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Benjamin 392

Available in 0.220.22Classic Multi-pump rifle!
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The rich wood stock is carved to fit the arm and the eye for smooth, clean shooting. This airgun is the stuff legends are made of. Expect a similar look, fit, and feel as the 397, but in a larger caliber size. The barrel is finished in black.

Helpful Tip: To maintain the seals for a long time, remember to put one pump of air into the gun when putting it away after shooting. Whether you plan to shoot again the next day or not again for another 2 years, always put one pump into the gun when you are done shooting!

Benjamin 392 Air Rifle Features
  • Elegant hardwood stock
  • All metal barrel construction
  • Beautiful and functional Brass bolt and hard ware
  • Fully Functioning safety
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Benjamin 392
110 Reviews
75% (83)
18% (20)
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5% (5)
47% Recommend this product (52 of 110 responses)
By Mauserman
Bullhead City, AZ
July 1, 2019
Darn near indistructable
Bought this as my first air rifle in 1958 (61 years ago). I'd still be using it but it won't pump up any longer. I'm still looking for a repair shop that can fix it so my great-grandson can use it. A perfect starter for a young man. I use a PCP now but kind of miss the fun of this pumper.
ProsGreat air rifle, easy to pump, adjustable output for target in the yard to hunting up to rabbit in the field. Bullet proof. Like about every pellet out there.
ConsSights a little crude for real accuracy but with an add-on scope it is as accurate as any spring-er.
Best UsesAll around plinking and close range hunting
By Ruby c.
California ruby
June 11, 2019
Luv at first sight ❗
Package delivered in perfect condition. Opening was easy with just 2 large staples to remove.packaged inside with hard foam blocks"catty corner".Benji was in no way damage or harmed. i called Crosman and gave them a"thumb ‚˜".for excellence. Very nice wood
ProsPerfect weight and balance;length just right to go through the brush with for varmint and small game hunting❗Benjamin model 392 has the feel of a 22 firearm:not plastic or tin,but real hard wood and metal. trigger was clean [email protected] 3 lbs.,inspection of bronze barrel showed no signs of machine marks or paint on the inside of last 2 inches of the barrel.overall:I'm impressed about the model 392 for the$amount paid.i probably purchase a Benji model 377 down the line❗❗❗😄
ConsNot everything is always perfect;after putting 3 pumps in it,for me anyway pumps increase with some difficulty:i only achieve 6 total;that was on a cool day. oh I've got trouble with any gun using open sights,Benjamin no different,hard difficulty getting a great group,but still managed a 1 to 2 inches. i then later bought and install a Williams peek sight:problem now 1/2"to 1";look out critters.
Best UsesI'm mostly a paper punching girl. Luv target shooting,but i will get out in the woods and sit and stump shooting too. 3pumps target:5 to for bunnies and squirrels. 6 to 8 pumps for feral animals and possibly rockchuck and raccoon using 8 pumps.
January 6, 2019
Fine Rifle, Beautiful and Powerful.
As much fun to handle as it is to shoot!
I got a great price on this. Air Gun Depot was the vendor. They sent me a nice Made in USA example. As others posted, out the box the rifle needs zeroing. The first couple rounds we're high and to the right. @10', 15" high and right. I own plenty of guns, never have I ever purchased a rifle new, that was zeroed. After about 10 shots I got it reasonably zeroed. It needs a dab of white-out or paint on the front blade and two dots on the rear blade ala Beretta. As a kid I could never afford one of these. I had and still have my Crosman 760. This gun is about the same decible as the Crosman 760. The lead pellets hit pretty darn hard, sending steel cans spinning. A hoot to shoot. As a firearm owner I can attest to the smoothness of the trigger. It's best described as single stage, with just a bit of creep. Clean break. Pretty good. Good enough you won't notice it. I bought it a day after Xmas online here, for $144.99. Pricing fluctuates. From what I saw it ranged from $145-$180. When I saw it at $144.99, I jumped on it. Glad I did. Can I make an educated statement? We know this gun was better back in the day. We know granpap passed it down to you from the pioneers. Please keep your reviews objective. If you're too lazy to figure out how to zero this gun, don't blame the person you bought it from. If you thought this gun would be hard to pump, consider compared to what. If you've never looked down the barrel of anything more than the crosshairs of a video game consider that this gun will require you effort to shoot and requires pumping.
Pros*Eyecatching design *Easy Pumping *.22 *Single Shot Feed *Accuracy *Versatility
Cons*Heavy *Single Shot Feed *Maintenance
Best UsesWiping harddisks and Seagulls
By oats
November 24, 2018
43 year old Sheridan Silver Streak
Although i don't have this exact model you can tell where the resemblance comes from? I found a Sheridan Silver Streak 20 caliber on Ebay in need of some TLC. Now cleaned up and shooting like new it was worth the money. In my youth a friend of mine had Blue Streak and i always lusted after that rifle. It seemed to have a lot of power compared to the Daisy i had , and could also shoot a heavier pellet. It was hard to pump compared to my Dasiy and he had a smaller frame than me so it was a challenge.Sometimes he had me pump it.
ProsWorkmanship especially the older models ( hard to beat ). Power.
ConsHard to pump if you're a smaller person.
By bill
March 20, 2018
pleasantly surprised.
after thorough review, research, and pondering, I decided to make the purchase. the fit and finish on these are a far cry better than their chinese made guns. no burrs, chips, defects, etc. performs as advertised, though i am doing some tinkering to wrench the most out of it. this aint the plastic pumpers i knew as a child, it is a quality made, accurate, hard hitting air rifle. best in .22 if you really wanna make the most out of those pumps(they aint easy after 4-5). cons are no scope mounting, though there are aftermarket options. there will be paint overspray in the barrel, do some research for cleaning suggestions.
By steve
, utopia, texas
November 8, 2017
Good as new!
Received as advertised, good as new. Fast shipping also
By Rick
Bullhead City, AZ
August 4, 2017
My first air rifle when I was a kid (1958), I put a lot of rabbits in the pot with this and finally wore it out in 2008 (50 years). I've grown a little in size so I've moved up to a PCP now, but I still miss my trusty old "Pumper".
ProsPerfect size for a small shooter, with minimal care it will last for many years. really accurate at 30 yards or less (iron sights), plenty of power for hunting/pest control.
ConsA pectoral muscle builder after 3-4 pumps, a real challenge for a child or small shooter. My size there is no problem. Can be a finger pincher if you are not careful.
By Richard
Clovis Calif.
July 11, 2017
Excellent pellet gun
Excellent pellet gun

