it down to much. oh and the main pro is it looks so swat like ur friends all wanna shoot it, hehe
Consthe scope could be better.
By Gary S.
Veron, Kentucky
July 11, 2014
Love this Gun
I have to admit this is the first air gun of this caliber I have bought. I was shooting some kind of pump do not know the brand and the barrel would move while shooting so this may be a little biased. :) I started shooting the Gamo pellets that came with it with open sights and set the first up at about 40 yards. Could not hit the target at all. (Big target to) So I put on the scope but before I started shooting again I talked with some one who shot quite often and received a lot of good pointers. First off he told me to get ride of the pellets I was using that they were not made for that much power and they would tumble and were not accurate. I did purchase some heavier pellets but did not try them with open sights since I had already put the scope on. I read more and found a great target with instructions on zeroing in the scope starting at 15 feet. Made a world of difference in my shooting. As for the gun itself I love it and can't wait to get home (from work) to shoot some more. It operates as expected and seams to be well built and solid. Action was a little hard at first but has smoothed out the more I use it. I have only had time to zero the scope in for 10 yards but will work on moving it back on the weekend. I am able to hit a 6" target at 10 yards with about a 3" circle. Remember I am new to this and have to work on my shooting skills to get a tighter pattern. TONS OF FUN!!!
Pros Design - feels good in the hands Weight - comfortable to carry and shoot open sights - outstanding, Easy to adjust and easy to see clearly The adjustable cheek pad is a bonus. Makes setting scope line of sight easier to repeat on every shot.
By Carl
May 29, 2014
Great option for suburban stealth
This gun is much quieter than my spring-powered suppressed Gamo. The only sound it makes is a 'clack.' It holds dime-sized groups at 20 yards. Perfect medicine for the rabbits marauding my sprouting corn. I was initially uncertain of the capability of the lighter .177 pellets vis-a-vis the .22s, but my concerns were unwarranted. The .177 caliber Gamo Whisper Fusion will put a pellet clean through a rabbit's skull. I love a happy ending!
By J
Las Vegas
January 25, 2014
Great Gun, Worth every penny!!!
I don't have much experience with Pellet Rifles and bought the Whisper Fusion for pigeon control as my daisy pellet gun was just plain cheap. This is a great Gun!!! Solid built and comfortable to shoot. I took the advise of other reviews and bought the heavier 10gr. Gamo pellets, the gun is very quiet, but I have to admit for it being "the quietest quiet gun" I was expecting it to be more silent than it is, to me the mechanism sounds like a sledge hammer hitting the ground (a dull thud). The scope is great considering the price of the gun and can hit a dime at 40 yards all day long. Airgun Depot is great too, I got the gun 2 business days after ordering it and received emails every step of the way. I love this gun and would recommend it to anybody looking for one!
ProsAccurate, Well Built
ConsNone yet
By Robert
Sacramento, CA
June 6, 2013
Love this gun!
Ok, maybe I'm a little biased being that this is my first adult air rifle purchase, but this gun rocks! First off, Airgun Depot shipped my rifle and ammo astoundingly fast. Had everything within 2 days of purchase. Took a little while to sight in, mostly due to variance in ammo. It shoots everything predictably and accurately, but some pellets like to trend right, or high, etc. I sighted it in for my most predictable and accurate ammo: Stoeger X-Magnum 11.57 gr .177 pellets. The gun is definitely quieter with a heavy ammo, the PBA platinum ammo that came with it are loud and probably the most inaccurate pellets I have. With a heavier pellet the noise is seriously reduced. Much quieter than a T-50 staple gun. I have amazingly nosy neighbors and have probably shot 300+ rounds without complaint. The stock is great and fits my hands nicely. I like the oversized grip and the adjustable cheekpiece. Makes shooting much more steady and accurate. There is a little play where the stock rubs on either side of the barrel when cocking; I could have sanded it down but I don't really care that much. All in all a great gun. I took it out shooting with all my other options a few weeks ago (2 pistols, 1 shotgun, 1 rifle, 1 pellet rifle) and surprisingly shot this one more than any of the others! This was mostly due to the accuracy, as this rifle outperformed everything else I had.
ProsAccurate Quiet Fun
ConsStock rubs slightly on barrel A little heavy and long
By Anonymous
May 3, 2013
Great Gun
I previously bought Whisper Fusion Pro and really liked the gun except that it didn't have a gas piston. After about 100 rounds through the Whisper Fusion Pro the spring piston broke in a bad way. Fortunately AGD refunded my money and I was able to buy the whisper fusion IGT. This gun is great, wish the scope was a little better but after 5 shots from 20 yards, I had scope dialed in and next 20 shots with crosman highspeed penetrators hit the bulls eye every time, the spread was smaller than a dime. The noise reduction is noticeably lower with high speed pellets, the snap it muffled much more. I love the light weight and accuracy of gun. It has absolutely no recoil. Very good gun, very happy, IGT or Nitro piston is only way to go. Springs will always have unwanted recoil, lose performance and eventually break. Gamo just needs to come up with a higher energy gas power plant, as did Benjamin with Nitro XL 1500fps, I own that and it's a canon, it's actually underrated I've chronied pellets up to 1700fps with that gun.
ProsIGT, Light, Accurate, Noise Reduction-
By Happy s.
St. Paul, Minnesota
February 12, 2013
Solid air rifle!
This is a great gun for intermediate users, especially those who live in the cities and or in a suburban setting. I'd say Gamo did a great job with their new noise-suppressing technology. It's surprisingly quiet for a 1,300 FPS air rifle (even if your shooting w/PBA platinum pellets). All in all, I'm very pleased with this purchase.
ProsThis gun has great feel - solid! The look of it is one of my favorites. The cheek piece is a nice addition and for me helps steady the shot thus increasing accuracy. IGT is definitely the way to go! I can't see myself going back to the conventional spring air rifle. I hope to see Gamo continue building on this technology.
ConsI would have liked to see an upgraded scope. It's the exact same scope as the Whisper Deluxe II.
By Brandon
McLeansboro, IL
February 1, 2013
very quiet with heavier ammo
Very nice rifle and it has a good feel. I really like the look of the bull barrel with the straight whisper at the muzzle.
ProsIt's well balanced and has an awesome feel to it. Shoots good decent grouping at 100 yds.
ConsSounds like my savage .17 hmr with crossman super sonic lead free light grain pellets. That's about it. I just use 8 and up grain ammo.
By tom
January 23, 2013
Very Quiet
I own both the Whisper and the Whisper Fusion and Gamo has done a great job improving their quiet technology. Gun is accurate out to about 60 yards. Good for controlling pesky squirrels on my property. I put a Hawke scope on this and it really improved accuracy.
ProsVery Quiet, accurate, looks
By Phoghat
New York
January 9, 2013
This isn't a target rifle.
The scope isn't as I would have like it. It is not adjustable for less than about 15 yards. You can not use artillery hold or your groups will be in the 2-3 inch range.
ProsLight and price is good.
ConsNot as accurate as I'd like, and I would prefer at least .22 caliber
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