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Hatsan Mod 135 Vortex QE

Available in 0.1770.220.250.30Including the .30 cal Carnivore, the world's first big bore break barrel
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Sometimes things are just made because they can be made. Add to that list the world's first .30 caliber break-barrel, part of the Carnivore series, the new caliber added to Hatsan?s premier break barrel Model 135. The Mod 135?s include everything that makes Hatsan break barrel?s special, including their Vortex gas piston, Turkish Walnut stock with adjustable Monte Carlo comb, fiber optic open sights, their highly regarded QuietEnergy barrels, and their equally acclaimed Quattro Trigger.

A handsome gun no matter what caliber you prefer, though I dare you to resist owning the world's first big bore break barrel. We were able to obtain 30 ft lbs of energy using the .30 caliber beast. And you shouldn?t have to worry about it chewing up scopes as long as you have a decent air gun rated scope on top. We were surprised that the double recoil was much less than other high power magnum power break barrels!

Hatsan 135 Vortex QE Air Rifle Features
  • Vortex gas-piston
  • QuietEnergy barrel technologyQuattro 2-stage adjustable match trigger (adj. for trigger-pull weight- first stage- second stage & length of travel)
  • 11mm and Weaver optics rail with scope stop
  • Fixed red TruGlo® fiber optic front sight
  • Fully adjustable green TruGlo® fiber optic rear sight
  • Anti-beartrap mechanism
  • Automatic safety
  • Right-hand Turkish walnut Monte Carlo stock with adjustable cheek piece
  • Checkered pistol grip and forearm
  • Rubber recoil pad with SAS (Shock Absorber System) that reduces vibration9.60 lbs.

Here are the benefits of a Vortex gas-piston powerplant over a coiled metal mainspring
  • Smoother cocking
  • Smoother shooting
  • No spring torque
  • No spring fatigue- even if you leave it cocked for hours
  • Functions perfectly in cold weather
  • Lasts longer than a metal spring
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Hatsan Mod 135 Vortex QE
65 Reviews
80% (52)
11% (7)
6% (4)
3% (2)
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92% Recommend this product (60 of 65 responses)
By Daniel
Laveen village, AZ
Just got mine April 11 2016
April 16, 2016
I am on the forum known as bigcaliberairguns and this thing is a hammer. Not only is it powerful for being a vortex piston break barrel but it's shooting 44 Or 50gr .30 cal pellets to be hunting accurate. First day I got it I zeroed her out and shot a pesty squirrel and a few Eurasians. The sound hitting it's target was louder than the actual shot itself. So far I am impressed what this bigbore break barrel can do. I want to thank AGD for their great service, my local AOA store, and JSB for the .30 cal pellets. Also you might want to cancel your gym membership because once you start cocking this beast it's all you need for a great work out.
ProsIts shooting a .30 cal pellet what's not to like..
ConsThe cheek piece advise not to have it up to high. When you tighten it down it tends to tilt to one side due to the pressure of the screws keeping it tight from the side. Wood stock is way to nice. I am afraid to ding and scratch it up when I am out hunting it's so nice. Maybe make a synthetic stock to sell separate for us hunters to install and not worry about the nice walnut stock getting all marked up..
By Jim
Sanford, NC
Handsome, strong, accurate
December 29, 2019
Nice piece for the money - right out of the box. Wood stock is unusually well done for this price. All the metal is properly machined and finished. A handsome ,22 cal. air rifle.
ProsAccuracy is most important to me. Followed by power. My indoor range is set up at 41-feet. After a somewhat tiresome period of adjusting the trigger and 'breaking it in' . . . and zeroing the scope . . . it shoots consistently tiny, one-hole groups with a couple of different pellets - from the bench. The trigger is a bit heavy for off-hand shooting.
ConsHeavy trigger, heavy rifle.
Best UsesPlinking, small-game hunting.
By Mike B.
Everything was great, except for the wood finish.
November 20, 2019
Very well built rifle. Solid, accurate and trigger was excellent. The only problem was with the finish on the wood. It seemed to be the same as inexpensive furniture with the stain mixed with the finish and when the finish came off the color did also.
ProsReview and Comments
ConsReview and Comments
Best UsesHunting and plinking.
By Mark
Beautiful Very Solid Break Barrel Air-Rifle With A Ton of Power!
November 1, 2019
Just got my .22 here in October 2019. Upon opening the box you instantly see the beautiful medium brown Turkish walnut stock (doesn't have that reddish hue a lot of pics on the internet show), it truly is a work of art that you have to see/hold to appreciate. Picking it up you definitely can feel it has weight to it, yet it feels well balanced to be near 10lbs. I mounted a 40mm Bushnell Trophy onto the weaver/11mm rail using a set of Leupold high see through mounts (which works out great with this rifle), then took it outside to see how it fired. Cocking this beast does take some serious effort, but there's a nice smoothness to it that I know will ease up once it's broken in. After putting in a Diablo Exact I pulled the trigger and POW followed by a kick back into my shoulder, this thing really is a BEAST! Let me point out that it's not too loud though, and the recoil is not too bad either, but yes this thing means all business and lets you know right from the start it is not a toy! The 2 stage adjustable trigger felt great right out of the box. I couldn't be happier with this rifle, and I can't wait to take it out into the woods. In my opinion this is the best break barrel air rifle money can buy in its price ranger, bar none!
ProsVery powerful, beautiful stock and barrel, solidly built, adjustable 2 stage trigger, universal weaver/11mm dovetail rail, nice fiber-optic sights with adjustable rear, adjustable cheek rest, adjustable recoil butt pad, sling mounts, scope stop (removable), good warranty.
ConsTakes real strength to cock (I've heard gets much better after broken in), a bit heavy, does not come with scope or sling (mounts only).
Best UsesTo be determined, but I'm guessing this will take out anything from a pesky bird all the way up to a hog and possibly even a small deer.
By Alex
Love it!
October 12, 2019
This rifle puts out a significant amount of power, and is very accurate. It looks great as well. Cocking is stout, and it wears on you when shooting many times.
I have found it is extremely accurate to about 100 yards or a tad bit further. I can hit a 6 inch gong, at 120 time after time, with no problem.
All in all, it is worth it, it is a large caliber air gun after all. I would definitely recommend to friends and would purchase again.
ProsAccuracy, power
ConsCocking after many rounds fired, becomes tiring. Needs a sling.
Best UsesMedium game, out to about 100 yards or target shooting
By Anthony P.
Palmyra, Virginia
Hatsan 135/30 caliber Conivore
September 6, 2019
As a Marine from the 70s I know a thing or two about rifles, this Hatsan 135/30 caliber that I got today is great out of the box I set up a can blew a huge hole in it at 15 yards so I got s piece of treated decking board at 30 yards I blew a hole through it so I came into the house and looked at the check and performance sheet that came with it it's pumping out 590 fps not 550 I am so glad I bought this beast if you dont own one then buy one trust me you'll be glad you did
ProsHitting where I aimed out of the box, it's simply a Beautiful rifle makes a big hole
Best UsesHunting small and medium game up to a small deer where legal
By William
San Antonio, Texas
Shoots Hard, Gorgeous Walnut Stock, Quiet, & Little Recoil
August 19, 2019
This is a solid big bore gas ram air rifle. It reminded me how much I like air rifles. I haven't hunted with it yet but I look forward to it. It should be more than sufficient for anything smaller than a coyote or large hog. It definitely takes strength to break the barrel but it isn't as bad as some people say. I am 5'10" and can do it sitting on the ground just fine. The open sights are good but made of plastic. I had to adjust them but now it's dead on at 30 yds. It's about 80 shots in and still being broken in but that's to be expected. I recommend this to anyone not quite ready for turning to the "dark side" that is PCP air rifles. I hadn't had this for long until I ordered a PCP but I will be keeping this and enjoying it with friends that have other Hatsan break barrels. The walnut stock does mark easily but you have to get over that. It just shows character. I do recommend using a sling that does not have metal attachment components though as that will mark it up much faster.
ProsBeautiful Walnut Stock Powerful Slight Recoil Quiet Adjustable Cheek Rest Great Value
ConsPlastic Sights Walnut Marks Easily Sling Not Included
Best Uses1. Hunting 2. Blowing Up Cans 3. Target Shooting
By John
San Diego
Nice Rifle !
June 7, 2019
Every aspect of this rifle is very good !
ProsEverything !
ConsPlastic safety switch and somewhat difficult to cock
Best UsesBe an Elmer Fudd !
By william
Beautiful break barrel
May 20, 2019
Hatsan did an excellent job with this breakbarrel. Unreal power and acuracy. Super fun to shoot with more than enough power.
Prosbig bore breakbarrel all you need is pellets, and maybe a scope. plenty of power
Consits a little on the heavy side, and it can be a bear to cock,but thats ok for the power you get with this rifle.
Best Usestargets or hunting up to medium prey like coons,rabbits,possum, etc
By Wheat H.
FPS is not everthing .30 cal
January 22, 2019
When your pellet makes more noise then the rifle itself, i think you have monster. This gun is very accurate because if the wieght of the pellet. It does alot of damage to. Do not be scared of the cocking effort, 50lbs sounds like alot but after you shoot it for a bit you will get used to it. Plus you have to break it in.
ProsAccurate,devastating,FUN. Poly mags work the best in my gun.
ConsAt this time of the review, there are only two different types of pellets. Dome and predator pollymages. I would like to see Hnn hornets in
Best UsesHunting but you can have a great time plinking to.
By Micah
Kauai, Hawaii
Strong powerful rifle when new
January 7, 2019
I purchased the .30 caliber version of this rifle. Got too shoot a total of 200 rounds flawlessly. About a year later i pulled it from my safe to do some plinking but the gun had zero power. Im guessing the piston has a leak in it. I would recommend getting the springer model and not the vortex model's as i have heard of others with the same problem.
By Edosan
San Jose, CA
Hatsan QE 135 Vortex .30cal.
December 31, 2018
First and foremost, I would like to thank all the folks you made their honest reviews for this product and Air Gun Depot for carrying this item on sale.
My QE 135 came in already pre-sighted in with it's adjustable iron sights and ready to shoot. I was smiling from ear to ear after seeing how much power this thing can deliver. The 50.15 grains JSB Match Diablo pellets goes right through the heavy gauge fruit cans with a 1/2' diameter hole on exit, wow
I intend to shoot freehand with open sights for hunting so I'm happy to find out this rifle is easy to hold on balance and its very stable due to it's weight. My rifle doesn't seem to be artillery hold sensitive at sub 20 yard shots. I'm very pleased with my Hatsan's finish quality and gorgeous Walnut stock. I'm looking forward to seeing how she does at 50 yards with open sights to see if I can get by without having to buys a scope. Please keep in mind the QE 135 is meant to be used as a self reliant hunting rifle for those multi day back packing trips in the woods without having to carry any additional air supplies. Don't be discouraged by the heavy cocking effort of this rifle, Albeit that it was extremely hard with the first dozen tries at first until the Vortex piston wears in a bit. The cocking effort is very smooth and very manageable as I develop muscle strength and technique with my mere 150lb. soaking wet body ,mass. I use one of my thigh and both arms with hands as far down to the barrel (to avoid over-loading the suppressor), while cocking the Hatsan to avoid from tiring out. Thank you for your time and good luck
ProsPacks a big punch with the 50.15 gr. JSB Exact pellets Very steady due to the weight, not as sensitive for using the Artillery hold to be able to shoot accurately. The Vortex piston is smooth at dray and the shock absorbent system is affective at reducing the recoil. The stock with the fully adjustable butt plate is a great option. The cheek adjustment is not needed in my case with open sights The Walnut stock fish is very pleasing to look at. It might be possible to raise the Vortex air piston pressure to add more speed and power in the future.
ConsMy rifle did not ship with the Hatsan strap :( Having to stock up on the 30cal pellets because of the limited supply. I would like to see it loose some weight for trekking long distance to higher elevations.
Best UsesFor multi day hunting trips without having to stress on a limited air supply. For hunting game where a hard hitting pellet can increase the chance harvesting game. To be able to hunt the California Condor and future statewide non lead bullet requirement starting in 2019 for small games. The new bullets are in short supply.
By Rick
2 year review
December 7, 2018
Ive had my 135 in .22 since Jan 2017, just shy of two years. I have shot less than 500 rounds through it. Due to work schedule, etc. etc. I had put it in the safe last year and just recently pulled it out for some more fun.