I purchased this gun to get rid of the ground squirrels on my property. It was refurbished model it looked just like brand new. it does get a little tuff to pump when you get to 8 to 10 pumps. the gun is very accurate I just had to raise the sight up to shoot at about 40 yards. It has no problem killing squirrels at that distance.

Prosvery accurate
By John P.
January 28, 2017
Service was good; representative was helpful and informative. Rifle, even though refurbished, is actually like new. Fun to use, accurate but a little difficult for me to pump after three cocks.
By Kareem
addison, Illinois
January 23, 2017
Great Gun (AFTER you clean the barrel)
When I first received my Benjamin 392 I was blown away by the craftsmanship and feel.
However everytime I shot, it would be way right of the bullseye, even after maxing out the windage on the factory sights.
Thinking it was the factory sights, I forked over $40 for a williams peep sight and...still shot way right at max adjustment.

Just as i was about to return the rifle, I did some more research and found out these tend to have paint in the barrel from the factory.
Sure enough when I looked in the barrel there was drop of dried paint on the inside. I used some carb cleaner w/ a Q-tip and that seems to do the trick.
After this quick fix, this rifle started to shoot dead center! I've owned several springers and gas rams, and nothing compares the simplicity and accuracy of the 392.
Pros- Craftsmanship and feel. nothing but metal and wood here. - Accuracy and Ease to shoot (no need to master the artillery hold)
Cons- This baby requires some serious amount of elbow grease to pump. I'm 27 years old, 220 lb bodybuilder and even I struggle to get in more pumps past 5. - Requires some tweaking before you can shoot. - Factory sights aren't that great. the Rear sight is so small it takes some time to line up the sight. Also makes it hard to line up on a dark background. - Expect to pay an extra $40 for a decent iron sight (Williams peep Sight) or even more if you want to go w/ a scope.
By Gary B.
December 27, 2016
Excellent pellet gun
I purchased this item and have not been disappointed. It was a refurbished model & right out of the box it was unblemished, looked brand new & pumped up & shot well.
ProsGun is perfect size, handles well & has a good Crack when you fire it.
ConsNo cons that I came across.
By rick
November 8, 2016
great gun
Very accurate
By mike
hernando, FL
November 2, 2016
Another great refurb from AGD
shot great right out of box...3-10 pumps...10 is pretty hard to keep pumping to. Recommend getting adapters and putting some other kind of sight on it
Prosgreat looking to shoot ..nickle size groupings at 20yrds with scope
ConsYou'll be hard pressed to pump this up to 10 all day..3-5 pumps for plinking
By Bob
October 18, 2016
Great gun
ITs very accurate and had great handling. IT points well and loves the crosman brown box 14.3gr pellets. Its great for pest control.
Prosits accurate and is a great shooter. points well and fun to shoot
Consi wish the pellet loading area was a little bit bigger. Can be a tricky when you mount a scope getting pellets in. I wish the barrel was 2inchs longer. ITs loud. I am guessing about 105dbs.
By matt
rochester, NY
October 9, 2016
I'm PUMPED about this purchase
I always wanted one of these as a kid!
I have had good luck buying other refurb rifles (mostly RWS) from AGD, and this one was not an exception!
It came in an original box. Upon initial inspection, I could not see any visible flaws.
Even the fit and finish on the stock and the wood handle of the fore end match eachother (which I see is sometimes a complaint from some)
Yes. I did see some paint in the end of the muzzle as others tend to complain about. No big deal...just run your bore cleaner brush through there. Make sure it is a brass brush because it is a brass barrel!
Sights: are very basic. A blade type with a small elevation set-screw and screws on either side of the blade ramp for windage.
It took me a minute to figure those out, but you tighten whichever side screw you want to pull the ramp over to... be sure to loosen the opposite screw first, then tighten back to set firmly in place.
Very simple, but simple is good.
I am finding that it is difficult to pump to a full 8. I'm a strong guy, but I don't want to risk breaking the wood handle when it snaps closed against the action.
Also- watch that you don't pinch your hand in between the wood handle and the stock!
7 is a lucky number, and even that many pumps will definitely dispatch a squirrel with authority!
I am finding that 3 to 5 pumps is really all I need from plinking to hitting berry-stealing birds, to thinning the squirrel population around my yard (about 100' radius) and it is easier on me and the gun and has a faster reloading turnaround. Standard, inexpensive, easy to find crosman hollow point .22 pellets are giving me 1-inch groups at 100 feet.
Over all, I am very happy here, and the re-furb price is similar to the price these were 25 years ago when I first wanted one!

