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Benjamin 392

Classic Multi-pump rifle!
  • Code: 8030010 · .22 · 685 fps
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The rich wood stock is carved to fit the arm and the eye for smooth, clean shooting. This airgun is the stuff legends are made of. Expect a similar look, fit, and feel as the 397, but in a larger caliber size. The barrel is finished in black. Helpful Tip: To maintain the seals for a long time, remember to put one pump of air into the gun when putting it away after shooting. Whether you plan to shoot again the next day or not again for another 2 years, always put one pump into the gun when you are done shooting!

Benjamin 392 Air Rifle Features
  • Elegant hardwood stock
  • All metal barrel construction
  • Beautiful and functional Brass bolt and hard ware
  • Fully Functioning safety
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  • ManufacturerBenjamin
  • Caliber .22
  • Velocity 685 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Bolt-action
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 5.50
  • Overall Length 36.25
  • Barrel Length 19.25
  • Loudness 4-Medium-High
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism Multi-pump pneumatic
  • Rail No
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Blade & Ramp
  • Rear Sights Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By Donald W.

Still loud but, accurate. Teamed with a flashlight, laser and scope, it is well worth the price. Pumping up the last 4 pumps (8) is harder. The reach out and touch on pests (even in low light) is a must have for PCO's. In venues that will not allow firearms (control of penatration ) to be used, it stands out. No more than 4 pumps takes the rat with no over penatration .

By terry

this gun is no toy! and very powerful and made of great craftmanship, this gun will last for years, but buy the scope mounts too, you'll be glad you did

By Tom

Wow, surprised to find no glaring difference between my refurb unit and a brand new one! Even came in an original Benjamin box. It's a pleasure doing business with Airgun Depot :~]



By DavidUSANovember 26, 2019

My grandmother had one pretty much just like this one and it "disappeared" after she passed. I'm pretty sure one of my cousins snatched it up, so when I saw this I had to have it. It's kind of an old school pcp except that you get 1 shot per 8 pumps, but I love it anyway.

By JoelOctober 2, 2019

El mejor rifle que he tenido en mi vida, felicitaciones

By Wildith V.August 9, 2019

Good gun well built but why the hell havent they made this gun with a dove tail built in so you can mount a scope and a good shroud to keep quiet i would pay more money for it with these upgrades and other will to.

Well built and compact

For a air rifle it very loud no place for a scope without haveing to spend more money for a scope mount and then its to high so your head off the stock and if they dont put a dove tail on the gun at least give a adjustable chech piece so are heads isnt off the stock and sure you can buy the 10 dallor scope mount but thats a joke dont waste your money on thos

By MausermanJuly 1, 2019

Bought this as my first air rifle in 1958 (61 years ago). I'd still be using it but it won't pump up any longer. I'm still looking for a repair shop that can fix it so my great-grandson can use it. A perfect starter for a young man. I use a PCP now but kind of miss the fun of this pumper.

Great air rifle, easy to pump, adjustable output for target in the yard to hunting up to rabbit in the field. Bullet proof. Like about every pellet out there.

Sights a little crude for real accuracy but with an add-on scope it is as accurate as any spring-er.

By Ruby c.June 11, 2019

Package delivered in perfect condition. Opening was easy with just 2 large staples to remove.packaged inside with hard foam blocks"catty corner".Benji was in no way damage or harmed. i called Crosman and gave them a"thumb ☝".for excellence. Very nice wood

Perfect weight and balance;length just right to go through the brush with for varmint and small game hunting❗Benjamin model 392 has the feel of a 22 firearm:not plastic or tin,but real hard wood and metal. trigger was clean break@maybe 3 lbs.,inspection of bronze barrel showed no signs of machine marks or paint on the inside of last 2 inches of the barrel.overall:I'm impressed about the model 392 for the$amount paid.i probably purchase a Benji model 377 down the line❗❗❗😄

Not everything is always perfect;after putting 3 pumps in it,for me anyway pumps increase with some difficulty:i only achieve 6 total;that was on a cool day. oh I've got trouble with any gun using open sights,Benjamin no different,hard difficulty getting a great group,but still managed a 1 to 2 inches. i then later bought and install a Williams peek sight:problem now 1/2"to 1";look out critters.

