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Diana RWS 460 Magnum

Available in .177, .22, Superior quality German airgun made by Diana
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  • Code: 216-6445 · $459.99 · .177 · 1100 fps
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A real powerhouse, the RWS 460 Magnum spring-piston air rifle has a fixed barrel and cocks with an underlever. Made by the famous Diana company, you'll get the solid engineering and quality you'd expect from a Germany airgun manufacturer. Send lead pellets downrange at 900 fps in .22 caliber, but speed is nothing without accuracy. You'll get those small groups you've always wanted. The right-hand Monte Carlo stock is made of beech and has checkering on the forearm and pistol grip. It comes with iron sights, but you'll want to mount a scope on the 11mm dovetails to get the most accuracy. Only 36 lbs. cocking effort. This a great varmint hunting and pest control tool. The 460 Magnum utilizes an under-lever cocking mechanism that provides superior leverage when cocking the airgun, resulting in less cocking effort than other spring airguns. With easy to use top-side loading port, micro adjustable sights, fixed rifles barrel, scope capability, and a classic American Sporter stock with rubber butt pad, the 460 magnum delivers the performance, power and grace expected from an RWS rifle. Be one of the first to own this outstanding gun.

RWS 460 Magnum Features
  • Spring-piston
  • Underlever
  • Single-shot
  • 2-stage adjustable TO6 trigger
  • Iron sights (adj. rear)
  • Checkered forearm & grip
  • Monte Carlo stock w/raised RH cheekpiece
  • 36 lbs. cocking effort
  • Beautifully executed stock work and bluing
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  • Manufacturer Diana
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 1100 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Underlever
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 8.30
  • Overall Length 45.00
  • Barrel Length 18.44
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism Spring-piston
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Automatic
  • Front Sights Blade & Ramp
  • Rear Sights Micrometer adjustable
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty 2-year limited warranty
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By David

This is a super airgun! Mine came shooting nickle sized groups at 30 yds. right out of the box with weighed and sized pellets. No 1 - 2000 shot settling in period for this one. Also, no need to look any further than the Crossman 14.3 grain domed pellets. They perform great and at reasonable cost. Want an airgun that will knock a cat squirrel off the limb? This one will do it!

By SteveUSAMay 23, 2024 Verified Purchase

I paired the Diana 460 with a UTG Accushot SWAT 4-16X44 scope. Great combo. It loves JSB Diablo Exact Jumbo pellets but also does well with good ole Crosman Hollow points.

I waited a few months and a few hundred rounds before writing this review. I wanted to give it a break in period. The Diana 460 Magnum .22 shoots as beautiful as it looks. The craftmanship is exquisite, and the accuracy is dead on. This air-rifle comes a close second to my Air-Arms TX200 for accuracy and craftmanship. I can't compare it to a Weihrauch, but I hope to one day.

OK getting really nit-picky here, but if you fat-finger and drop a pellet down into the stock when loading, it can be difficult to get out. Like I said. Nit-picky

By PatrickApril 17, 2024

I bought a bipod for it last week and it's a game changer as far as helping out with accuracy. Had been trying to use a sandbag, or hold it on a rest, and the side mounted bipod gives you so much stability, it really helps out someone. I know a lot of people like the TX-200 and the HW97, but just look at the barrel length on the 460. It's 5" longer than the TX200, and about 7" longer than the HW97. It's smooth, it's comfortable, 2 year warranty (if ever needed) love the 2 stage trigger, and it's some fine German engineering! It was worth the wait.

Bought mine in the fall of 2023 and got it sighted in with a UTG scope. Have a Gamo Swarm and this thing runs circles around it for accuracy. Am using it for pest control (ground squirrels) and the closest I can usually get is in the 50-60 yard range, and this Spring (2024) it's getting the herd thinned out for sure. I sighted it in last fall and just for giggles, had tight shot groups out to 70 yards with Diablo pellets. Nothing against Gamo as I like my Swarm, but 70 yards is out of the question.

I've got nothing here.. I'm pretty picky and I've still got nothing.