ProsAccurate short carbine length not a heavy rifle no cO2 needed no recoil associated with springers
ConsFortunately, I don't need to go here!
By Richard
West Decatur, PA
October 9, 2016
What can I say but GREAT!! right from the box shot accurately about 30 yards out with no adjustment with H&N Barracuda Hunter .22 18.21 gr and with only 3 pumps was adequate power for a trial shoot. I found no visible signs of usage and really don't know why this was considered a refurb but I am very satisfied with my purchase and was waiting a while till I took the plunge to make one mine and I am glad I did . Don't hesitate to buy your I'm sure you'll agree.
ProsAccuracy and Dependability
ConsOpen sights are OK but get yourself a scope.
By John
Simi Valley, CA
September 14, 2016
Refurbished Benjamin 392
Wow. For less then $106, I received a multi pump Benjamin 392 to my door. This little carbine is a favorite among airgunners and it should be. It is strong, pretty and powerful. Pump 4 times for plinking, pump 8 times to take down pests, small game. It puts out about 12 to 15 fpe. 1/2" accuracy at 35 yards. Get one and then go have fun!
ProsCost effective Very accurate Not pellet picky Easy to work on and modifiable Light weight Beautiful wooden stock
ConsHard to fully pump 8 times if you're not in shape. That's it....nothing else. There really are no other cons.
By Mike
September 12, 2016
As accurate asI am.
Mounted a scope and it is as accurate as any gun I own. Three pumps and I am good to go for targets within my 20 yard range.great little gun and a ice addition to my collection. I will be interested in taking it out to further distance and pumping it up to see how it does then.
By Robert
September 2, 2016
Awesome rifle!
This rifle is a classic. The "REFURB" I was sent, looked new. I couldn't find any defect with it. The sights are a little crude, but that is easily fixed with a Williams Peep sight.
ProsLooks! This rifle is timeless.
ConsNeeds better sights.
By John W.
Freeport, Texas
September 1, 2016
Refurbished, Benjamin 392
Very pleased, rifle had a small scratch in the stock but works great.
By rich
July 6, 2016
benjamin 392
many years ago my parents gave me a sears mod.140 .22 pellet gun I believe was made by Crossman that rifle shot very well and was tuff as woodpecker lips I recently wanted to get a new air rifle and remembered how much I enjoyed my Crossman I have owned a Benjamin air pistol and also liked it so I started researching pump up air rifles and decided to buy the 392 I got it and the inter-mount scope mount air gun depot recommends along with a couple tins of pellets I had a scope on hand and after sighting in with iron sights at about ten yards I put the scope on and headed for our conservation and range at a measured 25 yards with premier hunting pellets I shot two five shot groups right at a inch I am very happy with the rifle and service from air gun depot
Prosgreat gun for the money appears well made time will tell
Consnone so far
By ron
davenport, IA
June 29, 2016
benjamin 392 air rifle
reminds me of the Sheridan air rifle my dad bought for $ 39.00 over 40 years ago he actioned it off still worked after 40 plus years I decided after looking at the many air rifles on this site I wanted one perfect hunting and varmint rifle my dad shot many squirrels with that rifle I hope it works the same haven't got it yet but hope to get it soon it was a 20 cal. this is 22. cal. there is no no reason it wont I may post my experience with the rifle later
Proslooks like Sheridan same hardwood stock
Consnon yet
By Lewis H.
Kokomo, Ind.
February 3, 2016
nothing wrong with headline, that i'm aware of
My father bought my brother and I close this rifle to 50 years ago back when I think it was just Sheridan, but I could be wrong and maybe it could have Sheridan and Benjamin, my dad and my brother are doing their shooting in the here-after so I can't ask them about it, but anyway I just wanted to say that I love this rifle today as much as the day I got it ! I can tell you this in all certainty, the cost wasn't near what it is today, and of-course the quality probably isn't as good as it once was, for-instance the trigger guard is all metal and there's no plastic on the butt of the rifle it's a hard but not too hard rubber ! This rifle is very accurate, and can put down most small game in one shot, depending on how well your aim is,and at a fair distance I might add ! If you treat this rifle good it'll do the same for you and last you a life time as well ! There's my two cents for what it's worth, so adios and may God bless.
ProsIt's all good and down there where it ask would I recommend this item to a friend ? you bet-ya
ConsIf you can live with some of the plastic pieces, than there are no cons !
By justin
goodlettsville, TN
January 10, 2016
great gun
i just bought the gun a week ago and its great, i had owned one as a kid that had broke and this one is very close to what i had
Prosthe gun is 95% wood and metal with only the butt of the gun having a thin plastic cover on it and the trigger guard, its made to last and shoots like a pro
Consthe rear sight is good but if you dont know how to adjust it, it could take a while to solve it luckily i owned one before so i knew how
By Wild B.
September 18, 2015
perfect survival air rifle
More than happy with this firearm, sights were right on the money out of the box.I cleaned the paint overspray out of the end of the barrel and ran a mop through the barrel to clean out any metal shavings from the tooling process.well made, best quality in a pneumatic on the market, hits like a hammer.some complain about the trigger and sights, a poor mechanic blames his tools, a pro utilizes what is available and makes it work.honestly there is nothing wrong with the sights or trigger, I nailed a quarter that I taped to a box from 25 yards, took 3 shots to hit it and blew it through the cardboard into the box, the quarter was very bent from the impact. Groups with open sights at 25 yards are 1/2" at 8 pumps.brass materials ensures zero rust can spend more and get less, I highly recommend this rifle to as soon as you pull this out of the box, go around and tighten all screws before shooting, factories are famous for leaving a few fasteners loose which will throw accuracy way off.
By Curtis
August 21, 2015
Finally a tack driver
Break Barrels are awesome if you dont want a rifle to hit a beer can at 50 feet BREAK BARRELS SUK after 3 and $400.00, I got a Benjamin 392, put a scope on it, its a tack driver, the scope mounts fits perfect, shortened the stock 2 inches.
Consneeds dovetail for scope
By robert
bay area, CA
July 31, 2015
like gun, but poor fit/finish/quality
I really like the idea of a multi-pump .22 and the wood type looks great. However, the wood stock does not line up with the wood pump arm due to poor wood workmanship (really badly, the stock is much thinner and tapers in different dimensions from left and right side and does not match with pump arm). Also, the windage adjustment was maxed out and still could not be sighted in. Crosman quality is just poor now (bought np2 two months ago and it needed to be returned for repair). Finally, the 392 is really hard to pump. Hardest of all pumpers I have.
Prosgood idea.
Conspoor workmanship on recent products and poor quality control.
By Louis
Pacific Northwest
July 29, 2015
Still the multi-pump you need for your collection.
Well made multi-pump rifle. Brass barrel came with the common overspray on the muzzle, this could easily be prevented during the painting process. High quality wood, great fit and finish. High quality materials and still a great pellet rifle to have. Consistant function, very accurate, balanced, and should last a very long time.

