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Gamo Whisper Fusion IGT

  • Code: 611009654 · .177 · 1300 fps
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The Whisper Fusion IGT™ air rifle offers durability combined with maximum performance. Light weight synthetic stock, match grade fluted polymer barrel, IGT™ (Inert Gas Technology™), consistent power and less vibration; the CAT™ (Custom Action Trigger™) that helps the shooter to acquire a more precise shot; the SWA™ (Shock Wave Absorber™) that provides up to 74% more recoil absorption than a standard recoil pad; and the non-removable noise dampener reduce the noise up to 89.5% will change the way you think about hunting with airguns.

Gamo Whisper Fusion IGT Features
  • Gas-piston powerplant (IGT--Inert Gas Technology)
  • Breakbarrel
  • Single-shot
  • Fixed fiber optic front sight
  • Fully adjustable fiber optic rear sight
  • 11mm scope rail with scope stop
  • Whisper Fusion double-integrated noise dampener (reduces report by 89.5%)
  • Fluted polymer barrel jacket
  • SWA (Shock Wave Absorber) recoil pad reduces felt recoil by up to 74%
  • All-weather ambidextrous stock with vertically adjustable cheekpiece
  • CAT (Custom Action Trigger) 2-stage adjustable trigger
  • Manual safety
  • Includes 3-9x40 scope* and mount

*Scope is unmounted. Here are the benefits of the IGT gas-piston powerplant
  • Smoother cocking
  • Smoother shooting
  • No spring torque
  • No spring fatigue, even if you leave it cocked for hours
  • Functions perfectly in cold weather
  • Lasts longer than a metal spring
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  • ManufacturerGamo
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 1300 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Break barrel
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 8.00
  • Overall Length 43.00
  • Barrel Length 18.00
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 1
  • Mechanism Gas-piston
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sights Fiber Optic
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By IanUSASeptember 15, 2018

This gun is very nice. Trigger is crisp and light and patterns are tight and repeatable. The barrel breaks nicely and has an extremely smooth action. This rifle is very quiet. The pellet hitting a can is louder than the rifle itself. Now to the bad. The scope is junk. I spent more time mounting it than I spent shooting with it. The trucks rotated about 40 degrees after only about 40 rounds. Not good. All in all I would say that this rifle is an extremely good but for $200, but plan on purchasing a new scope right away. Don’t even waste your time mounting the one that comes with this rifle.

Accuracy, light trigger pull, smooth action, very quiet.

Scope is total junk. Remove the scope from the box and deposit immediately into the trash.

By Terry AUSAJuly 17, 2018

The Whisper Fusion is a good air rifle and shoots well. It is very accurate and pretty quiet also. I am very disappointed with the 3X9 Gamo scope and the one piece mount that are supplied with the rifle from Gamo. The scope crosshair after less than 10 shots tilted to the left and of course cannot be repaired or adjusted by the buyer. The mount had one of the hex screw heads had pushed out the bottom of the top front mount so it was either over tightened (torqued) or the aluminum is not strong enough for a mount. I have a number of hunting rifles and have never had a problem with the mounts like this. I would suggest that Gamo improves the quality of the scope and mount that is supplied with the Air Rifle or not supply them at all! It would be better served if they offered a better quality scope and ring set as an option at a reasonable price as I would pay more to receive quality and not be disappointed inferior parts.

The air rifle is a good rifle, accurate, the iron sights seem to be very good and it is quiet as advertised. The break barrel is easy to use and once again is advertised correctly.

As stated in the review the supplied scope and rings/mount setup are inferior and do not reflect well on the Gamo product line. on the next question below, yes I would recommend the air rifle!!

By ScottJuly 9, 2018

Took 5 minutes putting scope on, 10 minutes sighting in and the results: my next target showed 3 groups covered with dime and 1 quarter sized, all at 20 yards. All pellets went through the 1/2" plywood. I could not be happier. Now so I can get more time shooting it i will have to get my wife one. She really likes it. For the price and quality i give it a 10.