No bueno. No pressure. Apparently, the vortex cylinder in mine has leaked and gun is unusable. Also well outside warranty.

Was a solid rifle when first received, but reliability leaves much to be desired.
Prosheavy duty built like a tank powerful
Consquestionable reliability for the vortex gas cylinder
By Doug
Freesoil Michigan
Best energy down range, and accurate.
October 21, 2018
After finding a scope that holds zero on this gun and practice shooting it, I am getting pretty confident even up to 75 yards. You will need a scope with at least 5 mill dots to do that, but 2" targets can be hit consistently at 75 yards,(standing in a door jam, not a bag), and still probably have about 25 fpe. I did not crony 75 yards yet, but I did from muzzle to 32 yards, (where I set zero for this gun). I made 31 fpe at the muzzle, and 29 fpe at 32 yards with the 50.15 gr. JSB's. It may not be the most powerful break barrel at the muzzle, (some .25 cal's beat it by a pound or two), but because of the heavier pellet, it will have more energy down range where it counts. The most power down range, able to hit game with a loud "thud" at 75 yards, what else can you ask for out of a break barrel gun? We will get to that in the "Con's"
ProsOf course, the most energy you get down range as a break barrel gun. 11mm dovetail, and weaver rails. Use the Weaver. Some people don't, but I like the automatic safety. The stock is beautiful. The barrel lock seems to do a really good job, almost no slop in the joint.
ConsKeep in mind this is a $300 gun, and as a manufacturing expert myself, I don't expect every component to be great stuff. The cons are nothing that can't be worked out, (and worth it), and I think I have shot enough shots, (thousands) to find them all. I had 2 guns, sent the first one back mostly because of the front sight. 1) The front sight was rotated left around the barrel to such an extent that I had to adjust the windage almost all the way to the left. The second gun was better, but still not as good as it should be. I wanted to scope the gun anyway, and took the sights off. The rear sight is plastic, but again, it is a $300 gun. 2) I got a strap, and the metal clips will scratch the wonderful stock. The gun is heavy, so if your walking, you would want to find another strap that probably won't say "Hatsan". 3) This gun will destroy most scopes. A cheap one, ($100), that will hold up and zero,(over 700 shots with this one) and comes with weaver mounts, is the "UTG True Hunter 3-9X40" It gas a lot of features, and that does come at the expense of quality, (vague clickers), and it has short eye clearance for this gun, but once you find zero and it settles in, the thing will hold zero. Using it now for 75 yards for weeks on end with no adjustments so far. I am switching to a Leupold, with better glass, much more precise clickers and better eye clearance for this gun. 4) I had a problem with the cross bolt that still persists a bit. They say it does not come lose, but it does. If you make the mistake of tightening it up by turning the sling ring, you will jam the crown nut into the little lock screw and you will have to drill out the little lock screw if you want to remove it. It is not that the bolt comes loose, but the wood stock is compressing under the bolt washers. I no longer use the little lock screw, and just tighten the crown nut with a large flat blade screw driver about every 20 shots. I do this because as it got loose and locked on the lock screw, I broke a bolt. The dealership sent me a new bolt, and now I keep it tight enough to not be able to turn the sling ring. So far, so good.
Best UsesIt will hit anything any other break barrel will hit, only harder. Great for small game to 75 yards, (if you learn to shoot it well, and medium game under 50 yards because it is accurate enough and makes the energy you need. The pellet drops a lot, so you will get good at using mill dots. For example, zeroed at 32 yards, I use 4.5 mill dots at 75 yards. But from 15 to 40 yards, it is pretty much right on the money. You get used to the cocking effort also, but is a bit of a shoulder workout. After you get used to it, shooting a lot should not be a problem.
By Mark
Creole, LA
Great addition to the family!
July 31, 2018
Sure its kinda hard to cock,

but for those of us that don't let that get in the way of enjoying real power, this Rifle is a great purchase!