By BruceUSANovember 20, 2023 Verified Purchase

this pellet gun tends to be a little pellet picky but not too bad. really likes slightly heavier pellets 8.3 to 12 unless you're a speed freak slow it down for accuracy. both of mine like the Crossman 10.5 s Maby I'll try some slugs for sheer impact. HA HA HA

, accuracy. dime size groups at 40 to 50 yards with Crossman 10.5 gr ultra mags. almost hole on hole at 30 yards. with a rws 3x9 & A one piece scope mount. beautiful rifle hate to take it crashing through the Alaskan brush.

really needs a weaver scope rail. I guess you can buy one somewhere? except for 4 two-piece scope rings. nothing Gona hold. except Diana (1) piece scope mount 3/8 rail has a pin stop but verry few 2-piece scope rings have pins on them.

By RobertUSAMarch 27, 2021

after shooting 3 different types of pellets to sight in my laser scope i shot a can full of water for fun. with my 3 other rifles the cans blow a massive hole in the front. this gun just made a hole. to explore, i have a sheet of aluminum i use to test pellet penetration. at 3 feet the 460 would not to go through it with either pellet. my 3 other break barrels shot right through it at 75'. lot of money for a pretty gun.

best fit and finish i have ever seen in a rifle. perfect.


By RobertUSAMarch 21, 2021

if you are trying to decide to buy it,go ahead, you will not regret it.

just got it. the best looking rifle i have ever bought. i tried to find a flaw. none to be found. perfect.


By richUSAJanuary 29, 2021

The 460 is the best Diana I have owned, hands down. I previously owned the 350, and 48 and the 460 is easily the most accurate of the three magnums as far as grouping. The 350 is slightly more powerful, but not by much, and it shakes significantly more and it very long. The 48 just doesn't have the looks imho, but it otherwise a good shooter. The lever pin is the weak spot with the 460, of course. I personally have not had any trouble but others have. I shoot mostly my PCP now, but there is something very special about the Diana 460 Magnum that keeps calling my name. I am keeping only two springers now in my collection, the two best ever made, the 460 magnum 0.22, and the 34 in 0.177.

Accuracy, Craftsmanship, Looks


By FelixSeptember 27, 2019

This beast did the job well but still l cannot figure out which will be the best pellets. l usually use RWS round head 8gr. Any suggestions!!

all good

little heavy and recoil too much

By ToddUSASeptember 6, 2019

Ok,When I wanted a magnum air springer I wanted the best and I got it.When I bought this from AGD for 399.00 and got the Hawke 4x32 AO mil dot scope for the rifle 79.00. All i can say is WOW, It's A tack driver.I can't comment on the open sights as I have only shot this rifle with optics.Make sure you clean the rifle and wipe all the extra oil off because it will diesel for a lot of shots.

Hand crafted beauty, From the blueing to the wood finish.Rifle is a dam tack driver with optics, Great value for a under lever magnum springer.

Rifle comes shipped with lots of extra oil on it, wipe it down. Make sure to check and tighten all the screws after shooting this beast, they will loosen.

By DavidUSAApril 12, 2018

I wanted to LOVE this gun, unfortunately it DID NOT LIVE UP TO THE HYPE! Installed a drooper rail to take care of the awful barrel droop, however it WOULD NOT ZERO side to side! VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS RIFLE!!!!!

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what pellets do you recommend for RWS 460 Magnum? .22 cal

asked Luis from USA

Shoot med to heavy pellets 16 grain and up.

Mark from USA

How do you send this rifle in for warrenty?

asked Fran Magee

What pellets does this gun like? I shoot super dome RWS.

asked Indian


asked carl from USA


asked carl from USA

Absolutely-Head Shots. Practice using eggs to represent a Head-Shot.

tim from USA

Any one know what type and weight of pellet they use to get 1000 fps?

asked Dennis

I have a Browning underlever and it is difficult to load, especially with a scope attached. Is this an issue with the 460?

asked Nativecali

Magnum springers are know scope eaters. I am still breaking in my 460 open sights. What scopes are you folks using? I am also looking at the RWS single piece high mounts as well.

asked Joe from USA

The 460 is a heavy rifle, i hate to add another pound to pound and half to my 460. so i bought a Williams FP AG TK #14170 Rear Aperture Sight, I mounted this rear sight on the Dovetail as far back right up against the scope stop screw, this greatly increased the Sight Radius, and i have several apertures to swap out for different styles of shooting, this sight works well for distance shooting, then paint the front sight with gunsight paint.

