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SIG Sauer MCX Rattler Canebrake

Available in .177
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  • Code: AGD-535310816 · $219.99 · .177 · 711 fps
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The SIG Sauer MCX Rattler Canebrake is a CO2 pellet rifle with many of the same features as the popular line of guns it resembles. It reaches speeds up to 711 fps and you'll find it to be a very capable air rifle for target practice, plinking, or getting familiar with shooting the firearm version.

The Sig MCX Rattler air rifle is powered by an 88-gram or 90-gram CO2 tank, which means you get more powerful shots and you don't have to swap cartridges as often. The MCX Rattler magazine holds 30 rounds of pellets, and it has rapid shot technology that lets you empty it in under 3.5 seconds if you can move your finger fast enough.

The tough polymer stock comes in flat dark earth and black colors, and the metal receiver and other parts of the stock are designed with the look of the AR platform in mind, so you get a solid rifle with a tactical feel. The trigger has a flat blade just like the real steel version, and the textured and ridged pistol grip gives you a secure hold.

This MCX Rattler has the same barrel suppressor feature that adds weight to the front that the powder burner does, so you can get used to what it would be like to shoot it with a real suppressor. The Sig Sauer Rattler has a long Picatinny scope rail that includes flip-up rear and front sights, or you can add a scope of your choice. Plus, the handguard gives you M-LOK slots for adding accessories like lasers and lights.

If you want a CO2 pellet rifle that lets you experience shooting this platform without having to buy expensive ammo, get a SIG Sauer MCX Rattler Canebrake from Airgun Depot now.

SIG MCX Rattler Canebrake Features:

  • .177 caliber pellets
  • Semi auto
  • Max velocity: 711 fps
  • Max energy: 7.1 fpe
  • 30 round magazine
  • Textured pistol grip
  • Plastic buttpad
  • Flat blade trigger
  • Flip up front and rear sights
  • Long Picatinny optics rail
  • M-LOK handguard
  • Barrel Shroud
  • Uses one 88g or 90g CO2 cylinder
  • Weight: 7.6 lbs. (with magazine)
  • Barrel length: 12"
  • Overall length: 30.13"
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  • ManufacturerSIG Sauer
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 711 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Semiautomatic
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 7.60
  • Overall Length 30.13
  • Barrel Length 12.00
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 30
  • Mechanism PCP & CO2
  • Rail Weaver/Picatinny
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Flip-up, adjustable
  • Rear Sights Flip-up, adjustable
  • Shots per Fill 170
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Plinking/Fun
  • Warranty 180-day limited warranty
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By JoshUSAJune 30, 2024 Verified Purchase

When gun is new go over all the fasteners and snug them up a half turn or so. Hajimoto in Massachusetts makes custom PCP bottles that use the ninja v3 regulator (made in USA) and a 3000psi bottle just like what gun comes with. 1400psi output is what Im using now and WOW this was what this gun needs. NINJA/HAJIMOTO regulators are the best but they are a little larger diameter than the Taiwanese ones. So in order to to make work I had to shave some of the excess aluminum from the gun to thread it in all the way. This is super easy because body of gun is soft aluminum. Used a deburring tool to remove extra metal.

It works! 1,000 rounds almost then the regulator started leaking and no good. Until this point it has been a perfectly working. Just a little weak feeling when you fire it at the 1100psi regulator output. Sig recommends that it should stay a PCP and not use co2 option.

Better quality regulator than one from Taiwan

By ErikMay 24, 2024 Verified Purchase

This thing is awesome! Love it. I have just as much fun firing this as i do an m4

For what you get and price, can't beat it. Lots of smiles for pennies a shot.

By Dean May 10, 2024 Verified Purchase

This Is an awesome airgun it's accurate

Wish all the functions worked

By DeanMay 4, 2024 Verified Purchase

I like everything about this rifle it's accurate

Wish all function worked on it...

By JeremyUSAMarch 20, 2024 Verified Purchase

This will awesome for training and general LARP. I could see this being passable for squirrel and rabbit hunting with some of those pointy Crosman X Flight pellets. I have a lot of stuff I would improve about this airgun, but I want to stress that it is still a fantastic airgun and much of that is personal preference. Most of these like the extra belts, grip and sights are upgradeable. The cheekweld is probably something I can 3d print. I don't think there exists a better option for the semi auto backyard tactical-esque plinker PCP use case anywhere near this price point. Make no mistake that this is a totally different use case from the normal precision target shooting and hunting. This is a replica firing cheap but not BB cheap ammo with appreciable precision. The Hatsan Sortie Tact looked like it came close but the lower price tag and AR15 like controls for this gun are what sold me on it vs the Hatsan.

