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Available in .177, Pellet firing replica of the Sig Sauer MCX tactical rifles
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  • Code: MCX-177-88G-30-BLK · $179.99 · .177 · 600 fps
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Train like the pros! The Sig Sauer MCX is a near exact copy of the firearm used by law enforcement and military units around the globe. With similar weight, feel, and controls these make a great way to bring the practice range home. These compact semi-auto rifles feature adjustable flip up sights, Picatinny top and side rails, a mock suppressor, and a 30 round pellet magazine. Available in .177 caliber, these rifles are ready for action.
  • Caliber: .177 (Pellet Only)
  • CO2 (88 gr / 90 gr)
  • Semi-auto
  • Metal Housing
  • 30 Round Magazine - Roto Belt Mag (Patented Design)
  • Integral Weaver/Picatinny Optics Rail and Accessory Rail
  • Tactical Foregrip
  • Flip-up Front and rear Sights
  • Adjustable Front Sight
  • Adjustable Rear Sight
  • Life Tested 15,000 Shots (Guaranteed)
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  • ManufacturerSIG Sauer
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 600 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Semiautomatic
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 7.40
  • Overall Length 34.70
  • Barrel Length 17.70
  • Loudness 4-Medium-High
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism PCP & CO2
  • Rail Weaver/Picatinny
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Flip-up, adjustable
  • Rear Sights Flip-up, adjustable
  • Shots per Fill 200
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Plinking/Fun
  • Warranty 180-day limited warranty
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By DavidUSAOctober 24, 2021

Good looking, good realistic weight and effective when it works.

Doesn’t last. Develops a firing malfunction (gas and firing pin, feed issues)

By AdnanUSAJuly 22, 2021

Realistic and powerful.

Broke after 2 months and couple hundreds shots C02 won't operate, even with Umerax high grade Disgrace of a company name rifle.

By DavidCanadaFebruary 14, 2021

Buyer beware, even in Canada.

I originally really enjoyed this air rifle, it's all kinds of fun

After less than 3000 pellets something inside broke off and fell out of the magazine well, SIG DO NOT warranty their goods outside of the USA, so now I just have a wall hanger, This particular one would only work on the 88 or 90 gram CO2s, I tried a 12 gram CO2 adaptor and a HPA kit, neither of which worked on this particular rifle.

By BerlynJanuary 18, 2021

Like the way it handles. Wasn't expecting metal sights! Powerful for a pellet gun!

Does need side picatinny rails for accessories! Also front grip a little short, but I replaced it with a push button bipod!

By RUSS-DUSAMay 8, 2020

I like the looks and feel of this rifle. It is very accurate, using the iron sights, right from the factory. It has the weight and feel of a real Sig Sauer. So far it has been very fun to shoot. If you want an airgun with the look and feel of a real AR-style rifle this is the one.

The integrated keymod design on the handguard doesn't allow(easily) for mounting Picatinny rails as the plastic is too thick in those spots. The foregrip uses a special type of nut to make it work with the thickness of the plastic. And I can not find that fastener, anywhere online, to use. The magazine is a little too small and takes away from the looks of the rifle.

By Charles King February 22, 2020

Love this air gun. Got it for my son's 6 birthday. I have the long one as well. Shoots awesome!

How can I get a stuck magazine out, I don't w9 to break anything?

By Charles King February 22, 2020

Love this air gun. Got it for my son's 6 birthday. I have the long one as well. Shoots awesome!

How can I get a stuck magazine out, I don't w9 to break anything?

By ConnorUSAJuly 20, 2019

So far I have ran around 1000 rounds through the gun with no problems. Has decent power for a co2 gun and is relatively accurate with good pellets. 1" groups at 25 yards. I prefer lighter pellets in this gun to get the fps up. Really loving it with the utg red dot.

-Weight and feel is awesome -looks sweet -shoots good with no issues

By AdamApril 2, 2019

Alright first let me just say this thing absolutely is awesome. But i have a couple small complaints, first the keymod rails are plastic which is cool cuz it keeps it light but, its too thick so every keymod attachment ive gotten for it ive had to basically file down the rail to get it to fit. Also me being an idiot i had mind leaned up against a walk while i was loading pellets into the mag belt and my pup knocked it over and it snapped a chunk off the front of the rail when it hit the ground. Luckily i was ablr to glue it together. And for my second small complaint, this also goes with the first one and its more of a suggestion than a complaint, sig either needs to make different rails and butt stocks for these or atleast make it so we can attach other ones to it. Idk if they can make and adapter or something but that would be amazing. Id very much like to get a butt stock with a cheek pad or riser. Other than that this gun is awesome. Extremely accurate with pretty much every pellet i put through it. I can get about 1 1/2 inch groups right on target from 50 yards pretty easily. And from 25 yards i can pretty much put the pellets right on top of eachother. I heard they were gonna come out with new mags eventually that hold more pellets and I’m extremely excited for that to happen.

