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Walther PPQ BB & Pellet Pistol

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Walther PPQ BB & Pellet Pistol

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Another version of the famous Walther P99 firearm, the PPQ (P99 Q) CO2 pistol is extremely realistic and a fun all-day shooter.

  • Uses 12-gram CO2 cartridge
  • Semi-auto
  • 8-shot rotary pellet mag (do not use pointed or domed pellets...they're too long & the gun will jam)
  • 8-shot rotary BB mag
  • Semi-auto
  • Open sights (adj. rear)
  • Accessory rail for laser or flashlight
  • Textured grip with finger grooves
  • Manual safety

The owner's manual incorrectly states how the BBs should be loaded. The correct way to load the magazines is from the side that does not have the ratchets.
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Walther PPQ BB & Pellet Pistol
20 Reviews
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70% Recommend this product (14 of 20 responses)
By Padraic
Fair Play, MO
May 4, 2019
Looks good but...
The PPQ (I guess it has been changed to P99 Q now) has the looks and feel. The trigger, however, is ridiculously hard to pull. I don't know if it is just this particular gun, but with the pellet rotary magazine, it almost takes two fingers to pull. Not especially great for accuracy. I shot with 8 different mags and have the same results. I was hoping it would ease up after a few sessions, but hasn't done so yet. The bb mag seems to work better, but I want to shoot pellets only. Kinda disappointed.
ProsGreat looks, feels good, like a Walther should.
ConsThat trigger is the worst of any of my 30 pistols.
By Tom
West Virginia
May 9, 2018
Walther PPQ
great gun shoots well. I purchased this for holster training on my own property without having to use my 9mm. Having a lot of fun with this airpistol.
Prosexact replica
Conswish it had a drop magazine to simulate reloading a 9mm.
Best Usestarget
By Anthony
Sunny Florida
January 3, 2017
One of the very few I regret
Maybe it's because I have the S&W M&P 45 which seems a close match to this one. Same cartridges, generally same loading/shooting. The problem for me is the trigger on this gun. I ignored a few other reviewers comments on this trigger, and that was a big mistake on my part. They are absolutely correct. The trigger ruins this pistol. It affects accuracy. When I stabilize the gun on a rest and concentrate on trigger pull, the accuracy improves, but not enough. Fit and finish on the gun is good, but it really is a purchase I regret.
ProsFit and finish OK, looks OK.
ConsBad Trigger, really bad, at least a 8-9 pound pull. ACCURACY affected; there are many other automatics better than this one.
By Triggerhappy
Randolph, MA
July 4, 2016
It's a Walther
As dependable as they come. Anytime I see a Walther item on sale I have to buy it since I know the odds are, its going to be a well thought out product and not something built with price only in mind. German engineering has yet to disappoint me. Nothing has changed with the purchase of this (yet another Walther) gun. I found great ergonomics, build quality and as expected pistol accuracy. The 8 round magazine it comes with fits most other Walther pellet guns if not all.
ProsQuality and engineering. Pellet accuracy, C02 efficiency, Replication weight and feel of this gun is really good. It feels like a firearm so it's great for practice.
ConsSomewhat heavy trigger but nothing you wont get used to and come to expect as in it's not so heavy that it hurts accuracy.
By David
Madison, Ms
June 27, 2016
Ppq pellets
Good fit for my hand. Accurate, reliable, good buy.
ProsAccurate reliable
ConsDoesn't like umarex cartridges.
By NEDan
Randolph, MA
June 18, 2016
Needed a little work turned into a little diamond
When I received this it was grouping a bit all over the place at 10 yards. Not fun without consistency. High low left right. It was very pellet fussy. Different pellets changed things but with little improvement. After a dozen different pellet sizes and brands I did what I should have done and usually do with every gun before I even shoot it. I cleaned the barrel and lubed all the working parts with FP10, then checked the crown of the barrel with a magnifying glass and rotated a q-tip around to see if there were any sharp edges by showing some cotton left behind. I did find some but very little. I went ahead and re crowned it gently with a dremmel round ball.Then with a cotton swab, some mothers paste polish and a drill I polished the end of the barrel. After yet another thorough cleaning It is a much more predictable gun that is much less fussy about which pellets you use. Round head 7-9 gr seems best and the higher the quality pellet H&N/JSB the better the groups out to 15 yards. 2" groups with the occasional flier by me not the gun.
About this gun, I really like the size, build quality, price and now accuracy. What more can you ask? A Refurbed Walther PPQ with 8 shot mag was a steal and I think it is well worth the regular $65 price compared to other guns so far as quality and realism are taken into account.
As far as the trigger pull I do find it heavy but in no way the heaviest I've had and it doesn't affect my accuracy, maybe it was the lubing. For those complaining about it, Man up or buy the CP99 For $60 more Refurb or $110 more for new or the great value equally as nice M&P S&W For the same price as the PPQ with double and single action all with rifled pellet barrels all shoot around 360 fps all take the same 8 shot rotary Magazine. I'm no beginner, I've paid a lot for the Higher priced C02 pistols (Cp88 6", Colt 1911 A1, and the Magnum Research Desert Eagle. Although much better I'm starting to question if they're $100 to $200.00 better. That's a matter of opinion and in some ways yes but in many ways no. BTW watch AGD's Refurbs. They're the best prices I've found. Honestly!
