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Walther CP88 Pellet Pistol

Available in .177, Blued, 4 inch barrel, CO2 pistol
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  • Code: 2252050 · $239.99 · .177 · 400 fps
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The Walther CP88 is a fantastic Co2 Air Pistol that features a single and double action trigger, an 8-round rotary clip that is easy to load, a fully functioning safety and discreet Co2 storage so the gun retains is amazing looks and feel Normally used in 25 foot competition shooting the CP88 Co2 air pistol is both accurate, powerful and extremely fun to use. Walther has been manufacturing real firearm rifles and pistols since 1886 and they are transferring that well known reliability and grace now to the airgun market. Walther Arms has contracted Umarex to produce these amazing Co2 Pistols to exact specifications, such as dimension and weight, to replicate the actual fire arm that they copy. You can also purchase aftermarket adjustable sights, wood grips and a 2 inch compensator with 6 inch inner barrel to customize and increase the performance of your pistol.

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  • ManufacturerWalther
  • Caliber.177
  • Velocity400 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionSemiautomatic
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight2.30
  • Overall Length7.00
  • Barrel Length4.00
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity0
  • MechanismCO2
  • RailNo
  • SafetyManual
  • Front SightsBlade & Ramp
  • Rear SightsAdjustable for windage
  • Shots per Fill0
  • Trigger Adjustability0
  • Trigger Action0
  • UsePlinking/Fun
  • Warranty1-year limited warranty
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By JohnUSAMay 5, 2019

This pistol is made excellent. It shots great, very accurate. Well worth the cost.


Trigger is a little stiff , but, feels like it will smooth out

By JamesUSAOctober 10, 2017

I really like this Walther .177 cal air pistol. It looks and feels like the real Walther P88 Pistol. I like the weight of the pistol and it's very accurate. I do my testing at 10 yards with Crosman .177 cal 7.4gr wad cutter pellets, and it will routinely put eight pellets in a 2 inch circle. The trigger has a fairly long pull before all the slack in taken up, but breaks cleanly once it reaches the breaking point.

I get about 75 shots per Co2 Cartridge before it starts dropping pressure. I love the way the Walther CP88 feels and fits in my hand. I'm ambidextrous, so I shoot with both left and right hands, it feels great in either hand. I've tried other brands of pellets in the Walther CP88, but I like the Crosman 7.4gr wad cutters the best. The Co2 Cartridge is easy to load as is the 8 shot rotary magazine. I also installed a Stainless Steel Guide pin Upgrade Kit and it uses a stronger spring along with the Stainless Steel Guide Pin, which gives the Walther CP88 a much more positive feel when opening or closing the slide.

There's not much that I don't like about the Walther CP88, but I think for a Air Pistol of this quality, the sights could be better. The stock sights are hard to focus on, as they are the same color as the pistol. I ordered some Indelible Marker Pen Oil fill paint pens and painted the front sight orange and the rear sight white. What a difference that made. Now I can pick up the front sight immediately. One other thing is the trigger pull, I think Walther could have lightened the trigger pull, which leads to greater accuracy. My Trigger pull is 8.5 lbs in Double Action and 7.0 lbs in Single Action. That's not unreasonable, but my Walther PPQ 9mm has a 4.5 lb trigger pull and is the sweetest shooting pistol of all of my pistols.

By Jerry B.July 29, 2016

I am very happy with the Cp88. There is one flaw in the rear sight. I love that it is adjustable but after 500 shots, mine came loose and almost fell out of the slot. It was easily tightened again, but it is a flaw that could cause you to lose the rear sight. In one of the blogs, I read a person's blog saying that he had lost his rear sight... Probably, after adjusting the sight, touch the allen key head with a drop or fingernail polish. If you are a fix it person, put the allen screw back in with locktite.

accurate solid build good handling

Rear sight can come loose

By Jerry B.July 22, 2016

I have used the gun only for a couple of weeks and cannot speak for durability. The gun seems to be very well made and it's accuracy exceeds my ability. I am happy with the purchase. It does it's job by allowing quick practice ability without going to the range.