Easy set up. Powerful. Accurate. I really think the scope works great. Only took 3 to 4 days to get. Have had no loose scope after 200 shots. Great quality.

None, probably will have to buy one for my wife.

By MarkUSAMay 23, 2018

I got my fusion in the .22 cal. Received it from airgun depot pretty quick. Im sure its not broken in just yet but the amount of power it has really impresses me. I made a target using 16 pieces of cardboard all stacked up. Then put a 3/4 inch piece of pine behind that to stop the pellets. Surely that will stop it right? Nope! The pellet blew right through it all and lodged itself deep into my wall. Ive had many pellet guns and this target construction would always stop the pellets so needless to say im dealing with way more power here. Build quality is very high. This gun has no rattle or looseness. Everything feels very tight and just a smooth feel that you only get from quality guns. Im not a person who gets a brand and suddenly its the best brand out there and nothing else is as good. Those type of people tire me out. But this is the first Gamo i have owned. Ive owned quite a few various brands of airguns all of them mostly springers. I personally just prefer springers. The igt setup that Gamo has is so far performing very well! The shots are very consistant velocity wise and accuracy wise. The new trigger system is a pretty great adjustment. Ive been fiddling with it to get it just right. I like that option. Adjustable cheek piece, really this gun is very adjustable to get it just right. I was looki g for an airgun that would shoot a .22 cal pellet no faster than 1000 fps but at least 800 fps. I didnt want supersonic shots but close enough to be deadly. I also wanted consistency. The fusion is very consistent. Im usually getting 850 fps. Basically right where i wanted it. After a couple weeks of owning the fusion im very happy. It was exactly as advertised!

Consistent high velocity shots Lots of adjustability Quality build Looks really good .22 caliber Easy to cock

So far..none.

By NazarMay 23, 2018

This is my best air gun I had; great quality and has very good aim. I love it.

By DaveMay 8, 2018

Great gun and scope combo very accurate and quite to shot. Cross man pellets have had the best results.

By MarkUSAMay 4, 2018

I ordered my whisper fusion igt .22cal from airgun depot. To my surprise it was here in a couple days. Ill start by saying ive owned many springer airguns over the years. Any notion i had on how this gun would perform was shattered today when i pulled the trigger....Wow!!! Yes this is the first .22cal ive had. But i didnt know what ive been missing. This thing just hits with a giant Whomp! Not a tink or thwap but a giant WHOMP!! So ill take it from the beginning. I opened the box. Decided to try it with the included but not mounted scope. I mounted the scope. Made sure to line up the tang on the mount with the hole for the scope stop. Something i wish my other springers had because they all suffered from the scope coming loose from the springers brutal double recoil. I could tell we were off to a good start because that was no longer going to be an issue. With this little trick maybe my scope wont slide off the gun after 40 or so shots. At least it will be a more secure mount and delay the effect. The gun fit and finish was really good. No rattles or strange sounds when moving it around. Looks really cool too. The CAT trigger will be a welcomed addition. Dial in the trigger feel. to sight in the scope. First shot low and left. But holy cow!! What power!! And its not broken in yet! After about 20 shots i had it almost perfect. At 15 yards i was making a single hole bigger and bigger. 8 shots all the size of a dime. This thing is really accurate. Yes it needs the same loose hold and trigger follow thru that all springers like. Artillery hold is what i used. But unlike all my other springers the inert gas spring instead of a metal coil spring makes a huge difference. First its very quiet! No double recoil from the metal springs momentum at the sudden stop of the piston at the end. Its gone! Actually theres not much primary recoil either. This helps keep sounds down and shots tighter. Of course when your spring is made out of air or a gas i guess it wouldnt have any momentum to recoil other than the piston.Anyway, I digress..On to the other pros, i really like the trigger pull. A little over 3 pounds feels perfect for me. Its adjustable from around 3 and a half pounds down to 3 pounds or a shade under. Once sighted in i was grouping about quarter sized groups at 20 yards.impressive!. I imagine it will be even better once broken in. I was using crosman hollow point premier pellets at 14.3 grain. I will try others too but im very happy with the accuracy of these. The scope i really think is not only great being basically free but as it performs right now its very good. At 10 yards on 3 power its very clear contrary to some reviews ive read. I dunno i may just have gotten lucky. At 9 power 60 yards also very clear. Havent tried it at over 60 yards yet. I cant believe that all this is packed into a price of 180 bucks. What a steal!! Thats why i say the scope is free. The gun looks and feels and performs at the level of guns hundreds of dollars more! Adjustable cheek piece is a nice touch. The tools for all the trigger and cheek piece adjustments and scope mount tools are all included. At first i was sceptical of the CAT trigger being composite and not steel but today was cold and having a trigger that didnt make your finger cold was a small but welcomed plus. Its the little things with this gun that give it that value. 880 fps with the crosman 14.3 grain pellets was another chunk of value. Once broken in i wouldnt be surprisex to see it hit the 900 mark. Thats alot of energy out of an airgun. Yes there are higher velocity .22cal airguns out there but at this price point and with this accuracy...this is a very deadly small game sub 200 dollar value packed killer! Thank you Airgun Depot for your prompt shipping, competitive pricing, and good correspondance!!! From a very satisfied customer. Im anxious to see how time will tell with this gun but from what i see, i have nothing to fear. A very well put together airgun from spain.