I bought this since I needed a well made multi-pump rifle that could be used to take small game, practice marksmanship, and would last for years. This foots the bill almost perfectly. This rifle is only 4 stars due to the poor rear sight that is included. This is a throwback to the old single pump BB guns of my youth. Then the paint in the muzzle makes it a solid 4 stars.

Get the rear peep sight and clean the paint from the muzzle, then it will be a 5 star rifle. Luckily this can be done by you the end buyer/user.
ProsAccurate, well made and consistant for the number of pumps you use. Wood and metal parts are well made.
ConsRear sight. This should ship with a better made rear sight. Paint in the muzzle. How hard is it to block the muzzle when the barrel is painted? This causes problems with accuracy if left this way.
By Jim
June 17, 2015
Great American Classic
These are great air rifles. The quality of current production in my opinion is not in line with the quality of the design.
I would be glad to pay a little more to have more time taken at the factory when it comes to fit and finish. The stock has rough spots, is poorly shaped and the finish is awful. A shame for such a nice piece of wood. The paint looks like it was done by someone with no painting experience. It is very rough and way too thick.

Where I really take issue is one of the shims that hold the rear sight in place wasn't properly installed. I got my new 392 and was excited to head out back and give it a try. I cleaned the paint out of the end of the barrel and headed out to give her a try. Wow the gun was shooting 6" left at 15 yards out of the box. I knew something wasn't right and upon inspection I noticed the shim on the left side of the rear sight was only 2/3 of the way in and wasn't even under the front lug. I had to use a nylon drift and carefully tap it into place. After that it shoots very accurately if you can overcome the creepy, gritty trigger. I guess I'll be working on that next.

I was very disappointed in the packing by Air Gun Depot and the handling by FedEx. This thing was in the factory display box thrown into a much larger box with some crumpled up paper shoved in here and there. The rifle slammed round inside the box in all directions. When I pulled it out of the larger box the bolt handle was sticking out through the factory display box. Once out of that box there is a nasty splintering dent in the stock where the bold slammed into it during the apparently rough handling by FedEx. The beveled bolt tensioner was bent and jammed back to where the bolt just slopped around with no resistance. Fortunately I was able to get that straightened out and properly adjusted.
Come on folks, even tough the price point is fairly low this is a precision air rifle. Pack it properly and label HANDLE WITH CARE. I would have returned this gun for an exchange but after some effort on my part it is a good shooter. I fear that between Crosman's quality control and the packing/shipping I will end up with something far worse like a leaky valve or bent barrel.
ProsExcellent design Accurate Fun to shoot Plenty of power for pest control with the right pellet Affordable
ConsPoor craftsmanship and quality control by Crosman. Must be willing to do a little work to realize the potential of this rifle. Inspect thoroughly before accepting shipment.
By Cal S.
United States
May 1, 2015
My two cents on Benjamin 392/397 pump accuracy...
For those old timers who remember their old Benjis being more accurate than these new ones, I believe that many of the complaints about accuracy these days is due to the rather sloppy paint job these new pump guns receive... I have read accounts elsewhere of paint being found inside the muzzle crown, which WILL throw off the accuracy in an unpredictable manner. If your Benji is wildly inaccurate, check the muzzle crown to see if paint has been sprayed into the barrel during the manufacturing process, and clean it out carefully if you find any there--be careful not to further damage the muzzle in any way during clean-up or the accuracy might be further impaired, possibly permanently. (I might start with a good strength paint stripper and brass bristle .22 barrel brush, but only work the muzzle crown very gently and DO NOT use a brush made of any harder material than brass!) Also, replacing the notoriously substandard stock rear sight with the Williams peep-sight specially made for these Benji pumps will GREATLY increase the accuracy of the gun, as well as the speed of target acquisition when hunting. Good luck!
ProsGreat small, light weight, variable power carbine sized air rifle, excellent for hunting small game or target practice. No special hold techniques required as with springers, and no need to purchase and carry around bulk pressure tanks or pumps as with PCP guns. Easy maintenance and proven long term durability and reliability measured in decades...just make sure to leave a pump or two in the pressure tube when you put it away for a day or a decade, and occasionally oil the pump piston. All wood stock is nice, and the brass construction of the barrel and pump tube make this pellet gun nearly impervious to weather with minimum care.
ConsSome quality control issues in manufacturing, particularly with the paint job infiltrating the muzzle crown and the poorly manufactured and installed stamped metal rear blade sights, both of which can greatly affect accuracy... Also, the stock trigger pull is heavy and rough, so installing a quality aftermarket trigger is a good idea--this one improvement will smooth the release and drop the trigger pull effort from about 5-7 lbs to 2 lbs or less, further improving accuracy. Uneven factory paint application on both the barrel/pump tube assembly and the stock on some guns. Slow to get ready for a shot from a discharged state compared to springers, PCPs and CO2 airguns.
By Bruce
Enterprise OR
March 26, 2015
I always wanted a Benjamin pump air rifle
Right out of the box, I was impressed with the Benjamin 392 pumper. It had the weight and feel of a real rifle; the stock and forearm (pumping lever) are well shaped and finished. The wood and finish remind me of some military rifles I have handled. The barrel and other metal parts, other than the bolt are finished in black and look very functional. Everything fits together well and nothing moves when it shouldn't. I already had some 22 caliber pellets so tried some plinking at about 30 yds. I was able to shoots two inch groups, but with the existing rear sight, the rifle shot consistently high, even with the elevation adjustment screwed all the way out. I had read some reviews, therefore, I anticipated this and before receiving the rifle I had ordered a Williams rear aperture/peep site. The rifle is predrilled for this site and installation was a snap. With the peep in place and with a few minor adjustments I am now able to consistently hit a two inch bull at 30 yds. I love this little gun, it is well made and I would recommend it to anyone.
ProsWell made and very functional air rifle.
ConsThe stock rear site, particularly in regards to elevation needs improvement.
By leonard s.
United States
December 7, 2014
177 ben pump
I have a 177 ben. pump that is 60 years old. It is solid brass and shoots just like the day I bought it. Would not trade it for a brand new any brand.
By William L.
Minneapolis, MN
October 3, 2014
Out of the box, good straight shooter
This was a replacement for a 20 cal Benjamin I received from Airgun Depot around 10 years ago.

