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Hatsan Mod 95 Vortex

Available in 0.1770.220.25Model 95 Vortex air rifle Turkish walnut stock combo, Includes 3-9x32 Scope
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One of our best selling break barrel air rifles! With the Hatsan Vortex Gas Ram system the model 95 just got an upgrade. The model 95 Vortex features a beautiful Turkish Walnut stock, fiber optic sights, and a 3-9X32 scope and rings. This gun shoots a true 1000 FPS with lead pellets. The model 95 comes in three caliber choices (.177, .22, and .25) that are perfect for pest control, small game hunting or just plinking around the yard. The vortex system will give you a smoother shooting cycle, extended product life and fewer moving parts. Try the new model 95 Vortex air rifle today.

Hatsan Model 95 Vortex Features
  • Turkish walnut stock
  • Quattro Trigger System
  • SAS(Shock Absorber System)
  • Ambidextrous
  • Checkering grip and forearm
  • TruGlo Fiber Optics
  • Hatsan Vortex Gas Piston utilize regular air instead of any other type of gas
  • Vortex Gas Piston technology is developed and manufactured by hatsan to be specifically used in most Hatsan break barrel/under lever airguns
  • Gas piston powered airgun eliminate most of the vibration caused by the oscillation of the heavey springs used in spring-power airguns
  • Gas piston models produce much more steady consistent power between consecutive shots versus spring-powered airguns
  • Includes 3-9x32 Scope
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Hatsan Mod 95 Vortex
36 Reviews
53% (19)
33% (12)
11% (4)
0% (0)
3% (1)
92% Recommend this product (33 of 36 responses)
By Buffalo J.
Buffalo, NY
so far so good
May 28, 2019
Bought my hatsan Mod 95 Vortex to clear varmints from a distance, and it didnt take long to become a proficient shooter. The gun shoots straight and is extremely powerful for a 22 cal, 14.3g pellet. I can't believe the long range shots I make consistently, even with the cheap scope. The quality of this Hatsan rifle is excellent compared to firearms and is not at all a toy, and the scope is ok at best but it works well for me for my long range, humane shots at mice and grey squirrels, and now targets.
ProsThis hatsan rifle feels good with proper weight and balance, its very solid and has really nice finish materials. I've gone through a couple thousand shots now, and its perfect with common crossman Premier Hollowpoints. Its still like brand new after two years or so later, I'm happy.
ConsThe scope isn't as nice as the Hatsan rifle, but my only problem with it is the cheap elastic straps for the very nice tinted glass lens covers. not much of a complaint... I recommend the Hatsan Mod 95 Vortex, and now I'm looking into a .22 pellet pistol to go with it. Maybe a sig...
Best Useslong range targets and hunting.
By david
South Carolina
March 13, 2019
It does what I needed it to do. I like it.
By JW H.
Rifle good, Scope not good
March 6, 2019
Rifle works fine. Heavy and requires some strength to cock. Little kid will have hard time cocking. Scope is worthless. Will not hold zero.
ProsAccurate seems well made.
ConsScope will not hold Zero.
By La_Swampfox
Lake Charles, La.
Thinking about buying a Hatsan Vortex?? Take your monry and RUN!!
February 17, 2019
This recommendation is based on Hatsan service and not standing behind their products. I bought 2 Model 95 Vortex .22 rifles at the same time. Right out of the box you could tell by the sound and cocking effort one was different. Chronograph showed one averaging near 820FPS and the other barely breaking 600FPS. Sent to Hatsan and they returned (WEEKS LATER); claiming it was repaired. Chrono showed it shooting average of 815FPS. I am not into just shooting air rifles and this was bought for pest control. Went several months of not shooting, and when I tried to use it, I found the gas cylinder was completely dead. Contacted Hatsan and they said I would be responsible for all repair costs and shipping as it was out of Warranty. After much arguing and showing this rifle was defective when purchased, they agreed to fix it; but stated "Never Again"; and were actually quite rude. I sent it in, and they returned it (WEEKS LATER). This time Chrono showed about 800FPS velocity. I shot it for a while and noticed it seemed to have lost that "crack" sound and was losing velocity; but did not dig out the Chrono. Put away for several months until a Opossum problem popped up. Found out the gas cylinder was completely dead again. The other rifle I gave to my son nearly 2 years ago is still shooting fine; this one has supposedly been "repaired" twice and is now dead again. They did not repair or replace anything in my opinion! They merely recharged the cylinder and sent it back with the same leak and defective cylinder. When working it was a great rifle; but this one is/was defective from day one, and they did nothing to correct it, or stand behind it. Choose another Brand!