Value packed, good fit and finish, powerful and very accurate! Under 200 dollars at the time this review was written.

Wish i would have purchased this gun sooner😊

By DavidUSAApril 29, 2018

What can I say but that I LOVE THIS GUN! Trigger pull is smooth as butter, makes hardly ANY noise when fired and ACCURATE AS HELL!


By JohnApril 26, 2018

My son and I enjoy this rifle a ton. Very accurate & powerful. Good exercise too with cocking the break barrel. Ton of fun in the backyard with targets.

By CarlosApril 24, 2018

As advertised it’s a great value and function well out of the package. I had to site the telescopic sight just a bit and was off to the races. Use it for vermin control and it works well. Good penetration for iguana contro and great accuracy. Highly recommended.

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How much force is required to charge the barrel? I'm going to buy a rifle the my sone and i to hunt and target shoot. Im just concerned it will be to difficult for a 9 year ols ro chrge.

asked Nathan M.

Does this gun use the standard CO2 canister and approximately how may rounds per canister?

asked Dennis

Can this item be shipped to California?

asked Steve Caseldine

I am having a problem zeroing the rifle.I shoot a group of 3,I can get 2 fairly close the third just goes in different directions.Any ideas/ I have shot a lot of rifles so I am familiar with the process.I am shooting at approximately 45-50 yards.Thanks for your help.Mike

asked Mike

Got a new 22 cal how do I clean the barrel an what kind of cleaner doi use

asked Ekela Uahinui

Is the rifle put together other than the mounts and scope

asked Mike

What is the cocking effort on this gun?

asked Robert from USA

you make international shipping

asked robert

has the Gamo whisper fusion IGT been discontinued? thanks

asked scott from USA

Is the stock on this rifle short enough to be handled by youth?

asked Shawn

Wish this rifle can delivery to my country indonesia with fair payment

asked Andri

Hello, i am sheryar javaid from pakistan. Can you please guide me how can i purchase this gun and how much total cost with shipping charges applied on it. And in how much time i will receive this product at my given postal address.

asked Sheryar from USA

What .22 cal pellet have you found to be the most accurate at 10yds, 20yds, 30 yds?

asked Terry from USA

What pellet have you found to be the most accurate at 10yds, 20yds, 30 yds?

asked Terry from USA

Is the compression tube blued or is the gun suitable for use in the rain?

asked Chris

Can you deliver these airgun in india..Rajasthan,,

asked Digvijaysingh

Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They can answer your question a lot better then we can. thanks Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

would this be to loud to shoot in a newborhood

asked Daniel from USA

The noise from the rifle is definitely less than our other air rifles or pistols. We use ours indoors and are very pleased with the reduced sound. It's hard to say what is acceptable in your neighborhood, this rifle is probably as quite as possible.