By stevenUSAJune 15, 2016

I really love the realkistic look and feel of this pistol! just holding it my hands feels like a very powerful weapon! LOVE IT!



By Albert P.June 14, 2016

Great co2 pistol. No rear sights available. Loosing the sight renders it useless. I wish I could find one. It has a great trigger. Better than any p99


Parts availability

By SeanSeptember 18, 2014

I am really enjoying shooting my CP88. It has a very heavy weight to it that replicated the weight of the real firearm. You can shoot it in both single action and double action modes which gives you the choice of quick follow up shots or more deliberate aiming and shooting. The metal 8 rounds internal mags are easy to load and make it very easy to reload; as well. Make sure and pick-up extras of the 8 round mag as you will need them as you are having so much fun shooting that you will not want to pause to reload the few mags that come with this pistol. Recommended!

Nice heavy weight. Easy to load and reload. Accurate appearance to the actual firearm Fun to shoot!


By FranciscoMarch 31, 2014

First one in my inventory after reviewing the product information and other users review

Very well crafted , powerful and accurate

None so far

By RobertUSADecember 27, 2013

Having a great time with this pistol. Nice little case included. Get plenty of pellets, you really fly through them fast.

Love the metal construction, solid feel. Mechanically very smooth and sound. Clip/ cartridge works great, never has jammed. Easy to change CO2 Capulet. Dependably shoots off 8 rounds as fast as you can pull the trigger. I wonder if Walther is going to make a .22 cal, because I'll be the first to buy one. I bought extra clips.

Shoots high and don't know how to adjust for that, rear sight only adjusts left/right, front sight is fixed. Would also like to adjust for less trigger-pull. But, these are not deal-breakers. I would recommend this gun to anyone interested.

By RandJune 7, 2013

I own this pistol, and the Colt 1911 variant as well. Both are exceptionally well built, with great fit and finish, and great feel in the hand. These pistols are designed to closely replicate the weight and balance of the "real deal" pistols they copy. I use them to train with, as it is much cheaper to shoot these than any centerfire. The triggers are nice and crisp, and can be fired in both single or double action, which is a feature not found on most airguns. I have owned both of mine for about 5 years now and have not once had a single glitch with either. These will also fit perfectly in any fitted holster you have if you own a P-88 (same holds true for the Colt!) allowing you to practice different draw scenarios. This is truly a superb airgun that will serve you well for many years! Highly recommended!

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Does it come with co2 can or does it have to be bought separate

asked Andres

this does not have a rail anywhere-would like to put a green laser on it--anyone have any ideas--the gun was 200.00 bucks-and where I come from that is a pile of cash that is guilty of almost being called a waste

asked Bruce D Stricker

Why is my gun inaccurate at 26ft have tried different pellets with no luck it is not me i own another 12 airguns

asked Bill h

Does it come with case?

asked Ralph

what country do this gun?

asked pedro

What pellet will be best for target shooting and accuracy for this pistol?

asked Sue Irvine

Best pellets for walther cp88 competition pistol

asked John Holmes Holmes

need licence for use ?

asked shaji

Is this include hard palstic case

asked Abner

Abner, Unfortunately, this particular item does not come with a protective case for the gun. That is an item that would have to be purchase separately. Hopefully that answers your question. Sincerely, Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

How many joules on this cp88?

asked alan

That will vary with the muzzle velocity and the weight of the pellet being used. Although very accurate and a muzzle velocity of 400fps. + , this is not recommended as a hunting weapon.

Capn Jack

Does the gun slide remain back when the mag is empty?

asked Matt

The "Slide" does not move. This is not a "Blow-Back" pistol.

Capn Jack

Where can I get an owners manual for this air pistol?

asked W. Tollenger

I would check with the manufacturer (Umarex) for that.

Steve from USA
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