Accurate Tons of fun As far as i can see it?s super close to the real one Easy to use

Rails are too thick Can only use the stock butt stock

By Greg W.December 18, 2018

This gun is impressive in appearance, very quiet, and pure fun to shoot. The fact that it can be easily modified to use an air tank makes it particularly versatile and raises the possibility that it could be a short range pest rifle. Paired with a tactical red-dot holographic sight it is a perfect rifle for anyone who wants to do some plinking but has eyesight issues that make open sights problematic (raises hand). Full disclosure; I only had this rifle for about two weeks before a friend talked me into selling it to him so I did not have a chance to test some of my thoughts about this rifle. I will very likely purchase another one soon; it is that much fun. In the couple weeks I had the rifle I did not get a chance to test the trigger on my pull scale. I was concerned because I had seen reviews where they said the trigger was pulling in excess of 8 pounds. It might be but oddly it did not feel at all heavy to me for this type of double action trigger (if you didn't already realize it this is not a true semi-auto; it is a double action trigger equipped rifle). It was accurate well within the limits of what I would expect from this design and being CO2 driven (lots of velocity variation with CO2). And again, the darn thing is just plain fun. I may have missed the information in the manual but I did not see the instructions to use the probe on the little enclosed tool to seat the pellets all the way forward in the belt. In case I didn't miss it and that instruction is missing from the very abbreviated owners manual; lay the belt face down on a flat surface and use the probe or other tool to seat your pellets all the way into the belt. Before I realized this necessity I had jams twice and had to use a rod to push pellets out of the breach. Also well hidden in the instructions is the fact that that little tool is used to adjust elevation on the open sights by screwing the front post in or out. There is no elevation adjustment on the rear sight. I was concerned over a video review that I saw where the reviewer was reporting velocity up to over 600fps with lead pellets and thought it would make a small critter rifle. I tested it over my chronograph which has been tested against another chrony and established as accurate and the highest velocities I recorded with 7+ grain pellets were in the mid to high 400fps range. Personally, I consider this too low for reliable small game hunting. And unless you have converted to PCP, I would be very concerned about the big drop in velocity in very cold weather. If the hammer spring and valve can handle higher pressures from a regulated air cylinder this could prove to be a great field gun and if I do purchase another one I will definitely try running it with an 1100 or 1200psi tank. That may very well make it a nice little hunter but I have serious doubts about this rifle for hunting with CO2. Ultimately, in my experience, and that of my buddie who now owns the rifle, a very nice, impressive little rifle at a great price point.

Definitely high on on the "cool factor" looks. Well balanced and well made. Feels very sturdy in hand. Love the 30 shot capacity of the belts in the mag. Belts load easily into the magazine and function perfectly. Large CO2 cylinder gives you lots of usable shots for plinking. Very quiet / back-yard-friendly. Great adaptability with easy conversion to a PCP cylinder.

Manual is thin on detail. Open sights are very rudimentary; would like to see a better quality fiber optic sight assembly. Would definitely be worth a fwe extra dollars. IMO, underpowered for any hunting applications with CO2 (well, maybe rats at short range)

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Does 88 gram Co2 work in this weapon?Because the manual says to only use 90 gram.

asked Wesley from USA


Adam from USA

Do you sell a holographic site that will fit on the top rail?

asked William from USA

Parts diagram for Sig wcx

asked Thornton from USA

Doe"s it come with a lockable rifle case?

asked Frank from USA

Is the Mock Silencer removal ?

asked Jaquan from USA

Is the silencer part removable?

asked Behrad from USA

Will a 20 oz CO2 tank fit and work on this?

asked Darling from USA

With the proper adapter . Yes Air Venturi CO2 Bulk-Fill Adapter... $19.99

Mark from USA

Will it pass Canadian customs?

asked Matt from Canada


Mark from USA

What's the shelf life once you insert and shoot a few pellets CO2 (88 gr / 90 gr) in this Sig Saur MCX just make sure it's working?

asked Marc from USA

The seals on the 90 gram CO2 are good. You can leave the CO2 charged in the gun for extended periods.

