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Ruger Explorer, .177 cal

Youth Break Barrel
  • Code: 224-4020 · .177 · 495 fps
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The Ruger Explorer youth air rifle is a spring piston single stroke break barrel air rifle with an all-weather composite black stock. This Ruger Air Rifle's stock is ambidextrous (for both left- and right-handers) and has a thumbhole stock and vented cheek piece for comfort and ease of use. The Explorer rifle shoots pellets out of its rifled barrel at 495 fps. Accuracy is a breeze with its fiber optic sights. The Explorer also comes with an automatic safety and rubber recoil pad. It is designed as a youth rifle with a shorter overall length (37.125"), lighter frame (4.45 lbs.), and an added anti-slam trigger-barrel safety system.
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  • ManufacturerRuger
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 495 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Break barrel
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 4.45
  • Overall Length 37.12
  • Barrel Length 15.00
  • Loudness 2-Low-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism Spring-piston
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Automatic
  • Front Sights Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sights Micrometer adjustable
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage non-adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Plinking & target practice
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By ChrisUSAFebruary 25, 2021

Buy one for your kid or lady... you will end up shooting it too!

Girlfriend can shoot it better than me! I wish I had this rifle when I was a kid. It cocks and loads so quickly and easily. All those years of pumping up my Daisy or Crosman over and over again to get almost the same velocity. It is so light and handy, just a fun shooter for backyard plinking.

The fiber optic sights are too bright for me in full daylight. These appear as green and red blurs when focusing on the target in bright sunlight. This is because of my vision problems, but I can hit better with plain old blade sights with some bright paint on the front. Just seems like overkill. Might try out a scope, but my girlfriend likes the sights that come with it, and I bought it to get her interested in shooting. She can hit with it, so if it aint broke... The trigger guard is so big that it pinches my middle finger at the top of the very small grip. I have giant bear paw hands so I shouldn't be surprised that kid's gun is a bit too small.

By JakeFebruary 6, 2020

Being a farmer for years, we always had problems with starlings and pigeons. We used highpower breakbarrels, and pcps, but they always punch a hole in the roof. This gun is excellent for indoor pigeon bashing, inside 20 yards with a scope, a clean chestshot always does the trick. And the ammo is super cheap, i use CPHP and get success. I mounted a Hawke 4x32 AO scope with 1 piece mount on it, and its my go-to pigeon and starling gun inside barns.

Lightweight Easy Fun


By Rachel SUSASeptember 27, 2019

I got this rifle for me and my nephew to shoot. It's great for women shooters too. Fits perfectly, sturdy and with nice, easy to see sights.

By MatthewUSAMarch 8, 2018

I purchased this rifle for my 11 year old grandson. Right out of the box very accurate and easy for him to cock and shoot. His face lit up when he hit the bullseye on his first shot!! Auto safety is a plus for young shooters. We’ve put around 500 shots thru this rifle with no problems. This seems to be a very pellet friendly rifle. In short we would recommend this rifle to anyone wishing to start a young shooter out right. I would purchase this rifle again.

Easy to cock load and shoot for a young shooter.

By robertUSAMarch 6, 2017

i own 7 other break barrels, springers, and gas piston. this little rifle is a treat to shoot, we have a problem with crows in the city at this time of year and this works well at helping them move to the next neighborhood. i don't kill anything which this rifle is powerfull enough to do at close range (10-15yds). my other rifles all came with scopes which we all know are a step below good, so i've put one of them on the explorer, now it might not be shooting one hole shots at 10yds but it will light up the 9-10 rings all day long. all in all this is perfect for living in the middle of the city, having said that i've lived here for 20 plus yrs my neighbors know me and are ok with me shooting. (i mow most of their yards for free) so it's accurate, shoots around 500fps very light weight, quite and a ton of fun to shoot, and any 10yr old can cock it. so check it out if you don't like it send it back. ok yall happy hunting and treat all guns as if they are loaded. SEE YA!!

everthing i said above.

none really.

By AnthonyUSAMay 20, 2016

I received this a few hours ago and couldn't wait to start shooting it. Fit and finish look really nice. It's very easy to cock, and everything in that procedure is simple. I really like the auto safety. I'm paranoid about pulling the trigger on my break barrels by accident with the barrel open. The auto triggers on several of my guns are great and this one works beautifully. After five shots, I'm drilling the bullseye at 30 feet. The gun is quiet. No recoil to speak of. I put a 3-7X20 Tasco scope on it. Looks good -- it's a match to the small size of the rifle. If I fall in love with this gun as I often do, it will get a better scope, but this one works. The fixed sights look fine, but a scope is better for my eyes. Great deal from AGD on this neat rifle.

Trigger is good for my taste, the rifle is accurate, easy cocking -- really easy --, fit and finish is good, super deal! Strongly recommend this gun. Great garage shooter, nice and quiet.

Short pull, but I'll fix that with an extension between the stock and the butt plate. Maybe made of wood, maybe just two PVC pipes with longer screws.

By BobDecember 16, 2014

This thing this great with a true glow scope on it. The best pellet I think is the crosman pointed pellets. I hit a dime at 35 yards with this gun.