ProsGood looking and accurate; when it was working.
ConsPoor quality control; and even worse Customer Service and Warranty/repairs.
Best UsesA good looking "Wall Hanger"; or maybe a tomato stake.
By Marcus
Palmdale CA.
I love this gun
December 10, 2018
Hard hitting, accurate well made. This is really a great gun at a great price!
ProsVery accurate out at 50 when dialed in with a proper scope
ConsThe scope that it comes with is not the best and has trouble holding zero
300 hiccups
July 23, 2018
While this is heavier than my Remington 700 .270, for its intended range it is just as accurate. Quarter size group at 100 feet and with enough power to punch through a piece of scrap shed siding. The scope is perfectly adequate. The trigger has a lot of side to side movement but that is the design and after a few shots you don't even notice. Highly recommend.
By hfree
New Bern
July 20, 2018
Received this pellet rile in a timely manor I shot it with open sights and I found it to be close on out of the box with a few minor adjustments it was shooting in the black at 25 yards it seams to be very accurate the over all quality seems to be quite well made for price it is a heaver rifle but very stable the break is kind of tuff at first. Now the scope is a different story it was difficult to sight in the optics are very poor over all the rifle is a good buy but I would not recommend it for younger shooters works very well as a squirrel killer.
Prosfells like a quality product shoots very well
Consscope is junk
Best Usesplinking small varmint eliminator
By DE J.
Good rifle, takes muscle to cock
April 4, 2018
The Hatsan 95 .22 Cal Air Rifle is excellent - just be sure you have the muscle to cock it. My lovely partner has me perform this action for her & it's easiest to lean it against my leg when doing so.
By Sean
Dump the scope, and it's still 5 Stars
October 24, 2017
Just got my Mod 95 QE yesterday. I'm still smiling at the accuracy out of the box. No scope on it and it was dead on (well, almost). I looked through the scope before I put it on the rifle (which I didn't) and felt the scope worthless. Other than that, this is a great air rifle.
Ground Squirrels have found my garden this year. Destroyed a large percent of our produce. First purchase was a Red Rider BB gun. I think the squirrels were laughing at me as the scurried away. Next came a Crosman $89 12 shot C02. Lasted about a week and the cartridge started leaking, even with a dab of oil.
Squirrels are still eating, I am not.
Next a Gamo Raptor Whisper .22 cal. break barrel. No more squirrels. That's when I got interested in air rifles and the thought hit, it would be better to have two of these things.
Fall is here, the garden is at rest and it seem the ground squirrels are too. So, there is no notch on this rifle yet. Next year will surely come, and then I'll be ready.
With the Mod 95 QE, I'm not expecting such a problem next year.

ProsBeauty, Accuracy, A feeling of appreciation for the people who designed it and Cost.
ConsIf you throw the scope away, there are no Cons
By Andy
Lots of power
July 31, 2017
Be prepared to use locktight on all screws. This gun has a lot of power and the bolts and screws will come loose. The scope will not hold zero. The pins at the rear of gun will slide out if trigger screw comes loose... seems dangerouse. I liked the look and feel of this gun but it is not verry accurate even at 10yd. Best use with silver arrows .25 or H&N field trophy .25
ProsDestructive power and beauty, great price
ConsNot accurate enough for easy hunting
By Daniel
Middleport, NY
Not too bad. Not too good.
July 6, 2017
This wasn't my favorite gun I've owned. I felt the stock was boring looking. I couldn't get decent accuracy. This was my fourth Hatsan and also my least favorite.
ProsWell built. Quiet.