Gary from USA

I have a RWS 48/52. The csope is a Simmons 4x12 40mm scope designed for airguns.....I would only use one designed for air guns...the recoil vectors are tougher on the scope than magnum cartridges.Go with the single mount. I originally had a two piece and the scope loosened after 8-10 shots.


Mine ate the RWS 6X after 200 shots. Bought a Hawk 3X9AO and it's still going strong and the milldot crosshairs work great. Try a Hawk. The RWS mounts are good also.

Thomas from USA

The UTG True Strength series scopes reviewed well for magnum spring guns. The RWS 6x that came with my rifle is still working well also. For mounts, the Hawk 1-piece mount with rings is very solid.

Sidney from USA

I have a Leapers Bug Buster 3-9x on mine with the utg to6 mount and after locking everything in place with clear nail polish it has held zero and been a joy to shoot for close to 2000 rds


With the break barrel I have now I get a lot of recoil from the spring like to the point that I have to free float it into my hands it hurts so much.. My question is how is the recoil from the spring with this gun?

asked Patrick from USA

The .22 460 has less than half of the kickback of my old Crosman Phantom .177 springer. The 460 also shoots much smoother than my old Phantom. On a scale of 1-10, I would give my old Phantom a 10 and the 460 a 4 or 5.

Joe from USA

The .22 460 is the smoothest springer I have ever shot. On a scale of 1 - 10 for recoil shock, I would put it at around 3. For a comparison, I would put my .177 Phantom springer at around 8. My .177 Phantom is also louder. I also find that I do not have to use the artillery hold like I do on the Phantom. I hold it like a PCP or firearm.

Joe from USA

Depending on the rifle you currently have the RWS 460 may have the same or more recoil but it may be smoother shooting because of the precision construction. Break barrel or fixed barrel doesn't really affect the amount of recoil felt by the shooter. I have This RWS 460 and a Hatsan 125 which are both magnum spring guns. They will have more recoil than lesser powered guns but the RWS cocks smoother and is less noisy to shoot than the Hatsan. The only other choice you have to get less recoil with the same power would be a PCP gun.

Sidney from USA

I think this gun has less recoil and way more power than the Beeman I had, This gun is a sum .


Does you shipp it to Spain..?

asked EnriqueC.N.

Enrique, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They can answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Specs seem clear enough, but one thing I know of myself is overall comfort for individual is highest for loving the feel and therefore the rifle. What is the total length of this rifle? barrel length ? weight balance....:::: ) thanks in advance.....tim

asked tim from USA

Being a fixed barrel with a port load as opposed to a break barrel, is it cumbersome to load the pellet into the port & barrel? I am very interested in this rifle in .177 or.22 and would like to know.

asked Kevin from USA

I think it is fairly straight forward to load and isn't bad at all. While a tad slower than loading a springer, it is much faster than trying to load my .22 Discovery with a scope mounted. I fumble around with the Disco whereas with the 460 one just pushes the pellet into the breech. Unlike the Disco, there is plenty of room in the breech for loading.

Joe from USA

I like they way the 460 loads. I have a .177 break barrel and also a .22 Disco. I can load the 460 in the same amount of time that it takes me to load the break barrel. The slowest gun to load is my .22 Disco with a scope mounted. The reason there is because even with high scope mounts, and the very short bolt action travel distance, it's a tight place to get a pellet into the Disco. As other folks have noted, once you do it a few times, it's just fine, just different. One hint is to load it with the barrel pointed up. The pellet goes in better since there is much less "fumbling" That technique also works well on the Disco with the scope mounted.

Joe from USA

I have an under lever Browning leverage, and it takes about 10 shots to develop a "style" of loading. Once you get the hang, its as easy as can be.


Is it really 1150 fps with lead pellets and what brand is the best for this Air Rifle?

asked Will

for accuracy at distance DONT GO BY FPS Maximum FPS, If you want accuracy with a skirted pellet, you need to pick the weight of the pellet to match a particular speed that is accurate for that SKIRTED PELLET. If you try and push a SKIRTED PELLET too fast, it WILL NOT BE AT MAXIMUM ACCURACY. I would say a JSB 18.1 would get you in a Good Ball park as this would slow the Skirted Pellet down to where it can have Potential to be more accurate at distance. Speed vs Accuracy is a Fine Line with Skirted Pellets. Now if we are talking about a gun that can shoot Slugs (NO SKIRT) then that is a different story all together.

