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Hatsan Galatian Tact Auto

Available in .22, .25, A Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle
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  • Code: AGD-45858962 · $749.99 · .22 · 950 fps
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Hatsan’s flagship PCP just underwent its newest makeover as a semi-automatic shooter that slings a new round as fast as you can pull the trigger, set into a revamped tactical stock. This Turkish based manufacturer is investing heavily in semi-auto air rifle tech with their previous efforts the Barrage and Bullmaster. The Galatian Tact Auto put this technology to work once again with stunning effect. Holding 14, 12, and 10 shots across its three calibers, the Galatian Auto is built to sling lead fast and hard with maximum velocities of 1020, 950, and 870 fps respectively with 40-50 shots on a full 255cc cylinder. These high speeds equal powerful knockdown energy--as much as 20 FPE in .177, 29 in .22, and 33.5 in .25. These rounds travel down a fully-shrouded barrel, precision rifled and choked for accuracy. Each airgun includes 3 magazines per package, along with a hard case to keep your investment protected. Hatsan began as a successful shotgun manufacturer, and this heritage is plainly visible in the styling of the Galatian Auto. With its removable rear stock and three separate accessory rails, this PCP has tactical shotgun written all over it. The Galatian highly-adjustable stock allows you modify the length of pull and cheek piece to find your ideal cheek weld when sighting downrange. You can even remove the rear stock for a highly maneuverable setup that allows you to hold the Galatian like a pistol-grip shotgun, and the all-weather stock features prominent sling mounts for the included sling. Moving in optics choices, the Galatian Auto is range ready right out of the box with removable fiber-optics sights with a strong red and green contrast. However, if you really want to take advantage of the Galatians long range, mount up a scope to the Weaver/Dovetail combination rail, get zeroed in, and start shooting! Hatsan’s Galatian Tact Auto has crafted a tactical semi-auto PCP built into the vanguard of the Hatsan line. No matter if you’re hitting the range or the trail don’t be without the fast-firing Hatsan Galatian Tact Auto.

Hatsan Galatian Tact Auto, Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle

  • Precharged Pneumatic Air Rifle
  • Semi-Auto Action
  • Precision Rifled, Fully-Shrouded, and Chocked Barrel
  • 14rds in .177 cal., 12 in .22 cal., 10 in .25 cal. 
  • Black anodized aircraft aluminum alloy receiver
  • Adjustable Length of Pull up to 4”
  • Overall Length 38.1” to 42.3”
  • Adjustable Cheekpiece
  • Removable Rear Stock for use with the Pistol grip
  • 3 Weaver Accessory Rails
  • Detachable aluminum air cylinder tube (255cc)
  • 200 BAR / 2900 PSI Fill Pressure
  • Built-In Pressure Gauge
  • Rotating Air Port Dust Cover
  • Patented Anti-Knock System
  • Removable Fiber-Optic Sights (Rear Adjustable)
  • 11mm Dovetail/Weaver Combo Rail
  • Black metal trigger (non-adjustable)
  • Fitted sling swivels
  • Includes 3 Magazines, Sling, and Hard Case

*We do not recommend using Weaver mounts.  Some Weaver/Picatinny mounts may not fit the Weaver sections on the rail.

Please Note: All Hatsan semi-automatic airguns are designed specifically for skirted pellets only. Slugs or other non-skirted rounds will not cycle properly.
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  • ManufacturerHatsan
  • Caliber .22
  • Velocity 950 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Semiautomatic
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 9.10
  • Overall Length 42.30
  • Barrel Length 19.70
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 12
  • Mechanism Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail Weaver & 11mm dovetails
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sights Adjustable
  • Shots per Fill 50
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By michaelUSAAugust 14, 2021

This rifle MUST use a tight fitting skirted pellets. I am using the H&N field target trophy pellets and the Benjamin 6.4 dia. pellets. The semi-auto function will not work if you use a pellet with a small skirt, that is somewhat loose fitting. My rifle did not work with the H&N Barracuda hunter supreme pellets. I was ready to call AGD and send the rifle back for a replacement until I went back to using the H&N field target trophy pellets, then the rifle worked perfectly. This rifle is a little picky with pellets, but when you find pellets that work, use them. the rifle must have a tight fitting pellet to seal the barrel in order for the semi-auto to function properly. I would buy this rifle again, this being my first semi-auto pcp rifle.

The look of the gun and the semi-autoloading, the feel of the gun and the power. the adjustable stock and the pistol grip. I got mine in .25 caliber to use on pests and varmints on my land. This gun has more than enough power to do the job.

I would lighten the trigger pull and make a better design of the magazine.

By TomUSAJune 23, 2021

And get a PCP compressor, you will enjoy the gun a lot more if you don't have to spend your time manually pumping it up. I have had a lot of Co2 guns and was a little intimidated with the PCP process, thinking it would be too complex and costly. I found a new Hatsan Spark PCP compressor for about $329 and it was well worth the money and in the long run will pay for it's self in just my time and sweat not manually having to pump it up with a hand pump.