ConsNo accuracy. Not good looking.
okeana ohio, united states
great gun, great price. very accurate
June 28, 2017
the Hatsan is very accurate, recoil is not really makes a noise when it goes off but to be expected. very consistent groups at 25 yards. thats about as far as i have shot it for accuracy testing but can easily keep a 1" group. I guarantee it is more accurate than I am! Buy it, you will not be disappointed. powerful and accurate enough to knock a bird off a branch at about 50 longest hit yet! scope wors well..not the best but very usable but what do you expect from a "package deal" at $180 all in.
Prosaccurate, good price point, add pellets and you are ready to start shooting, gun has minimum recoil, scope is fine
Constakes force to cock it but thats what a break barrel type air rifle brings to the table. so it is inherently safe around kids...younger kids simply cannot cock it thus they avoid injury should they get ahold of said rifle. so the con is kind of a pro.
By tom R.
Wells, Maine
Hatsan 95 Vortex
May 16, 2017
First pellet rifle since the 70's. Wow.. Beautiful stock and craftsmanship.
ProsAccurate. With a better scope i can punch 1 1/2 groups out to 30 yards with tighter groups closer. Powerful. 12g pellet goes completely thru 3/4 plywood at 50 feet.
ConsMaybe the total weight is a little heavy for some with the wood stock. Replace the Scope that comes with it
By Max
Good rifle but a couple thoughts where I have had issues
May 10, 2017
Overall very positive results. Accuracy with Crosman 177 HP 7.9 grain and RWS wadcutter. Shoots about 1 inch groups at 20 yards or so off a rest. Have taken starlings at much longer distances out to 60 yards. Biggest complaint was the packaged scope was not clear until you got out 30 yards. Bought a Hammers 3x9x40 with AO and this was very clear. Only problem was shot point of aim too far right and ran out of windage. Reversed scope in mount and did not fix issue. Had to sand and file rings to get zeroed. Not happy about this. Not sure if it is the scope mount or the dovetail cut in the barrel receiver. May have to try a different scope mounting system?? The rifle screws loosen often and have to be retightened. Maybe some blue lock tight will help. Glad I bought the vortex in 177 as it shoots hard and pretty accurate.
ProsStock is beautiful. Shoots accurate. Finish is very good. Trigger is not great but OK. Can find a couple pellet brands that will print accuractly and either buy locally or through Air Depot. Would buy again.
ConsPackaged stock is poor. Challenge to sight in with enough windage - not sure if this is a scope or gun problem. Screws loosen too easily.
Hatsan vortex
March 28, 2017
One of the best air rifle,S I owned now.
Quality for price can't be beat, plenty of knock down power. Very accurate with out the scope. The only gun that might be as good would be Hatsan 95 springer
ProsWood stock, accuracy, plenty of power and for the price.
By Creedence W.
I like it
January 25, 2017
Pretty cool gun it'll get the job done for sure .25 cal
ConsCocking isn't too bad but takes a little muscle especially if you are shooting all day long
By Carl
Yigo, Guam
Best Buy
January 17, 2017
Great customer service, fast shipping, everything was as expected.
Quality rifle, very nice wood stock, optics was good, great cost. Took 10 rounds to zero in, powerful .25 caliber, will buy another Hatsan rifle soon.
Thank you, Airgun Depot!
ProsQuality all around air rifle. Everything you need with a Hatsan air gun. Reviews were very helpful.
By Joel
Newark, Ca
My 1st Hatsan and love it!
January 17, 2017
The Hatsan mod 95 in .22 is a great shooter. It is very accurate and the quality rival those double the price!

I can safely say that this rifle compares to my Diana 48, in fact I tend to grab this more than my 48.
By Steve
Pittsford, NY
Hatsan Rifles are like potato chips; you can't have just one
January 4, 2017
This is my second Hatsan, the first being a .177. Enjoyed the accuracy, and power of that one, so wanted to try a larger bore. The Turkish Walnut is beautiful, the rifle is sturdy and solid with good heft, and the .25 pellet packs a punch. I own a lot of air guns, but always bring the Hastens out with whatever else we're shooting. My .30 Hatsan should arrive on Friday.
By Rich
NY State
Hatsan 95
December 17, 2016
Great rifle, Vortex piston is easier to cock. Nice textured stock,
ProsRifle is excellent quality, great customer service too
Consscope needs replacing, just no that good.