Mark from USA

if i buy the hpa tank with adaptor will it work plug and play kind....?

asked Reynaldo from USA


Mark from USA

These do not come in .22 as stated in the ad, correct?

asked Phillip from USA

Can it shoot bbs?

asked Jerren Templeton

Nope, .177 pellets only

Joey from USA

Having a charging problem, I pull the handle once and would run out the magazine, no problems and shot about 150 pellets. After I changed a new air cylinder I ran about 60 more shots with one pull on the handle now I have to pull the handle every shot. I have tried new cylinders, different ammo, spoke with CS and they mentioned I may not be letting the trigger squeeze all the way to the back and releasing all the way... Any thoughts?

asked Dean Palladino

If you get a well-placed shot, could this kill a chipmunk, squirrel or rabbit?

asked John


Joey from USA

Hi , is there actually a .22 version of this or the MPX ?

asked Akram from USA

Is this available in .22

asked Jason

do you have the large tank for this product available

asked Stephen from USA

what if i dont use a full co2. will it hurt the rifle if i leave it in

asked Devin Maroldt

Nope, I've left mine charged for weeks

Joey from USA

is the foregrip removable to mount a bi-pod?

asked michael

Can you hunt small game with the sig?

asked Brian

Is there any restriction in importing the sig sauer 0.22 mm air rifle to the Philippines? I'm a license gun owner and I would like to purchase this product from your company. Please reply back as soon as possible. Thanks.

asked Danilo T. Basilio

Does the co2 last if not used up all at once? Looking to get this for pest control on my property, but might only take 10-20 shots per week. Looking for the convenience of multi shot vs my current single shot pump rifle.

asked Alex

Will it hurt the rifle if you leave the C02 cartridge in for an extended period of time.

asked John

How long is the faux Suppressor? Can the Faux Suppressor be removed? what is the OD of the barrel where the faux suppressor mounts to?

asked Gary from USA

Suppressor holds the barrel

Joey from USA

do you have to have an adapter for the co2?

asked willie

Metal ? Plastic ?Weight?

asked Alexesandro from USA

When will you have the cigs are 22 caliber in stock again please notify me

asked Billy from USA

Is the power factor up gradable ?

asked Capn Jack

So let's cut through the crap here and get to what is really on everyone's mind about the MCX pellet rifle.... WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET A 22 CALIBER VERSION...? Because for now, this rifle does not even stack up to a Crosman 1077 in performance and accuracy.

asked Glenn61

can anyone tell me, is this gun full metal?

asked RICK from USA

is this gun full metal?

asked RICK

The page says the .22 caliber is available, but no option to choose such item. When will the .22 caliber version be available?

asked Kelvin

What is the barrel length? According to the 750 fps stated, it should put out 10 fpe on the first shot and begin to drop thereafter 30 seconds unless a 3 minute lull is given to resume equilibrium with the ambient temperature. I would love to get data on the barrel length, temperature at shot, weight of pellet, and velocity.

asked Francisco

Can i use a hpa tank if i have the proper fittings and hoses

asked Tommy from USA

Do you need any adapters when using the 88gr or 90gr Co2 carthridge on the SIG SAUER MCX?

asked Rey

Is there an adapter available to mount on the bottom of the barrel so that you can attach a picatinny rail so that a bipod can be used?

asked David

Can i use hollow points in this gun?


Is this gun good for hunting

asked Saul

When will I be able to purchase the .22 version I've been waiting for a long time I am very excited about it you advertise it but yet I have no idea when this will be available to me I want to be put on a list and told him about it . Please let me know when this will be ready. Otherwise I will buy a new one with a red dot sight on it and also I want a laser in the search for the front barrel so I can sight in a red dot. Please contact me I have been waiting patiently for a long time .

asked Matthew w

When will the .22 be available?

asked Keith

When will the .22 cal version be available?

asked Kelvin

Did this, or will this, ever come out in .22cal? Mentions that it is available in .177/.22, but not selectable in .22...

asked Cecil from USA

Can this be used to shoot squirrels?

asked Calvin

Where can you get the belts for the clip? Does the MCX come with one or two belts?

asked John

I heard this was going to be coming out in pcp version? Do u have word of when? Thanks for fielding my Q

asked Ben from USA

What are the weights of the mcx and the pcx?


Yes, they will be, but it will not be out till next year.

Scott from USA

A few questions. Fps? Size? Is the stock changeable? Weight? Can you remove the mock silencer?

asked Mathias from USA

Sig has not yet released the specs for these guns. As soon as we have them we will update the sight. The models that we saw at Shot Show where only the first prototypes, once the production models hit we will have all the specs. Thanks!

Scott from USA
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