Smooth trigger pull with clean and light break Feels powerful Simulated semi auto is really fun Front sight post aside, the stock iron sights are good. They're manual and not button flip up sights like Magpul and others, but feel quality and return to zero is good. Build quality feels great, reminds me of handling my real AR15 with all Magpul furnture. The precision is fantastic. Leaving the gun stationary, you can get same hole or close to it at 15 yards. You will want an optic for this one or at least a better front sight post. Sights look like their the same size as AR15 Magazine accepts much longer pellets than others - those big pointy Crosman pellets can even fit! Its pretty awesome that SIG embraced the DIY PCP upgrades people were making with an OEM version. The magazine belts while a bit odd work very well and the belts are sized perfectly to the magazine so that they do not Controls are very similar to AR15 and real Sig MCX making this a great training aid

Add baffles to the fake suppressor to make it a real suppressor, this thing is my loudest airgun despite being the weakest because all the others have moderators/suppressors Have indexing the magazine and resetting the hammer be gas powered to shorten required trigger pull and allow single stage trigger Add a tunable trigger Add a SIG endorsed method to tune the hammer spring The stock front sight post is wide, square and generally bad. Upgrade the post to a pointed one or at least one the width of standard ar15 posts Something to make loading magazine less painful and feasible in the field Include additional magazine belts in the box, even if this costs more Some OEM cheekweld solution for PCP version - putting my face on the cold metal gas bottle is not that awesome and breaks the immersion a little bit I wish the pistol grip had storage. The included tool and valve covers are great, but its on you to keep track of them. I will swap the grip for Magpul one Magazines don't drop free

By DuncanJune 21, 2023

90 g co2 cartridges are something you won't like, and the regular co2 savers are too long for this airgun. An adapter for 12g cartridges could help a lot if you don't want to take 240+ shots every time.

powerful, feels like something real, accuracy is fine

the stock is absolutely ugly, and the quality of it is not very good. The barrel is unstable, it moves with light force on it and makes weird noise.

By Joe donohoFebruary 26, 2023 Verified Purchase

Definitely a must for air rifle enthusiast

Looks good and shoots good

Wouldn’t change anything

By ArthurUSANovember 23, 2022

All around very nice and easy to operate. Highly recommend for the pellet gun fans.

Reloading takes a lil time but thats about the only thing that i could say about this overall experience with this set up.

By Jerry eJuly 29, 2022

Feels like the real thing in hand

Has been a pleasure to own..Use Crosman premier 7.4 gram ammo and had no problems.Had for 10 months and fired 2,000+ rounds.Put scope on it and so accurate @ 50-70 feet.Great varmint rifle. Would highly recommend to anyone. I get around 230 shots per air tank.

Only problem I've had with it was an air leak inside around the trigger. Contacted Sig and they repaired at no cost to me.

By BenUSAOctober 20, 2021

Ran 500 7.8 grain pellets through it and it functions flawlessly. It is built super nicely and is decently accurate with the iron sights. Very happy with it

Co2 tank lasts very long. Built very well. Looks and functions perfectly

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How come there is so much movement in the suppressor n can I get a barrel without a suppressor I can change out

asked Earl from USA

Does the gun come with a gas cylinder?

asked Martin from USA

This does not come with CO2. You will need these

Adam from USA

Can u switch out the .177 breech with a .22 breech?

asked Jake from USA

Can this shoot BB's?

asked Laurie from USA

Pellet only.

Adam from USA

Is it a simple valve change that allows it to reach 700fps compared to ak1 or mp40

asked George from Canada

What is different Inside that allows it to reach the higher velocity compared to the mp40 or ak1

asked George from Canada

Billy where did you get the extra rail at the front bottom where you mounted the light

asked Drew from USA

What is the trigger pull force for this airgun? Is it a double action trigger (pulling the trigger cocks and fires)?

asked Richard from USA

Can you increase the FPS somehow?

asked Ben from USA

Yes the first thang to do when you receive the rifle is do not unbox. Calculate the return postage, then send it back to the company. What you do is use the credit after restocking fees and take that money and buy something more powerful.

Don from USA

Can you hunt squirrels with this?

asked Ben from USA

Yes! So you best not let the wife get a hold of it!

Don from USA

whats the best laser sight to buy with this? and is there a "best" pellet for it? I dont care about price, I just want the thing to work well over time

asked Link from USA

Has anyone shot this female dog yet ( site made me clean the wording up ) Thats what I want to know. She sounds mean

asked Earl from USA

I got one!

Earl from USA

I got it n love it

Earl from USA

Yes, I've put 6 mags through mine. Shooting one inch groups on the move, targets varying from 10 yds to 25 yds away. I have a vertical forward grip, reflex sight, and laser on it with an AR magpul grip. No jams, emptied several clips at full speed.

Billy from USA

Is this legal in NJ? Does it come with smaller mags, e.g., 10-count?

asked Christopher from USA

How is the barrel length 4" on this & it's 30" overall The MCX has a 17" barrel /overall 34" & the MPX is 8" barrel / 25" overall? I mean compact pistols have roughly a 4" barrel... it looks like the measurement was maybe taken from end of handgaurd to end of shroud? If the measurement is correct than it's technically a pistol. Kinda like the MP5K/SP89 is.?

asked Mervyn from USA

It's referring to the mock suppressor that sticks off the end of the gun 4". I was confused by this same thing and didn't think I wanted one but ended up finding out that it actually has a 12.5" barrel length or around there. And i hear that it has better accuracy than the MPX or MCX.

Daryk from USA

Extra mags?

asked Josh from Canada

It takes the same magazines as the SIG Sauer MCX and MPX.

David from USA

How is this beastly looking gat? Thanx

asked Jeffrey from USA

How is she. She can whip some a$$in the back yard Im in love all over again lol And whats more. Its a Sig

Earl from USA
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