It is pretty darn accurate open sights if you hold on to it.

I'll be putting the scope on it as soon as my sighting bench arrives.

When you hit small game, it knocks them over!

Very happy I purchased this Rifle!

Pros.30 cal packs a mean punch for this break-barrel
Consnone so far great Rifle
Best UsesYou can use this Rifle for many things as it never runs out of air. Great for keeping all kinds of pests away from the family.
By Tousseant H.
It's called the carnivore she's called the beast to me
July 30, 2018
Okay hot sign outdid themselves with this break barrel 30 caliber 44 or 50 grain pellets knock them down open sights on this rifle or great can't wait to outfit it with a scope definitely a good hunting rifle for small-to-medium game
ProsNice-looking rifle good open sights nice trigger the Turkish Walnut is Olmos to nice to take out into the elements but for the price I would buy another one
ConsDoesn't come with a scope or a sling 50 grain pellets or a little costly but worth it
By Daniel T.
Powerful Rifle.
July 15, 2018
I have the .22 version of this rifle. It is very accurate and drops small game right where they are. The end of the butt stock ,recoil pad, or whatever its called is always falling off. The bolt provided doesn't grip into anything so it just sort of rests there until it gets bumped off. If it were not for that I would have rated higher.
By Curt
Hatsan 135 .30 Caliber
June 14, 2018
I received this pellet rifle in the mail 2 weeks ago and I could not be happier. This pellet rifle is the hammer of Thor for pellet guns and quickly and effectively dispatches large pests. I was unbelievably impressed with the power and penetration of the pellets on my target. For the money, it is surprising to get this kind of quality and accuracy. The Finish is like a high quality hunting rifle as well as the feel and weight. If you are considering this rifle, consider it a done deal. This pellet rifle is now my favorite of all of mine.
ProsFive stars, absolutely amazing pellet rifle with high quality and high-power!
ConsNothing, I've heard many people complain about cocking this rifle but it's not that bad. All it is is a specific technique that you will figure out quickly.
Best UsesExtremely effective against large pests. Will dispatch nuisance rabbits in an instant. Accuracy is unbelievably good for a rifle at this price. I would highly recommend this rifle.
By Curt
Hatsan. 30 135
June 3, 2018
This airgun is the hammer of Thor of all pellet rifles. Without a doubt the best pellet rifle I have ever owned, and takes out pests with authority. Amazing quality! If you have been debating purchasing this air rifle, you have nothing to worry about. I highly recommend this air rifle for pest control and target shooting.
ProsQuality, performance, power.
ConsNothing, you will be pleasantly surprised and pleased.
Best UsesI purchased this rifle specifically for dispatching small pests. It works perfectly and humanely.
By Mike Y.
Upstate, NY
Can't beat the power and the accuracy! Pure Fun!
May 13, 2018
I was very pleased when I opened the box when my .30 caliber Hatsan Model 135 arrived! I was more pleased when I squeezed off that first of several rounds I fired during that initial session. With the heft and the strength it took to cock that first round, I expected a considerable report from the rifle, but again I was pleased. A minor cough was all the big rifle emitted! I used the iron sights for my first hundred, or so rounds before I mounted my scope. I selected a scope which has survived all my other magnum break barrel and so far it can handle the softened recoil of the 135. I was, in fact, very impressed with the accuracy off the big rifle. I can describe the impact of the .30 caliber Hatsan as a trip! The impact of the .30 cal. pellets has turned some of my swinging metal targets into something resembling a soup spoon from the intense impact of the 50 grain pellets striking the center of the target! I just turn them around to shoot them back into shape! Yes, the .30 cal. is a hoot!
ConsThe only negative aspect of the Hatsan 135 is the increased strength required to cock the rifle. A person who does have above average strength will likely have no trouble with the rifle whereas a person of lighter build would probably not enjoy the power of the 135 as some other people might. I have no problem cocking the rifle so my friends who cannot cock the rifle, so they can enjoy the experience of sending a .30 caliber pellet downrange!
By douglas r.
April 10, 2018
power of this breakbarrel is excellent. I read reviews from some folks about it being to hard to pump, I think these people need to work out a little more, it is not that difficult and I have heard it gets even easier after it breaks in. It is accurate and not to loud to use in your backyard just use at least a half an inch plywood behind your target for safety. love this air rifle. well worth the money
Consa little heavy
By Joe D.
Harvard, MA
Hatsan Mod 135 Vortex QE .30 Cal
March 15, 2018
After a short wait to get them in stock, my .30 cal arrived. It is a beautiful gun. I ordered it with JSB Diabolo Exact domed .30 cal 44.76g, 50.15g and Predator Polymag 44.75g pointed pellets. Because we just had 22 inches of snow, it fired it across the basement using a .22 cal rim fire rated Champion bullet trap as the stop. My smoothest shooting springer is my .22 Cal RWS Diana 460 fixed barrel underlever rifle. I have to say, the .30 Cal Vortex is right up there in being a very smooth firing rifle. Using the 135 Vortex steadied on a firing stick, although all rifles are a tad different in handling pellets, I found the JSB Diabolo Exact 44.75 domed pellets the most accurate. Across the basement, I made consistent dime sized groups, dead-on into the center of the black with open sites. Without making any adjustments, the 50.15g JSBs hit maybe an inch lower at 4 o'clock but in a wider quarter sized group. The Predator Polymag pointed 44.75G hits around two inches at 4 o'clock, but with more of a horizontal line maybe around 1.5 inches in length. So, for this gun, the 44.75g JSBs are very, very accurate and consistent. When the snow melts, I'll take it outside and sight it in at 24 yards with the 44.76g JSBs. Just a FYI, besides the paperwork, manual, a bag with the scope stops and a bag with the trigger Allen wrenches, there were a loose larger Allen wrench and a metal quarter sized piece, with some cutouts (picture attached). The AGD folks identified what they were for (not in the manual). The larger Allen wrench was for disassembling the gun and the metal disc was for doing the shoulder stock cheek adjustment. All in all, I am very pleased with the Hatsan 135 .30 cal Vortex.
ProsHard hitting, beautiful workmanship and quality, very smooth firing and accurate. While around 50 pounds needed to cock the rifle, it is a very smooth and solid action.
ConsWhile heavy, it is nice Hatsan provides a sling which helps in the field carrying the rifle.
Best UsesHunting.
By J
White Plains NY
Too soon to tell
March 15, 2018
It looks good and shoots well. Had to get used to the sights. In bright sunlight the sights glow so bright you can't see the target. Something like this should be reviewed at least one year after purchase, not less than one month later. But you already know that. I won't know for sure just how good the rifle is till I've owned it and used it for more time. Because of this reason all your reviews are worthless. Most reviews are too soon.
ProsIt still works.
ConsSights are no good except in certain type of light. Too bright of shadows and you can forget hitting anything. In just the right light the sights are really good. The need to get fancy ruined a perfectly good rifle.
Best UsesShooting
By Tom
Pasadena, CA
The Hatsan 135 QE Vortex is Awesome!
January 4, 2018
I researched the heck out of this gun prior to purchasing it. Had to wait a bit for it to get into stock, as it had been sold out. My first shots out of the box were dead-on accurate. After putting around 600 shots through it, the groups tightened even more. Cocking the gun isn't nearly as tough as some make it sound (and I'm just an average sized guy). The fit and finish is very nice. After around 1200 rounds, I have yet to have to tighten a screw on the gun (although my scope screws needed some lock-tight). Once scoped, this beast is deadly accurate. I absolutely love it and am extremely happy with my purchase. Airgun Depot was a pleasure to deal with as well. I would buy products from them again (and have) without hesitation. I'd give the Hatsan 135 QE Vortex 6 stars if I could!
By ray d.
hard hitting
January 2, 2018
feels like a full size rifle nice wood and checkering
out of box shot 2 inches right at 30 yards
Prosone shot kill squirrels and possums sight adjustment easy
Consheavy caulking hard
By mike
hernando, FL
November 18, 2017
By Jeffrey B.
Beautiful and Powerful
November 3, 2017
The 1st gun sent was defective with little to no compression. AirgunDepot replaced it immediately with no hassle. The new gun, .25 cal., is as exactly advertised. Beautiful walnut stock, very heavy (before adding another 1.5 lb. scope) which will make it more stable using a gun rest, and hard to cock but that is necessary to build up the pressure. Hopefully that will loosen up a bit or I will get stronger. Not real quiet but acceptably loud.
ProsLooks, quality of workmanship, power
ConsHeavy and hard to cock. before addi
By Dan
Powerful for a .22
July 10, 2017
I am very pleased with this rifle. I went with the 22 because I was afraid the larger calibers would cost me accuracy. The quality is there. Once sighted in it shoots consistently for me in a quarter sized group for about as far out as I can see with an open site. For small game it passed clear through leaving a large hole using the hollow point pellets with the red tip. Cocking is firm but very doable if you are reasonably fit. It is very heavy. I wouldn't want to carry it a long distance. It fits me well being 6'2". I tried to let my 12 year old son have a go bit it was too large for him to handle. I think I will be able to enjoy this lasting for many years.
ProsAccurate. Powerful. High velocity compared to many. 22s. Good quality build. Nice looking wood stock. Simple operation.
ConsHeavy. Maybe too big for a small person.
By Dan
Middleport, NY
Beast from the East
July 6, 2017
I own the .30 caliber model. It's really great to shoot such a large round out of a break barrel. The gun is well built and accurate.
ProsBeautiful. HARD hitting. Accurate up to about 30 yards with open sights.
ConsHeavy. Limited pellet choice. Hard to cock.