Every good accuracy

You have to screw the screws in a lot

By IanFebruary 23, 2014

I just got this gun from Walmart (I know it sounds cheap) and it shoots great. I got a three cm pattern at twenty meters . For the money it is a great gun. Some wort had tampered with it, and it was missing its rear fiber optic site, still, it shot great.


Loose screws

By Patricia B.August 3, 2013

Excellent, not just for young people but for us old people too. Easy to handle, accurate. Exactly what I wanted (I'm 84) for the squirrels that are overrunning us.

Easy to handle

Can't think of any.

By PaulUSAMay 20, 2013

I've owned this gun for about a year and it's been a good gun over all. This gun does not shoot at 495 fps. In fact, its lucky to get half that. I've shot mice, chipmunks, starlings, and many more critters. The three big problems I have had are the trigger, the butt plate, and the sight elevation. The trigger is tight but it loosened up over the year the butt plate just fell off today and after about a week of owning the gun the sight elevation jammed up on me. Over all I like the gun but there are definitely better for the price.

light weight, fun plinkster, great beginning airgun

The trigger, the butt plate, and the sight elevation

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so can someone tell me if I can buy this bb gun for my 9-year-old son because he is asking for one so I don't know if I should buy it for him can someone tell me, please?

asked cibele

what is the length of pull?

asked CraigVan Gessel

Can it kill

asked George

Hey there, after watching tons of worthless reviews on youtube I was left wondering what are the real FPS on this rifle. Any help would be greatly appreciated. May you have a nice day!

asked Richie

I have a 4-H group of kids age range 8 - 12. Will they have enough strength to cock the gun. Will it hold up under supervised usage? Any other suggestions?

asked RICH

most kids should be able to cock it, you should check out the crosman raven and the crosman 1077 repeater all are great rifles and kid friendly. the raven and explorer are break barrels and the 1077 is 12 shot co-2 repeater. good luck ..

robert from USA

skip this and pick up a couple of crosman 1077, 12 shot repeaters using C-02 cartridges, plus it has a bit more power and more accurate, the refribs are only $40.00 good luck.

robert from USA

yes they will you should check out the refurbished ones you might save $20.00 or more on them, all i buy are refurbs and never had a problem yet, also check out the crosman 1077 repeater it's cheap, fun, has good power, lightweight and easy to shoot. good luck!!

robert from USA

Do You send it to Sweden?

asked Przemek

Przemek, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They can answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

is there a safety on it

asked mike

Yes, it has an automatic safety. Every time you brake the barrel it sets the safety. I really like this gun other then the bluing is thin and you need to oil it to stop it from rusting.

Andrew from USA

Can you attach a scope?

asked Jake

Yes. I have mounted a scope on mine.


What kind of scope can you put on this?

asked Bob

You can mount any scope on this gun, the scope has to have 11mm dovetail mounts in order to fit though. A 4x32 scope or a 3-9x32 would work good on here I think.

Conor from USA

How far will the pellet travel once fired?

asked Kyle

400 to 500 yrds so make sure what's behind the target

robert from USA

Does any one hunt with this, if so what will it kill? Will it kill a squirrel?

asked lewis

In the UK they hunt with sub 12 lbs pellet rifles. Its all about shot placement. It take 3 lbs to kill a rabbit. Its all about shot placement.


This will take down sparrows no problem. With squirrels, they have tough skin, therefore requiring a faster traveling pellet. Unless you make a perfect headshot with this gun, the squirrel will just be wounded and go off and suffer somewhere. Get something in the power range of 800-1,000 fps in .177 cal for squirrels.

Conor from USA

Yes, as long as you don't hit it on the tail.


Can you put a scope on this?

asked michael

Yes, this has 11mm dovetail mounts.

Conor from USA

how do you load it?

asked vincent

Vincent, This specific air rifle is a break barrel rifle. You will need to pull down on the barrel in order to load/cock the gun. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Service Team

Steve from USA

is this rifle just for kids or is it good for plinking as well?

asked jeff

this rifle is mainly meant as a childrens target practice gun. It is more of a toy. It can do plinking just fine but obviously, a more powerful and accurate gun would be better.

Scott from USA

I received this rifle for exmas and there was no manual with it need to know where to load it

asked jean

Here is the easiest way cock and load the barrel properly, sit down and place the gun across your lap, with the barrel overhanging, hit the barrel near the front sight with the palm of your hand and it should open up. Now pull the barrel all the way down until it locks and the inner barrel is exposed, now that the inner barrel is exposed you can load your pellet, return the barrel to the closed position and you are ready to fire. Please keep in mind that some rifles have automatic safetys when cocking, also remember not to dry fire your rifle.

Steve from USA

can you put on Leapers 11mm Dovetail to Weaver Adapter on it.

asked timothy

Yes you can.


Can you mount a 4x32 scope on the ruger explorer?

asked Jamin

just google it or watch some videos on it, everything you need to know is on the web!!

robert from USA



If your scope has the ability to mount to a dovetail system, it should be able to handle it. The box never said it had the dovetails but it does. I just got mine and am thinking about mounting my small daisy 4x target scope on it. Hope this helps! :) It really does seem to be a solid little rifle.

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