David from USA

Just got a Wisper Fusion for some stealth pest control in my backyard, but there is no stealth. I first tried some Gamo Hunter pellets (7.6 grain) and the supersonic crack was waaaay too loud. Just like a .22LR. Then I tried some Gamo Rocket pellets (9.6 grain) since people said above 8 grain will be subsonic. I fired one shot and there was still a supersonic crack echoing through the neighborhood!!! What the....? Do I need to go heavier? Anybody else have this problem?

asked Max11fun

The first couple shots right out of the box were really loud even with a heavy pellet but it quieted down after that. I shoot 8 grain pellets. I've noticed that same crack after cleaning and oiling the barrel but usually only for the first pellet or two. I guess it could be some irregularity from ggun to gun. Maybe your piston compresses more gas so you have a higher velocity even with the 8g+ pellets. Its a headscratcher. Hopefully it works itself out. If not, its new, and customer service at AGD is really good. They'll more than likely exchange it for another one. Good luck

brian from USA

is there licence required for .177 cal?

asked aatif

Aatif, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They can answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

can this be shot without mounting the scope? with iron sights only?

asked Mike

Yes,you can shot without mounting the scope, there is no difference, it all depends on your experience.

Arvydas from USA

Yes you can use the Iron Sights to shoot this rifle it is better then the Scope.

Mark from USA

Yes I'm sure it can although I haven't. The open sights look very good. I'm extremely happy with this gun. We shoot it in the shop after work. A lot of fun and very relaxing. A lot of time don't have time to go to range.

Danny from USA

Yes it can. Adjustable front and rear sights


what other scope mount can I use beside the one that came with gamo whisper gun .177 air rifle?

asked calvin e. dosch

You can use just about any 11 mm dovetail mount you would like. The one piece mounts lock the scope in better but may not work with your scope stop screw so you may have to use the rings.


Mine has some "droop" issues with the alignment of the receiver to the barrel. The point of impact using the base supplied with the gun was several inches lower than the lowest setting for any scope I tried. I did a search for "barrel droop mount" and found one that was reasonable. I was able to use the scope of my choice after that. I use a 2-7 x32 with adjustable objective so I can adjust to focus down to 5 yards. If you don't want to use an adjustable objective scope, then keep the power turned down unless you shooting over 30 yards or so to reduce parallax error. I did see some articles talking about shimming the bottom of the rear scope ring with a piece of thin aluminum cut from a beverage can, but didn't feel like that was the route I wanted to go with. I've shot around 1500 rounds with mine and it groups very well with H&N Barracuda Match 10.69gn pellets. Muzzle velocity cronos at 825fps and it groups tighter at longer distances with the heavier pellet. If your shooting standard 10 meter targets, I've found the "crossman premier super match" group the best (940 fps at the muzzle), but start widening as the distance increases beyond that. I have the original whisper with a gtr trigger and self-installed gas ram, and a RWS 350 that love the H&N ammo as well.

Tim from USA

1. How is the trigger pull on the "new" SAT trigger, heard it is the same Gamo just new marketing. 2. How is the accuracy, heard several comments that the barrel has side to side movement. The reason for asking is I am really interested in this rifle due to lighter weight and being quieter than my RWS 34 T06 in the neighborhood.

asked RP

The trigger pull is good. It was stiff out of the box but its adjustable to make it a softer squeeze. Its the first Gamo I've owned so i can speak to weather its any newer, better, or different than previous models. As for the accuracy i'm very pleased. I would recommend a scope upgrade, the one that came on the gun didnt seem to stay true. its a real powerful gun and i dont think the guts of the scope were up to the task. I have very little side to side play on the break barrel. There has to be 1 or 2 thousandths of play or it wont break/cock. It is surprisingly quite when not shooting pba pellets. I've found that somewhere around 8 gram pellets work best for me as far as accuracy and impact force. Dont skimp on ammo or you'll have accuracy problems. poorly milled pellets have terrible flight characteristics, especially at 1000 fps.