Gary from USA

Here are some Chrony numbers for my new 460 with only around 50-100 shots. Benjamin 14.3g HPs lead 890 FPS for 25.1 FPE; RWS Superdomes lead 14.5g 883 FPS for 25.1 FPE; H&N Barracuda Match lead 21.14g 669 FPS for 21.1 FPE. I have not Chrony's the 19.1g H&N hunter pellets yet. I have also shot H&N Barracuda Greens and Gammo PBA (both lead free), but the Chrony doesn't work at the indoor pellet range due to the fluorescent lighting. The 460 see,s to shoot all the pellets well - not fussy.

Joe from USA

My brand new .22 RWS 460 out of the box using Benjamin 14.3g hollow points is getting 890 FPS for a FPE of 25. For a comparison, my .22 Discovery is getting around 815 FPS for around 23 FPE. Neither gun likes pointed pellets. To date, I have found that I really like the Benjamin HPs. They are basically a round nose with a nick out of the front that makes them a hollow point. I am still breaking-in the 460 - it has only around 50 shots to date.

Joe from USA

Forgot to answer the second question regarding the pellets. I have had the best accuracy with JSB Diabolo jumbo heavy 18.1 gr. and Beeman Kodiak 21.1 gr. pellets.

Sidney from USA

The FPS rating is usually done with lighter alloy pellets which has been stated in many gun reviews. Usually lead pellets in the average weight ranges for given calibers are about 200 FPS less. Hatsan is one of the only ones that give FPS ratings using lead pellets to my knowledge.

Sidney from USA

am staying in bangalore how can i bye this rifle 460 magnum

asked Rajesh

Rajesh, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They can answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Which pellet have you found to be the most accurate out of the RWS 460 Magnum?

asked Ryan from USA

shooting the 460 using SKIRTED Pellets the heavier JSB 18.1 Skirted pellets since being heavy slow the shot down to the point of the Pellet Maximizing accuracy, If you try to shoot a Lighter pellet out to say 50 yards or Further, the pellet will be travelling to fast for it to be consistently accurate out to further distances, above say 850fps accuracy goes down hill on a skirted pellet.

Gary from USA

I am using JSB Jumbo Heavy 18.13 grain. I am target shooting at 20 yards and the 460 shoots the Jumbos with surgical precision. The day I received my rifle I sighted in my scope with 3 shots and proceeded to pound 20 rounds into a quarter inch group. I hope the picture comes through, you will see two pieces of brown tape from sighting in, and a 1/4 inch jagged hole. I do not have a chronograph so I can't comment on speed or energy, I can say with authority that the JSB Jumbo Heavy 18.13 grain pellets are extremely accurate on paper, and I think they will also have the same performance with pest control. One other thing that I would like to comment on, out of all the .22 cal magnum springer and gas piston powered air rifles that I have owned, the RWS 460 has the least hold sensitivity I have ever experienced. You get what you pay for, and the RWS 460 is worth every penny and then some!

Michael from USA

Diablo exact jumbo heavy 18.13 grain worked best in my rifle.

Jason from USA

Hi,personally I will always shoot RWS pellets for my RWS rifles,I have 4 RWS guns they are superb german engineering and the pellets match the same quality.Mike

michael from USA

What kind of trigger? poundage and is it adjustable? Do you make 22 caliber alloy pellets and if so what speed do they shoot? How long is the gun warranty? Do you sell a gun with faster FPS than 1150?

asked Eleanor Barrier

you ask Faster FPS. This is a BIG Rookie Mistake to get caught up in this, as it has Zero meaning. If you have a gun that can shoot 1100 fps, and you dont Match a HEAVY pellet to that FAST FPS, it will be a Very INACCURATE gun. Why? when Shooting SKIRTED PELLETS, they become VERY INACCURATE above 850fps, so you need to match the Skirted pellets weight to get the FPS Under that 850fps so that the Rifle will Become Accurate out to distance.