The old rifle lost its seals because I didn't make sure it had one pump in it when I finished using it. You really need to do that.

Compared to the old one, the hardware looks the same and it still is a very accurate rifle.
I was not impressed the wood stock, it had a scrape in it, and the overall finish was poor in terms of fit, smoothness and amount of varnish applied, compared to the older one..

ProsStraight Shooter
ConsPoor stock finish
By Timothy
Lexington Pk, MD
June 5, 2014
Nice pumper
My 392 shoots great. Variable power is awesome. 3 pumps to plink and 8 for full power. Mine shot at 630 FPS with 14.3 gr CPHP's. This gun price might be seem high but compared to some of the lesser priced pumpers the quality is outstanding. Beware of barrel separation, always pump with your hand behind the rear sight. Always store with a pump of air whether you will shoot the next day or a year from now. Lots of places to find parts. If you follow the maintenance outlined in the manual this gun will last for decades.
ProsLight Power in .22
Constrigger needs work, affects accuracy a little
By Mike H.
United States
May 31, 2014
392 10th birthday present
gave this air rifle to my son for his 10th birthday. He loves it. He had a little trouble pumping at first but now can get three pumps no problem. We got it sighted in easily. I find it a joy to shoot as well.
Prosfun to shoot. accurate.not too heavy.
Consnot sure about a scope may be hard to pump with a traditional scope mount.
By David
El Paso, Texas
March 23, 2014
Still a good .22 cal pump pellet gun
Like many others that have written reviews of this air rifle, I had one in the '60's also. I was out at the city dump shooting rats when I should have been in my dorm room studying - :-)) I was in Alabama at that time of my life and it was my dream gun when I could not use a real .22 caliber firearm and this pellet rifle was enormously better than any BB gun. Great little guns and the two that I have nowadays work great. I have replaced the rear site with a peep site and I like that better.
ProsShoots straight and built well for the price. You can take them apart and repair them when necessary.
ConsLots of work to pump but... hey, keeps your arms strong. Don't be a wimp and complain about everything..
January 27, 2014
Benjamin Pump, Baby!
Excellent gun and a nicer finish than the one my brother and I had back in the 60's. Now, the new one is only recommended for 10 max pumps. We would pump it up 25 times and BOOM!
By Glen
Kirkwood, MO
January 25, 2014
Wanted a Classical Pump Gun...Done
This is a classical gun, a pumper, .22cal, real wood stock and thus all I wanted. This is not a good gun for plinking. Just too much pumping to do to make it enjoyable for any length of time, but if you are a man's man, it'll do just fine. It is a bit too slow as a full hunting gun, but if you pretty sharp, it'll do fine. I mostly added to my collection (it that is what you call it) so I had a respectable pump gun in the group. Most pumpers are cheesy beginner-only guns or target guns. I use it a couple times a year, but I like other guns better. It shoots accurately enough for me inside 15yds. There are no glow sights anywhere; take it or leave it. It is not too loud outdoors even at full power. I would never describe the stock as "elegant". It is basic, practical or functional. I think it shares something from the Discovery, but I could be wrong.
ProsWide variety of pellets work fine. I like the bolt action. It is a light gun.
ConsThe trigger is hard. I don't like to pump to 8 pumps as after ~5 I feel like I am slamming the lever into the body of the gun. I do not want to crack the wood pump lever. The rear sight is full adjustable, but it took me a bit to figure it out even after reading the manual.
By Gary S.
Hi Desert Calif.
December 15, 2013
Good old Gun
I had one of these back in the 50's when I was 10 YO and had to get a new one 60 yrs later. it is almost the same good old gun can still put the shot in the black all the time. Fun to have.
ProsBetter built then the one I had as a kid.
ConsThe rear site could be better made had to change it to a peep
By Spoon
Rural MO
November 30, 2013
Not Old-fashioned Benjamin Quality
My old but long gone .22 Benji & I were a formidable match for anything I cared to draw a bead on in the 60s. I think my folks spent almost $30 for it. Small round forearm, integral v-notch round stock rear sight and it had a penchant for reaching out and dusting things off well beyond where any other air rifle I know of could put a pellet accurately time and time again.

The newer model...PIECES OF JUNK despite what many say when comparing the old -v- the new. About as accurate as a .410 shotgun at a 50 yd turkey shoot with 2 1/2" loads of #4 shot and expecting to win a table fare with it. This cheaper design is lacking in power as well comparatively speaking...they're weaklings that perform very poorly alongside the old standard.