By WILLIAM H.January 6, 2019

As much fun to handle as it is to shoot! I got a great price on this. Air Gun Depot was the vendor. They sent me a nice Made in USA example. As others posted, out the box the rifle needs zeroing. The first couple rounds we're high and to the right. @10', 15" high and right. I own plenty of guns, never have I ever purchased a rifle new, that was zeroed. After about 10 shots I got it reasonably zeroed. It needs a dab of white-out or paint on the front blade and two dots on the rear blade ala Beretta. As a kid I could never afford one of these. I had and still have my Crosman 760. This gun is about the same decible as the Crosman 760. The lead pellets hit pretty darn hard, sending steel cans spinning. A hoot to shoot. As a firearm owner I can attest to the smoothness of the trigger. It's best described as single stage, with just a bit of creep. Clean break. Pretty good. Good enough you won't notice it. I bought it a day after Xmas online here, for $144.99. Pricing fluctuates. From what I saw it ranged from $145-$180. When I saw it at $144.99, I jumped on it. Glad I did. Can I make an educated statement? We know this gun was better back in the day. We know granpap passed it down to you from the pioneers. Please keep your reviews objective. If you're too lazy to figure out how to zero this gun, don't blame the person you bought it from. If you thought this gun would be hard to pump, consider compared to what. If you've never looked down the barrel of anything more than the crosshairs of a video game consider that this gun will require you effort to shoot and requires pumping.

*Eyecatching design *Easy Pumping *.22 *Single Shot Feed *Accuracy *Versatility

*Heavy *Single Shot Feed *Maintenance

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Is it easy to bust the seals is there a max amount of times it should be pumped

asked Glynn

10 pumps.


The recommended 12 pumps is good- you'll be exhausted by then anyway-

william moore

Instructions say no mire than 8 pumps. Ironically, if you search around you will find more than 8 usually begins yo slow the velocity. It has to do with the greater pressure causing more resistance to the internal release valve.


Returns in power per pump diminish even after the first pump, and increase with each one after. So at some point it just isn't worth the effort, and at some point the returns are zero. 10 pumps is 25% more than 8, but velocity gains are probably closer to 5%. Plus those last pumps will be harder so your effort may be more like 35% more will little to show for it. I bet there is info somewhere online that shows how much velocity at each pump from 1-10, maybe even up to where they do nothing. Rather than pump more times many people work on improving what each pump is worth by improving the design so more air per pump is used. For example pumping a Crosman 1322 20 times will not give you twice the power of 10, it's probably closer to 10% more. Pumping 40x or even 100 will give you 0% gains because once the storage chamber pressure is equal to what the pump is capable of generating then no more air will go in. If modified you can get more power at 10 pumps than before at 20 or beyond. There is lots of info on that for the 1322 because it is a much more popular gun and very popular to modify, but the info on it will give you an idea how it works and how to improve it. Will it hurt the gun? I seriously doubt it, but better to find info online to see because if something does fail then no doubt it's been done by many people and that info is out there. So I'd search forums and youtube. There are even forums just for Crosman guns, which this is since Crosman makes it and owns the Benjamin name. .


Is the barrel on the Benjamin 392 Air Rifle made of steel or brass ?

asked WILLIAM R from USA

brass barrel painted black

michael from USA

It is made of brass.


what do I need to mount UTG (leapers bug buster) 4x32 new gen compact CQB scope SCP-M432AOIEWQ to my 392 Benjamin 392 pellet gun. thanks

asked richard novo

I understand your refurbished Benjamin .22 caliber air rifles are out of stock and no further info is given, but do you have any idea when it might possibly be coming in? I am in the market for one right now, but would rather purchase from you if more might be arriving relatively soon. Thanks.

asked Wyatt

Bought this gun for my son. really like the gun. We are having trouble getting sighted in. I cleaned the end of the barrel with paint thinner and Q tip as I saw suggested. we get good groups. but the rear sight is adjusted all the way to right and it still shoots to the left. any help would be greatly appreciated,

asked michael from USA

The barrel was bent on mine and from what I have been hearing from others it's a common defect with these rifles.