By Chris
Howell, MIchigan
.30 beast mode!
June 24, 2017
Don't let the fps fool you....this thing is a hammer! Makes shooting my .25 and .22 feel like toys. This thing will kill just about anything you can hit with it, even at 100 yards. I've been shooting a pine tree in my yard at 70 yards with the iron sights (dead on from factory) and the pellets just bury themselves while leaving a huge hole. They blow out the side of it when hitting close to the edge. I was worried before purchasing this gun that the fps is so low I would probably see the pellet flying through the air.....not the case. If you're anything like me and think maybe getting the .25 would be better, you are wrong. I bought the .25 version and the .30 on the same day and wished I never would of bought the .25 as this has everything I was looking for in a break barrel air rifle used for hunting. The .25 seems lame when compared to this gun and you could use this for home protection with no worries at all. The pellets expand to a .50 bmg size when hitting hard targets and for anyone who thinks the fps is too low for proper pellet are wrong about that as well. The size of the pellet makes trajectory path very consistent and predictable....which also makes this thing fun to shoot with a mil dot scope at ranges beyond 40-50 yards. If you are on the fence about this gun as I was (why I got the .25 and .30 at the same time), don't be. This thing brings closure to the pursuit of more power and accuracy out of a break barrel once and for all and you absolutely won't have any regrets.
ProsThe gun is beautiful, the iron sights are amazing and it truly feels like a steel at under $300. Makes me wonder if the women in Turkey are this fine and this cheap?
ConsMutilated meat in smaller game.
By Joe
Hard Hitter
June 8, 2017
Beautiful walnut stock, as a matter of fact the wood is exceptional. It's a hard hitter. Target practice, shooting into a 1/2 in plywood, blows right through. It's a 30 cal. That's what sold me. Could of bought the .25, by why.
ProsBeatiful walnut wood. Dead on at 20 yards, open sights. I'm use to hard cocking guns, this is the most difficult, but very manageable. Shooting 25 rounds and cocking,no problem. Will build up the biceps. Small game under 30 yards......deadly. Pellets, not much of a selection, but who cares. It's a 30 cal. Love it! Been shooting airgun for 50 years. This gun excites me.p
ConsNot a beginner gun. Sights were off. Shoots to the right. Had to move rear sight all the way to the left. If using a scope , it's a non issue.once sighted in, it's very accurate. Beyond 30 yards, you will have to compensate.
By Eddie
Crawford, GA
Absolutely awesome airgun
May 24, 2017
I called airgun depot a short while ago and spoke to Matt Zimmerman an absolutely exemplary salesman very knowledgeable and helpful... he helped me place my order he made everything so very,very easy I will definitely be ordering from him again... A big thanks Matt!!! And now about the gun, it was packaged extremely well apron opening the gun, it wasn't like any airgun in its realm I had seen absolutely beautiful stock the blueing was flawless I like the weight of the gun and the feel, I would have to say true craftsmanship. I got the scope mounted a utg 4x16x44 sniper, so far a simply fabulous scope very clear together it looks like a very nice weapon... I cleaned the barrel made a quick target and shot it at pax 25yds my first shot was right on the edge of the bullseye as were all of the shots I took. I didn't have much time to shoot but I am extremely pleased with everything about this rifle. Little to no recoil, not loud at all and holds so solid and firm... I can't wait to shoot it more I know it will bring me a lot of pleasure in the years to come... Thanks Hatsan for such a wonderful airgun!!!
ProsEverything about this rifle is a pro to me. The look, the stock, the operation, the accuracy, the solid build, just everything it is a great great airgun!!! Don't wait guys order one today I don't think you'll be disappointed..
ConsI so far can't think of a single con unless it's that I don't have enough time to shoot it...
By plamen
belmont ca
May 24, 2017
hi i got this hatsan 30 cal i went to the shooting range i shot on 25 an 50 yards no scope on 25 is fine kick so much on 50 yards suck so far from 20 shots i only got one in lol.the pallets flying to 100 yrda i see dust smoke on the ground that at least is good.i cant see the target very well on 50 yrds so i order a scope and after i go again i will make review i hope its gonna be fine on 50 thats all i wont.i forgot the riflr its come from airgun depot it was having oil wen i shoot is coming smoke .on the shooting range the ranger tell me doesnt have to do that its half oil on the barrow i need to clean that oil from the barrow lol. the rifle is beautiful i like it. all i wont after i mount the scope to hit the target on 50 yards
Excellent Adult Air Rifle
May 17, 2017
Upon opening box, this beast feels great in hands. Not too heavy and can easily be shot freehand. First time cocking this I knew this was a serious air gun. Cocking force is on the harder side compared to small bore air guns. I love the fiber optic hard sights. Shot about 75 polymags on 1st day owning the carnivore and they pack a punch. Jsbs are on backorder so I will test them soon. Sound is slightly louder then the gamo whisper. Recoil is much more noticeable however. Shoots a 1.5 inch group at 25 yards freehand.
ProsCraftmanship, real wood stock. Accurate, Big Bore Break Barrel, Fiber optic sights. Not hold sensitive.
ConsAdj. Cheek weld becomes loose and requires tightening periodically. Limited ammo selection.
By Thomas S.
Hatsan 135 in .25 Caliber is King of the Breakbarrels
May 5, 2017
After reading the reviews of others who posted on this site I chose the .25 caliber Hatsan 135 over the .30 caliber for two simple reasons-- the choices in cost effective ammo and the ability to reach out beyond 25 yards with minimal bullet drop. Plus I wanted a .25 caliber gun as a backup to my .25 caliber PCP Air Force Condor. I'm still experimenting with different types of ammo, but initially I started out comparing the relatively lightweight GMO Predator in 17 grain against the H & N Hollow Point in 26 grain. Both the gun and the ammo delivered accuracy and power with the main difference being the H & N hollow points grouped 1 1/2 inches higher than the GMO Predators. One would think it would be the other way around given the Predator's flat trajectory- that's why you have to test each bullet's behavior, especially before going on a hunt. As you can see from the pictures the hollow points achieved maximum expansion vs the GMOs which excelled in distance and penatration. Incidentally, the GMO pellets achieved much greater velocities than the 750 fps advertised by Hatsan- plus they were highly accurate. I've tried other lightweight pellets before and none had the desired accuracy required for hunting, but these pellets do. I would definitely take them on a hog hunt. One shot behind the ear, breaking the skull of the hog, going through the brain- done deal. For all other hunts I would use the various types of hollow points available. Like I said you have a lot of choices in .25 caliber. There's so much power in this gun bullet expansion can range up to about .40 caliber . . . which makes the .30 caliber Hatsan, in my opinion, a sort of gee whiz novelty rather than a versatile weapon with multiple practical applications. It's all about the ammo folks and the ability of the shooter.
ProsPower, accuracy, and multiple options as far as bullet selection goes. It's a beautiful rifle & fun as hell to shoot.
ConsIt's Vortex engine requires a lot of strength and technique, but hey, who cares? It can take down a hog for goodness sakes!
By Jerry S.
fun to
March 28, 2017
very fun to shoot very happy
By Melvin B.
Monster Air Rifle
January 29, 2017
This air rifle shoots pretty well with iron sight impact high and to right at 30m adjust sights almost dead on.
Very solidly built air rifle. Beautiful turkish walnut stock, Trigger pull is fairly nice,
shot average 503 fps w/JSB 50.15gr. pellets 533.00 fps w/Poly Mag 44.75gr. pellets, 534.35fps w/vortex 44.75gr. pellets.
This air rifle scope mount system is not to bad, mounted a 4x16x40 w/AO Center Point Scope 1-1/2"-2" groups @45-50 meters.
ProsThis Air Rifle is tough to cock, will wear you out if target shooting for a long period of time. Rifle is heavy even without a scope.
ConsNot much of a choice on pellets Pellets are expensive. Wish they would make a non-lead pellet to increase velocity.
By Eric
Lafayette Colorado
January 27, 2017
After I saw a review online of the Hatsan 135 30 cal I knew I had to have one. This rifle does not disappoint. It throws large chunks of lead with authority. This rifle is heavy, hard to cock, and kicks, but who cares when you hear the smack on the pellet hitting the target with so much energy. This rifle required some break in time for things to settle down for some respectable accuracy. Looking forward to some small game hunting. The Hatsan 30 cal will do the trick.
ProsHits with authority
ConsNot many pellet options
By Steve
Pittsford, NY
Holy _______! (insert expletive here)
January 24, 2017
Rightly or wrongly (hope it doesn't void the warranty), I dry fired this with the butt end on the floor and the barrel muzzle pointed towards the ceiling and the recoil kicked the gun at least 4 inches of the ground. Snow where I live, so only took a few shots outside, but from at least 50 yards, when I pointed and fired at a 3 foot diameter slice of poplar about two inches thick, it knocked a huge wedge out. Don't know if the temperature contributed or not, but holy $%#! Even better, my 13 year old son who loves air guns is afraid to shoot it after seeing that. I don't know what he thinks can happen, but he figures it is too much gun for him. Hilarious. This gun is a monster, and I love it.
ProsIt is incredible.
ConsIt is heavy and requires a lot of strength to cock it. Not really a con, just a few things to n\be aware of when you buy it.
By Chris
New York.
The best I've ever used.
January 22, 2017
This is the best break-barrel air rifle I have ever used in my entire life. It feels like it should cost 3 or 4 times as much as it does. Cocking is heavy, but smooth, and isn't as bad once you get used to it. Trigger is excellent, very smooth and breaks like glass. My gun prefers the predator polymag, and it's very accurate with them. The power of the gun is incredible, capable of punching through a metal garbage can and piercing clean through a woodchuck on a heart shot.