Gary from USA

alloy pellet like the GTO pellet would be faster. But Honestly Faster might be fun, But above 850fps accuracy with a skirted pellet drops Really fast at Distance. I shoot JSB 18.1 pellets as they are the right weight to slow the SKIRTED PELLET down enough for it to be accurate at distance and enough weight to still have a high FPE out at a distance.

Gary from USA

The trigger is the great T06 and it is adjustable. However, I found that the factory setting for me is just great, so I have not made any adjustments. I have the .22 and it's mainly a squirrel rifle, so I only use lead pellets and I want the speed to be under the speed of sound for accuracy reasons. For long shots, like 30-50 yards, if a supersonic speed pellet is fired, at those ranges, the pellet eventually becomes subsonic, and then the shock wave catches up to it, and puts a wobble and/or affects the spin, so accuracy suffers. If you are going to shoot mainly at targets, let's say in a 50 foot range, then supersonic pellet accuracy should not be an issue, since the pellet will hit the target while it is still supersonic and before the shock wave gets there. If you are using the rifle for hunting, then what you need to look at is FPE (Foot Pound Energy). The .22 460 is around a 22-25 FPE at the muzzle rifle, which will put around 15 FPE on a game target at 50 yards, more than what one needs for squirrels, rabbits, etc. As for warranty, all Diana RWS guns sold in the USA come with a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner. The warranty is handled by Diana's USA importer and distributor, UMAREX.

Joe from USA

Can you buy the gun with sling swivel studs ?

asked Eleanor Barrier

Can i get any feedback on this RWS 460? Question 1 Does anyone experienced breach seal issue on this gun? Question2 RWS 460 vs RWS 48 any input on that from experience of user? RWS advertises about 900F/S regrading RWS 48 Is the extra power noticable on the RWS 460?

asked David from USA

Question 2: The breech on the 460 is a self adjusting breech. When closed, the pressure on the seal is less than what one would see on a break barrel. As the piston comes forward, it makes a tighter seal. So basically, the breech seals will last much longer in the 460 than in a typical break barrel.

Joe from USA

I haven't had any breach seal issues to the best of my knowledge but the rifle is a little challenging to load in dim light. If I don't get 'em with the first shot, it can take a while to load a 2nd when I am shooting tree rats and other food stealing varmints at night. But the power is superb and ample for taking down most medium to small sized rats, possums and raccoons in a single shot. Nothing worse than having to euthanize a wounded spaseming fellow mammal, no matter how irritating they are. So I've really come to appreciate the power and accurate sighting on the rifle. I have not mounted a scope and don't think I need to. Even shooting with a handheld, under-barrel flashlight at night, the rifle just seems to to hit the target with wonderful precision.

Charles D from USA

Does these gun come without the Monte Carlo stock? as I am left handed.

asked Bud Halderman

I am also a left handed shooter and have the RWS 460 Magnum in .22 cal. It is a Very Nice gun! As a left and only have it available in a right handed shooter Meaning that there is a raised cheek swell for right handed only is not a real big deal as i shoot it left handed and dont use the cheek piece I recently bought a scope for it and now shoot it right handed with the scope and leave both eye open it works really well that way. I would not let being a lefty make your decision for you, as it is a easily adapted rifle and a fine shooter

Gary from USA

Yes, it does. I'm not sure how comfortable it would feel for the lefty's.

Jason from USA

On a scale from 1 to 10 how loud is this air rifle compared to a 22lr ,10 being as loud... Thanks.

asked Josh

On a scale of 1 - 10 for loudness, I would put the .22 460 at around 3 or 4. For comparison, I would put my .177 Crosman Phantom at around 7 and my .22 Benjamin Discovery at 10 (around 115 dB).

Joe from USA


Donald from USA

I'd give'r a 6

Jason from USA

I'd say its about a [5]. It's loud for a spring piston air gun but nowhere near as loud as a rifle shooting .22LR since a .22LR breaks the sound barrier.