My advice...look to another manufacturer or go full bore with the PCP Benjamin. Those...a whole 'nuther story of success!
ProsBrand & former reputation of the .22 manual pump pneumatic.
ConsSimply a waste of hard-earned dollars and much time being frustrated trying to find a solution to group pellets beyond a couple yards. Seek a different path.
By Tom
Spring Hill , Florida
October 1, 2013
Had this rifle when I was a kid. Loved it. Purchased another one about a year ago. This gun will not hit the broadside of the barn. I shoot at squirrels and it doesn't even scare them. Sometimes it has no power at all.
ProsLooks good.
ConsNot accurate! Not reliable!
By David
Baton Rouge
August 21, 2013
Hopefully Returning
This is the rifle that I always wanted as a kid. Finally had the chance I picked it up. The reviews are generally positive and this gun is legendary for its reliability and longevity. I got the rifle yesterday and took it for a whirl today. Started out at 15 feet, First of sights are horrible, second shot way to the right. So (shooting from a bench rest mind you at 15 feet should be putting them pretty good). Not a horrid group but not good either clearly going to open up at 10 meters. Adjust sights after each group of three. Quadruple checked that I was moving sights in correct way and I was. Sights all the way adjusted as far as they will go still shoots to the right at 15 feet and groupings are not good they look random. Always to the right but one 3 inches high another right height, so who knows. I have requested RMA and hopefully this baby is going back. For 160 bucks I am gonna try and get something that has a scope on it. If you pay that much for a pellet gun then one the open sights better be darn spectacular, and two they ought to work, and I am not paying any more money to get a specialized mount so I can see if a scope will fix it I doubt it. I have never struggled to hit a coke can at 15 feet. I have had 30 pellet guns that are more accurate. So maybe I got a lemon, the gun does look beautiful though. Unfortunately I don't need a wall piece. I guess my squirrel problems are going to have to wait until this return thing gets sorted out.
ProsLooks great
ConsEverything else
By Bob
backwoods, Wisconsin
July 26, 2013
I have three Benjamin/Sheridan pumps in .20 caliber and a Marauder rifle and pistol in .22.. Paid Sears and Roebuck $16 for a Silver Streak when I was about 10 years old. I am now 73 and that little rifle is just as accurate, today, as was when I bought it. Also have a Mac1 steroid. These two rifles and the Marauders are gems when it comes to accuracy. Last year, I bought a Benjamin pump in .20 caliber, expecting the same accuracy that I get from my other rifles. NOT! This newer piece is all over the paper, regardless of the brand of pellets (have tried 4 different brands/styles). Made the mistake of not immediately giving accuracy a really thorough check the moment I got the rifle or it would have been returned. I still like Crosman's gear (am on a wait list for a new synthetic stock Marauder in .25 caliber). However, I'd advise making the time for a thorough accuracy check upon receipt of any of their rifles.. I'd still recommend this rifle to a friend, but with the caveat - check accuracy immediately and thoroughly.
By john
the mitten
June 30, 2013
the gold standard
As a kid in the early 90's I would of invaded Iraq with this rifle. 10 years later I really did invade Iraq. I may have carried a m4 for that, but my benji was the greatest rifle I've ever carried. My love for this thing is strong. It started it all for me. Rifle does right what its supposed to. I killed every critter in sight with this.
ConsYou really have to be a picky asshole to find fault with this rifle. Out preforms anything triple the price.
By Larry
Carson City, NV
June 17, 2013
Worst gun I ever owned
I bought one of these back in 1988 and it was the best airgun I ever owned. However, things must have changed in the factory of the Benjamin-Ites as the one I just bought last year is now going to get thrown in the trash. This new one will NOT shoot a steady pattern of any kind. If the barrel were bent then I would think it would shoot the same, but not so. I don't know what is wrong with the gun but it shoots horrible.

The 1988 Benjamin with three pumps would kill a pigeon at 60 feet. This one with four and five pumps bounces off of them. I wish I would have returned this gun when I first bought it, but due to life issues I did not get to sight it in until long after I bought it.