If you want to hunt with a break barrel, work you way up to this big girl, because it hits less like a rifle and more like a hand-held pneumatic cannon. This gun can do it all.
ProsAccurate, powerful, not too loud, well balanced, fit and finish is beautiful, easy to use in wooded areas due to short barrel. Trigger is wonderful, sights are clear and crisp.
ConsThe recoil is very harsh, and may be an issue if you want to mount scopes. I prefer the excellent open sights, so that's not a problem for me. Also note that the point of impact drops at distances beyond about 25 yards, so learn where to hold and you'll be fine.
By Chris A.
Fredericksburg, Virginia
January 17, 2017
Picked up a 135 vortex qe in .30 from AirgunDepot!! Thanks again!! This rifle is incredible! The .30 really has a lot of punch, easily punches thru pine 1x6 at 30 yards! Don't hesitate pick one up for yourself! Hatsan makes a rifle you can't be disappointed with! I didn't find the cooking effort to be bad at all, I can easily cock the 135 with one arm. It's a incredible rifle for the money!
Pros.30 caliber punch! Beautiful stock! Really a quality rifle for the money! Only tested to 30 yards but seems to be very accurate with the fiber optic sights.
ConsNothing! Grab a real quality pellet rifle!
By Gerald
Catawba, WI
Love The rifle
January 15, 2017
Get a honest 500fps with the 50gr pellet ,accurate ,and will do anything a 22short rim fire will at intended range with more killing power (Taylors k.o. formula) that's the hunting facts if looking to use the rifle for that purpose, been a gunsmith for many years and this is a fun small game hunting rifle.
ProsNice trigger, sights are good ,and the fun of air rifle hunting
ConsBit heavy, but that's the way it is for spring/gas piston power
By Daniel
Kingsland, Ga
Hatsan model 135 QE .30 Cal.
January 12, 2017
There is nothing like opening the box and seeing this riffle for the first time. Absolutely beautiful Turkish Walnut stock, wonderful checkering, solid well built feel that is second to none! Lets get to shooting this beast, the cocking effort is a bit more than my Model 95 springer, but not much. After 20 or 30 shots it does tend to wear on you, but that is made up with the fun you will have shooting this riffle. I am using the Poly Mag 44.75 since the JSB's are on back order, and I can say that the accuracy is dead on. A few clicks on elevation, and 4 clicks left correction this thing was shooting straight as an arrow at 30 yards open sights out of the box. Hatsan has done it again by creating a fantastic addition to their break barrel line up. Wow what a air gun this is!
ProsLargest caliber break barrel in the world, beautiful craftsmanship, solid feel, straight shooting. Whats not to like about this gun. I catch myself laughing while loading and shooting, truly a fun air riffle to shoot.
ConsNot really a con, but I will warn you as some have already, this is not a light gun. Weighing in at almost 10 pounds, if you plan on carrying long distances for hunting, get a sling, you will need one. I myself like the weight, it helps with the recoil and stability while shooting.
By SteveK
A Well Made, High Quality Gem
January 11, 2017
This is a VERY beautiful rifle! It is powerful and requires a lot of effort to put the power in.
This rifle is NOT for children or 77 yr old men. However, I am a 77 yr old man and I knew what I was getting into.

I also have a Weihrauch HW90 .22 which is known to be hard to cock. Let me tell you, the Weihrauch is a "piece of cake" to clock compared to this .30 cal.
I have to place the stock on the ground and and lean into the barrel using both hands and my back and body weight in a fast push with ALL my strength to cock it.
It gives me great satisfaction when I hear the click that locks the barrel open.