Price may sway my opinion but, I love this little gun.
ProsQuality, Extreme Value, and now accuracy.
ConsWell prepped and there are none.
By Jon
May 17, 2016
If looks could kill
Looks and feels like the real deal. Trigger is terrible.
ProsLooks like the real deal. Feels like the real deal.
ConsTrigger is like mulling a pissed off donkey across the street. Hate the heavy hard trigger.
By Josh
April 6, 2016
Ridiculous trigger pull.
It is ironic that the PPQ air pistol should have the worst trigger I have ever pulled in my life given that the real PPQ is know for its amazing trigger.
ProsGreat details
By Dave
Pittsburgh, PA
October 19, 2015
Trigger is terrible
The trigger is hard to pull. Other than that, it is a pretty gun.
By Greg
August 30, 2015
Great Gun!
This gun is very accurate and feels just like the real thing! It is very fun to shoot with the double action trigger pull it feels a lot like the Sig-P250!
ProsVery accurate.
By Brian
May 29, 2015
tuff trigger
Great gun other than trigger. Accuaracy is excellent with right pellet.
ProsPrice solid accurate
ConsTuff trigger
By Jesse
Enumclaw, WA
May 6, 2015
Great Gun
Looks good, feels good, doesn't eat C02 fast, has good accuracy, overall a fun gun for the price.
By Patrick
Kalunborg, Denmark
February 7, 2015
Absolutely fantastic airgun!!!
I love this gun so much, I can't put it down. Very accurate... Excellent weight, easy loading of pellet or bb clips, quick and easy loading of co2 capsules......
Brilliant gun..
ProsEverything about it!
By Tanstaafl
Oakland, California
June 19, 2013
Walther P99 Q - CO2 powered semi-auto pistol
A great value in a "refurbished" pistol. Other than coming packaged in a plain brown box, the one I received appears brand-new. Fun to shoot and it appears to be reasonably accurate -- and a reasonably accurate replica of the real firearm.
ProsThe three-dot sights are just what you want for an "action pistol". They're easy to see and they allow for quick target acquisition. The grip is excellent and feels very natural, at least for my hands.
ConsThe accessory rail dimensions seem a little off. I have an NcSTAR light that fits very well on a number of other pistols, but not so well on the Walther, even though it has three slots on its rail. I may have to get an actual Walther accessory light, despite the price. I'm sure fit wouldn't be an issue with a Walther branded light. The safety is a bit awkward to reach, being located on the right-hand side of the pistol. Had it not been for the odd safety, I would have given a five star rating.
By Jason M.
October 17, 2012
Great Pellet Pistol
Once dialed in it shoots very accurately. I have shot the real 9mm PPQ and the feel is very similar if not identical. You have to get used to the trigger, it acts very much like the real PPQ. Which has the "Quick Defense Trigger" (thats what the Q stands for, as opposed to the P99). The initial squeeze must be performed, then as a secondary act the rest (say 10%) of the trigger is pulled to actually fire it. Only semi-real complaint is that the safety is on the right side of the gun. The real version doesn't actually have a safety, but still it would be nice cause a typical right hand user would use the right thumb on left side to deactivate/activate. Either way, really love this pistol.
ProsGreat pistol for the price, very realistic.
ConsWish the safety was on the left side of the gun.
By Jared
Milford, mass
September 20, 2012
Great value
This refurb showed no signs of wear and I swore it was brand new. Works flawlessly and is nicely built.
ProsRealistic look, well balanced and good shots per co2 count.
ConsHeavy trigger pull, but I knew that so it was no surprise.
By Geoffrey
tampa, FL
February 29, 2012
Best Pistol
This is the best pistol i have shot. I like the feel and look of it, and it is good for plinking and target shooting. It is one of the best i have used
ProsEverything except the trigger...
ConsHard to pull trigger and alitte less plastic would be nice too
By Adam
Las Vegas, NV
February 21, 2012
Great Gun
Good Gun Its Accurate And Very Realistic. Like Grip And Feel.
ProsAccurate Feel Grip
ConsTrigger Pull
By Tommy
January 18, 2012
Walther PPQ co2 BB & pellet pistol
This is a great gun. Its weight feels like its a PPK firearm. Very accurate when used with a laser sight. Gun fits the hand well and comfortable. Only draw back is the trigger pull which is hard and often causes your shot to hit to the left of the target. Gun seems to fire more accurately when the trigger is pulled fast and the trigger guard is supported with your left index finger on its rim. Excellent gun to practice your sighting and trigger pull.
ProsWell balanced. Eight shot round magazine that loads and unloads easily.
ConsHard trigger pull.
By juan p.
November 30, -0001
bessst gun
Best gun I have ever tried very very accurate
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Walther PPQ BB & Pellet Pistol
  • 0.177
    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 360 fps
    Mag Capacity 8
  • 0.177
    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 360 fps
    Loudness 3-Medium
    Mag Capacity 8
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