By Steve S.
North of Chicago, IL
More Accurate Than Given Credit For
September 17, 2016
OK... So have had this gun for just over 1 year, and it is one serious contender for accuracy. I shoot 45' off a tripod with a V yoke. I tried a number of pellets and found the Meisterkugeln 8.20 .177 to be most accurate. With 25' targets it constantly places the pellets in the 9 and 10 circle. Last week, I split two playing cards with 2 and 3 shots respectfully. Again, the accuracy is there if you do your part. The gun is weighty and with the Hammer's 3-9-40 AO scope, the setup comes in just over 9 lbs. The stock is superb and takes a nice paste wax to make the Walnut pop. Have shot about 2,500 pellets through it and after the first 500 this gun settled down.
ProsAccurate, accurate, accurate. Nice stock. Good balance and a pleasure to own. Solid lock-up, and while the trigger is not a Rekord, is very manageable.
ConsThe cocking still gives me a good workout, even after all the rounds through it and could be smoother. Otherwise... a very nice addition for any collection, especially for the price.
By John
My Thoughts after 700 rnds
September 10, 2016
great looks and finish, scope is very mediocre at best. Trigger absolutlely sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive adjusted it every which way possible trying to get a consistent 1st and second stage and every squeeze is different great ly affecting shot placement. I want to keep this thing because It is made very well except for the trigger which just keeps pissing me off. if anyone knows where to get an aftermarket trigger please let me know or its going up for sale!
Prosgreat finish , built extremely well.
ConsTrigger sucks
By Mark Y.
Hatsan Model 95 vortex QE
August 16, 2016
This my first air rifle I also have RWS Diana 350 Magnum and I still prefer my Model 95 I installed Leapers 3x12 AO SWAT scope and can consistently shoot nickel size groups at 15 yards using H&N Baracuda power .177 10.65 grain pellets . This gun really likes the Baracuda pellets! It's a lighter quieter easier to cock than My Diana .It's a beautiful gun but so is my Diana .I personally like the trigger and safety on the Hatsan more than the's a really fun gun to shoot you won't be disappointed .I'm sure with more practice I will master the Diana but it is a real work out cocking it .For the price it's areal STEAL!
ProsQuite easy to cock and really accurate
ConsThe scope that comes with it is junk .The lack of a picattiny or weaver mount is disappointment .The trigger could be little smoother .
By Bob
A mans air rifle
July 15, 2016
Upon first viewing of my new Hatsan Vortex air rifle I smiled a big old "thats a beautiful gun" smile.
As advertised, This is a sturdy, well made rifle that screems to be admired and fired.
After mounting and zeroing the scope I found this to be as accurate and powerful as it is easy to look at.
Did I say it was sturdy with a capital "H" for HEAVY!
Also, this break barrel air gun takes some "umph" and a good slam to cock.
I shoot with a buddy who has a "Big Cat" .22 and it is much lighter and easier to cock. However, he can have it I'll take the Hatsan!
ProsBeaufiful, accurate, solid rifle.
ConsHeavy, hard to cock.
By Greg S.
Yucca Valley,Ca
Beautiful rifle
July 8, 2016
Right out of the box it's accurate!Nice heavy well built feel, really nice stock ,like the real wood , the Walnut is beautiful.Looks great ,shoots great,good price,gota get one.
By Mason
This is a great Airgun
July 7, 2016
This gun worked amazing for me, after about 500 rounds the backend of the gun dislodged out of stock, i did some researching on this problem and could not find any thing on it, i just had to call customer service (Sooooo helpful by the way.) and really care about there customers,but even after that issue i still recommend Hatsan to anyone looking to get into airguns or even pros.
ProsShoots Great, The scope is really not bad i would say the scopes max is 35 yd (clear view) but pretty accurate
ConsIt could include sling swivels, The butt of the stock could be raised or adjustable (But thats why they have the mod 135)
By Daryl G.
Great GUN... bad breech seal.
June 2, 2016
Breech last one week. I talked to Costumer service, (they were EXCELLENT, by the way) and they said they will be sending me a new gun, just as soon as I send the old one out today!! Stay tuned...