After waiting nearly a year for this to come off of back order, I can tell you it was worth the wait. Very well built, nothing cheap or flimsy about this rifle. I chose the .25 cal. model and am not disappointed with the power. Cleanly penetrates 1 inch white pine shelf board, adding a second board behind it and the pellet makes it about half way through the second board at 10 yards. The fiber optic sights are spot on right from the box and they are nice, red/green optics on the sights. The sights are capable of windage and elevation adjustments. They can be easily removed from the top rail to put on other sighting options such as red dot or scope. The fore stock has 3 picatinny rails for lights, lasers or bipods. The gun comes with a picatinny mount foregrip with a pop out bipod. The foregrip mount is a bit far out on the fore stock for a comfortable grip as the gun is just over 9 pounds, kind of muzzle end heavy. The rear stock is nicely adjustable in length and stock height.

The instructions that come from Hatsan could be more detailed. If you have never owned a PCP as I haven"t then you will spend some time on Youtube learning how the charge you rifle and what all the parts are that come in the box, lots of extra o-rings of various sizes, you will discover what a de-gasser cap is. Much different that just popping in a Co2 cylinder and twisting an hex wrench, BUT that is just the issues with the instructions and parts list or lack of. The gun is great, well worth the wait and the money.

By CarltonUSANovember 29, 2019 Verified Purchase

Exchanged original purchase and received one of the finest PCP's to date. Everything works fine, rapid fire magazine feed, everything. AGD was very good with the exchange and shipping was fast and easy. Very pleased with the end results of this transaction.

Accuracy, rapid fire semi auto feature, hard hitting.

By CarltonUSAMarch 17, 2019 Verified Purchase

Please read total comments for accurate understanding. Nice looking rifle. Getting it to shoot semi auto is questionable. At times, lucky to get a single shot off. Not sure what the problem is. . . .trigger pull is unpredictable and shooting in semi auto mode is not a smooth operation. Disappointed at this point in the operation of this rifle. Possibility of receiving a bad unit, unable to determine. Contacted AD for assistance. All operating instructions were carefully read in addition to pellet selection & mag loading and cylinder air filling. Will attempt to get a better operating rifle before considering a 5 star rating. As is however, cannot recommend. That is subject to change as I strongly anticipate happening.

Nice looking, well built, removable sights, rails for accessories, 3 mags included.

Semi auto firing is not a smooth operation and often single shot does not fire.

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will it kil a skunk?

asked JASON from USA

whats the cheapest compressor that will work with this gun? or what compressor should be used with it.

asked JASON from USA

Here is a link to the compressors.

Adam from USA

What is the pump I need for the hatsan tact auto

asked Anthony from USA

Any of the handpumps will fill the Tact Auto, You will need an adapter for the fill probe Air Venturi Male Quick-Disconnect, 1/8"... $9.95 Be sure the pump comes with a female foster QD on the hose.

Mark from USA

Hello, can a moderator or suppressor be attached to the end of the barrel. Thank you for your time.

asked Marc from USA

A moderator can be added with this adaptor, AGD-A9827. It is the standard thread, 1/2X20 unf. It costs $39.99 at Airgun Depot.

michael from USA

Is it possible to get this pcp with a smooth bore ? Where I'm from its illegal to have a rifle barrel pcp.

asked Junior fergus

Sence double shot !

Vincent from USA

Not a question but an update to my 3star rating. Received a new unit from AD and it is what I had hoped to get at first. The rapid fire semi auto performs flawlessly. This Hatsan is one of the best shooting and accurate rifles I have shot. Hard hitting and on a full fill delivers the max number of shots as advertised for the .22. Seriously looking to purchase the .25 version. This is a 5 star rifle.

asked Carlton from USA

Not a question but a follow up to the comment from Carlton Anderson. AD exchanged the Galatian Tact in .22 and it works as advertised. I apparently received a slightly defective unit on 1st order. I am happy to report the excellent service from AD. They wasted no time in handling the return. Rifle shoots very well, single and semi auto. Hard hitting and extremely accurate. Adder a 6-24x50 scope w/high rings and a Clife bipod and it is a pleasure to shoot. Thanks to Airgun Depot for excellent attention to my problem.

asked Carlton from USA

Hi, I bought this model from P.A. as I've been a Hatsan fan and have the older Galatian which is still one of my best rifles. But I was excited to see the semi auto, and P.A. advertised and showed the rifle with a foregrip that folded out to a bipod and the removable buttstock. Unfortunately, the Buttstock is not removable so I can just use it as a pistol grip (one of the key selling points) and it did not have the fore-end. I own a lot of big bore air guns and was ready to move this up to my favorites. Not. So I am wondering if there is a way me and PA are missing to remove the stock and if you ever saw the forestock grip. I am really frustrated and thinking of switching to AD. Can you talk me off the ledge? Many thanks Paul Mones

asked rabbi moshe paul mones

The buttstock is removable by pushing in the button on the side of the stock. The grip is for sale on AD for $15. It's an awesome gun for sure.

ronald from USA

Will we be seeing the Walnut version soon?

asked Jack from USA

how would one charge it with 2900lbs pressure? my 80 gallon compressor only goes up to a few hundred lbs.... And once it's charged with air will it hold the pressure for a few days?

asked merlin from USA

You would have to purchase a compressor that will go to a much higher pressure. Airgun Depot has many compressors that are specially designed to fill PCP airguns. You can also buy a tank from Airgun Depot and have it filled at a paintball shop, a dive shop, or even a fire station, with the adaptor sold here. Or if you are wanting to use a hand pump, Airgun depot has many to choose from that will fill your airgun.

michael from USA
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