I have a Gamo WhisperQuiet and a Webley Valuemax that shoot circles around this gun.
ProsIt's paid for
ConsShoots horribly erratic Too weak even at 4-5 pumps to kill a pigeon at 60'
By Andrew
Ann Arbor, MI
May 29, 2013
Still Strong After 27 Years
I bought mine in 1987, just after my discharge from the Army. It is still every bit as accurate and powerful as the day I bought it. My 5 year old son is now learning to shoot it, and my 20 year old nephew liked it so much he bought one for himself. Yeah, you gotta pump it, but we could all use the exercise, right?
ProsAccurate, durable, a lot of fun!
ConsSomeday I'll be too old to pump it...
By Alex
Maimi, Florida
March 11, 2013
Great Buy
Best price I found. Bass Pro had it for over $30 more. They are very accurate. The rear sight was a little tricky to learn how to adjust it properly, but once done it's a cakewalk. I painted the front sight post with some night nail polish to help see it better but otherwise it's great. One pump gets the pellet out just fine, the stated 3 are not required. Just be careful who you show this to because they're gonna wanna shoot it more than you!
ProsAccurate, simple, and reliable.
ConsSome may see this as ugly but ive always been function over form so it doesnt bother me. Wood can be marred easily if you arent careful.
By randy
Vinton, IA
January 12, 2013
This should be the "standard" which all others compare.
I've owned this rifle for some time. It hits hard and accurately in every situation, whether hunting or plinking. Summer, winter, spring or fall the rifle just shoots well with just about anything you put down the pipe. Although moderately rated in the power department (600 fps), it will take lights out and has more than enough stopping power for small varmint.
Scoped or bare sight will delight! I believe that if you haven't owned one of these, you can't fluently speak airgun yet! It should be a required purchase for getting to know a pneumatic and how they work/shoot.
ProsAccuracy, build and material quality (beautiful stock), and price.
By Kevin
San Jose, CA
December 20, 2012
Great accuracy
I am in the process of learning how to shoot with this gun. It is a great beginner's gun. It's very accurate, even without a scope. If you need scope, you should get a dove mount or inter-mount (Benjamin Sheridan B272 4-Piece 3/8" ) or something that's gonna help fix the scope accordingly. But overall, you don't really need a scope if only shooting less than 30 yards.
ProsThe pump action is a pretty good exercise to do.
ConsDoesn't come with scope.
By Eric
Graysharbor WA
November 30, 2012
Old Old version
My rifle is so old it's a Benjamin Franklin. It is probably 70 years old and was rebuilt in the early 1960's, when someone stole it and beat the crud out of it. It is still working and accurate, after all these years. Find another 70 year old air rifle that still acts like new.
ProsLongevity and price what's to dislike.
By hwm
Lexington KY
November 18, 2012
my first airgun
I bought one several years ago when my brother made me give back his old Crosman. I've used it for several years and taught my kids how to shot with it. It is now training a third generation on the use of a peep sight. The peep sight was an after market Williams change a toy into a formidable varmint killer. For the money, a dang good purchase but it leaves me lusting for one of those super precharged monsters.
ProsPrice Longevity
ConsYou gotta pump it
By Joe
Owensboro KY
September 8, 2012
What a great gift this gun has been!
I got my .22 Cal Benjamin air rifle for x-mas when I was 11 years old (in 1978). I loved it as a kid and shot many rabbits, squirrels and birds not to mention cans and bottles. I have not had it out of the gun cabinet in years. Now that my sons are old enough to shoot we recently got it out and started shooting and it is just as accurate and powerful as ever!!! Out of all the guns I own this is the most fun gun to shoot. By far has to be the best gift I ever received in my life!! If you want an accurate, dependable, quality and fun gun to shoot, buy yourself one or even better give one to a young shooter as a gift. Memories for a lifetime!!!!!!
By Fred
San Diego county
August 19, 2012
Benjamin 392
I bought 2 of these for my kids. Right out of the box they are dead on accurate. Just lollipop your target and inside of 30 yards or so it's almost impossible to miss. Nice quality piece. The only draw back is it's hard to pump after 3 pumps for smaller kids, say 10 and under. A 12 year old should be able to get it to 8 pumps.
Pros-Out of the box accuracy -Quality fit and finish
Cons-Hard to pump past 3 pumps for smaller kids.
By Carter
Sunnyside, WA
January 20, 2012
Really Accurate
This gun is the most accurate gun I have! I was literally shooting tacks into a board at 35yds! Get this gun!
By Rob A.
LaPorte, IN
December 5, 2011
"Best EVERyet"
My father purchased the model 342 cal 22, in the early 70's. The air rifle went many a rigorous testings as I myself did being the youngest of three bros. The 342 now sports a wather 4X32 scope w/ apropiate mounts and is deadly at 50 yards or so. This rifle has had seals replaced last year due to just sitting for so long. Haven't cleaned barell yet. Don't intend to, either. Takes care of all varmints and makes it fun!!
By james
November 13, 2011
(Refurbished) Benjamin 392-22 Caliber
It was exactly what I expected.
Prosvery nice air rifle,well made,powerful
By L D.
Olive branch, MS
November 12, 2011
refurbished benjamin 392
very nice rifle at excellent price
Prosvery accurate - nice wood stock - good trigger
By c B.
August 7, 2011
Awesome rifle! i was leary of a multipump vs springer but this is definitely a great one. One hole 10 meter accuracy right out of the box. Only problem was a bent front sight from rough handling during shipping. Highly recommended!
By Mike A.
July 13, 2011
Refurb Benjamin 392-22
Just received it yesterday. I think the "refurb" was just a couple of dings in the stock .... Looks NEW/shoots great with cheapo pellets ... very accurate. Happy camper. This is the second "refurb" I've bought , happy with both.
By Walt
June 1, 2011
You get what you pay for?
I order the 22 cal but got a call from customer service that there were no more available and would I like a 177 instead? I was concerned because I am older and my hands don't work like they used to and thought I might have problem loading the 177. I order the scope mount to and with a scope installed I have no real problem loading this gun. As others have said this is a great gun and getting it for half price is like stealing. Hope to still get a 392.
By bryan
May 30, 2011
snake and varment slayer
im 16 and bought this gun in the early 2001 2002 and it still shoots like it did out of the box when me and my old man go to the river i bust cotton mouths all day long from 20 30 yards dead in the head i left my benjamin in a fish house for 4 years and left it pumped up all that time and it messed the seals up i took it apart oiled and cleaned every thing now its up and running like it should love it love it
By Pat
May 30, 2011
Great rifle
Super pellet rifle,lots of power. I had always wanted one when I was younger. Can't wait to get the scope mounts and start using it to thin out those darn Rock Doves.
By Scott M.
April 17, 2011
Benjamin 392 from
This like everyone else has already stated a great, powerful, accurate air rifle. even with 9.5 grain pellets. i use this for targets and hunting but it is much better for hunting. the fact that it is an air pump is extremely helpful because when practicing you can pump it 3-5 times or when you are hunting small to medium game you can pump it 8 which takes a lot of effort but it is worth it. (get a scope iron sights are awful)
By terry
April 3, 2011
awsome rifle
this rifle rocks! i call it my little benji, cause it looks like a sawed off shotgun! and just as powerful! at 12 yards it went through a 1/4" sheet of plywood (8 pumps) its no toy, most powerful pump rifle out there, i just wish it came with better sights. so, take my word for it order the scope mounts too! you should also be aware that you will need a good arm as well, its a little harder to pump than others. but its worth it! and one more thing i like better than those springers is that it has no recoil!
By Mike
March 20, 2011
Refurbished Benjamin 392
My review focuses on purchasing a refurbished Benjamin 392 instead of adding another review of the superb rifle itself. First, the manufacture‚€™s box was in excellent condition. It was in better shape than most of the Benjamin 392 boxes that I have seen at my local farm and ranch store or any sporting goods stores carrying this pellet rifle. This indicated that the rifle inside was well protected and had not been abused during shipping. Second, the exterior of the rifle is in fine condition. There are a few, very small wear spots on the barrel/air chamber/front sight blade that were covered with a small dab of black paint. There is also one dime-sized rub spot on the forend stock that could easily be corrected if it were a concern. Despite the few minor cosmetic flaws, the rifle looks wonderful. Lastly and most importantly, the rifle functions flawlessly. Everything works as advertised and it shoots straight, so the 30-day warranty is a non-issue. Overall, I could not be happier with purchasing a refurbished rifle from and I would suggest a refurbished Benjamin 392 at a significantly reduced price over a new rifle.
By kristian n.
March 19, 2011
awesome rifle historical
392 is fantastic. I load one or two pellets depending on what i'm going for. The pumping can be wearisome. 4 pumps is ok for me at say 12 meters. Accurate out of the box, Packed well in the box with a trigger lock that is cool to have, get it, word is lewis meriwether carried the rifle treking across the frontier. Still a freaking pounder today. check out the patent date its like 1888- the finish is good. weight is light
By Ed E.
March 17, 2011
Benjamin 392 Made in USA
Out of the box, I planned to send it to Mac 1 to modify it. They do great work and can get it to 900 fps. I was able to (voids warranty) file the sear myself and reduce the trigger to 1 lb. Then, at a hardware store I obtained a heavier hammer spring, and a pair of lighter valve springs using a washer between them in the compression cylinder. Lastly, I bored out the exhaust venturi just a little smaller than a pellet, and the hole in the barrel that matches it.
I also polyurethaned the stock, in 3 days, and 12 dollars from a hardware store- I penetrated a 1X6" board with a .22 pellet! It was my first time modifying, I figured if i messed it up, I would just send it to Mac 1 anyway! Now I guess I wont bother. It was a great gun out of the box, but you can home rebuild easily with common tools also.
By Victor S.
March 5, 2011
Benjamin 392 .22 Air Rifle
Highly Recommended. Its american made, solid, accurate, and will last a century. I bought one as my great grandfathers Benjamin .177 finally gave up. I will rebuild that with the kit, but I wanted to try a new one as well. I was foolishly obsessed with fps, ect. The .22 caliber at 685 fps. does plenty of damage. I would not be afraid to headshot a coyote with it. I mounted a scope with the adapter kit, I used a dab of rubber cement and threadlocker to keep it from sliding, but it doesn't kick! I like it much better than a springer. you can pump it 10 times, but I only pump 3-10. With three pumps at 20 yards it hits hard. Also, despite being only 1 MM rounder than a .177- the pellets skirt is much longer so it blossoms out like a daisy on impact. Rabbits hate it!
By Patrick (.
January 22, 2011
(update on "refurbished")
Still happy but gun started losing air and I did a rebuild with the kit and discovered that it looked REALLY dirty inside. I'm doubtful that it was completely refurbished (esp. the gas cylinder). But, the good thing is now I know how it works and it seems to be functioning well.
By John G.
November 20, 2010
Great gun! Great value!
Holy Hannah! I HIGHLY recommend this rifle, and I HIGHLY recommend Airgun Depot. My refurbished 392 got here in great time and shoots ¬ĺ‚€ groups at 25yds, once sighted in. Did I mention that this is standing, off-hand, and in low light? I was obsessed with max velocity on this gun, but it hits just fine out to 35yds with four pumps. Crank it up to six pumps and you can easily blow a hole clean through the 16.9 fl oz bottles of Kirkland water found at Costco. Crosman premiers expand (in water) at the head to .221 from the .215 that they come out of the tin. I had a little trouble cranking out pumps seven and eight after the third or fourth round, but I can‚€™t see a reason to ever need to. I can‚€™t see well enough to hit past 50 yds, and it does out to 50yds just fine at six pumps. I will group it at that range when I have some light tomorrow. The sights are the typical blade sights that I grew up with on all my .22 long rifles, only the adjustment is an elevation screw instead of the ramped blade that I like. The multi-pump fixed barrel design is far superior to the break-barrel Springers that I have tried. The trigger is a little heavy, but breaks clean with very little creep. This rifle has fantastic workmanship, with a great fit and finish. This is a GREAT GUN!