Does all that effort deter me? NO, I'm glad I bought this rifle. I'm going to need a scope to get the full accuracy this rifle can deliver.
Overall, I LOVE this rifle! Thank you Hatsan and AirGun Depot for making it available!

ProsThe fit, finish and wood is BEAUTIFUL! Powerful!
ConsNONE! But I'm going to discuss 2 complaints others have had. 1. It's HEAVY. Yes it is, but if you want beautiful wood it WILL be heavy. Doesn't bother me at all. 2. It's HARD to COCK. Yes it is, but if you want POWER, you have to put the power in. Doesn't bother me at all.
By Steve X.
On Further Evaluation
December 13, 2016
Good quality workmanship. Excellent hunting accuracy. Decent trigger. Weaver mount as supplied is not U.S. Weaver spec. so not all weaver accessories fit. Tried receiver sight made for weaver base mount and it wouldn't fit. UTG scope fit but moved under recoil. Used 11mm part of base with B&K rings and scope holding fine.
ProsGood Quality. Excellent hunting accuracy. Very powerful for a springer.
ConsSupplied 3/4' sling mounts should be 1' QD mounts for the American market. Weaver scope mount should be U.S. spec. Hard on scopes, make sure you get a really good quality scope that is airgun rated.
By Steve X.
Copperas Cove, TX
.30 Hatsan 135 QE
December 4, 2016
This is one accurate and powerful gun. Able to touch 5 shots (cover with a U.S. Quarter) with iron sights at 25 yds. off a rest. Trigger from the factory was about 4.5 lbs. and crisp. Fit and finish is good. If blueing was a little better I would give it an excellent. Have not found a scope yet that will hold up. UTG Bug buster 6X lasted less than 30 shots. Sight in at 25 yds. required quite a bit of elevation on barrel mounted rear sight but this is good as it should allow you to mount a receiver sight on the weaver scope base on the receiver. Have ordered one to try it out.
ProsVery accurate with JSB 44.75 grain pellets. Well made gun. Good fit and finish.
ConsHard on scopes. If anyone has found one that works let me know?
By Dave M.
Altadena cali
Very nice gun
November 14, 2016
The best gun for 700.00 . No one give you that much . Dmoore
By steven
portland, ore
October 14, 2016
Opened the box and was pleasantly supersized to see wonderfully beautiful wood and bluing. The Turks are quite blessed with the finest walnut trees.
Sighted in at approx. 10 yards(My purchase is for dispatching caught live trap animals) using the supplied open sights. Standing free hand, almost pellet on pellet.
Lets now talk power. Using a 10" long PT 4x4 as a target and using the face(4x4 end) placed on top of plastic container(64 oz.yogurt). After each shot, the 4x4 was pushed off the container. Not leaning. Off!! I'm using 44.75 gr.
I have a 25 cal PCP and it only pushes the same target about an inch, not 7". .
The factory setting on the trigger is just fine with me(I have custom 300 win mag. A 1025 yard gun). I won't be making any changes to the trigger.
I've heard talk about slings not fitting. Unscrew and buy new! To rate this rifle on sling attachment, in my mind carries no Merritt.

This rifle is a real steal. But what do I know? 52 years old. Shooting for 46 years.

By Steve
, California
Spring Piston Air Rifles are not for Everyone!
September 15, 2016
After reading in your vault about how to shoot a spring piston my groups increased substantially but I'm use to a traditional rifle hold and too stubborn to change.
ProsIncredible wood and craftsmanship. Very powerful (will blow through a 1" thick hardwood board at 25 yd.
ConsMe, Myself can not shoot this accurately past 25 yd. I would recommend this to a friend with a conversation about the difference in shooting spring piston air guns vs other types.
By Kevin
Great Buy!
August 30, 2016
The stock on this gun and the power of the .25 version is impressive. This gun was exactly what I was searching for.
ProsQuality and power.
ConsThe gun is heavy and it takes a lot of force to operate the break-barrel design.
By Abe
Peoria, AZ
Beautiful piece of kit!
August 26, 2016
First I will get my frustrations out then move on to the good stuff. I received this rifle within 4 dyas of purchase which was awesome! Quickly unpacked and prepped for testing. Initially, the adj comb showed a biggie. Trigger seemed a little loose. Rear "iron" sight is plastic. Cleaned her up a bit, removed excess grease and began testing.

Man, this thing is a monster to shoot! The breaking force is slightly difficult for a reasonably healthy man like myself, but after developing a technique, it all seemed to work out. No scope, bare sights at 15-20 yards this thing shoots high. Same but at 30-35 yards and it is bang on the money!

Unfortunately, I began to experience issues with the cocking mechanism where the cocking arm seems to bind and not allow the user to cycle the cocking mechanism. Needless to say, AGD has been incredibly helpful with this issue. We are in the works of sending it back to worked on. Hopefully I can get my beast back in time for bird season on Sep 1st.

Thanks to AGD for the awesome customer service.

PS: I will edit to 5 stars when issue is resolved.
ProsHeavy, I like heavy. Scary, I like scary. Loud? Not at all. Warm Walnut compliments cold steel. Accuracy without scope is spot on. This thing feels sturdy when shouldered, but better when benched. Tru-glo sights are fantastic! Trigger break is crisp and predictable.
ConsWalnut stock was scuffed. Not fault of AGD, probably bad manufacturer packaging. Trigger feels loose. Rear iron sight made of plastic? Heave, but I like heavy. Not a stand and bang type of shooter for smaller people like me. Its a ground and pound type of rifle. Eat your Wheaties because cocking force is short of playing tug-o-war with the Incredible hulk and his girlfriend.
By Sonny
North Alabama USA
Impressed!!! Very pleased👍
August 15, 2016
The 135 qe is all that I expected. Good workmanship, hard hitting, and great accuracy. Getting 1 to 1/12" groups and 25 yards with this fun. I is a beast to cock.
This rifle took some getting used to. This is my first big bore air rifle. Using jab Diablo pellets going to try some different wieghts see what it like the best
ProsAwesome in every way. No problems great gun.
ConsHeavy. Was not expecting the weight. But I can live with that.
By Daniel S.
Bear lake Michigan
August 15, 2016
Exactly what I expected, excellent wood, excellent accuracy, it's heavy, but we'll balanced. Blows thru 1/2" plywood at 40 yds, can't wait for small game season!
ProsAccurate, suprisingly quiet
ConsHeavy, but easy to balance
By Sonny
North Alabama
Awesome Air Rifle👍
July 30, 2016
Came in yesterday and first thing I notice was the workmanship of the this rifle beautiful wood stock and the tetchiing very nice. Bought a nice Hammers 3-9x40OA scope it arrived today. My son helped me mount it.
After mounting we took it out to the range I have on my property. First 3 shots had a group of about 1 1/2"
After that we started to dial it in. We put about 40 round through the rifle. After the 40 or so rounds had 1" grouping. This all at 25 yards.
ProsWell pros are great workmanship very well built accuracy is great. This thing is a real nail driver. Had to learn the rifle. It's really likes a soft touch. I was trying to hang on to tight like I was shooting my deer rifle lol After I relaxed I was doing very well. No regrets 👍
ConsWell the cons are that it is heavy. And breaking the barrel is a real workout. After about 50 out so time I was pretty tired WHOA. I will be sore in the morning no doubt 😮
By Mark
Lawrenceville, GA
Pleasantly Impressed
July 27, 2016
This was my first order from Airgun Depot. It's been a long time since I looked at pellet rifles and I did not know that there was anything out there bigger than a .25 cal in the pellet gun world. I was very intrigued and after watching Rick's videos, I decided to purchase this Hatsan 135 Vortex QE. I have been shooting it over the last week and I am impressed. So far it's exactly as described. Well made, big, heavy, hard to cock, but delivers a brutally hard punch out to 60 yards. The wood stock on this gun is well done and the adjustable comb is exactly what I needed after mounting the scope.