Brian Jones

Deliver to new jersey

asked Ed

Ed, Unfortunately we are unable to ship any air guns/rifles to the state of New Jersey due to certain laws and regulations. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Hola from PUERTO RICO i want to now if you ship to PR.i like this gun the GAMO WHISPER FUSION .177,thaks.

asked Jose from PR

Jose, Yes, we can ship to PR. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Do you have to have a license to own one of these guns?

asked Michael O' Callaghan

Michael, Licenses may be required in some states/countries. Please contact the local authorities and find out potential restrictions. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Hola,can you tell me how much is the shipping to Puerto RIco?

asked Jose colon

Try checking out at the sight and if there is a restriction you will get a warning before you purchase the product. There are a lot of different regulations for all different countries and they are always changing, so we have set up an automatic warring if there is a product, based on your location, that is forbidden. Shipping price always changes, but you should be able to see the final price before you complete your purchase.

Scott from USA

Hola from Puerto Rico,i want this rifle,the list price is,269.00,how mush is the shipping to Puerto Rico?,i be waiting for the price with the shipping,this gone be my birthday present fron my wife,thanks,from P.R,jose.

asked jose colon

Go to that webpage, where the item you want is. Click on "Add to Cart." (There will be a pop up with other items if you want those) Then click "proceed to checkout" if that is everything you want. When your checking out at the sight and there is a restriction you will get a warning before you purchase the product. There are a lot of different regulations for all different countries and they are always changing, so we have set up an automatic warring if there is a product, based on your location, that is forbidden. Shipping costs will be presented before you finalize your purchase.

Scott from USA

Can you see the fiber optic sights with the scope mounted?

asked Roy

I think he might be asking if you can see and use the open sights. In that case it depends on the mounts. You'd need to remove the funky spacer mount in the picture and replace with very high see-thru sights. However I doubt you'll be able to find them in 11mm dovetail so you might need to use a 22mm Weaver adapter, then see-thru Weaver sights on that. Funky but possible. If you were asking if you can see the open sights in the lens then I can't say for sure. That funky spacer under the scope is there because without it the open sights would really be in the way. I can't say if it's 100% effective tho, you might still be able to see the front sight a little bit, if so I doubt it will be by much. I would remove the open sights and that ridiculous the spacer. This gun is too expensive for what you get, and like most Gamo's it's too weird/cheap looking so I'd never know either way. Better to buy a nicer looking gun with an AO scope, like a Benj Trail. Or buy a scope separately like a Leapers to fit a Crosman, Hatsan, or Tech Force. If you want quiet then buy Benjamin with the "bull barrel" which is actually a suppressor. Or maybe the Stoeger X20S


Yes you can depending on how high or low the scope sits Cause if the rear sites are in the line of the bottom of the scope You can see them ...not bad but You notice it

Brandon from USA

No I can not. However, when I put the clear plastic protective cover on the lenses I can see a little bit of the front sight, the one with the red fiber optic. This may be due to a curvature in the protective plastic covers.

Ray from USA

Does the pellet break the sound barrier at 60db or more?

asked AA

A pellet breaking the sound barrier will likely be closer to 100db. AirgunWeb did a review on this rifle, and measured around 94db indoors with lead pellets. Outside, the noise level will drastically reduce with distance.

Keivn from USA

PBA platinum or Raptor pellets will break the sound barrier on this particular gun... Anything heavier than that will not.

Ron from USA

hi can u sent this gun to cambodia?

asked long raty

Try checking out at the sight and if there is a restriction you will get a warning before you purchase the product. There are a lot of different regulations for all different countries and they are always changing, so we have set up an automatic warring if there is a product, based on your location, that is forbidden. Shipping price always changes, but you should be able to see the final price before you complete your purchase.

Scott from USA
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