I like the rear sight just fine, but would put the ramped blade like my Marlin model 60 has. It is harder to knock out of adjustment and more stable than the one on this gun. That said; I like a blade sight over a peep and this one is a finer adjustment than the ramp on my model 60. Everything is a trade off, and this is no exception, but I would change the rear sight. Anything else would change the price, and I am dead set against that. Great job B&S.
By Madison B.
October 28, 2010
Great Gun
It is very tedious to pump and is not very fun to shoot at targets. However, it is a great hunting/pest control gun.
By Horten l.
October 19, 2010
The 392
First of all this gun kicks back like a mule! i mean it probable has more recoil than a 2/23 or even a barrett dont get it its to beeping hard to shoot! but its accurate and will punch through a 100 inch thick block of steel with a diamond core and an addtitional 50 inch thick ceramic titanium backstop! ok maybe not but this thing really is great, the materials are not quite top of the line but come on its still real cheap wood and brass (the brass is realy good) for a 100 or so bucks just get it you will never look back!
By Berk
August 30, 2010
Love It!
I am an air gun novice, so I can't give you any of the technical jargon, I just know this gun is a lot of fun to shoot.

I purchased the Benjamin because I didn't want a "toy" made with cheap plastic parts. I was looking for something that felt sturdy and would last a long time. The Benjamin gave me exactly what I wanted.

It did require some sight adjustments out of the box, but seems plenty accurate and has enough knock down power to take down all of the things my wife told me not to shoot at!
By Patrick
July 28, 2010
Like a T-34 tank, not pretty, but thanks. Actually the hardwood stock is nice. Put on a Williams peep sight, eight pumps, and bye bye house sparrows. .22 RWS hollow points are devastating.I also use it out to 100+ yards to scare deer away. Thought about CO2 (one more thing to keep buying), spring loaded (poorer accuracy) and am happy with the variable pump.
By Bob S.
March 22, 2010
Just Gets Better!
Got my first Benji in 1979, a model 342. I spent countless hours over several years hunting with great success. Gun was very accurate and had excellent knock down power from a good distance. Had it refurb'd a few years ago and it continues to slay the squirrels easily. I recently bought the model 392 so my boys would leave my classic alone! The new gun is heavier and has a narrower sight block but I cant say it outshoots the older model. If you want a gun to pass down through the generations, buy a Benjamin!
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