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SIG Sauer P320 Pellet Pistol, Black

Available in .177, Metal Slide
Only $89.99
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  • Code: AGD-43078322 · $89.99 · .177 · 380 fps
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The Sig Sauer P320 CO2 air pistol is a first-of-its-kind replica pistol featuring a belt-fed 30 round magazine that is capable of firing pellets up to 380 fps. Featuring a double-action trigger, this gun will blow through the magazine as quickly as you can pull the trigger. Don't forget to customize your P320 by adding an accessory or optic to the Weaver/Picatinny rail, found under the barrel. With this pistol, you not only get the Sig form/function but also the fun of an air pistol. Based on their world renown firearm lineup, the Sig P320 pellet pistol features a functional metal slide mounted to a polymer frame that blows back with every shot. Based on the P320 Nitron Full-Size pistol, this pellet pistol replica uses the same specs and build sheet, resulting in one of Sig's most accurate replicas to date!

SIG Sauer P320 Pellet Pistol Features
  • Uses a 12-gram CO2 cartridge
  • Semi-auto
  • 30rd rotary mag
  • Manual safety
  • Fixed white dot sights
  • Blowback
  • Metal slide
  • Polymer frame
  • Weaver/Picatinny accessory rail
  • Same styling and trigger pull as P320 firearm
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  • ManufacturerSIG Sauer
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 380 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Semiautomatic
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 1.81
  • Overall Length 8.00
  • Barrel Length 4.60
  • Loudness 2-Low-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism CO2
  • Rail No
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Blade
  • Rear Sights Fixed
  • Shots per Fill 60
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Plinking/Fun
  • Warranty 180-day limited warranty
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By JamesMay 11, 2024 Verified Purchase

Very nice gun.

Magazine system is terrible. Could not get it to feed. Had to return gun.

By KevinDecember 26, 2023 Verified Purchase

I'd pass on this one

Nice weight and feel

Jam o matic sadly more of a toy than a training device. Pellet magazine needs refinement

By Herbert I Burns JrJune 16, 2023 Verified Purchase

Love, love love this air gun. Accurate and what ? 30 rounds. What a +

My old laser targeting unit would not fit on the bottom rail.

By NateMarch 6, 2023 Verified Purchase

Skip this one.

Nice look and feel

It jams more than Bob Marley. Not sure if its the pistol or the belt-mag.

By OsvaldoFebruary 15, 2023 Verified Purchase

The size and weight true the real one.

The worst airgun pistol I have ever use! First the sights were not set right and can not be adjusted. Second, too many jams. I fire two or three shots and then it jams! Last night I used it for the last time! The magazine got stuck and I could not release it! I just destroyed the pistol on the concrete! And you know what? The mag still on!!!!!

By Jim CanadaOctober 24, 2022 Verified Purchase

Realistic weight and feel and nice looking pistol overall. Clever pellet loading system is unique and different from other pellet guns. Decent blowback too.

Trigger is mushy and long, due to the pellet magazine design. You have to be patient otherwise you will end up with jams. I had a jam on my first try but was able to free the pellet by pusing a rod through the muzzle end. I recommend you use high quality pellets as well. Safety lock is fairly hard to push and I'm not a fan of the back strap release to access the CO2 chamber. It's easy to get off but finicky to put back on. Accuracy is not too bad buy mine shoots a little low and to the left. Adjustable sights would have been ideal.

By WarrenUSAJune 4, 2022 Verified Purchase

Realistic weight, feel and price.

Fired a total of 3 rounds through it before it jammed to the point I could not get the magazine out. I still can't get it out.

By LarryUSAJune 19, 2021

The Gun seem to have Promise, It has Power and a Nice Draw Back when you shoot it.

Everything I sad about the Pros.... Erase it, because ultimately if the Gun keeps jamming what good is it, after about 7 shots it Jams, And I had to literally get some Wire Pliers to get it unstuck.. DO NOT BUY THIS GUN.. Your been Warned. ????

By KarlApril 4, 2021

The Sig P320 is not a waste of money. It is FAR better than the Beretta 92 A1 for about the same $. But I'll admit I was hoping for a bit better.

Feels good in the hand. Realistic weight. Shoots ok and the blowback action is nice.

Slide does not lock back. Trigger is... meh. Jams and failures to fire are fairly common. This video is a very helpful "must watch" solution:

By lanceUSAOctober 24, 2020

Don’t expect much from any Co2 pistol. If you want consistent power and accuracy, save up and get a PCP. Would make a great training pistol for a young teen looking to get into firearms.