Jeffrey from USA

How loud is this air rifle compared to a 22lr? Also, how long should this gun last with daily use and good care? Thanks.

asked Josh

The "crack" or "pop" sound is certainly obvious and can be compared to the discharging of a live .22cal short or long cartridge on some level. The echoing sound or loudness of the RWS 460, when fired, is relevant to the environment you are in. Longevity? Well I couldn't say. I have used my RWS 460 just about every day since December 2012 to reduce the problematic furry rodent population (squirrels) that continue to destroy my little investment called "home" and the RWS 460 has performed well with just a wipe down and barrel cleaning. I've put approximately 225 GAMO Master Point .22cal 16.20gr through it.

Joe from USA

I answered the .22LR part in your other question. Regarding how long it will last? Many 10's of thousands of pellets with proper maintenance. You might need to get the piston seal replaced at some point, and possibly the spring. But those are not things you need worry about for many, many years.

Jeffrey from USA

Can I just pick up a .22 barrel and have a .177/.22 or do I have to buy both guns?

asked m.p

Ya gotta buy both guns. While it is probably possible to change barrels, it is not an easy or expedient task. Do you have the tools to do such a change? This is not a break barrel rifle so there is much more to changing the barrel than just the pivot pin since there is none. Way more trouble that it would be worth. Besides it would be way more cool to have two gorgeous rifles than just one.

Mike from USA

Are there some 0.25 caliber?

asked samuel zulu

The RWS 460 Magnum is not made in .25 caliber.

William from USA

Does this gun have the T06 trigger?

asked Roy

I recently purchased this RWS 460 and it has the T06 trigger in it. I'm not 100% sure but I thought I read somewhere that the earlier models did not have it. I shot it out of the box & the setting was pretty good for me so I didn't need to make any further adjustments.

Sidney from USA

I have a RWS 350 that is hard to cock due to shoulder pain after a few shots. Is the cocking effort easier on this? Or is the mechanism a lot easier to cycle? I like shooting and this rifle seems awesome.

asked Jerry

The 460 magnum is the hardest to cock outa my 50 or so springers. Mine is tuned with Vortek PG2 kit and its 60 lbs to cock. I am telling the truth and not complaining. I used a bathroom scale to check it. 36 lbs is a lie. This is the most powerful and accurate of all magnum Diana springers and worth the effort. If you think I am nuts test it for yourself. A 350 magnum is a piece of cake to cock in comparison. I have four 350 mags so I know what I am talking about.


The 460 Magnum has a higher cocking effort. The 350 has a 33 pound coking effort, whereas the 460 Magnum has a 36 pound cocking effort. However, I do find the underleaver easier to cock and cycle, better leverage. If possible, I would highly recommend trying one out before purchasing though. Some may still find it hard to cock.

Jon from USA

This Rifle have T06 trigger ?

asked Roberto

My rifle has the T06 trigger. I recently bought my 460 here & the trigger out of the box was just right for me.

Sidney from USA

is this 460--22 in stock

asked joe from USA

The RWS 460 Magnum .22 cal- 1150 FPS w/Lead Pellets is in stock

Scott from USA

if you were to post that gun to Botswana(Africa) how much would it cost me becoz i would like to have it?

asked abby rapoo

Try checking out at the sight and if there is a restriction you will get a warning before you purchase the product. There are a lot of different regulations for all different countries and they are always changing, so we have set up an automatic warring if there is a product, based on your location, that is forbidden. Shipping price always changes, but you should be able to see the final price before you complete your purchase.

Scott from USA

I just bought this gun and it only shoots 850 FPS using .22 cal 14.3 grain pellets. Did I get a lemon? Is the 1150 FPS really possible?

asked Keith

No, that's the typical fps out of these guns. Although 850 seems about 30-50 fps slow for this gun....try some different pellets.....different weights....etc. Remember typically when they state velocities, they do them with the lightest pellets available.

Conor from USA

How accurate is the 460 RWS .22 cal rifle? I had a break barrel gamo and it was terrible. 3 and 4 inch groups at 25 yards. I sent it back they said you had to cock it with the same pressure each time. I want to get the RWS but I would like to know how it shoots first. Everything I have read about it was all good. Thanks

asked walt

I have a 3 inch group at 110 yards. with a table and a pillow no gun rest. This gun will reach out and touch someone. I have a 4x12x50 if I had a bigger scope I know my groups would be tighter. very impressed! My farthest kill is 132 yards cat spun it 180 and dropped it. you don't have to wonder if u hit your target. has a loud thawhapp when u hit your prey.

robert from USA

I am doing 1/2 inch group with a RWS scope 4 X 12 at 35 yards 14.3 grain pellets,,,real accurate

Anasco Precision -Luis from USA

It all depends on the shooter as far as accuracy goes. This rifle is capable of shooting 1" groups at 40 yds in a skilled shooters hands.

