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Gletcher NGT Pellet Revolver

Available in .177
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  • Code: GLNGTR · $139.99 · .177 · 426 fps
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Gletcher NGT Belgian Nagant Revolver
  • Black finish
  • Repeater
  • Uses a 12-gram CO2 cartridge
  • 7rd pellet cylinder
  • Rifled barrel
  • Full-metal body
  • Double- and single-action
  • Fixed front and rear sights
  • 5.50 lbs. trigger-pull in single-action- 8.80 lbs. trigger-pull in double-action
  • Textured grips
  • Includes 7 realistic cartridge shells (each holds 1 lead pellet)
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  • ManufacturerNagant
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 426 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Revolver
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 1.54
  • Overall Length 9.00
  • Barrel Length 0.00
  • Loudness 4-Medium-High
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism CO2
  • Rail No
  • Safety none
  • Front Sights Blade
  • Rear Sights Fixed
  • Shots per Fill 77
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action Double-Action & Single-Action
  • Use Plinking/Fun
  • Warranty 1.50-year limited warranty
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By KeithUSAFebruary 26, 2024 Verified Purchase

Reason for only one star: Sport Manufacturing Group, the company that distributes Gletcher guns is no longer in business. There is no after sales warranty service for Gletcher guns so disregard the 1.5 year warranty as listed in the specs and on the box the gun comes in. After 7 months, the gas valve has failed and getting service and parts are impossible. I would strongly advise anyone buying this item to pay the extra and get an extended warranty, I didn't because of the advertised 18 month warranty period which only works if there is someone to honor it. Buyer beware.

Great looking, excellent replica

Nothing regarding the gun

By DavidUSAJune 16, 2019

I have been looking for a quality pellet revolver and my search ended with this one. I own several pellet rifles and pistols, but for some reason, I keep gravitating back to shooting this one. I am a former Air Force gunsmith and am really impressed with the accuracy and design of this revolver. I used to work on the S&W model 15 which was the standard USAF issue back in the day. The velocity is impressive. My chronograph shows the velocity about 100 fps quicker than what the company lists. The double action trigger pull was not as heavy as I anticipated and it really reminds me of the old S&W basic model 15. From a gunsmith perspective I give this one high marks on design and ease of use.

accuracy of historical detail

could not honestly find any

By Troy D.January 15, 2019

Mine has the barrel set out of centerline to the receiver.Hits way to the left of point of aim. This is really disappointing, everything else about this gun is superb.I find it hard to believe that such attention to detail would allow a quality control issue like this get by.I will be returning it. Just bad luck I guess.

By Suzanne L.USANovember 13, 2018

I would sleep with this gun! It is sexy and lethal looking. It is a perfect weight for someone with weak wrists. It is easy to aim once you've figured out the sights. It is impressive to look at and is easily mistaken for real. That is something one must be aware of. I am a target shooter and find this pistol ideal. I can shoot it free of any prop which is really nice since I don't always have a tripod or other device with me. I recommend this a gun for women who like realistic guns and appreciate fine workmanship.. and looking a bit bad-ass!

nice wight not too loud easy care sexy!


By AleksandrUSAOctober 16, 2018

Excellent historical revolver. Accurate, loud enough, powerful. If you've ever held a Nagant or seen one up close - this thing is an excellent reproduction!

By JamesUSAOctober 7, 2016

I owned a real Russian Nagant some years ago, and even figured out how to reload ammunition for it. A very interesting concept. The Gletcher NGT pellet pistol with a rifled barrel is remarkably close to the original. The pellet variety was the one I wanted and the one I got. Shoots well in both single and double action. The trigger pull of my original was almost the same in both single and double action. A little more "authentic" markings would have added some realism, but I am not complaining, this is one of the nicest additions to my CO2 collection. Get one while you can. Oh, and true to the original, this little pellet pistol does not have any unauthentic safety "device" added.

Right on authentic copy. In black looks very good Nice grips, they even feel like the original wooden ones Nice being able to load pellets without taking "cartridges" out of the cylinder

Really none I can think of, this is an air pistol. Only thing missing on this is the odd long firing pin on the originals- no big deal.

By NewtonUSASeptember 11, 2015

I am well pleased with the revolver, this one being the rifled barrel model for use with pellets. Loading and unloading the brass shells is easy. This revolver is a good copy of the real Nagant revolver, comparing it alongside my Russian gun. The only thing missing is the true gas-sealing action with the cylinder moving forward as it is cocked, though it appears to have a slight movement. The Nagant's odd "twist & push" ejector rod works similar to the real thing, though has not been needed to unload, as the polished brass cases slide right out. Overall weight and feel are very close. It perfectly fits the Nagant holster. Trigger pull is better than the real Nagant, though not too easy. Accuracy is promising. I haven't shot it much yet, about four cylinders full. First group was large, but tightened considerably as I got used to it. Using RWS Diabolo Basic .177 pellets, the final two groups had five shots cloverleafed and two slight fliers each, at about 12 feet shooting distance. I heartily recommend this air pistol to those who want a very good copy of a historically interesting pistol that shoots well.

Very close to the original. Good accuracy using good pellets.

The markings, basically. Detracts from the realism. If it weren't for this, I could hand this pistol to my buddy (who owns a real Nagant) and he wouldn't know the difference.

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