Fun backyard plinker. I actually like the blowback. Purchased a 2 pack of 20rd clips. 70rds on 1 12gr Co2. Put 140rds though it without any jams first time using it. . Have to let the Co2 cart recover every ten shots. Co2 limitations are a pain. It’s fun though to dump an entire clip rapid fire. Crosman premier destroyers 7.4gr. May try some 4.5gr wads next time.

It’s Co2. FPS is more like the model number and gets worse if you don’t let the Co2 cart recover after 10 shots. It’s also October and in the low 50’s.

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Is it compatible with steel BBs because I see online it says most pellet guns are compatible with steel BBs

asked Reed from USA

Does the blowback actually cock the internal striker (so that the trigger doesn't have to do that)?

asked Edgar from USA

No, some CO2 guns do, but in this case the blowback is just for "show". The slide does not lock back, manually or otherwise. Related to your question, it might interest you to know that the trigger on this pistol actually has 2 distinct clicks when you fire it, as the trigger is doing two jobs: 1) advancing the pellet chain, and 2) firing the pellet. So it does make for an odd-feeling shooting experience. With this gun, you have to learn to pull the trigger half way, hold your half-squeeze, THEN reestablish your point of aim (if you are concerned with precision shot placement) , then pull the trigger the rest of the way to get it to fire. Awkward at first, but I got used to it and I find it to be an enjoyable enough shooter for what I paid that I'm still glad I got it.

Joy from USA

Need magazine for P320

asked Joe from USA

I broke magazine. Where can I get another

asked Joe from USA

can there be a red dot mounted on top? Does the rear sight come off from under the slide? If so, Ill take 1.

asked Anthony from USA

what pellets should I buy for this P320. Target practice and some wild life such as possom and squirrels, thanks appreciate your help

asked VIVIEN from USA

This is too weak for squirrels and 'possums. For a squirrel, a powerful springer (e.g., Gamo Swarm Magnum) in .22 would suffice. If you merely want to sting them, perhaps this pistol would be appropriate when loaded with these plastic 4.5mm BBs: ASG BLASTER AIRGUN .13G PLASTIC BB's 4.5MM .177 CALIBER

Edgar from USA

What are the best pellets to shoot in this gun?

asked Jeremy from USA

Shoot a light wadcutter. 7 grains or less.

Mark from USA

Anybody else had a problem with the gasket on the CO2 cartridge falling out?

asked Adam Olson

How many shots can you get out of a C02 cartridge?

asked Stan from USA

Which weight pellet for p320?

asked Terrance Bryant

Is shots per fill . The same as shots per C02 Cartridge?

asked Robert


Manuel from USA

How do I clean this thing? Just stick a rod down the barrel or does it come apart some how?

asked Chip

Bonjour, ce sauer P320 CO2, votre envoi vers France, combien de jours et prix ? Merci


Does it fire Plastic or steel/copper bb's?

asked Luke

What distance will this gun reach?

asked Pansy

what is the trigger pull of P320 PELLET PISTOL

asked BOB

I want to shoot squirrels in my area. Will I need to purchase the BB magazine for this or will the pellets do the job? Thanks!

asked Brian

Does the P320 have a polymer frame or Metal frame? Description is vague.

asked Frany


asked RICK

Has enyone attached a red-dot 1 x 20MM illuminated Scope to the P320?

asked Sid

Can you use the long pellets in this gun?

asked David

will this pistol kill rats

asked lynn

can you dry fire it?

asked jhon

Would this be a good choice for pesky chipmunks?

asked Mark

Aside from the magazine, home different is this from the P250?

asked Michael from USA

Will this airgun be delivered to Indonesia

asked Achmad from Indonesia

Worth the money?

asked John

What is a belt-fed magazine and how does it work?

asked Douglas from USA

What is the real Feet Per Second for BBs and Pellets

asked Norm

Extra magazines available?

asked Paul from USA



How the CO2 load like the P226 or the P250

asked Pete from USA

what kind of bb's does this shoot and does the slide lock after last shot?

asked Jason Morre

How many shots per co2 capsule

asked Stefan

Hello! How long a barrel? Thank you.

asked Vladimir from USA

What accessory can I attached or add for this item? Please advice preferred sight or laser that matches the rail. Thanks!

asked Jose from USA

Anyone know what the grip frame size is? As is with the real 320 there are Small, Medium, and Large. I'd LOVE there to be all 3 available, just like the real thing! Thanks

asked Murf

Will It lock back on the last round?

asked Luis

Ok, so the FPS rating is for standard BBs according to the description. What might it be for a standard PELLET, since this is advertised as a pellet pistol afte rall it might be useful to know how it performs using them.

asked Michael from USA

How many shots per fill?

asked William

can you disassemble this just like the real ones

asked cesar manrique
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