I had one the same way- was a bent barrel- best to return it or try and straighten it.

william moorew

First, try some other brand pellets. If that doesn't work call the Company customer service line for assistance.


I would verify the barrel is straight, specifically the muzzle end. If it was dropped it may have just bent the end. And check that the front sight is centered. If all inline and the muzzle is not damaged then I can't imagine what the problem is.


Check the shims that hold the rear sight in place. Are they under both lugs on both sides?


can u deliver this gun in pakistan?

asked Asad

Asad, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They can answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Cash on devilry at home in pakistan

asked Asad

Asad, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They can answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

were can i get replacement parts?

asked Enrique

haven't owned an air rifle for over 50 years.i would like an opinion

asked bud stevens

for the price you really can't beat it

gorge from USA

If you are looking for a quality multi-pump, single shot pellet, this is a great rifle @ a very reasonable price. Although not a kids rifle- fairly heavy, but has a nice balanced feel. Takes some strength after two or three pumps, but still very accurate @ lower firing pressure. Great for targets and varmint training. With some basic care this rifle should be the last one you buy for another 50 years. Good Luck, DR P

DR Phillips

I just purchased one for my son. It is well made, well balanced, light, sized for a youth or adult, and has a nice trigger and wood. It is also very loud to pump, has a loud report, the black finish is peeling in one spot (straight from the box), and it takes some effort to pump. I would buy another, though, and feel it is a reasonable deal.

Shawn from USA

I like the feel of this rifle. All wood and brass. I own a 397 and like that one also. I just wish the trigger and guard was metal and not plastic. Not the fastest but very reliable and it has a solid quality feel to it. You can't go wrong with This rifle.

Travis from USA

Benjamin quality, reliability and accuracy hasn't changed in years. This was my "go to" air gun in 1970 and still is today. In fact, I have two of these The Benjamin 392 and the Blue Streak.....both awesome air rifles. I still shoot open sights and have not scoped either one as most of my hunting and plinking is done inside 35 yds. I highly recommend this air gun.

Scott from USA

Can any one tell me what to do to get a little more velocity or power from my Benj.392 ? [email protected]

asked bert

Could anyone tell me where to get a better seal than came in my 392 Benji.? This gun is only 3 yrs. old and been shot less than 1000 times and never been pumped more than 8 times,always stored with 1 pump and will not hold air more than 2

asked Bert

I inherited a VERY old Sheridan Blue Streak, and it didn't hold air either. I oiled the seals REALLY WELL - I mean quite a bit of oil! It holds air now, and is an excellent heirloom rifle. Keep the pump chamber soaked with Crosman Pellgun oil, and hopefully your problem will be solved! Good luck!

Dan from USA

I have a 392 and really like it ,but i am a little disappointed .This gun was made in 2010 but i doubt if i have shot it a 1000 shots and have never pumped it over 8 times,always put in 1 pump when done shooting and it will not hold air more than a couple of hours.If anyone could tell me where to get a better seal for this gun i would appreciate it very much.I really dont believe Crosman seals are as good as they once were and really dont want to use them again. Thank You.

asked bert

how powerful is this with 1 pump, 2 pumps, 3 pumps and 4 pumps? thank you!

asked robert

I did not test with 1 through 3 pumps. However, a 14.3 grain pellet at 4 pumps: +/- 530 fps, 5 pumps: +/- 570 fps, 6 pumps: +/- 600 fps, 7 pumps: +/- 630 fps.