ProsVery accurate, powerful and not very loud. BEAUTIFUL Turkish wood stock. Great customer service.
ConsBreech seal didn't last a week.
By John
La Mesa, CA
Best Air gun for under $200
October 30, 2015
I own 6 Hatsan rifles (At44, Big Bore .357, Sniper 125 Vortex, Torpedo Sniper 150 Vortex, 135 Vortex, 95 Vortex,) The 95 Vortex is the same quality that I am use to with Hatsan but for less money. I have the .22 cal and right out of the box it shot really well. I tried four types of pellets, Crosman Premier HP 14. gr., JSB Diablo 18.3 gr., RWS SHP 14.2 gr., and the H&N Baracuda Match 21.14 gr. I shot at 18 yards and the winner was the Crosman Premier HP. I shot a consistent dime size group at this distance. The trigger is the typical Quatro. On the Quatro trigger I would suggest tighten both forward screws all the way down and remove, unscrew, the small rear allen screw. This will make the trigger the lightest and take up the play. It will still be somewhat firm with a crisp release.
ProsThe price and the power. They under estimate the velocity on this gun. With a 14.3 gr Crosman Premier HP was getting 870-880 fps. This also has a very light cocking effort, around 33-35 lbs that's about 24 FPE, this hits like a truck!!
ConsKeep an eye on the rear stock screw behind the trigger. I would suggest removing it and using blue Loctite. Mine came lose and so did the accuracy of the gun but it is a very simple fix. The scope it comes with is average. I replaced it with a Leapers/UTG 3-9x50.
By Grover
This is the one. (.22 cal)
October 3, 2015
Appearance: Clean, classic lines, very nice wood, bluing, finish. Extremely classy rifle... Something you could hand down to your kids.

Accuracy: Golf ball size groups out of the box @ 20 yds. Quarter-size groups after some pellet experimentation and 150 rounds.

Performance: Relatively stiff, but getting better. Takes a MAN to cock it. Trigger is heavier than my RWS 34 and requires a deliberate pull... I'm getting used to it.
ProsRelatively quiet -- Acceptable for a suburban setting. Packs a punch. Makes my RWS (rated the same FPS) seem a little weak. With a little practice it can be very deadly for small furry critters. This is a sturdy, serious, beautiful machine. The value is outstanding. Seamless transaction with Airgun Depot. Ordered it on a Sunday, arrived on Friday. I had a bad experience with the other online airgun retailer that starts with a "P". The return process there at the place that starts with a "P" was a long headache that turned into a mess. (23 days and counting.. no replacement and no credit.) Thought I'd try AGD instead and I'm happy I did.
ConsPackaged scope (like most) is usable but of poor quality. Didn't even mount it. Paired it with a Hammers 3-9 X 40AO with a one piece mount and seems to work well.
By Glenn
Walnut Creek, CA
Quality Construction. Power, as advertised; Looks Good; Feels Good.....
September 21, 2015
My Hatsan 95 Vortex looks good, feels well balanced, comfortable to shoot, and the very nice Quattro Trigger completes the deal.

No chrony, but the power seems as advertised; alloys crack the sound barrier. My rifle, using the open sights, started off with good groups at the second pellet (H&N-FTT). I do a lot of 10 meter rifle target shooting, so the included scope (100yd parallax) is not proper for me, but seems to be sorta OK from about 25yds out.
ProsGood looks, good balance, better than good trigger, good solid construction, excellent power. Accuracy, after just a few days, seems very good to start, but it's too early to say it will be excellent. I'll know more about accuracy after trying out a few more different pellets, and more pellets go through it, and when I replace the combo scope with better quality.
Cons As usual with most combo scopes, the rifle wants a better scope. It would be nice to offer it with no scope at a no-scope price.
By Daniel
, Bear lake, Michigan
95 vortex
September 18, 2015
Most accurate hatsan I own, shot 1/2" groups at 20 yrds right out of the box. Excellent wood stock, average blueing, power level is underrated, 15 gr jsbs clocking 830 fps.
ProsAccurate and powerful.