Conor from USA

What does the rifle weight? What pellets do you recommend?

asked garland from USA

It weighs 8.3 pounds. Try some H&N pellets.

Conor from USA

Does the rws 460 in .177 have a TO-6 trigger?

asked PRIMO from USA

Will This Kill A GroundHog At 150ft.?

asked Stan Winters

I regularly take out ground hogs with head shots between 125 to 150 ft with 1000 ft. per second rifles.

Greg from USA

If that is the actual speed of the midwheight pellets, I would say with a head shot, yes.


What is the sound level like on this weapon? Would someone be able to hear it clearly from 200 yards away?

asked george

At 200yds away, assuming you aren't shooting towards them, it's going to sound like a loud pop.

Conor from USA

Does this come with the T06 trigger? Which rws models come with the T06 trigger?

asked Rich

Yes, this RWS 460 Magnum comes with the T06.

Jon from USA

Is the barrel rifled?

asked perry


Steve from USA

Is this gun any good, quality air gun?

asked mike

This rifle is one of the highest quality rifles in the RWS line. Craftsmanship is excellent, the blue finish on the metal & the checkering & finish on the stock is flawless. I was very impressed when I got my rifle.

Sidney from USA

This gun is TOP of the line. It's a German air rifle built to last a lifetime . The craftsmanship they put into these gun be it in mechanic or woodwork is where you see the $$$ you're going to pay . Believe me unless you have money to throw away it is only due to excellence that they can ask $500 for an air rifle when you can get a rim fire for a 10th of that.


Yes I am very happy with this rifle. It is a great value for the sale price. Critters that are eating my garden this is your last warning!

Eric from USA

how much recoil does this gun have, if you had a choice between the rws 54 air king and this gun wich one would you pick and why?

asked troy from USA

I'd choose the RWS 54 over the RWS 460, Both are fine, powerful guns, that share the same negatives - heft and cocking effort - and they have the reputation of being scope killers. Because the RWS 54 is designed differently, you do not have to consider the artillery hold and it can be shot very accurately, much the same way that firearms are able to be fired. To shoot the RWS 460 accurately, you MUST use the artillery hold, which can be difficult for many people to master. This is the basic reason that I would choose the RWS 54!

William from USA

i cannot address choice between 460 and 54, but with regards to recoil on 460, it's really not bad. the bigger limiting factor is the cocking effort, and in my opinion, if you can cock it all day, then you can shoot it all day. i put in sessions of a few hours at a time, and any muscle fatigue is due to the cocking effort, not the recoil.

Glenn from USA

All I know is that this rifle can hit soda cans at 75 yards- cal .22- on very windy days. As for recoill my 460 has less recoil than most break barrels as for the 54 which is mounted on a rail system its a question of having rws do a trial. the rws is a simple yet very ellegant rifle that shoot at 850+ fps cal .22 that gives you a big knock down capacity for hunting over 20+ foot pounds. If I had to choose 460 or 54 , the 460 is my bet : simple, elegant, accurate & powerfull. Almost forgot the 460 is an under lever way more easy to use than a side lever.


Does anyone have a chronograph so we can get some real world numbers and ftlbs energy?

asked ROBERT from USA

850fps for 14gr. pellets 765fps for 18gr pellets 18gr was most acc. in my gun

Thomas from USA

Check the GTA forums, lot of info there....I think it was around 950fps with standard weight pellets.


is it break barrel

asked James

No this is an underlever rifle as described in the description. Thanks

Scott from USA

is this break barrel?

asked James

No, this is an underlever air rifle. The barrel is fixed in place and the cocking lever is underneath the barrel. Underlever guns are known to be more accurate than break barrel due to the fact that the barrel is fixed and doesn't move.

Scott from USA
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