Kenneth from USA

I have a 392 and my instructions say 8 pump max.but I see some owners say they pump 10 times .Can't this damage the seals?

asked bert moore

Ten pumps will not damage seals if the gun is discharged within ten minutes or so of pumping it that many times. When you pump it ten times and leave all of that pressure in the gun for more than ten minutes, that's when your seals will start to fail. From my experience with the 392, eight pumps is sufficient to knock down birds and small game. The only thing that you gain from pumping it two more times is just a little bit more muscle tissue in your triceps :-).


Does this have a clip or does it require to load one pellet at a time,

asked albert grubbs

You have to load it one pellet at a time.

David from USA

hello, how much send this gun to Lithuania? Thanks

asked Paulius

Paulius, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They can answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

I owned a benjamin before the one I have now. My first benjamin was right on target. I cannot seem to hit anything 25 yds away with this one. What type of pellet do you suggest? The model I have now is a 392.

asked Flowers

Your rifle has the potential to be right on target, though a manufacturing process can effect accuracy. When the barrel is painted black, often a small amount will overspray finds its way into the end. A Q-Tip with a bit of paint remover can be used to carefully clean the paint out of the barrel. Because the paint is at the very end of the barrel, it can dramatically throw off accuracy. This is where I started when I was tuning up my own 392. Some people don't appreciate the stock iron sights (though I think they are perfectly fine), and an easy upgrade is to outfit your Benjamin with a Williams Peep Sight. No doubt that this is a worthwhile addition. You'll have to experiment with pellets to find out the best ones, but for what it's worth, Crosman Domes work great for me. I shoot my 392 daily, and find it to be a fantastic piece of work. I couldn't be happier with it.


please, please email me or call me when you get your hands on a rile like that or that price. 503-929-9207

asked Mufasa from

Mj, You can request an email be sent as soon as they become available to order. Just enter your email address on the webpage. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Can you use clips on this gun?

asked Jason

No, I am not aware of any. But it it by far the most superior single shot 22 you can buy overall. And the price is too good too be true..Good luck & enjoy what I consider to be the best all around airgun available.

Bob from USA

What pellet have you had the best success with - accuracy (#1) and knock-down. - Will be used on Grackle & Squirrel at fairly close range.

asked Bob

How is the quality of this rifle and can it kill varmints with accuracy?

asked Tom

Great Quality, will bring down Rabbits easily.

Thomas from USA

My father purchased this rifle many years ago for me. I pulled it out to start shooting again but it no longer has any power regardless of how much I pump it. What do I need to do to get it shooting well again?

asked brian

put a little at - 205 reseal in it to soften up the seals, and after sitting for a day, it will work like new............


Does this rifle have a scope that can be installed to it?

asked steve

The scope requires: B272 Mounts for Benjamin / Sheridan Rifles and Pistols

Scott from USA

How many times should you pump this gun for hunting squirrels or other small varmints?

asked George Tanoos

about 5 to 10


Hello, I was wondering when I purchase this air gun rifle. What kind of mounts and scopes are compatible? Which would you recommend?

asked David

Id recommend open sights or something really sturdy and rugged, Pump guns kind of mess up scopes due to the continual pumping motion.

Jake from USA

I am wanting to know about small game hunting with the Benjamin 392. I am looking to add it to my collection. Also what type of ammo is best to use for small game?

asked Rob from USA

Small game hunting with the 392 is a blast! (literally). Predator Polymag .22 pellets work really well on small game, but you have to pump this up 8 times for a full power shot each time (and believe me, after a while, it is quite tiring).

Conor from USA

I have a old Crosman air .22 and will not hold air when you pump it. How do I fix it?

asked patrick

Can I use a 5 pellet clip with this gun?

asked Steven Tucker

No, this gun is single shot only. No clips. You have to load one pellet at a time.