ConsSupplied scope and mounts are 100% useless
By Mike
Redlands, CA
Extreme power at unbeatable price
September 17, 2015
The Hatsan 95 Vortex .177 was even better than I had hoped. I knew I was getting a great gun at an excellent price but the power, accuracy and detail in this gun is exceptional. I would recommend this gun over others twice its price.
ProsExtreme accuracy and power. Beautiful stock Great adjustable trigger
ConsA little heavy.
By Vic
Morrisville, PA
Almost Perfect
January 11, 2015
After running my 95 "spring" .22 version through it's paces for a year and thinking it can't get much better for under $200, I just had to get the Vortex .22 to be sure. Well, I'm glad I did. It acts a little more refined than its "springer" twin and is a little more forgiving in its hold. Every bit as accurate and hits just as hard. Cocking force and noise level is slightly less on the Vortex. Hatsan has outdone themselves once again. Can't wait to see how they improve on this one. That being said, I still love my "old fashioned 95 springer" just as much as her sophisticated fraternal twin. Which do I like better????? Well, that's like trying to pick between Ginger or Marianne.
ProsA.) Easy to cock. F.) Good trigger. B.) Not too loud. G.) Good price. C.) Very accurate. H.) Quality workmanship and materials. D.) Powerful. E.) Nice wood
ConsA.) Sub-par optics. B.) Has dovetail instead of picatinny rail. C.) No provision for a sling. D.) A little heavy. E.) Lacks basic maintenance instructions.
By Ralph M.
United States
Great Rifle at a Great Price
January 2, 2015
This rifle is of quality construction. I have fired about 1000 rounds through it so far and am thoroughly impressed by its accuracy.With the iron sights, I can group dime sized at 10 yards, quarter sized at 25 yards. Alloy pellets break the sound barrier.
ProsExtremely well built and very accurate. Nice trigger, steel, and wood. I would recommend this rifle to anyone looking for an under $200 rifle that has the quality of something twice its price.
ConsScope is mediocre but what really bothered me was the scope rings. They are junk. They do not clamp level to dovetail rail, no matter how hard you try. Bought some BKL scope rings and they were a humongous improvement. Planning to buy a better scope. It is a bit heavy. I would have given 5 stars if the scope/mounts were better.
By Billy
Alexander City, Al.
Great Air Rifle!!
September 23, 2014
I love these rifles. I have two, a .22 cal. and a .177 cal. At first look I was hoping it would be a good rifle as I knew it was a beautiful rifle and had a great feel. I set the sight first and then put the scope on them. They seem to shoot good with all brands of pellets that I have tried so far. Took about 10 shots with the iron sights and the same with the scope.
ProsBeautiful rifle and wood. Good bluing. Very accurate. Pretty easy to cock. Great rifle for the money!
ConsA little heavy but I can live with that. I would like to see a little better scope but so far so good.
By JoeG111
So. Illinois
This rifle's a steal at twice the price.
August 8, 2014
I am a 65 year young novice to air rifles. This rifle is unbelievably accurate. It took my back yard plinking, and pest control shooting to a new level. The checkered Turkish walnut stock, sets off the barrel, and action which are quality German steel. I am not a dead eye shooter, but after throwing away the scope that came with it, and zeroing in with a Beeman Banner 3 x 9. I shot 10 shots, at 15 yards that I put a quarter over it covered all but some of the fuzzy edges of the holes. The only way I could imagine shooting like I did with this rifle was in my dreams. WOW! for under $200.00 Dollars, what a piece of engineering! This is a beautiful Air Rifle that I am proud to own. It is a real joy to shoot. Hatsan should either upgrade the scope to one that not trash, or sell the rifle without one, and drop the cost. The rifle is a little heavy, and it's harder than I would have liked to cock, but these are things I can live with.
ProsThis rifle is unbelievably accurate. The checkered Turkish walnut stock, sets off the barrel, and action which are quality German steel. Gold plated 2 stage adjustable trigger. This is a beautifully crafted rifle, and Hatsan's engineering has succeeded in making this one of the most accurate air rifle available. It is comparable to others costing 2-3 times the money.
ConsHatsan should upgrade the scope, or sell the rifle without one and drop the cost. The rifle is a little heavy, and it's harder than I would have liked to cock, but these are things I can live with.
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