Small breezes seem to have very little effect on the .30 cal pellet. I bought a cheap scope from Walmart as an after thought because my eyesite is not great. Now I wish I had purchased a better scope from airgun depot (It is worthy of a decent scope and mounts).

With the scope, I am putting pellets into a 6 inch circle at 60 yards. They easily penetrate into an empty Folgers 5 pound coffee tin and sometimes go through it at that range. Occasionally a missed shot goes into the trunk of a maple tree behind it (and I do mean into). I got a paper clip and discovered that the missed shots are completely buried in the trunk of the maple tree about 1/2 to 3/4 inches beyond the skirt (44.75 grain Diablo Exacts). It is my hope that manufacturers soon make more .30 Cal pellets. I believe that a 41 Grain would be ideal. My hat is off to Hatsan's engineering team for making this fine air rifle.

The gun sounds loud when I am shooting it as I would expect with my cheek anchored to the stock, but standing about 10 feet away, it is not loud at all according to my wife. However, if you shoot at a hard target such as a coffee can or old iron skillet as I can attest, the impact is noisy and may draw unwanted attention from neighbors.

ProsExactly as represented. Trigger is actually decent and even better if you know how to tweak it.
ConsLimited selection of pellets at this time and they are expensive.
La Mesa, CA
July 23, 2016
I own several Hatsan Rifles and have not been disappointed yet. I was one of the first to receive this and have about 500 pellets through it. This rifle is awesome! It hits with such power and conviction!
ProsThe most powerful break-barrel rifle bar none! I chrono'd mine and I got an average of 553 fps with the 50.15 gr JSB. I was shooting 1" CTC groups at 25 yards. This is very accurate I can shoot empty 12 gage shotgun shell casing from 25 yards all day long!! Not to mention it is fun for plinking as well. Putting this much lead down range with a break-barrel airgun is incredible! JSB only makes two .30 cal pellets (50.15 gr and 44.75) and this shoots great with both weights. I set my rifle up with picatinny side rails, split bi-pods and a UTG 3-9x50 RGB Mil-Dot Scope.
By Mark
Mossyrock, WA
Diamond in the Rough--What a bargain!!
July 8, 2016
I just received my Hatsan 135 Vortex QE in .30 caliber earlier today--happily one day earlier than the Fedex delivery estimate. Thanks Airgun Depot for the fast delivery.

Despite unseasonal July rain here in the Pacific Northwest, I took it out on my porch and started shooting my targets about 30 feet away. The target was the kind with the four spinning metal tabs and a slightly bigger swing tab at the top which when hit resets the other four below.

Out of the box, with no scope, artillery hold on my hand rail from a seated position, the first shot nicked the first tab. The next 4 shots all hit and made the target spin around so fast, it went right past the top tab and sent it spinning as well. The tabs never went into the 'shot' position but spun fully around once or twice and came to rest in original 'non-shot' position. That's what I call powerful.

Unfortunately, I only made a total of 5 shots due to the rain and the strength needed to cock this canon which is missing in my 63 year old, out-of-shape body.

I normally wouldn't write a review until I've had the weapon for a couple of weeks and fired at least a hundred pellets. But since this rifle made a perfect first impression and I have been shooting pellets for four years and centerfire guns for over 50 years I feel qualified to provide such a review. Compared to the 3 pellet pistols and 10 Pellet rifles I have I would put this in second following my favorite, namely the Air Arms TX 200. I also have a .177 Hatsan MOD 95 springer and a Hatsan .22 MOD 95 Vortex, a Hatsan Mod 25 Pistol, Diana RWS 34, several Crosman, Gamo and Baikal.

In my opinion, for under $300, this is the finest pellet rifle you can buy.
ProsPrice/Performance Power Accuracy Incredible Walnut adjustable Stock Low recoil Integrated Scope mount Quiet Easy and comfortable to shoulder The pellets are so huge they are easy to load
ConsThe Usual as cited by most everyone else: Weight, Hard-to-Cock, expensive pellets.
By Robert
Gravette, Arkansas
A new bar has been set in break barrel quality
July 6, 2016
I have had the M135QE for about a week now, not very long to evalutate it, but just ran a shot string through the chronograph and felt now was the time. Firstly, the craftsmanship and eye appeal is without fault. I would recommend this for wall decoration even for those unmanly men who complain of its mass and charging effort. The walnut stock is nicer than found on most contemporary firearms and the blue steel is evenly lustrous. As for the weight, it balances evenly, perfectly evenly, when shouldered. The flared muzzle, while efficient in the design of sound reduction, is equally excellent at providing good hand purchase to charge the gas spring. Not sure if I can use the "C" word here. The muzzle report is very quiet. No spring twang but a tink sound similar to a pcp can be heard, though much much shorter. I believe it will be very game friendly sound wise in the hunting woods. My first shot through the chronograph was 549 fps, the second was a duplicate, the third was 547. Very consistent, much more so than Hatsan's metal spring guns. As far as accuracy, I have only used the JSB 44.75 grain Exacts, but shooting quarter size groups with open sights at 25 yards. Mounted a Sun Optics Air-A-Tack scope and hitting same size at 35 yards. Will take some practice to get the most accuracy at extended ranges. Hitting 7 inch saw blades suspended 70 yards away with minimal holdover. The .30 caliber pellet spins it around like a top. I'll bet it makes a good armadillo launcher as well.
ProsWho needs a PCP? This is a fantastic hunting rifle. Absolutely beautiful walnut stock. Quiet, smooth, simple break barrel operation.
ConsMight have Popeye forearms by Christmas!
By George
Best air Rifle Yet ,this beast is powerful and hard hitting .30 cal
June 29, 2016
did some shooting on the chrony 1-548.3 fps @29.68fp 547.1 @29.75 fp 545.3 @29.55 fp 560.2 fps @31.19 then got a 799.1 feet per second @ 63.47 fp of energy wow it must have dieseled loud crack and smoke! this is an adult hunting rifle hard to cock and heavy to carry if you don't mind these two cons and want max power from a .30 cal break barrel gas piston power this is the gun to get can't beat it for the price just awesome !
ProsPowerful get the job done ,unbeatable price most powerful break barrel in the world .30 big punch power 30 lbs up to 60 lbs + with dieseling break barrel King !
Consheavy & hard to cock two things to expect from a powerful break barrel like this,needs scope
By Dewayne
Los Banos cal.
Hatsan 135 qe vortex 30 cal breakbarrel rifle.
June 25, 2016
Just received mine today 6-25-16. WOW. After cleaning the bore, I took it out to try it on these darn coyotes by th duck refuge. I had previously ordered pellets of 3 different manufacturers. I must tell you use the hatsan vortex power pellets. They are the best. I hit one coyote at 30 yards through the ear. Instant down, no movement. One note the 44.75 grain pellet is disastrous to game. The game doe'snt stand a chance. I recommended this rifle to anyone. Note: it takes considerable force to cock this rifle. This rifle is a cannon.
ProsGood shooter .
ConsQuite heavy.
By Andy
N. Cambria, Pennsylvania
June 21, 2016
Never owned a Hatsan, but several of their models always caught my eye. I already had an excellent magnum break-barrel, a fine underlever, and a bunch of airguns in a variety of calibers - so why add another gun? .30 cal shows up and I pull the trigger. Probably read a couple of your reviews and a video on YouTube first, but it was like an obsession and I just had to get it. Waited a while too for it to arrive - constantly second guessing my decision. Right from the get go, I was really liking it. Accurate with the open sights. I also purchased a UTG 4-16 AO scope with side parallax adjustment. It only gets better. It's big, heavy, and ridiculous to cock. 500 fps seems like little reward for all the effort. However, it knocks the crap out of 3/16 - 1/4" steel silhouettes that my .22 magnum airguns barely budge. It's also very accurate and the shooting behavior - mild. Feels like a quality airgun.
ProsPower - big bore fun. Fantastic trigger. Excellent stock. Consistently accurate rifle.
ConsNo avoiding this, the pellets are expensive. What can you do? I like it so much, I just ordered 3 more tins. The automatic safety looks and feels cheap. That is my only real issue with this rifle. I wonder how hard it will be to replace when it breaks... The first time I've encountered this with any airgun I have ever owned.
By Douglas R.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
King of the Hill
June 18, 2016
First off everything about the gun is highest quality, fit and finish. Bluing and wood very nice, quarto trigger two stage trigger is one of the best, period. Very accurate and now to the power. I have a Beji XL 725 .25 Cal., Gamo Hunter Extreme in .25 and 135 Vortex not the QE. With JSB exact kings I get consistent shots at 760 fps and 32 Ft. Lb.'s. For context both the XL 725 and Hunter Ex are 630-40 with same pellet and 22-23 Ft. Lb.