Conor from USA

hi i am intrested in this rifle and a set of scope mounts for it however i live in the uk could you possibly give me the complete cost includeing shipping and anything such as customs charges extra and convert it into uk pounds many thanks garry

asked garry

Try checking out at the sight and if there is a restrition you will get a warning before you purchase the product. There are a lot of different regulations for all different countries and they are always changing, so we have set up an automatic warring if there is a product, based on your location, that is forbidin.

Scott from USA

hi can you supply guns to the uk due to they limits on power hear many thanks garry

asked garry

Yes we can ship to UK, but we can never ship CO2.

Scott from USA

Is this gun silent?

asked Clem

On the loudness rating scale, it is listed as a "4" out of 5, but I'd say it's about an average "3"... even with 7 or 8 pumps. And It is not as loud as that if you charge it with fewer pumps. I'm finding that 3 to 5 pumps is sufficient for anything from birds to squirrels at about 50-100 feet- without alerting the neighbors too much.

matt from USA

This gun is not silent, and is on the louder side for air rifles. However, the gun is not loud enough to need ear protection.

Scott from USA

deliver to philippines davao city, how much for shipping ?

asked jaff afan

Hello, We are able to ship to the Philippines, however, there are restrictions on different types of air guns/rifles. The cost of shipping depends on the size of your order. Also, a shipping calculator can be found on the shopping cart page. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Steve from USA

What do I need to purchase in order to mount my Leopold 3-9 AO scope to the Benjamin 392?

asked Eoghan N. Kelley

Here is a link to the mounts for your gun: If you do not have rings already, you can use this link below. There are 1'' rings and will fit your leupold.

Scott from USA

whats the fpe for this gun?

asked ian

The FPE (Foot Pound Energy) is dependant on the pellet used (weight) and for this rifle (multi pump) how amy times you have charge it. If your are looking for high stopping power, I guess a multipump may not be the best solution.

Roberto from USA



can you shoot 22 caliber bullit with this?

asked nico" can u shoot 22 cal.bullit from this?

This rifle will only shoot .22 cal pellets with air.(no shell or powder)

Steve from USA

Oil got into air hole, now it will not pressurize. Any solutions other then seal replacement?

asked Jeff

I would contact the manufacturer about what can be done. Crosman/Benjamin 800-724-7486

Steve from USA

Is there any plastic parts (sights trigger safety etc...) on this gun? I can't seem to find a good pellet gun with an all metal construction...

asked tyson curtis

This gun has metal parts, trigger guard, trigger, bolt, ect.

Steve from USA

how many pumps for maximum power

asked "Eddy"

Theoretically ten, but it's very hard to pump past 8, and that seems to achieve the listed 680 FPS with most ammo.


8 pumps, max 6 is usually good enough to get the job done.


How many pellets does it hold?

asked Mike

This gun holds one round at a time.

Steve from USA

which is better the 392 or the 397?

asked zach

The 392 is the best for hunting and for knockdown power......

Carter from USA

The 392 has more FPE, better for hunting.


Are the sights on this gun reliable enough to take hunting?

asked Frank

Yes, I've taken many a squirrel with the iron sights.

Carter from USA

Yes, but I would recommend a scope, but you need a mount for the scope, there is no dovetails.


yes for smaller game, depending on what your are hunting the gun may not possess the power.

Scott from USA

whats a good scope for this rifle

asked james

A good scope is anything from a 4X32 or a 3-9X32. Anything bigger will look too big for the gun. Trust me, I have one.

Carter from USA

does anyone know where I can get a new seal for this pellet rifle or who could fix it for me?

asked Paul

Try calling crosman at 877-7-AIRGUN They can send you a new seal and tell you how to change it out. It's not too difficult. Thanks

Scott from USA

when do you anticipate having a 392 or 397 refurbished in stock?

asked roy

It really depends on when Crosman gets some in to refurbish. We buy them when we can but we usually only get 2-5 of them because they don't get many of them back. We get more 397 than 392. If you want you can call us and we can pre order one for you. We won't charge your card until we get them in stock but it could be a few weeks. Thanks

Scott from USA
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