The gun is also the heaviest and has it's own personality. I shoot most in the field off a monopod and Dimes at 25 yrds. It is remarkable that a Break Barrel has this much power.

I bought mine on lightning deal as I recall, it was the last one when I got the gun, it was super easy to cock and when I C-graphed it was only pulling 500 fps so called Rick E. and he said just call Hatsan you got a bad seal or piston. I did and sent it in and it came back an absolute freaking beast. Thanks Hatsan tech guys, awesome service. I also own a BT65QE in .25 after my experience with these guns and company I can honestly say they make the best guns on the planet for the dough. So if you are looking for the most powerful Break Barrel and are a stud and enjoy the Magnum experience then this gun is worth a look.

Since I have the 135 Vortex not the QE and can not comment on noise factor but my 135 Vortex is not very loud as is. The QE will make it an even better hunting rifle.
ProsBuild and design quality, accuracy and massive power for a break barrel. Trigger is fantastic. Can cock and load and stalk game ready to take quick shot. Gas piston. Vortex is the ish.
ConsThis gun is heavy and takes some strength to cock but that comes with the territory in a Magnum .25
By gene
Neillsville Wisconsin
I is a great shooter for larger people
April 7, 2016
I have shot one tin of Diabolo pellets 44.75 gr through this rifle and find it for the most part it shoots vary nice with the open sights . I just added a scope and not sure about the scope staying on 0 but adds more weight to the rifle so if you are smaller framed person best stay with other rifles ,
Prosgreat trigger pull will fit any scope weaver mounts or 11 mm style vary nice looking wood stock shoots vary nice groups out to 20 yards . all alien wrenches com with it to adjust the trigger .
ConsVary heavy rifle no adjustment for pull length you have to be about 16 inches from elbow to trigger finger to fit you right cocking power is massive 50 pounds to pull it and it is all of that It has the QE system but is still quit noisy the sling swivels do not fit regular sized slings .
By Phillip M.
Rickman Tn
.30 cal BEAST!
March 30, 2016
Hi all, I purchased this rifle in .30 cal and a tin of both 44 and 50gr JSB's, the only ammo available for this gun presently I'm aware of. I own many air rifles of varying quality and value and am a big fan of the springer style gun. All my rifles are equipped with descent quality scopes as I'm looking for the most precision I can get or why shoot? On with the review, after the usual pre fire inspections and barrel cleaning I went on with the basic out of the box open site test just too see how much accuracy it has to start with, my typical shooting distance is 30 to 60yrds. At 30yrds I hit a 12oz beer can with both grain pellets with no problem. I was quite surprised to find that the gun really didn't require the artillery hold. The gun is slightly heavy so I had a good grip on it not knowing how a .30 cal springer would react. The Hatsan SAS system apparently works well. The recoil is that of a standard magnum class rifle but the gun is very stable, nice surprise. Usually if you receive a gun and it shoots straight with open sights u can bet with a scope it will probably preform well. After 40 shots of both calibers I added a 46-44 30mm tube UTG swat scope and dialed it in at 35yrds, didn't take many shots to get it on target. To my relief I realized that I received an accurate rifle. Both grain pellets grouped within a 1" at 35yrds. At this point I've put 100 rds through it, the bore is still brand new and it's burning off residual traces of oil. I expect it only to improve. I have not tested pellet fps on the crony yet as I will test that after 500 shots, that the gun is accurate which let's you know the power is consistent. More review, The cocking of the rifle is definitely a work out, I'm 6' and 200 lbs and In descent shape, most of my magnum springers I can manage about 50 to 70 shots before arm fatigue sets in, unfortunately I only managed 10 shots with this BEAST before needing a two handed cocking technique. I expected this effort due to the .30cal size but hope it lightens up. The gun is rated at approximately 550 fps with 44gr pellets, again with no crony, it sure hits solid targets with substantial fpe, If you shoot magnum springers you know what I mean. The trigger is the standard Quattro and after adjustment I find them exceptional for field target use. I own many Hatsan rifles and the triggers, In my opinion, are consistent. The wood work is very nice and the Hatsan rifles are always packaged well to reduce shipping damage. The bluing is nothing special but is descent. All the hardware was present and the Hatsan manual covers gun operation quite well. This review may seem a bit premature after only owning it for a week but I must tell you I am very pleased with this gun and its more than just a novelty. Time will tell if the BEAST will hold up and I hope to add to this review in a month or so.
ProsHatsan build quality, Hatsan accuracy and what appears is gonna make an excellent hunting rifle. This rifle packs a proper punch and so far has exceeded most of my expectations.
ConsDon't know but many people may consider the cocking effort of this gun a con. To those that own and shoot frequently magnum springers they won't be surprised.
By Abdullah M.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The mostowerful Break barrel air rifle made;
March 27, 2016
The Most Powerful Break Barrel Rifle Made
WOW, this is an exceptional gun. It shipped very quickly, and after opening the box, and just trying ten shots in the gun, it was zeroed in perfectly from the factory, with no need for adjustment. I put a Hawke 4x32AO scope on it because I had it as an extra, and to my surprise, it worked out very well. The weight of the gun is substantial, and to break the barrel requires about 50 to 60 lbs. of cocking effort, although as I've been shooting the gun, that seems to slowly be reducing. The trigger is totally adjustable, although I didn't adjust it yet because I want the gut to fully break in first, and for now it's about 3.5 to 4 lbs. trigger pull, very predictable, and crisp. The butt pad is also adjustable, as well as the cheek pad. The recoil, to my surprise seems to be about that of a .22 cal. not hard at all, and the gun is extremely quiet to have 30 foot pounds of energy coming out of it. I have a Hatsan 155 Torpedo in .25 cal. and this .30 cal. shoots better than the .25 cal. I only do some Turkey hunting on occasion, no pest or any of that, and my neighbors would complain if I were to shoot in my backyard, so I mainly soot in my indoor range in my basement that I set up which is a little over 10 meters, and works fine for me. The only kinda con for the gun is that the ammo is very expensive, $15, for the 44gr. and $16. for the 55gr. but that's ok with me, and both types of ammo shoot the same from the gun, the point of contact on the target is exactly the same for either gr. pellet, which is great.This gun is a real tack driver. Bottom line is this is a magnificent gun, and if you are into break barrel guns as I am I would suggest you get this gun, the price is really good, and the power in just what you want. Everyone wants to go PCP, but I really dont, the equipment, the constant refilling of air after so few shots, I just cant go there. But I do have a Hammerli 850 magnum, which I just love, and also a QB78 Repeater, which is as much fun for fewer shots. But this Hatsan 135 .30 cal. Break barrel is the gun to get.
Proseverything about this gun is what one would expect and more, accuracy balance, power and reliability;
Consammo is expensive;
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